2018 National Sports Collectors Convention Breaks Schedule and Information

The 2018 National Sports Collectors Convention live from Cleveland! August 1st to the 5th!

CSB is hitting the road, heading to Cleveland for the National! Don’t worry if you can’t make it, because we are bringing the National to you again this year!

This year, for the first time we will be doing pre-show breaks Friday, July 27th and Sunday July, 29th where you will be guaranteed 2018 Panini National Silver packs, plus each break has some of the rare VIP Gold packs!

Panini breaks are the only ones with the Silver and Gold packs!

All of the 2018 Panini national Silver and Gold VIP packs will be shipped immediately after the National with the rest of the breaks taking place at the show in Cleveland!

Silver packs are harder to get this year at the National, and Gold packs are only given to VIP and Super VIP party entrants!

See here for a preview of this year’s Silver Packs!

We will be breaking some new releases: Topps Chrome, Immaculate baseball and Noir Basketball live from our hotel Wednesday, August 1st at 8pm Eastern, and then live from the National floor on Thursday and Friday with Topps, Panini and Tri-Star!

There are also giveaways attached to the official Topps, Panini and Tristar breaks done at their respective booths, TBD. We usually get really nice promo packs, boxes, t-shirts, etc.  Look for those to be announced closer to the show.

There won’t be a ton of breaks for the National!  Usually around 20-25 total over 4 days, including the early breaks, so don’t delay too much or you might miss your chance at some sweet National packs!

Below you will find the current schedule of breaks, along with the giveaways attached to each! Each break posted will have NSCC in the title! I will update this page with more details as I get them!

Wednesday Night breaks will be posted on Monday, July 30th!

Break times at the National are in local Cleveland Eastern Time!