2022 Panini Donruss Optic Football Checklist

2022 Panini Donruss Optic Football

Release Date: May 31, 2023

One of the most anticipated releases of the year 2022 Donruss Optic is loaded with on-card autographs, parallels, and all of the best rookies the NFL has to offer.

See the full checklist here – 2022 Panini Donruss Optic Football Checklist

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2022 Panini Donruss Optic Football

  • Look for on-card Rated Rookie autographs from Kenny Pickett, Malik Willis, Desmond Ridder, Chris Olave, Garrett Wilson and all of the other top rookies from the 2022 Class.
  • New in 2022, look for Electricity and Jazz parallels within the Base and Rated Rookies sets.
  • Be on the lookout for all-new inserts in Light it Up and Diamond Hands as well as the all-new short-print insert, Blazers.
  • Look for the rare and ultra popular case hit insert, Downtown which parallels down to Gold Vinyl 1/1.

2022 Panini Donruss Optic Football


the base set for 2022 Donruss Optic Football contains 200 veteran cards and 100 Rated Rookie cards. Those collecting on-card autographs are in luck as the 2022 Donruss Optic Football checklist has the Rated Rookies RPS Autographs line.







Continue to hunt for all of that rookie talent with their Rooke Patch Autographs, sequentially numbered to /25.




Be on the lookout for Legendary Patch Autographs, a cardset that features an autograph and a memorabilia swatch from some of the best to ever do it.




Find out how bright your favorite NFL star shines in Light it Up.




Celebrate the legend of some of the biggest stars from the NFL’s present and future with the return of a fanfavorite hobby-exclusive short print, Mythical.




Be on the lookout for another hobby exclusive short print in Rookie Kings, which features unique photography from some of the game’s biggest rookies.




Back for more, Downtown delivers one of the year’s most unique designs! Look for Veterans, Rookies, and Super Bowl Champions.



