2022 Topps Dynasty Formula 1 Racing Checklist

2022 Topps Dynasty Formula 1 Racing

Release Date: March 1, 2023

F1 is entering a whole new era with reinvented cars, new generation of drivers and the most premium trading card product, with 2022 Topps Dynasty Formula 1.

See the full checklist here – 2022 Topps Dynasty Formula 1 Racing Checklist

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2022 Topps Dynasty Formula 1 Racing

  • Each Box comes with 1 Premium Relic Autograph card from F1’s top Drivers and the Constructor team members.
  • Look out for rare Dual Driver Autograph and Dual/Triple Relic Autograph

2022 Topps Dynasty Formula 1 Racing

AUTOGRAPH RELIC CARDSDynasty Single Driver Autographed Triple Relic Card, George Russell

Dynasty Autograph Patch Cards -#’d to 10 or Less

  • Red Parallel: Patch piece Seq #’d to 5
  • Black Parallel: Patch piece Seq #’d to 2.
  • Gold Parallel: Multi-color patch piece. Seq #’d to 1/1

Dynasty Autograph Flag Cards -#’d to 2

  • Jumbo Patch Variation–#’d 1-of-1Dynasty Constructor Team Dual Relic Autograph Card, Sergio Perez & Max Verstappen

Dynasty Autograph Racing Glove Cards -#’d to 10

  • Jumbo Patch Variation–#’d 1-of-1

Dynasty Autograph Suit Zipper Cards -#’d to 10

  • Jumbo Patch Variation–#’d 1-of-1

Dynasty Autograph Suit Nameplate Parallel -#’d to 2

  • Jumbo Patch Variation–#’d 1-of-1Dynasty Autographs Suit, Daniel Ricciardo

Dynasty Constructor Team Dual Relic Autograph Cards -#’d to 10 or Less

  • Red Parallel–Sequentially #’d to 5
  • Gold Parallel–#’d 1/1

Dynasty Single Driver Dual Relic Autograph Cards -#’d to 10 or Less

  • Red Parallel–Sequentially #’d to 5
  • Black Parallel–Sequentially #’d to 22022 Topps Dynasty Formula 1 Racing - Dynasty Autographed Single Driver Dual Relic Card, Zhou GuanYu
  • Gold Parallel–#’d 1-of-1

Dynasty Single Driver Triple Relic Autograph Cards -#’d to 10 or Less

  • Red Parallel–Sequentially #’d to 5
  • Black Parallel–Sequentially #’d to 2
  • Gold Parallel–#’d 1/1


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Dynasty Autographed Patch

95 card set.
Parallels - Red #/5, Black #/2, Gold 1/1.

