2021 Topps Stars Wars Battle Plans Checklist

2021 Topps Stars Wars Battle Plans

Release Date: September 15, 2021

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2021 Topps Star Wars Battle Plans

Each Box contains One Autograph or Sketch Card!

Choose your allegiance and explore the most iconic battles in the galaxy with Star Wars Battle Plans.

Star Wars Battle Plans features 10 epic battles across 100 base cards, 3 collectible inserts, autographs, and sketch cards! One autograph guaranteed per Hobby box, plus an additional hit, including sketch cards, sourced fabric relic cards, or printing plates.



100 Base Cards commemorating ten iconic battles that turned the tides of galactic conflict.


– Foilboard: 1 per pack unless replaced by below
– Blue: 1:4 Packs
– Green: #’d to 99
– Orange: #’d to 50
– Purple: #’d to 25
– Black: #’d to 5
– Red: #’d 1-of-1
– Printing Plates: 4 colors, #’d 1-of-1


Galactic Adversaries: Iconic figures from both sides of the conflict.

Tools of Warfare: Weapons and Ships which were key to victory.

Ultimate Showdowns: Memorable Lightsaber duels


– Green: #’d to 99
– Orange: #’d to 50
– Purple: #’d to 25
– Black: #’d to 5
– Red: #’d 1-of-1


2021 Star Wars Battle Plans features 1 autograph guaranteed per Hobby box, plus 1 additional hit per box.

Autograph Cards: Characters from across the Star Wars saga are featured.

– Blue: #’d to 149
– Green: #’d to 99
– Orange: #’d to 50
– Purple: #’d to 25
– Black: #’d to 5
– Red: #’d 1-of-1
– Printing Plates: 4 colors, #’d 1-of-1

Dual Autographs: numbered to 25 or less with parallels

Triple Autographs: numbered to 10 or less with parallels

Sketch Cards

Panoramic Sketch Cards

Sourced Fabric Relic Cards

– Green: #’d to 99
– Orange: #’d to 50
– Purple: #’d to 25
– Black: #’d to 5
– Red: #’d 1-of-1

24 Packs Per Box, 8 Cards Per Pack

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100 card set.

