2021-22 Upper Deck Synergy Hockey Checklist

2021-22 Upper Deck Synergy Hockey

Release Date: February 1, 2023

Synergy boasts a 125-card Base Set featuring veterans, legends and rookies (regular and SP). The veterans and legends are #’d to just 12, while the rookies are #’d to just 22!

See the full checklist here – 2021-22 Upper Deck Synergy Hockey Checklist

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2021-22 Upper Deck Synergy Hockey

2021-22 Upper Deck Synergy Hockey

Base Set Rookies RegularBase Card Cole Caufield

  • Synergy boasts a 125-card Base Set featuring veterans, legends and rookies (regular and SP). The veterans and legends are #’d to just 12, while the rookies are #’d to just 22!
  • Collect both Red and Purple parallels of the complete Base Set. Collecting the complete Red parallel set could earn you amazing bounty award cards.  The Purple parallel cards are #’d to 99 or less and many will feature an auto.
  • Also keep an eye out for Red, Purple and Purple Auto parallels of the Base Set Rookie SP cards, as well as Portrait and Auto Portrait variations (also with Red and Purple parallels).

Synergy FX Green Auto Parallel (Tier 3)Auston Matthews

  • The Synergy FX insert set is back! These bright Light FX cards featuring veterans and rookies are popular with everyone – from casual fans to serious collectors.
  • Collect a variety of colorful parallels (Orange, Purple, Green and Gold). Many of the Green and Gold parallel cards feature an autograph. All Synergy FX cards are serial-#’d and all Gold parallel cards are 1-of-1’s!

Exceptional Futures Black ParallelTrevor Zegras

  • The Exceptional acetate insert set returns with a significantly expanded parallel lineup!
  • This set is comprised of Star, Phenom (non-rookie standouts 25-years-old or younger) and Future (rookies) subsets.
  • There are seven parallels, four of which are #’d to 99 or less – highlighted by the 1-of-1 Gold parallel.



The latest edition of Synergy features three exciting new insert sets:

    • Star of the Show: Current superstars on patterned (Pillars of Light) foil board.
    • Postseason Brilliance: Standout players from the 2021 postseason on patterned (Pillars of Light) foil board.
    • Synergistic Duos: This set featuring two players from the same organization consists of three subsets: two current stars, one current star and one legend, and one current star and one rookie. Collect both the Red and Gold parallel sets as well. Every Synergistic Duos card is serial-#’d.

Star of the Show, Patrick Kane Postseason Brilliance, Andrei Vasilevskiy Duos Connor McDavid, Wayne Gretzky



The Mission
Collect the complete 125-card Base Set – Red Parallel Bounty set. Each box contains, on average, 8 Red parallel cards – half of which, on average, will feature a bounty scratch-off code. Redeem all bounty cards at UpperDeckBounty.com via the entry of the scratch-off code.

Achievements to Earn
Once you’ve entered all 125 unique codes, you will earn Cast for Greatness #36 featuring Montreal Canadiens phenom Cole Caufield. As a bonus, those who complete this mission the fastest will have a shot to earn the following bonus achievements in addition to the prized Caufield card:

First 5
The first five (5) collectors who collect & redeem the compete 125-card Base Set – Red Parallel Bounty Set will earn one (1) Cast For Greatness – Purple Parallel #36 + the complete 36-card Cast for Greatness – Gold Parallel set!

Next 5
The next five (5) collectors who collect & redeem the compete 125-card Base Set – Red Parallel Bounty Set will earn the complete 36-card Cast for Greatness – Gold Parallel set!

Redeem all bounty cards at UpperDeckBounty.com. For more information about the bounty program, visit the site on or after release date.

Elias Pettersson Case for Greatness Alex Ovechkin





Rookie Journey: Draft Gold Parallel Rookie Journey, Quinton Byfield

The Rookie Journey insert set returns featuring three different chase cards (Draft, Home Uni, Away Uni) of each rookie in the checklist, as well as two all-new parallels – Red (#’d as low as 299) and Gold (#’d as low as 99)!

Cast for Greatness SignaturesCast for Greatness Signatures, Patrick Roy

  • Chase the big hit, Cast for Greatness, featuring the league’s biggest superstars on an all-metal trading card!
  • Keep an eye out for low-#’d Cast for Greatness Signatures cards.





  • 3 cards per pack
  • 8 packs per box

BOX BREAK (on average)

  • 8 Base Set – Red Parallel Cards – 50% of these cards, on average, will feature a scratch-off bounty code
  • 5 Star of the Show, Roaring 20’s and/or Postseason Brilliance Cards
  • 4 Exceptional Stars, Phenoms and/or Futures Cards
  • 3 Synergy FX Cards
  • 3 Rookie Journey and/or Synergistic Duos Cards



