Like everyone else I was a baseball card fan as a kid in the 1990s.  Then like most people I lost interest.  I remained a huge fan of sports, being a die-hard Los Angeles Dodgers, Sacramento Kings and San Jose Sharks fan.

But early 2012 when I heard about a young kid named Bryce Harper, I started wondering if people were still into sports cards and how I could get a Harper autograph.  I bought a box of 2012 Topps Series 1 and really enjoyed opening the box and sorting the cards into the different inserts.  It brought me right back to the 90s, when I felt a connection to professional athletes by owning their card, except now I could have part of their game-worn jersey, or autographs.

I started participating in online group breaks and had a lot of fun, except I kept wishing they would ship faster and that the quality of the video (and the group break host) was much better.

I started breaking in 2012 and have now done hundreds of case breaks of Baseball, Football, Hockey, UFC, Basketball, and even some non-sport.  I’m an officially approved Panini Group Breaker and have been interviewed on Cardboard Connection Radio.  I’m a trusted group breaker by many collectors who value fast shipping, professional style and a good time among friends when participating in a group break with Cardsmiths breaks!