1Gungans Prepare for BattleG
2The Queen & Her Team Sneak Into the PalaceT
3Viceroy Gunray Gives OrdersV
4Starfighter Pilots Are FreedS
5Qui-Gon & Obi-Wan Fight Darth MaulQ
6Gungans & Battle Droids EngageG
7Queen Amidala Captures the ViceroyQ
8Anakin Destroys the Trade Federation ShipA
9Gungans Celebrate the VictoryG
10Obi-Wan Defeats Darth MaulO
11Creatures Fight Anakin, Padmé & Obi-WanC
12Jedi Reinforcements Arrive in the ArenaJ
13Battle Droids & Jedi Face Off in the ArenaB
14Jango Fett Takes on Master WinduJ
15Boba Fett Holds His Father's HelmetB
16The Secret Weapon Is RevealedT
17Count Dooku Takes on Obi-WanC
18Dooku Battles AnakinD
19Yoda & Dooku Battle with the ForceY
20Dooku & Yoda Test Lightsaber ProwessD
21Republic & Separatist Fleets CollideR
22Droids Swarm the Jedi StarfightersD
23The Jedi Surge Into the HangarT
24R2-D2 Locates PalpatineR
25The Jedi Change Their PlansT
26The Jedi Find PalpatineT
27Skywalker Gets Revenge on DookuS
28The Jedi & Palpatine Meet GrievousT
29Grievous EscapesG
30The Jedi Brace for a Harsh LandingT
31The Republic Descends on MandaloreT
32Bo-Katan Kryze'S Warriors Fight the EnemyB
33Ahsoka Tano Fights Off Super CommandosA
34The Republic Enters SundariT
35Almec Is Subdued by Bo-Katan KryzeA
36Maul Greets Ahsoka TanoM
37Rex, Ahsoka & Bo-Katan Meet Obi-WanR
38Maul Talks to the Syndicate LeadersM
39Ahsoka & Maul Test Lightsaber SkillsA
40Ahsoka Stops Maul from EscapingA
41Clones And Wookiees Discuss their PlansC
42The Droid Army Invades the PlanetT
43Wookiees Defend the CityW
44The Battle on the Beach Rages OnT
45Wookiees Fly in with MinesW
46Assault Vehicles Clash On LandA
47Yoda Feels A Disturbance In the ForceY
48Clone Troopers Try to Turn on YodaC
49Tarfful & Chewbacca Help Yoda EscapeT
50Yoda Says Goodbye To the WookieesY
51Rebel Marines Set Off ExplosivesR
52Jyn & Cassian Sneak Into the Citadel TowerJ
53K-2So Fights Off the StormtroopersK
54AT-ACTs Engage the Rebel FleetA
55X-Wings & U-Wings Arrive Just in TimeX
56Director Krennic Issues OrdersD
57Jyn and Cassian Return Fire At KrennicJ
58Jyn and Cassian Transmit the PlansJ
59Darth Vader Tries to Recover the PlansD
60Leia Organa Receives the Death Star PlansL
61General Dodonna Gives a BriefingG
62Luke & R2-D2 Prepare to Take OffL
63X-Wings And Y-Wings Head Into BattleX
64Tie Fighters Engage the Rebel FleetT
65Princess Leia Observes the BattleP
66Darth Vader Joins the BattleD
67Grand Moff Tarkin Looks OnG
68Luke & Wedge Fly into the TrenchL
69The Falcon Shoots Down the TIE FightersT
70Luke Skywalker Blows Up the Death StarL
71AT-AT Walkers Spotted By the RebelsA
72T-47 Airspeeders Are DeployedT
73Rogue Squadron Takes on the EmpireR
74Tow Cables Take Down an AT-AT WalkerT
75Luke Uses A Hoist Cable to Bring Down An AT-ATL
76The Rebels Are Forced to RetreatT
77The Base Is Infiltrated by SnowtroopersT
78Han And His Group Head to the FalconH
79The Millennium Falcon Struggles to LeaveT
80Darth Vader Arrives as the Falcon FleesD
81The Rebel Alliance Fleet Is DeployedT
82The Imperial Navy Lies in Wait for the Rebel FleetT
83Admiral Ackbar Realizes the TrapA
84An Ewok Steals a SpeederA
85The Rebel Strike Team Is CapturedT
86Ewoks Ambush StormtroopersE
87AT-ST Walkers Attack the Scrappy EwoksA
88Lando Leads the Fleet Against the EmpireL
89Luke And Vader Clash with LightsabersL
90Vader Defeats the EmperorV
91Han Solo & the Team Sneak Onto the BaseH
92Han & Chewie Begin Planting ExplosivesH
93Han Solo Confronts Kylo RenH
94Poe Dameron Leads the Aerial AssaultP
95The Resistance Engages with TIE FightersT
96Kylo Ren Encounters Finn And ReyK
97Finn Battles Kylo RenF
98Rey Uses the Force To Defeat Kylo RenR
99Snoke Is Disappointed in General HuxS
100Starkiller Base EruptsS

55 card set.

A-ABAhmed BestA
A-ADAdam DriverA
A-AEAshley EcksteinA
A-AHAlan HarrisA
A-AMAngus MacInnesA
A-ASAndy SerkisA
A-ATAlan TudykA
A-BHBrian HerringB
A-BMBen MendelsohnB
A-BWBilly Dee WilliamsB
A-CEChris EdgerlyC
A-CLCharlotte LouiseC
A-COCandice OrwellC
A-DADavid AnkrumD
A-DBDee Bradley BakerD
A-DCDermot CrowleyD
A-DGDomhnall GleesonD
A-DMDominic MonaghanD
A-DRDaisy RidleyD
A-DYDonnie YenD
A-EDAdrian EdmondsonA
A-EMEwan McGregorE
A-FJFelicity JonesF
A-FPFreddie Prinze Jr.F
A-FWForest WhitakerF
A-GCGwendoline ChristieG
A-GHGerald HomeG
A-HCHayden ChristensenH
A-HFHarrison FordH
A-IMIan McDiarmidI
A-JAJeremy BullochJ
A-JBJohn BoyegaJ
A-JGJanina GavankarJ
A-JKJaime KingJ
A-JMJohn MortonJ
A-KBKenny BakerK
A-KTKelly Marie TranK
A-LDLaura DernL
A-LLLex LangL
A-MCMichaela CottrellM
A-MJMark Lewis JonesM
A-MLMatt LanterM
A-MMMary Elizabeth McGlynnM
A-NANaomi AckieN
A-NFNika FuttermanN
A-ODOliver Ford DaviesO
A-PMPeter MayhewP
A-RARiz AhmedR
A-RORena OwenR
A-RPRay ParkR
A-SJSamuel L. JacksonS
A-TGTaylor GrayT
A-TMTemuera MorrisonT
A-TRTim RoseT
A-WDWarwick DavisW
Dual Autograph

10 card set.