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Anaheim Ducks
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseBenoit-Olivier GroulxBase Set - Rookies135RC
BaseJamie DrysdaleBase Set - Rookies83RC
BaseMason McTavishBase Set - Rookies129RC
BaseTeemu SelanneBase Set - Legends65
BaseTrevor ZegrasBase Set - Rookies89RC
BaseTroy TerryBase Set3
InsertBenoit-Olivier GroulxRed Parallel - Rookies Tier 1135RC
InsertBenoit-Olivier GroulxRed Codes Parallel - Rookies Tier 1135RC
InsertBenoit-Olivier GroulxSynergy FX RookiesFXR-BGRC
InsertBenoit-Olivier GroulxSynergy FX Rookies Green ParallelFXR-BGRC
InsertBenoit-Olivier GroulxSynergy FX Rookies Gold ParallelFXR-BGRC
InsertJamie DrysdaleRed Parallel - Rookies Tier 183RC
InsertJamie DrysdaleRed Codes Parallel - Rookies Tier 183RC
InsertJamie DrysdaleSynergy FX RookiesFXR-JDRC
InsertJohn GibsonCast for GreatnessCG-29
InsertJohn GibsonExceptional StarsES-JG
InsertJohn GibsonSynergistic Duos StarsSD-16
InsertMason McTavishRed Parallel - Rookies Tier 3129RC
InsertMason McTavishRed Codes Parallel - Rookies Tier 3129RC
InsertMason McTavishExceptional FuturesEF-MMRC
InsertMason McTavishSynergy FX RookiesFXR-MMRC
InsertMason McTavishRookie Journey AwayRJ-4RC
InsertMason McTavishRookie Journey DraftRJ-4RC
InsertMason McTavishRookie Journey HomeRJ-4RC
InsertMason McTavishRookie PortraitsRP-MMRC
InsertTeemu SelanneRed Parallel - Legends65
InsertTeemu SelanneRed Codes Parallel - Legends65
InsertTeemu SelanneSynergistic Duos Stars and LegendsSD-16
InsertTrevor ZegrasRed Parallel - Rookies Tier 189RC
InsertTrevor ZegrasRed Codes Parallel - Rookies Tier 189RC
InsertTrevor ZegrasCast for GreatnessCG-32RC
InsertTrevor ZegrasExceptional FuturesEF-TZRC
InsertTrevor ZegrasSynergy FX RookiesFXR-TZRC
InsertTrevor ZegrasRoaring 20sR20-4RC
InsertTrevor ZegrasRookie Journey AwayRJ-10RC
InsertTrevor ZegrasRookie Journey DraftRJ-10RC
InsertTrevor ZegrasRookie Journey HomeRJ-10RC
InsertTrevor ZegrasRookie PortraitsRP-TZRC
InsertTrevor ZegrasSynergistic Duos Stars and RookiesSD-16RC
InsertTrevor ZegrasStar QuestSQ-13RC
InsertTroy TerryRed Parallel3
InsertTroy TerryRed Codes Parallel3
InsertTroy TerryExceptional PhenomsEP-TT
InsertTroy TerrySynergy FXFX-TT
InsertTroy TerrySynergistic Duos StarsSD-16
InsertTroy TerrySynergistic Duos Stars and LegendsSD-16
InsertTroy TerrySynergistic Duos Stars and RookiesSD-16
AutoBenoit-Olivier GroulxPurple Parallel - Rookies Auto135RC
AutoBenoit-Olivier GroulxRookie AutographsAR-BGRC
AutoJamie DrysdalePurple Parallel - Rookies Auto83RC
AutoJamie DrysdaleSynergy FX Rookies Green Parallel - AutoFXR-JDRC
AutoJamie DrysdaleSynergy FX Rookies Gold Parallel - AutoFXR-JDRC
AutoJohn GibsonAutographsA-GI
AutoMason McTavishPurple Parallel - Rookies Auto129RC
AutoMason McTavishRookie AutographsAR-MMRC
AutoMason McTavishSynergy FX Rookies Green Parallel - AutoFXR-MMRC
AutoMason McTavishSynergy FX Rookies Gold Parallel - AutoFXR-MMRC
AutoMason McTavishRookie Portraits Red Auto ParallelRP-MMRC
AutoTeemu SelannePurple Parallel - Legends Auto65
AutoTrevor ZegrasPurple Parallel - Rookies Auto89RC
AutoTrevor ZegrasRookie AutographsAR-TZRC
AutoTrevor ZegrasSynergy FX Rookies Green Parallel - AutoFXR-TZRC
AutoTrevor ZegrasSynergy FX Rookies Gold Parallel - AutoFXR-TZRC
AutoTrevor ZegrasRookie Portraits Red Auto ParallelRP-TZRC
AutoTrevor ZegrasStar Quest Gold Auto ParallelSQ-13RC
AutoTroy TerryPurple Parallel - Auto3
AutoTroy TerryAutographsA-TT
AutoTroy TerrySynergy FX Green Parallel - AutoFX-TT
AutoTroy TerrySynergy FX Gold Parallel - AutoFX-TT
Arizona Coyotes
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseClayton KellerBase Set9
BaseJan JenikBase Set - Rookies91RC
BaseKarel VejmelkaBase Set - Rookies128RC
InsertClayton KellerRed Parallel9
InsertClayton KellerRed Codes Parallel9
InsertClayton KellerPurple Parallel9
InsertClayton KellerCast for GreatnessCG-26
InsertClayton KellerSynergy FXFX-CK
InsertClayton KellerSynergy FX Green ParallelFX-CK
InsertClayton KellerSynergy FX Gold ParallelFX-CK
InsertClayton KellerRoaring 20sR20-13
InsertDysin MayoSynergy FX RookiesFXR-DMRC
InsertDysin MayoSynergy FX Rookies Green ParallelFXR-DMRC
InsertDysin MayoSynergy FX Rookies Gold ParallelFXR-DMRC
InsertJan JenikRed Parallel - Rookies Tier 191RC
InsertJan JenikRed Codes Parallel - Rookies Tier 191RC
InsertJan JenikPurple Parallel - Rookies91RC
InsertJan JenikSynergy FX RookiesFXR-JJRC
InsertKarel VejmelkaRed Parallel - Rookies Tier 2128RC
InsertKarel VejmelkaRed Codes Parallel - Rookies Tier 2128RC
InsertKarel VejmelkaExceptional FuturesEF-KVRC
InsertKarel VejmelkaSynergy FX RookiesFXR-KVRC
InsertPhil KesselExceptional StarsES-PK
AutoJan JenikRookie AutographsAR-JJRC
AutoJan JenikSynergy FX Rookies Green Parallel - AutoFXR-JJRC
AutoJan JenikSynergy FX Rookies Gold Parallel - AutoFXR-JJRC
Boston Bruins
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseBrad MarchandBase Set13
BaseJeremy SwaymanBase Set - Rookies85RC
BaseRay BourqueBase Set - Legends62
BaseTaylor HallBase Set6
InsertBobby OrrSynergistic Duos Stars and LegendsSD-14
InsertBrad MarchandRed Parallel13
InsertBrad MarchandRed Codes Parallel13
InsertBrad MarchandPurple Parallel13
InsertBrad MarchandExceptional StarsES-BM
InsertBrad MarchandSynergistic Duos StarsSD-14
InsertCharlie McAvoyExceptional PhenomsEP-MC
InsertDavid PastrnakCast for GreatnessCG-5
InsertDavid PastrnakExceptional PhenomsEP-DP
InsertDavid PastrnakSynergy FXFX-DP
InsertDavid PastrnakSynergy FX Green ParallelFX-DP
InsertDavid PastrnakSynergy FX Gold ParallelFX-DP
InsertDavid PastrnakPostseason BrilliancePB-7
InsertDavid PastrnakSynergistic Duos StarsSD-14
InsertDavid PastrnakSynergistic Duos Stars and LegendsSD-14
InsertDavid PastrnakSynergistic Duos Stars and RookiesSD-14
InsertDavid PastrnakStar of the ShowSOS-3
InsertDavid PastrnakStar QuestSQ-7
InsertJack AhcanSynergy FX RookiesFXR-JARC
InsertJeremy SwaymanRed Parallel - Rookies Tier 185RC
InsertJeremy SwaymanRed Codes Parallel - Rookies Tier 185RC
InsertJeremy SwaymanExceptional FuturesEF-JSRC
InsertJeremy SwaymanSynergy FX RookiesFXR-JSRC
InsertJeremy SwaymanRookie Journey AwayRJ-6RC
InsertJeremy SwaymanRookie Journey DraftRJ-6RC
InsertJeremy SwaymanRookie Journey HomeRJ-6RC
InsertJeremy SwaymanRookie PortraitsRP-JSRC
InsertJeremy SwaymanSynergistic Duos Stars and RookiesSD-14RC
InsertPatrice BergeronExceptional StarsES-PB
InsertPatrice BergeronSynergy FXFX-PB
InsertRay BourqueRed Parallel - Legends62
InsertRay BourqueRed Codes Parallel - Legends62
InsertTaylor HallRed Parallel6
InsertTaylor HallRed Codes Parallel6
AutoBrad MarchandAutographsA-BM
AutoJack AhcanSynergy FX Rookies Green Parallel - AutoFXR-JARC
AutoJack AhcanSynergy FX Rookies Gold Parallel - AutoFXR-JARC
AutoJeremy SwaymanPurple Parallel - Rookies Auto85RC
AutoJeremy SwaymanRookie AutographsAR-JSRC
AutoJeremy SwaymanSynergy FX Rookies Green Parallel - AutoFXR-JSRC
AutoJeremy SwaymanSynergy FX Rookies Gold Parallel - AutoFXR-JSRC
AutoJeremy SwaymanRookie Portraits Red Auto ParallelRP-JSRC
AutoWillie O'ReeAutographsA-WO
Buffalo Sabres
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseArttu RuotsalainenBase Set - Rookies96RC
BaseDylan CozensBase Set26
BaseJohn-Jason PeterkaBase Set - Rookies105RC
BaseMattias SamuelssonBase Set - Rookies109RC
BaseUkko-Pekka LuukkonenBase Set - Rookies78RC
InsertArttu RuotsalainenRed Parallel - Rookies Tier 196RC
InsertArttu RuotsalainenRed Codes Parallel - Rookies Tier 196RC
InsertArttu RuotsalainenPurple Parallel - Rookies96RC
InsertDylan CozensRed Parallel26
InsertDylan CozensRed Codes Parallel26
InsertDylan CozensExceptional PhenomsEP-DC
InsertDylan CozensRoaring 20sR20-9
InsertJeff SkinnerExceptional StarsES-JS
InsertJohn-Jason PeterkaRed Parallel - Rookies Tier 2105RC
InsertJohn-Jason PeterkaRed Codes Parallel - Rookies Tier 2105RC
InsertJohn-Jason PeterkaExceptional FuturesEF-JPRC
InsertJohn-Jason PeterkaSynergy FX RookiesFXR-JPRC
InsertJohn-Jason PeterkaSynergistic Duos Stars and RookiesSD-11RC
InsertMattias SamuelssonRed Parallel - Rookies Tier 1109RC
InsertMattias SamuelssonRed Codes Parallel - Rookies Tier 1109RC
InsertPat LaFontaineSynergistic Duos Stars and LegendsSD-11
InsertRasmus DahlinSynergy FXFX-RD
InsertRasmus DahlinSynergy FX Green ParallelFX-RD
InsertRasmus DahlinSynergy FX Gold ParallelFX-RD
InsertRasmus DahlinRoaring 20sR20-5
InsertRasmus DahlinSynergistic Duos StarsSD-11
InsertRasmus DahlinSynergistic Duos Stars and LegendsSD-11
InsertRasmus DahlinSynergistic Duos Stars and RookiesSD-11
InsertUkko-Pekka LuukkonenRed Parallel - Rookies Tier 178RC
InsertUkko-Pekka LuukkonenRed Codes Parallel - Rookies Tier 178RC
InsertUkko-Pekka LuukkonenSynergy FX RookiesFXR-ULRC
InsertVictor OlofssonSynergistic Duos StarsSD-11
AutoDylan CozensPurple Parallel - Auto26
AutoJacob BrysonRookie AutographsAR-JBRC
AutoJohn-Jason PeterkaPurple Parallel - Rookies Auto105RC
