2022 Panini Prizm Draft Picks Hobby Baseball Checklist

2022 Panini Prizm Draft Picks Hobby Baseball

Release Date: February 6, 2023

Every Box contains Five Autographs, Five Prizm Silvers, Five Unnumbered Prizms, Five Numbered Prizms, Five Inserts & Two Insert Prizms!

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2022 Panini Prizm Draft Picks Hobby Baseball

Every Box contains Five Autographs, Five Prizm Silvers, Five Unnumbered Prizms, Five Numbered Prizms, Five Inserts & Two Insert Prizms!

2022 Prizm Draft Picks Baseball is back and it is bringing along the Hottest Prospects in the 2022 Class!

Look for Super Short Print Insert Cards like the Color Blast and Lava Flow!

New to this year’s 2022 Prizm Draft Picks Baseball is the Big Man on Campus Insert! Look for parallels like Silver, Gold and Gold-Vinyl!

Looking for your favorite Players? That shouldn’t be an issue with this 220 Card Base Set! Look for the best prospects from the 2022 Draft!

Search for 5 Autograph Cards in every Hobby Box! Look for Parallels such as Gold-Vinyl Autographs numbered only to 1!


SIGNING SESSIONS AUTOGRAPHS: These Signing Session Autographs will have you swinging for the fences! Look for the top players Autographs from your favorite College an Pro Teams!

AUTOGRAPHS PRIZMS GOLD: 2022 Prizm Draft Picks Baseball is going for Gold! These Beautiful Gold Autographs contain the best prospects in all of baseball! Look for top players like Triston Cases numbered only to 10!

COLOR BLAST: Talk about a true pop of color! The Color Blast insert is Super Rare and will only contain the Hottest Prospects in the 2022 Class!

THUNDERSTRUCK: Look for these uniquely designed insert cards! Thunderstruck comes in all different colors, as well as having its own Autograph set! Be on the Lookout for this one of a kind insert!

PRIZMATIC: Making its Debut to Prizm Draft Picks is the new Prizmatic Insert! With a slick black background and a burst of rainbow color, this card is a must have to make any collection stand out!

BIG MAN ON CAMPUS: Speaking of Debuts! The Big Man on Campus Insert is also making its way to Prizm Draft Picks Baseball! Look for different colors, as well as Autograph versions of this insert numbered as low as 1!

BASE PRIZMS: This year’s Prizm Draft Picks Base Set is loaded with Color! With 16 Different Parallel Designs, there are a plethora of options for collectors to search for! Look for your favorite Prospects from this 220-Card Base Set!

