2021 Topps Definitive Baseball Checklist

2021 Topps Definitive Baseball

Release Date: March 30, 2021

Kicking off the return of Baseball in 2021, Topps Definitive Collection brings the premier high-end box-opening experience to collectors, with cards featuring on-card autographs, oversized uniform patches, and unique memorabilia pieces. Each card is numbered to 50 or less.

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2021 Topps Definitive Collection Baseball

Each Box contains Six Autographs or Autograph Relic Cards and Two Relic Cards!

Kicking off the return of Baseball in 2021, Topps Definitive Collection brings the premier high-end box-opening experience to collectors, with cards featuring on-card autographs, oversized uniform patches, and unique memorabilia pieces. Each card is numbered to 50 or less.

CASE HITS include:

– Definitive Autograph Collection
– Legendary Autograph Collection
– Framed Autograph Collection
– Autograph Patch Book Collection
– Framed Autograph Patch Collection
– Defining the Decade Autograph Collection
– Definitive Patch Collection
– Definitive Cut Signatures
– Definitive Nameplate Collection
– Definitive Helmet Collection



Definitive Autograph Collection:

The game’s leading names, including rookies, current stars, and retired greats. Sequentially numbered to 50 or less.

– Red Parallel: #’d 1 of 1

Legendary Autograph Collection:

Showcasing the greatest MLB players of all time. Numbered to 25 or less

– Purple Parallel: #’d to 5 or less
– Red Parallel: #’d 1 of 1

Definitive Rookie Autographs:

On-card signatures from the newest crop of talent. Numbered to 50.
– Green Parallel: #’d to 25
– Purple Parallel: #’d to 10
– Red Parallel: #’d 1 of 1

Framed Autograph Collection:

On-Card autograph cards are framed in metal. Numbered to 30 or less

– Purple Parallel: #’d to 10
– Red Parallel: #’d 1 of 1

Dual Autograph Collection:

Showcasing Baseball pairs, featuring veteran stars, retired greats, and rookies. Numbered to 35 or less

– Green Parallel: #’d to 10
– Purple Parallel: #’d to 5
– Red Parallel: #’d 1 of 1

Defining Seasons Autograph Collection: NEW!

Cards celebrating a featured player’s notable season. Numbered to 25 or less

– Green Parallel: #’d to 10
– Purple Parallel: #’d to 5
– Red Parallel: #’d 1 of 1

Defining Images Autograph Collection: NEW!

Iconic images of superstar players are showcased with on-card autographs. Sequentially numbered to 25 or less.

– Green Parallel: #’d to 10
– Purple Parallel: #’d to 5
– Red Parallel: #’d 1 of 1


Base Autograph Relic Collection:

Sequentially numbered to 50 or less.

– Green Parallel: #’d to 25
– Purple Parallel: #’d to 10
– Team Logo Red Parallel: #’d 1 of 1
– MLB Silhouetted Batter Logo Red Parallel: #’d 1 of 1
– Jersey Brand Logo Red Parallel: #’d 1 of 1
– Jersey Button Red Parallel: #’d 1 of 1
– Laundry Tag Red Parallel: #’d 1 of 1

Autograph Patch Book Collection:

Book cards featuring jumbo patch pieces and on-card autographs of current and retired MLB greats. Sequentially #’d to 5 or less

– Red Parallel: #’d 1 of 1

Definitive Autograph Relic Cards:

Jumbo relics and on-card autos from retired greats and veteran stars. Sequentially numbered to 40 or less.

– Green Parallel: #’d to 10
– Purple Parallel: #’d to 5
– Red Parallel: #’d 1 of 1

Dual Autographed Relic Collection:

Pairings of the game’s most notable names with autographs and relics. Numbered to 35 or less.

– Purple Parallel: #’d to 10 or less
– Red Parallel: #’d 1 of 1

Framed Autograph Patch Collection:

Metal framed cards with on-card autographs and jumbo relics from elite MLB rookies and established stars. Numbered to 30 or less

– Purple Parallel: #’d to 10
– Red Parallel: #’d 1 of 1

Definitive Autographed Ultra Patch Collection:

Large jersey number, nameplate, and team patches are featured in this collection. Fans will be able to collect the whole patch across multiple cards. Sequentially numbered.

Protectors at the Plate Autographed Relics:NEW!
Featuring on-card autographs and game-used protective equipment from catchers and batters, including shin guards, elbow pads, etc. Sequentially numbered to 5 or less.

– Red Parallel: #’d 1 of 1


Jumbo Relic Collection:

Top tier MLB talent is shown here with jumbo game-used memorabilia pieces. Sequentially #’d to 50

– Blue Parallel: #’d to 30
– Green Parallel: #’d to 15
– Purple Parallel: #’d to 5
– Red Parallel: #’d 1 of 1

Protectors at the Plate Relics:NEW!

Jumbo relics of catchers’ gear and batters’ protective gear. Sequentially numbered to 25

– Green Parallel: #’d to 10
– Purple Parallel: #’d to 5
– Red Parallel: #’d 1 of 1

Definitive Helmet Collection:

MLB batting helmets are on display in these unique cards. Sequentially numbered to 50 or less.

– Purple Parallel: #’d to 5
– MLB Silhouetted Batter Logo Red Parallel: #’d 1 of 1
– Rawlings Authentic Tag Red Parallel: #’d 1 of 1
– Rawlings Logo Red Parallel: #’d 1 of 1 – MPH Red Parallel: #’d 1 of 1

Definitive Nameplate Collection:

Over 50 MLB player jersey nameplate letters featured on 1-of-1 cards.

Definitive Patch Collection:

Unique jersey patch pieces are on display on over 75 cards all numbered 1 of 1.

Definitive Cut Signatures:

The best of the best ballplayers comprise this list of cut vintage signatures. Each card is numbered 1 of 1.

3 Boxes Per Case, 1 Pack Per Box, 8 Cards Per Pack

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Definitive Autograph Collection

51 card set.

