2021 Topps Star Wars Chrome Legacy Checklist

2021 Topps Star Wars Chrome Legacy

Release Date: October 19, 2021

Celebrating the latest adventures through the Star Wars galaxy on collectible Chrome cards.

See the full checklist here – 2021 Topps Star Wars Chrome Legacy Checklist

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2021 Topps Star Wars Chrome Legacy

Celebrating the latest adventures through the Star Wars galaxy on collectible Chrome cards.

Fans will find cards featuring characters and moments from recent films and television programs.

Each Master Box will contain 2 mini-boxes, each with 6 packs.

Master Boxes are guaranteed to deliver 2 hits, including 1 autograph or sketch card guaranteed.

8 boxes per case. 12 packs per box. 5 cards per pack.

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200 card set.

1Kylo Ren Obtains The Sith WayfinderK
2Kylo Ren Finds Palpatine On ExegolK
3Palpatine Reveals The Final OrderP
4Rey In TrainingR
5Finn And Poe Deliver IntelligenceF
6Lando Calrissian Helps The ResistanceL
7Chewbacca Taken By The First OrderC
8Rey And The Team Travel To KijimiR
9C-3PO's Memory Reveals The WayfinderC
10Rey Learns Who She IsR
11The Team Rescues ChewbaccaT
12The Falcon Flies To Kef BirT
13Rey & Kylo Ren Battle Amongst The WavesR
14Rey Heals Kylo RenR
15Luke Skywalker Tells Rey To Face PalpatineL
16Ben Solo Sees A Memory Of Han SoloB
17The Resistance Prepares To AttackT
18Rey Confronts Her GrandfatherR
19Lando Calrissian Brings ReinforcementsL
20Ben Solo Destroys The Knights Of RenB
21Ben Solo And Rey Take On PalpatineB
22Palpatine Drains Power From Rey And Ben SoloP
23The Fleet Attacked By Force LightningT
24Rey Hears The Voices Of Past JediR
25Rey Deflects The Force LightningR
26Palpatine Is Destroyed By ReyP
27Ben Solo Uses The Force To Revive ReyB
28The Resistance Defeats The Final OrderT
29Rey Buries The Lightsabers On TatooineR
30Rey States Her Name As Rey SkywalkerR
31Director Krennic Finds Galen ErsoD
32Young Jyn Erso Escapes The EmpireY
33Bodhi Rook Flees The EmpireB
34Cassian Learns Of An Imperial DefectorC
35Jyn Erso Meets Mon MothmaJ
36Jyn & Cassian Team With K-2SOJ
37Chirrut & Baze Battle The StormtroopersC
38Saw Gerrera Reveals The Message From Galen ErsoS
39Director Krennic Destroys Jedha CityD
40Grand Moff Tarkin Meets With Director KrennicG
41Bodhi Rook Leads The Team To EaduB
42Jyn Erso Is Too Late To Save Her FatherJ
43Director Krennic Talks With Darth VaderD
44The Mission To Steal The Death Star PlansT
45Rogue One Heads To ScarifR
46Cassian, Jyn & K-2SO Sneak Into The BaseC
47Admiral Raddus Defeats The Star DestroyersA
48Cassian & Jyn Find The SchematicsC
49Director Krennic Ambushes Jyn & CassianD
50Jyn Transmits The Death Star PlansJ
51Tarkin Destroys The Compromised BaseT
52The Rebel Fleet Prepares For HyperspaceT
53Vader's Destroyer Intercepts RebelsV
54Vader Pursues The Stolen PlansV
55Darth Vader Attacks The RebelsD
56Rebels Fight To Hand Off The Stolen PlansR
57A Small Starship Evades Vader's GraspA
58The Plans Are Delivered To Princess LeiaT
59The Rebellion Now Has HopeT
60Han & Qi'ra Run From The White WormsH
61Qi'ra Is Captured During Escape AttemptQ
62Han Escapes, But Vows To ReturnH
63Han Encounters Tobias BeckettH
64Solo Meets Chewbacca In The PitS
65Beckett Teams With Solo & ChewieB
66Beckett & The Team Try To Steal CoaxiumB
67Enfys Nest Ruins The Hijacking PlansE
68Beckett Loses Val & Rio DurantB
69Han & Chewie Vow To Help BeckettH
70Han Finds Qi'ra With Crimson DawnH
71The Team Meets With Dryden VosT
72Han Suggests Kessel Run To Obtain CoaxiumH
73Qi'ra Brings The Team To Lando CalrissianQ
74Han Challenges Lando To SabaccH
75Lando Joins The Mission For A Share Of ProfitsL
76Han Solo Sees The Millennium FalconH
77L3-37 Instigates Revolt On KesselL
78The Team Steals The Coaxium & Flees The EmpireT
79The Millennium Falcon Lands On SavareenT
80Enfys Nest Reveals Her Crew To Be RebelsE
81Han Attempts To Outsmart Dryden VosH
82Beckett Betrays Dryden Vos, Takes ChewieB
83Qi'ra Defeats Dryden VosQ
84Han Goes After BeckettH
85Qi'ra Contacts MaulQ
86Han Defeats BeckettH
87Han Gives The Coaxium To Enfys NestH
88Han Wins The Millennium Falcon From LandoH