AutoJohn-Jason PeterkaRookie AutographsAR-JPRC
AutoJohn-Jason PeterkaSynergy FX Rookies Green Parallel - AutoFXR-JPRC
AutoJohn-Jason PeterkaSynergy FX Rookies Gold Parallel - AutoFXR-JPRC
AutoMattias SamuelssonPurple Parallel - Rookies Auto109RC
AutoUkko-Pekka LuukkonenPurple Parallel - Rookies Auto78RC
AutoUkko-Pekka LuukkonenSynergy FX Rookies Green Parallel - AutoFXR-ULRC
AutoUkko-Pekka LuukkonenSynergy FX Rookies Gold Parallel - AutoFXR-ULRC
Calgary Flames
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseAdam RuzickaBase Set - Rookies131RC
BaseElias LindholmBase Set5
BaseJarome IginlaBase Set - Legends71
BaseMatthew TkachukBase Set16
BaseTheoren FleuryBase Set - Legends75
BaseTyler ToffoliBase Set27
InsertAdam RuzickaRed Parallel - Rookies Tier 1131RC
InsertAdam RuzickaRed Codes Parallel - Rookies Tier 1131RC
InsertElias LindholmRed Parallel5
InsertElias LindholmRed Codes Parallel5
InsertElias LindholmExceptional StarsES-EL
InsertElias LindholmSynergy FXFX-EL
InsertJarome IginlaRed Parallel - Legends71
InsertJarome IginlaRed Codes Parallel - Legends71
InsertJohnny GaudreauExceptional StarsES-GA
InsertJohnny GaudreauStar QuestSQ-20
InsertMatthew TkachukRed Parallel16
InsertMatthew TkachukRed Codes Parallel16
InsertMatthew TkachukExceptional PhenomsEP-MT
InsertMatthew TkachukSynergy FXFX-MT
InsertTheoren FleuryRed Parallel - Legends75
InsertTheoren FleuryRed Codes Parallel - Legends75
InsertTyler ToffoliRed Parallel27
InsertTyler ToffoliRed Codes Parallel27
InsertTyler ToffoliPurple Parallel27
InsertTyler ToffoliExceptional StarsES-TT
AutoElias LindholmSynergy FX Green Parallel - AutoFX-EL
AutoJarome IginlaPurple Parallel - Legends Auto71
AutoJarome IginlaAutographsA-JI
AutoMatthew TkachukPurple Parallel - Auto16
AutoMatthew TkachukAutographsA-MT
AutoMatthew TkachukCast For Greatness SignaturesCGS-MT
AutoMatthew TkachukSynergy FX Green Parallel - AutoFX-MT
AutoMatthew TkachukSynergy FX Gold Parallel - AutoFX-MT
Carolina Hurricanes
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseAndrei SvechnikovBase Set19
BaseJack DruryBase Set - Rookies120RC
BaseSeth JarvisBase Set - Rookies126RC
BaseTeuvo TeravainenBase Set37
InsertAndrei SvechnikovRed Parallel19
InsertAndrei SvechnikovRed Codes Parallel19
InsertAndrei SvechnikovRoaring 20sR20-8
InsertAndrei SvechnikovSynergistic Duos StarsSD-12
InsertFrederik AndersenExceptional StarsES-FA
InsertJack DruryRed Parallel - Rookies Tier 1120RC
InsertJack DruryRed Codes Parallel - Rookies Tier 1120RC
InsertRod Brind`AmourSynergistic Duos Stars and LegendsSD-12
InsertSebastian AhoCast for GreatnessCG-15
InsertSebastian AhoExceptional PhenomsEP-SA
InsertSebastian AhoSynergy FXFX-SA
InsertSebastian AhoSynergy FX Green ParallelFX-SA
InsertSebastian AhoSynergy FX Gold ParallelFX-SA
InsertSebastian AhoSynergistic Duos StarsSD-12
InsertSebastian AhoSynergistic Duos Stars and LegendsSD-12
InsertSebastian AhoSynergistic Duos Stars and RookiesSD-12
InsertSebastian AhoStar of the ShowSOS-8
InsertSeth JarvisRed Parallel - Rookies Tier 3126RC
InsertSeth JarvisRed Codes Parallel - Rookies Tier 3126RC
InsertSeth JarvisExceptional FuturesEF-SJRC
InsertSeth JarvisSynergy FX RookiesFXR-SJRC
InsertSeth JarvisRookie PortraitsRP-SJRC
InsertSeth JarvisSynergistic Duos Stars and RookiesSD-12RC
InsertTeuvo TeravainenRed Parallel37
InsertTeuvo TeravainenRed Codes Parallel37
AutoAndrei SvechnikovPurple Parallel - Auto19
AutoAndrei SvechnikovAutographsA-AS
AutoAndrei SvechnikovCast For Greatness SignaturesCGS-AS
AutoTeuvo TeravainenPurple Parallel - Auto37
AutoTeuvo TeravainenAutographsA-TE
Chicago Blackhawks
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseAlex DeBrincatBase Set53
BaseMarc-Andre FleuryBase Set7
BaseMike HardmanBase Set - Rookies93RC
BasePatrick KaneBase Set47
InsertAlex DeBrincatRed Parallel53
InsertAlex DeBrincatRed Codes Parallel53
InsertAlex DeBrincatPurple Parallel53
InsertAlex DeBrincatCast for GreatnessCG-14
InsertAlex DeBrincatExceptional PhenomsEP-AD
InsertAlex DeBrincatSynergy FXFX-AD
InsertJonathan ToewsExceptional StarsES-JT
InsertJosiah SlavinSynergy FX RookiesFXR-SLRC
InsertJosiah SlavinSynergy FX Rookies Green ParallelFXR-SLRC
InsertJosiah SlavinSynergy FX Rookies Gold ParallelFXR-SLRC
InsertKirby DachRoaring 20sR20-6
InsertMarc-Andre FleuryRed Parallel7
InsertMarc-Andre FleuryRed Codes Parallel7
InsertMarc-Andre FleuryPurple Parallel7
InsertMarc-Andre FleuryCast for GreatnessCG-24
InsertMike HardmanRed Parallel - Rookies Tier 193RC
InsertMike HardmanRed Codes Parallel - Rookies Tier 193RC
InsertMike HardmanPurple Parallel - Rookies93RC
InsertMike HardmanSynergy FX RookiesFXR-MHRC
InsertPatrick KaneRed Parallel47
InsertPatrick KaneRed Codes Parallel47
InsertPatrick KanePurple Parallel47
InsertPatrick KaneExceptional StarsES-KA
InsertPatrick KaneSynergy FXFX-PK
InsertPatrick KaneStar of the ShowSOS-20
InsertPatrick KaneStar QuestSQ-24
AutoMike HardmanRookie AutographsAR-MHRC - Only Red
AutoMike HardmanSynergy FX Rookies Green Parallel - AutoFXR-MHRC
AutoMike HardmanSynergy FX Rookies Gold Parallel - AutoFXR-MHRC
AutoPatrick KaneAutographsA-PK
AutoPatrick KaneSynergy FX Green Parallel - AutoFX-PK
AutoPatrick KaneSynergy FX Gold Parallel - AutoFX-PK
AutoPatrick KaneStar Quest Gold Auto ParallelSQ-24
Colorado Avalanche
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseAlex NewhookBase Set - Rookies82RC
BaseCale MakarBase Set39
BaseJustin BarronBase Set - Rookies104RC
BaseNathan MacKinnonBase Set29
BasePeter ForsbergBase Set - Legends64
BaseSampo RantaBase Set - Rookies95RC
InsertAlex NewhookRed Parallel - Rookies Tier 182RC
InsertAlex NewhookRed Codes Parallel - Rookies Tier 182RC
InsertAlex NewhookExceptional FuturesEF-ANRC
InsertAlex NewhookSynergy FX RookiesFXR-ANRC
InsertAlex NewhookRookie Journey AwayRJ-7RC
InsertAlex NewhookRookie Journey DraftRJ-7RC
InsertAlex NewhookRookie Journey HomeRJ-7RC
InsertAlex NewhookRookie PortraitsRP-ANRC
InsertAlex NewhookSynergistic Duos Stars and RookiesSD-3RC
InsertCale MakarRed Parallel39
InsertCale MakarRed Codes Parallel39
InsertCale MakarExceptional PhenomsEP-CM
InsertCale MakarSynergy FXFX-CM
InsertCale MakarSynergistic Duos StarsSD-3
InsertCale MakarStar of the ShowSOS-7
InsertJoe SakicSynergistic Duos Stars and LegendsSD-3
InsertJustin BarronRed Parallel - Rookies Tier 1104RC
InsertJustin BarronRed Codes Parallel - Rookies Tier 1104RC
InsertMikko RantanenCast for GreatnessCG-4
InsertNathan MacKinnonRed Parallel29
InsertNathan MacKinnonRed Codes Parallel29
InsertNathan MacKinnonPurple Parallel29
InsertNathan MacKinnonCast for GreatnessCG-21
InsertNathan MacKinnonExceptional StarsES-NM
InsertNathan MacKinnonSynergy FXFX-NM
InsertNathan MacKinnonSynergy FX Green ParallelFX-NM
InsertNathan MacKinnonSynergy FX Gold ParallelFX-NM
InsertNathan MacKinnonPostseason BrilliancePB-3
InsertNathan MacKinnonSynergistic Duos StarsSD-3
InsertNathan MacKinnonSynergistic Duos Stars and LegendsSD-3
InsertNathan MacKinnonSynergistic Duos Stars and RookiesSD-3
InsertNathan MacKinnonStar of the ShowSOS-5
InsertNazem KadriExceptional StarsES-NK
InsertPeter ForsbergRed Parallel - Legends64
InsertPeter ForsbergRed Codes Parallel - Legends64
InsertSampo RantaRed Parallel - Rookies Tier 195RC
InsertSampo RantaRed Codes Parallel - Rookies Tier 195RC
InsertSampo RantaPurple Parallel - Rookies95RC
AutoAlex NewhookPurple Parallel - Rookies Auto82RC
AutoAlex NewhookRookie AutographsAR-ANRC
AutoAlex NewhookSynergy FX Rookies Green Parallel - AutoFXR-ANRC
AutoAlex NewhookSynergy FX Rookies Gold Parallel - AutoFXR-ANRC
AutoAlex NewhookRookie Portraits Red Auto ParallelRP-ANRC
AutoCale MakarPurple Parallel - Auto39
AutoCale MakarAutographsA-CMOnly Red
AutoCale MakarSynergy FX Green Parallel - AutoFX-CM
AutoCale MakarSynergy FX Gold Parallel - AutoFX-CM
AutoJoe SakicAutographsA-JS
AutoJustin BarronPurple Parallel - Rookies Auto104RC
AutoPatrick RoyCast For Greatness SignaturesCGS-PR
AutoPeter ForsbergPurple Parallel - Legends Auto64
Columbus Blue Jackets
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseBoone JennerBase Set33
BaseCole SillingerBase Set - Rookies118RC
BaseYegor ChinakhovBase Set - Rookies123RC
InsertBoone JennerRed Parallel33
InsertBoone JennerRed Codes Parallel33
InsertBoone JennerExceptional StarsES-BJ
InsertCole SillingerRed Parallel - Rookies Tier 3118RC
InsertCole SillingerRed Codes Parallel - Rookies Tier 3118RC
InsertCole SillingerExceptional FuturesEF-CSRC
InsertCole SillingerSynergy FX RookiesFXR-CSRC
InsertCole SillingerRookie Journey AwayRJ-9RC
InsertCole SillingerRookie Journey DraftRJ-9RC
InsertCole SillingerRookie Journey HomeRJ-9RC
InsertCole SillingerRookie PortraitsRP-CSRC
InsertYegor ChinakhovRed Parallel - Rookies Tier 2123RC
InsertYegor ChinakhovRed Codes Parallel - Rookies Tier 2123RC
InsertYegor ChinakhovSynergy FX RookiesFXR-YCRC
InsertYegor ChinakhovSynergy FX Rookies Green ParallelFXR-YCRC