DAP-AAAlexander AlbonWilliams Racing
DAP-AAIAlexander AlbonWilliams Racing
DAP-AAIIAlexander AlbonWilliams Racing
DAP-ASAndreas SeidlMcLaren
DAP-ASIAndreas SeidlMcLaren
DAP-ASIIAndreas SeidlMcLaren
DAP-CHChristian HornerOracle Red Bull Racing
DAP-CHIChristian HornerOracle Red Bull Racing
DAP-CHIIChristian HornerOracle Red Bull Racing
DAP-CLCharles LeclercScuderia Ferrari
DAP-CLICharles LeclercScuderia Ferrari
DAP-CLIICharles LeclercScuderia Ferrari
DAP-CSCarlos SainzScuderia Ferrari
DAP-CSICarlos SainzScuderia Ferrari
DAP-CSIICarlos SainzScuderia Ferrari
DAP-DBOtmar SzafnauerBWT Alpine
DAP-DBIOtmar SzafnauerBWT Alpine
DAP-DBIIOtmar SzafnauerBWT Alpine
DAP-DRDaniel RicciardoMcLaren
DAP-DRIDaniel RicciardoMcLaren
DAP-DRIIDaniel RicciardoMcLaren
DAP-DRIIIIDaniel RicciardoMcLaren
DAP-EOEsteban OconBWT Alpine
DAP-EOIEsteban OconBWT Alpine
DAP-EOIIEsteban OconBWT Alpine
DAP-FAFernando AlonsoBWT Alpine
DAP-FAIFernando AlonsoBWT Alpine
DAP-FAIIFernando AlonsoBWT Alpine
DAP-FTFranz TostScuderia AlphaTauri
DAP-FTIFranz TostScuderia AlphaTauri
DAP-FTIIFranz TostScuderia AlphaTauri
DAP-FVFrédéric VasseurAlfa Romeo ORLEN
DAP-FVIFrédéric VasseurAlfa Romeo ORLEN
DAP-FVIIFrédéric VasseurAlfa Romeo ORLEN
DAP-GRGeorge RussellMercedes-AMG Petronas
DAP-GRIGeorge RussellMercedes-AMG Petronas
DAP-GRIIGeorge RussellMercedes-AMG Petronas
DAP-GSGuenther SteinerHaas
DAP-GSIGuenther SteinerHaas
DAP-GSIIGuenther SteinerHaas
DAP-GZZhou GuanyuAlfa Romeo ORLENRC
DAP-GZIZhou GuanyuAlfa Romeo ORLENRC
DAP-GZIIZhou GuanyuAlfa Romeo ORLENRC
DAP-JCJost CapitoWilliams Racing
DAP-JCIJost CapitoWilliams Racing
DAP-JCIIJost CapitoWilliams Racing
DAP-KMKevin MagnussenHaas
DAP-KMIKevin MagnussenHaas
DAP-KMIIKevin MagnussenHaas
DAP-LHLewis HamiltonMercedes-AMG Petronas
DAP-LHILewis HamiltonMercedes-AMG Petronas
DAP-LHIILewis HamiltonMercedes-AMG Petronas
DAP-LNLando NorrisMcLaren
DAP-LNILando NorrisMcLaren
DAP-LNIILando NorrisMcLaren
DAP-LNIIIILando NorrisMcLaren
DAP-LSLance StrollAston Martin Aramco Cognizant
DAP-LSILance StrollAston Martin Aramco Cognizant
DAP-LSIILance StrollAston Martin Aramco Cognizant
DAP-MBMattia BinottoScuderia Ferrari
DAP-MBIMattia BinottoScuderia Ferrari
DAP-MBIIMattia BinottoScuderia Ferrari
DAP-MKMike KrackAston Martin Aramco Cognizant
DAP-MKIMike KrackAston Martin Aramco Cognizant
DAP-MKIIMike KrackAston Martin Aramco Cognizant
DAP-MSMick SchumacherHaas
DAP-MSIMick SchumacherHaas
DAP-MSIIMick SchumacherHaas
DAP-MSIIIIMick SchumacherHaas
DAP-MVMax VerstappenOracle Red Bull Racing
DAP-MVIMax VerstappenOracle Red Bull Racing
DAP-MVIIMax VerstappenOracle Red Bull Racing
DAP-MVIIIIMax VerstappenOracle Red Bull Racing
DAP-NLNicholas LatifiWilliams Racing
DAP-NLINicholas LatifiWilliams Racing
DAP-NLIINicholas LatifiWilliams Racing
DAP-PGPierre GaslyScuderia AlphaTauri
DAP-PGIPierre GaslyScuderia AlphaTauri
DAP-PGIIPierre GaslyScuderia AlphaTauri
DAP-SPSergio PerezOracle Red Bull Racing
DAP-SPISergio PerezOracle Red Bull Racing
DAP-SPIISergio PerezOracle Red Bull Racing
DAP-SVSebastian VettelAston Martin Aramco Cognizant
DAP-SVISebastian VettelAston Martin Aramco Cognizant
DAP-SVIISebastian VettelAston Martin Aramco Cognizant
DAP-SVIIIISebastian VettelAston Martin Aramco Cognizant
DAP-TWToto WolffMercedes-AMG Petronas
DAP-TWIToto WolffMercedes-AMG Petronas
DAP-TWIIToto WolffMercedes-AMG Petronas
DAP-VBValtteri BottasAlfa Romeo ORLEN
DAP-VBIValtteri BottasAlfa Romeo ORLEN
DAP-VBIIValtteri BottasAlfa Romeo ORLEN
DAP-YTYuki TsunodaScuderia AlphaTauri
DAP-YTIYuki TsunodaScuderia AlphaTauri
DAP-YTIIYuki TsunodaScuderia AlphaTauri
Dynasty Autographed Flag

20 card set.