89Master Yoda Begins A Secret MissionM
90Yoda Takes On Ventress And Her ArmyY
91The Toydarian People Learn About The JediT
92The Malevolence Wreaks Havoc On The JediT
93The Jedi Take Down The MalevolenceT
94Cad Bane & Aurra Sing Attack Senate BuildingC
95Darth Sidious Hires Cad BaneD
96Cad Bane Goes For The Jedi HolocronC
97Obi-Wan Kenobi Meets With Duchess SatineO
98Ahsoka Tano Stops Aurra Sing On FlorrumA
99Boba Fett & Bossk Are ArrestedB
100Ahsoka Tano Protects Senator AmidalaA
101Cad Bane Breaks Ziro From PrisonC
102Darth Sidious Meets With Count DookuD
103The Jedi Descend On MortisT
104Chewbacca Helps Ahsoka EscapeC
105Krell And Dooku Become AlliesK
106Lux & Ahsoka Tano Escape From VizslaL
107Obi-Wan Kenobi Battles Maul & Savage OpressO
108Anakin Skywalker Contacts Hondo OhnakaA
109Yoda Teaches Younglings On IlumY
110Mandalore Under AttackM
111Order 66 Is ActivatedO
112Ahsoka Tano & Captain Rex Try To Stop MaulA
113Darth Vader Finds Ahsoka Tano's LightsaberD
114Ezra Bridger Joins Ghost Crew In Their GetawayE
115Zeb Orrelios Hijacks A Tie FighterZ
116Ezra Bridger Starts His Jedi TrainingE
117Kanan Jarrus Struggles As A MentorK
118Grand Moff Tarkin Visits LothalG
119Agent Kallus Meets Darth VaderA
120Darth Vader Attacks LothalD
121The Ghost Crew Locates Captain RexT
122Ezra Bridger & Chopper Find Ketsu OnyoE
123Ahsoka Tano Meets With KananA
124Ezra Learns About His ParentsE
125Leia Talks With Ezra & KananL
126Chava Reveals The True Force NamesC
127Ezra Bridger Opens The Sith HolocronE
128Kanan Jarrus Rescues The Ghost CrewK
129Obi-Wan Kenobi Watches A Young Luke SkywalkerO
130Ezra & Sabine Destroy Interdictor-Class CruisersE
131Kanan Jarrus Uses The Force To Control The BlastK
132Sabine Wren & Zeb Orrelios Take On RukhS
133Ahsoka Tano’S Final Battle With Darth VaderA
134The Plan To Liberate LothalT
135The Imperials Are DefeatedT
136The Command Center Is DestroyedT
137The People Of Lothal CelebrateT
138The Ghost Crew Go Their Separate WaysT
139Hera & Rex Remain With The RebelsH
140The Mural Of The Ghost Crew On LothalT
141Mando Meets With Greef KargaM
142Mando Accepts A New MissionM
143Grogu Is Discovered By MandoG
144Kuiil Helps Mando NegotiateK
145Grogu Uses The ForceG
146Mando Hands Over GroguM
147Mando Rescues Grogu From The LabM
148Mando & Grogu Land On TatooineM
149Mando Takes A Job From Ranzar MalkM
150The Team Tries To Capture MandoT
151X-Wings Attack Ranzar Malk's StationX
152Grogu Force Heals Greef KargaG
153Moff Gideon Arrives On NevarroM
154Troops Fire On Mando's CrewT
155Moff Gideon Demands GroguM
156Troopers Take Grogu From KuiilT
157Ig-11 Rescues GroguI
158Mando Is Injured In BattleM
159Ig-11 Removes Mando's HelmetI
160The Armorer Is The Only One LeftT
161Mando Is Told To Bring Grogu To The JediM
162The Team Escapes On A Lava River FerryT
163Troopers Ambush The Tunnel ExitT
164Ig-11 Saves The Team By Self-DestructingI
165Moff Gideon Attacks In A Tie FighterM
166Mando Takes Down The Tie FighterM
167Mando Embarks On A New MissionM
168Moff Gideon Survives The CrashM
169Moff Gideon Ignites The DarksaberM
170Mando And Grogu Fly AwayM
171Mando Meets The MarshalM
172The Krayt Dragon AttacksT
173The Krayt Dragon Slain By MandoT
174The Frog Lady Meets GroguT
175The Razor Crest Is Attacked By SpidersT
176The New Republic Saves The Razor CrestT
177Mando Meets Other MandaloriansM
178Bo-Katan Kryze Offers Mando A JobB
179Mando Lands On NevarroM
180The Imperial Base Is DestroyedT
181Ahsoka Tano Meets GroguA
182Ahsoka & Mando Defeat Morgan ElsbethA
183Grogu's Bond With MandoG
184Ahsoka Gives The Spear To MandoA
185Mando Brings Grogu To TythonM
186Grogu On The Seeing StoneG
187Boba Fett & Fennec Shand ArriveB
188Mando, Fett & Shand Battle TroopersM
189Dark Troopers Take GroguD
190Mayfeld & Mando Work TogetherM
191Pirates Attack The RhydoniumP
192Mando Takes Off His Helmet For The CodeM
193Dr. Pershing Is CapturedD
194Mando Asks For Help On His MissionM
195Crash Landing On Moff Gideon's CruiserC
196Stormtrooper Battle On The BridgeS
197Mando Beats Gideon & The DarksaberM
198Luke Skywalker Destroys The Dark TroopersL
199Grogu Meets Luke Skywalker & R2-D2G
200Mando Says Good-Bye To GroguM
Age of Rebellion Autograph

