2022-23 Upper Deck Trilogy Hockey Checklist

2022-23 Upper Deck Trilogy Hockey

Release Date: May 25, 2023

2022-23 Upper Deck Trilogy Hockey sports a unique 250-card base set which features three versions of the rookie cards!

See the full checklist here – 2022-23 Upper Deck Trilogy Hockey Checklist

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2022-23 Upper Deck Trilogy Hockey

2022-23 Upper Deck Trilogy Hockey sports a unique 250-card base set which features three versions of the rookie cards! Here’s how it breaks down:

  • Veterans (1-100) | Common Rookies (101-150) | Uncommon Rookies (151-200) | Rare Rookies (201-250)
  • The serially-#’d rookie subsets each feature the same top 50 rookies but with different designs and different levels of rarity.
  • There is a variety of serially-#’d autograph and/or memorabilia parallels of the base set, highlighted by the highly-collectible Purple Auto (select Veterans), Patch & Patch Auto (select Veterans), Gold Auto (all Rookies), Patch (Uncommon Rookies) and Tag (Rare Rookies) parallels

2022-23 Upper Deck Trilogy Hockey

VETERANS Patch Auto Parallel    COMMON ROOKIES Gold Auto Parallel
2022-23 Upper Deck Trilogy Hockey - VETERANS Patch Auto Parallel, Igor Shesterkin 2022-23 Upper Deck Trilogy Hockey - COMMON ROOKIES Gold Auto Parallel, Lukas Dostal








Green Parallel
UNCOMMON ROOKIES Green Parallel, Matt BoldyRARE ROOKIES Tag Parallel, Matt Beniers





ROOKIE RENDITIONS Pink ParallelROOKIE RENDITIONS Pink Parallel, Kent Johnson

The popular Rookie Renditions insert, featuring top rookies, is back! In addition to the regular set, collect a wide variety of stellar parallels, headlined by the low-#’d Green, Pink, Auto, Gold Auto, Patch Auto and Purple Patch Auto parallels!





TRILOGY GENERATIONS Purple Patch Auto ParallelTRILOGY GENERATIONS Purple Patch Auto Parallel, Gabriel Landeskog

The 2022-23 edition features the revival of couple classic Trilogy inserts, including Trilogy Generations! Each card sports a past, present or prospective superstar.

There is a bevy of incredible parallels to collect, highlighted by the low-#’d Pink, Jersey, Gold Auto, Patch Auto and

Purple Patch Auto parallels.



ROOKIE TRIPTYCHS2022-23 Upper Deck Trilogy Hockey - ROOKIE TRIPTYCHS, Owen Powers

The rare 140-pt. Rookie Triptychs cards – featuring three different images of each top rookie on the checklist – will be a valuable addition to any collection!




This year’s edition is loaded with plexi inserts, including four that are hard-signed:

New! 2005-06 Rookie Premier Retro: Each low-#’d card features a top rookie on the 2005-06 Rookie Premier Basketball design.

AutoFocus: This classic insert features hard-signed autographs from star and superstar veterans.
2022-23 Upper Deck Trilogy Hockey - AUTOFOCUS, Nick Suzuki

AutoFocus Rookies: Lucky collectors will find one of these super rare hard-signed gems featuring a marquee rookie.

Crystalized Signatures: These stunning cards boast a hard-signed autograph from a young star or veteran superstar.

New! Frozen in Time: The return of a classic Trilogy insert featuring vets and legends. Keep an eye out for low-#’d Frost Blue and Black Ice parallels.
FROZEN IN TIME, Black Ice Parallel, Connor McDavid

New! Rookie Premier: A serially-#’d plexi version of the Base Set Common Rookies. There are also low-#’d Gold Tint and Black Ice parallels.

Scripted Hall of Fame Plaques: We’re adding five new legendary players to this low-#’d hard-signed living set!

TRIPLE RELICS Tier 12022-23 Upper Deck Trilogy Hockey - TRIPLE RELICS Tier 1

Coveted Triple-Mem Cards!

The coveted triple-mem cards are back as well. The thick Honorary Triple Swatches (single player, three unique premium game-worn mem pieces) and Triple Relics (three players, one premium game-worn mem swatch per player) cards are low-#’d and the checklist for each includes rookies, stars and legends.


SIGNATURE PUCKSTOPPERS Team Logo ParallelSIGNATURE PUCKSTOPPERS Team Logo Parallel, Andrei Vasilevskiy

Hard-Signed Puck Cards!

Trilogy is known for its Signature Pucks cards and this year’s edition continues that tradition with four intriguing sets: Signature Pucks (veterans, including superstars), Rookie Signature Pucks (‘22-’23 rookies), 2021 Update Rookie Signature Pucks (‘21-’22 rookies) and the all-new Signature Puckstoppers (star veteran & legendary goalies).

Each card sports a manufactured puck accompanied by a hard-signed autograph. In addition to the regular sets, collectors can hunt for low-#’d Team Logo and NHL Shield Logo parallels!


  • 4 Cards per Pack
  • 6 Packs per Box
  • 20 Boxes per Case

BOX BREAK (on average)

  • 3 Rookie Renditions and/or Trilogy Generations Cards
  • 3 #’d Parallel Cards
  • 3 #’d Base Set Rookies Cards (Common, Uncommon, Rare)
  • 1 Autograph Card
  • 1 Memorabilia Card
  • 1 Plexi, Low-#’d Parallel (99 or less), Rookie Year Photo Variant or Rookie Triptychs Card



Since its debut in 2020-21, the Dazzlers insert – a brightly-colored collection of popped-out, full-bodied players – has been a big hit.

Collect both the Blue (one per box, on average) and Pink versions of the next 50 cards of the 2022-23 set, which feature only rookies! There are also printing plates of the Blue Dazzlers.

