2022 Panini Zenith Football Checklist

2022 Panini Zenith Football

Release Date: February 1, 2023

Collect a 242-card base set featuring 100 vets, 100 rookies and 42 RPAs of the top rookies in the NFL Draft.

See the full checklist here – 2022 Panini Zenith Football Checklist

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2022 Panini Zenith Football

  • Hunt for patch autographs from all of the top 2022 NFL Rookies that include Kenny Pickett, Breece Hall, Chris Olave, Aidan Hutchinson and many more!
  • Hunt brand new inserts Z-Stars, Class President, Pacific Revolution, Thunder and Lightning, Behind the Numbers and many more in Zenith 2022.
  • Find SSP Contenders Rooke Ticket RPS Preview Blue in Hobby boxes!
  • Brand new in 2022, look for case hit insert Aloha, featuring the BIGGEST names in the NFL!

2022 Panini Zenith Football

BASE2022-23 Panini Zenith Football - BASE, Tom Brady

Collect this 100-card base set that includes the NFL’s top stars from the league’s past and present. Also, be on the lookout for short-printed parallels and autographs!


ROOKIES EMERALD2022-23 Panini Zenith Football - ROOKIES EMERALD, Breece Hall

Find a 100-card rookie base featuring the top stars of 2022 NFL Draft Class while chasing their Artist Proof and autographed parallels!




Look for Rookie Patch Autographs where the number of memorabilia swatches increases as you move through the parallels until you reach the coveted five-swatch, Platinum 1/1 parallel!




Z-Jerseys is back in 2022, and this time it’s bringing the autographs. Look for patch autographs of the biggest stars of the NFL!


PACIFIC REVOLUTION GOLD2022-23 Panini Zenith Football - PACIFIC REVOLUTION GOLD, Tua Tagovailoa

Brand new to Zenith, Pacific Revolution returns to prominence, done in classic 90s-style, Pacific Revolution will be a chase for card collector’s new and old.



Hunt for red hot signatures from some of the league’s brightest stars that include unique parallels Spokes, Lightning and Kaboom.


ALOHAALOHA, Kyler Murray

A new SSP insert, Aloha features players who made the Pro Bowl!


1992 PACIFIC GOLD1992 PACIFIC GOLD, Patrick Mahomes II

A classic design returns to Zenith, 1992 Pacific features a throwback design to the 90s, highlighted by the best players the NFL has to offer.



Brand new in 2022, Class Presidents features a unique design that highlights the accomplishments of the top talent in the NFL.