25 card set.

ARB-ATAlan TudykA
ARB-BDWBilly Dee WilliamsB
ARB-BMBen MendelsohnB
ARB-DCDermot CrowleyD
ARB-DYDonnie YenD
ARB-FJFelicity JonesF
ARB-FWForest WhitakerF
ARB-GEGiancarlo EspositoG
ARB-HFHarrison FordH
ARB-IMIan McDiarmidI
ARB-JBJeremy BullochJ
ARB-JMJohn MortonJ
ARB-KBBen BurttB
ARB-MBMark Boone Jr.M
ARB-MCMichael CarterM
ARB-MMMads MikkelsenM
ARB-MPMichael PenningtonM
ARB-MQMike QuinnM
ARB-NNNick NolteN
ARB-PMPeter MayhewP
ARB-RARiz AhmedR
ARB-RDRosario DawsonR
ARB-TWTaika WaititiT
ARB-WHWerner HerzogW
Age of Resistance Autograph

18 card set.

ARS-ADAdam DriverA
ARS-ASAndy SerkisA
ARS-BDWBilly Dee WilliamsB
ARS-CFCarrie FisherC
ARS-DCDave ChapmanD
ARS-DGDomhnall GleesonD
ARS-DMDominic MonaghanD
ARS-DRDaisy RidleyD
ARS-EEEmun ElliottE
ARS-GCGwendoline ChristieG
ARS-GGGreg GrunbergG
ARS-HFHarrison FordH
ARS-JBJohn BoyegaJ
ARS-KBKenny BakerK
ARS-KLKen LeungK
ARS-MQMike QuinnM
ARS-NANaomi AckieN
ARS-TWTom WiltonT
Dual Autograph

5 card set.