DAF-AAAlexander AlbonWilliams Racing
DAF-CLCharles LeclercScuderia Ferrari
DAF-CSCarlos SainzScuderia Ferrari
DAF-DRDaniel RicciardoMcLaren
DAF-EOEsteban OconBWT Alpine
DAF-FAFernando AlonsoBWT Alpine
DAF-GRGeorge RussellMercedes-AMG Petronas
DAF-GZZhou GuanyuAlfa Romeo ORLENRC
DAF-KMKevin MagnussenHaas
DAF-LHLewis HamiltonMercedes-AMG Petronas
DAF-LNLando NorrisMcLaren
DAF-LSLance StrollAston Martin Aramco Cognizant
DAF-MSMick SchumacherHaas
DAF-MVMax VerstappenOracle Red Bull Racing
DAF-NLNicholas LatifiWilliams Racing
DAF-PGPierre GaslyScuderia AlphaTauri
DAF-SPSergio PerezOracle Red Bull Racing
DAF-SVSebastian VettelAston Martin Aramco Cognizant
DAF-VBValtteri BottasAlfa Romeo ORLEN
DAF-YTYuki TsunodaScuderia AlphaTauri
Dynasty Autograph Flag Jumbo Patch Variation

18 card set.

DAFJP-CLCharles LeclercScuderia Ferrari
DAFJP-CSCarlos SainzScuderia Ferrari
DAFJP-DRDaniel RicciardoMcLaren
DAFJP-EOEsteban OconBWT Alpine
DAFJP-FAFernando AlonsoBWT Alpine
DAFJP-GRGeorge RussellMercedes-AMG Petronas
DAFJP-GZZhou GuanyuAlfa Romeo ORLENRC
DAFJP-KMKevin MagnussenHaas
DAFJP-LHLewis HamiltonMercedes-AMG Petronas
DAFJP-LNLando NorrisMcLaren
DAFJP-LSLance StrollAston Martin Aramco Cognizant
DAFJP-MSMick SchumacherHaas
DAFJP-NLNicholas LatifiWilliams Racing
DAFJP-PGPierre GaslyScuderia AlphaTauri
DAFJP-SPSergio PerezOracle Red Bull Racing
DAFJP-SVSebastian VettelAston Martin Aramco Cognizant
DAFJP-VBValtteri BottasAlfa Romeo ORLEN
DAFJP-YTYuki TsunodaScuderia AlphaTauri
F1 Dynasty Constructor Team Dual Relic Auto

10 card set.
Parallels - Red #/5, Gold 1/1.

CTDRA-CLCharles LeclercScuderia Ferrari
CTDRA-CLCarlos SainzScuderia Ferrari
CTDRA-FAFernando AlonsoBWT Alpine
CTDRA-FAEsteban OconBWT Alpine
CTDRA-LHLewis HamiltonMercedes-AMG Petronas
CTDRA-LHGeorge RussellMercedes-AMG Petronas
CTDRA-LNDaniel RicciardoMcLaren
CTDRA-LNLando NorrisMcLaren
CTDRA-MSKevin MagnussenHaas
CTDRA-MSMick SchumacherHaas
CTDRA-MVSergio PerezOracle Red Bull Racing
CTDRA-MVMax VerstappenOracle Red Bull Racing
CTDRA-NLNicholas LatifiWilliams Racing
CTDRA-NLAlexander AlbonWilliams Racing
CTDRA-PGPierre GaslyScuderia AlphaTauri
CTDRA-PGYuki TsunodaScuderia AlphaTauri
CTDRA-SVSebastian VettelAston Martin Aramco Cognizant
CTDRA-SVLance StrollAston Martin Aramco Cognizant
CTDRA-VBValtteri BottasAlfa Romeo ORLEN
CTDRA-VBZhou GuanyuAlfa Romeo ORLENRC
F1 Dynasty Single Driver Dual Relic Auto

15 card set.
Parallels - Red #/5, Black #/2, Gold 1/1.

SDSRA-AAAlexander AlbonWilliams Racing
SDSRA-CLCharles LeclercScuderia Ferrari
SDSRA-DRDaniel RicciardoMcLaren
SDSRA-FAFernando AlonsoBWT Alpine
SDSRA-GRGeorge RussellMercedes-AMG Petronas
SDSRA-GZZhou GuanyuAlfa Romeo ORLENRC
SDSRA-KMKevin MagnussenHaas
SDSRA-LHLewis HamiltonMercedes-AMG Petronas
SDSRA-LNLando NorrisMcLaren
SDSRA-LSLance StrollAston Martin Aramco Cognizant
SDSRA-MSMick SchumacherHaas
SDSRA-MVMax VerstappenOracle Red Bull Racing
SDSRA-NLNicholas LatifiWilliams Racing
SDSRA-SPSergio PerezOracle Red Bull Racing
SDSRA-SVSebastian VettelAston Martin Aramco Cognizant
F1 Dynasty Single Driver Triple Relic Auto

72 card set.
Parallels - Red #/5, Black #/2, Gold 1/1.