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  • 10 PARALLELS (8 #’D)
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Arizona Cardinals
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseBudda BakerBase5
BaseJ.J. WattBase4
BaseJames ConnerBase2
BaseKeaontay IngramRated Rookies285
BaseKurt WarnerBase6
BaseKyler MurrayBase1
BaseMarquise BrownBase3
BaseMyjai SandersRated Rookies284
BaseTrey McBrideRated Rookies237
RelicTrey McBrideFirst Year Fresh Blue Hyper37
RelicTrey McBrideRookie Phenoms Blue Hyper37RC
AutoAnquan BoldinDynamic Patch Autographs4
AutoKeaontay IngramRated Rookies Autographs285RC - Only Purple Stars/Red Stars
AutoMyjai SandersRated Rookies Autographs284RC - Only Purple Stars
AutoRondale MooreSignature Series Holo40
AutoTrey McBrideRookie Patch Autographs37RC
AutoTrey McBrideRated Rookies RPS Autographs237RC - Only Purple Stars/Red Stars
Atlanta Falcons
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseA.J. TerrellBase10
BaseArnold EbiketieRated Rookies261
BaseCordarrelle PattersonBase8
BaseDesmond RidderRated Rookies202
BaseDrake LondonRated Rookies207
BaseGrady JarrettBase11
BaseKyle PittsBase9
BaseMichael VickBase12
BaseTroy AndersenRated Rookies273
BaseTyler AllgeierRated Rookies278
InsertDesmond RidderMy House!2
InsertDesmond RidderRed Hot Rookies2RC
InsertDesmond RidderLegendary Logos3
InsertDesmond RidderRookie Kings3RC
InsertDesmond RidderThe Elite Series Rookies3RC
InsertDesmond RidderThe Rookies3RC
InsertDesmond RidderRookie Gridiron Kings4RC
InsertDesmond RidderBlazers14
InsertDesmond RidderMythical19
InsertDesmond RidderDowntown24
InsertDrake LondonRed Hot Rookies3RC
InsertDrake LondonThe Elite Series Rookies5RC
InsertDrake LondonRookie Gridiron Kings6RC
InsertDrake LondonRookie Kings6RC
InsertDrake LondonThe Rookies6RC
InsertDrake LondonLight it Up14
InsertDrake LondonMythical20
InsertDrake LondonDowntown26
RelicDesmond RidderFirst Year Fresh Blue Hyper2
RelicDesmond RidderRookie Phenoms Blue Hyper2RC
RelicDrake LondonFirst Year Fresh Blue Hyper7
RelicDrake LondonRookie Phenoms Blue Hyper7RC
AutoArnold EbiketieRated Rookies Autographs261
AutoDesmond RidderRookie Triple Autographs1RC
AutoDesmond RidderRookie Patch Autographs2RC
AutoDesmond RidderRookie Dual Autographs3RC
AutoDesmond RidderThe Elite Series Rookies Autographs3RC
AutoDesmond RidderThe Rookies Autographs3RC
AutoDesmond RidderRookie Gridiron Kings Autographs4RC
AutoDesmond RidderRated Rookies RPS Autographs202RC
AutoDrake LondonRookie Dual Autographs3RC
AutoDrake LondonRookie Triple Autographs3RC
AutoDrake LondonThe Elite Series Rookies Autographs5RC
AutoDrake LondonRookie Gridiron Kings Autographs6RC
AutoDrake LondonThe Rookies Autographs6RC
AutoDrake LondonRookie Patch Autographs7RC
AutoDrake LondonRated Rookies RPS Autographs207RC
AutoJamal AndersonSignature Series Holo42
AutoMarcus MariotaSignature Series Holo12
AutoTroy AndersenRated Rookies Autographs273
AutoTyler AllgeierRated Rookies Autographs278
Baltimore Ravens
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseDavid OjaboRated Rookies265
BaseJ.K. DobbinsBase14
BaseKyle HamiltonRated Rookies238
BaseLamar JacksonBase13
BaseMark AndrewsBase16
BaseMarlon HumphreyBase18
BaseOdafe OwehBase19
BasePatrick QueenBase17
BaseRashod BatemanBase15
BaseRoquan SmithBase68
InsertLamar JacksonLight it Up1
InsertLamar JacksonDominators2
InsertLamar JacksonMythical4
InsertLamar JacksonLegendary Logos5
InsertLamar JacksonBlazers6
InsertRay LewisSuper Bowl Downtown8
InsertRay LewisDowntown14
RelicKyle HamiltonFirst Year Fresh Blue Hyper38
RelicKyle HamiltonRookie Phenoms Blue Hyper38RC
AutoDavid OjaboRated Rookies Autographs265
AutoJamal LewisSignature Series Holo29
AutoKyle HamiltonRookie Patch Autographs38RC
AutoKyle HamiltonRated Rookies RPS Autographs238RC
AutoRay LewisLegendary Patch Autographs6
Buffalo Bills
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseDevin SingletaryBase21
BaseGabriel DavisBase23
BaseJames CookRated Rookies215
BaseJim KellyBase26
BaseJordan PoyerBase25
BaseJosh AllenBase20
BaseKaiir ElamRated Rookies249
BaseKhalil ShakirRated Rookies294
BaseStefon DiggsBase22
BaseVon MillerBase24
InsertBruce SmithRetro Series15
InsertJames CookRed Hot Rookies6RC
InsertJames CookRookie Gridiron Kings12RC
InsertJames CookRookie Kings14RC
InsertJames CookThe Elite Series Rookies14RC
InsertJames CookThe Rookies20RC
InsertJim KellyRetro Series7
InsertJosh AllenDominators1
InsertJosh AllenMythical1
InsertJosh AllenBlazers2
InsertJosh AllenLight it Up3
InsertJosh AllenMy House!7
InsertJosh AllenDowntown22
InsertStefon DiggsDiamond Hands4
InsertStefon DiggsLight it Up8
InsertStefon DiggsMythical16
InsertStefon DiggsLegendary Logos17
InsertTremaine EdmundsRising Suns5
RelicGabriel DavisDonruss Threads Blue Hyper7
RelicJames CookFirst Year Fresh Blue Hyper15
RelicJames CookRookie Phenoms Blue Hyper15RC
AutoAndre ReedDynamic Patch Autographs2
AutoJames CookRookie Triple Autographs2RC
AutoJames CookRookie Gridiron Kings Autographs12RC
AutoJames CookThe Elite Series Rookies Autographs14RC
AutoJames CookRookie Patch Autographs15RC
AutoJames CookThe Rookies Autographs20RC
AutoJames CookRated Rookies RPS Autographs215RC
AutoJosh AllenDominators Autographs1
AutoJosh AllenDynamic Patch Autographs24
AutoKhalil ShakirRated Rookies Autographs294
AutoThurman ThomasLegendary Patch Autographs14
Carolina Panthers
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseBrian BurnsBase30
BaseDerrick BrownBase31
BaseDJ MooreBase29
BaseD'Onta ForemanBase28
BaseIkem EkwonuRated Rookies253
BaseJaycee HornBase32
BaseMatt CorralRated Rookies204
BaseSam DarnoldBase27
InsertDJ MooreDiamond Hands12
RelicDJ MooreDonruss Threads Blue Hyper3
RelicMatt CorralFirst Year Fresh Blue Hyper4
RelicMatt CorralRookie Phenoms Blue Hyper4RC
AutoBrian BurnsSignature Series Holo35
AutoGreg OlsenDynamic Patch Autographs16