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Anaheim Ducks
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseBrayden TraceyBase Set - Common Rookie137RC
BaseBrayden TraceyBase Set - Uncommon Rookie187RC
BaseBrayden TraceyBase Set - Rare Rookie237RC
BaseJacob PerreaultBase Set - Common Rookie132RC
BaseJacob PerreaultBase Set - Uncommon Rookie182RC
BaseJacob PerreaultBase Set - Rare Rookie232RC
BaseJamie DrysdaleBase Set8
BaseLukas DostalBase Set - Common Rookie115RC
BaseLukas DostalBase Set - Uncommon Rookie165RC
BaseLukas DostalBase Set - Rare Rookie215RC
BaseTrevor ZegrasBase Set46
BaseTroy TerryBase Set14
InsertBrayden Tracey2005-06 Rookie Premieres Tribute05-BTRC
InsertBrayden TraceyRookie PremierRP-BTRC
InsertBrayden TraceyRookie RenditionsRR-10RC
InsertBrayden TraceyRookie TriptychsRT-BTRC
InsertJacob Perreault2005-06 Rookie Premieres Tribute05-JPRC
InsertJacob PerreaultRookie PremierRP-JPRC
InsertJacob PerreaultRookie RenditionsRR-18RC
InsertJacob PerreaultRookie TriptychsRT-JPRC
InsertJohn GibsonGenerationsTG-9B
InsertLukas DostalRookie RenditionsRR-21RC
InsertTeemu SelanneGenerationsTG-9A
InsertTrevor ZegrasGenerationsTG-9C
RelicBrayden TraceyBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Common Rookie Jersey137RC
RelicBrayden TraceyBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Uncommon Rookie Patch187RC
RelicBrayden TraceyBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Rare Rookie Tag237RC
RelicBrayden TraceyRookie Renditions Jersey ParallelRR-10RC
RelicJacob PerreaultBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Common Rookie Jersey132RC
RelicJacob PerreaultBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Uncommon Rookie Patch182RC
RelicJacob PerreaultBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Rare Rookie Tag232RC
RelicJacob PerreaultRookie Renditions Jersey ParallelRR-18RC
RelicJamie DrysdaleOrange Foil Jersey Parallel8
RelicJohn GibsonGenerations Jersey ParallelTG-9B
RelicJohn GibsonTriple RelicsTR-GTZ
RelicLukas DostalBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Common Rookie Jersey115RC
RelicLukas DostalBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Uncommon Rookie Patch165RC
RelicLukas DostalBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Rare Rookie Tag215RC
RelicLukas DostalRookie Renditions Jersey ParallelRR-21RC
RelicTeemu SelanneGenerations Jersey ParallelTG-9A
RelicTrevor ZegrasOrange Foil Jersey Parallel46
RelicTrevor ZegrasGenerations Jersey ParallelTG-9C
RelicTrevor ZegrasGenerations Patch ParallelTG-9C
RelicTrevor ZegrasTriple RelicsTR-BSZ
RelicTrevor ZegrasTriple RelicsTR-GTZ
RelicTroy TerryOrange Foil Jersey Parallel14
RelicTroy TerryTriple RelicsTR-GTZ
AutoBrayden TraceyPurple Parallel - Common Rookie Auto137RC
AutoBrayden TraceyGold Auto Parallel - Common Rookie137RC
AutoBrayden TraceyGold Auto Parallel - Uncommon Rookie187RC
AutoBrayden TraceyGold Auto Parallel - Rare Rookie237RC
AutoBrayden TraceyRookie Renditions Auto ParallelRR-10RC
AutoBrayden TraceyRookie Renditions Patch Parallel - AutoRR-10RC
AutoBrayden TraceyRookie Signature PucksRSP-BTRC - No NHL Shield
AutoJacob PerreaultPurple Parallel - Common Rookie Auto132RC
AutoJacob PerreaultGold Auto Parallel - Common Rookie132RC
AutoJacob PerreaultGold Auto Parallel - Uncommon Rookie182RC
AutoJacob PerreaultGold Auto Parallel - Rare Rookie232RC
AutoJacob PerreaultRookie Renditions Auto ParallelRR-18RC
AutoJacob PerreaultRookie Renditions Patch Parallel - AutoRR-18RC
AutoJacob PerreaultRookie Signature PucksRSP-JPRC
AutoJamie DrysdalePurple Parallel - Auto8
AutoJamie DrysdaleGold Auto Parallel8
AutoJamie DrysdaleBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Patch Auto8
AutoLukas DostalPurple Parallel - Common Rookie Auto115RC
AutoLukas DostalGold Auto Parallel - Common Rookie115RC
AutoLukas DostalGold Auto Parallel - Uncommon Rookie165RC
AutoLukas DostalGold Auto Parallel - Rare Rookie215RC
AutoLukas DostalRookie Renditions Auto ParallelRR-21RC
AutoLukas DostalRookie Renditions Patch Parallel - AutoRR-21RC
AutoLukas DostalRookie Signature PucksRSP-LDRC
AutoSaku KoivuSignature PucksSP-SK
AutoTeemu SelanneGenerations Auto ParallelTG-9A
AutoTeemu SelanneGenerations Patch Parallel - AutoTG-9AOnly Purple
AutoTrevor ZegrasPurple Parallel - Auto46
AutoTrevor ZegrasGold Auto Parallel46
AutoTrevor Zegras2021-22 Update Rookie Signature Pucks21 SP-TZ
AutoTrevor Zegras2021-22 Update Rookie Signature Pucks21 SP-TZTeam Logo Parallel
AutoTrevor Zegras2021-22 Update Rookie Signature Pucks21 SP-TZNHL Shield Logo Parallel
AutoTrevor ZegrasGenerations Auto ParallelTG-9C
AutoTroy TerrySignature PucksSP-TENo Team Logo
Arizona Coyotes
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseBokondji ImamaBase Set - Common Rookie122RC
BaseBokondji ImamaBase Set - Uncommon Rookie172RC
BaseBokondji ImamaBase Set - Rare Rookie222RC
BaseClayton KellerBase Set17
BaseDylan GuentherBase Set - Common Rookie139RC
BaseDylan GuentherBase Set - Uncommon Rookie189RC
BaseDylan GuentherBase Set - Rare Rookie239RC
BaseJack McBainBase Set - Common Rookie114RC
BaseJack McBainBase Set - Uncommon Rookie164RC
BaseJack McBainBase Set - Rare Rookie214RC
BaseMatias MaccelliBase Set - Common Rookie112RC
BaseMatias MaccelliBase Set - Uncommon Rookie162RC
BaseMatias MaccelliBase Set - Rare Rookie212RC
BaseNathan SmithBase Set - Common Rookie101RC
BaseNathan SmithBase Set - Uncommon Rookie151RC
BaseNathan SmithBase Set - Rare Rookie201RC
BaseNick SchmaltzBase Set27
BaseVladislav KolyachonokBase Set - Common Rookie128RC
BaseVladislav KolyachonokBase Set - Uncommon Rookie178RC
BaseVladislav KolyachonokBase Set - Rare Rookie228RC
InsertBokondji ImamaRookie PremierRP-BIRC
InsertDylan Guenther2005-06 Rookie Premieres Tribute05-DGRC
InsertDylan GuentherRookie PremierRP-DGRC
InsertDylan GuentherRookie RenditionsRR-8RC
InsertDylan GuentherRookie TriptychsRT-DGRC
InsertJack McBainRookie RenditionsRR-30RC
InsertMatias MaccelliRookie RenditionsRR-15RC
InsertNathan SmithRookie RenditionsRR-6RC
InsertVladislav KolyachonokRookie PremierRP-VKRC
RelicClayton KellerOrange Foil Jersey Parallel17
RelicDylan GuentherBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Common Rookie Jersey139RC
RelicDylan GuentherBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Uncommon Rookie Patch189RC
RelicDylan GuentherBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Rare Rookie Tag239RC
RelicDylan GuentherRookie Renditions Jersey ParallelRR-8RC
RelicJack McBainBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Common Rookie Jersey114RC
RelicJack McBainBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Rare Rookie Tag214RC
RelicMatias MaccelliBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Common Rookie Jersey112RC
RelicMatias MaccelliBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Uncommon Rookie Patch162RC
RelicMatias MaccelliBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Rare Rookie Tag212RC
RelicMatias MaccelliRookie Renditions Jersey ParallelRR-15RC
RelicNathan SmithBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Common Rookie Jersey101RC
RelicNathan SmithBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Uncommon Rookie Patch151RC
RelicNathan SmithBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Rare Rookie Tag201RC
RelicNathan SmithRookie Renditions Jersey ParallelRR-6RC
RelicNathan SmithRookie Renditions Patch ParallelRR-6RC - No Purple
RelicNick SchmaltzOrange Foil Jersey Parallel27
RelicVladislav KolyachonokBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Common Rookie Jersey128RC
RelicVladislav KolyachonokBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Uncommon Rookie Patch178RC
RelicVladislav KolyachonokBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Rare Rookie Tag228RC
AutoDylan GuentherGold Auto Parallel - Common Rookie139RC
AutoDylan GuentherGold Auto Parallel - Uncommon Rookie189RC
AutoDylan GuentherGold Auto Parallel - Rare Rookie239RC
AutoDylan GuentherRookie Renditions Auto ParallelRR-8RC
AutoDylan GuentherRookie Renditions Patch Parallel - AutoRR-8RC - No Purple
AutoDylan GuentherRookie Signature PucksRSP-DGRC - No Team Logo
AutoJack McBainPurple Parallel - Common Rookie Auto114RC
AutoJack McBainGold Auto Parallel - Common Rookie114RC
AutoJack McBainGold Auto Parallel - Uncommon Rookie164RC
AutoJack McBainGold Auto Parallel - Rare Rookie214RC
AutoJack McBainRookie Renditions Auto ParallelRR-30RC
AutoJanis MoserSignature PucksSP-MONo Team Logo
AutoMatias MaccelliGold Auto Parallel - Common Rookie112RC
AutoMatias MaccelliGold Auto Parallel - Uncommon Rookie162RC
AutoMatias MaccelliGold Auto Parallel - Rare Rookie212RC
AutoMatias MaccelliRookie Renditions Auto ParallelRR-15RC
AutoMatias MaccelliRookie Renditions Patch Parallel - AutoRR-15RC - No Purple
AutoNathan SmithPurple Parallel - Common Rookie Auto101RC
AutoNathan SmithGold Auto Parallel - Common Rookie101RC
AutoNathan SmithGold Auto Parallel - Uncommon Rookie151RC
AutoNathan SmithGold Auto Parallel - Rare Rookie201RC
AutoNathan SmithRookie Renditions Auto ParallelRR-6RC
AutoNick SchmaltzPurple Parallel - Auto27
AutoNick SchmaltzGold Auto Parallel27
AutoNick SchmaltzBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Patch Auto27
AutoVladislav KolyachonokPurple Parallel - Common Rookie Auto128RC
AutoVladislav KolyachonokGold Auto Parallel - Common Rookie128RC
AutoVladislav KolyachonokGold Auto Parallel - Uncommon Rookie178RC
AutoVladislav KolyachonokGold Auto Parallel - Rare Rookie228RC
Boston Bruins
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseBrad MarchandBase Set43
BaseDavid PastrnakBase Set77
BaseMarc McLaughlinBase Set - Common Rookie105RC
BaseMarc McLaughlinBase Set - Uncommon Rookie155RC
BaseMarc McLaughlinBase Set - Rare Rookie205RC
BasePatrice BergeronBase Set66
BaseTaylor HallBase Set67
InsertBobby OrrFrozen in TimeFT-BO
InsertBrad MarchandPurple Parallel43
InsertCam NeelyGenerationsTG-2A
InsertDavid PastrnakPurple Parallel77
InsertDavid PastrnakFrozen in TimeFT-DP
InsertJeremy SwaymanGenerationsTG-2C
InsertMarc McLaughlinRookie RenditionsRR-29RC
InsertPatrice BergeronRookie Year Photo Variants66
InsertPatrice BergeronPurple Parallel66
InsertTaylor HallGenerationsTG-2B
RelicBrad MarchandOrange Foil Jersey Parallel43
RelicBrad MarchandBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Patch43
RelicBrad MarchandTriple RelicsTR-BMP
RelicDavid PastrnakOrange Foil Jersey Parallel77
RelicDavid PastrnakBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Patch77
RelicDavid PastrnakTriple RelicsTR-BMP
RelicJeremy SwaymanGenerations Jersey ParallelTG-2C
RelicPatrice BergeronOrange Foil Jersey Parallel66
RelicPatrice BergeronBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Patch66
RelicPatrice BergeronTriple RelicsTR-BMP
RelicPhil EspositoHonorary Triple SwatchesHTS-PE
RelicTaylor HallOrange Foil Jersey Parallel67
RelicTaylor HallGenerations Jersey ParallelTG-2B
AutoBrad MarchandGold Auto Parallel43
AutoBrad MarchandAutoFocusAF-BM
AutoCam NeelyGenerations Auto ParallelTG-2A
AutoJeremy Swayman2021-22 Update Rookie Signature Pucks21 SP-JS
AutoJeremy Swayman2021-22 Update Rookie Signature Pucks21 SP-JSTeam Logo Parallel
AutoJeremy Swayman2021-22 Update Rookie Signature Pucks21 SP-JSNHL Shield Logo Parallel
AutoJeremy SwaymanGenerations Auto ParallelTG-2C
AutoJeremy SwaymanGenerations Patch Parallel - AutoTG-2C
AutoMarc McLaughlinGold Auto Parallel - Common Rookie105RC
AutoMarc McLaughlinGold Auto Parallel - Uncommon Rookie155RC
AutoMarc McLaughlinGold Auto Parallel - Rare Rookie205RC
AutoMarc McLaughlinRookie Renditions Auto ParallelRR-29RC
AutoTaylor HallPurple Parallel - Auto67
AutoTaylor HallGold Auto Parallel67
AutoTaylor HallBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Patch Auto67
AutoTaylor HallGenerations Auto ParallelTG-2B
AutoTaylor HallGenerations Patch Parallel - AutoTG-2B
Buffalo Sabres
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseJack QuinnBase Set - Common Rookie142RC
BaseJack QuinnBase Set - Uncommon Rookie192RC
BaseJack QuinnBase Set - Rare Rookie242RC
