2022 Panini Zenith Football Checklist

2022 Panini Zenith Football

Release Date: February 1, 2023

Collect a 242-card base set featuring 100 vets, 100 rookies and 42 RPAs of the top rookies in the NFL Draft.

See the full checklist here – 2022 Panini Zenith Football Checklist

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2022 Panini Zenith Football

  • Hunt for patch autographs from all of the top 2022 NFL Rookies that include Kenny Pickett, Breece Hall, Chris Olave, Aidan Hutchinson and many more!
  • Hunt brand new inserts Z-Stars, Class President, Pacific Revolution, Thunder and Lightning, Behind the Numbers and many more in Zenith 2022.
  • Find SSP Contenders Rooke Ticket RPS Preview Blue in Hobby boxes!
  • Brand new in 2022, look for case hit insert Aloha, featuring the BIGGEST names in the NFL!

2022 Panini Zenith Football

BASE2022-23 Panini Zenith Football - BASE, Tom Brady

Collect this 100-card base set that includes the NFL’s top stars from the league’s past and present. Also, be on the lookout for short-printed parallels and autographs!


ROOKIES EMERALD2022-23 Panini Zenith Football - ROOKIES EMERALD, Breece Hall

Find a 100-card rookie base featuring the top stars of 2022 NFL Draft Class while chasing their Artist Proof and autographed parallels!




Look for Rookie Patch Autographs where the number of memorabilia swatches increases as you move through the parallels until you reach the coveted five-swatch, Platinum 1/1 parallel!




Z-Jerseys is back in 2022, and this time it’s bringing the autographs. Look for patch autographs of the biggest stars of the NFL!


PACIFIC REVOLUTION GOLD2022-23 Panini Zenith Football - PACIFIC REVOLUTION GOLD, Tua Tagovailoa

Brand new to Zenith, Pacific Revolution returns to prominence, done in classic 90s-style, Pacific Revolution will be a chase for card collector’s new and old.



Hunt for red hot signatures from some of the league’s brightest stars that include unique parallels Spokes, Lightning and Kaboom.


ALOHAALOHA, Kyler Murray

A new SSP insert, Aloha features players who made the Pro Bowl!


1992 PACIFIC GOLD1992 PACIFIC GOLD, Patrick Mahomes II

A classic design returns to Zenith, 1992 Pacific features a throwback design to the 90s, highlighted by the best players the NFL has to offer.



Brand new in 2022, Class Presidents features a unique design that highlights the accomplishments of the top talent in the NFL.