AutoMatt CorralRookie Patch Autographs4RC
AutoMatt CorralRated Rookies RPS Autographs204RC
Chicago Bears
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseCole KmetBase36
BaseDarnell MooneyBase35
BaseDavid MontgomeryBase34
BaseEddie JacksonBase37
BaseJaquan BriskerRated Rookies266
BaseJustin FieldsBase33
BaseKyler GordonRated Rookies262
BaseTrestan EbnerRated Rookies286
BaseVelus Jones Jr.Rated Rookies230
BaseWalter PaytonBase38
InsertJustin FieldsLegendary Logos11
InsertMike DitkaRetro Series11
RelicVelus Jones Jr.First Year Fresh Blue Hyper30
RelicVelus Jones Jr.Rookie Phenoms Blue Hyper30RC
AutoJaquan BriskerRated Rookies Autographs266RC - Only Purple Stars/Red Stars
AutoKyler GordonRated Rookies Autographs262
AutoMike SingletarySignature Series Holo16
AutoTrestan EbnerRated Rookies Autographs286RC - Only Purple Stars/Red Stars
AutoVelus Jones Jr.Rookie Patch Autographs30RC
AutoVelus Jones Jr.Rated Rookies RPS Autographs230RC - Only Purple Stars/Red Stars
AutoWilliam PerrySignature Series Holo31
Cincinnati Bengals
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseCameron Taylor-BrittRated Rookies271
BaseCarson PalmerBase44
BaseDaxton HillRated Rookies257
BaseJa'Marr ChaseBase41
BaseJoe BurrowBase39
BaseJoe MixonBase40
BaseTee HigginsBase42
BaseTyler BoydBase43
InsertJa'Marr ChaseDiamond Hands3
InsertJa'Marr ChaseLegendary Logos7
InsertJa'Marr ChaseBlazers12
InsertJa'Marr ChaseMy House!13
InsertJa'Marr ChaseMythical13
InsertJoe BurrowBlazers4
InsertJoe BurrowLight it Up5
InsertJoe BurrowDominators6
InsertJoe BurrowMy House!12
InsertJoe BurrowDowntown20
RelicJoe MixonDonruss Threads Blue Hyper10
AutoCameron Taylor-BrittRated Rookies Autographs271
AutoT.J. HoushmandzadehDynamic Patch Autographs30
Cleveland Browns
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseAmari CooperBase47
BaseDavid BellRated Rookies232
BaseDavid NjokuBase48
BaseDeshaun WatsonBase45
BaseJerome FordRated Rookies280
BaseJoe ThomasBase50
BaseMartin EmersonRated Rookies275
BaseMyles GarrettBase49
BaseNick ChubbBase46
InsertDeshaun WatsonDowntown5
RelicDavid BellFirst Year Fresh Blue Hyper32
RelicDavid BellRookie Phenoms Blue Hyper32RC
AutoDavid BellRookie Patch Autographs32RC
AutoDavid BellRated Rookies RPS Autographs232RC - Only Purple Stars/Red Stars
AutoJerome FordRated Rookies Autographs280
AutoLeroy KellySignature Series Holo47
AutoMartin EmersonRated Rookies Autographs275RC - Only Purple Stars
Dallas Cowboys
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseCeeDee LambBase54
BaseDak PrescottBase51
BaseDeMarcus LawrenceBase55
BaseEzekiel ElliottBase52
BaseJake FergusonRated Rookies289
BaseJalen TolbertRated Rookies231
BaseMicah ParsonsBase56
BaseSam WilliamsRated Rookies269
BaseTony PollardBase53
BaseTony RomoBase57
InsertCeeDee LambDiamond Hands6
InsertCeeDee LambLegendary Logos13
InsertEmmitt SmithRetro Series1
InsertMicah ParsonsDowntown15
InsertRoger StaubachSuper Bowl Downtown5
InsertRoger StaubachDowntown10
InsertTony DorsettRetro Series12
RelicJalen TolbertFirst Year Fresh Blue Hyper31
RelicJalen TolbertRookie Phenoms Blue Hyper31RC
AutoBob LillySignature Series Holo34
AutoEmmitt SmithSignature Series Holo2
AutoJake FergusonRated Rookies Autographs289
AutoJalen TolbertRookie Patch Autographs31RC
AutoJalen TolbertRated Rookies RPS Autographs231RC - No Base
AutoJason WittenDynamic Patch Autographs20
AutoMarion Barber IIISignature Series Holo43
AutoMichael IrvinLegendary Patch Autographs2
AutoRoger StaubachLegendary Patch Autographs7
AutoRoy WilliamsSignature Series Holo23
AutoSam WilliamsRated Rookies Autographs269
Denver Broncos
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseCourtland SuttonBase60
BaseGreg DulcichRated Rookies288
BaseJavonte WilliamsBase59
BaseJerry JeudyBase61
BaseJohn ElwayBase63
BaseMontrell WashingtonRated Rookies295
BaseNik BonittoRated Rookies270
BasePatrick Surtain IIBase62
BaseRussell WilsonBase58
InsertChamp BaileyRetro Series20
InsertJohn ElwayRetro Series3
InsertPeyton ManningSuper Bowl Downtown3
InsertRussell WilsonDowntown3
InsertRussell WilsonLegendary Logos4
InsertShannon SharpeRetro Series14
InsertTerrell DavisSuper Bowl Downtown6
RelicCourtland SuttonDonruss Threads Blue Hyper2
AutoChamp BaileyDynamic Patch Autographs6
AutoDeMarcus WareDynamic Patch Autographs11
AutoGreg DulcichRated Rookies Autographs288
AutoJavonte WilliamsDynamic Patch Autographs21
AutoJohn ElwaySignature Series Holo3
AutoMontrell WashingtonRated Rookies Autographs295RC - No Base/Blue/Holo/Red/Purple/Pink Velocity
AutoPeyton ManningLegendary Patch Autographs1
AutoRod SmithSignature Series Holo17
Detroit Lions
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseAidan HutchinsonRated Rookies213
BaseAmon-Ra St. BrownBase67
BaseBarry SandersBase69
BaseD'Andre SwiftBase66
BaseJamaal WilliamsBase65
BaseJameson WilliamsRated Rookies208
BaseJared GoffBase64
BaseJosh PaschalRated Rookies267
InsertAidan HutchinsonRed Hot Rookies5RC
InsertAidan HutchinsonRising Suns10
InsertAidan HutchinsonRookie Gridiron Kings10RC
InsertAidan HutchinsonRookie Kings15RC
InsertAidan HutchinsonThe Elite Series Rookies18RC
InsertAidan HutchinsonDowntown29
InsertJameson WilliamsWhite Hot Rookies4RC
InsertJameson WilliamsRookie Gridiron Kings7RC
InsertJameson WilliamsThe Elite Series Rookies10RC
InsertJameson WilliamsThe Rookies11RC
InsertJameson WilliamsRookie Kings13RC
InsertJameson WilliamsDowntown27
RelicAidan HutchinsonFirst Year Fresh Blue Hyper13
RelicAidan HutchinsonRookie Phenoms Blue Hyper13RC
RelicAmon-Ra St. BrownDonruss Threads Blue Hyper1
RelicJameson WilliamsFirst Year Fresh Blue Hyper8
RelicJameson WilliamsRookie Phenoms Blue Hyper8RC
AutoAidan HutchinsonRookie Dual Autographs9RC
AutoAidan HutchinsonRookie Gridiron Kings Autographs10RC
AutoAidan HutchinsonRookie Patch Autographs13RC
AutoAidan HutchinsonThe Elite Series Rookies Autographs18RC