InsertYegor ChinakhovSynergy FX Rookies Gold ParallelFXR-YCRC
InsertZach WerenskiSynergy FXFX-ZW
InsertZach WerenskiSynergy FX Green ParallelFX-ZW
InsertZach WerenskiSynergy FX Gold ParallelFX-ZW
AutoBoone JennerPurple Parallel - Auto33
AutoBoone JennerAutographsA-BJ
AutoCole SillingerPurple Parallel - Rookies Auto118RC
AutoCole SillingerRookie AutographsAR-CSRC
AutoCole SillingerSynergy FX Rookies Green Parallel - AutoFXR-CSRC
AutoCole SillingerSynergy FX Rookies Gold Parallel - AutoFXR-CSRC
AutoCole SillingerRookie Portraits Red Auto ParallelRP-CSRC
Dallas Stars
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseJacob PetersonBase Set - Rookies116RC
BaseJason RobertsonBase Set4
BaseJoe PavelskiBase Set42
BaseMike ModanoBase Set - Legends73
BaseRiley DamianiBase Set - Rookies130RC
InsertJacob PetersonRed Parallel - Rookies Tier 1116RC
InsertJacob PetersonRed Codes Parallel - Rookies Tier 1116RC
InsertJacob PetersonSynergy FX RookiesFXR-PERC
InsertJason RobertsonRed Parallel4
InsertJason RobertsonRed Codes Parallel4
InsertJason RobertsonCast for GreatnessCG-2
InsertJason RobertsonExceptional PhenomsEP-JR
InsertJason RobertsonRoaring 20sR20-15
InsertJoe PavelskiRed Parallel42
InsertJoe PavelskiRed Codes Parallel42
InsertJoe PavelskiPurple Parallel42
InsertJoe PavelskiCast for GreatnessCG-8
InsertJoe PavelskiExceptional StarsES-JP
InsertJoe PavelskiSynergistic Duos StarsSD-9
InsertJoe PavelskiSynergistic Duos Stars and LegendsSD-9
InsertJoe PavelskiSynergistic Duos Stars and RookiesSD-9
InsertMike ModanoRed Parallel - Legends73
InsertMike ModanoRed Codes Parallel - Legends73
InsertMike ModanoSynergistic Duos Stars and LegendsSD-9
InsertMiro HeiskanenExceptional PhenomsEP-MH
InsertMiro HeiskanenSynergistic Duos StarsSD-9
InsertRiley DamianiRed Parallel - Rookies Tier 1130RC
InsertRiley DamianiRed Codes Parallel - Rookies Tier 1130RC
InsertRiley DamianiExceptional FuturesEF-RDRC
InsertRiley DamianiSynergy FX RookiesFXR-RDRC
InsertRiley DamianiSynergistic Duos Stars and RookiesSD-9RC
InsertRoope HintzSynergy FXFX-RH
InsertRoope HintzSynergy FX Green ParallelFX-RH
InsertRoope HintzSynergy FX Gold ParallelFX-RH
AutoJason RobertsonPurple Parallel - Auto4
AutoJason RobertsonAutographsA-JR
AutoMike ModanoPurple Parallel - Legends Auto73
AutoMiro HeiskanenAutographsA-MH
AutoRiley DamianiPurple Parallel - Rookies Auto130RC
AutoRiley DamianiRookie AutographsAR-RDRC
AutoRiley DamianiSynergy FX Rookies Green Parallel - AutoFXR-RDRC
AutoRiley DamianiSynergy FX Rookies Gold Parallel - AutoFXR-RDRC
Detroit Red Wings
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseAlex NedeljkovicBase Set43
BaseJoe VelenoBase Set - Rookies90RC
BaseLucas RaymondBase Set - Rookies119RC
BaseMoritz SeiderBase Set - Rookies112RC
BaseSteve YzermanBase Set - Legends74
BaseTyler BertuzziBase Set20
InsertAlex NedeljkovicRed Parallel43
InsertAlex NedeljkovicRed Codes Parallel43
InsertAlex NedeljkovicExceptional StarsES-AN
InsertDylan LarkinExceptional PhenomsEP-DL
InsertDylan LarkinSynergy FXFX-DL
InsertDylan LarkinSynergy FX Green ParallelFX-DL
InsertDylan LarkinSynergy FX Gold ParallelFX-DL
InsertDylan LarkinSynergistic Duos StarsSD-6
InsertDylan LarkinSynergistic Duos Stars and LegendsSD-6
InsertDylan LarkinSynergistic Duos Stars and RookiesSD-6
InsertJoe VelenoRed Parallel - Rookies Tier 190RC
InsertJoe VelenoRed Codes Parallel - Rookies Tier 190RC
InsertJoe VelenoSynergy FX RookiesFXR-JVRC
InsertLucas RaymondRed Parallel - Rookies Tier 3119RC
InsertLucas RaymondRed Codes Parallel - Rookies Tier 3119RC
InsertLucas RaymondExceptional FuturesEF-LRRC
InsertLucas RaymondSynergy FX RookiesFXR-LRRC
InsertLucas RaymondCast for GreatnessGS-36RC
InsertLucas RaymondRoaring 20sR20-18RC
InsertLucas RaymondRookie Journey AwayRJ-1RC
InsertLucas RaymondRookie Journey DraftRJ-1RC
InsertLucas RaymondRookie Journey HomeRJ-1RC
InsertLucas RaymondRookie Journey Photo VariantRJ-1RC
InsertLucas RaymondRookie PortraitsRP-LRRC
InsertLucas RaymondSynergistic Duos Stars and RookiesSD-6RC
InsertLucas RaymondStar QuestSQ-22RC
InsertMoritz SeiderRed Parallel - Rookies Tier 3112RC
InsertMoritz SeiderRed Codes Parallel - Rookies Tier 3112RC
InsertMoritz SeiderCast for GreatnessCG-34RC
InsertMoritz SeiderExceptional FuturesEF-MSRC
InsertMoritz SeiderSynergy FX RookiesFXR-MSRC
InsertMoritz SeiderRookie Journey AwayRJ-11RC
InsertMoritz SeiderRookie Journey DraftRJ-11RC
InsertMoritz SeiderRookie Journey HomeRJ-11RC
InsertMoritz SeiderRookie PortraitsRP-MSRC
InsertSteve YzermanRed Parallel - Legends74
InsertSteve YzermanRed Codes Parallel - Legends74
InsertSteve YzermanSynergistic Duos Stars and LegendsSD-6
InsertTyler BertuzziRed Parallel20
InsertTyler BertuzziRed Codes Parallel20
InsertTyler BertuzziCast for GreatnessCG-25
InsertTyler BertuzziExceptional StarsES-TB
InsertTyler BertuzziSynergy FXFX-TB
InsertTyler BertuzziSynergistic Duos StarsSD-6
AutoAlex NedeljkovicPurple Parallel - Auto43
AutoAlex NedeljkovicAutographsA-AN
AutoJoe VelenoPurple Parallel - Rookies Auto90RC
AutoJoe VelenoRookie AutographsAR-JVRC
AutoJoe VelenoSynergy FX Rookies Green Parallel - AutoFXR-JVRC
AutoJoe VelenoSynergy FX Rookies Gold Parallel - AutoFXR-JVRC
AutoLucas RaymondPurple Parallel - Rookies Auto119RC
AutoLucas RaymondSynergy FX Rookies Gold Parallel - AutoFXR-LRRC
AutoLucas RaymondRookie Portraits Red Auto ParallelRP-LRRC
AutoLucas RaymondStar Quest Gold Auto ParallelSQ-22RC
AutoMoritz SeiderPurple Parallel - Rookies Auto112RC
AutoMoritz SeiderRookie AutographsAR-MSRC
AutoMoritz SeiderSynergy FX Rookies Green Parallel - AutoFXR-MSRC
AutoMoritz SeiderSynergy FX Rookies Gold Parallel - AutoFXR-MSRC
AutoMoritz SeiderRookie Portraits Red Auto ParallelRP-MSRC
AutoSteve YzermanPurple Parallel - Legends Auto74
AutoTyler BertuzziPurple Parallel - Auto20
AutoTyler BertuzziAutographsA-TB
AutoTyler BertuzziSynergy FX Green Parallel - AutoFX-TB
AutoTyler BertuzziSynergy FX Gold Parallel - AutoFX-TB
Edmonton Oilers
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseConnor McDavidBase Set22
BaseLeon DraisaitlBase Set40
BasePaul CoffeyBase Set - Legends61
BaseWayne GretzkyBase Set - Legends70
InsertConnor McDavidRed Parallel22
InsertConnor McDavidRed Codes Parallel22
InsertConnor McDavidPurple Parallel22
InsertConnor McDavidCast for GreatnessCG-1
InsertConnor McDavidExceptional StarsES-CM
InsertConnor McDavidSynergy FXFX-MC
InsertConnor McDavidStar of the ShowSOS-19
InsertJesse PuljujarviExceptional PhenomsEP-JP
InsertLeon DraisaitlRed Parallel40
InsertLeon DraisaitlRed Codes Parallel40
InsertLeon DraisaitlPurple Parallel40
InsertLeon DraisaitlExceptional StarsES-LD
InsertLeon DraisaitlSynergy FXFX-LD
InsertLeon DraisaitlSynergy FX Green ParallelFX-LD
InsertLeon DraisaitlSynergy FX Gold ParallelFX-LD
InsertLeon DraisaitlStar of the ShowSOS-4
InsertLeon DraisaitlStar QuestSQ-2
InsertPaul CoffeyRed Parallel - Legends61
InsertPaul CoffeyRed Codes Parallel - Legends61
InsertWayne GretzkyRed Parallel - Legends70
InsertWayne GretzkyRed Codes Parallel - Legends70
AutoConnor McDavidAutographsA-MC
AutoConnor McDavidCast For Greatness SignaturesCGS-CM
AutoConnor McDavidSynergy FX Green Parallel - AutoFX-MC
AutoConnor McDavidSynergy FX Gold Parallel - AutoFX-MC
AutoLeon DraisaitlStar Quest Gold Auto ParallelSQ-2
AutoPaul CoffeyPurple Parallel - Legends Auto61
AutoWayne GretzkyPurple Parallel - Legends Auto70
AutoWayne GretzkyAutographsA-WG
Florida Panthers
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseAleksander BarkovBase Set21
BaseAnton LundellBase Set - Rookies114RC
BaseGrigori DenisenkoBase Set - Rookies80RC
BaseJonathan HuberdeauBase Set11
BaseSpencer KnightBase Set - Rookies98RC
InsertAaron EkbladExceptional PhenomsEP-AE
InsertAleksander BarkovRed Parallel21
InsertAleksander BarkovRed Codes Parallel21
InsertAleksander BarkovExceptional StarsES-AB
InsertAleksander BarkovSynergy FXFX-AB
InsertAleksander BarkovSynergistic Duos StarsSD-15
InsertAleksander BarkovStar of the ShowSOS-9
InsertAnton LundellRed Parallel - Rookies Tier 3114RC
InsertAnton LundellRed Codes Parallel - Rookies Tier 3114RC
InsertAnton LundellExceptional FuturesEF-ALRC
InsertAnton LundellSynergy FX RookiesFXR-ALRC
InsertAnton LundellRookie Journey AwayRJ-15RC
InsertAnton LundellRookie Journey DraftRJ-15RC
InsertAnton LundellRookie Journey HomeRJ-15RC
InsertAnton LundellRookie PortraitsRP-ALRC
InsertAnton LundellSynergistic Duos Stars and RookiesSD-15RC
InsertGrigori DenisenkoRed Parallel - Rookies Tier 180RC
InsertGrigori DenisenkoRed Codes Parallel - Rookies Tier 180RC
InsertGrigori DenisenkoPurple Parallel - Rookies80RC
InsertGrigori DenisenkoSynergy FX RookiesFXR-GDRC
InsertGrigori DenisenkoSynergy FX Rookies Green ParallelFXR-GDRC
InsertGrigori DenisenkoSynergy FX Rookies Gold ParallelFXR-GDRC
InsertGrigori DenisenkoRoaring 20sR20-11RC
InsertJohn VanbiesbrouckSynergistic Duos Stars and LegendsSD-15
InsertJonathan HuberdeauRed Parallel11