BaseMattias SamuelssonBase Set62
BaseOwen PowerBase Set - Common Rookie150RC
BaseOwen PowerBase Set - Uncommon Rookie200RC
BaseOwen PowerBase Set - Rare Rookie250RC
BaseRasmus DahlinBase Set6
BaseTage ThompsonBase Set29
InsertDominik HasekGenerationsTG-4A
InsertJack Quinn2005-06 Rookie Premieres Tribute05-JQRC
InsertJack QuinnRookie PremierRP-JQRC
InsertJack QuinnRookie RenditionsRR-35RC
InsertJack QuinnRookie TriptychsRT-JQRC
InsertJack QuinnGenerationsTG-4CRC
InsertOwen Power2005-06 Rookie Premieres Tribute05-OPRC
InsertOwen PowerRookie PremierRP-OPRC
InsertOwen PowerRookie RenditionsRR-37RC
InsertOwen PowerRookie TriptychsRT-OPRC
InsertRasmus DahlinPurple Parallel6
InsertVictor OlofssonGenerationsTG-4B
RelicJack QuinnBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Common Rookie Jersey142RC
RelicJack QuinnBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Uncommon Rookie Patch192RC
RelicJack QuinnBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Rare Rookie Tag242RC
RelicJack QuinnRookie Renditions Jersey ParallelRR-35RC
RelicJack QuinnGenerations Jersey ParallelTG-4CRC
RelicJack QuinnTriple RelicsTR-DQP
RelicOwen PowerBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Common Rookie Jersey150RC
RelicOwen PowerBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Uncommon Rookie Patch200RC
RelicOwen PowerBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Rare Rookie Tag250RC
RelicOwen PowerRookie Renditions Jersey ParallelRR-37RC
RelicOwen PowerTriple RelicsTR-DQPRC
RelicOwen PowerTriple RelicsTR-PJBRC
RelicRasmus DahlinOrange Foil Jersey Parallel6
RelicRasmus DahlinBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Patch6
RelicRasmus DahlinTriple RelicsTR-DQP
RelicTage ThompsonOrange Foil Jersey Parallel29
RelicVictor OlofssonGenerations Jersey ParallelTG-4B
AutoDominik HasekGenerations Auto ParallelTG-4A
AutoDominik HasekGenerations Patch Parallel - AutoTG-4A
AutoDylan CozensSignature PucksSP-DCNo NHL Shield
AutoJack QuinnPurple Parallel - Common Rookie Auto142RC
AutoJack QuinnGold Auto Parallel - Common Rookie142RC
AutoJack QuinnGold Auto Parallel - Uncommon Rookie192RC
AutoJack QuinnGold Auto Parallel - Rare Rookie242RC
AutoJack QuinnAutoFocus RookiesAFR-JQRC
AutoJack QuinnRookie Renditions Auto ParallelRR-35RC
AutoJack QuinnRookie Renditions Patch Parallel - AutoRR-35RC
AutoJack QuinnRookie Signature PucksRSP-JQRC
AutoJack QuinnGenerations Auto ParallelTG-4CRC
AutoJack QuinnGenerations Patch Parallel - AutoTG-4CRC
AutoMattias SamuelssonPurple Parallel - Auto62
AutoMattias SamuelssonGold Auto Parallel62
AutoOwen PowerPurple Parallel - Common Rookie Auto150RC
AutoOwen PowerGold Auto Parallel - Common Rookie150RC
AutoOwen PowerGold Auto Parallel - Uncommon Rookie200RC
AutoOwen PowerGold Auto Parallel - Rare Rookie250RC
AutoOwen PowerAutoFocus RookiesAFR-OPRC
AutoOwen PowerRookie Renditions Auto ParallelRR-37RC
AutoOwen PowerRookie Renditions Patch Parallel - AutoRR-37RC
AutoOwen PowerRookie Signature PucksRSP-OPRC
AutoTage ThompsonPurple Parallel - Auto29
AutoTage ThompsonGold Auto Parallel29
AutoTage ThompsonBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Patch Auto29
AutoUkko-Pekka Luukkonen2021 UpdateAFR-UPAutoFocus Rookies
Calgary Flames
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseAndrew MangiapaneBase Set68
BaseJacob MarkstromBase Set56
BaseJonathan HuberdeauBase Set92
InsertJonathan HuberdeauFrozen in TimeFT-JH
RelicJacob MarkstromOrange Foil Jersey Parallel56
RelicJonathan HuberdeauOrange Foil Jersey Parallel92
AutoJacob MarkstromPurple Parallel - Auto56
AutoJacob MarkstromGold Auto Parallel56
AutoJacob MarkstromBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Patch Auto56
AutoJacob MarkstromSignature PuckstoppersSPU-JMNo Team Logo
AutoJarome IginlaSignature PucksSP-JI
AutoJonathan HuberdeauPurple Parallel - Auto92
AutoJonathan HuberdeauGold Auto Parallel92
AutoLanny McDonald2021 UpdateSHOF-LMScripted Hall of Fame Plaques
AutoMatthew TkachukCrystalized SignaturesC-MT
AutoMatthew TkachukSignature PucksSP-MT
AutoTyler ToffoliSignature PucksSP-TO
Carolina Hurricanes
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseAndrei SvechnikovBase Set52
BaseJack LaFontaineBase Set - Common Rookie117RC
BaseJack LaFontaineBase Set - Uncommon Rookie167RC
BaseJack LaFontaineBase Set - Rare Rookie217RC
BaseMartin NecasBase Set64
BasePyotr KochetkovBase Set - Common Rookie130RC
BasePyotr KochetkovBase Set - Uncommon Rookie180RC
BasePyotr KochetkovBase Set - Rare Rookie230RC
BaseSebastian AhoBase Set73
InsertJack LaFontaineRookie RenditionsRR-32RC
InsertPyotr Kochetkov2005-06 Rookie Premieres Tribute05-PKRC
InsertPyotr KochetkovRookie PremierRP-PKRC
InsertPyotr KochetkovRookie RenditionsRR-23RC
InsertPyotr KochetkovRookie TriptychsRT-PKRC
InsertRod Brind`AmourGenerationsTG-6A
InsertSebastian AhoGenerationsTG-6B
InsertSeth JarvisGenerationsTG-6C
RelicAndrei SvechnikovTriple RelicsTR-AAS
RelicFrederik AndersenTriple RelicsTR-AAS
RelicMartin NecasOrange Foil Jersey Parallel64
RelicPyotr KochetkovBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Common Rookie Jersey130RC
RelicPyotr KochetkovBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Uncommon Rookie Patch180RC
RelicPyotr KochetkovBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Rare Rookie Tag230RC
RelicPyotr KochetkovRookie Renditions Jersey ParallelRR-23RC
RelicRod Brind`AmourGenerations Jersey ParallelTG-6A
RelicSebastian AhoOrange Foil Jersey Parallel73
RelicSebastian AhoGenerations Jersey ParallelTG-6B
RelicSebastian AhoTriple RelicsTR-AAS
RelicSeth JarvisGenerations Jersey ParallelTG-6C
AutoAndrei SvechnikovPurple Parallel - Auto52
AutoAndrei SvechnikovGold Auto Parallel52
AutoAndrei SvechnikovBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Patch Auto52
AutoAndrei SvechnikovCrystalized SignaturesC-AS
AutoMartin NecasPurple Parallel - Auto64
AutoMartin NecasGold Auto Parallel64
AutoMartin NecasBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Patch Auto64
AutoPyotr KochetkovPurple Parallel - Common Rookie Auto130RC
AutoPyotr KochetkovGold Auto Parallel - Common Rookie130RC
AutoPyotr KochetkovGold Auto Parallel - Uncommon Rookie180RC
AutoPyotr KochetkovGold Auto Parallel - Rare Rookie230RC
AutoPyotr KochetkovRookie Renditions Auto ParallelRR-23RC
AutoPyotr KochetkovRookie Renditions Patch Parallel - AutoRR-23RC
AutoRod Brind`AmourGenerations Auto ParallelTG-6A
AutoRod Brind`AmourGenerations Patch Parallel - AutoTG-6AOnly Purple
AutoTeuvo TeravainenSignature PucksSP-TTNo NHL Shield
Chicago Blackhawks
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseAlex VlasicBase Set - Common Rookie123RC
BaseAlex VlasicBase Set - Uncommon Rookie173RC
BaseAlex VlasicBase Set - Rare Rookie223RC
BaseJonathan ToewsBase Set16
BaseLukas ReichelBase Set - Common Rookie136RC
BaseLukas ReichelBase Set - Uncommon Rookie186RC
BaseLukas ReichelBase Set - Rare Rookie236RC
BasePatrick KaneBase Set81
InsertAlex Vlasic2005-06 Rookie Premieres Tribute05-AVRC
InsertAlex VlasicRookie PremierRP-AVRC
InsertAlex VlasicRookie RenditionsRR-24RC
InsertAlex VlasicRookie TriptychsRT-AVRC
InsertBobby HullFrozen in TimeFT-BH
InsertDoug WilsonGenerationsTG-7A
InsertLukas Reichel2005-06 Rookie Premieres Tribute05-LRRC
InsertLukas ReichelRookie PremierRP-LRRC
InsertLukas ReichelRookie RenditionsRR-14RC
InsertLukas ReichelRookie TriptychsRT-LRRC
InsertLukas ReichelGenerationsTG-7CRC
InsertPatrick KaneRookie Year Photo Variants81
InsertPatrick KanePurple Parallel81
InsertPatrick KaneFrozen in TimeFT-PK
InsertPatrick KaneGenerationsTG-7B
RelicAlex VlasicBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Common Rookie Jersey123RC
RelicAlex VlasicBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Uncommon Rookie Patch173RC
RelicAlex VlasicBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Rare Rookie Tag223RC
RelicAlex VlasicRookie Renditions Jersey ParallelRR-24RC
RelicDoug WilsonGenerations Jersey ParallelTG-7A
RelicJonathan ToewsOrange Foil Jersey Parallel16
RelicLukas ReichelBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Common Rookie Jersey136RC
RelicLukas ReichelBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Uncommon Rookie Patch186RC
RelicLukas ReichelBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Rare Rookie Tag236RC
RelicLukas ReichelRookie Renditions Jersey ParallelRR-14RC
RelicLukas ReichelGenerations Jersey ParallelTG-7CRC
RelicPatrick KaneOrange Foil Jersey Parallel81
RelicPatrick KaneBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Patch81
RelicPatrick KaneGenerations Jersey ParallelTG-7B
RelicPatrick KaneGenerations Patch ParallelTG-7B
AutoAlex VlasicPurple Parallel - Common Rookie Auto123RC
AutoAlex VlasicGold Auto Parallel - Common Rookie123RC
AutoAlex VlasicGold Auto Parallel - Uncommon Rookie173RC
AutoAlex VlasicGold Auto Parallel - Rare Rookie223RC
AutoAlex VlasicRookie Renditions Auto ParallelRR-24RC
AutoAlex VlasicRookie Renditions Patch Parallel - AutoRR-24RC
AutoAlex VlasicRookie Signature PucksRSP-AVRC
AutoDoug WilsonGenerations Auto ParallelTG-7A
AutoDylan StromeSignature PucksSP-DS
AutoJonathan ToewsBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Patch Auto16
AutoLukas ReichelPurple Parallel - Common Rookie Auto136RC
AutoLukas ReichelGold Auto Parallel - Common Rookie136RC
AutoLukas ReichelGold Auto Parallel - Uncommon Rookie186RC
AutoLukas ReichelGold Auto Parallel - Rare Rookie236RC
AutoLukas ReichelRookie Renditions Auto ParallelRR-14RC
AutoLukas ReichelRookie Renditions Patch Parallel - AutoRR-14RC
AutoLukas ReichelRookie Signature PucksRSP-LRRC
AutoLukas ReichelGenerations Auto ParallelTG-7CRC
AutoLukas ReichelGenerations Patch Parallel - AutoTG-7CRC
Colorado Avalanche
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseCale MakarBase Set97
BaseGabriel LandeskogBase Set99
BaseMikko RantanenBase Set72
BaseNathan MacKinnonBase Set96
InsertAlex NewhookGenerationsTG-12C
InsertCale MakarRookie Year Photo Variants97
InsertCale MakarPurple Parallel97
InsertCale MakarFrozen in TimeFT-MA
InsertGabriel LandeskogGenerationsTG-12B
InsertMikko RantanenRookie Year Photo Variants72
InsertMikko RantanenPurple Parallel72
InsertMikko RantanenFrozen in TimeFT-MR
InsertNathan MacKinnonRookie Year Photo Variants96
InsertNathan MacKinnonPurple Parallel96
InsertNathan MacKinnonFrozen in TimeFT-NM
InsertPatrick RoyFrozen in TimeFT-PR
InsertPeter ForsbergGenerationsTG-12A
RelicAlex NewhookGenerations Jersey ParallelTG-12C
RelicCale MakarOrange Foil Jersey Parallel97
RelicCale MakarBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Patch97
RelicCale MakarTriple RelicsTR-MRM
RelicGabriel LandeskogOrange Foil Jersey Parallel99
RelicGabriel LandeskogGenerations Jersey ParallelTG-12B
RelicMikko RantanenOrange Foil Jersey Parallel72
RelicMikko RantanenBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Patch72
RelicMikko RantanenTriple RelicsTR-MRM
RelicNathan MacKinnonOrange Foil Jersey Parallel96
RelicNathan MacKinnonBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Patch96
RelicNathan MacKinnonTriple RelicsTR-MRM
RelicPeter ForsbergGenerations Jersey ParallelTG-12A
AutoAlex Newhook2021-22 Update Rookie Signature Pucks21 SP-AN
AutoAlex Newhook2021-22 Update Rookie Signature Pucks21 SP-ANTeam Logo Parallel
AutoAlex Newhook2021-22 Update Rookie Signature Pucks21 SP-ANNHL Shield Logo Parallel
AutoAlex NewhookGenerations Auto ParallelTG-12C
AutoAlex NewhookGenerations Patch Parallel - AutoTG-12C
AutoCale MakarGold Auto Parallel97
AutoCale Makar2021 UpdateAF-MAAutoFocus
AutoCale MakarAutoFocusAF-MK
AutoCale Makar2020 UpdateC-CMCrystallized Signatures
AutoGabriel LandeskogPurple Parallel - Auto99
AutoGabriel LandeskogGold Auto Parallel99
AutoGabriel LandeskogBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Patch Auto99
AutoGabriel LandeskogGenerations Auto ParallelTG-12B
AutoGabriel LandeskogGenerations Patch Parallel - AutoTG-12B
AutoPeter ForsbergGenerations Auto ParallelTG-12A
AutoPeter ForsbergGenerations Patch Parallel - AutoTG-12A
Columbus Blue Jackets
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseCole SillingerBase Set15