AutoAidan HutchinsonRated Rookies RPS Autographs213RC
AutoBarry SandersLegendary Patch Autographs5
AutoD'Andre SwiftDynamic Patch Autographs10
AutoJamaal WilliamsSignature Series Holo38
AutoJameson WilliamsRookie Gridiron Kings Autographs7RC
AutoJameson WilliamsRookie Patch Autographs8RC
AutoJameson WilliamsThe Elite Series Rookies Autographs10RC
AutoJameson WilliamsThe Rookies Autographs11RC
AutoJameson WilliamsRated Rookies RPS Autographs208RC
AutoJosh PaschalRated Rookies Autographs267RC - No Base/Holo
Green Bay Packers
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseAaron JonesBase71
BaseAaron RodgersBase70
BaseAJ DillonBase72
BaseBrett FavreBase75
BaseChristian WatsonRated Rookies219
BaseDevonte WyattRated Rookies255
BaseJaire AlexanderBase74
BaseQuay WalkerRated Rookies248
BaseRashan GaryBase73
BaseRomeo DoubsRated Rookies235
InsertAaron RodgersDowntown2
InsertAaron RodgersMythical3
InsertAaron RodgersMy House!5
InsertAaron RodgersBlazers7
InsertAaron RodgersSuper Bowl Downtown9
InsertChristian WatsonWhite Hot Rookies7RC
InsertChristian WatsonThe Elite Series Rookies12RC
InsertChristian WatsonThe Rookies15RC
InsertChristian WatsonLight it Up17
InsertChristian WatsonRookie Kings17RC
InsertChristian WatsonRookie Gridiron Kings20RC
InsertRomeo DoubsRookie Kings12RC
RelicChristian WatsonFirst Year Fresh Blue Hyper19
RelicChristian WatsonRookie Phenoms Blue Hyper19RC
RelicRomeo DoubsFirst Year Fresh Blue Hyper35
RelicRomeo DoubsRookie Phenoms Blue Hyper35RC
AutoAaron RodgersDynamic Patch Autographs1
AutoAaron RodgersSignature Series Holo1
AutoAllen LazardSignature Series Holo24
AutoAntonio FreemanSignature Series Holo19
AutoChristian WatsonRookie Dual Autographs5RC
AutoChristian WatsonThe Elite Series Rookies Autographs12RC
AutoChristian WatsonThe Rookies Autographs15RC
AutoChristian WatsonRookie Patch Autographs19RC
AutoChristian WatsonRookie Gridiron Kings Autographs20RC
AutoChristian WatsonRated Rookies RPS Autographs219RC
AutoDevonte WyattRated Rookies Autographs255
AutoDorsey LevensSignature Series Holo46
AutoQuay WalkerRated Rookies Autographs248RC - Only Purple Stars/Red Stars
AutoRomeo DoubsRookie Dual Autographs5RC
AutoRomeo DoubsRookie Patch Autographs35RC
AutoRomeo DoubsRated Rookies RPS Autographs235RC - Only Purple Stars/Red Stars
Houston Texans
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseBrandin CooksBase80
BaseDameon PierceRated Rookies240
BaseDavis MillsBase76
BaseDerek Stingley Jr.Rated Rookies244
BaseJalen PitreRated Rookies260
BaseJohn Metchie IIIRated Rookies217
BaseLaremy TunsilBase77
BaseNico CollinsBase79
InsertAndre JohnsonRetro Series19
InsertDameon PierceRed Hot Rookies10RC
InsertDameon PierceRookie Kings10RC
InsertDameon PierceThe Elite Series Rookies17RC
InsertDameon PierceLight it Up18
InsertDameon PierceThe Rookies19RC
RelicDameon PierceFirst Year Fresh Blue Hyper40
RelicDameon PierceRookie Phenoms Blue Hyper40RC
RelicDavis MillsDonruss Threads Blue Hyper5
RelicJohn Metchie IIIFirst Year Fresh Blue Hyper17
RelicJohn Metchie IIIRookie Phenoms Blue Hyper17RC
AutoDameon PierceThe Elite Series Rookies Autographs17RC
AutoDameon PierceThe Rookies Autographs19RC
AutoDameon PierceRookie Patch Autographs40RC
AutoDameon PierceRated Rookies RPS Autographs240RC
AutoDavid CarrSignature Series Holo36
AutoDerek Stingley Jr.Rated Rookies Autographs244
AutoJalen PitreRated Rookies Autographs260
AutoJohn Metchie IIIRookie Patch Autographs17RC
AutoJohn Metchie IIIRated Rookies RPS Autographs217RC - Only Purple Stars/Red Stars
AutoNico CollinsSignature Series Holo44
Indianapolis Colts
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseAlec PierceRated Rookies221
BaseDeForest BucknerBase86
BaseJelani WoodsRated Rookies287
BaseJonathan TaylorBase83
BaseMatt RyanBase82
BaseMichael Pittman Jr.Base84
BasePeyton ManningBase87
BaseShaquille LeonardBase85
InsertAlec PierceThe Elite Series Rookies13RC
InsertAlec PierceThe Rookies14RC
InsertAndrew LuckRising Suns4
InsertJonathan TaylorLegendary Logos9
InsertJonathan TaylorLight it Up9
InsertJonathan TaylorMy House!14
InsertJonathan TaylorDowntown16
InsertMichael Pittman Jr.Diamond Hands13
InsertPeyton ManningRising Suns2
RelicAlec PierceFirst Year Fresh Blue Hyper21
RelicAlec PierceRookie Phenoms Blue Hyper21RC
RelicMichael Pittman Jr.Donruss Threads Blue Hyper12
AutoAdam VinatieriSignature Series Holo15
AutoAlec PierceThe Elite Series Rookies Autographs13RC
AutoAlec PierceThe Rookies Autographs14RC
AutoAlec PierceRookie Patch Autographs21RC
AutoAlec PierceRated Rookies RPS Autographs221RC
AutoMichael Pittman Jr.Signature Series Holo11
Jacksonville Jaguars
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseChristian KirkBase91
BaseDevin LloydRated Rookies254
BaseEvan EngramBase101
BaseJosh AllenBase92
BaseSnoop ConnerRated Rookies279
BaseTony BoselliBase93
BaseTravis Etienne Jr.Base90
BaseTravon WalkerRated Rookies225
BaseTrevor LawrenceBase88
BaseZay JonesBase89
InsertTravon WalkerWhite Hot Rookies9RC
InsertTravon WalkerRookie Gridiron Kings17RC
InsertTravon WalkerThe Elite Series Rookies19RC
InsertTrevor LawrenceBlazers8
InsertTrevor LawrenceMythical9
InsertTrevor LawrenceLegendary Logos16
RelicTravon WalkerFirst Year Fresh Blue Hyper25
RelicTravon WalkerRookie Phenoms Blue Hyper25RC
RelicTrevor LawrenceDonruss Threads Blue Hyper16
AutoMaurice Jones-DrewSignature Series Holo18
AutoSnoop ConnerRated Rookies Autographs279RC - No Holo
AutoTravon WalkerRookie Dual Autographs9RC
AutoTravon WalkerRookie Patch Autographs25RC
AutoTravon WalkerRated Rookies RPS Autographs225RC
Kansas City Chiefs
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseBryan CookRated Rookies272
BaseChris JonesBase78
BaseClyde Edwards-HelaireBase95
BaseGeorge KarlaftisRated Rookies256
BaseJuJu Smith-SchusterBase96
BaseL'Jarius SneedBase99
BaseNick BoltonBase98
