2022 Panini Immaculate UFC Checklist

2022 Panini Immaculate UFC

Release Date: February 15, 2023

2022 Immaculate UFC returns to showcase the top past and present legends of the Octagon! Look for 3 autographs and 2 memorabilia cards per box, on average!

See the full checklist here – 2022 Panini Immaculate UFC Checklist

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2022 Panini Immaculate UFC

  • New in 2022 – Look for unique themed autograph sets in Immaculate Celebrations, Immaculate Legends and Immaculate Inductions!
  • Find an abundance of on-card autographs, including Rookie Memorabilia Autographs, Premium Memorabilia Autographs and All- Time Greats Signatures!
  • Chase jumbo prime memorabilia from an abundance of unique pieces of fighter-worn material, including shorts, walkout pants and gloves!
  • Look for authentic UFC fight/walkout-worn material swatches in UFC Fight Night Memorabilia!

 2022 Panini Immaculate UFC

Autographed Memorabilia Cards

Collect a variety of unique autographed memorabilia cards, including stunning Acetate parallels limited to 8 copies!










Find a variety of on-card autographs from all eras of UFC!

IMMACULATE CELEBRATIONS, Valentina Shevcheno IMMACULATE MOMENTS, Khabib Nurmagomedov 2022 Panini Immaculate UFC - IMMACULATE LEGENDS, Anderson Silva
Memorabilia Cards

Look for more oversized memorabilia cards in 2022 Immaculate UFC!








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100 card set.
Parallels - Red #/25, Gold #/10, Green #/5, Platinum 1/1.

1Ryan HallFeatherweight Men
2Jan BlachowiczLight Heavyweight Men
3Carla EsparzaStrawweight Women
4Deiveson FigueiredoFlyweight Men
5Lauren MurphyFlyweight Women
6Merab DvalishviliBantamweight Men
7Jon JonesLight Heavyweight Men
8Dustin PoirierLightweight Men
9Belal MuhammadWelterweight Men
10Shavkat RakhmonovWelterweight Men
11Bryce MitchellFeatherweight Men
12Aleksandar RakicLight Heavyweight Men
13Julianna PenaBantamweight Women
14Brandon MorenoFlyweight Men
15Mackenzie DernStrawweight Women
16Sean O'MalleyBantamweight Men
17Anthony SmithLight Heavyweight Men
18Islam MakhachevLightweight Men
19Ian GarryWelterweight Men
20Li JingliangWelterweight Men
21Urijah FaberBantamweight Men
22Magomed AnkalaevLight Heavyweight Men
23Amanda NunesFeatherweight Women
24Kai Kara-FranceFlyweight Men
25Jessica AndradeFlyweight Women
26Alexander VolkanovskiFeatherweight Men
27Movsar EvloevFeatherweight Men
28Conor McGregorLightweight Men
29Rafael Dos AnjosLightweight Men
30Israel AdesanyaMiddleweight Men
31Frankie EdgarBantamweight Men
32Dustin JacobyLight Heavyweight Men
33Katlyn ChookagianFlyweight Women
34Askar AskarovFlyweight Men
35Yan XiaonanStrawweight Women
36Max HollowayFeatherweight Men
37Nate DiazWelterweight Men
38Mateusz GamrotLightweight Men
39Bobby GreenLightweight Men
40Robert WhittakerMiddleweight Men
41Dominick CruzBantamweight Men
42Francis NgannouHeavyweight Men
43Rose NamajunasStrawweight Women
44Aljamain SterlingBantamweight Men
45Manon FiorotFlyweight Women
46Brian OrtegaFeatherweight Men
47Andre MunizMiddleweight Men
48Kamaru UsmanWelterweight Men
49Beneil DariushLightweight Men
50Jared CannonierMiddleweight Men
51Song YadongBantamweight Men
52Ciryl GaneHeavyweight Men
53Zhang WeiliStrawweight Women
54Petr YanBantamweight Men
55Maycee BarberFlyweight Women
56Yair RodriguezFeatherweight Men
57Dricus du PlessisMiddleweight Men
58Colby CovingtonWelterweight Men
59Paddy PimblettLightweight Men
60Marvin VettoriMiddleweight Men
61Said NurmagomedovBantamweight Men
62Stipe MiocicHeavyweight Men
63Ketlen VieiraBantamweight Women
64TJ DillashawBantamweight Men
65Miesha TateBantamweight Women
66Giga ChikadzeFeatherweight Men
67Jim MillerLightweight Men
68Leon EdwardsWelterweight Men
69Michael ChandlerLightweight Men
70Paulo CostaMiddleweight Men
71Abubakar NurmagomedovWelterweight Men
72Tai TuivasaHeavyweight Men
73Taila SantosFlyweight Women
74Jose AldoBantamweight Men
75Andrei ArlovskiHeavyweight Men
76Ilia TopuriaFeatherweight Men
77Robbie LawlerWelterweight Men
78Khamzat ChimaevWelterweight Men
79Chan Sung JungFeatherweight Men
80Derek BrunsonMiddleweight Men
81Jack ShoreBantamweight Men
82Alexander VolkovHeavyweight Men
83Marina RodriguezStrawweight Women
84Cory SandhagenBantamweight Men
85Derrick LewisHeavyweight Men
86Charles OliveiraLightweight Men
87Gilbert BurnsWelterweight Men
88Jorge MasvidalWelterweight Men
89Cub SwansonFeatherweight Men
90Jiri ProchazkaLight Heavyweight Men
91Umar NurmagomedovBantamweight Men
92Valentina ShevchenkoFlyweight Women
93Holly HolmBantamweight Women
94Marlon VeraBantamweight Men
95Shogun RuaLight Heavyweight Men
96Justin GaethjeLightweight Men
97Vicente LuqueWelterweight Men
98Sean BradyWelterweight Men
99Arnold AllenFeatherweight Men
100Glover TeixeiraLight Heavyweight Men
2021 Panini Immaculate Collection UFC