InsertJonathan HuberdeauRed Codes Parallel11
InsertJonathan HuberdeauCast for GreatnessCG-11
InsertJonathan HuberdeauExceptional StarsES-JH
InsertJonathan HuberdeauSynergy FXFX-JH
InsertJonathan HuberdeauPostseason BrilliancePB-10
InsertJonathan HuberdeauSynergistic Duos StarsSD-15
InsertJonathan HuberdeauSynergistic Duos Stars and LegendsSD-15
InsertJonathan HuberdeauSynergistic Duos Stars and RookiesSD-15
InsertJonathan HuberdeauStar QuestSQ-6
InsertSam BennettExceptional PhenomsEP-SB
InsertSpencer KnightRed Parallel - Rookies Tier 198RC
InsertSpencer KnightRed Codes Parallel - Rookies Tier 198RC
InsertSpencer KnightCast for GreatnessCG-31RC
InsertSpencer KnightExceptional FuturesEF-SKRC
InsertSpencer KnightSynergy FX RookiesFXR-SKRC
InsertSpencer KnightRoaring 20sR20-16RC
AutoAleksander BarkovPurple Parallel - Auto21
AutoAleksander BarkovAutographsA-AB
AutoAleksander BarkovSynergy FX Green Parallel - AutoFX-AB
AutoAleksander BarkovSynergy FX Gold Parallel - AutoFX-AB
AutoAnton LundellPurple Parallel - Rookies Auto114RC
AutoAnton LundellRookie AutographsAR-ALRC
AutoAnton LundellSynergy FX Rookies Green Parallel - AutoFXR-ALRC
AutoAnton LundellSynergy FX Rookies Gold Parallel - AutoFXR-ALRC
AutoAnton LundellRookie Portraits Red Auto ParallelRP-ALRC
AutoSam BennettAutographsA-SB
AutoSpencer KnightPurple Parallel - Rookies Auto98RC
AutoSpencer KnightRookie AutographsAR-SKRC
AutoSpencer KnightSynergy FX Rookies Green Parallel - AutoFXR-SKRC
AutoSpencer KnightSynergy FX Rookies Gold Parallel - AutoFXR-SKRC
Los Angeles Kings
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseAlex TurcotteBase Set - Rookies122RC
BaseAnze KopitarBase Set14
BaseDave TaylorBase Set - Legends63
BaseQuinton ByfieldBase Set - Rookies77RC
BaseRasmus KupariBase Set - Rookies100RC
InsertAdrian KempeSynergistic Duos StarsSD-2
InsertAlex TurcotteRed Parallel - Rookies Tier 2122RC
InsertAlex TurcotteRed Codes Parallel - Rookies Tier 2122RC
InsertAlex TurcotteExceptional FuturesEF-ATRC
InsertAlex TurcotteSynergy FX RookiesFXR-ATRC
InsertAlex TurcotteRoaring 20sR20-17RC
InsertAlex TurcotteRookie Journey AwayRJ-13RC
InsertAlex TurcotteRookie Journey DraftRJ-13RC
InsertAlex TurcotteRookie Journey HomeRJ-13RC
InsertAlex TurcotteRookie PortraitsRP-ATRC
InsertAnze KopitarRed Parallel14
InsertAnze KopitarRed Codes Parallel14
InsertAnze KopitarExceptional StarsES-AK
InsertAnze KopitarSynergy FXFX-AK
InsertAnze KopitarSynergistic Duos StarsSD-2
InsertAnze KopitarSynergistic Duos Stars and LegendsSD-2
InsertAnze KopitarSynergistic Duos Stars and RookiesSD-2
InsertAnze KopitarStar QuestSQ-23
InsertDave TaylorRed Parallel - Legends63
InsertDave TaylorRed Codes Parallel - Legends63
InsertQuinton ByfieldRed Parallel - Rookies Tier 177RC
InsertQuinton ByfieldRed Codes Parallel - Rookies Tier 177RC
InsertQuinton ByfieldCast for GreatnessCG-35RC
InsertQuinton ByfieldExceptional FuturesEF-QBRC
InsertQuinton ByfieldSynergy FX RookiesFXR-QBRC
InsertQuinton ByfieldRookie Journey AwayRJ-2RC
InsertQuinton ByfieldRookie Journey DraftRJ-2RC
InsertQuinton ByfieldRookie Journey HomeRJ-2RC
InsertQuinton ByfieldRookie PortraitsRP-QBRC
InsertQuinton ByfieldSynergistic Duos Stars and RookiesSD-2RC
InsertQuinton ByfieldStar QuestSQ-8RC
InsertRasmus KupariRed Parallel - Rookies Tier 1100RC
InsertRasmus KupariRed Codes Parallel - Rookies Tier 1100RC
InsertRasmus KupariPurple Parallel - Rookies100RC
InsertWayne GretzkySynergistic Duos Stars and LegendsSD-2
AutoAlex TurcottePurple Parallel - Rookies Auto122RC
AutoAlex TurcotteRookie AutographsAR-ATRC
AutoAlex TurcotteSynergy FX Rookies Green Parallel - AutoFXR-ATRC
AutoAlex TurcotteSynergy FX Rookies Gold Parallel - AutoFXR-ATRC
AutoAlex TurcotteRookie Portraits Red Auto ParallelRP-ATRC
AutoAnze KopitarAutographsA-AK
AutoAnze KopitarSynergy FX Green Parallel - AutoFX-AK
AutoAnze KopitarSynergy FX Gold Parallel - AutoFX-AK
AutoAnze KopitarStar Quest Gold Auto ParallelSQ-23
AutoQuinton ByfieldPurple Parallel - Rookies Auto77RC
AutoQuinton ByfieldRookie AutographsAR-QBRC
AutoQuinton ByfieldSynergy FX Rookies Green Parallel - AutoFXR-QBRC
AutoQuinton ByfieldSynergy FX Rookies Gold Parallel - AutoFXR-QBRC
AutoQuinton ByfieldRookie Portraits Red Auto ParallelRP-QBRC
AutoQuinton ByfieldStar Quest Gold Auto ParallelSQ-8RC
Minnesota Wild
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseAdam BeckmanBase Set - Rookies110RC
BaseBrandon DuhaimeBase Set - Rookies127RC
BaseCalen AddisonBase Set - Rookies97RC
BaseKevin FialaBase Set18
BaseKirill KaprizovBase Set28
InsertAdam BeckmanRed Parallel - Rookies Tier 1110RC
InsertAdam BeckmanRed Codes Parallel - Rookies Tier 1110RC
InsertBrandon DuhaimeRed Parallel - Rookies Tier 1127RC
InsertBrandon DuhaimeRed Codes Parallel - Rookies Tier 1127RC
InsertBrandon DuhaimeSynergy FX RookiesFXR-BDRC
InsertCalen AddisonRed Parallel - Rookies Tier 197RC
InsertCalen AddisonRed Codes Parallel - Rookies Tier 197RC
InsertCalen AddisonSynergy FX RookiesFXR-CARC
InsertKevin FialaRed Parallel18
InsertKevin FialaRed Codes Parallel18
InsertKirill KaprizovRed Parallel28
InsertKirill KaprizovRed Codes Parallel28
InsertKirill KaprizovCast for GreatnessCG-20
InsertKirill KaprizovExceptional PhenomsEP-KK
InsertKirill KaprizovSynergy FXFX-KK
InsertKirill KaprizovRoaring 20sR20-14
InsertKirill KaprizovStar of the ShowSOS-2
InsertKirill KaprizovStar QuestSQ-5
InsertMats ZuccarelloExceptional StarsES-MZ
InsertRyan HartmanSynergy FXFX-HA
InsertRyan HartmanSynergy FX Green ParallelFX-HA
InsertRyan HartmanSynergy FX Gold ParallelFX-HA
AutoAdam BeckmanPurple Parallel - Rookies Auto110RC
AutoBrandon DuhaimePurple Parallel - Rookies Auto127RC
AutoBrandon DuhaimeSynergy FX Rookies Green Parallel - AutoFXR-BDRC
AutoBrandon DuhaimeSynergy FX Rookies Gold Parallel - AutoFXR-BDRC
AutoCalen AddisonPurple Parallel - Rookies Auto97RC
AutoCalen AddisonRookie AutographsAR-CARC
AutoCalen AddisonSynergy FX Rookies Green Parallel - AutoFXR-CARC
AutoCalen AddisonSynergy FX Rookies Gold Parallel - AutoFXR-CARC
AutoCam TalbotAutographsA-CT
AutoKevin FialaPurple Parallel - Auto18
Montreal Canadiens
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseCole CaufieldBase Set - Rookies99RC
BaseMichael PezzettaBase Set - Rookies113RC
BaseNick SuzukiBase Set41
InsertCarey PricePostseason BrilliancePB-11
InsertCarey PriceSynergistic Duos StarsSD-8
InsertCarey PriceSynergistic Duos Stars and LegendsSD-8
InsertCarey PriceSynergistic Duos Stars and RookiesSD-8
InsertCole CaufieldRed Parallel - Rookies Tier 199RC
InsertCole CaufieldRed Codes Parallel - Rookies Tier 199RC
InsertCole CaufieldCast for GreatnessCG-33RC
InsertCole CaufieldExceptional FuturesEF-CCRC
InsertCole CaufieldSynergy FX RookiesFXR-CCRC
InsertCole CaufieldPostseason BrilliancePB-5RC
InsertCole CaufieldRoaring 20sR20-3RC
InsertCole CaufieldRookie Journey AwayRJ-5RC
InsertCole CaufieldRookie Journey DraftRJ-5RC
InsertCole CaufieldRookie Journey HomeRJ-5RC
InsertCole CaufieldRookie PortraitsRP-CCRC
InsertCole CaufieldSynergistic Duos Stars and RookiesSD-8RC
InsertCole CaufieldStar QuestSQ-3RC
InsertMichael PezzettaRed Parallel - Rookies Tier 1113RC
InsertMichael PezzettaRed Codes Parallel - Rookies Tier 1113RC
InsertMichael PezzettaSynergy FX RookiesFXR-MPRC
InsertMichael PezzettaSynergy FX Rookies Green ParallelFXR-MPRC
InsertMichael PezzettaSynergy FX Rookies Gold ParallelFXR-MPRC
InsertNick SuzukiRed Parallel41
InsertNick SuzukiRed Codes Parallel41
InsertNick SuzukiPurple Parallel41
InsertNick SuzukiCast for GreatnessCG-9
InsertNick SuzukiExceptional PhenomsEP-NS
InsertNick SuzukiSynergy FXFX-NS
InsertNick SuzukiPostseason BrilliancePB-6
InsertNick SuzukiSynergistic Duos StarsSD-8
InsertNick SuzukiStar QuestSQ-17
InsertPatrick RoySynergistic Duos Stars and LegendsSD-8
AutoCole CaufieldPurple Parallel - Rookies Auto99RC
AutoCole CaufieldRookie AutographsAR-CCRC
AutoCole CaufieldSynergy FX Rookies Green Parallel - AutoFXR-CCRC
AutoCole CaufieldSynergy FX Rookies Gold Parallel - AutoFXR-CCRC
AutoCole CaufieldRookie Portraits Red Auto ParallelRP-CCRC
AutoCole CaufieldStar Quest Gold Auto ParallelSQ-3RC
AutoJesse YlonenRookie AutographsAR-JYRC
AutoNick SuzukiAutographsA-NS
AutoNick SuzukiSynergy FX Green Parallel - AutoFX-NS
AutoNick SuzukiSynergy FX Gold Parallel - AutoFX-NS
AutoNick SuzukiStar Quest Gold Auto ParallelSQ-17
Nashville Predators
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseJuuse SarosBase Set24
BasePhilip TomasinoBase Set - Rookies111RC
BaseRoman JosiBase Set52
BaseTanner JeannotBase Set - Rookies103RC
InsertJuuse SarosRed Parallel24
InsertJuuse SarosRed Codes Parallel24
InsertMatt DucheneExceptional StarsES-MD
InsertPhilip TomasinoRed Parallel - Rookies Tier 2111RC
InsertPhilip TomasinoRed Codes Parallel - Rookies Tier 2111RC
InsertPhilip TomasinoExceptional FuturesEF-PTRC
InsertPhilip TomasinoSynergy FX RookiesFXR-PTRC
InsertRoman JosiRed Parallel52
InsertRoman JosiRed Codes Parallel52