Hobby Configuration


Box Break

  • 1 BASE
  • 1 ROOKIE
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Arizona Cardinals
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseCameron ThomasRookies Hobby149RC
BaseJ.J. WattBase Hobby91
BaseKyler MurrayBase Hobby89
BaseMarquise BrownBase Hobby90
BaseTrey McBrideRookies Hobby137RC
InsertKyler MurrayBehind the Numbers3
InsertKyler MurrayAloha9
InsertKyler MurrayThunder and Lightning17
InsertKyler MurrayClass President25
InsertMarquise BrownThunder and Lightning17
InsertTrey McBrideRookie Wave24RC
RelicKyler MurrayColor Guard8
RelicTrey McBrideRookie Stallions36RC
AutoA.J. GreenZ-Graphs6
AutoCameron ThomasRookies Autographs149RC
AutoRondale MooreZ-Jersey Autographs38
AutoTrey McBrideRookies Autographs137RC - No Base
AutoTrey McBrideRookie Patch Autographs237RC
Atlanta Falcons
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseArnold EbiketieRookies Hobby152RC
BaseCordarrelle PattersonBase Hobby66
BaseDesmond RidderRookies Hobby104RC
BaseDrake LondonRookies Hobby107RC
BaseKyle PittsBase Hobby67
BaseMarcus MariotaBase Hobby65
BaseTroy AndersenRookies Hobby164RC
BaseTyler AllgeierRookies Hobby178RC
InsertDesmond RidderEpix Orange Play2
InsertDesmond RidderRookie Wave4RC
InsertDesmond RidderThunder and Lightning13
InsertDesmond Ridder1992 Pacific18
InsertDesmond RidderBehind the Numbers23
InsertDrake LondonRookie Wave7RC
InsertDrake LondonPacific Revolution25
InsertDrake LondonBehind the Numbers30
InsertKyle PittsThunder and Lightning13
InsertKyle PittsZ-Team20
InsertMatt RyanClass President14
RelicDesmond RidderRookie Stallions4RC
RelicDesmond RidderTurning Pro Memorabilia4
RelicDrake LondonRookie Stallions7RC
RelicDrake LondonTurning Pro Memorabilia7
RelicKyle PittsZoned In20
AutoArnold EbiketieRookies Autographs152RC
AutoCordarrelle PattersonZ-Jersey Autographs37
AutoCordarrelle PattersonBase Autographs66
AutoDesmond RidderRookies Autographs104RC
AutoDesmond RidderRookie Ticket RPS Preview Blue114RC
AutoDesmond RidderRookie Ticket Variation RPS Preview Blue114RC
AutoDesmond RidderRookie Patch Autographs204RC
AutoDrake LondonRookies Autographs107RC
AutoDrake LondonRookie Ticket RPS Preview Blue115RC
AutoDrake LondonRookie Ticket Variation RPS Preview Blue115RC
AutoDrake LondonRookie Patch Autographs207RC
AutoMarcus MariotaZ-Graphs26
AutoMarcus MariotaBase Autographs65
AutoMichael VickZ-Graphs39
AutoTroy AndersenRookies Autographs164RC
AutoTyler AllgeierRookies Autographs178RC
Baltimore Ravens
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseDavid OjaboRookies Hobby166RC
BaseIsaiah LikelyRookies Hobby193RC
BaseJ.K. DobbinsBase Hobby28
BaseJustin TuckerBase Hobby29
BaseKyle HamiltonRookies Hobby138RC
BaseLamar JacksonBase Hobby26
BaseMark AndrewsBase Hobby27
BaseTyler BadieRookies Hobby179RC
InsertEd ReedAloha4
InsertEd ReedClass President8
InsertKyle HamiltonRookie Wave27RC
InsertLamar JacksonAloha16
InsertMark AndrewsAloha17
InsertRay LewisClass President2
RelicKyle HamiltonRookie Stallions37RC
RelicLamar JacksonZoned In2
AutoDavid OjaboRookies Autographs166RC
AutoIsaiah LikelyRookies Autographs193RC
AutoJustin TuckerZ-Jersey Autographs5
AutoJustin TuckerBase Autographs29
AutoKyle HamiltonRookie Ticket RPS Preview Blue128RC
AutoKyle HamiltonRookie Ticket Variation RPS Preview Blue128RC
AutoKyle HamiltonRookies Autographs138RC
AutoKyle HamiltonRookie Patch Autographs238RC
AutoTyler BadieRookies Autographs179RC
Buffalo Bills
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseDawson KnoxBase Hobby3
BaseJames CookRookies Hobby115RC
BaseJosh AllenBase Hobby1
BaseKaiir ElamRookies Hobby145RC
BaseKhalil ShakirRookies Hobby197RC
BaseStefon DiggsBase Hobby2
BaseTerrel BernardRookies Hobby160RC
BaseVon MillerBase Hobby4
InsertGabriel DavisThunder and Lightning8
InsertJames CookEpix Emerald Play4
InsertJames CookRookie Wave13RC
InsertJosh Allen1992 Pacific1
InsertJosh AllenBehind the Numbers1
InsertJosh AllenPacific Revolution3
InsertJosh AllenZ-Team5
InsertJosh AllenThunder and Lightning8
InsertJosh AllenZ-Stars15
InsertJosh AllenClass President24
RelicJames CookTurning Pro Memorabilia14
RelicJames CookRookie Stallions15RC
RelicJosh AllenZoned In1
RelicStefon DiggsColor Guard17
AutoDawson KnoxBase Autographs3
AutoDawson KnoxTeam Summit Autographs10
AutoEmmanuel SandersZ-Graphs11
AutoGabriel DavisTeam Summit Autographs10
AutoGabriel DavisHigh Point Signatures12
AutoJames CookRookies Autographs115RC
AutoJames CookRookie Ticket RPS Preview Blue123RC
AutoJames CookRookie Ticket Variation RPS Preview Blue123RC
AutoJames CookRookie Patch Autographs215RC
AutoJosh AllenTeam Summit Autographs10
AutoKhalil ShakirRookies Autographs197RC
AutoTerrel BernardRookies Autographs160RC
AutoTre'Davious WhiteZ-Graphs3
Carolina Panthers
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseBaker MayfieldBase Hobby68
BaseDJ MooreBase Hobby70
BaseMatt CorralRookies Hobby102RC
InsertMatt CorralRookie Wave3RC
InsertMatt CorralEpix Orange Play4
RelicDJ MooreColor Guard20
RelicMatt CorralRookie Stallions2RC
RelicMatt CorralTurning Pro Memorabilia2
AutoDJ MooreHigh Point Signatures8
AutoDJ MooreBase Autographs70
AutoJeremy ChinnHigh Point Signatures23
AutoMatt CorralRookies Autographs102RC
AutoMatt CorralRookie Ticket RPS Preview Blue130RC
AutoMatt CorralRookie Ticket Variation RPS Preview Blue130RC
AutoMatt CorralRookie Patch Autographs202RC
Chicago Bears
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseDavid MontgomeryBase Hobby41
BaseJaquan BriskerRookies Hobby186RC
BaseJustin FieldsBase Hobby40
BaseKyler GordonRookies Hobby147RC
BaseTrestan EbnerRookies Hobby182RC
BaseVelus Jones Jr.Rookies Hobby130RC
InsertJustin FieldsZ-Team12
InsertVelus Jones Jr.Rookie Wave21RC