2 card set.

1Tony FergusonLightweight MenMemorabilia Autographs
1Tony FergusonLightweight MenMemorabilia Autographs Acetate
1Tony FergusonLightweight MenMemorabilia Autographs Gold
1Tony FergusonLightweight MenMemorabilia Autographs Platinum
1Tony FergusonLightweight MenMemorabilia Autographs Red
1Tony FergusonLightweight MenPremium Memorabilia Autographs
1Tony FergusonLightweight MenPremium Memorabilia Autographs Acetate
1Tony FergusonLightweight MenPremium Memorabilia Autographs Gold
1Tony FergusonLightweight MenPremium Memorabilia Autographs Platinum
1Tony FergusonLightweight MenPremium Memorabilia Autographs Red
1Donald CerroneWelterweight MenMarks of Greatness
2Tony FergusonLightweight MenMarks of Greatness
All-Time Greats Signatures

19 card set.
Parallels - Gold #/10, Platinum 1/1.

1Henry CejudoBantamweight Men
2Khabib NurmagomedovLightweight Men
4Georges St-PierreWelterweight Men
5Chael SonnenMiddleweight Men
6Royce GracieWelterweight Men
7Mark ColemanHeavyweight Men
8Chuck LiddellLight Heavyweight Men
9Rich FranklinMiddleweight Men
10BJ PennWelterweight Men
11Dan HendersonMiddleweight Men
12Brock LesnarHeavyweight Men
13Antonio Rodrigo NogueiraHeavyweight Men
14Anderson SilvaMiddleweight Men
15Rashad EvansLight Heavyweight Men
16Daniel CormierHeavyweight Men
17Forrest GriffinLight Heavyweight Men
18Tito OrtizLight Heavyweight Men
19Matt BrownWelterweight Men
20Matt HughesWelterweight Men
Dual Autographs

30 card set.