DCA-ABOAlec BohmPhiladelphia PhilliesRC
DCA-ABRAlex BregmanHouston Astros
DCA-AJAaron JudgeNew York Yankees
DCA-APAndy PettitteNew York Yankees
DCA-AREAnthony RendonLos Angeles Angels
DCA-BHBryce HarperPhiladelphia Phillies
DCA-BLBarry LarkinCincinnati Reds
DCA-CBECody BellingerLos Angeles Dodgers
DCA-CCCC SabathiaNew York Yankees
DCA-CCOCarlos CorreaHouston Astros
DCA-CJChipper JonesAtlanta Braves
DCA-CKLChristian YelichMilwaukee Brewers
DCA-CMICasey MizeDetroit TigersRC
DCA-CRCal Ripken Jr.Baltimore Orioles
DCA-DCADylan CarlsonSt Louis CardinalsRC
DCA-DEDennis EckersleyOakland Athletics
DCA-DJDerek JeterNew York Yankees
DCA-DMDale MurphyAtlanta Braves
DCA-DMADon MattinglyNew York Yankees
DCA-EJPete AlonsoNew York Mets
DCA-FTFrank ThomasChicago White Sox
DCA-GCGerrit ColeNew York Yankees
DCA-HAHank AaronAtlanta Braves
DCA-ICHIchiroSeattle Mariners
DCA-JBAJoey BartSan Francisco GiantsRC
DCA-JBEJohnny BenchCincinnati Reds
DCA-JOAJo AdellLos Angeles AngelsRC
DCA-JRNolan ArenadoColorado Rockies
DCA-JSJuan SotoWashington Nationals
DCA-JSMJohn SmoltzAtlanta Braves
DCA-KGJKen Griffey Jr.Seattle Mariners
DCA-LROLuis RobertChicago White Sox
DCA-MCAMiguel CabreraDetroit Tigers
DCA-MCHMatt ChapmanOakland Athletics
DCA-MMCMark McGwireOakland Athletics
DCA-MTMike TroutLos Angeles Angels
DCA-NRNolan RyanTexas Rangers
DCA-OSOzzie SmithSt Louis Cardinals
DCA-PGPaul GoldschmidtSt Louis Cardinals
DCA-RARoberto AlomarToronto Blue Jays
DCA-RAJRonald Acuña Jr.Atlanta Braves
DCA-RDRafael DeversBoston Red Sox
DCA-RHERickey HendersonOakland Athletics
DCA-RJReggie JacksonNew York Yankees
DCA-RSRyne SandbergChicago Cubs
DCA-SSTStephen StrasburgWashington Nationals
DCA-TGTom GlavineAtlanta Braves
DCA-VGVladimir GuerreroWashington Nationals
DCA-WCWill ClarkSan Francisco Giants
DCA-XBXander BogaertsBoston Red Sox
DCA-YAYordan AlvarezHouston Astros
Framed Autograph Collection

45 card set.

DCFA-ABOAlec BohmPhiladelphia PhilliesRC
DCFA-ABRAlex BregmanHouston Astros
DCFA-AJAaron JudgeNew York Yankees
DCFA-ARAlex RodriguezNew York Yankees
DCFA-AREAnthony RendonLos Angeles Angels
DCFA-BHBryce HarperPhiladelphia Phillies
DCFA-BLBarry LarkinCincinnati Reds
DCFA-CBECody BellingerLos Angeles Dodgers
DCFA-CJChipper JonesAtlanta Braves
DCFA-CMICasey MizeDetroit TigersRC
DCFA-CRJCal Ripken Jr.Baltimore Orioles
DCFA-CSStephen StrasburgWashington Nationals
DCFA-CYChristian YelichMilwaukee Brewers
DCFA-CYACarl YastrzemskiBoston Red Sox
DCFA-DCADylan CarlsonSt Louis CardinalsRC
DCFA-DMDon MattinglyNew York Yankees
DCFA-DWRDavid WrightNew York Mets
DCFA-FTFrank ThomasChicago White Sox
DCFA-GCOGerrit ColeNew York Yankees
DCFA-GMAGreg MadduxAtlanta Braves
DCFA-HMHideki MatsuiNew York Yankees
DCFA-ICHIchiroSeattle Mariners
DCFA-JADJo AdellLos Angeles AngelsRC
DCFA-JBJoey BartSan Francisco GiantsRC
DCFA-JSJuan SotoWashington Nationals
DCFA-KGJKen Griffey Jr.Seattle Mariners
DCFA-LRLuis RobertChicago White Sox
DCFA-MCMiguel CabreraDetroit Tigers
DCFA-MMMark McGwireOakland Athletics
DCFA-MRMariano RiveraNew York Yankees
DCFA-MSCMike SchmidtPhiladelphia Phillies
DCFA-NANolan ArenadoColorado Rockies
DCFA-NRNolan RyanHouston Astros
DCFA-OSOzzie SmithSt Louis Cardinals
DCFA-PAPete AlonsoNew York Mets
DCFA-PGPaul GoldschmidtSt Louis Cardinals
DCFA-RAJRonald Acuña Jr.Atlanta Braves
DCFA-RCRoger ClemensBoston Red Sox
DCFA-RDRafael DeversBoston Red Sox
DCFA-RHRickey HendersonOakland Athletics
DCFA-RJAReggie JacksonNew York Yankees
DCFA-RSRyne SandbergChicago Cubs
DCFA-TLTim LincecumSan Francisco Giants
DCFA-WBWade BoggsBoston Red Sox
DCFA-WCWill ClarkSan Francisco Giants
Defining Images Autograph Collection

21 card set.

DIA-ABAlex BregmanHouston Astros
DIA-AJAaron JudgeNew York Yankees
DIA-BHBryce HarperPhiladelphia Phillies
DIA-CBCody BellingerLos Angeles Dodgers
DIA-CPJCal Ripken Jr.Baltimore Orioles
DIA-CYChristian YelichMilwaukee Brewers
DIA-DMDon MattinglyNew York Yankees
DIA-DWDavid WrightNew York Mets
DIA-GCGerrit ColeNew York Yankees
DIA-IIchiroSeattle Mariners
DIA-JSJuan SotoWashington Nationals
DIA-KGJKen Griffey Jr.Seattle Mariners
DIA-LRLuis RobertChicago White Sox
DIA-MMMark McGwireOakland Athletics
DIA-MTMike TroutLos Angeles Angels
DIA-NRNolan RyanHouston Astros
DIA-PAPete AlonsoNew York Mets
DIA-RAJRonald Acuña Jr.Atlanta Braves
DIA-RHRickey HendersonOakland Athletics
DIA-TLTim LincecumSan Francisco Giants
DIA-WCWill ClarkSan Francisco Giants
Dual Autograph Collection

32 card set.