RelicJustin FieldsZoned In6
RelicVelus Jones Jr.Rookie Stallions30RC
AutoDarnell MooneyHigh Point Signatures11
AutoDarnell MooneyZ-Jersey Autographs30
AutoDavid MontgomeryZ-Graphs5
AutoDavid MontgomeryBase Autographs41
AutoJaquan BriskerRookies Autographs186RC
AutoKyler GordonRookies Autographs147RC
AutoTrestan EbnerRookies Autographs182RC
AutoVelus Jones Jr.Rookies Autographs130RC
AutoVelus Jones Jr.Rookie Ticket RPS Preview Blue140RC
AutoVelus Jones Jr.Rookie Ticket Variation RPS Preview Blue140RC
AutoVelus Jones Jr.Rookie Patch Autographs230RC
Cincinnati Bengals
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseDaxton HillRookies Hobby188RC
BaseJa'Marr ChaseBase Hobby31
BaseJoe BurrowBase Hobby30
BaseJoe MixonBase Hobby32
InsertJa'Marr ChaseThunder and Lightning9
InsertJa'Marr Chase1992 Pacific15
InsertJa'Marr ChaseZ-Team17
InsertJa'Marr ChaseZ-Stars19
InsertJoe BurrowBehind the Numbers2
InsertJoe Burrow1992 Pacific4
InsertJoe BurrowZ-Team4
InsertJoe BurrowPacific Revolution5
InsertJoe BurrowEpix Orange Play6
InsertJoe BurrowThunder and Lightning9
InsertJoe BurrowZ-Stars14
InsertJoe MixonZ-Stars1
InsertJoe MixonEpix Emerald Play8
InsertJoe MixonBehind the Numbers13
InsertTee HigginsBehind the Numbers17
RelicJa'Marr ChaseColor Guard16
RelicJoe BurrowZoned In3
RelicJoe MixonColor Guard11
AutoAnthony MunozZ-Graphs38
AutoDaxton HillRookies Autographs188RC - No Base
AutoJa'Marr ChaseTeam Summit Autographs11
AutoJoe BurrowBase Autographs30No Base
AutoJoe MixonTeam Summit Autographs11
AutoTee HigginsHigh Point Signatures4Only Kaboom!
AutoTee HigginsZ-Jersey Autographs7Only Platinum
AutoTee HigginsTeam Summit Autographs11
AutoTrey HendricksonZ-Jersey Autographs9
Cleveland Browns
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseAmari CooperBase Hobby34
BaseDavid BellRookies Hobby132RC
BaseDeshaun WatsonBase Hobby33
BaseJerome FordRookies Hobby180RC
BaseMike WoodsRookies Hobby196RC
BaseNick ChubbBase Hobby35
InsertDavid BellRookie Wave22RC
InsertDeshaun WatsonZ-Team9
InsertJoe ThomasClass President13
InsertMyles GarrettAloha8
InsertMyles GarrettZ-Stars9
InsertNick ChubbBehind the Numbers14
InsertNick ChubbPacific Revolution15
InsertNick ChubbAloha19
RelicDavid BellRookie Stallions32RC
RelicNick ChubbZoned In11
AutoAustin HooperZ-Graphs2
AutoDavid BellRookie Ticket RPS Preview Blue113RC
AutoDavid BellRookie Ticket Variation RPS Preview Blue113RC
AutoDavid BellRookies Autographs132RC
AutoDavid BellRookie Patch Autographs232RC
AutoJerome FordRookies Autographs180RC
AutoMike WoodsRookies Autographs196RC
AutoNick ChubbZ-Jersey Autographs8
AutoNick ChubbBase Autographs35
Dallas Cowboys
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseCeeDee LambBase Hobby16
BaseDak PrescottBase Hobby14
BaseJalen TolbertRookies Hobby131RC
BaseKaVontae TurpinRookies Hobby200RC
BaseMicah ParsonsBase Hobby15
BaseSam WilliamsRookies Hobby169RC
BaseTyler SmithRookies Hobby174RC
InsertCeeDee LambEpix Purple Play7
InsertCeeDee Lamb1992 Pacific14
InsertCeeDee LambPacific Revolution16
InsertCeeDee LambBehind the Numbers19
InsertCeeDee LambZ-Team25
InsertDak PrescottZ-Stars21
InsertDak PrescottClass President22
InsertDeion SandersAloha27
InsertEmmitt SmithEpix Emerald Play9
InsertJalen TolbertRookie Wave20RC
InsertMicah ParsonsThunder and Lightning2
InsertMicah ParsonsAloha14
InsertMicah ParsonsZ-Team15
InsertMichael IrvinEpix Purple Play9
InsertTrevon DiggsThunder and Lightning2
InsertTrevon DiggsAloha12
RelicCeeDee LambColor Guard18
RelicDak PrescottZoned In5
RelicJalen TolbertRookie Stallions31RC
AutoDak PrescottZ-Jersey Autographs10
AutoDeMarcus LawrenceTeam Summit Autographs1
AutoHerschel WalkerZ-Graphs36
AutoJalen TolbertRookie Ticket RPS Preview Blue122RC
AutoJalen TolbertRookie Ticket Variation RPS Preview Blue122RC
AutoJalen TolbertRookies Autographs131RC
AutoJalen TolbertRookie Patch Autographs231RC
AutoKaVontae TurpinRookies Autographs200RC
AutoMicah ParsonsTeam Summit Autographs1
AutoMicah ParsonsBase Autographs15
AutoMichael GallupHigh Point Signatures15
AutoSam WilliamsRookies Autographs169RC
AutoTony PollardZ-Jersey Autographs11
AutoTrevon DiggsTeam Summit Autographs1
AutoTrevon DiggsHigh Point Signatures21
AutoTrevon DiggsZ-Jersey Autographs43
AutoTyler SmithRookies Autographs174RC
AutoZack MartinZ-Graphs10
Denver Broncos
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseCourtland SuttonBase Hobby79
BaseGreg DulcichRookies Hobby191RC
BaseJavonte WilliamsBase Hobby78
BaseNik BonittoRookies Hobby170RC
BaseRussell WilsonBase Hobby77
InsertJerry JeudyThunder and Lightning10
InsertRussell Wilson1992 Pacific5
InsertRussell WilsonBehind the Numbers6
InsertRussell WilsonPacific Revolution6
InsertRussell WilsonEpix Orange Play8
InsertRussell WilsonThunder and Lightning10
InsertRussell WilsonZ-Team21
InsertTerrell DavisClass President1
RelicRussell WilsonColor Guard3
AutoCourtland SuttonHigh Point Signatures10No Base
AutoCourtland SuttonZ-Jersey Autographs12
AutoDeMarcus WareZ-Graphs37
AutoGreg DulcichRookies Autographs191RC
AutoJavonte WilliamsTeam Summit Autographs2
AutoJavonte WilliamsZ-Jersey Autographs33
AutoJavonte WilliamsBase Autographs78
AutoJerry JeudyTeam Summit Autographs2
AutoJohn ElwayTeam Summit Autographs14
AutoNik BonittoRookies Autographs170RC - No Base
AutoRod SmithTeam Summit Autographs14
AutoRussell WilsonTeam Summit Autographs2
AutoTerrell DavisTeam Summit Autographs14
Detroit Lions
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseAidan HutchinsonRookies Hobby113RC
BaseAmon-Ra St. BrownBase Hobby45
BaseD'Andre SwiftBase Hobby44
BaseJameson WilliamsRookies Hobby108RC
BaseJared GoffBase Hobby43
BaseJosh PaschalRookies Hobby155RC
InsertAidan HutchinsonThunder and Lightning19