1Forrest GriffinLight Heavyweight Men
1Shogun RuaLight Heavyweight Men
2Amanda NunesBantamweight Women
2Valentina ShevchenkoBantamweight Women
3Kamaru UsmanWelterweight Men
3Jorge MasvidalWelterweight Men
4TJ DillashawBantamweight Men
4Cody GarbrandtBantamweight Men
5Alexander VolkanovskiFeatherweight Men
5Brian OrtegaFeatherweight Men
6Tito OrtizLight Heavyweight Men
6Forrest GriffinLight Heavyweight Men
7Justin GaethjeLightweight Men
7Michael ChandlerLightweight Men
8Georges St-PierreWelterweight Men
8Matt HughesWelterweight Men
9Shogun RuaLight Heavyweight Men
9Dan HendersonLight Heavyweight Men
10Daniel CormierHeavyweight Men
10Stipe MiocicHeavyweight Men
11Matt HughesWelterweight Men
11BJ PennWelterweight Men
12Petr YanBantamweight Men
12Aljamain SterlingBantamweight Men
13Charles OliveiraLightweight Men
13Michael ChandlerLightweight Men
14Amanda NunesBantamweight Women
14Julianna PenaBantamweight Women
15Kamaru UsmanWelterweight Men
15Colby CovingtonWelterweight Men
16Antonio Rodrigo NogueiraHeavyweight Men
16Cain VelasquezHeavyweight Men
17Khabib NurmagomedovLightweight Men
17Islam MakhachevLightweight Men
18Georges St-PierreWelterweight Men
18BJ PennWelterweight Men
19Dustin PoirierFeatherweight Men
19Chan Sung JungFeatherweight Men
20Tito OrtizLight Heavyweight Men
20Chuck LiddellLight Heavyweight Men
21Nate DiazWelterweight Men
21Leon EdwardsWelterweight Men
22Anderson SilvaLight Heavyweight Men
22Forrest GriffinLight Heavyweight Men
23Derrick LewisHeavyweight Men
23Ciryl GaneHeavyweight Men
24Khabib NurmagomedovLightweight Men
24Dustin PoirierLightweight Men
25Colby CovingtonWelterweight Men
25Jorge MasvidalWelterweight Men
26TJ DillashawBantamweight Men
26Henry CejudoBantamweight Men
27Daniel CormierOther
27Jon AnikOther
28Anderson SilvaMiddleweight Men
28Chael SonnenMiddleweight Men
29TJ DillashawBantamweight Men
29Dominick CruzBantamweight Men
30Matt HughesWelterweight Men
30Royce GracieWelterweight Men
Immaculate Celebrations

14 card set.

1Donald CerroneLightweight Men
2Israel AdesanyaMiddleweight Men
4Nate DiazWelterweight Men
5Aljamain SterlingBantamweight Men
6Derrick LewisHeavyweight Men
7Sean O'MalleyBantamweight Men
8Khabib NurmagomedovLightweight Men
9Valentina ShevchenkoFlyweight Women
10Anderson SilvaMiddleweight Men
11Jose AldoBantamweight Men
12Chuck LiddellLight Heavyweight Men
13Andrei ArlovskiHeavyweight Men
14Tito OrtizLight Heavyweight Men
15Merab DvalishviliBantamweight Men
Immaculate Inductions

10 card set.

1Forrest GriffinLight Heavyweight Men
2Tito OrtizLight Heavyweight Men
3Georges St-PierreWelterweight Men
4Matt HughesWelterweight Men
5Rich FranklinMiddleweight Men
6Rashad EvansLight Heavyweight Men
7Urijah FaberBantamweight Men
8Royce GracieWelterweight Men
9Antonio Rodrigo NogueiraHeavyweight Men
10BJ PennLightweight Men
Immaculate Legends

14 card set.

1Daniel CormierHeavyweight Men
2Forrest GriffinLight Heavyweight Men
3Tito OrtizLight Heavyweight Men
5Brock LesnarHeavyweight Men
6Chael SonnenMiddleweight Men
7Anderson SilvaMiddleweight Men
8Rashad EvansLight Heavyweight Men
9Royce GracieWelterweight Men
10Mark ColemanHeavyweight Men
11Chuck LiddellLight Heavyweight Men
12Rich FranklinMiddleweight Men
13Matt HughesWelterweight Men
14Antonio Rodrigo NogueiraHeavyweight Men
15Georges St-PierreMiddleweight Men
Immaculate Milestones

12 card set.