BaseJohnny GaudreauBase Set79
BaseKent JohnsonBase Set - Common Rookie145RC
BaseKent JohnsonBase Set - Uncommon Rookie195RC
BaseKent JohnsonBase Set - Rare Rookie245RC
BasePatrik LaineBase Set26
BaseTrey Fix-WolanskyBase Set - Common Rookie103RC
BaseTrey Fix-WolanskyBase Set - Uncommon Rookie153RC
BaseTrey Fix-WolanskyBase Set - Rare Rookie203RC
InsertJohnny GaudreauPurple Parallel79
InsertJohnny GaudreauFrozen in TimeFT-JG
InsertKent Johnson2005-06 Rookie Premieres Tribute05-KJRC
InsertKent JohnsonRookie PremierRP-KJRC
InsertKent JohnsonRookie RenditionsRR-36RC
InsertKent JohnsonRookie TriptychsRT-KJRC
InsertPatrik LainePurple Parallel26
InsertTrey Fix-WolanskyRookie RenditionsRR-28RC
RelicCole SillingerOrange Foil Jersey Parallel15
RelicJohnny GaudreauOrange Foil Jersey Parallel79
RelicKent JohnsonBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Common Rookie Jersey145RC
RelicKent JohnsonBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Uncommon Rookie Patch195RC
RelicKent JohnsonBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Rare Rookie Tag245RC
RelicKent JohnsonRookie Renditions Jersey ParallelRR-36RC
RelicKent JohnsonTriple RelicsTR-PJBRC
RelicPatrik LaineOrange Foil Jersey Parallel26
RelicPatrik LaineBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Patch26
RelicTrey Fix-WolanskyBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Common Rookie Jersey103RC
RelicTrey Fix-WolanskyBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Uncommon Rookie Patch153RC
RelicTrey Fix-WolanskyBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Rare Rookie Tag203RC
RelicTrey Fix-WolanskyRookie Renditions Jersey ParallelRR-28RC
AutoBoone JennerSignature PucksSP-BJ
AutoCam Atkinson2021 UpdateAF-CAAutoFocus
AutoCole SillingerBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Patch Auto15
AutoCole SillingerSignature PucksSP-CSNo Team Logo
AutoKent JohnsonPurple Parallel - Common Rookie Auto145RC
AutoKent JohnsonGold Auto Parallel - Common Rookie145RC
AutoKent JohnsonGold Auto Parallel - Uncommon Rookie195RC
AutoKent JohnsonGold Auto Parallel - Rare Rookie245RC
AutoKent JohnsonAutoFocus RookiesAFR-KJRC
AutoKent JohnsonRookie Renditions Auto ParallelRR-36RC
AutoKent JohnsonRookie Renditions Patch Parallel - AutoRR-36RC
AutoKent JohnsonRookie Signature PucksRSP-KJRC
AutoTrey Fix-WolanskyPurple Parallel - Common Rookie Auto103RC
AutoTrey Fix-WolanskyGold Auto Parallel - Common Rookie103RC
AutoTrey Fix-WolanskyGold Auto Parallel - Uncommon Rookie153RC
AutoTrey Fix-WolanskyGold Auto Parallel - Rare Rookie203RC
AutoTrey Fix-WolanskyRookie Renditions Auto ParallelRR-28RC
AutoTrey Fix-WolanskyRookie Renditions Patch Parallel - AutoRR-28RC
Dallas Stars
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseFredrik KarlstromBase Set - Common Rookie134RC
BaseFredrik KarlstromBase Set - Uncommon Rookie184RC
BaseFredrik KarlstromBase Set - Rare Rookie234RC
BaseJake OettingerBase Set54
BaseJason RobertsonBase Set35
BaseJoe PavelskiBase Set63
BaseRoope HintzBase Set24
InsertJake OettingerPurple Parallel54
RelicFredrik KarlstromBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Common Rookie Jersey134RC
RelicFredrik KarlstromBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Uncommon Rookie Patch184RC
RelicFredrik KarlstromBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Rare Rookie Tag234RC
RelicJake OettingerOrange Foil Jersey Parallel54
RelicJake OettingerBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Patch54
RelicJason RobertsonOrange Foil Jersey Parallel35
RelicJoe PavelskiOrange Foil Jersey Parallel63
RelicRoope HintzOrange Foil Jersey Parallel24
RelicTyler SeguinHonorary Triple SwatchesHTS-TS
AutoFredrik KarlstromPurple Parallel - Common Rookie Auto134RC
AutoFredrik KarlstromGold Auto Parallel - Common Rookie134RC
AutoFredrik KarlstromGold Auto Parallel - Uncommon Rookie184RC
AutoFredrik KarlstromGold Auto Parallel - Rare Rookie234RC
AutoJake OettingerGold Auto Parallel54
AutoJake OettingerSignature PuckstoppersSPU-JO
AutoJason RobertsonPurple Parallel - Auto35
AutoJoe PavelskiPurple Parallel - Auto63
AutoJoe PavelskiGold Auto Parallel63
AutoJoe PavelskiBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Patch Auto63
AutoJoe PavelskiSignature PucksSP-JP
AutoMiro Heiskanen2021 UpdateAF-MHAutoFocus
AutoMiro Heiskanen2021 UpdateC-MHCrystallized Signatures
AutoMiro HeiskanenSignature PucksSP-MHNo NHL Shield
AutoRoope HintzPurple Parallel - Auto24
AutoRoope HintzGold Auto Parallel24
AutoRoope HintzBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Patch Auto24
AutoRoope HintzSignature PucksSP-RHNo NHL Shield
Detroit Red Wings
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseChase PearsonBase Set - Common Rookie107RC
BaseChase PearsonBase Set - Uncommon Rookie157RC
BaseChase PearsonBase Set - Rare Rookie207RC
BaseElmer SoderblomBase Set - Common Rookie102RC
BaseElmer SoderblomBase Set - Uncommon Rookie152RC
BaseElmer SoderblomBase Set - Rare Rookie202RC
BaseJoe VelenoBase Set7
BaseLucas RaymondBase Set59
BaseMoritz SeiderBase Set39
InsertChase PearsonRookie RenditionsRR-7RC
InsertGordie HoweFrozen in TimeFT-GH
InsertHenrik ZetterbergGenerationsTG-11A
InsertLucas RaymondGenerationsTG-11C
InsertSteve YzermanFrozen in TimeFT-SY
InsertTyler BertuzziGenerationsTG-11B
RelicChase PearsonBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Common Rookie Jersey107RC
RelicChase PearsonBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Uncommon Rookie Patch157RC
RelicChase PearsonBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Rare Rookie Tag207RC
RelicChase PearsonRookie Renditions Jersey ParallelRR-7RC
RelicElmer SoderblomBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Common Rookie Jersey102RC
RelicElmer SoderblomBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Uncommon Rookie Patch152RC
RelicElmer SoderblomBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Rare Rookie Tag202RC
RelicHenrik ZetterbergGenerations Jersey ParallelTG-11A
RelicLucas RaymondOrange Foil Jersey Parallel59
RelicLucas RaymondGenerations Jersey ParallelTG-11C
RelicMoritz SeiderOrange Foil Jersey Parallel39
RelicMoritz SeiderTriple RelicsTR-BSZ
RelicTyler BertuzziGenerations Jersey ParallelTG-11B
RelicTyler BertuzziGenerations Patch ParallelTG-11B
AutoChase PearsonPurple Parallel - Common Rookie Auto107RC
AutoChase PearsonGold Auto Parallel - Common Rookie107RC
AutoChase PearsonGold Auto Parallel - Uncommon Rookie157RC
AutoChase PearsonGold Auto Parallel - Rare Rookie207RC
AutoChase PearsonRookie Renditions Auto ParallelRR-7RC
AutoChase PearsonRookie Renditions Patch Parallel - AutoRR-7RC
AutoElmer SoderblomPurple Parallel - Common Rookie Auto102RC
AutoElmer SoderblomGold Auto Parallel - Common Rookie102RC
AutoElmer SoderblomGold Auto Parallel - Uncommon Rookie152RC
AutoElmer SoderblomGold Auto Parallel - Rare Rookie202RC
AutoFilip Zadina2020 UpdateC-FZCrystallized Signatures
AutoHenrik ZetterbergSignature PucksSP-HZNo NHL Shield
AutoHenrik ZetterbergGenerations Auto ParallelTG-11A
AutoHenrik ZetterbergGenerations Patch Parallel - AutoTG-11A
AutoJoe VelenoPurple Parallel - Auto7
AutoJoe VelenoGold Auto Parallel7
AutoJonatan BerggrenRookie Signature PucksRSP-JBRC
AutoLucas Raymond2021-22 Update Rookie Signature Pucks21 SP-LR
AutoLucas Raymond2021-22 Update Rookie Signature Pucks21 SP-LRTeam Logo Parallel
AutoLucas Raymond2021-22 Update Rookie Signature Pucks21 SP-LRNHL Shield Logo Parallel
AutoMoritz Seider2021-22 Update Rookie Signature Pucks21 SP-MS
AutoMoritz Seider2021-22 Update Rookie Signature Pucks21 SP-MSTeam Logo Parallel
AutoMoritz Seider2021-22 Update Rookie Signature Pucks21 SP-MSNHL Shield Logo Parallel
AutoMoritz Seider2021 UpdateAFR-MSAutoFocus Rookies
AutoPius SuterSignature PucksSP-PS
Edmonton Oilers
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseConnor McDavidBase Set100
BaseDylan HollowayBase Set - Common Rookie143RC
BaseDylan HollowayBase Set - Uncommon Rookie193RC
BaseDylan HollowayBase Set - Rare Rookie243RC
BaseLeon DraisaitlBase Set82
BaseRyan McLeodBase Set21
InsertConnor McDavidRookie Year Photo Variants100
InsertConnor McDavidFrozen in TimeFT-CM
InsertConnor McDavidGenerationsTG-13B
InsertDoug WeightGenerationsTG-13A
InsertDylan Holloway2005-06 Rookie Premieres Tribute05-DHRC
InsertDylan HollowayRookie PremierRP-DHRC
InsertDylan HollowayRookie RenditionsRR-3RC
InsertDylan HollowayRookie TriptychsRT-DHRC
InsertDylan HollowayGenerationsTG-13CRC
InsertLeon DraisaitlRookie Year Photo Variants82
InsertLeon DraisaitlPurple Parallel82
InsertLeon DraisaitlFrozen in TimeFT-LD
InsertWayne GretzkyFrozen in TimeFT-WG
RelicConnor McDavidOrange Foil Jersey Parallel100
RelicConnor McDavidGenerations Jersey ParallelTG-13B
RelicDarnell NurseHonorary Triple SwatchesHTS-DN
RelicDoug WeightGenerations Jersey ParallelTG-13A
RelicDylan HollowayBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Common Rookie Jersey143RC
RelicDylan HollowayBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Uncommon Rookie Patch193RC
RelicDylan HollowayBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Rare Rookie Tag243RC
RelicDylan HollowayRookie Renditions Jersey ParallelRR-3RC
RelicDylan HollowayGenerations Jersey ParallelTG-13CRC
RelicLeon DraisaitlOrange Foil Jersey Parallel82
RelicLeon DraisaitlBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Patch82
AutoConnor McDavidPurple Parallel - Auto100
AutoConnor McDavidGold Auto Parallel100
AutoConnor McDavidBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Patch Auto100
AutoConnor McDavidAutoFocusAF-CM
AutoConnor McDavid2021 UpdateAF-CMAutoFocus
AutoConnor McDavid2021 UpdateC-CMCrystallized Signatures
AutoConnor McDavidSignature PucksSP-CM
AutoConnor McDavidGenerations Auto ParallelTG-13B
AutoConnor McDavidGenerations Patch Parallel - AutoTG-13B
AutoDoug WeightGenerations Auto ParallelTG-13A
AutoDoug WeightGenerations Patch Parallel - AutoTG-13A
AutoDylan HollowayPurple Parallel - Common Rookie Auto143RC
AutoDylan HollowayGold Auto Parallel - Common Rookie143RC
AutoDylan HollowayGold Auto Parallel - Uncommon Rookie193RC
AutoDylan HollowayGold Auto Parallel - Rare Rookie243RC
AutoDylan HollowayRookie Renditions Auto ParallelRR-3RC
AutoDylan HollowayRookie Renditions Patch Parallel - AutoRR-3RC
AutoDylan HollowayRookie Signature PucksRSP-DHRC
AutoDylan HollowayGenerations Auto ParallelTG-13CRC
AutoDylan HollowayGenerations Patch Parallel - AutoTG-13CRC
AutoLeon DraisaitlGold Auto Parallel82
AutoLeon DraisaitlSignature PucksSP-LD
AutoRyan McLeodPurple Parallel - Auto21
AutoRyan McLeodGold Auto Parallel21
Florida Panthers
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseAaron EkbladBase Set75
BaseAleksander BarkovBase Set83
BaseMatthew TkachukBase Set95
BaseSam ReinhartBase Set45
InsertAleksander BarkovPurple Parallel83
InsertAleksander BarkovRookie Year Photo Variants92
InsertAleksander BarkovFrozen in TimeFT-AB
InsertAnton LundellGenerationsTG-16C
InsertJohn VanbiesbrouckGenerationsTG-16A
InsertMatthew TkachukFrozen in TimeFT-MT
InsertSam BennettGenerationsTG-16B
RelicAaron EkbladOrange Foil Jersey Parallel75
RelicAleksander BarkovOrange Foil Jersey Parallel83
RelicAleksander BarkovBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Patch83
RelicAnton LundellGenerations Jersey ParallelTG-16C
RelicMatthew TkachukOrange Foil Jersey Parallel95
RelicSam BennettGenerations Jersey ParallelTG-16B
RelicSam ReinhartOrange Foil Jersey Parallel45
AutoAaron EkbladPurple Parallel - Auto75
AutoAleksander BarkovGold Auto Parallel83
AutoAleksander BarkovCrystalized SignaturesC-AB
AutoAnton Lundell2021-22 Update Rookie Signature Pucks21 SP-AL
AutoAnton Lundell2021-22 Update Rookie Signature Pucks21 SP-ALTeam Logo Parallel
AutoAnton Lundell2021-22 Update Rookie Signature Pucks21 SP-ALNHL Shield Logo Parallel
AutoAnton LundellGenerations Auto ParallelTG-16C
AutoAnton LundellGenerations Patch Parallel - AutoTG-16C
AutoJohn VanbiesbrouckGenerations Auto ParallelTG-16A
AutoJohn VanbiesbrouckGenerations Patch Parallel - AutoTG-16A