DA-BANaomi AckieN
DA-BAJohn BoyegaJ
DA-FMHarrison FordH
DA-FMPeter MayhewP
DA-FRDaisy RidleyD
DA-FRCarrie FisherC
DA-MJEwan McGregorE
DA-MJSamuel L. JacksonS
DA-RQMike QuinnM
DA-RQDeep RoyD
Age of Republic Autograph

10 card set.

ARP-ABAhmed BestA
ARP-AEAshley EcksteinA
ARP-DLDaniel LoganD
ARP-DTDavid TennantD
ARP-EMEwan McGregorE
ARP-HCHayden ChristensenH
ARP-JATJames Arnold TaylorJ
ARP-LMLewis MacleodL
ARP-RPRon PerlmanR
ARP-SLJSamuel L. JacksonS
Commemorative Ship Medallion

40 card set.

SM-BKTBiggs DarklighterB
SM-BMBaze MalbusB
SM-BRBodhi RookB
SM-CACaptain Cassian AndorC
SM-CIChirrut ÎmweC
SM-DKDirector KrennicD
SM-DVDarth VaderD
SM-DVDDarth VaderD
SM-DVTDarth VaderD
SM-EAXEllo AstyE
SM-GEGalen ErsoG
SM-GVDGeneral VeersG
SM-HSHan SoloH
SM-JEJyn ErsoJ
SM-JPXJess Testor PavaJ
SM-JVTJon Dutch VanderJ
SM-LCLando CalrissianL
SM-LOPrincess Leia OrganaP
SM-LSLuke SkywalkerL
SM-LSTLuke SkywalkerL
SM-LSXLuke SkywalkerL
SM-MTGrand Moff TarkinG
SM-NNXNien NunbN
SM-PDTPoe DameronP
SM-PDXPoe DameronP
SM-SGSaw GerreraS
SM-SWXSnap WexleyS
SM-TIETIE Fighter PilotT
SM-TLXTallie LintraT
SM-WATWedge AntillesW
SM-WAXWedge AntillesW
Wielders of the Lightsaber

20 card set.

WL-1Luke SkywalkerL
WL-2Anakin SkywalkerA
WL-3Darth VaderD
WL-4Darth SidiousD
WL-5Darth MaulD
WL-6Count DookuC
WL-7Kylo RenK
WL-10Ahsoka TanoA
WL-11Kanan JarrusK
WL-12Ezra BridgerE
WL-14Mace WinduM
WL-15Obi-Wan KenobiO
WL-16Qui-Gon JinnQ
WL-17General GrievousG
WL-18Kit FistoK
WL-19The Grand InquisitorT
WL-20Seventh SisterS
Visions Concept Art

15 card set.

SWV-1The DuelT
SWV-2Lop & OchōL
SWV-3Lop & OchōL
SWV-4The DuelT
SWV-5The DuelT
SWV-6The DuelT
SWV-7Tatooine RhapsodyT
SWV-8Tatooine RhapsodyT
SWV-9The Ninth JediT
SWV-10Tatooine RhapsodyT
SWV-11Tatooine RhapsodyT
SWV-12The Ninth JediT
SWV-13Lop & OchōL
SWV-14Tatooine RhapsodyT
Mandalorian Concept Art

15 card set.

MCA-1Doug Chiang, John Park - Season 1, Episode 1D
MCA-2Doug Chiang - Season 1, Episode 2D
MCA-3Brian Matyas - Season 1, Episode 3B
MCA-4Christian Alzmann - Season 1, Episode 4C
MCA-5Christian Alzmann - Season 1, Episode 5C
MCA-6Doug Chiang - Season 2, Episode 1D
MCA-7Brian Matyas - Season 2, Episode 1B
MCA-8Christian Alzmann - Season 2, Episode 2C
MCA-9Brian Matyas - Season 2, Episode 3B
MCA-10Ryan Church - Season 2, Episode 4R
MCA-11Christian Alzmann - Season 2, Episode 5C
MCA-12Christian Alzmann - Season 2, Episode 5C
MCA-13Ryan Church - Season 2, Episode 6R
MCA-14Christian Alzmann - Season 2, Episode 6C
MCA-15Brian Matyas - Season 2, Episode 7B
Sketch Artist

1 card set.