InsertRoman JosiCast for GreatnessCG-16
InsertRoman JosiSynergy FXFX-RJ
InsertRoman JosiStar QuestSQ-11
InsertTanner JeannotRed Parallel - Rookies Tier 2103RC
InsertTanner JeannotRed Codes Parallel - Rookies Tier 2103RC
InsertTanner JeannotExceptional FuturesEF-TJRC
InsertTanner JeannotSynergy FX RookiesFXR-TJRC
InsertTanner JeannotStar QuestSQ-14RC
AutoPhilip TomasinoPurple Parallel - Rookies Auto111RC
AutoPhilip TomasinoSynergy FX Rookies Green Parallel - AutoFXR-PTRC
AutoPhilip TomasinoSynergy FX Rookies Gold Parallel - AutoFXR-PTRC
AutoRoman JosiPurple Parallel - Auto52
AutoRoman JosiAutographsA-RJOnly Red
AutoRoman JosiSynergy FX Green Parallel - AutoFX-RJ
AutoRoman JosiSynergy FX Gold Parallel - AutoFX-RJ
AutoRoman JosiStar Quest Gold Auto ParallelSQ-11
AutoTanner JeannotPurple Parallel - Rookies Auto103RC
AutoTanner JeannotRookie AutographsAR-TJRC
AutoTanner JeannotSynergy FX Rookies Green Parallel - AutoFXR-TJRC
AutoTanner JeannotSynergy FX Rookies Gold Parallel - AutoFXR-TJRC
AutoTanner JeannotStar Quest Gold Auto ParallelSQ-14RC
New Jersey Devils
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseAlexander HoltzBase Set - Rookies133RC
BaseDawson MercerBase Set - Rookies125RC
BaseJack HughesBase Set30
BaseJesper BrattBase Set36
InsertAlexander HoltzRed Parallel - Rookies Tier 3133RC
InsertAlexander HoltzRed Codes Parallel - Rookies Tier 3133RC
InsertAlexander HoltzExceptional FuturesEF-AHRC
InsertAlexander HoltzSynergy FX RookiesFXR-AHRC
InsertAlexander HoltzRookie Journey AwayRJ-14RC
InsertAlexander HoltzRookie Journey DraftRJ-14RC
InsertAlexander HoltzRookie Journey HomeRJ-14RC
InsertDawson MercerRed Parallel - Rookies Tier 3125RC
InsertDawson MercerRed Codes Parallel - Rookies Tier 3125RC
InsertDawson MercerExceptional FuturesEF-DMRC
InsertDawson MercerSynergy FX RookiesFXR-MERC
InsertDawson MercerRookie Journey AwayRJ-8RC
InsertDawson MercerRookie Journey DraftRJ-8RC
InsertDawson MercerRookie Journey HomeRJ-8RC
InsertDawson MercerRookie PortraitsRP-DMRC
InsertDawson MercerSynergistic Duos Stars and RookiesSD-17RC
InsertJack HughesRed Parallel30
InsertJack HughesRed Codes Parallel30
InsertJack HughesPurple Parallel30
InsertJack HughesCast for GreatnessCG-18
InsertJack HughesExceptional PhenomsEP-JH
InsertJack HughesRoaring 20sR20-7
InsertJack HughesSynergistic Duos StarsSD-17
InsertJack HughesSynergistic Duos Stars and LegendsSD-17
InsertJack HughesSynergistic Duos Stars and RookiesSD-17
InsertJesper BrattRed Parallel36
InsertJesper BrattRed Codes Parallel36
InsertJesper BrattPurple Parallel36
InsertJesper BrattCast for GreatnessCG-30
InsertJesper BrattSynergy FXFX-JB
InsertJesper BrattSynergy FX Green ParallelFX-JB
InsertJesper BrattSynergy FX Gold ParallelFX-JB
InsertMartin BrodeurSynergistic Duos Stars and LegendsSD-17
InsertNico HischierSynergistic Duos StarsSD-17
AutoAlexander HoltzPurple Parallel - Rookies Auto133RC
AutoAlexander HoltzRookie AutographsAR-AHRC
AutoAlexander HoltzSynergy FX Rookies Green Parallel - AutoFXR-AHRC
AutoAlexander HoltzSynergy FX Rookies Gold Parallel - AutoFXR-AHRC
AutoDawson MercerPurple Parallel - Rookies Auto125RC
AutoDawson MercerRookie AutographsAR-DMRC
AutoDawson MercerSynergy FX Rookies Green Parallel - AutoFXR-MERC
AutoDawson MercerSynergy FX Rookies Gold Parallel - AutoFXR-MERC
AutoDawson MercerRookie Portraits Red Auto ParallelRP-DMRC
AutoDougie HamiltonAutographsA-DH
New York Islanders
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseAnders LeeBase Set32
BaseMathew BarzalBase Set38
BasePat LaFontaineBase Set - Legends72
BaseRobin SaloBase Set - Rookies124RC
InsertAnders LeeRed Parallel32
InsertAnders LeeRed Codes Parallel32
InsertAnders LeePurple Parallel32
InsertJosh BaileyPostseason BrilliancePB-8
InsertMathew BarzalRed Parallel38
InsertMathew BarzalRed Codes Parallel38
InsertMathew BarzalCast for GreatnessCG-22
InsertMathew BarzalExceptional PhenomsEP-MB
InsertMathew BarzalSynergy FXFX-MB
InsertMathew BarzalPostseason BrilliancePB-1
InsertMathew BarzalStar of the ShowSOS-10
InsertPat LaFontaineRed Parallel - Legends72
InsertPat LaFontaineRed Codes Parallel - Legends72
InsertRobin SaloRed Parallel - Rookies Tier 1124RC
InsertRobin SaloRed Codes Parallel - Rookies Tier 1124RC
InsertRobin SaloSynergy FX RookiesFXR-RSRC
AutoBrock NelsonAutographsA-BN
AutoPat LaFontainePurple Parallel - Legends Auto72
AutoRobin SaloPurple Parallel - Rookies Auto124RC
AutoRobin SaloSynergy FX Rookies Green Parallel - AutoFXR-RSRC
AutoRobin SaloSynergy FX Rookies Gold Parallel - AutoFXR-RSRC
New York Rangers
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseArtemi PanarinBase Set48
BaseIgor ShesterkinBase Set1
BaseNils LundkvistBase Set - Rookies117RC
BaseZac JonesBase Set - Rookies76RC
InsertAdam FoxExceptional PhenomsEP-AF
InsertAdam FoxSynergy FXFX-AF
InsertAlexis LafreniereRoaring 20sR20-10
InsertArtemi PanarinRed Parallel48
InsertArtemi PanarinRed Codes Parallel48
InsertArtemi PanarinCast for GreatnessCG-10
InsertArtemi PanarinExceptional StarsES-AP
InsertArtemi PanarinStar of the ShowSOS-16
InsertIgor ShesterkinRed Parallel1
InsertIgor ShesterkinRed Codes Parallel1
InsertIgor ShesterkinPurple Parallel1
InsertIgor ShesterkinExceptional StarsES-IS
InsertMika ZibanejadSynergy FXFX-MZ
InsertMika ZibanejadSynergy FX Green ParallelFX-MZ
InsertMika ZibanejadSynergy FX Gold ParallelFX-MZ
InsertMika ZibanejadStar QuestSQ-10
InsertNils LundkvistRed Parallel - Rookies Tier 1117RC
InsertNils LundkvistRed Codes Parallel - Rookies Tier 1117RC
InsertNils LundkvistExceptional FuturesEF-NLRC
InsertNils LundkvistSynergy FX RookiesFXR-NLRC
InsertZac JonesRed Parallel - Rookies Tier 176RC
InsertZac JonesRed Codes Parallel - Rookies Tier 176RC
InsertZac JonesSynergy FX RookiesFXR-ZJRC
AutoAlexis LafreniereAutographsA-AL
AutoNils LundkvistPurple Parallel - Rookies Auto117RC
AutoNils LundkvistRookie AutographsAR-NLRC
AutoNils LundkvistSynergy FX Rookies Green Parallel - AutoFXR-NLRC
AutoNils LundkvistSynergy FX Rookies Gold Parallel - AutoFXR-NLRC
AutoZac JonesPurple Parallel - Rookies Auto76RC
AutoZac JonesSynergy FX Rookies Green Parallel - AutoFXR-ZJRC
AutoZac JonesSynergy FX Rookies Gold Parallel - AutoFXR-ZJRC
Ottawa Senators
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseBrady TkachukBase Set10
BaseDrake BathersonBase Set55
BaseFilip GustavssonBase Set - Rookies92RC
BaseJacob Bernard-DockerBase Set - Rookies88RC
BaseShane PintoBase Set - Rookies84RC
InsertBrady TkachukRed Parallel10
InsertBrady TkachukRed Codes Parallel10
InsertBrady TkachukCast for GreatnessCG-23
InsertBrady TkachukExceptional PhenomsEP-BT
InsertBrady TkachukSynergy FXFX-BT
InsertBrady TkachukRoaring 20sR20-2
InsertDrake BathersonRed Parallel55
InsertDrake BathersonRed Codes Parallel55
InsertFilip GustavssonRed Parallel - Rookies Tier 192RC
InsertFilip GustavssonRed Codes Parallel - Rookies Tier 192RC
InsertFilip GustavssonPurple Parallel - Rookies92RC
InsertFilip GustavssonSynergy FX RookiesFXR-FGRC
InsertFilip GustavssonSynergy FX Rookies Green ParallelFXR-FGRC
InsertFilip GustavssonSynergy FX Rookies Gold ParallelFXR-FGRC
InsertJacob Bernard-DockerRed Parallel - Rookies Tier 188RC
InsertJacob Bernard-DockerRed Codes Parallel - Rookies Tier 188RC
InsertJacob Bernard-DockerPurple Parallel - Rookies88RC
InsertJosh NorrisStar QuestSQ-16
InsertLassi ThomsonSynergy FX RookiesFXR-LTRC
InsertShane PintoRed Parallel - Rookies Tier 184RC
InsertShane PintoRed Codes Parallel - Rookies Tier 184RC
InsertShane PintoExceptional FuturesEF-SPRC
InsertShane PintoSynergy FX RookiesFXR-SPRC
InsertTim StutzleRoaring 20sR20-12
AutoBrady TkachukPurple Parallel - Auto10
AutoBrady TkachukAutographsA-BT
AutoBrady TkachukSynergy FX Green Parallel - AutoFX-BT
AutoBrady TkachukSynergy FX Gold Parallel - AutoFX-BT
AutoDrake BathersonPurple Parallel - Auto55
AutoFilip GustavssonRookie AutographsAR-FGRC
AutoJosh NorrisAutographsA-JN
AutoJosh NorrisStar Quest Gold Auto ParallelSQ-16
AutoLassi ThomsonSynergy FX Rookies Green Parallel - AutoFXR-LTRC
AutoLassi ThomsonSynergy FX Rookies Gold Parallel - AutoFXR-LTRC
AutoParker KellyRookie AutographsAR-PKRC
AutoShane PintoPurple Parallel - Rookies Auto84RC
AutoShane PintoRookie AutographsAR-SPRC
AutoShane PintoSynergy FX Rookies Green Parallel - AutoFXR-SPRC
AutoShane PintoSynergy FX Rookies Gold Parallel - AutoFXR-SPRC
Philadelphia Flyers
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseCam YorkBase Set - Rookies87RC
BaseCarter HartBase Set49
BaseClaude GirouxBase Set57
InsertCam AtkinsonSynergy FXFX-CA
InsertCam AtkinsonSynergistic Duos StarsSD-18
InsertCam AtkinsonSynergistic Duos Stars and LegendsSD-18
InsertCam AtkinsonSynergistic Duos Stars and RookiesSD-18
InsertCam AtkinsonStar QuestSQ-19
InsertCam YorkRed Parallel - Rookies Tier 187RC
InsertCam YorkRed Codes Parallel - Rookies Tier 187RC
InsertCam YorkExceptional FuturesEF-CYRC
InsertCam YorkSynergy FX RookiesFXR-CYRC