AutoJonathan HuberdeauAutoFocusAF-JH
AutoJonathan HuberdeauSignature PucksSP-JHNo NHL Shield
AutoMatthew TkachukPurple Parallel - Auto95
AutoMatthew TkachukGold Auto Parallel95
AutoSam BennettGenerations Auto ParallelTG-16B
AutoSam ReinhartPurple Parallel - Auto45
AutoSam ReinhartGold Auto Parallel45
AutoSam ReinhartBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Patch Auto45
AutoSergei Bobrovsky2021 UpdateC-SBCrystallized Signatures
AutoSpencer Knight2021-22 Update Rookie Signature Pucks21 SP-SK
AutoSpencer Knight2021-22 Update Rookie Signature Pucks21 SP-SKTeam Logo Parallel
AutoSpencer Knight2021 UpdateAFR-SKAutoFocus Rookies
Los Angeles Kings
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseAnze KopitarBase Set10
BaseJacob MoverareBase Set - Common Rookie120RC
BaseJacob MoverareBase Set - Uncommon Rookie170RC
BaseJacob MoverareBase Set - Rare Rookie220RC
BaseJordan SpenceBase Set - Common Rookie113RC
BaseJordan SpenceBase Set - Uncommon Rookie163RC
BaseJordan SpenceBase Set - Rare Rookie213RC
BaseQuinton ByfieldBase Set30
BaseRasmus KupariBase Set37
BaseSamuel FagemoBase Set - Common Rookie125RC
BaseSamuel FagemoBase Set - Uncommon Rookie175RC
BaseSamuel FagemoBase Set - Rare Rookie225RC
InsertAnze KopitarRookie Year Photo Variants10
InsertJacob MoverareRookie PremierRP-JMRC
InsertJordan Spence2005-06 Rookie Premieres Tribute05-JSRC
InsertJordan SpenceRookie PremierRP-JSRC
InsertJordan SpenceRookie RenditionsRR-34RC
InsertKevin FialaGenerationsTG-17B
InsertMarcel DionneGenerationsTG-17A
InsertQuinton ByfieldGenerationsTG-17C
InsertSamuel Fagemo2005-06 Rookie Premieres Tribute05-SFRC
InsertSamuel FagemoRookie PremierRP-SFRC
InsertSamuel FagemoRookie RenditionsRR-27RC
RelicAnze KopitarOrange Foil Jersey Parallel10
RelicAnze KopitarTriple RelicsTR-KQD
RelicDrew DoughtyHonorary Triple SwatchesHTS-DD
RelicDrew DoughtyTriple RelicsTR-KQD
RelicJonathan QuickTriple RelicsTR-KQD
RelicKevin FialaGenerations Jersey ParallelTG-17B
RelicQuinton ByfieldOrange Foil Jersey Parallel30
RelicQuinton ByfieldGenerations Jersey ParallelTG-17C
RelicQuinton ByfieldTriple RelicsTR-BSZ
RelicSamuel FagemoBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Common Rookie Jersey125RC
RelicSamuel FagemoBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Uncommon Rookie Patch175RC
RelicSamuel FagemoBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Rare Rookie Tag225RC
AutoAlex IafalloSignature PucksSP-AI
AutoJacob MoverarePurple Parallel - Common Rookie Auto120RC
AutoJacob MoverareGold Auto Parallel - Common Rookie120RC
AutoJacob MoverareGold Auto Parallel - Uncommon Rookie170RC
AutoJacob MoverareGold Auto Parallel - Rare Rookie220RC
AutoJordan SpenceGold Auto Parallel - Common Rookie113RC
AutoJordan SpenceGold Auto Parallel - Uncommon Rookie163RC
AutoJordan SpenceGold Auto Parallel - Rare Rookie213RC
AutoJordan SpenceRookie Renditions Auto ParallelRR-34RC - Only Base
AutoJordan SpenceRookie Signature PucksRSP-JSRC - No NHL Shield
AutoKevin FialaGenerations Auto ParallelTG-17B
AutoMarcel DionneGenerations Auto ParallelTG-17A
AutoMarcel DionneGenerations Patch Parallel - AutoTG-17A
AutoQuinton ByfieldPurple Parallel - Auto30
AutoQuinton ByfieldGold Auto Parallel30
AutoQuinton ByfieldBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Patch Auto30
AutoQuinton Byfield2021-22 Update Rookie Signature Pucks21 SP-QB
AutoQuinton Byfield2021-22 Update Rookie Signature Pucks21 SP-QBNHL Shield Logo Parallel
AutoQuinton Byfield2021 UpdateAFR-QBAutoFocus Rookies
AutoQuinton ByfieldGenerations Auto ParallelTG-17C
AutoQuinton ByfieldGenerations Patch Parallel - AutoTG-17C
AutoRasmus KupariGold Auto Parallel37
AutoSamuel FagemoPurple Parallel - Common Rookie Auto125RC
AutoSamuel FagemoGold Auto Parallel - Common Rookie125RC
AutoSamuel FagemoGold Auto Parallel - Uncommon Rookie175RC
AutoSamuel FagemoGold Auto Parallel - Rare Rookie225RC
AutoSamuel FagemoRookie Renditions Auto ParallelRR-27RC
AutoSamuel FagemoRookie Renditions Patch Parallel - AutoRR-27RC
Minnesota Wild
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseKirill KaprizovBase Set71
BaseMarc-Andre FleuryBase Set58
BaseMarco RossiBase Set - Common Rookie141RC
BaseMarco RossiBase Set - Uncommon Rookie191RC
BaseMarco RossiBase Set - Rare Rookie241RC
BaseMats ZuccarelloBase Set33
BaseMatt BoldyBase Set - Common Rookie148RC
BaseMatt BoldyBase Set - Uncommon Rookie198RC
BaseMatt BoldyBase Set - Rare Rookie248RC
InsertKirill KaprizovFrozen in TimeFT-KK
InsertMarco Rossi2005-06 Rookie Premieres Tribute05-MRRC
InsertMarco RossiRookie PremierRP-MRRC
InsertMarco RossiRookie RenditionsRR-2RC
InsertMarco RossiRookie TriptychsRT-MRRC
InsertMats ZuccarelloGenerationsTG-19B
InsertMatt Boldy2005-06 Rookie Premieres Tribute05-MBRC
InsertMatt BoldyRookie PremierRP-MBRC
InsertMatt BoldyRookie RenditionsRR-39RC
InsertMatt BoldyRookie TriptychsRT-BORC
InsertMatt BoldyGenerationsTG-19CRC
InsertZach PariseGenerationsTG-19A
RelicKirill KaprizovOrange Foil Jersey Parallel71
RelicMarc-Andre FleuryOrange Foil Jersey Parallel58
RelicMarc-Andre FleuryTriple RelicsTR-BFV
RelicMarco RossiBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Common Rookie Jersey141RC
RelicMarco RossiBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Uncommon Rookie Patch191RC
RelicMarco RossiBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Rare Rookie Tag241RC
RelicMarco RossiHonorary Triple SwatchesHTS-MRRC
RelicMarco RossiRookie Renditions Jersey ParallelRR-2RC
RelicMats ZuccarelloOrange Foil Jersey Parallel33
RelicMats ZuccarelloGenerations Jersey ParallelTG-19B
RelicMatt BoldyBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Common Rookie Jersey148RC
RelicMatt BoldyBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Uncommon Rookie Patch198RC
RelicMatt BoldyBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Rare Rookie Tag248RC
RelicMatt BoldyRookie Renditions Jersey ParallelRR-39RC
RelicMatt BoldyGenerations Jersey ParallelTG-19CRC
RelicZach PariseGenerations Jersey ParallelTG-19A
AutoKevin FialaSignature PucksSP-KF
AutoMarc-Andre FleuryPurple Parallel - Auto58
AutoMarc-Andre FleuryGold Auto Parallel58
AutoMarc-Andre FleurySignature PuckstoppersSPU-MA
AutoMarco RossiPurple Parallel - Common Rookie Auto141RC
AutoMarco RossiGold Auto Parallel - Common Rookie141RC
AutoMarco RossiGold Auto Parallel - Uncommon Rookie191RC
AutoMarco RossiGold Auto Parallel - Rare Rookie241RC
AutoMarco RossiRookie Renditions Auto ParallelRR-2RC
AutoMarco RossiRookie Renditions Patch Parallel - AutoRR-2RC
AutoMarco RossiRookie Signature PucksRSP-MRRC
AutoMats ZuccarelloPurple Parallel - Auto33
AutoMats ZuccarelloGold Auto Parallel33
AutoMats ZuccarelloBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Patch Auto33
AutoMats ZuccarelloGenerations Auto ParallelTG-19B
AutoMats ZuccarelloGenerations Patch Parallel - AutoTG-19B
AutoMatt BoldyPurple Parallel - Common Rookie Auto148RC
AutoMatt BoldyGold Auto Parallel - Common Rookie148RC
AutoMatt BoldyGold Auto Parallel - Uncommon Rookie198RC
AutoMatt BoldyGold Auto Parallel - Rare Rookie248RC
AutoMatt BoldyAutoFocus RookiesAFR-BYRC
AutoMatt BoldyRookie Renditions Auto ParallelRR-39RC
AutoMatt BoldyRookie Renditions Patch Parallel - AutoRR-39RC
AutoMatt BoldyRookie Signature PucksRSP-MBRC
AutoMatt BoldyGenerations Auto ParallelTG-19CRC
AutoMatt BoldyGenerations Patch Parallel - AutoTG-19CRC
AutoZach PariseGenerations Auto ParallelTG-19A
AutoZach PariseGenerations Patch Parallel - AutoTG-19A
Montreal Canadiens
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseCarey PriceBase Set20
BaseCole CaufieldBase Set2
BaseJordan HarrisBase Set - Common Rookie119RC
BaseJordan HarrisBase Set - Uncommon Rookie169RC
BaseJordan HarrisBase Set - Rare Rookie219RC
BaseJuraj SlafkovskyBase Set - Common Rookie146RC
BaseJuraj SlafkovskyBase Set - Uncommon Rookie196RC
BaseJuraj SlafkovskyBase Set - Rare Rookie246RC
InsertCole CaufieldGenerationsTG-8C
InsertJordan HarrisRookie PremierRP-JHRC
InsertJordan HarrisRookie RenditionsRR-31RC
InsertJuraj Slafkovsky2005-06 Rookie Premieres Tribute05-JYRC
InsertJuraj SlafkovskyRookie TriptychsRT-JSRC
InsertNick SuzukiGenerationsTG-8B
InsertSaku KoivuGenerationsTG-8A
RelicCarey PriceOrange Foil Jersey Parallel20
RelicCarey PriceTriple RelicsTR-PSC
RelicCole CaufieldOrange Foil Jersey Parallel2
RelicCole CaufieldGenerations Jersey ParallelTG-8C
RelicCole CaufieldTriple RelicsTR-PSC
RelicJordan HarrisBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Common Rookie Jersey119RC
RelicJordan HarrisBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Uncommon Rookie Patch169RC
RelicJordan HarrisBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Rare Rookie Tag219RC
RelicJordan HarrisRookie Renditions Jersey ParallelRR-31RC
RelicJuraj SlafkovskyBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Common Rookie Jersey146RC
RelicJuraj SlafkovskyBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Uncommon Rookie Patch196RC
RelicJuraj SlafkovskyBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Rare Rookie Tag246RC
RelicNick SuzukiGenerations Jersey ParallelTG-8B
RelicNick SuzukiGenerations Patch ParallelTG-8B
RelicNick SuzukiTriple RelicsTR-PSC
RelicSaku KoivuGenerations Jersey ParallelTG-8A
AutoCarey PricePurple Parallel - Auto20
AutoCarey PriceGold Auto Parallel20
AutoCarey PriceBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Patch Auto20
AutoGuy Lafleur2021 UpdateSHOF-GLScripted Hall of Fame Plaques
AutoJordan HarrisPurple Parallel - Common Rookie Auto119RC
AutoJordan HarrisGold Auto Parallel - Common Rookie119RC
AutoJordan HarrisGold Auto Parallel - Uncommon Rookie169RC
AutoJordan HarrisGold Auto Parallel - Rare Rookie219RC
AutoJordan HarrisRookie Renditions Auto ParallelRR-31RC
AutoJordan HarrisRookie Renditions Patch Parallel - AutoRR-31RC
AutoJuraj SlafkovskyPurple Parallel - Common Rookie Auto146RC
AutoJuraj SlafkovskyGold Auto Parallel - Common Rookie146RC
AutoJuraj SlafkovskyGold Auto Parallel - Uncommon Rookie196RC
AutoJuraj SlafkovskyGold Auto Parallel - Rare Rookie246RC
AutoNick SuzukiAutoFocusAF-NS
AutoNick SuzukiGenerations Auto ParallelTG-8BNo Gold
AutoPatrick RoySignature PuckstoppersSPU-PRNo Team Logo
AutoSaku KoivuGenerations Auto ParallelTG-8A
AutoSaku KoivuGenerations Patch Parallel - AutoTG-8A
Nashville Predators
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseFilip ForsbergBase Set47
BaseJuuse SarosBase Set60
BaseRoman JosiBase Set76
BaseTanner JeannotBase Set3
InsertFilip ForsbergPurple Parallel47
InsertJuuse SarosPurple Parallel60
InsertPekka RinneGenerationsTG-10A
InsertPhilip TomasinoGenerationsTG-10C
InsertRoman JosiRookie Year Photo Variants76
InsertRoman JosiPurple Parallel76
InsertRoman JosiGenerationsTG-10B
RelicFilip ForsbergOrange Foil Jersey Parallel47
RelicFilip ForsbergBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Patch47
RelicJuuse SarosOrange Foil Jersey Parallel60
RelicJuuse SarosBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Patch60
RelicPekka RinneGenerations Jersey ParallelTG-10A
RelicPhilip TomasinoGenerations Jersey ParallelTG-10C
RelicRoman JosiOrange Foil Jersey Parallel76
RelicRoman JosiBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Patch76
RelicRoman JosiGenerations Jersey ParallelTG-10B
RelicRoman JosiGenerations Patch ParallelTG-10B
RelicTanner JeannotOrange Foil Jersey Parallel3
AutoJuuse SarosGold Auto Parallel60
AutoPekka Rinne2021 UpdateC-PRCrystallized Signatures
AutoPhilip Tomasino2021 UpdateAFR-PTAutoFocus Rookies
AutoPhilip TomasinoGenerations Auto ParallelTG-10C
AutoRoman JosiGold Auto Parallel76
AutoRoman JosiGenerations Auto ParallelTG-10B
AutoTanner JeannotPurple Parallel - Auto3
AutoTanner JeannotGold Auto Parallel3
AutoTanner JeannotBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Patch Auto3
AutoTanner Jeannot2021-22 Update Rookie Signature Pucks21 SP-TJ
AutoTanner Jeannot2021-22 Update Rookie Signature Pucks21 SP-TJTeam Logo Parallel
AutoTanner Jeannot2021-22 Update Rookie Signature Pucks21 SP-TJNHL Shield Logo Parallel
AutoTanner JeannotCrystalized SignaturesC-TJ