DAC-AALJose AltuveHouston Astros
DAC-AALYordan AlvarezHouston Astros
DAC-AGJVladimir Guerrero Jr.Toronto Blue Jays
DAC-AGJRoberto AlomarToronto Blue Jays
DAC-BALAlex BregmanHouston Astros
DAC-BALJose AltuveHouston Astros
DAC-BCLWade BoggsBoston Red Sox
DAC-BCLRoger ClemensBoston Red Sox
DAC-CAJRonald Acuña Jr.Atlanta Braves
DAC-CAJMiguel CabreraDetroit Tigers
DAC-CCBCC SabathiaCleveland Guardians
DAC-CCBShane BieberCleveland Guardians
DAC-CMCMark McGwireOakland Athletics
DAC-CMCWill ClarkSan Francisco Giants
DAC-DGAndre DawsonWashington Nationals
DAC-DGVladimir GuerreroWashington Nationals
DAC-FVCarlton FiskBoston Red Sox
DAC-FVJason VaritekBoston Red Sox
DAC-GCADylan CarlsonSt Louis CardinalsRC
DAC-GCAPaul GoldschmidtSt Louis Cardinals
DAC-GTMike TroutLos Angeles Angels
DAC-GTKen Griffey Jr.Seattle Mariners
DAC-HBOAlec BohmPhiladelphia PhilliesRC
DAC-HBORhys HoskinsPhiladelphia Phillies
DAC-HMRickey HendersonOakland Athletics
DAC-HMMark McGwireOakland Athletics
DAC-HTMike TroutLos Angeles Angels
DAC-HTBryce HarperPhiladelphia Phillies
DAC-JARonald Acuña Jr.Atlanta Braves
DAC-JAChipper JonesAtlanta Braves
DAC-JJAaron JudgeNew York Yankees
DAC-JJDerek JeterNew York Yankees
DAC-JRDerek JeterNew York Yankees
DAC-JRMariano RiveraNew York Yankees
DAC-JROLuis RobertChicago White Sox
DAC-JROEloy JimenezChicago White Sox
DAC-KKCody BellingerLos Angeles Dodgers
DAC-KKWalker BuehlerLos Angeles Dodgers
DAC-LGKen Griffey Jr.Cincinnati Reds
DAC-LGBarry LarkinCincinnati Reds
DAC-MJChipper JonesAtlanta Braves
DAC-MJDale MurphyAtlanta Braves
DAC-ODDavid OrtizBoston Red Sox
DAC-ODRafael DeversBoston Red Sox
DAC-RBAlec BohmPhiladelphia Phillies
DAC-RBScott RolenPhiladelphia Phillies
DAC-SAJuan SotoWashington Nationals
DAC-SARonald Acuña Jr.Atlanta Braves
DAC-SDRyne SandbergChicago Cubs
DAC-SDAndre DawsonChicago Cubs
DAC-SGRyne SandbergChicago Cubs
DAC-SGMark GraceChicago Cubs
DAC-SGAJuan SotoWashington Nationals
DAC-SGALuis GarciaWashington NationalsRC
DAC-SSJuan SotoWashington Nationals
DAC-SSStephen StrasburgWashington Nationals
DAC-TBUFrank ThomasChicago White Sox
DAC-TBUMark BuehrleChicago White Sox
DAC-TRFrank ThomasChicago White Sox
DAC-TRLuis RobertChicago White Sox
DAC-WALPete AlonsoNew York Mets
DAC-WALDavid WrightNew York Mets
DAC-ZLJesus LuzardoOakland Athletics
DAC-ZLBarry ZitoOakland Athletics
Defining Seasons Autograph Collection

40 card set.

DSAC-ADAndre DawsonChicago Cubs
DSAC-AJAaron JudgeNew York Yankees
DSAC-ARAlex RodriguezNew York Yankees
DSAC-BLBarry LarkinCincinnati Reds
DSAC-CBCody BellingerLos Angeles Dodgers
DSAC-CFCarlton FiskBoston Red Sox
DSAC-CJChipper JonesAtlanta Braves
DSAC-CPJCal Ripken Jr.Baltimore Orioles
DSAC-CYCarl YastrzemskiBoston Red Sox
DSAC-CYEChristian YelichMilwaukee Brewers
DSAC-DEDennis EckersleyOakland Athletics
DSAC-DJDerek JeterNew York Yankees
DSAC-DMDon MattinglyNew York Yankees
DSAC-DODavid OrtizBoston Red Sox
DSAC-EMEdgar MartinezSeattle Mariners
DSAC-FTFrank ThomasChicago White Sox
DSAC-GMGreg MadduxAtlanta Braves
DSAC-HAHank AaronAtlanta Braves
DSAC-IIchiroSeattle Mariners
DSAC-JBJohnny BenchCincinnati Reds
DSAC-JMJoe MauerMinnesota Twins
DSAC-JSJuan SotoWashington Nationals
DSAC-JVJoey VottoCincinnati Reds
DSAC-KGJKen Griffey Jr.Seattle Mariners
DSAC-MCMiguel CabreraDetroit Tigers
DSAC-MMMark McGwireSt Louis Cardinals
DSAC-MTMike TroutLos Angeles Angels
DSAC-NRNolan RyanLos Angeles Angels
DSAC-PAPete AlonsoNew York Mets
DSAC-RCRod CarewMinnesota Twins
DSAC-RCLRoger ClemensBoston Red Sox
DSAC-RHRickey HendersonOakland Athletics
DSAC-RJReggie JacksonNew York Yankees
DSAC-RSRyne SandbergChicago Cubs
DSAC-RYRobin YountMilwaukee Brewers
DSAC-SSStephen StrasburgWashington Nationals
DSAC-TLTim LincecumSan Francisco Giants
DSAC-VGVladimir GuerreroWashington Nationals
DSAC-WBWade BoggsBoston Red Sox
DSAC-WCWill ClarkSan Francisco Giants
Autograph Relic Collection

47 card set.