5 Packs per Box, 8 Cards per Pack.

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Alabama Crimson Tide
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseConnor PrielippBase48
BaseDylan RayBase108
AutoChase LeeSigning Sessions61
AutoConnor PrielippBase Prizms Autographs Silver48
AutoDylan RayBase Prizms Autographs Silver108
Arizona Diamondbacks
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
AutoChad PatrickSigning Sessions16
AutoDeyvison De Los SantosSigning Sessions78
AutoJeferson EspinalSigning Sessions59
Arizona State Sun Devils
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseJoe LampeBase92
BaseSean McLainBase165
AutoJoe LampeBase Prizms Autographs Silver92
AutoSean McLainBase Prizms Autographs Silver165
Arizona Wildcats
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseDaniel SusacBase19
InsertDaniel SusacBig Man on Campus6
InsertDaniel SusacPrizmatic12
AutoDaniel SusacBig Man on Campus Autographs Prizms Silver6
AutoDaniel SusacPrizmatic Autographs Prizms Silver12
AutoDaniel SusacBase Prizms Autographs Silver19
AutoDonta' WilliamsSigning Sessions44
AutoMatthew FraizerSigning Sessions9
Arkansas Razorbacks
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseCayden WallaceBase49
BasePeyton PalletteBase62
BaseRobert MooreBase72
InsertCayden WallacePower Surge13
InsertPeyton PalletteBig Man on Campus15
AutoCayden WallacePower Surge Prizms Autographs Silver13
AutoCayden WallaceBase Prizms Autographs Silver49
AutoChristian FranklinSigning Sessions62
AutoPeyton PalletteBig Man on Campus Autographs Prizms Silver15
AutoPeyton PalletteBase Prizms Autographs Silver62
AutoRobert MooreBase Prizms Autographs Silver72
Atlanta Braves
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseIgnacio AlvarezBase155
AutoAmbioris TavarezSigning Sessions30
AutoIgnacio AlvarezBase Prizms Autographs Silver155
AutoMichael HarrisSigning Sessions42
AutoRoyber SalinasAutographs51
Auburn Tigers
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseBlake BurkhalterBase76
BaseMason BarnettBase87
BaseSonny DiChiaraBase148
BaseTrace BrightBase137
AutoBlake BurkhalterBase Prizms Autographs Silver76
AutoMason BarnettBase Prizms Autographs Silver87
AutoRyan BlissAutographs69
AutoSonny DiChiaraBase Prizms Autographs Silver148
AutoTrace BrightBase Prizms Autographs Silver137
Ball State Cardinals
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseTyler SchweitzerBase161
AutoChayce McDermottSigning Sessions46
AutoTyler SchweitzerBase Prizms Autographs Silver161
Baltimore Orioles
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseJackson HollidayBase1
AutoCade PovichSigning Sessions100
AutoGunnar HendersonAutographs15
AutoJackson HollidayBase Prizms Autographs Silver1
AutoMaikol HernandezAutographs47
AutoSamuel BasalloSigning Sessions88
AutoStiven AcevedoAutographs2
Baylor Bears
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseJared McKenzieBase141
AutoAndy ThomasSigning Sessions18
AutoJared McKenzieBase Prizms Autographs Silver141
AutoShea LangeliersSigning Sessions94
Boston College Eagles
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseLuke GoldBase147
InsertLuke GoldBrilliance17
AutoCody MorissetteAutographs79
AutoLuke GoldBrilliance Autographs Prizms Silver17
AutoLuke GoldBase Prizms Autographs Silver147
Boston Red Sox
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseBrayan BelloBase214
BaseChase MeidrothBase129
AutoBlaze JordanSigning Sessions58
AutoBrayan BelloAutographs36
AutoBrayan BelloBase Prizms Autographs Silver214
AutoChase MeidrothBase Prizms Autographs Silver129
AutoChris MurphyAutographs80
AutoNick YorkeAutographs41
AutoTriston CasasAutographs26
Butler Bulldogs
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
AutoRyan PepiotSigning Sessions97
BYU Cougars
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseAndrew PintarBase138
AutoAndrew PintarBase Prizms Autographs Silver138
Cal Golden Bears
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseDylan BeaversBase33
BaseJosh WhiteBase142
BaseNathan MartorellaBase150
BaseSteven ZobacBase115
InsertDylan BeaversBig Man on Campus10
InsertDylan BeaversBrilliance20
AutoDarren BakerSigning Sessions14
AutoDylan BeaversBig Man on Campus Autographs Prizms Silver10
AutoDylan BeaversBrilliance Autographs Prizms Silver20
AutoDylan BeaversBase Prizms Autographs Silver33
AutoJosh WhiteBase Prizms Autographs Silver142
AutoKorey LeeSigning Sessions95
AutoNathan MartorellaBase Prizms Autographs Silver150
AutoSteven ZobacBase Prizms Autographs Silver115
Cal Poly Mustangs
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseBrooks LeeBase8
BaseDrew ThorpeBase61
InsertBrooks LeeBig Man on Campus1
InsertBrooks LeeBrilliance1
InsertBrooks LeeColor Blast3
InsertBrooks LeeLava Flow11
InsertDrew ThorpeThunderstruck15
AutoBrooks LeeBig Man on Campus Autographs Prizms Silver1
AutoBrooks LeeBrilliance Autographs Prizms Silver1
AutoBrooks LeeBase Prizms Autographs Silver8
AutoDrew ThorpeThunderstruck Autographs Prizms Silver15
AutoDrew ThorpeBase Prizms Autographs Silver61
Cal Poly Pomona Broncos
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseWill RudyBase162
AutoWill RudyBase Prizms Autographs Silver162
Cal State Fullerton Titans
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
AutoTanner BibeeSigning Sessions2
Central Arizona Vaqueros
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
AutoDayton DooneyAutographs11
Central Michigan Chippewas
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseAndrew TaylorBase80
BaseJakob MarseeBase180
AutoAndrew TaylorBase Prizms Autographs Silver80
AutoJakob MarseeBase Prizms Autographs Silver180
Chicago Cubs
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseDaniel PalenciaBase144
BaseJames TriantosBase212
BaseNick HullBase203
BaseRiley MartinBase216
AutoCaleb KilianAutographs6
AutoCristian HernandezAutographs21
AutoDaniel PalenciaBase Prizms Autographs Silver144