BasePatrick Mahomes IIBase94
BaseSkyy MooreRated Rookies224
BaseTony GonzalezBase100
BaseTravis KelceBase97
BaseTrent McDuffieRated Rookies247
InsertPatrick Mahomes IIBlazers1
InsertPatrick Mahomes IIRising Suns1
InsertPatrick Mahomes IILight it Up2
InsertPatrick Mahomes IIDominators3
InsertPatrick Mahomes IIMy House!4
InsertPatrick Mahomes IIMythical5
InsertPatrick Mahomes IIDowntown7
InsertSkyy MooreRed Hot Rookies8RC
InsertSkyy MooreRookie Gridiron Kings16RC
InsertSkyy MooreThe Rookies16RC
InsertTravis KelceLegendary Logos12
RelicSkyy MooreFirst Year Fresh Blue Hyper24
RelicSkyy MooreRookie Phenoms Blue Hyper24RC
AutoBryan CookRated Rookies Autographs272
AutoGeorge KarlaftisRated Rookies Autographs256
AutoSkyy MooreRookie Gridiron Kings Autographs16RC - No Base
AutoSkyy MooreThe Rookies Autographs16RC - No Base
AutoSkyy MooreRookie Patch Autographs24RC
AutoSkyy MooreRated Rookies RPS Autographs224RC - Only Purple Stars/Red Stars
AutoTrent McDuffieRated Rookies Autographs247RC - Only Purple Stars/Red Stars
Las Vegas Raiders
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseCharles WoodsonBase107
BaseDarren WallerBase105
BaseDavante AdamsBase103
BaseHunter RenfrowBase104
BaseJosh JacobsBase102
BaseMaxx CrosbyBase106
BaseZamir WhiteRated Rookies234
InsertBo JacksonDowntown13
InsertDavante AdamsDowntown4
InsertDavante AdamsDiamond Hands5
InsertDavante AdamsMy House!9
InsertDavante AdamsLegendary Logos10
InsertHowie LongRetro Series23
RelicJosh JacobsDonruss Threads Blue Hyper9
RelicZamir WhiteFirst Year Fresh Blue Hyper34
RelicZamir WhiteRookie Phenoms Blue Hyper34RC
AutoBo JacksonLegendary Patch Autographs11
AutoCharles WoodsonLegendary Patch Autographs3
AutoDerek CarrSignature Series Holo6
AutoDerek CarrDynamic Patch Autographs12
AutoHowie LongDynamic Patch Autographs18
AutoZamir WhiteRookie Patch Autographs34RC
AutoZamir WhiteRated Rookies RPS Autographs234RC
Los Angeles Chargers
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseAntonio GatesBase114
BaseAustin EkelerBase109
BaseDerwin James Jr.Base113
BaseIsaiah SpillerRated Rookies216
BaseJustin HerbertBase108
BaseKeenan AllenBase110
BaseKhalil MackBase112
BaseMike WilliamsBase111
InsertAustin EkelerLegendary Logos20
InsertJoey BosaRising Suns8
InsertJustin HerbertDominators4
InsertJustin HerbertLight it Up4
InsertJustin HerbertBlazers5
InsertJustin HerbertMythical8
InsertJustin HerbertMy House!11
InsertJustin HerbertDowntown21
InsertKeenan AllenDiamond Hands9
InsertLaDainian TomlinsonRetro Series16
RelicIsaiah SpillerFirst Year Fresh Blue Hyper16
RelicIsaiah SpillerRookie Phenoms Blue Hyper16RC
RelicMike WilliamsDonruss Threads Blue Hyper13
AutoDerwin James Jr.Dynamic Patch Autographs14
AutoIsaiah SpillerRookie Patch Autographs16RC
AutoIsaiah SpillerRated Rookies RPS Autographs216RC
AutoJustin HerbertDominators Autographs4
AutoJustin HerbertSignature Series Holo5
AutoJustin HerbertDynamic Patch Autographs25
AutoRashawn SlaterSignature Series Holo39
Los Angeles Rams
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseAaron DonaldBase118
BaseAllen Robinson IIBase117
BaseCooper KuppBase116
BaseEric DickersonBase120
BaseJalen RamseyBase119
BaseKyren WilliamsRated Rookies281
BaseMatthew StaffordBase115
InsertAaron DonaldMy House!19
InsertCooper KuppDiamond Hands1
InsertCooper KuppLegendary Logos6
InsertCooper KuppMy House!6
InsertCooper KuppDominators9
InsertCooper KuppBlazers11
InsertCooper KuppDowntown17
InsertKurt WarnerRetro Series5
InsertKurt WarnerDowntown9
InsertMarshall FaulkRetro Series8
InsertMatthew StaffordSuper Bowl Downtown1
AutoKyren WilliamsRated Rookies Autographs281
Miami Dolphins
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseDan MarinoBase126
BaseErik EzukanmaRated Rookies239
BaseJaylen WaddleBase123
BaseMike GesickiBase124
BaseSkylar ThompsonRated Rookies276
BaseTua TagovailoaBase121
BaseTyreek HillBase122
BaseXavien HowardBase125
InsertTua TagovailoaMythical7
InsertTua TagovailoaBlazers10
InsertTyreek HillDiamond Hands7
InsertTyreek HillLight it Up7
InsertTyreek HillLegendary Logos14
InsertTyreek HillMythical15
InsertZach ThomasRetro Series25
RelicErik EzukanmaFirst Year Fresh Blue Hyper39
RelicErik EzukanmaRookie Phenoms Blue Hyper39RC
AutoDan MarinoSignature Series Holo4
AutoDan MarinoDynamic Patch Autographs9
AutoErik EzukanmaRookie Patch Autographs39RC
AutoErik EzukanmaRated Rookies RPS Autographs239RC
AutoJason TaylorDynamic Patch Autographs19
AutoJaylen WaddleSignature Series Holo20
AutoJaylen WaddleDynamic Patch Autographs22
AutoRaheem MostertSignature Series Holo49
AutoSkylar ThompsonRated Rookies Autographs276
AutoTua TagovailoaSignature Series Holo9
AutoTua TagovailoaDynamic Patch Autographs29
Minnesota Vikings
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseAdam ThielenBase130
BaseAndrew Booth Jr.Rated Rookies264
BaseDalvin CookBase128
BaseHarrison SmithBase131
BaseJalen NailorRated Rookies297
BaseJustin JeffersonBase129
BaseKirk CousinsBase127
BaseLewis CineRated Rookies258
BaseRandy MossBase132
BaseTy ChandlerRated Rookies282
InsertAdrian PetersonDowntown8
InsertCris CarterRetro Series10
InsertFran TarkentonRetro Series18
InsertJustin JeffersonDiamond Hands2
InsertJustin JeffersonMy House!8
InsertJustin JeffersonDominators10
RelicDalvin CookDonruss Threads Blue Hyper8
AutoAdrian PetersonDynamic Patch Autographs3
AutoJalen NailorRated Rookies Autographs297
AutoJohn RandleSignature Series Holo14
AutoLewis CineRated Rookies Autographs258
AutoTy ChandlerRated Rookies Autographs282
New England Patriots
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseBailey ZappeRated Rookies229
BaseDamien HarrisBase134
BaseJakobi MeyersBase136
BaseKevin HarrisRated Rookies283
BaseKyle DuggerBase138
BaseMac JonesBase133
BaseMatt JudonBase137
BasePierre Strong Jr.Rated Rookies241
BaseRhamondre StevensonBase135
BaseTyquan ThorntonRated Rookies222