InsertCam YorkSynergistic Duos Stars and RookiesSD-18RC
InsertCarter HartRed Parallel49
InsertCarter HartRed Codes Parallel49
InsertCarter HartPurple Parallel49
InsertCarter HartExceptional PhenomsEP-CH
InsertCarter HartSynergistic Duos StarsSD-18
InsertClaude GirouxRed Parallel57
InsertClaude GirouxRed Codes Parallel57
InsertClaude GirouxPurple Parallel57
InsertClaude GirouxSynergy FXFX-CG
InsertClaude GirouxSynergy FX Green ParallelFX-CG
InsertClaude GirouxSynergy FX Gold ParallelFX-CG
InsertEric LindrosSynergistic Duos Stars and LegendsSD-18
AutoCam AtkinsonSynergy FX Green Parallel - AutoFX-CA
AutoCam AtkinsonSynergy FX Gold Parallel - AutoFX-CA
AutoCam AtkinsonStar Quest Gold Auto ParallelSQ-19
Pittsburgh Penguins
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseJake GuentzelBase Set45
BaseJaromir JagrBase Set - Legends69
BaseSidney CrosbyBase Set56
InsertJake GuentzelRed Parallel45
InsertJake GuentzelRed Codes Parallel45
InsertJake GuentzelCast for GreatnessCG-7
InsertJake GuentzelExceptional StarsES-GU
InsertJake GuentzelSynergy FXFX-JG
InsertJake GuentzelStar QuestSQ-18
InsertJaromir JagrRed Parallel - Legends69
InsertJaromir JagrRed Codes Parallel - Legends69
InsertSidney CrosbyRed Parallel56
InsertSidney CrosbyRed Codes Parallel56
InsertSidney CrosbyPurple Parallel56
InsertSidney CrosbyCast for GreatnessCG-17
InsertSidney CrosbyExceptional StarsES-SC
InsertSidney CrosbySynergy FXFX-SC
InsertSidney CrosbyStar of the ShowSOS-17
InsertSidney CrosbyStar QuestSQ-9
AutoJake GuentzelPurple Parallel - Auto45
AutoJake GuentzelAutographsA-JG
AutoJake GuentzelSynergy FX Green Parallel - AutoFX-JG
AutoJake GuentzelSynergy FX Gold Parallel - AutoFX-JG
AutoJake GuentzelStar Quest Gold Auto ParallelSQ-18
AutoJaromir JagrPurple Parallel - Legends Auto69
AutoJaromir JagrCast For Greatness SignaturesCGS-JJ
AutoSidney CrosbyAutographsA-SC
AutoSidney CrosbySynergy FX Green Parallel - AutoFX-SC
AutoSidney CrosbySynergy FX Gold Parallel - AutoFX-SC
AutoSidney CrosbyStar Quest Gold Auto ParallelSQ-9
San Jose Sharks
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseBrent BurnsBase Set51
BaseJonah GadjovichBase Set - Rookies94RC
BaseJonathan DahlenBase Set - Rookies134RC
BaseWilliam EklundBase Set - Rookies115RC
InsertBrent BurnsRed Parallel51
InsertBrent BurnsRed Codes Parallel51
InsertBrent BurnsPurple Parallel51
InsertBrent BurnsSynergistic Duos StarsSD-13
InsertBrent BurnsSynergistic Duos Stars and LegendsSD-13
InsertBrent BurnsSynergistic Duos Stars and RookiesSD-13
InsertDoug WilsonSynergistic Duos Stars and LegendsSD-13
InsertJasper WeatherbySynergy FX RookiesFXR-JWRC
InsertJasper WeatherbySynergy FX Rookies Green ParallelFXR-JWRC
InsertJasper WeatherbySynergy FX Rookies Gold ParallelFXR-JWRC
InsertJonah GadjovichRed Parallel - Rookies Tier 194RC
InsertJonah GadjovichRed Codes Parallel - Rookies Tier 194RC
InsertJonah GadjovichPurple Parallel - Rookies94RC
InsertJonathan DahlenRed Parallel - Rookies Tier 1134RC
InsertJonathan DahlenRed Codes Parallel - Rookies Tier 1134RC
InsertJonathan DahlenExceptional FuturesEF-JDRC
InsertJonathan DahlenSynergy FX RookiesFXR-DARC
InsertTimo MeierExceptional PhenomsEP-TM
InsertTimo MeierSynergy FXFX-TM
InsertTimo MeierSynergy FX Green ParallelFX-TM
InsertTimo MeierSynergy FX Gold ParallelFX-TM
InsertTomas HertlSynergistic Duos StarsSD-13
InsertWilliam EklundRed Parallel - Rookies Tier 3115RC
InsertWilliam EklundRed Codes Parallel - Rookies Tier 3115RC
InsertWilliam EklundExceptional FuturesEF-WERC
InsertWilliam EklundSynergy FX RookiesFXR-WERC
InsertWilliam EklundRookie Journey AwayRJ-3RC
InsertWilliam EklundRookie Journey DraftRJ-3RC
InsertWilliam EklundRookie Journey HomeRJ-3RC
InsertWilliam EklundRookie PortraitsRP-WERC
InsertWilliam EklundSynergistic Duos Stars and RookiesSD-13RC
AutoBrent BurnsAutographsA-BB
AutoJonathan DahlenPurple Parallel - Rookies Auto134RC
AutoJonathan DahlenRookie AutographsAR-JDRC
AutoJonathan DahlenSynergy FX Rookies Green Parallel - AutoFXR-DARC
AutoJonathan DahlenSynergy FX Rookies Gold Parallel - AutoFXR-DARC
AutoWilliam EklundPurple Parallel - Rookies Auto115RC
AutoWilliam EklundRookie AutographsAR-WERC
AutoWilliam EklundSynergy FX Rookies Green Parallel - AutoFXR-WERC
AutoWilliam EklundSynergy FX Rookies Gold Parallel - AutoFXR-WERC
AutoWilliam EklundRookie Portraits Red Auto ParallelRP-WERC
Seattle Kraken
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseJared McCannBase Set2
BaseJordan EberleBase Set15
BaseKole LindBase Set - Rookies86RC
InsertJared McCannRed Parallel2
InsertJared McCannRed Codes Parallel2
InsertJared McCannExceptional PhenomsEP-JM
InsertJordan EberleRed Parallel15
InsertJordan EberleRed Codes Parallel15
InsertJordan EberleSynergy FXFX-JE
InsertKole LindRed Parallel - Rookies Tier 186RC
InsertKole LindRed Codes Parallel - Rookies Tier 186RC
InsertKole LindExceptional FuturesEF-KLRC
InsertKole LindSynergy FX RookiesFXR-KLRC
InsertPhilipp GrubauerExceptional StarsES-PG
InsertPhilipp GrubauerStar of the ShowSOS-18
AutoJared McCannPurple Parallel - Auto2
AutoJordan EberlePurple Parallel - Auto15
AutoJordan EberleAutographsA-JE
AutoJordan EberleSynergy FX Green Parallel - AutoFX-JE
AutoJordan EberleSynergy FX Gold Parallel - AutoFX-JE
AutoKole LindPurple Parallel - Rookies Auto86RC
AutoKole LindRookie AutographsAR-KLRC
AutoKole LindSynergy FX Rookies Green Parallel - AutoFXR-KLRC
AutoKole LindSynergy FX Rookies Gold Parallel - AutoFXR-KLRC
AutoYanni GourdeAutographsA-YG
St. Louis Blues
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseJake NeighboursBase Set - Rookies121RC
BaseJordan KyrouBase Set46
BaseRyan O'ReillyBase Set59
BaseScott PerunovichBase Set - Rookies106RC
InsertBrett HullSynergistic Duos Stars and LegendsSD-10
InsertJake NeighboursRed Parallel - Rookies Tier 2121RC
InsertJake NeighboursRed Codes Parallel - Rookies Tier 2121RC
InsertJake NeighboursSynergy FX RookiesFXR-JNRC
InsertJake NeighboursSynergistic Duos Stars and RookiesSD-10RC
InsertJordan KyrouRed Parallel46
InsertJordan KyrouRed Codes Parallel46
InsertJordan KyrouExceptional PhenomsEP-JK
InsertJordan KyrouSynergy FXFX-JK
InsertJordan KyrouSynergistic Duos StarsSD-10
InsertJordan KyrouStar QuestSQ-25
InsertRyan O'ReillyRed Parallel59
InsertRyan O'ReillyRed Codes Parallel59
InsertRyan O'ReillyPurple Parallel59
InsertRyan O'ReillySynergistic Duos StarsSD-10
InsertRyan O'ReillySynergistic Duos Stars and LegendsSD-10
InsertRyan O'ReillySynergistic Duos Stars and RookiesSD-10
InsertScott PerunovichRed Parallel - Rookies Tier 2106RC
InsertScott PerunovichRed Codes Parallel - Rookies Tier 2106RC
InsertScott PerunovichSynergy FX RookiesFXR-SCRC
InsertVladimir TarasenkoExceptional StarsES-VT
AutoJake NeighboursPurple Parallel - Rookies Auto121RC
AutoJake NeighboursRookie AutographsAR-JNRC
AutoJake NeighboursSynergy FX Rookies Green Parallel - AutoFXR-JNRC
AutoJake NeighboursSynergy FX Rookies Gold Parallel - AutoFXR-JNRC
AutoJordan KyrouPurple Parallel - Auto46
AutoJordan KyrouSynergy FX Green Parallel - AutoFX-JK
AutoJordan KyrouSynergy FX Gold Parallel - AutoFX-JK
AutoJordan KyrouStar Quest Gold Auto ParallelSQ-25
AutoScott PerunovichPurple Parallel - Rookies Auto106RC
AutoScott PerunovichSynergy FX Rookies Green Parallel - AutoFXR-SCRC
AutoScott PerunovichSynergy FX Rookies Gold Parallel - AutoFXR-SCRC
Tampa Bay Lightning
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseAlex Barre-BouletBase Set - Rookies79RC
BaseAndrei VasilevskiyBase Set35
BaseRoss ColtonBase Set - Rookies81RC
BaseSteven StamkosBase Set25
BaseVincent LecavalierBase Set - Legends67
InsertAlex Barre-BouletRed Parallel - Rookies Tier 179RC
InsertAlex Barre-BouletRed Codes Parallel - Rookies Tier 179RC
InsertAlex Barre-BouletPurple Parallel - Rookies79RC
InsertAlex Barre-BouletSynergy FX RookiesFXR-ABRC
InsertAlex Barre-BouletSynergy FX Rookies Green ParallelFXR-ABRC
InsertAlex Barre-BouletSynergy FX Rookies Gold ParallelFXR-ABRC
InsertAndrei VasilevskiyRed Parallel35
InsertAndrei VasilevskiyRed Codes Parallel35
InsertAndrei VasilevskiyExceptional StarsES-AV
InsertAndrei VasilevskiyPostseason BrilliancePB-4
InsertAndrei VasilevskiyStar of the ShowSOS-15
InsertBoris KatchoukSynergy FX RookiesFXR-BKRC
InsertBrayden PointCast for GreatnessCG-12
InsertBrayden PointExceptional PhenomsEP-BP
InsertBrayden PointPostseason BrilliancePB-2
InsertNikita KucherovExceptional StarsES-KU
InsertNikita KucherovPostseason BrilliancePB-12
InsertNikita KucherovSynergistic Duos StarsSD-4
InsertNikita KucherovStar of the ShowSOS-6
InsertRoss ColtonRed Parallel - Rookies Tier 181RC
InsertRoss ColtonRed Codes Parallel - Rookies Tier 181RC
InsertRoss ColtonExceptional FuturesEF-RCRC
InsertRoss ColtonSynergy FX RookiesFXR-RCRC
InsertRoss ColtonSynergistic Duos Stars and RookiesSD-4RC
InsertSteven StamkosRed Parallel25
InsertSteven StamkosRed Codes Parallel25
InsertSteven StamkosPurple Parallel25