1Anderson SilvaMiddleweight Men
2Tito OrtizLight Heavyweight Men
3Donald CerroneLightweight Men
4Georges St-PierreWelterweight Men
5Andrei ArlovskiHeavyweight Men
7Charles OliveiraLightweight Men
8Matt BrownWelterweight Men
9Derrick LewisHeavyweight Men
11Edson BarbozaFeatherweight Men
12Ciryl GaneHeavyweight Men
14TJ DillashawBantamweight Men
15Valentina ShevchenkoFlyweight Women
Immaculate Moments

14 card set.

1Miesha TateBantamweight Women
2Georges St-PierreMiddleweight Men
3Merab DvalishviliBantamweight Men
4BJ PennWelterweight Men
5Julianna PenaBantamweight Women
6Henry CejudoBantamweight Men
7Charles OliveiraLightweight Men
8Khabib NurmagomedovLightweight Men
9Zhang WeiliStrawweight Women
10Kamaru UsmanWelterweight Men
12Daniel CormierHeavyweight Men
13Glover TeixeiraLight Heavyweight Men
14Amanda NunesFeatherweight Women
15Jiri ProchazkaLight Heavyweight Men
Marks of Greatness

34 card set.
Parallels - Gold #/10, Platinum 1/1.

1Daniel CormierHeavyweight Men
2Amanda RibasFlyweight Women
3Edmen ShahbazyanMiddleweight Men
4Tom AspinallHeavyweight Men
5Joe LauzonLightweight Men
6Paul CraigLight Heavyweight Men
7Pedro MunhozBantamweight Men
10Adrian YanezBantamweight Men
11Nate DiazWelterweight Men
12Angela HillStrawweight Women
13Geoff NealWelterweight Men
15Johnny WalkerLight Heavyweight Men
16Jalin TurnerLightweight Men
17Tatiana SuarezStrawweight Women
18Grant DawsonLightweight Men
19Kamaru UsmanWelterweight Men
20Chris DaukausHeavyweight Men
21BJ PennLightweight Men
22Aspen LaddBantamweight Women
23Irene AldanaBantamweight Women
24Rafael FizievLightweight Men
26Max GriffinWelterweight Men
27Tecia TorresStrawweight Women
28Billy QuarantilloFeatherweight Men
29Georges St-PierreWelterweight Men
30Alex PerezFlyweight Men
31Khamzat ChimaevWelterweight Men
32Carla EsparzaStrawweight Women
34Sean StricklandMiddleweight Men
35Nina NunesStrawweight Women
36Li JingliangWelterweight Men
38Alex MoronoWelterweight Men
39Israel AdesanyaMiddleweight Men
40Alexa GrassoFlyweight Women
Memorabilia Autographs

38 card set.
Parallels - Red #/25, Gold #/10, Green #/5, Platinum 1/1.
Acetate Parallels - Acetate #/8.

1Henry CejudoBantamweight Men
2Deiveson FigueiredoFlyweight MenNo Base
3Shogun RuaLight Heavyweight MenNo Base
4Angela HillStrawweight Women
5Urijah FaberBantamweight Men
7Jose AldoBantamweight Men
8Alexander VolkanovskiFeatherweight Men
9Viviane AraujoFlyweight WomenNo Base
10Brandon MorenoFlyweight Men
11Petr YanBantamweight Men
12Derrick LewisHeavyweight Men
13Stipe MiocicHeavyweight MenNo Base
14Holly HolmBantamweight Women
15Valentina ShevchenkoFlyweight Women
16Carla EsparzaStrawweight Women
17Justin GaethjeLightweight Men
18Aljamain SterlingBantamweight Men
19Mackenzie DernStrawweight Women
20Charles OliveiraLightweight Men
21Rose NamajunasStrawweight Women
22Dominick CruzBantamweight Men
23TJ DillashawBantamweight Men
24Alex PerezFlyweight Men
26Joanna JedrzejczykStrawweight Women
27Kamaru UsmanWelterweight Men
28Alexa GrassoFlyweight Women
29Miesha TateBantamweight Women
30Aspen LaddBantamweight Women
31Sean O'MalleyBantamweight Men
32Donald CerroneLightweight Men
33Tony FergusonLightweight Men
34Amanda RibasFlyweight Women
35Zhang WeiliStrawweight Women
36Nina NunesStrawweight Women
37Tecia TorresStrawweight Women
38Beneil DariushLightweight Men
39Michael ChandlerLightweight Men
40Colby CovingtonWelterweight Men
Premium Memorabilia Autographs