SDTRA-AAAlexander AlbonWilliams Racing
SDTRA-AAIAlexander AlbonWilliams Racing
SDTRA-AAIIAlexander AlbonWilliams Racing
SDTRA-ASAndreas SeidlMcLaren
SDTRA-ASIAndreas SeidlMcLaren
SDTRA-CHChristian HornerOracle Red Bull Racing
SDTRA-CHIChristian HornerOracle Red Bull Racing
SDTRA-CLCharles LeclercScuderia Ferrari
SDTRA-CLICharles LeclercScuderia Ferrari
SDTRA-CSCarlos SainzScuderia Ferrari
SDTRA-CSICarlos SainzScuderia Ferrari
SDTRA-CSIICarlos SainzScuderia Ferrari
SDTRA-DBOtmar SzafnauerBWT Alpine
SDTRA-DBIOtmar SzafnauerBWT Alpine
SDTRA-DRDaniel RicciardoMcLaren
SDTRA-DRIDaniel RicciardoMcLaren
SDTRA-DRIIDaniel RicciardoMcLaren
SDTRA-EOEsteban OconBWT Alpine
SDTRA-EOIEsteban OconBWT Alpine
SDTRA-EOIIEsteban OconBWT Alpine
SDTRA-FAFernando AlonsoBWT Alpine
SDTRA-FAIFernando AlonsoBWT Alpine
SDTRA-FTFranz TostScuderia AlphaTauri
SDTRA-FTIFranz TostScuderia AlphaTauri
SDTRA-FVFrédéric VasseurAlfa Romeo ORLEN
SDTRA-FVIFrédéric VasseurAlfa Romeo ORLEN
SDTRA-GRGeorge RussellMercedes-AMG Petronas
SDTRA-GRIGeorge RussellMercedes-AMG Petronas
SDTRA-GSGuenther SteinerHaas
SDTRA-GSIGuenther SteinerHaas
SDTRA-GZZhou GuanyuAlfa Romeo ORLENRC
SDTRA-GZIZhou GuanyuAlfa Romeo ORLENRC
SDTRA-JCJost CapitoWilliams Racing
SDTRA-JCIJost CapitoWilliams Racing
SDTRA-KMKevin MagnussenHaas
SDTRA-KMIKevin MagnussenHaas
SDTRA-KMIIKevin MagnussenHaas
SDTRA-LHLewis HamiltonMercedes-AMG Petronas
SDTRA-LHILewis HamiltonMercedes-AMG Petronas
SDTRA-LNLando NorrisMcLaren
SDTRA-LNILando NorrisMcLaren
SDTRA-LNIILando NorrisMcLaren
SDTRA-LSLance StrollAston Martin Aramco Cognizant
SDTRA-LSILance StrollAston Martin Aramco Cognizant
SDTRA-LSIILance StrollAston Martin Aramco Cognizant
SDTRA-MBMattia BinottoScuderia Ferrari
SDTRA-MBIMattia BinottoScuderia Ferrari
SDTRA-MSMick SchumacherHaas
SDTRA-MSIMick SchumacherHaas
SDTRA-MVMax VerstappenOracle Red Bull Racing
SDTRA-MVIMax VerstappenOracle Red Bull Racing
SDTRA-MVIIMax VerstappenOracle Red Bull Racing
SDTRA-NLNicholas LatifiWilliams Racing
SDTRA-NLINicholas LatifiWilliams Racing
SDTRA-NLIINicholas LatifiWilliams Racing
SDTRA-PGPierre GaslyScuderia AlphaTauri
SDTRA-PGIPierre GaslyScuderia AlphaTauri
SDTRA-PGIIPierre GaslyScuderia AlphaTauri
SDTRA-SPSergio PerezOracle Red Bull Racing
SDTRA-SPISergio PerezOracle Red Bull Racing
SDTRA-SPIISergio PerezOracle Red Bull Racing
SDTRA-SVSebastian VettelAston Martin Aramco Cognizant
SDTRA-SVISebastian VettelAston Martin Aramco Cognizant
SDTRA-SVIISebastian VettelAston Martin Aramco Cognizant
SDTRA-TWToto WolffMercedes-AMG Petronas
SDTRA-TWIToto WolffMercedes-AMG Petronas
SDTRA-VBValtteri BottasAlfa Romeo ORLEN
SDTRA-VBIValtteri BottasAlfa Romeo ORLEN
SDTRA-VBIIValtteri BottasAlfa Romeo ORLEN
SDTRA-YTYuki TsunodaScuderia AlphaTauri
SDTRA-YTIYuki TsunodaScuderia AlphaTauri
SDTRA-YTIIYuki TsunodaScuderia AlphaTauri