AutoDJ HerzAutographs4
AutoJames TriantosBase Prizms Autographs Silver212
AutoKevin AlcantaraAutographs35
AutoNick HullBase Prizms Autographs Silver203
AutoRiley MartinAutographs3
AutoRiley MartinBase Prizms Autographs Silver216
AutoYohendrick PinangoSigning Sessions89
Chicago White Sox
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
AutoBrooks GossweinSigning Sessions49
AutoBryan RamosSigning Sessions24
AutoTanner McDougalSigning Sessions1
AutoWes KathAutographs60
Cincinnati Reds
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseCam CollierBase18
BaseKenya HugginsBase123
InsertCam CollierPower Surge3
InsertCam CollierLava Flow8
InsertCam CollierBrilliance18
InsertElly De La CruzColor Blast2
AutoAllen CerdaAutographs34
AutoCam CollierPower Surge Prizms Autographs Silver3
AutoCam CollierBase Prizms Autographs Silver18
AutoCam CollierBrilliance Autographs Prizms Silver18
AutoCarlos JorgeSigning Sessions54
AutoDaniel VellojinSigning Sessions28
AutoJay AllenAutographs61
AutoKenya HugginsBase Prizms Autographs Silver123
AutoNoelvi MarteSigning Sessions53
AutoYerlin ConfidanSigning Sessions82
Clemson Tigers
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseMack AnglinBase205
BaseMax WagnerBase42
InsertMax WagnerPower Surge6
InsertMax WagnerBig Man on Campus9
AutoMack AnglinBase Prizms Autographs Silver205
AutoMax WagnerPower Surge Prizms Autographs Silver6
AutoMax WagnerBig Man on Campus Autographs Prizms Silver9
AutoMax WagnerBase Prizms Autographs Silver42
Cleveland Indians
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseGuy Lipscomb Jr.Base151
AutoAaron DavenportAutographs8
AutoAngel MartinezSigning Sessions83
AutoGabriel AriasAutographs13
AutoGeorge ValeraSigning Sessions105
AutoGuy Lipscomb Jr.Base Prizms Autographs Silver151
AutoJose TenaAutographs53
AutoTyler FreemanSigning Sessions106
Coastal Carolina Chanticleers
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseEric BrownBase27
BaseMichael KnorrBase103
BaseReid VanScoterBase156
InsertEric BrownThunderstruck8
AutoEric BrownThunderstruck Autographs Prizms Silver8
AutoEric BrownBase Prizms Autographs Silver27
AutoMichael KnorrBase Prizms Autographs Silver103
AutoReid VanScoterBase Prizms Autographs Silver156
Colorado Rockies
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
AutoAdrian PintoAutographs49
AutoEzequiel TovarSigning Sessions35
AutoWarming BernabelSigning Sessions60
Creighton Bluejays
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseAlan RodenBase98
AutoAlan RodenBase Prizms Autographs Silver98
Dallas Baptist Patriots
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
AutoJackson GlennSigning Sessions45
Davidson Wildcats
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseNolan DeVosBase163
AutoNolan DeVosBase Prizms Autographs Silver163
Detroit Tigers
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
InsertRiley GreeneLava Flow1
AutoIzaac PachecoAutographs56
AutoManuel SequeraAutographs20
AutoRiley GreeneSigning Sessions57
Duke Blue Devils
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseHenry WilliamsBase91
BaseMarcus JohnsonBase112
AutoEthan MurraySigning Sessions70
AutoHenry WilliamsBase Prizms Autographs Silver91
AutoMarcus JohnsonBase Prizms Autographs Silver112
East Carolina Pirates
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseCarson WhisenhuntBase66
InsertCarson WhisenhuntPrizmatic5
AutoCarson WhisenhuntPrizmatic Autographs Prizms Silver5
AutoCarson WhisenhuntBase Prizms Autographs Silver66
AutoConnor NorbyAutographs68
Eastern Illinois Panthers
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseHayden BirdsongBase196
AutoHayden BirdsongBase Prizms Autographs Silver196
Florida Atlantic Owls
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseGabriel RinconesBase93
InsertGabriel RinconesPrizmatic19
AutoGabriel RinconesPrizmatic Autographs Prizms Silver19
AutoGabriel RinconesBase Prizms Autographs Silver93
Florida Gators
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseHunter BarcoBase44
BaseJud FabianBase67
BaseSterlin ThompsonBase31
InsertHunter BarcoBrilliance5
InsertJud FabianPower Surge11
InsertSterlin ThompsonBig Man on Campus13
AutoChristian ScottSigning Sessions7
AutoHunter BarcoBrilliance Autographs Prizms Silver5
AutoHunter BarcoBase Prizms Autographs Silver44
AutoJud FabianPower Surge Prizms Autographs Silver11
AutoJud FabianBase Prizms Autographs Silver67
AutoSterlin ThompsonBig Man on Campus Autographs Prizms Silver13
AutoSterlin ThompsonBase Prizms Autographs Silver31
Florida State Seminoles
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseBryce HubbartBase94
BaseParker MessickBase54
InsertParker MessickBrilliance13
AutoBryce HubbartBase Prizms Autographs Silver94
AutoMatheu NelsonAutographs66
AutoParker MessickBrilliance Autographs Prizms Silver13
AutoParker MessickBase Prizms Autographs Silver54
Fordham Rams
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
AutoMatt MikulskiAutographs77
Georgia Bulldogs
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseJonathan CannonBase101
InsertJonathan CannonPrizmatic8
AutoJonathan CannonPrizmatic Autographs Prizms Silver8
AutoJonathan CannonBase Prizms Autographs Silver101
Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseChandler SimpsonBase70
BaseKevin ParadaBase11
BaseTres GonzalezBase140
BaseZach MaxwellBase183
InsertChandler SimpsonBrilliance6
InsertKevin ParadaPower Surge1
InsertKevin ParadaColor Blast6
InsertKevin ParadaBig Man on Campus7
AutoChandler SimpsonBrilliance Autographs Prizms Silver6
AutoChandler SimpsonBase Prizms Autographs Silver70
AutoKevin ParadaPower Surge Prizms Autographs Silver1
AutoKevin ParadaBig Man on Campus Autographs Prizms Silver7
AutoKevin ParadaBase Prizms Autographs Silver11
AutoLuke WaddellSigning Sessions64
AutoTres GonzalezBase Prizms Autographs Silver140
AutoZach MaxwellBase Prizms Autographs Silver183