InsertAidan HutchinsonRookie Wave28RC
InsertBarry SandersBehind the Numbers15
InsertD'Andre SwiftEpix Emerald Play6
InsertJameson WilliamsRookie Wave8RC
InsertJameson WilliamsThunder and Lightning19
InsertJameson WilliamsBehind the Numbers27
InsertMatthew StaffordClass President15
RelicAidan HutchinsonTurning Pro Memorabilia12
RelicAidan HutchinsonRookie Stallions13RC
RelicD'Andre SwiftColor Guard12
RelicJameson WilliamsRookie Stallions8RC
RelicJameson WilliamsTurning Pro Memorabilia8
AutoAidan HutchinsonRookie Ticket RPS Preview Blue102RC
AutoAidan HutchinsonRookie Ticket Variation RPS Preview Blue102RC
AutoAidan HutchinsonRookies Autographs113RC
AutoAidan HutchinsonRookie Patch Autographs213RC
AutoAmon-Ra St. BrownBase Autographs45
AutoD'Andre SwiftZ-Jersey Autographs39
AutoD'Andre SwiftBase Autographs44
AutoJamaal WilliamsZ-Jersey Autographs14
AutoJameson WilliamsRookies Autographs108RC
AutoJameson WilliamsRookie Ticket RPS Preview Blue124RC
AutoJameson WilliamsRookie Ticket Variation RPS Preview Blue124RC
AutoJameson WilliamsRookie Patch Autographs208RC
AutoJosh PaschalRookies Autographs155RC
Green Bay Packers
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseAaron JonesBase Hobby47
BaseAaron RodgersBase Hobby46
BaseChristian WatsonRookies Hobby119RC
BaseDevonte WyattRookies Hobby157RC
BasePreston SmithBase Hobby48
BaseQuay WalkerRookies Hobby163RC
BaseRomeo DoubsRookies Hobby135RC
InsertAaron RodgersZ-Team6
InsertAaron Rodgers1992 Pacific7
InsertAaron RodgersEpix Orange Play7
InsertAaron RodgersPacific Revolution7
InsertAaron RodgersClass President11
InsertAaron RodgersZ-Stars16
InsertAaron RodgersAloha20
InsertBrett FavreAloha5
InsertBrett FavreEpix Orange Play9
InsertChristian WatsonRookie Wave16RC
InsertRomeo DoubsRookie Wave23RC
RelicAaron JonesZoned In10
RelicAaron RodgersColor Guard5
RelicChristian WatsonRookie Stallions19RC
RelicRomeo DoubsRookie Stallions34RC
AutoAaron JonesZ-Jersey Autographs32
AutoAaron RodgersZ-Jersey Autographs16
AutoAaron RodgersBase Autographs46
AutoAdrian AmosHigh Point Signatures25
AutoChristian WatsonRookie Ticket RPS Preview Blue110RC
AutoChristian WatsonRookie Ticket Variation RPS Preview Blue110RC
AutoChristian WatsonRookies Autographs119RC
AutoChristian WatsonRookie Patch Autographs219RC
AutoDevonte WyattRookies Autographs157RC
AutoJordy NelsonZ-Graphs20
AutoPreston SmithBase Autographs48
AutoQuay WalkerRookies Autographs163RC
AutoRandall CobbZ-Graphs13
AutoRomeo DoubsRookie Ticket RPS Preview Blue132RC
AutoRomeo DoubsRookie Ticket Variation RPS Preview Blue132RC
AutoRomeo DoubsRookies Autographs135RC
AutoRomeo DoubsRookie Patch Autographs235RC
Houston Texans
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseBrandin CooksBase Hobby53
BaseChristian HarrisRookies Hobby168RC
BaseDameon PierceRookies Hobby140RC
BaseDavis MillsBase Hobby52
BaseDerek Stingley Jr.Rookies Hobby143RC
BaseJalen PitreRookies Hobby189RC
BaseJohn Metchie IIIRookies Hobby117RC
BaseRex BurkheadBase Hobby54
InsertAndre JohnsonBehind the Numbers20
InsertDameon PierceRookie Wave25RC
InsertDeAndre HopkinsClass President19
InsertJ.J. WattClass President17
RelicDameon PierceRookie Stallions38RC
RelicJohn Metchie IIIRookie Stallions17RC
AutoBrandin CooksHigh Point Signatures13
AutoBrandin CooksZ-Jersey Autographs17
AutoBrandin CooksBase Autographs53Only Platinum
AutoChristian HarrisRookies Autographs168RC
AutoDameon PierceRookie Ticket RPS Preview Blue111RC
AutoDameon PierceRookie Ticket Variation RPS Preview Blue111RC
AutoDameon PierceRookies Autographs140RC
AutoDameon PierceRookie Patch Autographs240RC
AutoDavis MillsZ-Jersey Autographs18
AutoDavis MillsBase Autographs52
AutoDerek Stingley Jr.Rookies Autographs143RC
AutoJalen PitreRookies Autographs189RC
AutoJohn Metchie IIIRookies Autographs117RC
AutoJohn Metchie IIIRookie Ticket RPS Preview Blue125RC
AutoJohn Metchie IIIRookie Ticket Variation RPS Preview Blue125RC
AutoJohn Metchie IIIRookie Patch Autographs217RC
AutoRex BurkheadZ-Graphs15
AutoRex BurkheadBase Autographs54
Indianapolis Colts
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseAlec PierceRookies Hobby121RC
BaseJelani WoodsRookies Hobby190RC
BaseJonathan TaylorBase Hobby57
BaseMatt RyanBase Hobby55
BaseMichael Pittman Jr.Base Hobby56
InsertAlec PierceRookie Wave17RC
InsertJonathan TaylorZ-Stars2
InsertJonathan TaylorEpix Emerald Play5
InsertJonathan Taylor1992 Pacific9
InsertJonathan TaylorBehind the Numbers11
InsertJonathan TaylorPacific Revolution11
InsertJonathan TaylorThunder and Lightning11
InsertJonathan TaylorZ-Team19
InsertMarshall FaulkAloha25
InsertMichael Pittman Jr.Thunder and Lightning11
InsertMichael Pittman Jr.Z-Team11
InsertPeyton ManningAloha2
InsertPeyton ManningClass President4
RelicAlec PierceRookie Stallions21RC
RelicJonathan TaylorColor Guard9
AutoAlec PierceRookie Ticket RPS Preview Blue103RC
AutoAlec PierceRookie Ticket Variation RPS Preview Blue103RC
AutoAlec PierceRookies Autographs121RC
AutoAlec PierceRookie Patch Autographs221RC
AutoJelani WoodsRookies Autographs190RC
AutoJonathan TaylorTeam Summit Autographs12
AutoJonathan TaylorBase Autographs57
AutoMatt RyanTeam Summit Autographs12
AutoMatt RyanBase Autographs55
AutoMichael Pittman Jr.High Point Signatures6
AutoMichael Pittman Jr.Team Summit Autographs12
AutoMichael Pittman Jr.Base Autographs56
AutoPeyton ManningZ-Graphs35
Jacksonville Jaguars
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseChad MumaRookies Hobby165RC
BaseChristian KirkBase Hobby59
BaseSnoop ConnerRookies Hobby183RC
BaseTravis Etienne Jr.Base Hobby60
BaseTravon WalkerRookies Hobby125RC
BaseTrevor LawrenceBase Hobby58
InsertTravon WalkerThunder and Lightning3
InsertTravon WalkerRookie Wave30RC