47 card set.
Parallels - Red #/10, Gold #/5, Green #/3, Platinum 1/1.
Acetate Parallels - Acetate #/8.

1Israel AdesanyaMiddleweight Men
2Jorge MasvidalWelterweight Men
3Aleksandar RakicLight Heavyweight Men
4Kelvin GastelumMiddleweight MenNo Base
5Brandon MorenoFlyweight Men
6Merab DvalishviliBantamweight Men
7Cody GarbrandtBantamweight Men
8Rob FontBantamweight Men
9Dustin PoirierLightweight Men
11Jair RozenstruikHeavyweight Men
12Josh EmmettFeatherweight Men
13Alexander VolkanovskiFeatherweight Men
14Khabib NurmagomedovLightweight Men
16Michael ChiesaWelterweight Men
17Curtis BlaydesHeavyweight Men
18Matt BrownWelterweight Men
19Giga ChikadzeFeatherweight Men
20Uriah HallMiddleweight Men
21Jessica AndradeFlyweight Women
22Julianna PenaBantamweight Women
23Amanda NunesFeatherweight Women
24Khamzat ChimaevWelterweight Men
25Calvin KattarFeatherweight Men
27Derek BrunsonMiddleweight Men
28Edson BarbozaFeatherweight Men
29Glover TeixeiraLight Heavyweight Men
30Urijah FaberBantamweight Men
31Jiri ProchazkaLight Heavyweight Men
32Justin GaethjeLightweight Men
33Andrei ArlovskiHeavyweight Men
34Leon EdwardsWelterweight MenNo Base
35Chan Sung JungFeatherweight Men
36Petr YanBantamweight Men
37Derrick LewisHeavyweight Men
38Santiago PonzinibbioWelterweight Men
39Neil MagnyWelterweight MenNo Base
40Jack HermanssonMiddleweight MenNo Base
41Edmen ShahbazyanMiddleweight Men
42Kamaru UsmanWelterweight Men
43Belal MuhammadWelterweight Men
44Magomed AnkalaevLight Heavyweight MenNo Base
45Ciryl GaneHeavyweight Men
46Rafael Dos AnjosLightweight Men
47Donald CerroneLightweight Men
48Sean O'MalleyBantamweight Men
49Islam MakhachevLightweight Men
50Vicente LuqueWelterweight Men
Rookie Memorabilia Autographs

10 card set.
Parallels - Red #/49, Gold #/10, Green #/5, Platinum 1/1.
Acetate Parallels - Acetate #/8.

101Tom AspinallHeavyweight Men
102Rafael FizievLightweight Men
103Sean StricklandMiddleweight Men
104Paul CraigLight Heavyweight Men
105Daniel RodriguezWelterweight Men
106Grant DawsonLightweight Men
107Billy QuarantilloFeatherweight Men
108Max GriffinWelterweight Men
109Adrian YanezBantamweight Men
110Chris DaukausHeavyweight Men
Shadowbox Signatures

35 card set.
Parallels - Gold #/10, Platinum 1/1.