Gonzaga Bulldogs
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseGabriel HughesBase10
BaseTrystan VrielingBase100
BaseWilliam KempnerBase106
InsertGabriel HughesBig Man on Campus16
InsertTrystan VrielingThunderstruck17
AutoGabriel HughesBase Prizms Autographs Silver10
AutoGabriel HughesBig Man on Campus Autographs Prizms Silver16
AutoTrystan VrielingThunderstruck Autographs Prizms Silver17
AutoTrystan VrielingBase Prizms Autographs Silver100
AutoWilliam KempnerBase Prizms Autographs Silver106
Hawaii Rainbow Warriors
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseAaron DavenportBase218
AutoAaron DavenportBase Prizms Autographs Silver218
High School
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseA.J. IzziBase126
BaseBrandon BarrieraBase23
BaseBrenner CoxBase111
BaseChristopher PaciollaBase86
BaseCole PhillipsBase57
BaseCole YoungBase21
BaseCutter CoffeyBase41
BaseDemetrio CrisantesBase198
BaseDruw JonesBase2
BaseDylan LeskoBase15
BaseDylan O'RaeBase102
BaseElijah GreenBase5
BaseGary Gill HillBase194
BaseHenry BolteBase56
BaseJackson CoxBase50
BaseJackson FerrisBase47
BaseJacob MillerBase46
BaseJacob ReimerBase119
BaseJavier SantosBase211
BaseJett WilliamsBase14
BaseJonah TongBase209
BaseJR RitchieBase35
BaseJustin CrawfordBase17
BaseKarson MilbrandtBase85
BaseLamar King Jr.Base120
BaseLogan WagnerBase195
BaseMavis GravesBase182
BaseMichael KennedyBase110
BaseMikey RomeroBase24
BaseNathaniel Ochoa LeyvaBase171
BaseNazier MuleBase113
BaseNick MorabitoBase75
BaseNoah SchultzBase26
BaseOwen MurphyBase20
BaseRobby SnellingBase39
BaseSal StewartBase32
BaseSeth KellerBase185
BaseTermarr JohnsonBase4
BaseTommy SpechtBase169
BaseTucker TomanBase77
BaseWalter FordBase74
BaseXavier IsaacBase29
InsertBrandon BarrieraThunderstruck4
InsertCole YoungThunderstruck11
InsertCutter CoffeyThunderstruck18
InsertDruw JonesThunderstruck1
InsertDruw JonesBrilliance2
InsertDruw JonesColor Blast4
InsertDruw JonesLava Flow12
InsertDylan LeskoLava Flow4
InsertDylan LeskoThunderstruck9
InsertElijah GreenPower Surge2
InsertElijah GreenThunderstruck2
InsertElijah GreenColor Blast7
InsertHenry BolteBrilliance9
InsertJackson FerrisBrilliance4
InsertJackson HollidayPrizmatic3
InsertJackson HollidayLava Flow7
InsertJacob MillerThunderstruck12
InsertJett WilliamsPrizmatic7
InsertJR RitchiePrizmatic14
InsertJustin CrawfordPrizmatic16
InsertMikey RomeroThunderstruck16
InsertNick MorabitoBrilliance14
InsertNoah SchultzThunderstruck20
InsertRobby SnellingPrizmatic10
InsertSal StewartPower Surge14
InsertTermarr JohnsonPrizmatic2
InsertTermarr JohnsonBrilliance3
InsertTermarr JohnsonLava Flow5
InsertTucker TomanBrilliance8
InsertWalter FordThunderstruck7
InsertXavier IsaacPower Surge12
AutoA.J. IzziBase Prizms Autographs Silver126
AutoBrandon BarrieraThunderstruck Autographs Prizms Silver4
AutoBrandon BarrieraBase Prizms Autographs Silver23
AutoBrenner CoxBase Prizms Autographs Silver111
AutoChristopher PaciollaBase Prizms Autographs Silver86
AutoCole PhillipsBase Prizms Autographs Silver57
AutoCole YoungThunderstruck Autographs Prizms Silver11
AutoCole YoungBase Prizms Autographs Silver21
AutoCutter CoffeyThunderstruck Autographs Prizms Silver18
AutoCutter CoffeyBase Prizms Autographs Silver41
AutoDemetrio CrisantesBase Prizms Autographs Silver198
AutoDruw JonesThunderstruck Autographs Prizms Silver1
AutoDruw JonesBase Prizms Autographs Silver2
AutoDruw JonesBrilliance Autographs Prizms Silver2
AutoDylan LeskoThunderstruck Autographs Prizms Silver9
AutoDylan LeskoBase Prizms Autographs Silver15
AutoDylan O'RaeBase Prizms Autographs Silver102
AutoElijah GreenPower Surge Prizms Autographs Silver2
AutoElijah GreenThunderstruck Autographs Prizms Silver2
AutoElijah GreenBase Prizms Autographs Silver5
AutoGary Gill HillBase Prizms Autographs Silver194
AutoHenry BolteBrilliance Autographs Prizms Silver9
AutoHenry BolteBase Prizms Autographs Silver56
AutoJackson CoxBase Prizms Autographs Silver50
AutoJackson FerrisBrilliance Autographs Prizms Silver4
AutoJackson FerrisBase Prizms Autographs Silver47
AutoJackson HollidayPrizmatic Autographs Prizms Silver3
AutoJacob MillerThunderstruck Autographs Prizms Silver12
AutoJacob MillerBase Prizms Autographs Silver46
AutoJacob ReimerBase Prizms Autographs Silver119
AutoJavier SantosBase Prizms Autographs Silver211
AutoJett WilliamsPrizmatic Autographs Prizms Silver7
AutoJett WilliamsBase Prizms Autographs Silver14
AutoJonah TongBase Prizms Autographs Silver209
AutoJR RitchiePrizmatic Autographs Prizms Silver14
AutoJR RitchieBase Prizms Autographs Silver35
AutoJustin CrawfordPrizmatic Autographs Prizms Silver16
AutoJustin CrawfordBase Prizms Autographs Silver17
AutoKarson MilbrandtBase Prizms Autographs Silver85
AutoLamar King Jr.Base Prizms Autographs Silver120
AutoLogan WagnerBase Prizms Autographs Silver195
AutoMavis GravesBase Prizms Autographs Silver182
AutoMichael KennedyBase Prizms Autographs Silver110
AutoMikey RomeroThunderstruck Autographs Prizms Silver16
AutoMikey RomeroBase Prizms Autographs Silver24
AutoNathaniel Ochoa LeyvaBase Prizms Autographs Silver171
AutoNazier MuleBase Prizms Autographs Silver113
AutoNick MorabitoBrilliance Autographs Prizms Silver14
AutoNick MorabitoBase Prizms Autographs Silver75
AutoNoah SchultzThunderstruck Autographs Prizms Silver20
AutoNoah SchultzBase Prizms Autographs Silver26
AutoOwen MurphyBase Prizms Autographs Silver20
AutoRobby SnellingPrizmatic Autographs Prizms Silver10
AutoRobby SnellingBase Prizms Autographs Silver39
AutoSal StewartPower Surge Prizms Autographs Silver14
AutoSal StewartBase Prizms Autographs Silver32
AutoSeth KellerBase Prizms Autographs Silver185
AutoTermarr JohnsonPrizmatic Autographs Prizms Silver2
AutoTermarr JohnsonBrilliance Autographs Prizms Silver3
AutoTermarr JohnsonBase Prizms Autographs Silver4
AutoTommy SpechtBase Prizms Autographs Silver169