InsertTrevor LawrenceThunder and Lightning3
InsertTrevor LawrencePacific Revolution10
InsertTrevor LawrenceZ-Team10
RelicTravon WalkerTurning Pro Memorabilia20
RelicTravon WalkerRookie Stallions25RC
AutoChad MumaRookies Autographs165RC
AutoChristian KirkZ-Jersey Autographs3
AutoChristian KirkBase Autographs59Only Platinum
AutoMaurice Jones-DrewZ-Graphs34
AutoSnoop ConnerRookies Autographs183RC
AutoTravis Etienne Jr.Base Autographs60
AutoTravon WalkerRookies Autographs125RC
AutoTravon WalkerRookie Ticket RPS Preview Blue135RC
AutoTravon WalkerRookie Ticket Variation RPS Preview Blue135RC
AutoTravon WalkerRookie Patch Autographs225RC
AutoTrevor LawrenceZ-Jersey Autographs20
AutoTrevor LawrenceBase Autographs58
Kansas City Chiefs
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseBryan CookRookies Hobby187RC
BaseChris JonesBase Hobby82
BaseGeorge KarlaftisRookies Hobby151RC
BaseLeo ChenalRookies Hobby167RC
BasePatrick Mahomes IIBase Hobby80
BaseSkyy MooreRookies Hobby124RC
BaseTravis KelceBase Hobby81
BaseTrent McDuffieRookies Hobby144RC
InsertJuJu Smith-SchusterThunder and Lightning5
InsertPatrick Mahomes II1992 Pacific2
InsertPatrick Mahomes IIPacific Revolution2
InsertPatrick Mahomes IIZ-Team2
InsertPatrick Mahomes IIThunder and Lightning5
InsertPatrick Mahomes IIBehind the Numbers9
InsertPatrick Mahomes IIZ-Stars12
InsertPatrick Mahomes IIClass President23
InsertPatrick Mahomes IIAloha28
InsertSkyy MooreEpix Purple Play4
InsertSkyy MooreRookie Wave19RC
InsertTony GonzalezClass President3
InsertTravis KelceZ-Stars3
InsertTravis KelceAloha30
RelicPatrick Mahomes IIColor Guard2
RelicSkyy MooreTurning Pro Memorabilia19
RelicSkyy MooreRookie Stallions24RC
RelicTravis KelceZoned In17
AutoAlex SmithZ-Graphs1
AutoBryan CookRookies Autographs187RC
AutoGeorge KarlaftisRookies Autographs151RC - No Base
AutoLeo ChenalRookies Autographs167RC
AutoMarquez Valdes-ScantlingZ-Jersey Autographs15
AutoSkyy MooreRookies Autographs124RC
AutoSkyy MooreRookie Ticket RPS Preview Blue134RC
AutoSkyy MooreRookie Ticket Variation RPS Preview Blue134RC
AutoSkyy MooreRookie Patch Autographs224RC
AutoTrent McDuffieRookies Autographs144RC
Las Vegas Raiders
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseDavante AdamsBase Hobby84
BaseDerek CarrBase Hobby83
BaseMaxx CrosbyBase Hobby85
BaseZamir WhiteRookies Hobby134RC
InsertDavante AdamsThunder and Lightning1
InsertDavante AdamsZ-Stars4
InsertDavante AdamsZ-Team8
InsertDavante Adams1992 Pacific13
InsertDavante AdamsPacific Revolution18
InsertDerek CarrThunder and Lightning1
InsertDerek CarrBehind the Numbers8
RelicDarren WallerZoned In18
RelicDerek CarrColor Guard7
RelicZamir WhiteRookie Stallions33RC
AutoDarren WallerZ-Jersey Autographs4
AutoDarren WallerTeam Summit Autographs13
AutoDerek CarrTeam Summit Autographs13
AutoDerek CarrBase Autographs83No Base
AutoHunter RenfrowHigh Point Signatures14
AutoHunter RenfrowZ-Jersey Autographs25
AutoJosh JacobsTeam Summit Autographs13
AutoMaxx CrosbyBase Autographs85No Base
AutoRich GannonZ-Graphs32
AutoZamir WhiteRookies Autographs134RC
AutoZamir WhiteRookie Ticket RPS Preview Blue142RC
AutoZamir WhiteRookie Ticket Variation RPS Preview Blue142RC
AutoZamir WhiteRookie Patch Autographs234RC
Los Angeles Chargers
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseAustin EkelerBase Hobby87
BaseIsaiah SpillerRookies Hobby116RC
BaseJustin HerbertBase Hobby86
BaseMike WilliamsBase Hobby88
BaseZion JohnsonRookies Hobby175RC
InsertAustin EkelerEpix Emerald Play7
InsertAustin EkelerThunder and Lightning18
InsertDrew BreesClass President7
InsertIsaiah SpillerEpix Emerald Play3
InsertIsaiah SpillerRookie Wave14RC
InsertJustin Herbert1992 Pacific3
InsertJustin HerbertZ-Team3
InsertJustin HerbertPacific Revolution4
InsertJustin HerbertEpix Orange Play5
InsertJustin HerbertAloha7
InsertJustin HerbertZ-Stars13
InsertJustin HerbertThunder and Lightning18
RelicIsaiah SpillerTurning Pro Memorabilia15
RelicIsaiah SpillerRookie Stallions16RC
RelicJustin HerbertColor Guard1
AutoAustin EkelerTeam Summit Autographs9
AutoAustin EkelerBase Autographs87
AutoIsaiah SpillerRookies Autographs116RC
AutoIsaiah SpillerRookie Ticket RPS Preview Blue120RC
AutoIsaiah SpillerRookie Ticket Variation RPS Preview Blue120RC
AutoIsaiah SpillerRookie Patch Autographs216RC
AutoJustin HerbertZ-Jersey Autographs1
AutoJustin HerbertTeam Summit Autographs9
AutoJustin HerbertBase Autographs86
AutoMike WilliamsHigh Point Signatures1Only Kaboom!
AutoMike WilliamsTeam Summit Autographs9
AutoMike WilliamsBase Autographs88No Base
AutoZion JohnsonRookies Autographs175RC
Los Angeles Rams
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseAaron DonaldBase Hobby94
BaseCooper KuppBase Hobby93
BaseJalen RamseyBase Hobby95
BaseKyren WilliamsRookies Hobby181RC
BaseMatthew StaffordBase Hobby92
InsertAaron DonaldClass President20
InsertAaron DonaldZ-Stars22
InsertCooper KuppEpix Purple Play6
InsertCooper Kupp1992 Pacific12
InsertCooper KuppPacific Revolution17
InsertCooper KuppThunder and Lightning20
InsertCooper KuppZ-Stars23
InsertMarshall FaulkEpix Emerald Play10
InsertMatthew StaffordBehind the Numbers4
InsertMatthew Stafford1992 Pacific6
InsertMatthew StaffordPacific Revolution8
InsertMatthew StaffordThunder and Lightning20
InsertMatthew StaffordZ-Team22
RelicCooper KuppColor Guard15
RelicMatthew StaffordZoned In4
AutoCam AkersZ-Jersey Autographs21
AutoKyren WilliamsRookies Autographs181RC
AutoMatthew StaffordBase Autographs92
AutoTyler HigbeeZ-Graphs17
AutoVan JeffersonHigh Point Signatures27
Miami Dolphins
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseChanning TindallRookies Hobby162RC
BaseErik EzukanmaRookies Hobby139RC
BaseJaylen WaddleBase Hobby6