1Tom AspinallHeavyweight Men
2Joe LauzonLightweight Men
3Paul CraigLight Heavyweight Men
4Pedro MunhozBantamweight Men
7Adrian YanezBantamweight Men
8Royce GracieWelterweight Men
9Amanda RibasFlyweight Women
10Edmen ShahbazyanMiddleweight Men
12Johnny WalkerLight Heavyweight Men
13Jalin TurnerLightweight Men
14Tatiana SuarezStrawweight Women
15Grant DawsonLightweight Men
16Brock LesnarHeavyweight Men
17Chris DaukausHeavyweight Men
18Chuck LiddellLight Heavyweight Men
19Angela HillStrawweight Women
20Geoff NealWelterweight Men
21Rafael FizievLightweight Men
23Max GriffinWelterweight Men
24Tecia TorresStrawweight Women
25Billy QuarantilloFeatherweight Men
26Anderson SilvaMiddleweight Men
27Alex PerezFlyweight Men
28Khamzat ChimaevWelterweight Men
29Aspen LaddBantamweight Women
30Irene AldanaBantamweight Women
31Sean StricklandMiddleweight Men
32Nina NunesStrawweight Women
33Li JingliangWelterweight Men
34Viviane AraujoFlyweight Women
35Alex MoronoWelterweight Men
36Jorge MasvidalWelterweight Men
37Alexa GrassoFlyweight Women
38Islam MakhachevLightweight Men
39Carla EsparzaStrawweight Women
Fight Night Memorabilia

49 card set.
Parallels - Red #/25 or less, Gold #/10 or less, Platinum 1/1.

1Paul CraigLight Heavyweight Men
2Ciryl GaneHeavyweight Men
3Rob FontBantamweight Men
4Derek BrunsonMiddleweight Men
5Tai TuivasaHeavyweight Men
6Glover TeixeiraLight Heavyweight Men
8Alex MoronoWelterweight Men
9Magomed AnkalaevLight Heavyweight Men
10Billy QuarantilloFeatherweight Men
11Paul CraigLight Heavyweight Men
12Daniel RodriguezWelterweight Men
13Rob FontBantamweight Men
14Derrick LewisHeavyweight Men
15Tecia TorresStrawweight Women
16Grant DawsonLightweight Men
17Jessica AndradeStrawweight Women
18Angela HillStrawweight Women
19Maycee BarberFlyweight Women
20Carla EsparzaStrawweight Women
21Pedro MunhozBantamweight Men
22Daniel RodriguezWelterweight Men
23Robert WhittakerMiddleweight Men
24Edson BarbozaFeatherweight Men
25Uriah HallMiddleweight Men
26Grant DawsonFeatherweight Men
27Joe LauzonLightweight Men
28Aspen LaddBantamweight Women
29Michael ChiesaWelterweight Men
30Carla EsparzaStrawweight Women
31Rafael Dos AnjosLightweight Men
32Deiveson FigueiredoFlyweight Men
33Robert WhittakerMiddleweight Men
34Felicia SpencerFeatherweight Women
35Vicente LuqueWelterweight Men
36Israel AdesanyaMiddleweight Men
37Katlyn ChookagianFlyweight Women
38Belal MuhammadWelterweight Men
39Neil MagnyWelterweight Men
40Chan Sung JungFeatherweight Men
41Rafael Dos AnjosWelterweight Men
42Derek BrunsonMiddleweight Men
43Sean BradyWelterweight Men
44Giga ChikadzeFeatherweight Men
45Vicente LuqueWelterweight Men
46Jack HermanssonMiddleweight Men
47Leon EdwardsWelterweight Men
48Beneil DariushLightweight Men
49Nina NunesStrawweight Women
50Chris DaukausHeavyweight Men
Jumbo Memorabilia

59 card set.
Versions - Shorts #/19 or less, Training Shirt #/12 or less, Glove #/8, Jersey #/8 or less, Training Shorts #/7 or less, Hats #/6 or #/4, Walkout Pants #/4 or less, Hoodie #/3 or less, Sports Bra 1/1.