AutoTucker TomanBrilliance Autographs Prizms Silver8
AutoTucker TomanBase Prizms Autographs Silver77
AutoWalter FordThunderstruck Autographs Prizms Silver7
AutoWalter FordBase Prizms Autographs Silver74
AutoXavier IsaacPower Surge Prizms Autographs Silver12
AutoXavier IsaacBase Prizms Autographs Silver29
Houston Astros
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseCollin PriceBase193
AutoCollin PriceBase Prizms Autographs Silver193
AutoHunter BrownAutographs37
AutoQuincy HamiltonSigning Sessions31
AutoYainer DiazAutographs50
Illinois State Redbirds
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseRyan CermakBase71
InsertRyan CermakPower Surge8
AutoRyan CermakPower Surge Prizms Autographs Silver8
AutoRyan CermakBase Prizms Autographs Silver71
Indiana Hoosiers
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseJack PerkinsBase154
AutoJack PerkinsBase Prizms Autographs Silver154
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
AutoAdael AmadorAutographs24
Iowa Hawkeyes
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseAdam MazurBase53
InsertAdam MazurBig Man on Campus20
AutoAdam MazurBig Man on Campus Autographs Prizms Silver20
AutoAdam MazurBase Prizms Autographs Silver53
James Madison Dukes
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseChase DeLauterBase16
InsertChase DeLauterBig Man on Campus5
InsertChase DeLauterPrizmatic11
AutoChase DeLauterBig Man on Campus Autographs Prizms Silver5
AutoChase DeLauterPrizmatic Autographs Prizms Silver11
AutoChase DeLauterBase Prizms Autographs Silver16
Kansas City Royals
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
AutoBen KudrnaAutographs70
AutoJunior MarinSigning Sessions101
AutoM.J. MelendezSigning Sessions36
AutoNick PrattoSigning Sessions69
Kansas Jayhawks
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
AutoJaxx GroshansAutographs19
Kentucky Wildcats
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseRyan RitterBase116
AutoRyan RitterBase Prizms Autographs Silver116
Liberty Flames
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseMason FluhartyBase158
AutoMason FluhartyBase Prizms Autographs Silver158
Lincoln Memorial Railsplitters
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
AutoEthan ElliottAutographs18
Long Beach State Dirtbags
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseLuis RamirezBase199
AutoLuis RamirezBase Prizms Autographs Silver199
Los Angeles Angels
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseZach NetoBase13
InsertZach NetoBrilliance12
AutoArol VeraAutographs23
AutoKristin MunroeSigning Sessions96
AutoZach NetoBrilliance Autographs Prizms Silver12
AutoZach NetoBase Prizms Autographs Silver13
Los Angeles Dodgers
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseMichael HobbsBase220
BasePeter HeubeckBase164
BaseWilman DiazBase139
AutoAndy PagesSigning Sessions85
AutoDiego CartayaAutographs52
AutoEddys LeonardAutographs12
AutoJesus GalizAutographs31
AutoMichael HobbsBase Prizms Autographs Silver220
AutoMiguel VargasSigning Sessions92
AutoPeter HeubeckBase Prizms Autographs Silver164
AutoWilman DiazBase Prizms Autographs Silver139
Louisiana Tech Bulldogs
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseKyle CriggerBase202
BaseRyan JenningsBase128
AutoKyle CriggerBase Prizms Autographs Silver202
AutoRyan JenningsBase Prizms Autographs Silver128
Louisville Cardinals
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseDalton RushingBase40
BaseJared PolandBase172
BaseMichael ProseckyBase176
InsertDalton RushingPower Surge9
AutoDalton RushingPower Surge Prizms Autographs Silver9
AutoDalton RushingBase Prizms Autographs Silver40
AutoJared PolandBase Prizms Autographs Silver172
AutoMichael ProseckyBase Prizms Autographs Silver176
LSU Tigers
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseCade DoughtyBase78
BaseEric ReyzelmanBase160
BaseJacob BerryBase6
InsertCade DoughtyBrilliance16
InsertJacob BerryBig Man on Campus4
InsertJacob BerryColor Blast8
InsertJacob BerryBrilliance11
AutoCade DoughtyBrilliance Autographs Prizms Silver16
AutoCade DoughtyBase Prizms Autographs Silver78
AutoEric ReyzelmanBase Prizms Autographs Silver160
AutoJacob BerryBig Man on Campus Autographs Prizms Silver4
AutoJacob BerryBase Prizms Autographs Silver6
AutoJacob BerryBrilliance Autographs Prizms Silver11
AutoJaden HillAutographs71
Maine Black Bears
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
AutoJeremy PenaAutographs16
Memphis Tigers
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
AutoHunter GoodmanAutographs14
Miami Hurricanes
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseAlex McFarlaneBase122
BaseCarson PalmquistBase88
AutoAlex McFarlaneBase Prizms Autographs Silver122
AutoCarson PalmquistBase Prizms Autographs Silver88
Miami Marlins
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseEury PerezBase184
InsertEury PerezLava Flow2
AutoEury PerezBase Prizms Autographs Silver184
AutoIan LewisSigning Sessions87
AutoJ.D. OrrSigning Sessions23
AutoJoe MackAutographs62
Michigan Wolverines
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseClark ElliottBase69
InsertClark ElliottBig Man on Campus12
InsertClark ElliottThunderstruck14
AutoClark ElliottBig Man on Campus Autographs Prizms Silver12
AutoClark ElliottThunderstruck Autographs Prizms Silver14
AutoClark ElliottBase Prizms Autographs Silver69
Milwaukee Brewers
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseJacob MisiorowskiBase63
BaseMatthew WoodBase125
BaseTyler WoessnerBase192
AutoFelix ValerioAutographs38
AutoHedbert PerezAutographs30
AutoJackson ChourioSigning Sessions79
AutoJacob MisiorowskiBase Prizms Autographs Silver63
AutoMatthew WoodBase Prizms Autographs Silver125
AutoTyler BlackAutographs64
AutoTyler WoessnerBase Prizms Autographs Silver192
Minnesota Golden Gophers
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseJ.P. MasseyBase200