New Jersey Devils
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseJack HughesBase Set55
BaseJesper BrattBase Set13
BaseNico HischierBase Set18
BaseNikita OkhotiukBase Set - Common Rookie135RC
BaseNikita OkhotiukBase Set - Uncommon Rookie185RC
BaseNikita OkhotiukBase Set - Rare Rookie235RC
BaseReilly WalshBase Set - Common Rookie110RC
BaseReilly WalshBase Set - Uncommon Rookie160RC
BaseReilly WalshBase Set - Rare Rookie210RC
InsertDawson MercerGenerationsTG-18C
InsertDougie HamiltonGenerationsTG-18B
InsertJack HughesPurple Parallel55
InsertMartin BrodeurFrozen in TimeFT-MB
InsertNico HischierPurple Parallel18
InsertNikita Okhotiuk2005-06 Rookie Premieres Tribute05-NORC
InsertNikita OkhotiukRookie PremierRP-NORC
InsertNikita OkhotiukRookie RenditionsRR-17RC
InsertReilly WalshRookie RenditionsRR-26RC
InsertScott GomezGenerationsTG-18A
RelicDawson MercerGenerations Jersey ParallelTG-18C
RelicDawson MercerTriple RelicsTR-HMH
RelicDougie HamiltonGenerations Jersey ParallelTG-18B
RelicJack HughesOrange Foil Jersey Parallel55
RelicJack HughesBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Patch55
RelicJack HughesTriple RelicsTR-HMH
RelicJesper BrattOrange Foil Jersey Parallel13
RelicMartin BrodeurTriple RelicsTR-BFV
RelicNico HischierOrange Foil Jersey Parallel18
RelicNico HischierBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Patch18
RelicNico HischierTriple RelicsTR-HMH
RelicNikita OkhotiukBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Common Rookie Jersey135RC
RelicNikita OkhotiukBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Uncommon Rookie Patch185RC
RelicNikita OkhotiukRookie Renditions Patch ParallelRR-17RC - No Purple
RelicReilly WalshBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Common Rookie Jersey110RC
RelicReilly WalshBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Uncommon Rookie Patch160RC
RelicReilly WalshBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Rare Rookie Tag210RC
RelicReilly WalshRookie Renditions Jersey ParallelRR-26RC
RelicReilly WalshRookie Renditions Patch ParallelRR-26RC - No Purple
RelicScott GomezGenerations Jersey ParallelTG-18A
AutoDawson MercerGenerations Auto ParallelTG-18C
AutoDawson MercerGenerations Patch Parallel - AutoTG-18C
AutoDougie HamiltonGenerations Auto ParallelTG-18B
AutoJesper BrattBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Patch Auto13
New York Islanders
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseIlya SorokinBase Set51
BaseMathew BarzalBase Set22
InsertIlya SorokinPurple Parallel51
RelicAnders LeeTriple RelicsTR-LBS
RelicIlya SorokinOrange Foil Jersey Parallel51
RelicIlya SorokinBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Patch51
RelicIlya SorokinTriple RelicsTR-LBS
RelicMathew BarzalOrange Foil Jersey Parallel22
RelicMathew BarzalTriple RelicsTR-LBS
AutoBilly Smith2020 UpdateHOFI-BSHOF Inductee Signatures Pucks
AutoBilly Smith2020 UpdateHOFI-BSHOF Inductee Signatures Pucks Team Logo Parallel
AutoBilly Smith2020 UpdateHOFI-BSHOF Inductee Signatures Pucks HOF Logo Parallel
AutoBrock NelsonSignature PucksSP-BN
AutoIlya SorokinGold Auto Parallel51
AutoIlya SorokinCrystalized SignaturesC-IS
AutoJean-Gabriel Pageau2021 UpdateC-JPCrystallized Signatures
AutoKyle PalmieriSignature PucksSP-KP
New York Rangers
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseAdam FoxBase Set69
BaseArtemi PanarinBase Set89
BaseBraden SchneiderBase Set - Common Rookie144RC
BaseBraden SchneiderBase Set - Uncommon Rookie194RC
BaseBraden SchneiderBase Set - Rare Rookie244RC
BaseIgor ShesterkinBase Set90
BaseMika ZibanejadBase Set80
InsertAdam FoxPurple Parallel69
InsertAdam FoxGenerationsTG-20B
InsertArtemi PanarinPurple Parallel89
InsertArtemi PanarinFrozen in TimeFT-AP
InsertBraden SchneiderRookie PremierRP-BSRC
InsertBraden SchneiderRookie RenditionsRR-5RC
InsertBraden SchneiderRookie TriptychsRT-BSRC
InsertBraden SchneiderGenerationsTG-20CRC
InsertIgor ShesterkinFrozen in TimeFT-IS
InsertMark MessierFrozen in TimeFT-ME
InsertMika ZibanejadPurple Parallel80
InsertMike RichterGenerationsTG-20A
RelicAdam FoxOrange Foil Jersey Parallel69
RelicAdam FoxBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Patch69
RelicAdam FoxGenerations Jersey ParallelTG-20B
RelicAdam FoxGenerations Patch ParallelTG-20B
RelicArtemi PanarinOrange Foil Jersey Parallel89
RelicArtemi PanarinBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Patch89
RelicBraden SchneiderBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Common Rookie Jersey144RC
RelicBraden SchneiderBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Uncommon Rookie Patch194RC
RelicBraden SchneiderBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Rare Rookie Tag244RC
RelicBraden SchneiderRookie Renditions Jersey ParallelRR-5RC
RelicBraden SchneiderGenerations Jersey ParallelTG-20CRC
RelicIgor ShesterkinOrange Foil Jersey Parallel90
RelicMika ZibanejadOrange Foil Jersey Parallel80
RelicMika ZibanejadBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Patch80
RelicMike RichterGenerations Jersey ParallelTG-20A
AutoAdam FoxGold Auto Parallel69
AutoAdam Fox2021 UpdateAF-AFAutoFocus
AutoAdam FoxSignature PucksSP-AF
AutoAdam FoxGenerations Auto ParallelTG-20B
AutoAlexis LafreniereSignature PucksSP-AL
AutoBraden SchneiderGold Auto Parallel - Common Rookie144RC
AutoBraden SchneiderGold Auto Parallel - Uncommon Rookie194RC
AutoBraden SchneiderRookie Renditions Auto ParallelRR-5RC
AutoBraden SchneiderRookie Renditions Patch Parallel - AutoRR-5RC - No Purple
AutoBraden SchneiderGenerations Auto ParallelTG-20CRC - No Gold
AutoIgor ShesterkinPurple Parallel - Auto90
AutoIgor ShesterkinGold Auto Parallel90
AutoIgor ShesterkinBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Patch Auto90
AutoIgor ShesterkinAutoFocusAF-IS
AutoK'Andre MillerSignature PucksSP-KM
AutoMike RichterGenerations Auto ParallelTG-20A
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
AutoShane WrightAutoFocus RookiesAFR-SWRC
AutoShane WrightRookie Signature PucksRSP-SWRC
Ottawa Senators
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseAlex DeBrincatBase Set40
BaseBrady TkachukBase Set86
BaseJake SandersonBase Set - Common Rookie140RC
BaseJake SandersonBase Set - Uncommon Rookie190RC
BaseJake SandersonBase Set - Rare Rookie240RC
BaseMads SogaardBase Set - Common Rookie138RC
BaseMads SogaardBase Set - Uncommon Rookie188RC
BaseMads SogaardBase Set - Rare Rookie238RC
BaseMark KastelicBase Set - Common Rookie109RC
BaseMark KastelicBase Set - Uncommon Rookie159RC
BaseMark KastelicBase Set - Rare Rookie209RC
BaseShane PintoBase Set44
BaseTim StutzleBase Set1
BaseViktor LodinBase Set - Common Rookie133RC
BaseViktor LodinBase Set - Uncommon Rookie183RC
BaseViktor LodinBase Set - Rare Rookie233RC
InsertBrady TkachukPurple Parallel86
InsertBrady TkachukGenerationsTG-1B
InsertDany HeatleyGenerationsTG-1A
InsertJake Sanderson2005-06 Rookie Premieres Tribute05-SARC
InsertJake SandersonRookie TriptychsRT-SARC
InsertMads Sogaard2005-06 Rookie Premieres Tribute05-MSRC
InsertMads SogaardRookie PremierRP-MSRC
InsertMads SogaardRookie RenditionsRR-13RC
InsertMads SogaardRookie TriptychsRT-MSRC
InsertMark KastelicRookie RenditionsRR-9RC
InsertTim StutzleGenerationsTG-1C
RelicAlex DeBrincatOrange Foil Jersey Parallel40
RelicBrady TkachukOrange Foil Jersey Parallel86
RelicBrady TkachukBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Patch86
RelicBrady TkachukGenerations Jersey ParallelTG-1B
RelicDany HeatleyGenerations Jersey ParallelTG-1A
RelicJake SandersonBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Common Rookie Jersey140RC
RelicJake SandersonBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Uncommon Rookie Patch190RC
RelicJake SandersonBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Rare Rookie Tag240RC
RelicMads SogaardBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Common Rookie Jersey138RC
RelicMads SogaardBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Uncommon Rookie Patch188RC
RelicMads SogaardBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Rare Rookie Tag238RC
RelicMads SogaardRookie Renditions Jersey ParallelRR-13RC
RelicMark KastelicBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Common Rookie Jersey109RC
RelicMark KastelicBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Uncommon Rookie Patch159RC
RelicMark KastelicBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Rare Rookie Tag209RC
RelicMark KastelicRookie Renditions Jersey ParallelRR-9RC
RelicTim StutzleOrange Foil Jersey Parallel1
RelicTim StutzleGenerations Jersey ParallelTG-1C
AutoAlex DeBrincatPurple Parallel - Auto40
AutoAlex DeBrincatGold Auto Parallel40
AutoAlex DeBrincatBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Patch Auto40
AutoBrady TkachukGold Auto Parallel86
AutoBrady Tkachuk2021 UpdateAF-BTAutoFocus
AutoBrady TkachukCrystalized SignaturesC-BT
AutoBrady Tkachuk2021 UpdateC-BTCrystallized Signatures
AutoBrady TkachukSignature PucksSP-BT
AutoBrady TkachukGenerations Auto ParallelTG-1B
AutoBrady TkachukGenerations Patch Parallel - AutoTG-1B
AutoDany HeatleyGenerations Auto ParallelTG-1A
AutoJake SandersonPurple Parallel - Common Rookie Auto140RC
AutoJake SandersonGold Auto Parallel - Common Rookie140RC
AutoJake SandersonGold Auto Parallel - Uncommon Rookie190RC
AutoJake SandersonGold Auto Parallel - Rare Rookie240RC
AutoMads SogaardPurple Parallel - Common Rookie Auto138RC
AutoMads SogaardGold Auto Parallel - Common Rookie138RC
AutoMads SogaardGold Auto Parallel - Uncommon Rookie188RC
AutoMads SogaardGold Auto Parallel - Rare Rookie238RC
AutoMads SogaardRookie Renditions Auto ParallelRR-13RC
AutoMads SogaardRookie Renditions Patch Parallel - AutoRR-13RC
AutoMads SogaardRookie Signature PucksRSP-MSRC - No NHL Shield
AutoMark KastelicPurple Parallel - Common Rookie Auto109RC
AutoMark KastelicGold Auto Parallel - Common Rookie109RC
AutoMark KastelicGold Auto Parallel - Uncommon Rookie159RC
AutoMark KastelicGold Auto Parallel - Rare Rookie209RC
AutoMark KastelicRookie Renditions Auto ParallelRR-9RC
AutoMark KastelicRookie Renditions Patch Parallel - AutoRR-9RC
AutoShane PintoPurple Parallel - Auto44
AutoShane PintoGold Auto Parallel44
AutoTim StutzlePurple Parallel - Auto1
AutoTim StutzleGold Auto Parallel1
AutoTim StutzleBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Patch Auto1
AutoTim StutzleSignature PucksSP-TS
AutoTim StutzleGenerations Auto ParallelTG-1C
AutoTim StutzleGenerations Patch Parallel - AutoTG-1C
Philadelphia Flyers
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseBobby BrinkBase Set - Common Rookie131RC
BaseBobby BrinkBase Set - Uncommon Rookie181RC
BaseBobby BrinkBase Set - Rare Rookie231RC
BaseCam YorkBase Set23
BaseIsaac RatcliffeBase Set - Common Rookie129RC
BaseIsaac RatcliffeBase Set - Uncommon Rookie179RC
BaseIsaac RatcliffeBase Set - Rare Rookie229RC
BaseJames van RiemsdykBase Set31
BaseNoah CatesBase Set - Common Rookie108RC
BaseNoah CatesBase Set - Uncommon Rookie158RC
BaseNoah CatesBase Set - Rare Rookie208RC
BaseRonnie AttardBase Set - Common Rookie118RC
BaseRonnie AttardBase Set - Uncommon Rookie168RC
BaseRonnie AttardBase Set - Rare Rookie218RC
InsertBobby Brink2005-06 Rookie Premieres Tribute05-BBRC
InsertBobby BrinkRookie PremierRP-BBRC
InsertBobby BrinkRookie RenditionsRR-11RC
InsertBobby BrinkRookie TriptychsRT-BBRC
InsertEric LindrosGenerationsTG-14A
InsertIsaac Ratcliffe2005-06 Rookie Premieres Tribute05-IRRC
InsertIsaac RatcliffeRookie PremierRP-IRRC
InsertIsaac RatcliffeRookie RenditionsRR-19RC
InsertIsaac RatcliffeRookie TriptychsRT-IRRC
InsertIsaac RatcliffeGenerationsTG-14CRC
InsertJames van RiemsdykGenerationsTG-14B
InsertNoah CatesRookie PremierRP-NCRC
InsertNoah CatesRookie RenditionsRR-16RC
InsertRonnie AttardRookie RenditionsRR-33RC
RelicBobby BrinkBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Common Rookie Jersey131RC
RelicBobby BrinkBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Uncommon Rookie Patch181RC
RelicBobby BrinkBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Rare Rookie Tag231RC