BaseTua TagovailoaBase Hobby5
BaseTyreek HillBase Hobby7
InsertRicky WilliamsAloha29
InsertTua TagovailoaPacific Revolution1
InsertTua TagovailoaBehind the Numbers5
InsertTua TagovailoaThunder and Lightning16
InsertTyreek HillZ-Team7
InsertTyreek HillThunder and Lightning16
RelicTua TagovailoaColor Guard6
RelicTyreek HillColor Guard19
AutoChanning TindallRookies Autographs162RC
AutoChase EdmondsZ-Jersey Autographs2
AutoErik EzukanmaRookies Autographs139RC - No Base
AutoErik EzukanmaRookie Patch Autographs239RC
AutoJaylen WaddleHigh Point Signatures5
AutoJaylen WaddleTeam Summit Autographs5
AutoJaylen WaddleBase Autographs6
AutoMike GesickiZ-Jersey Autographs22
AutoTua TagovailoaBase Autographs5
AutoTua TagovailoaTeam Summit Autographs5
AutoTyreek HillTeam Summit Autographs5
AutoZach ThomasZ-Graphs33
Minnesota Vikings
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseAndrew Booth Jr.Rookies Hobby146RC
BaseBrian Asamoah IIRookies Hobby171RC
BaseDalvin CookBase Hobby50
BaseJustin JeffersonBase Hobby51
BaseKirk CousinsBase Hobby49
BaseLewis CineRookies Hobby185RC
InsertAdrian PetersonAloha24
InsertDalvin CookAloha11
InsertDalvin CookPacific Revolution14
InsertJustin JeffersonEpix Purple Play5
InsertJustin Jefferson1992 Pacific16
InsertJustin JeffersonBehind the Numbers16
InsertJustin JeffersonZ-Stars20
InsertJustin JeffersonZ-Team24
InsertRandy MossAloha26
InsertStefon DiggsClass President21
RelicDalvin CookColor Guard10
RelicJustin JeffersonZoned In12
RelicT.J. HockensonZoned In19
AutoAdam ThielenZ-Jersey Autographs23
AutoAdam ThielenHigh Point Signatures29
AutoAndrew Booth Jr.Rookies Autographs146RC - No Base
AutoBrian Asamoah IIRookies Autographs171RC - No Base
AutoJustin JeffersonHigh Point Signatures2
AutoJustin JeffersonBase Autographs51
AutoKirk CousinsZ-Graphs18
AutoKirk CousinsBase Autographs49
AutoLewis CineRookies Autographs185RC
AutoT.J. HockensonZ-Graphs12No Base
New England Patriots
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseBailey ZappeRookies Hobby129RC
BaseCole StrangeRookies Hobby173RC
BaseDamien HarrisBase Hobby10
BaseMac JonesBase Hobby8
BaseMarcus JonesRookies Hobby148RC
BaseMatt JudonBase Hobby9
BasePierre Strong Jr.Rookies Hobby141RC
BaseTyquan ThorntonRookies Hobby122RC
InsertMac JonesAloha10
InsertMac JonesZ-Team13
InsertMac JonesZ-Stars18
InsertRob GronkowskiClass President16
InsertTom BradyAloha1
InsertTom BradyClass President6
InsertWes WelkerEpix Purple Play10
RelicBailey ZappeRookie Stallions29RC
RelicPierre Strong Jr.Rookie Stallions39RC
RelicTyquan ThorntonRookie Stallions22RC
AutoBailey ZappeRookie Ticket RPS Preview Blue104RC
AutoBailey ZappeRookie Ticket Variation RPS Preview Blue104RC
AutoBailey ZappeRookies Autographs129RC
AutoBailey ZappeRookie Patch Autographs229RC
AutoCole StrangeRookies Autographs173RC
AutoDamien HarrisBase Autographs10
AutoDamien HarrisZ-Graphs19
AutoDamien HarrisZ-Jersey Autographs24
AutoJakobi MeyersHigh Point Signatures16
AutoMac JonesBase Autographs8
AutoMac JonesZ-Jersey Autographs19
AutoMarcus JonesRookies Autographs148RC
AutoPierre Strong Jr.Rookie Ticket RPS Preview Blue131RC
AutoPierre Strong Jr.Rookie Ticket Variation RPS Preview Blue131RC
AutoPierre Strong Jr.Rookies Autographs141RC
AutoPierre Strong Jr.Rookie Patch Autographs241RC
AutoRandy MossTeam Summit Autographs15
AutoRob GronkowskiTeam Summit Autographs15
AutoTyquan ThorntonRookies Autographs122RC
AutoTyquan ThorntonRookie Ticket RPS Preview Blue138RC
AutoTyquan ThorntonRookie Ticket Variation RPS Preview Blue138RC
AutoTyquan ThorntonRookie Patch Autographs222RC
AutoWes WelkerTeam Summit Autographs15
New Orleans Saints
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseAlvin KamaraBase Hobby72
BaseChris OlaveRookies Hobby109RC
BaseJameis WinstonBase Hobby71
BaseMichael ThomasBase Hobby73
BaseTrevor PenningRookies Hobby172RC
InsertAlvin KamaraZ-Stars5
InsertAlvin KamaraAloha23
InsertChris OlaveEpix Purple Play2
InsertChris OlaveRookie Wave9RC
InsertChris OlavePacific Revolution23
InsertChris OlaveBehind the Numbers25
InsertDrew BreesEpix Orange Play10
InsertMichael ThomasAloha18
InsertReggie BushClass President12
RelicAlvin KamaraColor Guard14
RelicChris OlaveRookie Stallions9RC
RelicChris OlaveTurning Pro Memorabilia9
AutoChris OlaveRookie Ticket RPS Preview Blue109RC
AutoChris OlaveRookie Ticket Variation RPS Preview Blue109RC
AutoChris OlaveRookies Autographs109RC
AutoChris OlaveRookie Patch Autographs209RC
AutoTrevor PenningRookies Autographs172RC
New York Giants
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseDaniel BellingerRookies Hobby195RC
BaseDaniel JonesBase Hobby17
BaseKayvon ThibodeauxRookies Hobby150RC
BaseLeonard WilliamsBase Hobby19
BaseSaquon BarkleyBase Hobby18
BaseWan'Dale RobinsonRookies Hobby120RC
InsertLawrence TaylorAloha6
InsertWan'Dale RobinsonRookie Wave26RC
RelicSaquon BarkleyColor Guard13
RelicWan'Dale RobinsonTurning Pro Memorabilia17
RelicWan'Dale RobinsonRookie Stallions20RC
AutoKayvon ThibodeauxRookies Autographs150RC
AutoKenny GolladayZ-Jersey Autographs13
AutoKenny GolladayHigh Point Signatures28
AutoTiki BarberZ-Graphs31
AutoWan'Dale RobinsonRookies Autographs120RC - No Base
AutoWan'Dale RobinsonRookie Patch Autographs220RC
New York Jets
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseAhmad "Sauce" GardnerRookies Hobby128RC
BaseBreece HallRookies Hobby114RC
BaseC.J. MosleyBase Hobby12
BaseCorey DavisBase Hobby13
BaseGarrett WilsonRookies Hobby106RC
BaseJeremy RuckertRookies Hobby192RC
BaseJermaine Johnson IIRookies Hobby153RC
BaseZach WilsonBase Hobby11
BaseZonovan KnightRookies Hobby184RC
InsertAhmad "Sauce" GardnerRookie Wave29RC
InsertBreece HallEpix Emerald Play1
InsertBreece HallRookie Wave12RC