Hobby Configuration


Box Break

  • 1 BASE
  • 1 ROOKIE
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A.J. Brown
Card TypeCard#
BaseBase Hobby21
InsertThunder and Lightning6
RelicZoned In14
AutoTeam Summit Autographs3
AutoBase Autographs21
A.J. Green
Card TypeCard#
Aaron Donald
Card TypeCard#
BaseBase Hobby94
InsertClass President20
Aaron Jones
Card TypeCard#
BaseBase Hobby47
RelicZoned In10
AutoZ-Jersey Autographs32
Aaron Rodgers
Card TypeCard#
BaseBase Hobby46
Insert1992 Pacific7
InsertEpix Orange Play7
InsertPacific Revolution7
InsertClass President11
RelicColor Guard5
AutoZ-Jersey Autographs16
AutoBase Autographs46
Adam Thielen
Card TypeCard#
AutoZ-Jersey Autographs23
AutoHigh Point Signatures29
Adrian Amos
Card TypeCard#
AutoHigh Point Signatures25
Adrian Peterson
Card TypeCard#
Ahmad "Sauce" Gardner
Card TypeCard#
BaseRookies Hobby128RC
InsertRookie Wave29RC
RelicRookie Stallions28RC
AutoRookie Ticket RPS Preview Blue101RC
AutoRookie Ticket Variation RPS Preview Blue101RC
AutoRookies Autographs128RC
AutoRookie Patch Autographs228RC
Aidan Hutchinson
Card TypeCard#
BaseRookies Hobby113RC
InsertThunder and Lightning19
InsertRookie Wave28RC
RelicTurning Pro Memorabilia12
RelicRookie Stallions13RC
AutoRookie Ticket RPS Preview Blue102RC
AutoRookie Ticket Variation RPS Preview Blue102RC
AutoRookies Autographs113RC
AutoRookie Patch Autographs213RC
Alec Pierce
Card TypeCard#
BaseRookies Hobby121RC
InsertRookie Wave17RC
RelicRookie Stallions21RC
AutoRookie Ticket RPS Preview Blue103RC
AutoRookie Ticket Variation RPS Preview Blue103RC
AutoRookies Autographs121RC
AutoRookie Patch Autographs221RC
Alex Smith
Card TypeCard#
Alvin Kamara
Card TypeCard#
BaseBase Hobby72
RelicColor Guard14
Amari Cooper
Card TypeCard#
BaseBase Hobby34
Amon-Ra St. Brown
Card TypeCard#
BaseBase Hobby45
AutoBase Autographs45
Andre Johnson
Card TypeCard#
InsertBehind the Numbers20
Andrew Booth Jr.
Card TypeCard#
BaseRookies Hobby146RC
AutoRookies Autographs146RC - No Base
Anthony Munoz
Card TypeCard#
Antoine Winfield Jr.
Card TypeCard#
AutoHigh Point Signatures22No Base
Antonio Gibson
Card TypeCard#
BaseBase Hobby24
AutoTeam Summit Autographs8
AutoBase Autographs24
Arnold Ebiketie
Card TypeCard#
BaseRookies Hobby152RC
AutoRookies Autographs152RC
Austin Ekeler
Card TypeCard#
BaseBase Hobby87
InsertEpix Emerald Play7
InsertThunder and Lightning18
AutoTeam Summit Autographs9
AutoBase Autographs87
Austin Hooper
Card TypeCard#
Bailey Zappe
Card TypeCard#
BaseRookies Hobby129RC
RelicRookie Stallions29RC
AutoRookie Ticket RPS Preview Blue104RC
AutoRookie Ticket Variation RPS Preview Blue104RC
AutoRookies Autographs129RC
AutoRookie Patch Autographs229RC
Baker Mayfield
Card TypeCard#
BaseBase Hobby68
Barry Sanders
Card TypeCard#
InsertBehind the Numbers15
Ben Roethlisberger
Card TypeCard#
InsertClass President10
Bo Melton
Card TypeCard#
BaseRookies Hobby199RC
AutoRookies Autographs199RC
Brandin Cooks
Card TypeCard#
BaseBase Hobby53
AutoHigh Point Signatures13
AutoZ-Jersey Autographs17
AutoBase Autographs53Only Platinum
Brandon Aiyuk
Card TypeCard#
AutoHigh Point Signatures17
AutoZ-Jersey Autographs36
Breece Hall
Card TypeCard#
BaseRookies Hobby114RC
InsertEpix Emerald Play1
InsertRookie Wave12RC
InsertThunder and Lightning15
Insert1992 Pacific19
InsertPacific Revolution22
InsertBehind the Numbers24
RelicTurning Pro Memorabilia13
RelicRookie Stallions14RC
AutoTeam Summit Autographs7
AutoRookie Ticket RPS Preview Blue105RC
AutoRookie Ticket Variation RPS Preview Blue105RC
AutoRookies Autographs114RC
AutoRookie Patch Autographs214RC
Brett Favre
Card TypeCard#
InsertEpix Orange Play9
Brian Asamoah II
Card TypeCard#
BaseRookies Hobby171RC
AutoRookies Autographs171RC - No Base
Brian Robinson Jr.
Card TypeCard#
BaseRookies Hobby127RC
RelicRookie Stallions27RC
AutoRookie Ticket RPS Preview Blue106RC
AutoRookie Ticket Variation RPS Preview Blue106RC
AutoRookies Autographs127RC
AutoRookie Patch Autographs227RC
Bryan Cook
Card TypeCard#
BaseRookies Hobby187RC
AutoRookies Autographs187RC
C.J. Mosley
Card TypeCard#
BaseBase Hobby12
Cade Otton
Card TypeCard#
BaseRookies Hobby194RC
AutoRookies Autographs194RC
Calvin Austin III
Card TypeCard#
BaseRookies Hobby136RC
RelicRookie Stallions35RC
AutoRookie Ticket RPS Preview Blue107RC
AutoRookie Ticket Variation RPS Preview Blue107RC
AutoRookies Autographs136RC
AutoRookie Patch Autographs236RC
Cam Akers
Card TypeCard#
AutoZ-Jersey Autographs21
Cameron Heyward
Card TypeCard#
BaseBase Hobby39
AutoBase Autographs39
Cameron Thomas
Card TypeCard#