InsertBailey ZappeThe Rookies4RC
InsertBailey ZappeRookie Kings19RC
InsertTom BradySuper Bowl Downtown2
InsertWes WelkerRetro Series24
RelicBailey ZappeFirst Year Fresh Blue Hyper29
RelicBailey ZappeRookie Phenoms Blue Hyper29RC
RelicDamien HarrisDonruss Threads Blue Hyper4
RelicMac JonesDonruss Threads Blue Hyper11
RelicPierre Strong Jr.First Year Fresh Blue Hyper41
RelicPierre Strong Jr.Rookie Phenoms Blue Hyper41RC
RelicTyquan ThorntonFirst Year Fresh Blue Hyper22
RelicTyquan ThorntonRookie Phenoms Blue Hyper22RC
AutoBailey ZappeThe Rookies Autographs4RC
AutoBailey ZappeRookie Dual Autographs8RC
AutoBailey ZappeRookie Patch Autographs29RC
AutoBailey ZappeRated Rookies RPS Autographs229RC
AutoKevin HarrisRated Rookies Autographs283
AutoPierre Strong Jr.Rookie Patch Autographs41RC
AutoPierre Strong Jr.Rated Rookies RPS Autographs241RC
AutoRob GronkowskiLegendary Patch Autographs12
AutoTyquan ThorntonRookie Dual Autographs8RC
AutoTyquan ThorntonRookie Patch Autographs22RC
AutoTyquan ThorntonRated Rookies RPS Autographs222RC - Only Purple Stars/Red Stars
AutoWillie McGinestSignature Series Holo22
New Orleans Saints
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseAlontae TaylorRated Rookies300
BaseAlvin KamaraBase140
BaseCameron JordanBase143
BaseChris OlaveRated Rookies209
BaseDemario DavisBase139
BaseDrew BreesBase144
BaseMark Ingram IIBase141
BaseMichael ThomasBase142
InsertCameron JordanRising Suns9
InsertChris OlaveRed Hot Rookies4RC
InsertChris OlaveRookie Kings5RC
InsertChris OlaveThe Elite Series Rookies6RC
InsertChris OlaveThe Rookies7RC
InsertChris OlaveRookie Gridiron Kings8RC
InsertChris OlaveLight it Up13
InsertChris OlaveMythical22
InsertChris OlaveDowntown28
RelicChris OlaveFirst Year Fresh Blue Hyper9
RelicChris OlaveRookie Phenoms Blue Hyper9RC
AutoAlontae TaylorRated Rookies Autographs300RC - Only Purple Stars/Red Stars
AutoChris OlaveRookie Triple Autographs3RC
AutoChris OlaveThe Elite Series Rookies Autographs6RC
AutoChris OlaveThe Rookies Autographs7RC
AutoChris OlaveRookie Gridiron Kings Autographs8RC
AutoChris OlaveRookie Patch Autographs9RC
AutoChris OlaveRated Rookies RPS Autographs209RC
AutoDeuce McAllisterDynamic Patch Autographs13
AutoJoe HornDynamic Patch Autographs23
AutoJoe HornSignature Series Holo27
New York Giants
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseAzeez OjulariBase149
BaseDaniel BellingerRated Rookies290
BaseDaniel JonesBase145
BaseDexter LawrenceBase147
BaseEli ManningBase150
BaseEvan NealRated Rookies251
BaseKayvon ThibodeauxRated Rookies245
BaseLeonard WilliamsBase148
BaseSaquon BarkleyBase146
BaseWan'Dale RobinsonRated Rookies220
InsertEli ManningRising Suns3
InsertEli ManningSuper Bowl Downtown10
InsertEli ManningDowntown11
InsertSaquon BarkleyDominators7
InsertSaquon BarkleyLight it Up10
RelicWan'Dale RobinsonFirst Year Fresh Blue Hyper20
RelicWan'Dale RobinsonRookie Phenoms Blue Hyper20RC
AutoEvan NealRated Rookies Autographs251RC - Only Purple Stars/Red Stars
AutoHarry CarsonSignature Series Holo30
AutoKayvon ThibodeauxRated Rookies Autographs245
AutoLawrence TaylorLegendary Patch Autographs9
AutoTiki BarberDynamic Patch Autographs28
AutoWan'Dale RobinsonRookie Patch Autographs20RC
AutoWan'Dale RobinsonRated Rookies RPS Autographs220RC - Only Purple Stars/Red Stars
New York Jets
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseAhmad "Sauce" GardnerRated Rookies228
BaseBreece HallRated Rookies214
BaseCorey DavisBase154
BaseGarrett WilsonRated Rookies206
BaseJeremy RuckertRated Rookies291
BaseJermaine Johnson IIRated Rookies250
BaseJoe NamathBase156
BaseMichael CarterBase152
BaseMike WhiteBase151
BaseQuinnen WilliamsBase155
InsertAhmad "Sauce" GardnerRed Hot Rookies9RC
InsertAhmad "Sauce" GardnerMythical12
InsertAhmad "Sauce" GardnerRookie Kings16RC
InsertAhmad "Sauce" GardnerRookie Gridiron Kings18RC
InsertAhmad "Sauce" GardnerLight it Up19
InsertAhmad "Sauce" GardnerThe Elite Series Rookies20RC
InsertBreece HallWhite Hot Rookies6RC
InsertBreece HallRookie Kings9RC
InsertBreece HallRookie Gridiron Kings11RC
InsertBreece HallThe Elite Series Rookies15RC
InsertBreece HallThe Rookies17RC
InsertBreece HallMythical25
InsertGarrett WilsonWhite Hot Rookies3RC
InsertGarrett WilsonRookie Kings4RC
InsertGarrett WilsonRookie Gridiron Kings5RC
InsertGarrett WilsonThe Elite Series Rookies7RC
InsertGarrett WilsonThe Rookies8RC
InsertGarrett WilsonLight it Up12
InsertGarrett WilsonMythical21
InsertGarrett WilsonDowntown25
InsertJoe NamathRetro Series2
RelicAhmad "Sauce" GardnerFirst Year Fresh Blue Hyper28
RelicAhmad "Sauce" GardnerRookie Phenoms Blue Hyper28RC
RelicBreece HallFirst Year Fresh Blue Hyper14
RelicBreece HallRookie Phenoms Blue Hyper14RC
RelicGarrett WilsonFirst Year Fresh Blue Hyper6
RelicGarrett WilsonRookie Phenoms Blue Hyper6RC
AutoAhmad "Sauce" GardnerRookie Dual Autographs10RC
AutoAhmad "Sauce" GardnerRookie Gridiron Kings Autographs18RC
AutoAhmad "Sauce" GardnerThe Elite Series Rookies Autographs20RC
AutoAhmad "Sauce" GardnerRookie Patch Autographs28RC
AutoAhmad "Sauce" GardnerRated Rookies RPS Autographs228RC
AutoBreece HallRookie Triple Autographs2RC
AutoBreece HallRookie Dual Autographs4RC
AutoBreece HallRookie Gridiron Kings Autographs11RC
AutoBreece HallRookie Patch Autographs14RC
AutoBreece HallThe Elite Series Rookies Autographs15RC
AutoBreece HallThe Rookies Autographs17RC
AutoBreece HallRated Rookies RPS Autographs214RC
AutoElijah MooreSignature Series Holo32
AutoGarrett WilsonRookie Triple Autographs3RC
AutoGarrett WilsonRookie Dual Autographs4RC
AutoGarrett WilsonRookie Gridiron Kings Autographs5RC
AutoGarrett WilsonRookie Patch Autographs6RC
AutoGarrett WilsonThe Elite Series Rookies Autographs7RC
AutoGarrett WilsonThe Rookies Autographs8RC
AutoGarrett WilsonRated Rookies RPS Autographs206RC
AutoJeremy RuckertRated Rookies Autographs291