1Shogun RuaLight Heavyweight Men
2Glover TeixeiraLight Heavyweight Men
3Jalin TurnerLightweight Men
4Mike PerryWelterweight Men
5Josh EmmettFeatherweight Men
6Aspen LaddBantamweight Women
7Michael ChiesaWelterweight Men
8Chan Sung JungFeatherweight Men
9Rafael Dos AnjosLightweight Men
10Derrick LewisHeavyweight Men
11Stipe MiocicHeavyweight Men
12Grant DawsonLightweight Men
14Aleksandar RakicLight Heavyweight Men
15Justin GaethjeLightweight Men
16Belal MuhammadWelterweight Men
17Miesha TateBantamweight Women
18Charles OliveiraLightweight Men
19Rob FontBantamweight Men
20Dominick CruzBantamweight Men
21Tecia TorresStrawweight Women
22Henry CejudoBantamweight Men
23Jan BlachowiczLight Heavyweight Men
24Alex MoronoWelterweight Men
25Kamaru UsmanWelterweight Men
26Billy QuarantilloFeatherweight Men
27Movsar EvloevFeatherweight Men
28Chris DaukausHeavyweight Men
29Rose NamajunasStrawweight Women
30Donald CerroneWelterweight Men
31TJ DillashawBantamweight Men
32Holly HolmBantamweight Women
33Jessica AndradeFlyweight Women
34Alex PerezFlyweight Men
35Karol RosaBantamweight Women
36Brandon MorenoFlyweight Men
37Neil MagnyWelterweight Men
38Colby CovingtonWelterweight Men
39Santiago PonzinibbioWelterweight Men
40Felicia SpencerFeatherweight Women
41Urijah FaberBantamweight Men
42Jack HermanssonMiddleweight Men
43Joanna JedrzejczykStrawweight Women
44Alexander VolkanovskiFeatherweight Men
45Mackenzie DernStrawweight Women
46Calvin KattarFeatherweight Men
47Pedro MunhozBantamweight Men
48Curtis BlaydesHeavyweight Men
49Sean O'MalleyBantamweight Men
50Geoff NealWelterweight Men
51Valentina ShevchenkoFlyweight Women
52Jair RozenstruikHeavyweight Men
53Joe LauzonLightweight Men
54Amanda NunesFeatherweight Women
55Nate DiazWelterweight Men
56Carla EsparzaStrawweight Women
57Petr YanBantamweight Men
58Derek BrunsonMiddleweight Men
59Sean StricklandMiddleweight Men
60Giga ChikadzeFeatherweight Men
Jumbo Octagon Canvas

50 card set.

1Paddy PimblettLightweight Men
2Robbie LawlerWelterweight Men
3Shavkat RakhmonovWelterweight Men
4Ian GarryWelterweight Men
5Jim MillerLightweight Men
6Clay GuidaLightweight Men
7Brandon MorenoFlyweight Men
8Terrance McKinneyLightweight Men
9Adrian YanezBantamweight Men
10Charles OliveiraLightweight Men
11Conor McGregorWelterweight Men
12Valentina ShevchenkoFlyweight Women
13Tom AspinallHeavyweight Men
14Khamzat ChimaevWelterweight Men
15Manon FiorotFlyweight Women
16Jamahal HillLight Heavyweight Men
17Israel AdesanyaMiddleweight Men
18Jair RozenstruikHeavyweight Men
19Sean BradyWelterweight Men
20Alexander VolkanovskiFeatherweight Men
21Mateusz GamrotLightweight Men
22Kamaru UsmanWelterweight Men
23Casey O'NeillFlyweight Women
24Mackenzie DernStrawweight Women
25Alex CaceresFeatherweight Men
26Jose AldoBantamweight Men
27Leon EdwardsWelterweight Men
28Marcin TyburaHeavyweight Men
29Deiveson FigueiredoFlyweight Men
30Chris DaukausHeavyweight Men
31Derek BrunsonMiddleweight Men
32Tai TuivasaHeavyweight Men
33Thiago SantosLight Heavyweight Men
34Alex MoronoWelterweight Men
35Marvin VettoriMiddleweight Men
36Rafael FizievLightweight Men
37Movsar EvloevFeatherweight Men
38Francis NgannouHeavyweight Men
39Michel PereiraWelterweight Men
40Jalin TurnerLightweight Men
41Jack ShoreBantamweight Men
42Aljamain SterlingBantamweight Men
43Andrei ArlovskiHeavyweight Men
44Marina RodriguezStrawweight Women
45Belal MuhammadWelterweight Men
46Derrick LewisHeavyweight Men
47Paul CraigLight Heavyweight Men
48Beneil DariushLightweight Men
49Said NurmagomedovBantamweight Men
50Merab DvalishviliBantamweight Men
Remarkable Memorabilia

49 card set.
Parallels - Gold #/10, Platinum 1/1.