AutoJ.P. MasseyBase Prizms Autographs Silver200
Minnesota Twins
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
AutoEmmanuel RodriguezAutographs45
AutoJose MirandaSigning Sessions11
AutoNoah MillerAutographs67
Mississippi State Bulldogs
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseLandon SimsBase34
BaseLogan TannerBase55
BasePreston JohnsonBase197
InsertLandon SimsThunderstruck13
InsertLogan TannerBig Man on Campus11
AutoChristian MacLeodSigning Sessions10
AutoEric CerantolaSigning Sessions33
AutoJT GinnSigning Sessions98
AutoLandon SimsThunderstruck Autographs Prizms Silver13
AutoLandon SimsBase Prizms Autographs Silver34
AutoLogan TannerBig Man on Campus Autographs Prizms Silver11
AutoLogan TannerBase Prizms Autographs Silver55
AutoPreston JohnsonBase Prizms Autographs Silver197
Missouri State Bears
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseDrake BaldwinBase96
AutoDrake BaldwinBase Prizms Autographs Silver96
Missouri Tigers
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseSpencer MilesBase136
AutoSpencer MilesBase Prizms Autographs Silver136
Monmouth Hawks
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseTrey DombroskiBase133
AutoTrey DombroskiBase Prizms Autographs Silver133
NC State Wolfpack
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseJosh HoodBase186
AutoAustin MurrAutographs17
AutoEvan JusticeSigning Sessions17
AutoJosh HoodBase Prizms Autographs Silver186
New York Mets
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseMark VientosBase109
InsertMark VientosThunderstruck6
AutoCalvin ZieglerAutographs73
AutoJoel DiazAutographs40
AutoMark VientosThunderstruck Autographs Prizms Silver6
AutoMark VientosBase Prizms Autographs Silver109
New York Yankees
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseRoderick AriasBase132
InsertJasson DominguezLava Flow10
InsertJasson DominguezPrizmatic15
InsertRoderick AriasLava Flow9
AutoFidel MonteroAutographs29
AutoJasson DominguezPrizmatic Autographs Prizms Silver15
AutoMadison SantosSigning Sessions47
AutoRoderick AriasBase Prizms Autographs Silver132
North Carolina Tar Heels
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseDanny SerrettiBase177
AutoCaleb RobertsSigning Sessions13
AutoDanny SerrettiBase Prizms Autographs Silver177
Northwest Florida Raiders
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseJake MaddenBase118
AutoJake MaddenBase Prizms Autographs Silver118
Notre Dame Fighting Irish
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseJack BranniganBase83
BaseLiam SimonBase166
AutoJack BranniganBase Prizms Autographs Silver83
AutoLiam SimonBase Prizms Autographs Silver166
AutoTanner KohlheppSigning Sessions20
Oakland A's
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseColby ThomasBase95
InsertColby ThomasPower Surge19
AutoColby ThomasPower Surge Prizms Autographs Silver19
AutoColby ThomasBase Prizms Autographs Silver95
AutoDenzel ClarkeSigning Sessions75
AutoJoey EstesSigning Sessions68
AutoJunior PerezAutographs39
AutoLawrence ButlerAutographs48
AutoNick AllenSigning Sessions43
AutoPedro PinedaSigning Sessions108
AutoTyler SoderstromSigning Sessions56
Ohio State Buckeyes
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseT.J. BrockBase188
AutoT.J. BrockBase Prizms Autographs Silver188
Oklahoma Sooners
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseCade HortonBase7
BaseJake BennettBase45
BaseJimmy CrooksBase127
BasePeyton GrahamBase51
InsertJake BennettPrizmatic17
InsertPeyton GrahamBig Man on Campus17
AutoCade CavalliAutographs5
AutoCade HortonBase Prizms Autographs Silver7
AutoJake BennettPrizmatic Autographs Prizms Silver17
AutoJake BennettBase Prizms Autographs Silver45
AutoJimmy CrooksBase Prizms Autographs Silver127
AutoPeyton GrahamBig Man on Campus Autographs Prizms Silver17
AutoPeyton GrahamBase Prizms Autographs Silver51
AutoTyler HardmanSigning Sessions6
Oklahoma State Cowboys
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseJustin CampbellBase37
BaseRoman PhansalkarBase208
BaseTrevor MartinBase104
BaseVictor MederosBase178
InsertJustin CampbellBig Man on Campus14
InsertVictor MederosBrilliance19
AutoJustin CampbellBig Man on Campus Autographs Prizms Silver14
AutoJustin CampbellBase Prizms Autographs Silver37
AutoPeyton BattenfieldSigning Sessions26
AutoRoman PhansalkarBase Prizms Autographs Silver208
AutoTrevor MartinBase Prizms Autographs Silver104
AutoVictor MederosBrilliance Autographs Prizms Silver19
AutoVictor MederosBase Prizms Autographs Silver178
Old Dominion Monarchs
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseNoah DeanBase159
AutoNoah DeanBase Prizms Autographs Silver159
Ole Miss Rebels
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseDerek DiamondBase170
BaseDylan DeLuciaBase181
BaseHayden DunhurstBase175
InsertHayden DunhurstPrizmatic9
AutoDerek DiamondBase Prizms Autographs Silver170
AutoDoug NikhazySigning Sessions110
AutoDylan DeLuciaBase Prizms Autographs Silver181
AutoHayden DunhurstPrizmatic Autographs Prizms Silver9
AutoHayden DunhurstBase Prizms Autographs Silver175
Oregon Ducks
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseAdam MaierBase215
BaseAnthony HallBase130
BaseJosh KasevichBase60
InsertJosh KasevichThunderstruck3
AutoAaron ZavalaAutographs55
AutoAdam MaierBase Prizms Autographs Silver215
AutoAnthony HallBase Prizms Autographs Silver130
AutoJosh KasevichThunderstruck Autographs Prizms Silver3
AutoJosh KasevichBase Prizms Autographs Silver60
Oregon State Beavers
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseCooper HjerpeBase22
BaseJacob MeltonBase64
BaseJustin BoydBase73
BaseWill FrischBase173
InsertCooper HjerpeBig Man on Campus18
InsertJacob MeltonThunderstruck19
InsertJustin BoydPower Surge17
AutoAdley RutschmanSigning Sessions102
AutoCooper HjerpeBig Man on Campus Autographs Prizms Silver18
AutoCooper HjerpeBase Prizms Autographs Silver22