BaseRookies Hobby149RC
AutoRookies Autographs149RC
Carson Strong
Card TypeCard#
BaseRookies Hobby111RC
RelicRookie Stallions11RC
AutoRookie Ticket RPS Preview Blue108RC
AutoRookie Ticket Variation RPS Preview Blue108RC
AutoRookies Autographs111RC
AutoRookie Patch Autographs211RC
Carson Wentz
Card TypeCard#
BaseBase Hobby23
AutoTeam Summit Autographs8
AutoBase Autographs23
CeeDee Lamb
Card TypeCard#
BaseBase Hobby16
InsertEpix Purple Play7
Insert1992 Pacific14
InsertPacific Revolution16
InsertBehind the Numbers19
RelicColor Guard18
Chad Muma
Card TypeCard#
BaseRookies Hobby165RC
AutoRookies Autographs165RC
Champ Bailey
Card TypeCard#
InsertClass President5
Channing Tindall
Card TypeCard#
BaseRookies Hobby162RC
AutoRookies Autographs162RC
Chase Edmonds
Card TypeCard#
AutoZ-Jersey Autographs2
Chase Young
Card TypeCard#
Chris Godwin
Card TypeCard#
BaseBase Hobby76
AutoHigh Point Signatures19
AutoZ-Jersey Autographs31
AutoBase Autographs76
Chris Jones
Card TypeCard#
BaseBase Hobby82
Chris Olave
Card TypeCard#
BaseRookies Hobby109RC
InsertEpix Purple Play2
InsertRookie Wave9RC
InsertPacific Revolution23
InsertBehind the Numbers25
RelicRookie Stallions9RC
RelicTurning Pro Memorabilia9
AutoRookie Ticket RPS Preview Blue109RC
AutoRookie Ticket Variation RPS Preview Blue109RC
AutoRookies Autographs109RC
AutoRookie Patch Autographs209RC
Christian Harris
Card TypeCard#
BaseRookies Hobby168RC
AutoRookies Autographs168RC
Christian Kirk
Card TypeCard#
BaseBase Hobby59
AutoZ-Jersey Autographs3
AutoBase Autographs59Only Platinum
Christian McCaffrey
Card TypeCard#
BaseBase Hobby69
InsertBehind the Numbers12
InsertPacific Revolution13
RelicZoned In7
AutoBase Autographs69
Christian Watson
Card TypeCard#
BaseRookies Hobby119RC
InsertRookie Wave16RC
RelicRookie Stallions19RC
AutoRookie Ticket RPS Preview Blue110RC
AutoRookie Ticket Variation RPS Preview Blue110RC
AutoRookies Autographs119RC
AutoRookie Patch Autographs219RC
Cole Strange
Card TypeCard#
BaseRookies Hobby173RC
AutoRookies Autographs173RC
Cooper Kupp
Card TypeCard#
BaseBase Hobby93
InsertEpix Purple Play6
Insert1992 Pacific12
InsertPacific Revolution17
InsertThunder and Lightning20
RelicColor Guard15
Cordarrelle Patterson
Card TypeCard#
BaseBase Hobby66
AutoZ-Jersey Autographs37
AutoBase Autographs66
Corey Davis
Card TypeCard#
BaseBase Hobby13
Courtland Sutton
Card TypeCard#
BaseBase Hobby79
AutoHigh Point Signatures10No Base
AutoZ-Jersey Autographs12
Dak Prescott
Card TypeCard#
BaseBase Hobby14
InsertClass President22
RelicZoned In5
AutoZ-Jersey Autographs10
Dallas Goedert
Card TypeCard#
BaseBase Hobby22
AutoBase Autographs22
Dalvin Cook
Card TypeCard#
BaseBase Hobby50
InsertPacific Revolution14
RelicColor Guard10
Dameon Pierce
Card TypeCard#
BaseRookies Hobby140RC
InsertRookie Wave25RC
RelicRookie Stallions38RC
AutoRookie Ticket RPS Preview Blue111RC
AutoRookie Ticket Variation RPS Preview Blue111RC
AutoRookies Autographs140RC
AutoRookie Patch Autographs240RC
Damien Harris
Card TypeCard#
BaseBase Hobby10
AutoBase Autographs10
AutoZ-Jersey Autographs24
D'Andre Swift
Card TypeCard#
BaseBase Hobby44
InsertEpix Emerald Play6
RelicColor Guard12
AutoZ-Jersey Autographs39
AutoBase Autographs44
Daniel Bellinger
Card TypeCard#
BaseRookies Hobby195RC
Daniel Jones
Card TypeCard#
BaseBase Hobby17
Danny Gray
Card TypeCard#
BaseRookies Hobby133RC
AutoRookie Ticket RPS Preview Blue112RC
AutoRookie Ticket Variation RPS Preview Blue112RC
AutoRookies Autographs133RC
AutoRookie Patch Autographs233RC
Darnell Mooney
Card TypeCard#
AutoHigh Point Signatures11
AutoZ-Jersey Autographs30
Darren Waller
Card TypeCard#
RelicZoned In18
AutoZ-Jersey Autographs4
AutoTeam Summit Autographs13
Davante Adams
Card TypeCard#
BaseBase Hobby84
InsertThunder and Lightning1
Insert1992 Pacific13
InsertPacific Revolution18
David Bell
Card TypeCard#
BaseRookies Hobby132RC
InsertRookie Wave22RC
RelicRookie Stallions32RC
AutoRookie Ticket RPS Preview Blue113RC
AutoRookie Ticket Variation RPS Preview Blue113RC
AutoRookies Autographs132RC
AutoRookie Patch Autographs232RC
David Montgomery
Card TypeCard#
BaseBase Hobby41
AutoBase Autographs41
David Ojabo
Card TypeCard#
BaseRookies Hobby166RC
AutoRookies Autographs166RC
Davis Mills
Card TypeCard#
BaseBase Hobby52
AutoZ-Jersey Autographs18
AutoBase Autographs52
Dawson Knox
Card TypeCard#
BaseBase Hobby3
AutoBase Autographs3
AutoTeam Summit Autographs10
Daxton Hill
Card TypeCard#
BaseRookies Hobby188RC
AutoRookies Autographs188RC - No Base
DeAndre Hopkins
Card TypeCard#
InsertClass President19
Deebo Samuel