RelicBobby BrinkRookie Renditions Jersey ParallelRR-11RC
RelicCam YorkOrange Foil Jersey Parallel23
RelicEric LindrosGenerations Jersey ParallelTG-14A
RelicEric LindrosGenerations Patch ParallelTG-14A
RelicIsaac RatcliffeBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Common Rookie Jersey129RC
RelicIsaac RatcliffeBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Uncommon Rookie Patch179RC
RelicIsaac RatcliffeBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Rare Rookie Tag229RC
RelicIsaac RatcliffeRookie Renditions Jersey ParallelRR-19RC
RelicIsaac RatcliffeGenerations Jersey ParallelTG-14CRC
RelicJames van RiemsdykOrange Foil Jersey Parallel31
RelicJames van RiemsdykGenerations Jersey ParallelTG-14B
RelicJames van RiemsdykGenerations Patch ParallelTG-14B
RelicNoah CatesBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Common Rookie Jersey108RC
RelicNoah CatesBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Uncommon Rookie Patch158RC
RelicNoah CatesBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Rare Rookie Tag208RC
RelicNoah CatesRookie Renditions Jersey ParallelRR-16RC
RelicRonnie AttardBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Common Rookie Jersey118RC
RelicRonnie AttardBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Uncommon Rookie Patch168RC
RelicRonnie AttardBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Rare Rookie Tag218RC
RelicRonnie AttardRookie Renditions Jersey ParallelRR-33RC
AutoBobby BrinkPurple Parallel - Common Rookie Auto131RC
AutoBobby BrinkGold Auto Parallel - Common Rookie131RC
AutoBobby BrinkGold Auto Parallel - Uncommon Rookie181RC
AutoBobby BrinkGold Auto Parallel - Rare Rookie231RC
AutoBobby BrinkRookie Renditions Auto ParallelRR-11RC
AutoBobby BrinkRookie Renditions Patch Parallel - AutoRR-11RC
AutoEric LindrosScripted Hall of Fame PlaquesSHF-EL
AutoEric LindrosGenerations Auto ParallelTG-14A
AutoIsaac RatcliffePurple Parallel - Common Rookie Auto129RC
AutoIsaac RatcliffeGold Auto Parallel - Common Rookie129RC
AutoIsaac RatcliffeGold Auto Parallel - Uncommon Rookie179RC
AutoIsaac RatcliffeGold Auto Parallel - Rare Rookie229RC
AutoIsaac RatcliffeRookie Renditions Auto ParallelRR-19RC
AutoIsaac RatcliffeRookie Renditions Patch Parallel - AutoRR-19RC
AutoIsaac RatcliffeGenerations Auto ParallelTG-14CRC
AutoIsaac RatcliffeGenerations Patch Parallel - AutoTG-14CRC
AutoNoah CatesPurple Parallel - Common Rookie Auto108RC
AutoNoah CatesGold Auto Parallel - Common Rookie108RC
AutoNoah CatesGold Auto Parallel - Uncommon Rookie158RC
AutoNoah CatesGold Auto Parallel - Rare Rookie208RC
AutoNoah CatesRookie Renditions Auto ParallelRR-16RC
AutoNoah CatesRookie Renditions Patch Parallel - AutoRR-16RC
AutoRon HextallSignature PuckstoppersSPU-RH
AutoRonnie AttardPurple Parallel - Common Rookie Auto118RC
AutoRonnie AttardGold Auto Parallel - Common Rookie118RC
AutoRonnie AttardGold Auto Parallel - Uncommon Rookie168RC
AutoRonnie AttardGold Auto Parallel - Rare Rookie218RC
AutoRonnie AttardRookie Renditions Auto ParallelRR-33RC
AutoRonnie AttardRookie Renditions Patch Parallel - AutoRR-33RC
Pittsburgh Penguins
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseEvgeni MalkinBase Set28
BaseFilip HallanderBase Set - Common Rookie121RC
BaseFilip HallanderBase Set - Uncommon Rookie171RC
BaseFilip HallanderBase Set - Rare Rookie221RC
BaseJake GuentzelBase Set70
BaseSidney CrosbyBase Set87
BaseValtteri PuustinenBase Set - Common Rookie116RC
BaseValtteri PuustinenBase Set - Uncommon Rookie166RC
BaseValtteri PuustinenBase Set - Rare Rookie216RC
InsertBrooks OrpikGenerationsTG-15A
InsertEvgeni MalkinRookie Year Photo Variants28
InsertEvgeni MalkinPurple Parallel28
InsertFilip HallanderRookie PremierRP-FHRC
InsertFilip HallanderRookie RenditionsRR-12RC
InsertJaromir JagrFrozen in TimeFT-JJ
InsertKris LetangGenerationsTG-15B
InsertMario LemieuxFrozen in TimeFT-ML
InsertSidney CrosbyRookie Year Photo Variants87
InsertSidney CrosbyPurple Parallel87
InsertSidney CrosbyFrozen in TimeFT-SC
InsertTristan JarryGenerationsTG-15C
RelicBrooks OrpikGenerations Jersey ParallelTG-15A
RelicEvgeni MalkinOrange Foil Jersey Parallel28
RelicEvgeni MalkinBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Patch28
RelicEvgeni MalkinHonorary Triple SwatchesHTS-EM
RelicFilip HallanderBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Common Rookie Jersey121RC
RelicFilip HallanderBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Uncommon Rookie Patch171RC
RelicFilip HallanderBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Rare Rookie Tag221RC
RelicFilip HallanderRookie Renditions Jersey ParallelRR-12RC
RelicFilip HallanderRookie Renditions Patch ParallelRR-12RC - No Purple
RelicJake GuentzelOrange Foil Jersey Parallel70
RelicKris LetangGenerations Jersey ParallelTG-15B
RelicSidney CrosbyOrange Foil Jersey Parallel87
RelicSidney CrosbyBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Patch87
RelicTristan JarryGenerations Jersey ParallelTG-15C
RelicTristan JarryGenerations Patch ParallelTG-15C
RelicValtteri PuustinenBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Common Rookie Jersey116RC
RelicValtteri PuustinenBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Uncommon Rookie Patch166RC
RelicValtteri PuustinenBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Rare Rookie Tag216RC
AutoBrooks OrpikGenerations Auto ParallelTG-15A
AutoBrooks OrpikGenerations Patch Parallel - AutoTG-15A
AutoFilip HallanderPurple Parallel - Common Rookie Auto121RC
AutoFilip HallanderGold Auto Parallel - Common Rookie121RC
AutoFilip HallanderGold Auto Parallel - Uncommon Rookie171RC
AutoFilip HallanderGold Auto Parallel - Rare Rookie221RC
AutoFilip HallanderRookie Renditions Auto ParallelRR-12RC
AutoJake GuentzelGold Auto Parallel70
AutoJake GuentzelBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Patch Auto70
AutoJake Guentzel2021 UpdateC-JGCrystallized Signatures
AutoJason Zucker2021 UpdateAF-JZAutoFocus
AutoKris LetangGenerations Auto ParallelTG-15B
AutoKris LetangGenerations Patch Parallel - AutoTG-15B
AutoMark Recchi2018 Update - Hall of Fame Signature PucksHOFI-MR
AutoMark Recchi2018 Update - Hall of Fame Signature PucksHOFI-MRTeam Logo Parallel
AutoMark Recchi2018 Update - Hall of Fame Signature PucksHOFI-MRNHL Shield Logo Parallel
AutoValtteri PuustinenPurple Parallel - Common Rookie Auto116RC
AutoValtteri PuustinenGold Auto Parallel - Common Rookie116RC
AutoValtteri PuustinenGold Auto Parallel - Uncommon Rookie166RC
AutoValtteri PuustinenGold Auto Parallel - Rare Rookie216RC
San Jose Sharks
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseLane PedersonBase Set61
BaseThomas BordeleauBase Set - Common Rookie126RC
BaseThomas BordeleauBase Set - Uncommon Rookie176RC
BaseThomas BordeleauBase Set - Rare Rookie226RC
BaseTimo MeierBase Set49
BaseTomas HertlBase Set9
InsertJonathan CheechooGenerationsTG-5A
InsertThomas Bordeleau2005-06 Rookie Premieres Tribute05-TBRC
InsertThomas BordeleauRookie PremierRP-TBRC
InsertThomas BordeleauRookie RenditionsRR-20RC
InsertThomas BordeleauRookie TriptychsRT-TBRC
InsertTimo MeierFrozen in TimeFT-TM
InsertTomas HertlGenerationsTG-5B
InsertWilliam EklundGenerationsTG-5C
RelicJonathan CheechooGenerations Jersey ParallelTG-5A
RelicThomas BordeleauBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Common Rookie Jersey126RC
RelicThomas BordeleauBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Uncommon Rookie Patch176RC
RelicThomas BordeleauBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Rare Rookie Tag226RC
RelicTimo MeierOrange Foil Jersey Parallel49
RelicTomas HertlOrange Foil Jersey Parallel9
RelicTomas HertlGenerations Jersey ParallelTG-5B
RelicWilliam EklundGenerations Jersey ParallelTG-5C
AutoBrent BurnsSignature PucksSP-BUNo NHL Shield
AutoJonathan CheechooGenerations Auto ParallelTG-5A
AutoJonathan CheechooGenerations Patch Parallel - AutoTG-5A
AutoLane PedersonPurple Parallel - Auto61
AutoLane PedersonGold Auto Parallel61
AutoThomas BordeleauPurple Parallel - Common Rookie Auto126RC
AutoThomas BordeleauGold Auto Parallel - Common Rookie126RC
AutoThomas BordeleauGold Auto Parallel - Uncommon Rookie176RC
AutoThomas BordeleauGold Auto Parallel - Rare Rookie226RC
AutoThomas BordeleauRookie Renditions Auto ParallelRR-20RC
AutoThomas BordeleauRookie Renditions Patch Parallel - AutoRR-20RC
AutoTimo MeierPurple Parallel - Auto49
AutoTomas HertlPurple Parallel - Auto9
AutoTomas HertlGold Auto Parallel9
AutoTomas HertlBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Patch Auto9
AutoTomas HertlAutoFocusAF-TH
AutoTomas Hertl2021 UpdateC-THCrystallized Signatures
AutoTomas HertlGenerations Auto ParallelTG-5B
AutoTomas HertlGenerations Patch Parallel - AutoTG-5B
AutoWilliam EklundGenerations Auto ParallelTG-5C
AutoWilliam EklundGenerations Patch Parallel - AutoTG-5C
Seattle Kraken
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseJordan EberleBase Set11
BaseMatty BeniersBase Set - Common Rookie149RC
BaseMatty BeniersBase Set - Uncommon Rookie199RC
BaseMatty BeniersBase Set - Rare Rookie249RC
BaseShane WrightBase Set - Common Rookie147RC
BaseShane WrightBase Set - Uncommon Rookie197RC
BaseShane WrightBase Set - Rare Rookie247RC
BaseYanni GourdeBase Set25
InsertMatty Beniers2005-06 Rookie Premieres Tribute05-BERC
InsertMatty BeniersRookie PremierRP-BERC
InsertMatty BeniersRookie RenditionsRR-38RC
InsertMatty BeniersRookie TriptychsRT-MBRC
InsertShane Wright2005-06 Rookie Premieres Tribute05-SWRC
InsertShane WrightRookie PremierRP-SWRC
InsertShane WrightRookie RenditionsRR-40RC
InsertShane WrightRookie TriptychsRT-SWRC
RelicJordan EberleOrange Foil Jersey Parallel11
RelicMatty BeniersBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Common Rookie Jersey149RC
RelicMatty BeniersBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Uncommon Rookie Patch199RC
RelicMatty BeniersBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Rare Rookie Tag249RC
RelicMatty BeniersHonorary Triple SwatchesHTS-MBRC
RelicMatty BeniersRookie Renditions Jersey ParallelRR-38RC
RelicMatty BeniersTriple RelicsTR-PJBRC
RelicShane WrightBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Common Rookie Jersey147RC
RelicShane WrightBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Uncommon Rookie Patch197RC
RelicShane WrightBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Rare Rookie Tag247RC
RelicShane WrightRookie Renditions Jersey ParallelRR-40RC
RelicYanni GourdeOrange Foil Jersey Parallel25
AutoJared McCannSignature PucksSP-JM
AutoJordan EberlePurple Parallel - Auto11
AutoJordan EberleGold Auto Parallel11
AutoJordan EberleBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Patch Auto11
AutoMatty BeniersPurple Parallel - Common Rookie Auto149RC
AutoMatty BeniersGold Auto Parallel - Common Rookie149RC
AutoMatty BeniersGold Auto Parallel - Uncommon Rookie199RC
AutoMatty BeniersGold Auto Parallel - Rare Rookie249RC
AutoMatty BeniersAutoFocus RookiesAFR-MBRC
AutoMatty BeniersRookie Renditions Auto ParallelRR-38RC
AutoMatty BeniersRookie Renditions Patch Parallel - AutoRR-38RC
AutoMatty BeniersRookie Signature PucksRSP-BERC - No Team Logo
AutoShane WrightPurple Parallel - Common Rookie Auto147RC
AutoShane WrightGold Auto Parallel - Common Rookie147RC
AutoShane WrightGold Auto Parallel - Uncommon Rookie197RC
AutoShane WrightGold Auto Parallel - Rare Rookie247RC
AutoShane WrightRookie Renditions Auto ParallelRR-40RC
AutoShane WrightRookie Renditions Patch Parallel - AutoRR-40RC
AutoYanni GourdeGold Auto Parallel25
AutoYanni GourdeBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Patch Auto25
AutoYanni GourdeSignature PucksSP-YGNo NHL Shield
St. Louis Blues
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseJordan KyrouBase Set32
BasePavel BuchnevichBase Set12
BaseVladimir TarasenkoBase Set48
InsertVladimir TarasenkoPurple Parallel48
RelicPavel BuchnevichOrange Foil Jersey Parallel12
RelicVladimir TarasenkoOrange Foil Jersey Parallel48
RelicVladimir TarasenkoBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Patch48
RelicVladimir TarasenkoHonorary Triple SwatchesHTS-VT
