Confidence Pools Instructions

Available Pools

Below are your available CSB Confidence Pool entries!  If you were in any breaks for the week you’ll have an entry!

Keep an eye on games that may be rained out or cancelled due to Covid! They will still appear on the slate and you’ll need to assign them the lowest values!

There will be a max of 1 entry per person for the weekly pool, no matter how many spots you purchase!

A confidence pool is where you make your predictions of each of the winners on a slate of games on a specific date or week and attach a number value to each pick representing your “confidence” in that pick.

For instance, if you are most sure the out of all 16 games on a slate, that the 49ers are going to beat the Cardinals, you’d assign that as your “16 point” pick. If the 49ers win you get 16 points. If you are least sure that the Patriots will beat the Bills, that’s your “1 point” pick.

The website will look at everyone’s entries and automatically calculate what team won each game, and the number of points you got for each win.  The winner of the pool is the person with the most total points! 1st tie-breaker is total winners guessed correctly and 2nd tie-breaker is total points scored by all teams in that slate!

The tie-breaker score entry is total points scored for the entire Sunday of and Monday games. Not just one game!

Scores are now automatically updated every 15 minutes!