Card TypeCard#
BaseBase Hobby97
InsertThunder and Lightning7
InsertPacific Revolution20
RelicZoned In13
AutoTeam Summit Autographs4
Deion Sanders
Card TypeCard#
DeMarcus Lawrence
Card TypeCard#
AutoTeam Summit Autographs1
DeMarcus Ware
Card TypeCard#
Derek Carr
Card TypeCard#
BaseBase Hobby83
InsertThunder and Lightning1
InsertBehind the Numbers8
RelicColor Guard7
AutoTeam Summit Autographs13
AutoBase Autographs83No Base
Derek Stingley Jr.
Card TypeCard#
BaseRookies Hobby143RC
AutoRookies Autographs143RC
Derrick Henry
Card TypeCard#
BaseBase Hobby62
Insert1992 Pacific10
InsertPacific Revolution12
InsertThunder and Lightning14
RelicZoned In8
AutoZ-Jersey Autographs35
Deshaun Watson
Card TypeCard#
BaseBase Hobby33
Desmond Ridder
Card TypeCard#
BaseRookies Hobby104RC
InsertEpix Orange Play2
InsertRookie Wave4RC
InsertThunder and Lightning13
Insert1992 Pacific18
InsertBehind the Numbers23
RelicRookie Stallions4RC
RelicTurning Pro Memorabilia4
AutoRookies Autographs104RC
AutoRookie Ticket RPS Preview Blue114RC
AutoRookie Ticket Variation RPS Preview Blue114RC
AutoRookie Patch Autographs204RC
Devin White
Card TypeCard#
AutoZ-Jersey Autographs29
Devonte Wyatt
Card TypeCard#
BaseRookies Hobby157RC
AutoRookies Autographs157RC
Diontae Johnson
Card TypeCard#
BaseBase Hobby37
DJ Moore
Card TypeCard#
BaseBase Hobby70
RelicColor Guard20
AutoHigh Point Signatures8
AutoBase Autographs70
DK Metcalf
Card TypeCard#
BaseBase Hobby99
InsertEpix Purple Play8
InsertBehind the Numbers18
InsertPacific Revolution19
RelicZoned In16
Doug Baldwin
Card TypeCard#
Drake Jackson
Card TypeCard#
BaseRookies Hobby154RC
Drake London
Card TypeCard#
BaseRookies Hobby107RC
InsertRookie Wave7RC
InsertPacific Revolution25
InsertBehind the Numbers30
RelicRookie Stallions7RC
RelicTurning Pro Memorabilia7
AutoRookies Autographs107RC
AutoRookie Ticket RPS Preview Blue115RC
AutoRookie Ticket Variation RPS Preview Blue115RC
AutoRookie Patch Autographs207RC
Drew Brees
Card TypeCard#
InsertClass President7
InsertEpix Orange Play10
Ed Reed
Card TypeCard#
InsertClass President8
Eli Mitchell
Card TypeCard#
Elijah Moore
Card TypeCard#
AutoTeam Summit Autographs7
AutoHigh Point Signatures18
Emmanuel Sanders
Card TypeCard#
Emmitt Smith
Card TypeCard#
InsertEpix Emerald Play9
Erik Ezukanma
Card TypeCard#
BaseRookies Hobby139RC
AutoRookies Autographs139RC - No Base
AutoRookie Patch Autographs239RC
Gabriel Davis
Card TypeCard#
InsertThunder and Lightning8
AutoTeam Summit Autographs10
AutoHigh Point Signatures12
Garrett Wilson
Card TypeCard#
BaseRookies Hobby106RC
InsertEpix Purple Play1
InsertRookie Wave6RC
InsertThunder and Lightning15
InsertBehind the Numbers29
RelicRookie Stallions6RC
RelicTurning Pro Memorabilia6
AutoRookies Autographs106RC - No Base
AutoRookie Ticket RPS Preview Blue117RC - No Red
AutoRookie Ticket Variation RPS Preview Blue117RC - No Red
AutoRookie Patch Autographs206RC
Geno Smith
Card TypeCard#
BaseBase Hobby100
George Karlaftis
Card TypeCard#
BaseRookies Hobby151RC
AutoRookies Autographs151RC - No Base
George Kittle
Card TypeCard#
AutoTeam Summit Autographs4
George Pickens
Card TypeCard#
BaseRookies Hobby123RC
InsertEpix Purple Play3
InsertRookie Wave18RC
RelicTurning Pro Memorabilia18
RelicRookie Stallions23RC
AutoRookies Autographs123RC - No Base
AutoRookie Patch Autographs223RC
Greg Dulcich
Card TypeCard#
BaseRookies Hobby191RC
AutoRookies Autographs191RC
Hassan Haskins
Card TypeCard#
BaseRookies Hobby142RC
RelicRookie Stallions40RC
AutoRookie Ticket RPS Preview Blue119RC
AutoRookie Ticket Variation RPS Preview Blue119RC
AutoRookies Autographs142RC
AutoRookie Patch Autographs242RC
Herschel Walker
Card TypeCard#
Hunter Renfrow
Card TypeCard#
AutoHigh Point Signatures14
AutoZ-Jersey Autographs25
Isaiah Likely
Card TypeCard#
BaseRookies Hobby193RC
AutoRookies Autographs193RC
Isaiah Spiller
Card TypeCard#
BaseRookies Hobby116RC
InsertEpix Emerald Play3
InsertRookie Wave14RC
RelicTurning Pro Memorabilia15
RelicRookie Stallions16RC
AutoRookies Autographs116RC
AutoRookie Ticket RPS Preview Blue120RC
AutoRookie Ticket Variation RPS Preview Blue120RC
AutoRookie Patch Autographs216RC
J.J. Watt
Card TypeCard#
BaseBase Hobby91
InsertClass President17
J.K. Dobbins
Card TypeCard#
BaseBase Hobby28
Jahan Dotson
Card TypeCard#
BaseRookies Hobby110RC
InsertRookie Wave10RC
RelicRookie Stallions10RC
RelicTurning Pro Memorabilia10
AutoRookies Autographs110RC
AutoRookie Ticket RPS Preview Blue121RC
AutoRookie Ticket Variation RPS Preview Blue121RC
AutoRookie Patch Autographs210RC
Jakobi Meyers
Card TypeCard#