ARC-ABAndrew BenintendiBoston Red Sox
ARC-ABRAlex BregmanHouston Astros
ARC-AJAaron JudgeNew York Yankees
ARC-AMAustin MeadowsTampa Bay Rays
ARC-BHBryce HarperPhiladelphia Phillies
ARC-BLBrandon LoweTampa Bay Rays
ARC-BSNBlake SnellTampa Bay Rays
ARC-CBCody BellingerLos Angeles Dodgers
ARC-CCSCC SabathiaNew York Yankees
ARC-CMICasey MizeDetroit TigersRC
ARC-CYChristian YelichMilwaukee Brewers
ARC-DODavid OrtizBoston Red Sox
ARC-DSDansby SwansonAtlanta Braves
ARC-FFFreddie FreemanAtlanta Braves
ARC-GSGeorge SpringerHouston Astros
ARC-JAJose AltuveHouston Astros
ARC-JADJo AdellLos Angeles AngelsRC
ARC-JBJosh BellPittsburgh Pirates
ARC-JDJacob deGromNew York Mets
ARC-JRJ.T. RealmutoPhiladelphia Phillies
ARC-JSOJuan SotoWashington Nationals
ARC-JVJoey VottoCincinnati Reds
ARC-KBKris BryantChicago Cubs
ARC-MCMatt ChapmanOakland Athletics
ARC-MCAMiguel CabreraDetroit Tigers
ARC-MKEMax KeplerMinnesota Twins
ARC-MMMax MuncyLos Angeles Dodgers
ARC-MOMatt OlsonOakland Athletics
ARC-MTMike TroutLos Angeles Angels
ARC-MYMike YastrzemskiSan Francisco Giants
ARC-NANolan ArenadoColorado Rockies
ARC-NPENate PearsonToronto Blue JaysRC
ARC-PAPete AlonsoNew York Mets
ARC-PACCristian PacheAtlanta BravesRC
ARC-PCPatrick CorbinWashington Nationals
ARC-PDEPaul DeJongSt Louis Cardinals
ARC-PGPaul GoldschmidtSt Louis Cardinals
ARC-RAJRonald Acuña Jr.Atlanta Braves
ARC-RDRafael DeversBoston Red Sox
ARC-SGSonny GrayCincinnati Reds
ARC-SSStephen StrasburgWashington Nationals
ARC-TSTTrevor StoryColorado Rockies
ARC-VGJVladimir Guerrero Jr.Toronto Blue Jays
ARC-WBWalker BuehlerLos Angeles Dodgers
ARC-WMWhit MerrifieldKansas City Royals
ARC-XBXander BogaertsBoston Red Sox
ARC-YAYordan AlvarezHouston Astros
Autograph Patch Book Collection

24 card set.

DAPB-ABEJuan SotoWashington Nationals
DAPB-ABRAlex BregmanHouston Astros
DAPB-BHBryce HarperPhiladelphia Phillies
DAPB-BPOBuster PoseySan Francisco Giants
DAPB-CBECody BellingerLos Angeles Dodgers
DAPB-CCCC SabathiaNew York Yankees
DAPB-CYChristian YelichMilwaukee Brewers
DAPB-DODavid OrtizBoston Red Sox
DAPB-FFFreddie FreemanAtlanta Braves
DAPB-JAJose AltuveHouston Astros
DAPB-JDJacob deGromNew York Mets
DAPB-JUPete AlonsoNew York Mets
DAPB-JVJoey VottoCincinnati Reds
DAPB-KBKris BryantChicago Cubs
DAPB-MCAMiguel CabreraDetroit Tigers
DAPB-MCHMatt ChapmanOakland Athletics
DAPB-MTMike TroutLos Angeles Angels
DAPB-NARNolan ArenadoColorado Rockies
DAPB-RARonald Acuña Jr.Atlanta Braves
DAPB-RDRafael DeversBoston Red Sox
DAPB-SSTStephen StrasburgWashington Nationals
DAPB-TSTTrevor StoryColorado Rockies
DAPB-VGJVladimir Guerrero Jr.Toronto Blue Jays
DAPB-XBXander BogaertsBoston Red Sox
Dual Autograph Relic Collection

20 card set.

DAR-AAJose AltuveHouston Astros
DAR-AAYordan AlvarezHouston Astros
DAR-ASOJuan SotoWashington Nationals
DAR-ASORonald Acuña Jr.Atlanta Braves
DAR-BALAlex BregmanHouston Astros
DAR-BALYordan AlvarezHouston Astros
DAR-GMJohn SmoltzAtlanta Braves
DAR-GMTom GlavineAtlanta Braves
DAR-GTMike TroutLos Angeles Angels
DAR-GTKen Griffey Jr.Seattle Mariners
DAR-HCARickey HendersonOakland Athletics
DAR-HCAJose CansecoOakland Athletics
DAR-HHORhys HoskinsPhiladelphia Phillies
DAR-HHORyan HowardPhiladelphia Phillies
DAR-JROLuis RobertChicago White Sox
DAR-JROEloy JimenezChicago White Sox
DAR-JYPete AlonsoNew York Mets
DAR-JYDavid WrightNew York Mets
DAR-MGOWhit MerrifieldKansas City Royals
DAR-MGOAlex GordonKansas City Royals
DAR-MLAustin MeadowsTampa Bay Rays
DAR-MLBrandon LoweTampa Bay Rays
DAR-MPWalker BuehlerLos Angeles Dodgers
DAR-MPCorey SeagerLos Angeles Dodgers
DAR-ODDavid OrtizBoston Red Sox
DAR-ODRafael DeversBoston Red Sox
DAR-POAndy PettitteHouston Astros
DAR-PORoy OswaltHouston Astros
DAR-PSACC SabathiaNew York Yankees
DAR-PSAAndy PettitteNew York Yankees
DAR-SGAJuan SotoWashington Nationals
DAR-SGALuis GarciaWashington NationalsRC
DAR-SSTJuan SotoWashington Nationals
DAR-SSTStephen StrasburgWashington Nationals
DAR-TYMike TroutLos Angeles Angels
DAR-TYChristian YelichMilwaukee Brewers
DAR-VGRJoey VottoCincinnati Reds
DAR-VGRSonny GrayCincinnati Reds
DAR-YHChristian YelichMilwaukee Brewers
DAR-YHKeston HiuraMilwaukee Brewers
Framed Autograph Patch Collection

28 card set.

FAC-ABRAlex BregmanHouston Astros
FAC-AMAustin MeadowsTampa Bay Rays
FAC-BPBuster PoseySan Francisco Giants
FAC-CBECody BellingerLos Angeles Dodgers
FAC-CSCC SabathiaNew York Yankees
FAC-DODavid OrtizBoston Red Sox
FAC-DSDansby SwansonAtlanta Braves
FAC-FFRFreddie FreemanAtlanta Braves
FAC-JALJose AltuveHouston Astros
FAC-JDJacob deGromNew York Mets
FAC-JSJuan SotoWashington Nationals
FAC-JVJoey VottoCincinnati Reds
FAC-KBKris BryantChicago Cubs
FAC-KHIChristian YelichMilwaukee Brewers
FAC-MCMiguel CabreraDetroit Tigers
FAC-MOMatt ChapmanOakland Athletics
FAC-MTMike TroutLos Angeles Angels
FAC-PAPete AlonsoNew York Mets
FAC-PDPaul DeJongSt Louis Cardinals
FAC-RAJRonald Acuña Jr.Atlanta Braves
FAC-RDRafael DeversBoston Red Sox
FAC-RHBryce HarperPhiladelphia Phillies
FAC-SSTStephen StrasburgWashington Nationals
FAC-TGTom GlavineAtlanta Braves
FAC-TSTTrevor StoryColorado Rockies
FAC-VGJVladimir Guerrero Jr.Toronto Blue Jays
FAC-XBXander BogaertsBoston Red Sox
FAC-YAYordan AlvarezHouston Astros
Protectors At The Plate Autograph Relic

3 card set.