AutoJacob MeltonThunderstruck Autographs Prizms Silver19
AutoJacob MeltonBase Prizms Autographs Silver64
AutoJustin BoydPower Surge Prizms Autographs Silver17
AutoJustin BoydBase Prizms Autographs Silver73
AutoSteven KwanAutographs33
AutoWill FrischBase Prizms Autographs Silver173
Philadelphia Phillies
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseChristian McGowanBase219
BaseHao-Yu LeeBase79
InsertHao-Yu LeePower Surge15
AutoChristian McGowanAutographs9
AutoChristian McGowanBase Prizms Autographs Silver219
AutoHao-Yu LeePower Surge Prizms Autographs Silver15
AutoHao-Yu LeeBase Prizms Autographs Silver79
AutoMicah OttenbreitSigning Sessions38
AutoRickardo PerezSigning Sessions86
Pittsburgh Pirates
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseThomas HarringtonBase36
InsertThomas HarringtonBrilliance7
AutoAnthony SolometoAutographs54
AutoEndy RodriguezSigning Sessions99
AutoLonnie WhiteAutographs59
AutoThomas HarringtonBrilliance Autographs Prizms Silver7
AutoThomas HarringtonBase Prizms Autographs Silver36
Saint Mary's Gaels
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
AutoKy BushAutographs72
San Diego Padres
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
AutoDaniel MontesinoSigning Sessions104
AutoEuribiel AngelesAutographs43
AutoSamuel ZavalaSigning Sessions103
San Diego State Aztecs
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseTroy MeltonBase117
AutoTroy MeltonBase Prizms Autographs Silver117
San Francisco Giants
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
AutoAeverson ArteagaAutographs22
AutoKyle HarrisonSigning Sessions76
San Jose State Spartans
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
AutoRuben IbarraSigning Sessions73
Seattle Mariners
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
InsertGabriel GonzalezLava Flow3
AutoEdwin ArroyoAutographs75
AutoGabriel GonzalezSigning Sessions91
AutoGeorge FelizSigning Sessions84
AutoJonatan ClaseSigning Sessions74
AutoJuan PintoAutographs25
AutoLevi StoudtSigning Sessions90
AutoLuis CurveloSigning Sessions37
AutoStarlin AguilarAutographs42
South Alabama Jaguars
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
AutoEthan WilsonAutographs76
South Carolina Gamecocks
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
AutoBrady AllenSigning Sessions71
AutoBrett KerrySigning Sessions19
AutoThomas FarrSigning Sessions15
South Florida Bulls
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseOrion KerkeringBase152
AutoOrion KerkeringBase Prizms Autographs Silver152
Southern Miss Golden Eagles
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseDalton RogersBase99
BaseTyler StuartBase179
AutoDalton RogersBase Prizms Autographs Silver99
AutoTyler StuartBase Prizms Autographs Silver179
St. Louis Cardinals
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseAlfredo RuizBase189
BaseBrycen MautzBase59
BaseEdwin NunezBase90
InsertBrycen MautzPrizmatic20
AutoAlfredo RuizBase Prizms Autographs Silver189
AutoBrycen MautzPrizmatic Autographs Prizms Silver20
AutoBrycen MautzBase Prizms Autographs Silver59
AutoEdwin NunezBase Prizms Autographs Silver90
AutoJordan WalkerAutographs46
AutoJoshua BaezAutographs57
AutoLuis Mario PinoAutographs1
AutoNolan GormanSigning Sessions109
AutoWon-Bin ChoSigning Sessions107
Stanford Cardinal
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseBrock JonesBase65
BaseKody HuffBase206
InsertBrock JonesPrizmatic18
InsertBrock JonesBig Man on Campus19
AutoBrendan BeckAutographs58
AutoBrock JonesPrizmatic Autographs Prizms Silver18
AutoBrock JonesBig Man on Campus Autographs Prizms Silver19
AutoBrock JonesBase Prizms Autographs Silver65
AutoKody HuffBase Prizms Autographs Silver206
Staten Island FerryHawks
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseKelsie WhitmoreBase81
AutoKelsie WhitmoreBase Prizms Autographs Silver81
Tampa Bay Rays
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
AutoCooper KinneyAutographs65
AutoCurtis MeadAutographs7
AutoJonathan ArandaSigning Sessions22
AutoJunior CamineroSigning Sessions51
AutoWilly VasquezSigning Sessions55
TCU Horned Frogs
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseRiley CornelioBase201
AutoNick LodoloSigning Sessions41
AutoRiley CornelioBase Prizms Autographs Silver201
AutoRussell SmithAutographs78
Tennessee Volunteers
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseBen JoyceBase89
BaseBlade TidwellBase52
BaseDrew GilbertBase28
BaseJordan BeckBase38
BaseJorel OrtegaBase174
BaseSeth StephensonBase207
BaseTrey LipscombBase84
BaseWill MabreyBase168
InsertBen JoyceThunderstruck10
InsertBlade TidwellPrizmatic4
InsertDrew GilbertPower Surge4
InsertDrew GilbertPrizmatic6
InsertJordan BeckThunderstruck5
InsertJordan BeckBig Man on Campus8
InsertTrey LipscombPower Surge5
AutoBen JoyceThunderstruck Autographs Prizms Silver10
AutoBen JoyceBase Prizms Autographs Silver89
AutoBlade TidwellPrizmatic Autographs Prizms Silver4
AutoBlade TidwellBase Prizms Autographs Silver52
AutoChad DallasSigning Sessions40
AutoDrew GilbertPower Surge Prizms Autographs Silver4
AutoDrew GilbertPrizmatic Autographs Prizms Silver6
AutoDrew GilbertBase Prizms Autographs Silver28
AutoJordan BeckThunderstruck Autographs Prizms Silver5
AutoJordan BeckBig Man on Campus Autographs Prizms Silver8
AutoJordan BeckBase Prizms Autographs Silver38
AutoJorel OrtegaBase Prizms Autographs Silver174
AutoLiam SpenceSigning Sessions5
AutoMax FergusonSigning Sessions65
AutoSeth StephensonBase Prizms Autographs Silver207
AutoTrey LipscombPower Surge Prizms Autographs Silver5
AutoTrey LipscombBase Prizms Autographs Silver84
AutoWill MabreyBase Prizms Autographs Silver168
Texas A&M Aggies
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
AutoBryce MillerSigning Sessions66
AutoDustin SaenzSigning Sessions39
Texas Longhorns
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseDouglas HodoBase167
BaseIvan MelendezBase43