AutoHigh Point Signatures16
Jalen Hurts
Card TypeCard#
BaseBase Hobby20
InsertThunder and Lightning6
RelicColor Guard4
AutoTeam Summit Autographs3
AutoBase Autographs20
AutoZ-Jersey Autographs40
Jalen Pitre
Card TypeCard#
BaseRookies Hobby189RC
AutoRookies Autographs189RC
Jalen Ramsey
Card TypeCard#
BaseBase Hobby95
Jalen Tolbert
Card TypeCard#
BaseRookies Hobby131RC
InsertRookie Wave20RC
RelicRookie Stallions31RC
AutoRookie Ticket RPS Preview Blue122RC
AutoRookie Ticket Variation RPS Preview Blue122RC
AutoRookies Autographs131RC
AutoRookie Patch Autographs231RC
Jamaal Williams
Card TypeCard#
AutoZ-Jersey Autographs14
Ja'Marr Chase
Card TypeCard#
BaseBase Hobby31
InsertThunder and Lightning9
Insert1992 Pacific15
RelicColor Guard16
AutoTeam Summit Autographs11
Jameis Winston
Card TypeCard#
BaseBase Hobby71
James Cook
Card TypeCard#
BaseRookies Hobby115RC
InsertEpix Emerald Play4
InsertRookie Wave13RC
RelicTurning Pro Memorabilia14
RelicRookie Stallions15RC
AutoRookies Autographs115RC
AutoRookie Ticket RPS Preview Blue123RC
AutoRookie Ticket Variation RPS Preview Blue123RC
AutoRookie Patch Autographs215RC
James Harrison
Card TypeCard#
Jameson Williams
Card TypeCard#
BaseRookies Hobby108RC
InsertRookie Wave8RC
InsertThunder and Lightning19
InsertBehind the Numbers27
RelicRookie Stallions8RC
RelicTurning Pro Memorabilia8
AutoRookies Autographs108RC
AutoRookie Ticket RPS Preview Blue124RC
AutoRookie Ticket Variation RPS Preview Blue124RC
AutoRookie Patch Autographs208RC
Jaquan Brisker
Card TypeCard#
BaseRookies Hobby186RC
AutoRookies Autographs186RC
Jared Goff
Card TypeCard#
BaseBase Hobby43
Javonte Williams
Card TypeCard#
BaseBase Hobby78
AutoTeam Summit Autographs2
AutoZ-Jersey Autographs33
AutoBase Autographs78
Jaylen Waddle
Card TypeCard#
BaseBase Hobby6
AutoHigh Point Signatures5
AutoTeam Summit Autographs5
AutoBase Autographs6
Jaylen Warren
Card TypeCard#
BaseRookies Hobby176RC
AutoRookies Autographs176RC
Jeffery Simmons
Card TypeCard#
BaseBase Hobby64
Jelani Woods
Card TypeCard#
BaseRookies Hobby190RC
AutoRookies Autographs190RC
Jeremy Chinn
Card TypeCard#
AutoHigh Point Signatures23
Jeremy Ruckert
Card TypeCard#
BaseRookies Hobby192RC
AutoRookies Autographs192RC
Jermaine Johnson II
Card TypeCard#
BaseRookies Hobby153RC
AutoRookies Autographs153RC - No Base
Jerome Ford
Card TypeCard#
BaseRookies Hobby180RC
AutoRookies Autographs180RC
Jerry Jeudy
Card TypeCard#
InsertThunder and Lightning10
AutoTeam Summit Autographs2
Jerry Rice
Card TypeCard#
Jimmy Garoppolo
Card TypeCard#
BaseBase Hobby96
InsertThunder and Lightning7
Joe Burrow
Card TypeCard#
BaseBase Hobby30
InsertBehind the Numbers2
Insert1992 Pacific4
InsertPacific Revolution5
InsertEpix Orange Play6
InsertThunder and Lightning9
RelicZoned In3
AutoBase Autographs30No Base
Joe Mixon
Card TypeCard#
BaseBase Hobby32
InsertEpix Emerald Play8
InsertBehind the Numbers13
RelicColor Guard11
AutoTeam Summit Autographs11
Joe Montana
Card TypeCard#
InsertBehind the Numbers10
Joe Theismann
Card TypeCard#
Joe Thomas
Card TypeCard#
InsertClass President13
John Elway
Card TypeCard#
AutoTeam Summit Autographs14
John Metchie III
Card TypeCard#
BaseRookies Hobby117RC
RelicRookie Stallions17RC
AutoRookies Autographs117RC
AutoRookie Ticket RPS Preview Blue125RC
AutoRookie Ticket Variation RPS Preview Blue125RC
AutoRookie Patch Autographs217RC
John Taylor
Card TypeCard#
Jonathan Taylor
Card TypeCard#
BaseBase Hobby57
InsertEpix Emerald Play5
Insert1992 Pacific9
InsertBehind the Numbers11
InsertPacific Revolution11
InsertThunder and Lightning11
RelicColor Guard9
AutoTeam Summit Autographs12
AutoBase Autographs57
Jordan Davis
Card TypeCard#
BaseRookies Hobby158RC
AutoRookies Autographs158RC - No Base
Jordy Nelson
Card TypeCard#
Jordyn Brooks
Card TypeCard#
AutoZ-Jersey Autographs41
Josh Allen
Card TypeCard#
BaseBase Hobby1
Insert1992 Pacific1
InsertBehind the Numbers1
InsertPacific Revolution3
InsertThunder and Lightning8
InsertClass President24
RelicZoned In1
AutoTeam Summit Autographs10
Josh Jacobs
Card TypeCard#
AutoTeam Summit Autographs13
Josh Paschal
Card TypeCard#
BaseRookies Hobby155RC
AutoRookies Autographs155RC
JuJu Smith-Schuster
Card TypeCard#
InsertThunder and Lightning5
Justin Fields
Card TypeCard#
BaseBase Hobby40
RelicZoned In6
Justin Herbert
Card TypeCard#
BaseBase Hobby86
Insert1992 Pacific3
InsertPacific Revolution4
InsertEpix Orange Play5
InsertThunder and Lightning18
RelicColor Guard1
AutoZ-Jersey Autographs1
AutoTeam Summit Autographs9
AutoBase Autographs86
Justin Jefferson
Card TypeCard#