PPAR-MPMike PiazzaLos Angeles Dodgers
PPAR-MTMike TroutLos Angeles Angels
PPAR-NHONico HoernerChicago Cubs
Legendary Autograph Collection

40 card set.

LAC-ABEAdrian BeltreTexas Rangers
LAC-ADAndre DawsonChicago Cubs
LAC-APAndy PettitteNew York Yankees
LAC-ARAlex RodriguezNew York Yankees
LAC-BLBarry LarkinCincinnati Reds
LAC-BWBernie WilliamsNew York Yankees
LAC-CFCarlton FiskBoston Red Sox
LAC-CJChipper JonesAtlanta Braves
LAC-CRCal Ripken Jr.Baltimore Orioles
LAC-CYCarl YastrzemskiBoston Red Sox
LAC-DEDennis EckersleyOakland Athletics
LAC-DGODwight GoodenNew York Mets
LAC-DJDerek JeterNew York Yankees
LAC-DMDale MurphyAtlanta Braves
LAC-DMADon MattinglyNew York Yankees
LAC-DODavid OrtizBoston Red Sox
LAC-DSTDarryl StrawberryNew York Mets
LAC-EMEdgar MartinezSeattle Mariners
LAC-FTFrank ThomasChicago White Sox
LAC-GMGreg MadduxAtlanta Braves
LAC-HAHank AaronAtlanta Braves
LAC-ICHIchiroSeattle Mariners
LAC-JBJohnny BenchCincinnati Reds
LAC-JSJohn SmoltzAtlanta Braves
LAC-KGJKen Griffey Jr.Seattle Mariners
LAC-MMCMark McGwireOakland Athletics
LAC-MSCMike SchmidtPhiladelphia Phillies
LAC-NRNolan RyanHouston Astros
LAC-OSOzzie SmithSt Louis Cardinals
LAC-RARoberto AlomarCleveland Guardians
LAC-RCRod CarewLos Angeles Angels
LAC-RCLRoger ClemensToronto Blue Jays
LAC-RHRickey HendersonOakland Athletics
LAC-RJAReggie JacksonOakland Athletics
LAC-RSRyne SandbergChicago Cubs
LAC-RYRobin YountMilwaukee Brewers
LAC-SCSteve CarltonPhiladelphia Phillies
LAC-TGTom GlavineAtlanta Braves
LAC-WBWade BoggsNew York Yankees
LAC-WCWill ClarkSan Francisco Giants
Definitive Autograph Relic

59 card set.

DARC-ADAndre DawsonChicago Cubs
DARC-ADAAndre DawsonWashington Nationals
DARC-ANAndy PettitteHouston Astros
DARC-APAndy PettitteNew York Yankees
DARC-ARAlex RodriguezNew York Yankees
DARC-BLBarry LarkinCincinnati Reds
DARC-BL2Barry LarkinCincinnati Reds
DARC-BWBernie WilliamsNew York Yankees
DARC-CFICarlton FiskBoston Red Sox
DARC-CFI2Carlton FiskChicago White Sox
DARC-CJChipper JonesAtlanta Braves
DARC-CRCal Ripken Jr.Baltimore Orioles
DARC-CYCarl YastrzemskiBoston Red Sox
DARC-DEDennis EckersleyOakland Athletics
DARC-DJDerek JeterNew York Yankees
DARC-DMDon MattinglyNew York Yankees
DARC-DM2Don MattinglyNew York Yankees
DARC-DODavid OrtizBoston Red Sox
DARC-DSDarryl StrawberryNew York Mets
DARC-DWDavid WrightNew York Mets
DARC-DW2David WrightNew York Mets
DARC-EMEdgar MartinezSeattle Mariners
DARC-FTFrank ThomasChicago White Sox
DARC-FT2Frank ThomasChicago White Sox
DARC-ICHIIchiroSeattle Mariners
DARC-JBJohnny BenchCincinnati Reds
DARC-JCJose CansecoOakland Athletics
DARC-JDJohnny DamonBoston Red Sox
DARC-JDAJohnny DamonBoston Red Sox
DARC-JSJohn SmoltzAtlanta Braves
DARC-KGJKen Griffey Jr.Seattle Mariners
DARC-KGJRKen Griffey Jr.Cincinnati Reds
DARC-MMMark McGwireOakland Athletics
DARC-MMCMark McGwireSt Louis Cardinals
DARC-MRMariano RiveraNew York Yankees
DARC-NGNomar GarciaparraBoston Red Sox
DARC-NRNolan RyanHouston Astros
DARC-NRYNolan RyanTexas Rangers
DARC-OSOzzie SmithSt Louis Cardinals
DARC-PMPedro MartinezBoston Red Sox
DARC-PMOPaul MolitorMilwaukee Brewers
DARC-PMO2Paul MolitorMinnesota Twins
DARC-RARoberto AlomarToronto Blue Jays
DARC-RA2Roberto AlomarCleveland Guardians
DARC-RCRoger ClemensBoston Red Sox
DARC-RCARod CarewLos Angeles Angels
DARC-RCARRod CarewMinnesota Twins
DARC-RHRickey HendersonOakland Athletics
DARC-RHERickey HendersonOakland Athletics
DARC-RJAReggie JacksonNew York Yankees
DARC-RSRyne SandbergChicago Cubs
DARC-RYRobin YountMilwaukee Brewers
DARC-SCSteve CarltonPhiladelphia Phillies
DARC-VGVladimir GuerreroWashington Nationals
DARC-VG2Vladimir GuerreroWashington Nationals
DARC-WBWade BoggsNew York Yankees
DARC-WBOWade BoggsTampa Bay Rays
DARC-WCWill ClarkSan Francisco Giants
DARC-WC2Will ClarkSan Francisco Giants
Definitive Autograph Ultra Patch Collection

10 card set.

DAUPC-ABAlex BregmanHouston Astros
DAUPC-AMAustin MeadowsTampa Bay Rays
DAUPC-BPBuster PoseySan Francisco Giants
DAUPC-CSCC SabathiaNew York Yankees
DAUPC-FFFreddie FreemanAtlanta Braves
DAUPC-JVJoey VottoCincinnati Reds
DAUPC-MCMatt ChapmanOakland Athletics
DAUPC-RDRafael DeversBoston Red Sox
DAUPC-SSStephen StrasburgWashington Nationals
DAUPC-TSTrevor StoryColorado Rockies
Definitive Rookie Autograph

47 card set.