1Diego FerreiraLightweight Men
2Shogun RuaLight Heavyweight Men
3Geoff NealWelterweight Men
4Jalin TurnerLightweight Men
5Aleksandar RakicLight Heavyweight Men
6Josh EmmettFeatherweight Men
7Amanda RibasFlyweight Women
8Max GriffinWelterweight Men
9Carla EsparzaStrawweight Women
10Neil MagnyWelterweight Men
11Dominick CruzBantamweight Men
12Stipe MiocicHeavyweight Men
13Gilbert BurnsWelterweight Men
15Alex MoronoWelterweight Men
16Justin GaethjeLightweight Men
17Angela HillStrawweight Women
18Michael ChiesaWelterweight Men
19Charles OliveiraLightweight Men
20Nina NunesStrawweight Women
21Donald CerroneWelterweight Men
22TJ DillashawBantamweight Men
23Grant DawsonLightweight Men
24Jan BlachowiczLight Heavyweight Men
25Alex PerezFlyweight Men
26Karol RosaBantamweight Women
27Aspen LaddBantamweight Women
28Miesha TateBantamweight Women
29Chris DaukausHeavyweight Men
30Pedro MunhozBantamweight Men
31Edmen ShahbazyanMiddleweight Men
32Urijah FaberBantamweight Men
33Henry CejudoBantamweight Men
34Jessica AndradeFlyweight Women
35Alexa GrassoFlyweight Women
36Kelvin GastelumMiddleweight Men
37Billy QuarantilloFeatherweight Men
38Mike PerryWelterweight Men
39Colby CovingtonWelterweight Men
40Santiago PonzinibbioWelterweight Men
41Felicia SpencerFeatherweight Women
42Viviane AraujoFlyweight Women
43Holly HolmBantamweight Women
44Joe LauzonLightweight Men
45Amanda NunesFeatherweight Women
46Marlon VeraBantamweight Men
47Calvin KattarFeatherweight Men
48Movsar EvloevFeatherweight Men
49Derrick LewisHeavyweight Men
50Sean StricklandMiddleweight Men
The Immaculate Standard

40 card set.

1Alexander VolkanovskiFeatherweight Men
2Amanda NunesFeatherweight Women
3Brandon MorenoFlyweight Men
4Carla EsparzaStrawweight Women
5Charles OliveiraLightweight Men
6Ciryl GaneHeavyweight Men
7Colby CovingtonWelterweight Men
8Deiveson FigueiredoFlyweight Men
9Derrick LewisHeavyweight Men
10Nate DiazWelterweight Men
11Dustin PoirierLightweight Men
12Francis NgannouHeavyweight Men
13Frankie EdgarBantamweight Men
14Giga ChikadzeFeatherweight Men
15Glover TeixeiraLight Heavyweight Men
16Henry CejudoBantamweight Men
17Holly HolmBantamweight Women
18Israel AdesanyaMiddleweight Men
19Jan BlachowiczLight Heavyweight Men
20Jiri ProchazkaLight Heavyweight Men
21Joanna JedrzejczykStrawweight Women
22Jorge MasvidalWelterweight Men
23Jose AldoBantamweight Men
24Julianna PenaBantamweight Women
25Justin GaethjeLightweight Men
26Kamaru UsmanWelterweight Men
27Khabib NurmagomedovLightweight Men
28Mackenzie DernStrawweight Women
29Max HollowayFeatherweight Men
30Michael ChandlerLightweight Men
31Miesha TateBantamweight Women
32Petr YanBantamweight Men
33Robert WhittakerMiddleweight Men
34Rose NamajunasStrawweight Women
35Sean O'MalleyBantamweight Men
36Stipe MiocicHeavyweight Men
37TJ DillashawBantamweight Men
38Tony FergusonLightweight Men
39Urijah FaberBantamweight Men
40Valentina ShevchenkoFlyweight Women