BaseBase Hobby51
InsertEpix Purple Play5
Insert1992 Pacific16
InsertBehind the Numbers16
RelicZoned In12
AutoHigh Point Signatures2
AutoBase Autographs51
Justin Tucker
Card TypeCard#
BaseBase Hobby29
AutoZ-Jersey Autographs5
AutoBase Autographs29
Kaiir Elam
Card TypeCard#
BaseRookies Hobby145RC
KaVontae Turpin
Card TypeCard#
BaseRookies Hobby200RC
AutoRookies Autographs200RC
Kayvon Thibodeaux
Card TypeCard#
BaseRookies Hobby150RC
AutoRookies Autographs150RC
Kenneth Walker III
Card TypeCard#
BaseRookies Hobby118RC
InsertEpix Emerald Play2
InsertRookie Wave15RC
InsertBehind the Numbers28
RelicTurning Pro Memorabilia16
RelicRookie Stallions18RC
AutoRookies Autographs118RC
AutoRookie Ticket RPS Preview Blue126RC
AutoRookie Ticket Variation RPS Preview Blue126RC
AutoRookie Patch Autographs218RC
Kenny Golladay
Card TypeCard#
AutoZ-Jersey Autographs13
AutoHigh Point Signatures28
Kenny Pickett
Card TypeCard#
BaseRookies Hobby101RC
InsertEpix Orange Play1
InsertRookie Wave1RC
InsertThunder and Lightning12
Insert1992 Pacific17
InsertBehind the Numbers21
InsertPacific Revolution21
RelicRookie Stallions1RC
RelicTurning Pro Memorabilia1
AutoRookies Autographs101RC
AutoRookie Ticket RPS Preview Blue127RC
AutoRookie Ticket Variation RPS Preview Blue127RC
AutoRookie Patch Autographs201RC
Keyshawn Johnson
Card TypeCard#
Khalil Shakir
Card TypeCard#
BaseRookies Hobby197RC
AutoRookies Autographs197RC
Kirk Cousins
Card TypeCard#
BaseBase Hobby49
AutoBase Autographs49
Kyle Hamilton
Card TypeCard#
BaseRookies Hobby138RC
InsertRookie Wave27RC
RelicRookie Stallions37RC
AutoRookie Ticket RPS Preview Blue128RC
AutoRookie Ticket Variation RPS Preview Blue128RC
AutoRookies Autographs138RC
AutoRookie Patch Autographs238RC
Kyle Philips
Card TypeCard#
BaseRookies Hobby198RC
AutoRookies Autographs198RC
Kyle Pitts
Card TypeCard#
BaseBase Hobby67
InsertThunder and Lightning13
RelicZoned In20
Kyler Gordon
Card TypeCard#
BaseRookies Hobby147RC
AutoRookies Autographs147RC
Kyler Murray
Card TypeCard#
BaseBase Hobby89
InsertBehind the Numbers3
InsertThunder and Lightning17
InsertClass President25
RelicColor Guard8
Kyren Williams
Card TypeCard#
BaseRookies Hobby181RC
AutoRookies Autographs181RC
Lamar Jackson
Card TypeCard#
BaseBase Hobby26
RelicZoned In2
Lawrence Taylor
Card TypeCard#
Leo Chenal
Card TypeCard#
BaseRookies Hobby167RC
AutoRookies Autographs167RC
Leonard Fournette
Card TypeCard#
BaseBase Hobby75
AutoBase Autographs75
Leonard Williams
Card TypeCard#
BaseBase Hobby19
Lewis Cine
Card TypeCard#
BaseRookies Hobby185RC
AutoRookies Autographs185RC
Logan Hall
Card TypeCard#
BaseRookies Hobby156RC
AutoRookies Autographs156RC
Mac Jones
Card TypeCard#
BaseBase Hobby8
AutoBase Autographs8
AutoZ-Jersey Autographs19
Malik Willis
Card TypeCard#
BaseRookies Hobby103RC
InsertRookie Wave2RC
InsertEpix Orange Play3
InsertThunder and Lightning14
InsertBehind the Numbers22
InsertPacific Revolution24
RelicRookie Stallions3RC
RelicTurning Pro Memorabilia3
AutoRookies Autographs103RC
AutoRookie Ticket RPS Preview Blue129RC
AutoRookie Ticket Variation RPS Preview Blue129RC
AutoRookie Patch Autographs203RC
Marcus Jones
Card TypeCard#
BaseRookies Hobby148RC
AutoRookies Autographs148RC
Marcus Mariota
Card TypeCard#
BaseBase Hobby65
AutoBase Autographs65
Mark Andrews
Card TypeCard#
BaseBase Hobby27
Marquez Valdes-Scantling
Card TypeCard#
AutoZ-Jersey Autographs15
Marquise Brown
Card TypeCard#
BaseBase Hobby90
InsertThunder and Lightning17
Marshall Faulk
Card TypeCard#
InsertEpix Emerald Play10
Matt Corral
Card TypeCard#
BaseRookies Hobby102RC
InsertRookie Wave3RC
InsertEpix Orange Play4
RelicRookie Stallions2RC
RelicTurning Pro Memorabilia2
AutoRookies Autographs102RC
AutoRookie Ticket RPS Preview Blue130RC
AutoRookie Ticket Variation RPS Preview Blue130RC
AutoRookie Patch Autographs202RC
Matt Judon
Card TypeCard#
BaseBase Hobby9
Matt Ryan
Card TypeCard#
BaseBase Hobby55
InsertClass President14
AutoTeam Summit Autographs12
AutoBase Autographs55
Matthew Stafford
Card TypeCard#
BaseBase Hobby92
InsertBehind the Numbers4
Insert1992 Pacific6
InsertPacific Revolution8
InsertClass President15
InsertThunder and Lightning20
RelicZoned In4
AutoBase Autographs92
Maurice Jones-Drew
Card TypeCard#
Maxx Crosby
Card TypeCard#
BaseBase Hobby85
AutoBase Autographs85No Base
Micah Parsons
Card TypeCard#
BaseBase Hobby15
InsertThunder and Lightning2
AutoTeam Summit Autographs1
AutoBase Autographs15
Michael Gallup
Card TypeCard#
AutoHigh Point Signatures15
Michael Irvin
Card TypeCard#
InsertEpix Purple Play9