InsertBreece HallThunder and Lightning15
InsertBreece Hall1992 Pacific19
InsertBreece HallPacific Revolution22
InsertBreece HallBehind the Numbers24
InsertGarrett WilsonEpix Purple Play1
InsertGarrett WilsonRookie Wave6RC
InsertGarrett WilsonThunder and Lightning15
InsertGarrett WilsonBehind the Numbers29
InsertZach WilsonZ-Team14
RelicAhmad "Sauce" GardnerRookie Stallions28RC
RelicBreece HallTurning Pro Memorabilia13
RelicBreece HallRookie Stallions14RC
RelicGarrett WilsonRookie Stallions6RC
RelicGarrett WilsonTurning Pro Memorabilia6
AutoAhmad "Sauce" GardnerRookie Ticket RPS Preview Blue101RC
AutoAhmad "Sauce" GardnerRookie Ticket Variation RPS Preview Blue101RC
AutoAhmad "Sauce" GardnerRookies Autographs128RC
AutoAhmad "Sauce" GardnerRookie Patch Autographs228RC
AutoBreece HallTeam Summit Autographs7
AutoBreece HallRookie Ticket RPS Preview Blue105RC
AutoBreece HallRookie Ticket Variation RPS Preview Blue105RC
AutoBreece HallRookies Autographs114RC
AutoBreece HallRookie Patch Autographs214RC
AutoElijah MooreTeam Summit Autographs7
AutoElijah MooreHigh Point Signatures18
AutoGarrett WilsonRookies Autographs106RC - No Base
AutoGarrett WilsonRookie Ticket RPS Preview Blue117RC - No Red
AutoGarrett WilsonRookie Ticket Variation RPS Preview Blue117RC - No Red
AutoGarrett WilsonRookie Patch Autographs206RC
AutoJeremy RuckertRookies Autographs192RC
AutoJermaine Johnson IIRookies Autographs153RC - No Base
AutoKeyshawn JohnsonZ-Graphs30
AutoZach WilsonTeam Summit Autographs7
AutoZach WilsonBase Autographs11
AutoZonovan KnightRookies Autographs184RC
Philadelphia Eagles
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseA.J. BrownBase Hobby21
BaseCarson StrongRookies Hobby111RC
BaseDallas GoedertBase Hobby22
BaseJalen HurtsBase Hobby20
BaseJordan DavisRookies Hobby158RC
BaseNakobe DeanRookies Hobby161RC
BaseRobert QuinnBase Hobby42
InsertA.J. BrownThunder and Lightning6
InsertA.J. BrownZ-Stars6
InsertJalen HurtsThunder and Lightning6
InsertJalen HurtsZ-Stars17
RelicA.J. BrownZoned In14
RelicCarson StrongRookie Stallions11RC
RelicJalen HurtsColor Guard4
AutoA.J. BrownTeam Summit Autographs3
AutoA.J. BrownBase Autographs21
AutoCarson StrongRookie Ticket RPS Preview Blue108RC
AutoCarson StrongRookie Ticket Variation RPS Preview Blue108RC
AutoCarson StrongRookies Autographs111RC
AutoCarson StrongRookie Patch Autographs211RC
AutoDallas GoedertBase Autographs22
AutoJalen HurtsTeam Summit Autographs3
AutoJalen HurtsBase Autographs20
AutoJalen HurtsZ-Jersey Autographs40
AutoJordan DavisRookies Autographs158RC - No Base
AutoMiles SandersTeam Summit Autographs3
AutoNakobe DeanRookies Autographs161RC
Pittsburgh Steelers
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseCalvin Austin IIIRookies Hobby136RC
BaseCameron HeywardBase Hobby39
BaseDiontae JohnsonBase Hobby37
BaseGeorge PickensRookies Hobby123RC
BaseJaylen WarrenRookies Hobby176RC
BaseKenny PickettRookies Hobby101RC
BaseMitchell TrubiskyBase Hobby36
BaseNajee HarrisBase Hobby38
InsertBen RoethlisbergerClass President10
InsertGeorge PickensEpix Purple Play3
InsertGeorge PickensRookie Wave18RC
InsertKenny PickettEpix Orange Play1
InsertKenny PickettRookie Wave1RC
InsertKenny PickettThunder and Lightning12
InsertKenny Pickett1992 Pacific17
InsertKenny PickettBehind the Numbers21
InsertKenny PickettPacific Revolution21
InsertNajee Harris1992 Pacific11
InsertNajee HarrisThunder and Lightning12
InsertNajee HarrisZ-Team18
InsertT.J. WattZ-Stars8
InsertT.J. WattAloha15
InsertTroy PolamaluClass President9
RelicCalvin Austin IIIRookie Stallions35RC
RelicGeorge PickensTurning Pro Memorabilia18
RelicGeorge PickensRookie Stallions23RC
RelicKenny PickettRookie Stallions1RC
RelicKenny PickettTurning Pro Memorabilia1
RelicNajee HarrisZoned In9
AutoCalvin Austin IIIRookie Ticket RPS Preview Blue107RC
AutoCalvin Austin IIIRookie Ticket Variation RPS Preview Blue107RC
AutoCalvin Austin IIIRookies Autographs136RC
AutoCalvin Austin IIIRookie Patch Autographs236RC
AutoCameron HeywardBase Autographs39
AutoGeorge PickensRookies Autographs123RC - No Base
AutoGeorge PickensRookie Patch Autographs223RC
AutoJames HarrisonZ-Graphs29
AutoJaylen WarrenRookies Autographs176RC
AutoKenny PickettRookies Autographs101RC
AutoKenny PickettRookie Ticket RPS Preview Blue127RC
AutoKenny PickettRookie Ticket Variation RPS Preview Blue127RC
AutoKenny PickettRookie Patch Autographs201RC
AutoMinkah FitzpatrickHigh Point Signatures24No Base
AutoMitchell TrubiskyBase Autographs36
AutoT.J. WattZ-Jersey Autographs26No Base
San Francisco 49ers
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseChristian McCaffreyBase Hobby69
BaseDanny GrayRookies Hobby133RC
BaseDeebo SamuelBase Hobby97
BaseDrake JacksonRookies Hobby154RC
BaseJimmy GaroppoloBase Hobby96
BaseNick BosaBase Hobby98
BaseTyrion Davis-PriceRookies Hobby126RC
InsertChristian McCaffreyBehind the Numbers12
InsertChristian McCaffreyPacific Revolution13
InsertChristian McCaffreyZ-Stars24
InsertDeebo SamuelThunder and Lightning7
InsertDeebo SamuelAloha13
InsertDeebo SamuelPacific Revolution20
InsertDeebo SamuelZ-Team23
InsertJerry RiceAloha3
InsertJimmy GaroppoloThunder and Lightning7
InsertJoe MontanaBehind the Numbers10
RelicChristian McCaffreyZoned In7
RelicDeebo SamuelZoned In13
RelicTyrion Davis-PriceRookie Stallions26RC
AutoBrandon AiyukHigh Point Signatures17
AutoBrandon AiyukZ-Jersey Autographs36
AutoChristian McCaffreyBase Autographs69
AutoDanny GrayRookie Ticket RPS Preview Blue112RC
AutoDanny GrayRookie Ticket Variation RPS Preview Blue112RC
AutoDanny GrayRookies Autographs133RC
AutoDanny GrayRookie Patch Autographs233RC
AutoDeebo SamuelTeam Summit Autographs4
AutoEli MitchellZ-Graphs23
AutoGeorge KittleTeam Summit Autographs4