DRA-AB1Alec BohmPhiladelphia PhilliesRC
DRA-AB2Alec BohmPhiladelphia PhilliesRC
DRA-AB3Alec BohmPhiladelphia PhilliesRC
DRA-AK1Alex KirilloffMinnesota TwinsRC
DRA-BD1Bobby DalbecBoston Red SoxRC
DRA-BD2Bobby DalbecBoston Red SoxRC
DRA-BS1Brady SingerKansas City RoyalsRC
DRA-BS2Brady SingerKansas City RoyalsRC
DRA-CM1Casey MizeDetroit TigersRC
DRA-CM2Casey MizeDetroit TigersRC
DRA-CM3Casey MizeDetroit TigersRC
DRA-CP1Cristian PacheAtlanta BravesRC
DRA-CP2Cristian PacheAtlanta BravesRC
DRA-CS1Clarke SchmidtNew York YankeesRC
DRA-DC1Dylan CarlsonSt Louis CardinalsRC
DRA-DC2Dylan CarlsonSt Louis CardinalsRC
DRA-DC3Dylan CarlsonSt Louis CardinalsRC
DRA-DG1Deivi GarciaNew York YankeesRC
DRA-DG2Deivi GarciaNew York YankeesRC
DRA-DV1Daulton VarshoArizona DiamondbacksRC
DRA-HUF1Sam HuffTexas RangersRC
DRA-HUF2Sam HuffTexas RangersRC
DRA-IA1Ian AndersonAtlanta BravesRC
DRA-IA2Ian AndersonAtlanta BravesRC
DRA-JA1Jo AdellLos Angeles AngelsRC
DRA-JB1Joey BartSan Francisco GiantsRC
DRA-JB2Joey BartSan Francisco GiantsRC
DRA-JB3Joey BartSan Francisco GiantsRC
DRA-JC1Jake CronenworthSan Diego PadresRC
DRA-JC2Jake CronenworthSan Diego PadresRC
DRA-JS1Jesus SanchezMiami MarlinsRC
DRA-KBH1Ke'Bryan HayesPittsburgh PiratesRC
DRA-KBH2Ke'Bryan HayesPittsburgh PiratesRC
DRA-LG1Luis GarciaWashington NationalsRC
DRA-LG2Luis GarciaWashington NationalsRC
DRA-NP1Nate PearsonToronto Blue JaysRC
DRA-NP2Nate PearsonToronto Blue JaysRC
DRA-RM1Ryan MountcastleBaltimore OriolesRC
DRA-RM2Ryan MountcastleBaltimore OriolesRC
DRA-SH1Spencer HowardPhiladelphia PhilliesRC
DRA-SH2Spencer HowardPhiladelphia PhilliesRC
DRA-SS1Sixto SanchezMiami MarlinsRC
DRA-SS2Sixto SanchezMiami MarlinsRC
DRA-TM1Triston McKenzieCleveland GuardiansRC
DRA-TM2Triston McKenzieCleveland GuardiansRC
DRA-TS1Tarik SkubalDetroit TigersRC
DRA-TS2Tarik SkubalDetroit TigersRC
Definitive Cut Signature

48 card set.

DCS-AKAAl KalineDetroit Tigers
DCS-BFBob FellerCleveland Guardians
DCS-BLEBob LemonCleveland Guardians
DCS-CSCasey StengelNew York Yankees
DCS-DDDon DrysdaleLos Angeles Dodgers
DCS-DDEDizzy DeanSt Louis Cardinals
DCS-DSDuke SniderLos Angeles Dodgers
DCS-EBErnie BanksChicago Cubs
DCS-EMEddie MathewsAtlanta Braves
DCS-FFFrankie FrischSt Louis Cardinals
DCS-GHGil HodgesLos Angeles Dodgers
DCS-GKGeorge "High Pockets" KellySan Francisco Giants
DCS-HGHank GreenbergDetroit Tigers
DCS-HKHarmon KillebrewMinnesota Twins
DCS-HWHonus WagnerPittsburgh Pirates
DCS-HWIHoyt WilhelmChicago White Sox
DCS-JDJoe DiMaggioNew York Yankees
DCS-JFJimmie FoxxOakland Athletics
DCS-JHJim "Catfish" HunterOakland Athletics
DCS-JMJohnny MizeSt Louis Cardinals
DCS-JRJackie RobinsonLos Angeles Dodgers
DCS-KPKirby PuckettMinnesota Twins
DCS-LALuke ApplingChicago White Sox
DCS-LDLarry DobyCleveland Guardians
DCS-LGLefty GroveOakland Athletics
DCS-MIMonte IrvinSan Francisco Giants
DCS-MOMel OttSan Francisco Giants
DCS-NLANap LajoieCleveland Guardians
DCS-PRPhil RizzutoNew York Yankees
DCS-PREPee Wee ReeseLos Angeles Dodgers
DCS-RCRoy CampanellaLos Angeles Dodgers
DCS-RCLRoberto ClementePittsburgh Pirates
DCS-RHRogers HornsbySt Louis Cardinals
DCS-RKRalph KinerPittsburgh Pirates
DCS-RMRoger MarisNew York Yankees
DCS-RRRed RuffingNew York Yankees
DCS-RSRed SchoendienstSt Louis Cardinals
DCS-RSARon SantoChicago Cubs
DCS-SMStan MusialSt Louis Cardinals
DCS-TCTy CobbDetroit Tigers
DCS-TGTony GwynnSan Diego Padres
DCS-TJTravis JacksonSan Francisco Giants
DCS-TSTris SpeakerCleveland Guardians
DCS-TWTed WilliamsBoston Red Sox
DCS-WHWaite HoytNew York Yankees
DCS-WMCWillie McCoveySan Francisco Giants
DCS-WSWarren SpahnAtlanta Braves
DCS-WSTWillie StargellPittsburgh Pirates
Definitive Patch Collection

99 card set.