Michael Pittman Jr.
Card TypeCard#
BaseBase Hobby56
InsertThunder and Lightning11
AutoHigh Point Signatures6
AutoTeam Summit Autographs12
AutoBase Autographs56
Michael Thomas
Card TypeCard#
BaseBase Hobby73
Michael Vick
Card TypeCard#
Mike Evans
Card TypeCard#
InsertThunder and Lightning4
Mike Gesicki
Card TypeCard#
AutoZ-Jersey Autographs22
Mike Williams
Card TypeCard#
BaseBase Hobby88
AutoHigh Point Signatures1Only Kaboom!
AutoTeam Summit Autographs9
AutoBase Autographs88No Base
Mike Woods
Card TypeCard#
BaseRookies Hobby196RC
AutoRookies Autographs196RC
Miles Sanders
Card TypeCard#
AutoTeam Summit Autographs3
Minkah Fitzpatrick
Card TypeCard#
AutoHigh Point Signatures24No Base
Mitchell Trubisky
Card TypeCard#
BaseBase Hobby36
AutoBase Autographs36
Myles Garrett
Card TypeCard#
Najee Harris
Card TypeCard#
BaseBase Hobby38
Insert1992 Pacific11
InsertThunder and Lightning12
RelicZoned In9
Nakobe Dean
Card TypeCard#
BaseRookies Hobby161RC
AutoRookies Autographs161RC
Nick Bosa
Card TypeCard#
BaseBase Hobby98
AutoZ-Jersey Autographs28
AutoBase Autographs98
Nick Chubb
Card TypeCard#
BaseBase Hobby35
InsertBehind the Numbers14
InsertPacific Revolution15
RelicZoned In11
AutoZ-Jersey Autographs8
AutoBase Autographs35
Nik Bonitto
Card TypeCard#
BaseRookies Hobby170RC
AutoRookies Autographs170RC - No Base
Patrick Mahomes II
Card TypeCard#
BaseBase Hobby80
Insert1992 Pacific2
InsertPacific Revolution2
InsertThunder and Lightning5
InsertBehind the Numbers9
InsertClass President23
RelicColor Guard2
Peyton Manning
Card TypeCard#
InsertClass President4
Phidarian Mathis
Card TypeCard#
BaseRookies Hobby159RC
AutoRookies Autographs159RC
Pierre Strong Jr.
Card TypeCard#
BaseRookies Hobby141RC
RelicRookie Stallions39RC
AutoRookie Ticket RPS Preview Blue131RC
AutoRookie Ticket Variation RPS Preview Blue131RC
AutoRookies Autographs141RC
AutoRookie Patch Autographs241RC
Preston Smith
Card TypeCard#
BaseBase Hobby48
AutoBase Autographs48
Quay Walker
Card TypeCard#
BaseRookies Hobby163RC
AutoRookies Autographs163RC
Rachaad White
Card TypeCard#
BaseRookies Hobby177RC
AutoRookies Autographs177RC - No Base
Randall Cobb
Card TypeCard#
Randy Moss
Card TypeCard#
AutoTeam Summit Autographs15
Ray Lewis
Card TypeCard#
InsertClass President2
Reggie Bush
Card TypeCard#
InsertClass President12
Rex Burkhead
Card TypeCard#
BaseBase Hobby54
AutoBase Autographs54
Rich Gannon
Card TypeCard#
Richard Sherman
Card TypeCard#
Ricky Williams
Card TypeCard#
Rob Gronkowski
Card TypeCard#
InsertClass President16
AutoTeam Summit Autographs15
Robert Quinn
Card TypeCard#
BaseBase Hobby42
Robert Woods
Card TypeCard#
BaseBase Hobby63
AutoBase Autographs63
Rod Smith
Card TypeCard#
AutoTeam Summit Autographs14
Romeo Doubs
Card TypeCard#
BaseRookies Hobby135RC
InsertRookie Wave23RC
RelicRookie Stallions34RC
AutoRookie Ticket RPS Preview Blue132RC
AutoRookie Ticket Variation RPS Preview Blue132RC
AutoRookies Autographs135RC
AutoRookie Patch Autographs235RC
Rondale Moore
Card TypeCard#
AutoZ-Jersey Autographs38
Russell Wilson
Card TypeCard#
BaseBase Hobby77
Insert1992 Pacific5
InsertBehind the Numbers6
InsertPacific Revolution6
InsertEpix Orange Play8
InsertThunder and Lightning10
InsertClass President18
RelicColor Guard3
AutoTeam Summit Autographs2
Ryan Tannehill
Card TypeCard#
BaseBase Hobby61
AutoBase Autographs61
Sam Howell
Card TypeCard#
BaseRookies Hobby105RC
InsertRookie Wave5RC
RelicRookie Stallions5RC
RelicTurning Pro Memorabilia5
AutoRookies Autographs105RC
AutoRookie Ticket RPS Preview Blue133RC
AutoRookie Ticket Variation RPS Preview Blue133RC
AutoRookie Patch Autographs205RC
Sam Williams
Card TypeCard#
BaseRookies Hobby169RC
AutoRookies Autographs169RC
Saquon Barkley
Card TypeCard#
BaseBase Hobby18
RelicColor Guard13
Skyy Moore
Card TypeCard#
BaseRookies Hobby124RC
InsertEpix Purple Play4
InsertRookie Wave19RC
RelicTurning Pro Memorabilia19
RelicRookie Stallions24RC
AutoRookies Autographs124RC
AutoRookie Ticket RPS Preview Blue134RC
AutoRookie Ticket Variation RPS Preview Blue134RC
AutoRookie Patch Autographs224RC
Snoop Conner
Card TypeCard#
BaseRookies Hobby183RC
AutoRookies Autographs183RC
Stefon Diggs
Card TypeCard#
BaseBase Hobby2
InsertClass President21
RelicColor Guard17
T.J. Hockenson
Card TypeCard#
RelicZoned In19
AutoZ-Graphs12No Base
T.J. Watt
Card TypeCard#
AutoZ-Jersey Autographs26No Base
Tee Higgins
Card TypeCard#
InsertBehind the Numbers17
AutoHigh Point Signatures4Only Kaboom!
AutoZ-Jersey Autographs7Only Platinum
AutoTeam Summit Autographs11
Terrel Bernard
Card TypeCard#
BaseRookies Hobby160RC