DA-BHJohn BoyegaJ
DA-BHBrian HerringB
DA-CBJohn BoyegaJ
DA-CBGwendoline ChristieG
DA-ELMatt LanterM
DA-ELAshley EcksteinA
DA-GPTaylor GrayT
DA-GPEzra BridgerE
DA-JMTemuera MorrisonT
DA-JMSamuel L. JacksonS
DA-MANaomi AckieN
DA-MADominic MonaghanD
DA-MCEwan McGregorE
DA-MCHayden ChristensenH
DA-MPIan McDiarmidI
DA-MPRay ParkR
DA-TLMatt LanterM
DA-TLJames Taylor ArnoldJ
DA-WJForest WhitakerF
DA-WJFelicity JonesF
Triple Autograph

5 card set.

TA-FDTLaura DernL
TA-FDTCarrie FisherC
TA-FDTBillie LourdB
TA-LERMatt LanterM
TA-LERAshley EcksteinA
TA-LERJames Taylor ArnoldJ
TA-MBBEwan McGregorE
TA-MBBTemuera MorrisonT
TA-MBBDaniel LoganD
TA-RDSAndy SerkisA
TA-RDSAdam DriverA
TA-RDSDaisy RidleyD
TA-TYAAlan TudykA
TA-TYARiz AhmedR
TA-TYADonnie YenD
Sourced Fabric Relic

20 card set.

FR-BKTobias BeckettT
FR-BRBodhi RookB
FR-BTTobias BeckettT
FR-DVDryden VosD
FR-ENEnfys NestE
FR-GEGalen ErsoG
FR-GHGeneral HuxG
FR-GMGeneral MerrickG
FR-JEJyn ErsoJ
FR-LLuke SkywalkerL
FR-LCLando CalrissianL
FR-LSLuke SkywalkerL
FR-PPoe DameronP
FR-PDPoe DameronP
FR-RTRose TicoR
Galactic Adversaries

30 card set.

GA-1Princess Leia OrganaP
GA-2Luke SkywalkerL
GA-3Han SoloH
GA-7Jyn ErsoJ
GA-8Captain Cassian AndorC
GA-10Mace WinduM
GA-11Qui-Gon JinnQ
GA-12Obi-Wan KenobiO
GA-14Poe DameronP
GA-16Darth VaderD
GA-17Kylo RenK
GA-18Emperor PalpatineE
GA-19Supreme Leader SnokeS
GA-20Boba FettB
GA-21Grand Moff TarkinG
GA-22Count DookuC
GA-23General GrievousG
GA-24Director KrennicD
GA-26Captain PhasmaC
GA-27General HuxG
GA-28Jabba the HuttJ
GA-29Asajj VentressA
GA-30Aurra SingA
Manufactured Helmet Medallion

30 card set.

HM-AVAnakin SkywalkerA
HM-CPVEmperor PalpatineE
HM-DATDak RalterD
HM-HSHan SoloH
HM-KVKylo RenK
HM-LATLuke SkywalkerL
HM-LSLuke SkywalkerL
HM-LSTPrincess Leia OrganaP
HM-LVLuke SkywalkerL
HM-MSTLuke SkywalkerL
HM-OATPrincess Leia OrganaP
HM-OVObi-Wan KenobiO
HM-PLSPrincess Leia OrganaP
HM-PLVPrincess Leia OrganaP
HM-PVPadmé AmidalaP
HM-SSTScout TrooperS
HM-TIETie Fighter PilotT
HM-VATGeneral VeersG
HM-VSDarth VaderD
HM-VTDarth VaderD
HM-VVDarth VaderD
HM-WSTWicket W. WarrickW
Ultimate Showdowns

10 card set.

US-1Luke Skywalker vs. Darth VaderL
US-2Qui-Gon Jinn & Obi-Wan Kenobi vs. Darth MaulQ
US-3Anakin Skywalker vs. Obi-Wan KenobiA
US-4Luke Skywalker vs. Darth VaderL
US-5Darth Vader vs. Obi-Wan KenobiD
US-6Rey vs. Kylo RenR
US-7Mace Windu vs. Chancellor PalpatineM
US-8Yoda vs. Emperor PalpatineY
US-9Obi-Wan Kenobi vs. General GrievousO
US-10Kylo Ren & Rey vs. Praetorian GuardsK
Tools of Warfare

10 card set.

TW-1Starkiller BaseS
TW-2Death Star SuperlaserD
TW-3Ion CannonI
TW-5The ForceT
TW-6Z-6 JetpackZ
TW-8Blaster PistolB
TW-9Thermal DetonatorT
TW-10EE-3 Carbine RifleE