BasePete HansenBase97
BaseSilas ArdoinBase107
BaseTrey FaltineBase213
InsertIvan MelendezPower Surge7
AutoDavid HamiltonSigning Sessions34
AutoDouglas HodoBase Prizms Autographs Silver167
AutoIvan MelendezPower Surge Prizms Autographs Silver7
AutoIvan MelendezBase Prizms Autographs Silver43
AutoPete HansenBase Prizms Autographs Silver97
AutoSilas ArdoinBase Prizms Autographs Silver107
AutoTrey FaltineBase Prizms Autographs Silver213
AutoTy MaddenAutographs63
Texas Rangers
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
AutoAnthony GutierrezSigning Sessions29
AutoCole WinnAutographs28
AutoDustin HarrisAutographs10
AutoEzequiel DuranSigning Sessions27
AutoJosh H. SmithSigning Sessions21
AutoYeison MorrobelSigning Sessions80
Texas Tech Red Raiders
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseAndrew MorrisBase114
BaseBrandon BirdsellBase143
BaseChase HamptonBase190
BaseJace JungBase12
InsertJace JungPrizmatic1
InsertJace JungBig Man on Campus2
InsertJace JungColor Blast5
AutoAndrew MorrisBase Prizms Autographs Silver114
AutoBrandon BirdsellBase Prizms Autographs Silver143
AutoBraxton FulfordSigning Sessions3
AutoCal ConleySigning Sessions48
AutoChase HamptonBase Prizms Autographs Silver190
AutoJace JungPrizmatic Autographs Prizms Silver1
AutoJace JungBig Man on Campus Autographs Prizms Silver2
AutoJace JungBase Prizms Autographs Silver12
AutoJosh JungSigning Sessions93
Toledo Rockets
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseKyle JonesBase204
AutoKyle JonesBase Prizms Autographs Silver204
Toronto Blue Jays
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
AutoEstiven MachadoSigning Sessions77
AutoJordan RomanoSigning Sessions32
AutoManuel BeltreAutographs44
AutoOrelvis MartinezSigning Sessions72
Tulane Green Wave
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
AutoCollin BurnsSigning Sessions4
UC San Diego Tritons
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
AutoShay WhitcombAutographs32
UC Santa Barbara Gauchos
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseJordan SprinkleBase131
BaseNick VogtBase210
AutoJordan SprinkleBase Prizms Autographs Silver131
AutoNick VogtBase Prizms Autographs Silver210
UCF Knights
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseAlex FreelandBase105
BaseConnor StaineBase146
BaseHunter PattesonBase145
AutoAlex FreelandBase Prizms Autographs Silver105
AutoConnor StaineBase Prizms Autographs Silver146
AutoHunter PattesonBase Prizms Autographs Silver145
UCLA Bruins
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseMax RajcicBase187
AutoMax RajcicBase Prizms Autographs Silver187
UConn Huskies
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseReggie CrawfordBase30
AutoReggie CrawfordBase Prizms Autographs Silver30
UNC-Charlotte 49ers
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseNate FurmanBase121
AutoNate FurmanBase Prizms Autographs Silver121
USC Trojans
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseD'Andre SmithBase149
AutoD'Andre SmithBase Prizms Autographs Silver149
UT Arlington Mavericks
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
AutoCarlos TaveraSigning Sessions25
Vanderbilt Commodores
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseDominic KeeganBase134
BaseJack LeiterBase217
BaseKumar RockerBase3
BaseSpencer JonesBase25
InsertDominic KeeganPower Surge16
InsertJack LeiterColor Blast1
InsertJack LeiterPrizmatic13
InsertKumar RockerBrilliance15
InsertSpencer JonesPower Surge18
AutoCJ RodriguezSigning Sessions67
AutoDominic KeeganPower Surge Prizms Autographs Silver16
AutoDominic KeeganBase Prizms Autographs Silver134
AutoJack LeiterPrizmatic Autographs Prizms Silver13
AutoJack LeiterBase Prizms Autographs Silver217
AutoKumar RockerBase Prizms Autographs Silver3
AutoKumar RockerBrilliance Autographs Prizms Silver15
AutoSpencer JonesPower Surge Prizms Autographs Silver18
AutoSpencer JonesBase Prizms Autographs Silver25
VCU Rams
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseTyler LocklearBase58
InsertTyler LocklearPower Surge20
AutoTyler LocklearPower Surge Prizms Autographs Silver20
AutoTyler LocklearBase Prizms Autographs Silver58
Villanova Wildcats
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
AutoGordon GraceffoSigning Sessions8
Virginia Cavaliers
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseNate SavinoBase82
AutoGriff McGarrySigning Sessions12
AutoNate SavinoBase Prizms Autographs Silver82
AutoZack GelofSigning Sessions52
Virginia Tech Hokies
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseCade HunterBase153
BaseGavin CrossBase9
BaseNick BiddisonBase135
BaseTanner SchobelBase68
InsertGavin CrossBig Man on Campus3
InsertGavin CrossLava Flow6
InsertGavin CrossBrilliance10
InsertTanner SchobelPower Surge10
AutoCade HunterBase Prizms Autographs Silver153
AutoGavin CrossBig Man on Campus Autographs Prizms Silver3
AutoGavin CrossBase Prizms Autographs Silver9
AutoGavin CrossBrilliance Autographs Prizms Silver10
AutoNick BiddisonBase Prizms Autographs Silver135
AutoTanner SchobelPower Surge Prizms Autographs Silver10
AutoTanner SchobelBase Prizms Autographs Silver68
Wake Forest Demon Deacons
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseEric AdlerBase191
AutoEric AdlerBase Prizms Autographs Silver191
Washington Nationals
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
AutoAndry LaraSigning Sessions81
AutoDaylen LileAutographs74
Washington State Cougars
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
AutoZane MillsSigning Sessions63
West Georgia Wolves
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
AutoCade MarloweAutographs27
West Virginia Mountaineers
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseJacob WattersBase124
BaseVictor Scott IIBase157
AutoJackson WolfSigning Sessions50
AutoJacob WattersBase Prizms Autographs Silver124
AutoVictor Scott IIBase Prizms Autographs Silver157