DPC-ABAlex BregmanHouston Astros
DPC-ABEAndrew BenintendiBoston Red Sox
DPC-AJAaron JudgeNew York Yankees
DPC-AMAndrew McCutchenPhiladelphia Phillies
DPC-ANAaron NolaPhiladelphia Phillies
DPC-APAlbert PujolsLos Angeles Angels
DPC-ARIAnthony RizzoChicago Cubs
DPC-BBByron BuxtonMinnesota Twins
DPC-BBIBo BichetteToronto Blue Jays
DPC-BHBryce HarperPhiladelphia Phillies
DPC-BPBuster PoseySan Francisco Giants
DPC-CBCharlie BlackmonColorado Rockies
DPC-CBECody BellingerLos Angeles Dodgers
DPC-CBICavan BiggioToronto Blue Jays
DPC-CCCarlos CorreaHouston Astros
DPC-CFClint FrazierNew York Yankees
DPC-CKClayton KershawLos Angeles Dodgers
DPC-CSECorey SeagerLos Angeles Dodgers
DPC-CYChristian YelichMilwaukee Brewers
DPC-DODavid OrtizBoston Red Sox
DPC-DPDustin PedroiaBoston Red Sox
DPC-EAElvis AndrusTexas Rangers
DPC-EHOEric HosmerSan Diego Padres
DPC-ELEvan LongoriaSan Francisco Giants
DPC-FFFreddie FreemanAtlanta Braves
DPC-FTJFernando Tatis Jr.San Diego Padres
DPC-GBGeorge BrettKansas City Royals
DPC-GCGerrit ColeHouston Astros
DPC-GIAGiancarlo StantonNew York Yankees
DPC-GSGary SanchezNew York Yankees
DPC-GSTGiancarlo StantonMiami Marlins
DPC-GTGleyber TorresNew York Yankees
DPC-JAJose AltuveHouston Astros
DPC-JBJose BerriosMinnesota Twins
DPC-JBAJavier BaezChicago Cubs
DPC-JBEJosh BellPittsburgh Pirates
DPC-JDJosh DonaldsonToronto Blue Jays
DPC-JDEJacob deGromNew York Mets
DPC-JDMJ.D. MartinezBoston Red Sox
DPC-JGJoey GalloTexas Rangers
DPC-JHJason HeywardChicago Cubs
DPC-JLJesus LuzardoOakland Athletics
DPC-JPJoc PedersonLos Angeles Dodgers
DPC-JRJose RamirezCleveland Guardians
DPC-JSJuan SotoWashington Nationals
DPC-JTRJ.T. RealmutoPhiladelphia Phillies
DPC-JVJustin VerlanderDetroit Tigers
DPC-JVEJustin VerlanderHouston Astros
DPC-JVOJoey VottoCincinnati Reds
DPC-KBKris BryantChicago Cubs
DPC-KBHKe'Bryan HayesPittsburgh PiratesRC
DPC-KDKhris DavisOakland Athletics
DPC-KGJKen Griffey Jr.Seattle Mariners
DPC-KGJRKen Griffey Jr.Cincinnati Reds
DPC-KHKeston HiuraMilwaukee Brewers
DPC-KKKevin KiermaierTampa Bay Rays
DPC-KWKolten WongSt Louis Cardinals
DPC-LGLucas GiolitoChicago White Sox
DPC-LRLuis RobertChicago White Sox
DPC-MBMookie BettsBoston Red Sox
DPC-MBEMookie BettsLos Angeles Dodgers
DPC-MCMichael ConfortoNew York Mets
DPC-MCAMiguel CabreraDetroit Tigers
DPC-MCHMatt ChapmanOakland Athletics
DPC-MKMax KeplerMinnesota Twins
DPC-MMManny MachadoSan Diego Padres
DPC-MSMiguel SanoMinnesota Twins
DPC-MSCMax ScherzerWashington Nationals
DPC-MSEMarcus SemienOakland Athletics
DPC-MTMike TroutLos Angeles Angels
DPC-MTEMark TeixeiraNew York Yankees
DPC-NANolan ArenadoColorado Rockies
DPC-NSNoah SyndergaardNew York Mets
DPC-OAOzzie AlbiesAtlanta Braves
DPC-PAPete AlonsoNew York Mets
DPC-PCPatrick CorbinWashington Nationals
DPC-PGPaul GoldschmidtSt Louis Cardinals
DPC-PMPedro MartinezNew York Mets
DPC-RAJRonald Acuña Jr.Atlanta Braves
DPC-RBRyan BraunMilwaukee Brewers
DPC-RDRafael DeversBoston Red Sox
DPC-RHRhys HoskinsPhiladelphia Phillies
DPC-RMORyan MountcastleBaltimore OriolesRC
DPC-RZRyan ZimmermanWashington Nationals
DPC-SBShane BieberCleveland Guardians
DPC-SGSonny GrayCincinnati Reds
DPC-SOShohei OhtaniLos Angeles Angels
DPC-SSStephen StrasburgWashington Nationals
DPC-TGTony GwynnSan Diego Padres
DPC-TSTrevor StoryColorado Rockies
DPC-TTTrea TurnerWashington Nationals
DPC-VGJVladimir Guerrero Jr.Toronto Blue Jays
DPC-WBWalker BuehlerLos Angeles Dodgers
DPC-WCWillson ContrerasChicago Cubs
DPC-WMWhit MerrifieldKansas City Royals
DPC-XBXander BogaertsBoston Red Sox
DPC-YAYordan AlvarezHouston Astros
DPC-YMOYadier MolinaSt Louis Cardinals
DPC-YZMike YastrzemskiSan Francisco Giants
Definitive Nameplate Collection

70 card set.