AutoRookies Autographs160RC
Terrell Davis
Card TypeCard#
InsertClass President1
AutoTeam Summit Autographs14
Terry McLaurin
Card TypeCard#
BaseBase Hobby25
RelicZoned In15
AutoTeam Summit Autographs8
AutoHigh Point Signatures9
AutoBase Autographs25
Tiki Barber
Card TypeCard#
Tom Brady
Card TypeCard#
BaseBase Hobby74
InsertThunder and Lightning4
InsertClass President6
InsertBehind the Numbers7
Insert1992 Pacific8
InsertPacific Revolution9
Tony Gonzalez
Card TypeCard#
InsertClass President3
Tony Pollard
Card TypeCard#
AutoZ-Jersey Autographs11
Travis Etienne Jr.
Card TypeCard#
BaseBase Hobby60
AutoBase Autographs60
Travis Kelce
Card TypeCard#
BaseBase Hobby81
RelicZoned In17
Travon Walker
Card TypeCard#
BaseRookies Hobby125RC
InsertThunder and Lightning3
InsertRookie Wave30RC
RelicTurning Pro Memorabilia20
RelicRookie Stallions25RC
AutoRookies Autographs125RC
AutoRookie Ticket RPS Preview Blue135RC
AutoRookie Ticket Variation RPS Preview Blue135RC
AutoRookie Patch Autographs225RC
Tre'Davious White
Card TypeCard#
Trent McDuffie
Card TypeCard#
BaseRookies Hobby144RC
AutoRookies Autographs144RC
Trestan Ebner
Card TypeCard#
BaseRookies Hobby182RC
AutoRookies Autographs182RC
Trevon Diggs
Card TypeCard#
InsertThunder and Lightning2
AutoTeam Summit Autographs1
AutoHigh Point Signatures21
AutoZ-Jersey Autographs43
Trevor Lawrence
Card TypeCard#
BaseBase Hobby58
InsertThunder and Lightning3
InsertPacific Revolution10
AutoZ-Jersey Autographs20
AutoBase Autographs58
Trevor Penning
Card TypeCard#
BaseRookies Hobby172RC
AutoRookies Autographs172RC
Trey Hendrickson
Card TypeCard#
AutoZ-Jersey Autographs9
Trey Lance
Card TypeCard#
AutoTeam Summit Autographs4
Trey McBride
Card TypeCard#
BaseRookies Hobby137RC
InsertRookie Wave24RC
RelicRookie Stallions36RC
AutoRookies Autographs137RC - No Base
AutoRookie Patch Autographs237RC
Treylon Burks
Card TypeCard#
BaseRookies Hobby112RC
InsertRookie Wave11RC
Insert1992 Pacific20
InsertBehind the Numbers26
RelicTurning Pro Memorabilia11
RelicRookie Stallions12RC
AutoRookies Autographs112RC
AutoRookie Ticket RPS Preview Blue137RC
AutoRookie Ticket Variation RPS Preview Blue137RC
AutoRookie Patch Autographs212RC
Troy Andersen
Card TypeCard#
BaseRookies Hobby164RC
AutoRookies Autographs164RC
Troy Polamalu
Card TypeCard#
InsertClass President9
Tua Tagovailoa
Card TypeCard#
BaseBase Hobby5
InsertPacific Revolution1
InsertBehind the Numbers5
InsertThunder and Lightning16
RelicColor Guard6
AutoBase Autographs5
AutoTeam Summit Autographs5
Tyler Allgeier
Card TypeCard#
BaseRookies Hobby178RC
AutoRookies Autographs178RC
Tyler Badie
Card TypeCard#
BaseRookies Hobby179RC
AutoRookies Autographs179RC
Tyler Higbee
Card TypeCard#
Tyler Smith
Card TypeCard#
BaseRookies Hobby174RC
AutoRookies Autographs174RC
Tyquan Thornton
Card TypeCard#
BaseRookies Hobby122RC
RelicRookie Stallions22RC
AutoRookies Autographs122RC
AutoRookie Ticket RPS Preview Blue138RC
AutoRookie Ticket Variation RPS Preview Blue138RC
AutoRookie Patch Autographs222RC
Tyreek Hill
Card TypeCard#
BaseBase Hobby7
InsertThunder and Lightning16
RelicColor Guard19
AutoTeam Summit Autographs5
Tyrion Davis-Price
Card TypeCard#
BaseRookies Hobby126RC
RelicRookie Stallions26RC
AutoRookies Autographs126RC
AutoRookie Ticket RPS Preview Blue139RC
AutoRookie Ticket Variation RPS Preview Blue139RC
AutoRookie Patch Autographs226RC
Van Jefferson
Card TypeCard#
AutoHigh Point Signatures27
Velus Jones Jr.
Card TypeCard#
BaseRookies Hobby130RC
InsertRookie Wave21RC
RelicRookie Stallions30RC
AutoRookies Autographs130RC
AutoRookie Ticket RPS Preview Blue140RC
AutoRookie Ticket Variation RPS Preview Blue140RC
AutoRookie Patch Autographs230RC
Von Miller
Card TypeCard#
BaseBase Hobby4
Wan'Dale Robinson
Card TypeCard#
BaseRookies Hobby120RC
InsertRookie Wave26RC
RelicTurning Pro Memorabilia17
RelicRookie Stallions20RC
AutoRookies Autographs120RC - No Base
AutoRookie Patch Autographs220RC
Wes Welker
Card TypeCard#
InsertEpix Purple Play10
AutoTeam Summit Autographs15
Zach Thomas
Card TypeCard#
Zach Wilson
Card TypeCard#
BaseBase Hobby11
AutoTeam Summit Autographs7
AutoBase Autographs11
Zack Martin
Card TypeCard#
Zamir White
Card TypeCard#
BaseRookies Hobby134RC
RelicRookie Stallions33RC
AutoRookies Autographs134RC
AutoRookie Ticket RPS Preview Blue142RC
AutoRookie Ticket Variation RPS Preview Blue142RC
AutoRookie Patch Autographs234RC
Zion Johnson
Card TypeCard#
BaseRookies Hobby175RC
AutoRookies Autographs175RC
Zonovan Knight
Card TypeCard#
BaseRookies Hobby184RC
AutoRookies Autographs184RC