NNLindsey GreylingL
NNRJ TomascikR
NNPatrick GilesP
NNPaul MaitlandP
NNPaul ShiersP
NNPhillip TrujilloP
NNRees FinlayR
NNRich HennemannR
NNRich MolinelliR
NNRob TeranishiR
NNOscar ChavezO
NNRobert GarciaR
NNRobert HendricksonR
NNRodney RobertsR
NNRutvig VaidR
NNRyan FinleyR
NNRyan SantosR
NNSammy GomezS
NNScott RobinsonS
NNPatricio CarrascoP
NNNorviento BasioN
NNSeth GrovesS
NNMatthew SuttonM
NNMaggie RansomM
NNMarcia DyeM
NNMark NecchiM
NNMarlo AgunosM
NNMarsha ParkinsM
NNMatt StewartM
NNMatthew HironsM
NNMayumi SetoM
NNNick GribbonN
NNMichael MastermakerM
NNMichael MunshawM
NNMichelle RaynerM
NNMick and Matt GlebeM
NNMike StephensM
NNMohammad JilaniM
NNNeil CameraN
NNNick AllsoppN
NNSemra BulutS
NNShaow SiongS
NNLucas PeverillL
NNSolly MohamedS
NNWard SilvermanW
NNSteve AlceS
NNThomas AmiciT
NNTim ShinnT
NNTina BerardiT
NNTrent WestbrookT
NNVeronica SmithV
NNVincenzo D'IppolitoV
NNWayne TullyW
NNZach WoolseyZ
NNMadison EmerickM
NNAdam BeckA
NNKursat CetinerK
NNJake MinorJ
NNJason QueenJ
NNJason MontoyaJ
NNJason DaviesJ
NNJason AdamsJ
NNJamie RichardsJ
NNJamie MurdockJ
NNJamie CosleyJ
NNIngrid HardyI
NNJay ManchandJ
NNHuy TruongH
NNGorkem DemirG
NNGerard Garcia Jr.G
NNGavin WilliamsG
NNGarrett DixG
NNGabe FarberG
NNLogan MonetteL
NNFrank KaderF
NNJason SobolJ
NNJeff AbarJ
NNErik MaellE
NNJoshua Caleb KingJ
NNKevin P. WestK
NNKevin GrahamK
NNKevin ClevelandK
NNKelly BaberK
NNKeith FarnumK
NNKarl JonesK
NNJude GallagherJ
NNJonty GatesJ
NNJerold BahrJ
NNJonathan BeistlineJ
NNJohn PleakJ
NNJohn BruceJ
NNJoe CorroneyJ
NNJim MehslingJ
NNJim DicksonJ
NNJessica HickmanJ
NNFrancisco RiveraF
NNEric LehtonenE
NNAdam WortonA
NNAntni EllisonA
NNBobby BlakeyB
NNBob StevlicB
NNBenjamin LombartB
NNBaşak ÇetinkayaB
NNBarry RenshawB
NNAshley MarshA
NNAshlee BrienzoA
NNAnil SharmaA
NNBrandon BlevinsB
NNAngelina BenedettiA
NNAngel AvilesA
NNAndrew SanchezA
NNAndrew PerkinsA
NNAndrew FryA
NNAllen GrimesA
NNAlexander ConnellA
NNAlex MinesA
NNBrad HudsonB
NNBrent RaglandB
NNDwayne CarpenterD
NNDan TearleD
NNDon Pedicini Jr.D
NNDean DrummondD
NNDawn MurphyD
NNDave FowlerD
NNDarrin PepeD
NNDarren JamesD
NNDaniel RiveronD
NNDan LawlerD
NNBrent ScotchmerB
NNDan GormanD
NNCyrus SherkatC
NNChris KayC
NNChris ColyerC
NNCarolyn CraggsC
NNCarlos CabaleiroC
NNCandice DaileyC
NNBrett FarrB
NNFrank SansoneF