DNC-ANAaron NolaPhiladelphia Phillies
DNC-ARAnthony RizzoChicago Cubs
DNC-BBByron BuxtonMinnesota Twins
DNC-BLBrandon LoweTampa Bay Rays
DNC-CBCharlie BlackmonColorado Rockies
DNC-CBECody BellingerLos Angeles Dodgers
DNC-CBICavan BiggioToronto Blue Jays
DNC-CCCarlos CorreaHouston Astros
DNC-CMCasey MizeDetroit TigersRC
DNC-CPChris PaddackSan Diego Padres
DNC-CSCorey SeagerLos Angeles Dodgers
DNC-CYChristian YelichMilwaukee Brewers
DNC-DODavid OrtizBoston Red Sox
DNC-DSDansby SwansonAtlanta Braves
DNC-EHEric HosmerSan Diego Padres
DNC-FFFreddie FreemanAtlanta Braves
DNC-FTFernando Tatis Jr.San Diego Padres
DNC-GCGerrit ColePittsburgh Pirates
DNC-GSGeorge SpringerHouston Astros
DNC-IIchiroMiami Marlins
DNC-JAJose AltuveHouston Astros
DNC-JABJose AbreuChicago White Sox
DNC-JBJosh BellPittsburgh Pirates
DNC-JDJosh DonaldsonMinnesota Twins
DNC-JDDJ.D. DavisNew York Mets
DNC-JHJosh HaderMilwaukee Brewers
DNC-JLJesus LuzardoOakland Athletics
DNC-JMJeff McNeilNew York Mets
DNC-JPJoc PedersonLos Angeles Dodgers
DNC-JSJohn SmoltzAtlanta Braves
DNC-JSOJuan SotoWashington Nationals
DNC-JVJustin VerlanderDetroit Tigers
DNC-JVOJoey VottoCincinnati Reds
DNC-LWLarry WalkerColorado Rockies
DNC-MBEMookie BettsLos Angeles Dodgers
DNC-MCMark CanhaOakland Athletics
DNC-MCHMatt ChapmanOakland Athletics
DNC-MCOMichael ConfortoNew York Mets
DNC-MFMax FriedAtlanta Braves
DNC-MIGMiguel CabreraDetroit Tigers
DNC-MKMax KeplerMinnesota Twins
DNC-MMMax MuncyLos Angeles Dodgers
DNC-MMAManny MachadoSan Diego Padres
DNC-MOMatt OlsonOakland Athletics
DNC-MSMike SorokaAtlanta Braves
DNC-MSAMiguel SanoMinnesota Twins
DNC-MSCMax ScherzerWashington Nationals
DNC-MTMike TroutLos Angeles Angels
DNC-NANolan ArenadoColorado Rockies
DNC-NMNick MarkakisAtlanta Braves
DNC-NSNoah SyndergaardNew York Mets
DNC-OAOzzie AlbiesAtlanta Braves
DNC-PAPete AlonsoNew York Mets
DNC-PCPatrick CorbinWashington Nationals
DNC-PMPedro MartinezNew York Mets
DNC-RARonald Acuña Jr.Atlanta Braves
DNC-RCRod CarewLos Angeles Angels
DNC-RLRamon LaureanoOakland Athletics
DNC-RMRyan MountcastleBaltimore OriolesRC
DNC-SDSean DoolittleWashington Nationals
DNC-SOShohei OhtaniLos Angeles Angels
DNC-SSStephen StrasburgWashington Nationals
DNC-TGTony GwynnSan Diego Padres
DNC-TSTrevor StoryColorado Rockies
DNC-TTTrea TurnerWashington Nationals
DNC-VGVladimir Guerrero Jr.Toronto Blue Jays
DNC-WCWillson ContrerasChicago Cubs
DNC-WMWil MyersSan Diego Padres
DNC-WSWill SmithLos Angeles Dodgers
DNC-XBXander BogaertsBoston Red Sox
Jumbo Relic Collection

56 card set.

DJR-ABAndrew BenintendiBoston Red Sox
DJR-ANAaron NolaPhiladelphia Phillies
DJR-ARAnthony RizzoChicago Cubs
DJR-BBByron BuxtonMinnesota Twins
DJR-BLBrandon LoweTampa Bay Rays
DJR-BPBuster PoseySan Francisco Giants
DJR-CBCharlie BlackmonColorado Rockies
DJR-CBECody BellingerLos Angeles Dodgers
DJR-CBICavan BiggioToronto Blue Jays
DJR-CPChris PaddackSan Diego Padres
DJR-CSCorey SeagerLos Angeles Dodgers
DJR-CYChristian YelichMilwaukee Brewers
DJR-DPDustin PedroiaBoston Red Sox
DJR-DSDansby SwansonAtlanta Braves
DJR-EHEric HosmerSan Diego Padres
DJR-FFFreddie FreemanAtlanta Braves
DJR-FTFernando Tatis Jr.San Diego Padres
DJR-GUGio UrshelaNew York Yankees
DJR-HDHunter DozierKansas City Royals
DJR-JAJose AbreuChicago White Sox
DJR-JALJose AltuveHouston Astros
DJR-JBJosh BellPittsburgh Pirates
DJR-JDAJ.D. DavisNew York Mets
DJR-JHJosh HaderMilwaukee Brewers
DJR-JMJeff McNeilNew York Mets
DJR-JPJoc PedersonLos Angeles Dodgers
DJR-JVJustin VerlanderDetroit Tigers
DJR-JVOJoey VottoCincinnati Reds
DJR-KHKe'Bryan HayesPittsburgh PiratesRC
DJR-LCLorenzo CainMilwaukee Brewers
DJR-MBMookie BettsBoston Red Sox
DJR-MBEMookie BettsLos Angeles Dodgers
DJR-MCMichael ConfortoNew York Mets
DJR-MCAMark CanhaOakland Athletics
DJR-MCHMatt ChapmanOakland Athletics
DJR-MGMitch GarverMinnesota Twins
DJR-MIGMiguel CabreraDetroit Tigers
DJR-MMMax MuncyLos Angeles Dodgers
DJR-MMAManny MachadoSan Diego Padres
DJR-MOMatt OlsonOakland Athletics
DJR-MSAMiguel SanoMinnesota Twins
DJR-MSCMax ScherzerWashington Nationals
DJR-MTMike TroutLos Angeles Angels
DJR-NANolan ArenadoColorado Rockies
DJR-NSYNoah SyndergaardNew York Mets
DJR-OAOzzie AlbiesAtlanta Braves
DJR-PAPete AlonsoNew York Mets
DJR-RARonald Acuña Jr.Atlanta Braves
DJR-RDRafael DeversBoston Red Sox
DJR-SDSean DoolittleWashington Nationals
DJR-SSStephen StrasburgWashington Nationals
DJR-TTTrea TurnerWashington Nationals
DJR-WMWil MyersSan Diego Padres
DJR-WSWill SmithLos Angeles Dodgers
DJR-XBXander BogaertsBoston Red Sox
DJR-YMYadier MolinaSt Louis Cardinals
Protectors At The Plate Relic

8 card set.

PPR-ARAnthony RendonLos Angeles Angels
PPR-CCCarlos CorreaHouston Astros
PPR-FTJFernando Tatis Jr.San Diego Padres
PPR-JDJosh DonaldsonMinnesota Twins
PPR-MPMike PiazzaLos Angeles Dodgers
PPR-MTMike TroutLos Angeles Angels
PPR-NHNico HoernerChicago Cubs
PPR-SMSean MurphyOakland Athletics
Definitive Helmet Collection

10 card set.

DHC-ABEAndrew BenintendiBoston Red Sox
DHC-ABOAlec BohmPhiladelphia PhilliesRC
DHC-CBCharlie BlackmonColorado Rockies
DHC-FLFrancisco LindorCleveland Guardians
DHC-JBJosh BellPittsburgh Pirates
DHC-JSOJorge SolerKansas City Royals
DHC-MCMatt ChapmanOakland Athletics
DHC-RHRhys HoskinsPhiladelphia Phillies
DHC-TATim AndersonChicago White Sox
DHC-YMYoan MoncadaChicago White Sox