AutoJermaine Johnson IIRated Rookies Autographs250RC - Only Purple Stars
Philadelphia Eagles
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseA.J. BrownBase159
BaseCarson StrongRated Rookies211
BaseDarius Slay Jr.Base162
BaseDeVonta SmithBase160
BaseDonovan McNabbBase163
BaseFletcher CoxBase161
BaseHaason ReddickBase7
BaseJalen HurtsBase157
BaseJordan DavisRated Rookies246
BaseMiles SandersBase158
BaseNakobe DeanRated Rookies274
InsertA.J. BrownDiamond Hands11
InsertA.J. BrownLegendary Logos19
InsertBrian DawkinsRetro Series22
InsertJalen HurtsDominators5
InsertJalen HurtsLight it Up6
InsertJalen HurtsMythical6
InsertJalen HurtsBlazers9
RelicCarson StrongFirst Year Fresh Blue Hyper11
RelicCarson StrongRookie Phenoms Blue Hyper11RC
RelicDeVonta SmithDonruss Threads Blue Hyper6
AutoA.J. BrownDynamic Patch Autographs8
AutoBrian DawkinsDynamic Patch Autographs5
AutoCarson StrongRookie Patch Autographs11RC
AutoCarson StrongRated Rookies RPS Autographs211RC
AutoDarren SprolesSignature Series Holo41
AutoJalen HurtsDominators Autographs5
AutoJordan DavisRated Rookies Autographs246RC - Only Purple Stars
AutoLane JohnsonSignature Series Holo28
AutoMike QuickSignature Series Holo45
AutoNakobe DeanRated Rookies Autographs274
Pittsburgh Steelers
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseAlex HighsmithBase165
BaseBen RoethlisbergerBase170
BaseCalvin Austin IIIRated Rookies236
BaseDiontae JohnsonBase166
BaseGeorge PickensRated Rookies223
BaseKenny PickettRated Rookies201
BaseMinkah FitzpatrickBase169
BaseNajee HarrisBase164
BasePat FreiermuthBase167
BaseT.J. WattBase168
InsertCameron HeywardRising Suns6
InsertDiontae JohnsonDiamond Hands14
InsertGeorge PickensThe Elite Series Rookies4RC
InsertGeorge PickensWhite Hot Rookies8RC
InsertGeorge PickensRookie Kings11RC
InsertGeorge PickensThe Rookies12RC
InsertGeorge PickensMythical14
InsertGeorge PickensLight it Up15
InsertGeorge PickensRookie Gridiron Kings15RC
InsertGeorge PickensMy House!16
InsertJerome BettisRetro Series13
InsertKenny PickettLegendary Logos1
InsertKenny PickettMy House!1
InsertKenny PickettRookie Gridiron Kings1RC
InsertKenny PickettRookie Kings1RC
InsertKenny PickettThe Elite Series Rookies1RC
InsertKenny PickettThe Rookies1RC
InsertKenny PickettWhite Hot Rookies1RC
InsertKenny PickettLight it Up11
InsertKenny PickettBlazers13
InsertKenny PickettMythical17
InsertKenny PickettDowntown23
InsertNajee HarrisMy House!18
InsertT.J. WattMy House!20
InsertTerry BradshawRetro Series4
RelicCalvin Austin IIIFirst Year Fresh Blue Hyper36
RelicCalvin Austin IIIRookie Phenoms Blue Hyper36RC
RelicGeorge PickensFirst Year Fresh Blue Hyper23
RelicGeorge PickensRookie Phenoms Blue Hyper23RC
RelicKenny PickettFirst Year Fresh Blue Hyper1
RelicKenny PickettRookie Phenoms Blue Hyper1RC
AutoBen RoethlisbergerLegendary Patch Autographs8
AutoCalvin Austin IIIRookie Patch Autographs36RC
AutoCalvin Austin IIIRated Rookies RPS Autographs236RC
AutoDermontti DawsonSignature Series Holo37
AutoGeorge PickensRookie Dual Autographs1RC
AutoGeorge PickensThe Elite Series Rookies Autographs4RC
AutoGeorge PickensThe Rookies Autographs12RC
AutoGeorge PickensRookie Gridiron Kings Autographs15RC
AutoGeorge PickensRookie Patch Autographs23RC
AutoGeorge PickensRated Rookies RPS Autographs223RC
AutoHines WardDynamic Patch Autographs17
AutoJerome BettisLegendary Patch Autographs10
AutoKenny PickettRookie Dual Autographs1RC
AutoKenny PickettRookie Gridiron Kings Autographs1RC
AutoKenny PickettRookie Patch Autographs1RC
AutoKenny PickettRookie Triple Autographs1RC
AutoKenny PickettThe Elite Series Rookies Autographs1RC
AutoKenny PickettThe Rookies Autographs1RC
AutoKenny PickettRated Rookies RPS Autographs201RC
AutoKordell StewartSignature Series Holo33
San Francisco 49ers
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseBrandon AiyukBase173
BaseBrock PurdyRated Rookies277
BaseChristian McCaffreyBase153
BaseDanny GrayRated Rookies233
BaseDeebo SamuelBase172
BaseFred WarnerBase171
BaseGeorge KittleBase174
BaseJoe MontanaBase176
BaseNick BosaBase175
BaseTyrion Davis-PriceRated Rookies226
InsertBrock PurdyDowntown1
InsertBrock PurdyRed Hot Rookies1RC
InsertBrock PurdyRookie Gridiron Kings2RC
InsertBrock PurdyMy House!10
InsertBrock PurdyMythical11
InsertBrock PurdyThe Elite Series Rookies11RC
InsertBrock PurdyThe Rookies13RC
InsertBrock PurdyBlazers15
InsertBrock PurdyLight it Up20
InsertDeebo SamuelDiamond Hands10
InsertDeebo SamuelLegendary Logos15
InsertJerry RiceSuper Bowl Downtown7
InsertJoe MontanaSuper Bowl Downtown4
InsertNick BosaMy House!17
InsertRonnie LottRetro Series21
InsertSteve YoungRetro Series9
RelicDanny GrayFirst Year Fresh Blue Hyper33
RelicDanny GrayRookie Phenoms Blue Hyper33RC
RelicNick BosaDonruss Threads Blue Hyper14
RelicTyrion Davis-PriceFirst Year Fresh Blue Hyper26
RelicTyrion Davis-PriceRookie Phenoms Blue Hyper26RC
AutoBrock PurdyRookie Triple Autographs1RC
AutoBrock PurdyRookie Gridiron Kings Autographs2RC
AutoBrock PurdyThe Elite Series Rookies Autographs11RC
AutoBrock PurdyThe Rookies Autographs13RC
AutoBrock PurdyRated Rookies Autographs277
AutoDanny GrayRookie Dual Autographs7RC
AutoDanny GrayRookie Patch Autographs33RC
AutoDanny GrayRated Rookies RPS Autographs233RC
AutoGeorge KittleSignature Series Holo10
AutoGeorge KittleDynamic Patch Autographs15
AutoSteve YoungLegendary Patch Autographs4
AutoTyrion Davis-PriceRookie Dual Autographs7RC
AutoTyrion Davis-PriceRookie Patch Autographs26RC
AutoTyrion Davis-PriceRated Rookies RPS Autographs226RC
Seattle Seahawks
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseBoye MafeRated Rookies263
BaseCharles CrossRated Rookies252
BaseCoby BryantRated Rookies292
BaseDK MetcalfBase178
BaseGeno SmithBase177
BaseJordyn BrooksBase181
BaseKenneth Walker IIIRated Rookies218
BaseQuandre DiggsBase180
BaseShaun AlexanderBase182