AutoJohn TaylorZ-Graphs27
AutoNick BosaZ-Jersey Autographs28
AutoNick BosaBase Autographs98
AutoTrey LanceTeam Summit Autographs4
AutoTyrion Davis-PriceRookies Autographs126RC
AutoTyrion Davis-PriceRookie Ticket RPS Preview Blue139RC
AutoTyrion Davis-PriceRookie Ticket Variation RPS Preview Blue139RC
AutoTyrion Davis-PriceRookie Patch Autographs226RC
Seattle Seahawks
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseBo MeltonRookies Hobby199RC
BaseDK MetcalfBase Hobby99
BaseGeno SmithBase Hobby100
BaseKenneth Walker IIIRookies Hobby118RC
InsertDK MetcalfZ-Stars7
InsertDK MetcalfEpix Purple Play8
InsertDK MetcalfBehind the Numbers18
InsertDK MetcalfPacific Revolution19
InsertKenneth Walker IIIEpix Emerald Play2
InsertKenneth Walker IIIRookie Wave15RC
InsertKenneth Walker IIIBehind the Numbers28
InsertRussell WilsonClass President18
InsertRussell WilsonAloha22
RelicDK MetcalfZoned In16
RelicKenneth Walker IIITurning Pro Memorabilia16
RelicKenneth Walker IIIRookie Stallions18RC
AutoBo MeltonRookies Autographs199RC
AutoDoug BaldwinZ-Graphs25
AutoJordyn BrooksZ-Jersey Autographs41
AutoKenneth Walker IIIRookies Autographs118RC
AutoKenneth Walker IIIRookie Ticket RPS Preview Blue126RC
AutoKenneth Walker IIIRookie Ticket Variation RPS Preview Blue126RC
AutoKenneth Walker IIIRookie Patch Autographs218RC
AutoRichard ShermanZ-Graphs24
Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseCade OttonRookies Hobby194RC
BaseChris GodwinBase Hobby76
BaseLeonard FournetteBase Hobby75
BaseLogan HallRookies Hobby156RC
BaseRachaad WhiteRookies Hobby177RC
BaseTom BradyBase Hobby74
InsertMike EvansThunder and Lightning4
InsertMike EvansAloha21
InsertTom BradyZ-Team1
InsertTom BradyThunder and Lightning4
InsertTom BradyBehind the Numbers7
InsertTom Brady1992 Pacific8
InsertTom BradyPacific Revolution9
InsertTom BradyZ-Stars11
AutoAntoine Winfield Jr.High Point Signatures22No Base
AutoCade OttonRookies Autographs194RC
AutoChris GodwinHigh Point Signatures19
AutoChris GodwinZ-Jersey Autographs31
AutoChris GodwinBase Autographs76
AutoDevin WhiteZ-Jersey Autographs29
AutoLeonard FournetteZ-Graphs14
AutoLeonard FournetteBase Autographs75
AutoLogan HallRookies Autographs156RC
AutoRachaad WhiteRookies Autographs177RC - No Base
Tennessee Titans
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseDerrick HenryBase Hobby62
BaseHassan HaskinsRookies Hobby142RC
BaseJeffery SimmonsBase Hobby64
BaseKyle PhilipsRookies Hobby198RC
BaseMalik WillisRookies Hobby103RC
BaseRobert WoodsBase Hobby63
BaseRyan TannehillBase Hobby61
BaseTreylon BurksRookies Hobby112RC
InsertDerrick Henry1992 Pacific10
InsertDerrick HenryPacific Revolution12
InsertDerrick HenryThunder and Lightning14
InsertDerrick HenryZ-Stars25
InsertMalik WillisRookie Wave2RC
InsertMalik WillisEpix Orange Play3
InsertMalik WillisThunder and Lightning14
InsertMalik WillisBehind the Numbers22
InsertMalik WillisPacific Revolution24
InsertTreylon BurksRookie Wave11RC
InsertTreylon Burks1992 Pacific20
InsertTreylon BurksBehind the Numbers26
RelicDerrick HenryZoned In8
RelicHassan HaskinsRookie Stallions40RC
RelicMalik WillisRookie Stallions3RC
RelicMalik WillisTurning Pro Memorabilia3
RelicTreylon BurksTurning Pro Memorabilia11
RelicTreylon BurksRookie Stallions12RC
AutoDerrick HenryZ-Jersey Autographs35
AutoHassan HaskinsRookie Ticket RPS Preview Blue119RC
AutoHassan HaskinsRookie Ticket Variation RPS Preview Blue119RC
AutoHassan HaskinsRookies Autographs142RC
AutoHassan HaskinsRookie Patch Autographs242RC
AutoKyle PhilipsRookies Autographs198RC
AutoMalik WillisRookies Autographs103RC
AutoMalik WillisRookie Ticket RPS Preview Blue129RC
AutoMalik WillisRookie Ticket Variation RPS Preview Blue129RC
AutoMalik WillisRookie Patch Autographs203RC
AutoRobert WoodsBase Autographs63
AutoRyan TannehillBase Autographs61
AutoTreylon BurksRookies Autographs112RC
AutoTreylon BurksRookie Ticket RPS Preview Blue137RC
AutoTreylon BurksRookie Ticket Variation RPS Preview Blue137RC
AutoTreylon BurksRookie Patch Autographs212RC
Washington Commanders
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseAntonio GibsonBase Hobby24
BaseBrian Robinson Jr.Rookies Hobby127RC
BaseCarson WentzBase Hobby23
BaseJahan DotsonRookies Hobby110RC
BasePhidarian MathisRookies Hobby159RC
BaseSam HowellRookies Hobby105RC
BaseTerry McLaurinBase Hobby25
InsertChamp BaileyClass President5
InsertChase YoungZ-Stars10
InsertChase YoungZ-Team16
InsertJahan DotsonRookie Wave10RC
InsertSam HowellRookie Wave5RC
RelicBrian Robinson Jr.Rookie Stallions27RC
RelicJahan DotsonRookie Stallions10RC
RelicJahan DotsonTurning Pro Memorabilia10
RelicSam HowellRookie Stallions5RC
RelicSam HowellTurning Pro Memorabilia5
RelicTerry McLaurinZoned In15
AutoAntonio GibsonZ-Graphs4
AutoAntonio GibsonTeam Summit Autographs8
AutoAntonio GibsonBase Autographs24
AutoBrian Robinson Jr.Rookie Ticket RPS Preview Blue106RC
AutoBrian Robinson Jr.Rookie Ticket Variation RPS Preview Blue106RC
AutoBrian Robinson Jr.Rookies Autographs127RC
AutoBrian Robinson Jr.Rookie Patch Autographs227RC
AutoCarson WentzTeam Summit Autographs8
AutoCarson WentzBase Autographs23
AutoJahan DotsonRookies Autographs110RC
AutoJahan DotsonRookie Ticket RPS Preview Blue121RC
AutoJahan DotsonRookie Ticket Variation RPS Preview Blue121RC
AutoJahan DotsonRookie Patch Autographs210RC
AutoJoe TheismannZ-Graphs28
AutoPhidarian MathisRookies Autographs159RC
AutoSam HowellRookies Autographs105RC
AutoSam HowellRookie Ticket RPS Preview Blue133RC
AutoSam HowellRookie Ticket Variation RPS Preview Blue133RC
AutoSam HowellRookie Patch Autographs205RC
AutoTerry McLaurinTeam Summit Autographs8
AutoTerry McLaurinHigh Point Signatures9
AutoTerry McLaurinBase Autographs25