AutoKeith TkachukSignature PucksSP-KT
AutoPavel BuchnevichPurple Parallel - Auto12
Tampa Bay Lightning
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseAndrei VasilevskiyBase Set84
BaseNikita KucherovBase Set93
BaseSteven StamkosBase Set88
BaseVictor HedmanBase Set74
InsertAndrei VasilevskiyPurple Parallel84
InsertAndrei VasilevskiyFrozen in TimeFT-AV
InsertNikita KucherovRookie Year Photo Variants93
InsertNikita KucherovPurple Parallel93
InsertNikita KucherovFrozen in TimeFT-NK
InsertSteven StamkosRookie Year Photo Variants88
InsertSteven StamkosPurple Parallel88
InsertVictor HedmanRookie Year Photo Variants74
InsertVictor HedmanPurple Parallel74
InsertVictor HedmanFrozen in TimeFT-VH
RelicAndrei VasilevskiyOrange Foil Jersey Parallel84
RelicAndrei VasilevskiyBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Patch84
RelicAndrei VasilevskiyTriple RelicsTR-BFV
RelicBrayden PointTriple RelicsTR-HKP
RelicNikita KucherovOrange Foil Jersey Parallel93
RelicNikita KucherovBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Patch93
RelicNikita KucherovTriple RelicsTR-HKP
RelicSteven StamkosOrange Foil Jersey Parallel88
RelicSteven StamkosBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Patch88
RelicVictor HedmanOrange Foil Jersey Parallel74
RelicVictor HedmanBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Patch74
RelicVictor HedmanTriple RelicsTR-HKP
AutoAndrei VasilevskiyGold Auto Parallel84
AutoAndrei Vasilevskiy2021 UpdateAF-AVAutoFocus
AutoAndrei VasilevskiySignature PuckstoppersSPU-AV
AutoRoss ColtonSignature PucksSP-RC
Toronto Maple Leafs
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseAuston MatthewsBase Set94
BaseErik KallgrenBase Set - Common Rookie104RC
BaseErik KallgrenBase Set - Uncommon Rookie154RC
BaseErik KallgrenBase Set - Rare Rookie204RC
BaseJohn TavaresBase Set36
BaseMitch MarnerBase Set98
BaseNick AbruzzeseBase Set - Common Rookie111RC
BaseNick AbruzzeseBase Set - Uncommon Rookie161RC
BaseNick AbruzzeseBase Set - Rare Rookie211RC
InsertAuston MatthewsRookie Year Photo Variants94
InsertAuston MatthewsPurple Parallel94
InsertAuston MatthewsFrozen in TimeFT-AM
InsertDoug GilmourGenerationsTG-3A
InsertErik KallgrenRookie RenditionsRR-1RC
InsertErik KallgrenRookie TriptychsRT-EKRC
InsertJohn TavaresPurple Parallel36
InsertJohn TavaresGenerationsTG-3B
InsertMichael BuntingGenerationsTG-3C
InsertMitch MarnerRookie Year Photo Variants98
InsertMitch MarnerPurple Parallel98
InsertMitch MarnerFrozen in TimeFT-MM
InsertNick AbruzzeseRookie RenditionsRR-4RC
RelicAuston MatthewsOrange Foil Jersey Parallel94
RelicAuston MatthewsBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Patch94
RelicAuston MatthewsHonorary Triple SwatchesHTS-AM
RelicDoug GilmourGenerations Jersey ParallelTG-3A
RelicJohn TavaresOrange Foil Jersey Parallel36
RelicJohn TavaresBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Patch36
RelicJohn TavaresGenerations Jersey ParallelTG-3B
RelicJohn TavaresGenerations Patch ParallelTG-3B
RelicJohn TavaresTriple RelicsTR-TMB
RelicMichael BuntingGenerations Jersey ParallelTG-3C
RelicMichael BuntingTriple RelicsTR-TMB
RelicMitch MarnerOrange Foil Jersey Parallel98
RelicMitch MarnerBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Patch98
RelicMitch MarnerTriple RelicsTR-TMB
RelicNick AbruzzeseBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Common Rookie Jersey111RC
RelicNick AbruzzeseBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Uncommon Rookie Patch161RC
RelicNick AbruzzeseBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Rare Rookie Tag211RC
RelicNick AbruzzeseRookie Renditions Jersey ParallelRR-4RC
AutoAuston MatthewsGold Auto Parallel94
AutoDoug GilmourGenerations Auto ParallelTG-3A
AutoErik KallgrenGold Auto Parallel - Common Rookie104RC
AutoErik KallgrenGold Auto Parallel - Uncommon Rookie154RC
AutoErik KallgrenGold Auto Parallel - Rare Rookie204RC
AutoErik KallgrenRookie Renditions Auto ParallelRR-1RC
AutoJack CampbellSignature PuckstoppersSPU-JC
AutoJohn TavaresGold Auto Parallel36
AutoJohn TavaresGenerations Auto ParallelTG-3B
AutoMichael BuntingGenerations Auto ParallelTG-3C
AutoMichael BuntingGenerations Patch Parallel - AutoTG-3C
AutoNick AbruzzesePurple Parallel - Common Rookie Auto111RC
AutoNick AbruzzeseGold Auto Parallel - Common Rookie111RC
AutoNick AbruzzeseGold Auto Parallel - Uncommon Rookie161RC
AutoNick AbruzzeseGold Auto Parallel - Rare Rookie211RC
AutoNick AbruzzeseRookie Renditions Auto ParallelRR-4RC
AutoNick AbruzzeseRookie Renditions Patch Parallel - AutoRR-4RC
AutoNick AbruzzeseRookie Signature PucksRSP-NARC
Vancouver Canucks
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseConor GarlandBase Set5
BaseElias PetterssonBase Set57
BaseJ.T. MillerBase Set85
BaseQuinn HughesBase Set50
InsertElias PetterssonPurple Parallel57
InsertJ.T. MillerPurple Parallel85
InsertJ.T. MillerFrozen in TimeFT-JM
InsertQuinn HughesPurple Parallel50
RelicConor GarlandOrange Foil Jersey Parallel5
RelicElias PetterssonOrange Foil Jersey Parallel57
RelicElias PetterssonBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Patch57
RelicJ.T. MillerOrange Foil Jersey Parallel85
RelicJ.T. MillerBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Patch85
RelicQuinn HughesOrange Foil Jersey Parallel50
RelicQuinn HughesBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Patch50
AutoBrock Boeser2021 UpdateAF-BBAutoFocus
AutoConor GarlandPurple Parallel - Auto5
AutoConor GarlandGold Auto Parallel5
AutoConor GarlandBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Patch Auto5
AutoElias Pettersson2020 UpdateC-EPCrystallized Signatures
AutoElias Pettersson2020 UpdateTWS-EPTrophy Winner Signature Pucks
AutoElias Pettersson2020 UpdateTWS-EPTrophy Winner Signature Pucks Team Logo Parallel
AutoElias Pettersson2020 UpdateTWS-EPTrophy Winner Signature Pucks NHL Shield Logo Parallel
AutoJ.T. MillerGold Auto Parallel85
AutoJ.T. MillerSignature PucksSP-MINo NHL Shield
AutoQuinn HughesCrystalized SignaturesC-QH
AutoQuinn HughesSignature PucksSP-QHNo NHL Shield
AutoTrevor LindenSignature PucksSP-TL
Vegas Golden Knights
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseJack EichelBase Set41
BaseJonathan MarchessaultBase Set19
BaseKaedan KorczakBase Set - Common Rookie127RC
BaseKaedan KorczakBase Set - Uncommon Rookie177RC
BaseKaedan KorczakBase Set - Rare Rookie227RC
BaseMark StoneBase Set53
InsertJack EichelPurple Parallel41
InsertJack EichelFrozen in TimeFT-JE
InsertKaedan Korczak2005-06 Rookie Premieres Tribute05-KKRC
InsertKaedan KorczakRookie PremierRP-KKRC
InsertKaedan KorczakRookie RenditionsRR-22RC
InsertKaedan KorczakRookie TriptychsRT-KKRC
RelicJack EichelOrange Foil Jersey Parallel41
RelicJack EichelBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Patch41
RelicJonathan MarchessaultOrange Foil Jersey Parallel19
RelicKaedan KorczakBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Common Rookie Jersey127RC
RelicKaedan KorczakBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Uncommon Rookie Patch177RC
RelicKaedan KorczakBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Rare Rookie Tag227RC
RelicKaedan KorczakRookie Renditions Jersey ParallelRR-22RC
RelicMark StoneOrange Foil Jersey Parallel53
AutoJonathan MarchessaultGold Auto Parallel19
AutoJonathan MarchessaultBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Patch Auto19
AutoJonathan Marchessault2021 UpdateC-MACrystallized Signatures
AutoKaedan KorczakPurple Parallel - Common Rookie Auto127RC
AutoKaedan KorczakGold Auto Parallel - Common Rookie127RC
AutoKaedan KorczakGold Auto Parallel - Uncommon Rookie177RC
AutoKaedan KorczakGold Auto Parallel - Rare Rookie227RC
AutoKaedan KorczakRookie Renditions Auto ParallelRR-22RC
AutoKaedan KorczakRookie Renditions Patch Parallel - AutoRR-22RC
AutoMark StonePurple Parallel - Auto53
AutoMark StoneGold Auto Parallel53
AutoMark StoneBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Patch Auto53
AutoMark Stone2021 UpdateAF-MSAutoFocus
AutoMark StoneSignature PucksSP-MSNo Team Logo
Washington Capitals
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseAlex OvechkinBase Set91
BaseConnor McMichaelBase Set42
BaseJohn CarlsonBase Set65
BaseTom WilsonBase Set4
InsertAlex OvechkinRookie Year Photo Variants91
InsertAlex OvechkinFrozen in TimeFT-AO
InsertJohn CarlsonPurple Parallel65
RelicAlex OvechkinOrange Foil Jersey Parallel91
RelicAlex OvechkinHonorary Triple SwatchesHTS-AO
RelicConnor McMichaelOrange Foil Jersey Parallel42
RelicJohn CarlsonOrange Foil Jersey Parallel65
RelicJohn CarlsonBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Patch65
RelicTom WilsonOrange Foil Jersey Parallel4
AutoAlex OvechkinPurple Parallel - Auto91
AutoAlex OvechkinGold Auto Parallel91
AutoAlex OvechkinBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Patch Auto91
AutoAlex OvechkinCrystalized SignaturesC-AO
AutoConnor McMichaelPurple Parallel - Auto42
AutoConnor McMichaelGold Auto Parallel42
AutoConnor McMichaelBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Patch Auto42
AutoTom WilsonPurple Parallel - Auto4
AutoTom WilsonGold Auto Parallel4
AutoTom WilsonBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Patch Auto4
AutoTom WilsonSignature PucksSP-TW
Winnipeg Jets
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseDylan SambergBase Set - Common Rookie124RC
BaseDylan SambergBase Set - Uncommon Rookie174RC
BaseDylan SambergBase Set - Rare Rookie224RC
BaseKyle ConnorBase Set78
BaseMark ScheifeleBase Set34
BaseMichael EyssimontBase Set - Common Rookie106RC
BaseMichael EyssimontBase Set - Uncommon Rookie156RC
BaseMichael EyssimontBase Set - Rare Rookie206RC
BaseNikolaj EhlersBase Set38
InsertDylan Samberg2005-06 Rookie Premieres Tribute05-DSRC
InsertDylan SambergRookie PremierRP-DSRC
InsertDylan SambergRookie RenditionsRR-25RC
InsertDylan SambergRookie TriptychsRT-DSRC
InsertKyle ConnorPurple Parallel78
InsertKyle ConnorFrozen in TimeFT-KC
InsertMark ScheifelePurple Parallel34
RelicDylan SambergBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Common Rookie Jersey124RC
RelicDylan SambergBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Uncommon Rookie Patch174RC
RelicDylan SambergBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Rare Rookie Tag224RC
RelicDylan SambergRookie Renditions Jersey ParallelRR-25RC
RelicKyle ConnorOrange Foil Jersey Parallel78
RelicKyle ConnorBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Patch78
RelicKyle ConnorTriple RelicsTR-SEC
RelicMark ScheifeleOrange Foil Jersey Parallel34
RelicMark ScheifeleBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Patch34
RelicMark ScheifeleHonorary Triple SwatchesHTS-SC
RelicMark ScheifeleTriple RelicsTR-SEC
RelicMichael EyssimontBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Common Rookie Jersey106RC
RelicMichael EyssimontBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Uncommon Rookie Patch156RC
RelicMichael EyssimontBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Rare Rookie Tag206RC
RelicNikolaj EhlersOrange Foil Jersey Parallel38
RelicNikolaj EhlersTriple RelicsTR-SEC
AutoDylan SambergPurple Parallel - Common Rookie Auto124RC
AutoDylan SambergGold Auto Parallel - Common Rookie124RC
AutoDylan SambergGold Auto Parallel - Uncommon Rookie174RC
AutoDylan SambergGold Auto Parallel - Rare Rookie224RC
AutoDylan SambergRookie Renditions Auto ParallelRR-25RC
AutoDylan SambergRookie Renditions Patch Parallel - AutoRR-25RC
AutoDylan SambergRookie Signature PucksRSP-DSRC
AutoJosh Morrissey2021 UpdateC-JMCrystallized Signatures
AutoKyle ConnorGold Auto Parallel78
AutoKyle ConnorSignature PucksSP-KCNo NHL Shield
AutoMichael EyssimontPurple Parallel - Common Rookie Auto106RC
AutoMichael EyssimontGold Auto Parallel - Common Rookie106RC
AutoMichael EyssimontGold Auto Parallel - Uncommon Rookie156RC
AutoMichael EyssimontGold Auto Parallel - Rare Rookie206RC
AutoNikolaj EhlersPurple Parallel - Auto38
AutoNikolaj EhlersGold Auto Parallel38
AutoNikolaj EhlersBlack Foil Memorabilia Parallel - Patch Auto38
AutoNikolaj EhlersSignature PucksSP-NE