InsertSteven StamkosSynergy FXFX-SS
InsertSteven StamkosSynergistic Duos StarsSD-4
InsertSteven StamkosSynergistic Duos Stars and LegendsSD-4
InsertSteven StamkosSynergistic Duos Stars and RookiesSD-4
InsertSteven StamkosStar QuestSQ-21
InsertVictor HedmanSynergy FXFX-VH
InsertVictor HedmanSynergy FX Green ParallelFX-VH
InsertVictor HedmanSynergy FX Gold ParallelFX-VH
InsertVincent LecavalierRed Parallel - Legends67
InsertVincent LecavalierRed Codes Parallel - Legends67
InsertVincent LecavalierSynergistic Duos Stars and LegendsSD-4
AutoAndrei VasilevskiyPurple Parallel - Auto35
AutoBoris KatchoukSynergy FX Rookies Green Parallel - AutoFXR-BKRC
AutoBoris KatchoukSynergy FX Rookies Gold Parallel - AutoFXR-BKRC
AutoRoss ColtonPurple Parallel - Rookies Auto81RC
AutoRoss ColtonRookie AutographsAR-RCRC
AutoRoss ColtonSynergy FX Rookies Green Parallel - AutoFXR-RCRC
AutoRoss ColtonSynergy FX Rookies Gold Parallel - AutoFXR-RCRC
AutoSteven StamkosAutographsA-SS
AutoSteven StamkosSynergy FX Green Parallel - AutoFX-SS
AutoSteven StamkosSynergy FX Gold Parallel - AutoFX-SS
Toronto Maple Leafs
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseAuston MatthewsBase Set31
BaseDoug GilmourBase Set - Legends66
BaseJohn TavaresBase Set60
BaseLanny McDonaldBase Set - Legends68
BaseMitch MarnerBase Set50
InsertAuston MatthewsRed Parallel31
InsertAuston MatthewsRed Codes Parallel31
InsertAuston MatthewsPurple Parallel31
InsertAuston MatthewsCast for GreatnessCG-3
InsertAuston MatthewsExceptional PhenomsEP-AM
InsertAuston MatthewsStar of the ShowSOS-1
InsertAuston MatthewsStar QuestSQ-4
InsertDoug GilmourRed Parallel - Legends66
InsertDoug GilmourRed Codes Parallel - Legends66
InsertJohn TavaresRed Parallel60
InsertJohn TavaresRed Codes Parallel60
InsertJohn TavaresPurple Parallel60
InsertJohn TavaresCast for GreatnessCG-19
InsertJohn TavaresExceptional StarsES-TA
InsertJohn TavaresSynergy FXFX-JT
InsertLanny McDonaldRed Parallel - Legends68
InsertLanny McDonaldRed Codes Parallel - Legends68
InsertMitch MarnerRed Parallel50
InsertMitch MarnerRed Codes Parallel50
InsertMitch MarnerPurple Parallel50
InsertMitch MarnerExceptional PhenomsEP-MM
AutoAuston MatthewsAutographsA-AM
AutoAuston MatthewsStar Quest Gold Auto ParallelSQ-4
AutoDoug GilmourPurple Parallel - Legends Auto66
AutoJohn TavaresAutographsA-JT
AutoJohn TavaresSynergy FX Green Parallel - AutoFX-JT
AutoJohn TavaresSynergy FX Gold Parallel - AutoFX-JT
AutoLanny McDonaldPurple Parallel - Legends Auto68
AutoMitch MarnerAutographsA-MM
AutoMitch MarnerCast For Greatness SignaturesCGS-MM
Vancouver Canucks
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseBrock BoeserBase Set44
BaseQuinn HughesBase Set58
BaseVasily PodkolzinBase Set - Rookies108RC
InsertBo HorvatExceptional StarsES-BH
InsertBrock BoeserRed Parallel44
InsertBrock BoeserRed Codes Parallel44
InsertElias PetterssonExceptional PhenomsEP-EP
InsertElias PetterssonSynergistic Duos StarsSD-5
InsertElias PetterssonSynergistic Duos Stars and LegendsSD-5
InsertElias PetterssonSynergistic Duos Stars and RookiesSD-5
InsertElias PetterssonStar of the ShowSOS-11
InsertHenrik SedinSynergistic Duos Stars and LegendsSD-5
InsertJ.T. MillerExceptional StarsES-JM
InsertJ.T. MillerSynergy FXFX-JM
InsertJ.T. MillerSynergistic Duos StarsSD-5
InsertQuinn HughesRed Parallel58
InsertQuinn HughesRed Codes Parallel58
InsertQuinn HughesCast for GreatnessCG-6
InsertQuinn HughesExceptional PhenomsEP-QH
InsertQuinn HughesRoaring 20sR20-1
InsertVasily PodkolzinRed Parallel - Rookies Tier 2108RC
InsertVasily PodkolzinRed Codes Parallel - Rookies Tier 2108RC
InsertVasily PodkolzinExceptional FuturesEF-VPRC
InsertVasily PodkolzinRookie Journey AwayRJ-12RC
InsertVasily PodkolzinRookie Journey DraftRJ-12RC
InsertVasily PodkolzinRookie Journey HomeRJ-12RC
InsertVasily PodkolzinSynergistic Duos Stars and RookiesSD-5RC
AutoBrock BoeserPurple Parallel - Auto44
AutoElias PetterssonCast For Greatness SignaturesCGS-EP
AutoJ.T. MillerSynergy FX Green Parallel - AutoFX-JM
AutoJ.T. MillerSynergy FX Gold Parallel - AutoFX-JM
AutoVasily PodkolzinPurple Parallel - Rookies Auto108RC
AutoVasily PodkolzinRookie AutographsAR-VPRC
Vegas Golden Knights
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseJake LeschyshynBase Set - Rookies101RC
BaseJonathan MarchessaultBase Set54
BaseMark StoneBase Set34
InsertChandler StephensonStar QuestSQ-12
InsertJake LeschyshynRed Parallel - Rookies Tier 1101RC
InsertJake LeschyshynRed Codes Parallel - Rookies Tier 1101RC
InsertJake LeschyshynSynergy FX RookiesFXR-JLRC
InsertJonathan MarchessaultRed Parallel54
InsertJonathan MarchessaultRed Codes Parallel54
InsertMark StoneRed Parallel34
InsertMark StoneRed Codes Parallel34
InsertMark StoneExceptional StarsES-MS
InsertMark StoneStar of the ShowSOS-12
InsertMax PaciorettyCast for GreatnessCG-13
InsertMax PaciorettySynergy FXFX-MP
InsertWilliam KarlssonPostseason BrilliancePB-9
AutoJake LeschyshynPurple Parallel - Rookies Auto101RC
AutoJake LeschyshynRookie AutographsAR-JLRC
AutoJake LeschyshynSynergy FX Rookies Green Parallel - AutoFXR-JLRC
AutoJake LeschyshynSynergy FX Rookies Gold Parallel - AutoFXR-JLRC
AutoJonathan MarchessaultPurple Parallel - Auto54
Washington Capitals
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseAlex OvechkinBase Set8
BaseAliaksei ProtasBase Set - Rookies132RC
BaseHendrix LapierreBase Set - Rookies102RC
BaseJohn CarlsonBase Set23
InsertAlex OvechkinRed Parallel8
InsertAlex OvechkinRed Codes Parallel8
InsertAlex OvechkinPurple Parallel8
InsertAlex OvechkinCast for GreatnessCG-27
InsertAlex OvechkinExceptional StarsES-AO
InsertAlex OvechkinSynergy FXFX-AO
InsertAlex OvechkinSynergistic Duos StarsSD-1
InsertAlex OvechkinSynergistic Duos Stars and LegendsSD-1
InsertAlex OvechkinSynergistic Duos Stars and RookiesSD-1
InsertAlex OvechkinStar of the ShowSOS-14
InsertAlex OvechkinStar QuestSQ-1
InsertAliaksei ProtasRed Parallel - Rookies Tier 1132RC
InsertAliaksei ProtasRed Codes Parallel - Rookies Tier 1132RC
InsertAliaksei ProtasSynergy FX RookiesFXR-APRC
InsertBrett LeasonSynergy FX RookiesFXR-BLRC
InsertBrett LeasonSynergy FX Rookies Green ParallelFXR-BLRC
InsertBrett LeasonSynergy FX Rookies Gold ParallelFXR-BLRC
InsertHendrix LapierreRed Parallel - Rookies Tier 2102RC
InsertHendrix LapierreRed Codes Parallel - Rookies Tier 2102RC
InsertHendrix LapierreExceptional FuturesEF-HLRC
InsertHendrix LapierreSynergy FX RookiesFXR-HLRC
InsertHendrix LapierreSynergistic Duos Stars and RookiesSD-1RC
InsertJohn CarlsonRed Parallel23
InsertJohn CarlsonRed Codes Parallel23
InsertJohn CarlsonPurple Parallel23
InsertNicklas BackstromExceptional StarsES-NB
InsertNicklas BackstromSynergistic Duos StarsSD-1
InsertPeter BondraSynergistic Duos Stars and LegendsSD-1
AutoAliaksei ProtasPurple Parallel - Rookies Auto132RC
AutoAliaksei ProtasSynergy FX Rookies Green Parallel - AutoFXR-APRC
AutoAliaksei ProtasSynergy FX Rookies Gold Parallel - AutoFXR-APRC
AutoHendrix LapierrePurple Parallel - Rookies Auto102RC
AutoHendrix LapierreRookie AutographsAR-HLRC
AutoHendrix LapierreSynergy FX Rookies Green Parallel - AutoFXR-HLRC
AutoHendrix LapierreSynergy FX Rookies Gold Parallel - AutoFXR-HLRC
Winnipeg Jets
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseCole PerfettiBase Set - Rookies107RC
BaseConnor HellebuyckBase Set17
BaseKyle ConnorBase Set12
InsertCole PerfettiRed Parallel - Rookies Tier 3107RC
InsertCole PerfettiRed Codes Parallel - Rookies Tier 3107RC
InsertCole PerfettiExceptional FuturesEF-CPRC
InsertCole PerfettiRookie PortraitsRP-CPRC
InsertCole PerfettiSynergistic Duos Stars and RookiesSD-7RC
InsertConnor HellebuyckRed Parallel17
InsertConnor HellebuyckRed Codes Parallel17
InsertConnor HellebuyckExceptional StarsES-CH
InsertKeith TkachukSynergistic Duos Stars and LegendsSD-7
InsertKyle ConnorRed Parallel12
InsertKyle ConnorRed Codes Parallel12
InsertKyle ConnorCast for GreatnessCG-28
InsertKyle ConnorExceptional PhenomsEP-KC
InsertKyle ConnorSynergy FXFX-KC
InsertKyle ConnorSynergistic Duos StarsSD-7
InsertKyle ConnorStar QuestSQ-15
InsertMark ScheifeleExceptional StarsES-MA
InsertMark ScheifeleSynergy FXFX-MS
InsertMark ScheifeleSynergistic Duos StarsSD-7
InsertMark ScheifeleSynergistic Duos Stars and LegendsSD-7
InsertMark ScheifeleSynergistic Duos Stars and RookiesSD-7
InsertMark ScheifeleStar of the ShowSOS-13
AutoCole PerfettiPurple Parallel - Rookies Auto107RC
AutoCole PerfettiRookie AutographsAR-CPRC
AutoCole PerfettiRookie Portraits Red Auto ParallelRP-CPRC
AutoConnor HellebuyckPurple Parallel - Auto17
AutoKyle ConnorPurple Parallel - Auto12
AutoKyle ConnorAutographsA-KC
AutoKyle ConnorSynergy FX Green Parallel - AutoFX-KC
AutoKyle ConnorSynergy FX Gold Parallel - AutoFX-KC
AutoKyle ConnorStar Quest Gold Auto ParallelSQ-15
AutoMark ScheifeleSynergy FX Green Parallel - AutoFX-MS
AutoMark ScheifeleSynergy FX Gold Parallel - AutoFX-MS