BaseTariq WoolenRated Rookies298
BaseTyler LockettBase179
InsertDK MetcalfLegendary Logos8
InsertDK MetcalfDiamond Hands15
InsertJamal AdamsRising Suns7
InsertKenneth Walker IIIRed Hot Rookies7RC
InsertKenneth Walker IIIRookie Gridiron Kings14RC
InsertKenneth Walker IIILight it Up16
InsertKenneth Walker IIIThe Elite Series Rookies16RC
InsertKenneth Walker IIIRookie Kings18RC
InsertKenneth Walker IIIThe Rookies18RC
InsertKenneth Walker IIIMythical24
RelicKenneth Walker IIIFirst Year Fresh Blue Hyper18
RelicKenneth Walker IIIRookie Phenoms Blue Hyper18RC
AutoCoby BryantRated Rookies Autographs292
AutoKenneth Walker IIIRookie Triple Autographs2RC
AutoKenneth Walker IIIRookie Gridiron Kings Autographs14RC
AutoKenneth Walker IIIThe Elite Series Rookies Autographs16RC
AutoKenneth Walker IIIRookie Patch Autographs18RC
AutoKenneth Walker IIIThe Rookies Autographs18RC
AutoKenneth Walker IIIRated Rookies RPS Autographs218RC
AutoSteve LargentDynamic Patch Autographs27
AutoTariq WoolenRookie Dual Autographs10RC
AutoTariq WoolenRated Rookies Autographs298
Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseAntoine Winfield Jr.Base188
BaseCade OttonRated Rookies293
BaseChris GodwinBase186
BaseDevin WhiteBase187
BaseLeonard FournetteBase184
BaseLogan HallRated Rookies299
BaseMike AlstottBase189
BaseMike EvansBase185
BaseRachaad WhiteRated Rookies243
BaseTom BradyBase183
InsertMike EvansDiamond Hands8
InsertMike EvansLegendary Logos18
InsertRob GronkowskiDowntown12
InsertTom BradyMythical2
InsertTom BradyBlazers3
InsertTom BradyDowntown6
InsertTom BradyMy House!15
AutoCade OttonRated Rookies Autographs293RC - No Blue/Red
AutoChris GodwinDynamic Patch Autographs7
AutoKeyshawn JohnsonLegendary Patch Autographs15
AutoLogan HallRated Rookies Autographs299
AutoRachaad WhiteRated Rookies Autographs243
Tennessee Titans
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseDerrick HenryBase191
BaseHassan HaskinsRated Rookies242
BaseJeffery SimmonsBase194
BaseKevin ByardBase193
BaseKyle PhilipsRated Rookies296
BaseMalik WillisRated Rookies203
BaseRobert WoodsBase192
BaseRoger McCrearyRated Rookies259
BaseRyan TannehillBase190
BaseTreylon BurksRated Rookies212
BaseWarren MoonBase81
InsertDerrick HenryDominators8
InsertDerrick HenryMythical10
InsertEarl CampbellDowntown19
InsertMalik WillisLegendary Logos2
InsertMalik WillisRookie Kings2RC
InsertMalik WillisThe Elite Series Rookies2RC
InsertMalik WillisThe Rookies2RC
InsertMalik WillisWhite Hot Rookies2RC
InsertMalik WillisMy House!3
InsertMalik WillisRookie Gridiron Kings3RC
InsertMalik WillisMythical18
InsertMalik WillisDowntown30
InsertTreylon BurksWhite Hot Rookies5RC
InsertTreylon BurksRookie Kings8RC
InsertTreylon BurksRookie Gridiron Kings9RC
InsertTreylon BurksThe Elite Series Rookies9RC
InsertTreylon BurksThe Rookies10RC
InsertWarren MoonRetro Series17
RelicHassan HaskinsFirst Year Fresh Blue Hyper42
RelicHassan HaskinsRookie Phenoms Blue Hyper42RC
RelicMalik WillisFirst Year Fresh Blue Hyper3
RelicMalik WillisRookie Phenoms Blue Hyper3RC
RelicTreylon BurksFirst Year Fresh Blue Hyper12
RelicTreylon BurksRookie Phenoms Blue Hyper12RC
AutoHassan HaskinsRookie Patch Autographs42RC
AutoHassan HaskinsRated Rookies RPS Autographs242RC
AutoKevin ByardSignature Series Holo26
AutoKyle PhilipsRated Rookies Autographs296RC - Only Purple Stars/Red Stars
AutoMalik WillisRookie Dual Autographs2RC
AutoMalik WillisThe Elite Series Rookies Autographs2RC
AutoMalik WillisThe Rookies Autographs2RC
AutoMalik WillisRookie Gridiron Kings Autographs3RC
AutoMalik WillisRookie Patch Autographs3RC
AutoMalik WillisRated Rookies RPS Autographs203RC
AutoRoger McCrearyRated Rookies Autographs259
AutoTreylon BurksRookie Dual Autographs2RC
AutoTreylon BurksRookie Gridiron Kings Autographs9RC
AutoTreylon BurksThe Elite Series Rookies Autographs9RC
AutoTreylon BurksThe Rookies Autographs10RC
AutoTreylon BurksRookie Patch Autographs12RC
AutoTreylon BurksRated Rookies RPS Autographs212RC
Washington Commanders
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseAntonio GibsonBase196
BaseBrian Robinson Jr.Rated Rookies227
BaseClinton PortisBase200
BaseDaron PayneBase195
BaseJahan DotsonRated Rookies210
BaseJonathan AllenBase198
BaseMontez SweatBase199
BasePhidarian MathisRated Rookies268
BaseSam HowellRated Rookies205
BaseTerry McLaurinBase197
InsertBrian Robinson Jr.White Hot Rookies10RC
InsertJahan DotsonRookie Kings7RC
InsertJahan DotsonThe Elite Series Rookies8RC
InsertJahan DotsonThe Rookies9RC
InsertJahan DotsonRookie Gridiron Kings13RC
InsertJahan DotsonMythical23
InsertJohn RigginsRetro Series6
InsertSam HowellThe Rookies5RC
InsertSam HowellRookie Gridiron Kings19RC
InsertSam HowellRookie Kings20RC
InsertSean TaylorDowntown18
RelicBrian Robinson Jr.First Year Fresh Blue Hyper27
RelicBrian Robinson Jr.Rookie Phenoms Blue Hyper27RC
RelicJahan DotsonFirst Year Fresh Blue Hyper10
RelicJahan DotsonRookie Phenoms Blue Hyper10RC
RelicSam HowellFirst Year Fresh Blue Hyper5
RelicSam HowellRookie Phenoms Blue Hyper5RC
RelicTerry McLaurinDonruss Threads Blue Hyper15
AutoBrian Robinson Jr.Rookie Dual Autographs6RC
AutoBrian Robinson Jr.Rookie Patch Autographs27RC
AutoBrian Robinson Jr.Rated Rookies RPS Autographs227RC - Only Purple Stars/Red Stars
AutoJahan DotsonRookie Dual Autographs6RC
AutoJahan DotsonThe Elite Series Rookies Autographs8RC
AutoJahan DotsonThe Rookies Autographs9RC
AutoJahan DotsonRookie Patch Autographs10RC
AutoJahan DotsonRookie Gridiron Kings Autographs13RC
AutoJahan DotsonRated Rookies RPS Autographs210RC
AutoJoe TheismannSignature Series Holo25
AutoMark RypienSignature Series Holo48
AutoPhidarian MathisRated Rookies Autographs268
AutoSam HowellRookie Patch Autographs5RC
AutoSam HowellThe Rookies Autographs5RC
AutoSam HowellRookie Gridiron Kings Autographs19RC
AutoSam HowellRated Rookies RPS Autographs205RC