2022 Topps Triple Threads Baseball Checklist

2022 Topps Triple Threads Baseball

Release Date: December 16, 2022

Triple Threads Baseball returns for 2022 featuring all-time retired greats, current stars of the game, and an elite rookie class.  Showcasing an array of multi-relic cards, autograph relics and exclusive high-end hits, Triple Threads delivers game-used greatness. Each case is guaranteed to include a 1-of-1 Autograph Relic Card, and an Autograph Relic Combo Card featuring 3 or more players.

See the full checklist here – 2022 Topps Triple Threads Baseball Checklist

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2022 Topps Triple Threads Baseball

2022 Topps Triple Threads Baseball

Every 2-pack Master Box includes:

  • One Autographed Triple Relic Card #’d to 99 or less
  • One Triple Relic Card #’d to 36 or less
  • One Autograph Rookie Card -or-Autograph Jumbo relic #’d to 99 or less
  • One Jumbo Relic Card #’d to 48 or less

2022 Topps Triple Threads Baseball

BASE CARDS (100 Subjects)

Base Card –Onyx Parallel, Cal Ripken Jr 2022 Topps Triple Threads Baseball -Base Card, Nolan Arenado

  • Amethyst Parallel –#’d to 299
  • Emerald Parallel –#’d to 259
  • Amber Parallel –#’d to 199
  • Aquamarine -#’d to 150
  • Tourmaline -#’d to 125
  • Gold Parallel –#’d to 99
  • Citrine Parallel -#’d to 75
  • Onyx Parallel –#’d to 50
  • Sapphire Parallel –#’d to 25
  • Ruby Parallel –#’d 1-of-1
  • Printing Plates –All 1-of-1!


AUTOGRAPH RELIC CARDSRookie & Future Phenoms Autograph Relic Card – Sapphire Parallel, Wander Franco

Rookie & Future Phenoms Autograph Relic Cards

  • Base #’d to 99
  • Amethyst Parallel –#’d to 75
  • Emerald Parallel –#’d to 50
  • Gold Parallel –#’d to 35
  • Onyx Parallel –#’d to 25
  • Sapphire Parallel –#’d to 10
  • Ruby Parallel –#’d 1/1
  • Wood Parallel –#’d 1/1
  • Printing Plates –All 1 of 1!

Triple Threads Autograph Relic Combo Cards – Featuring 3 different players per card

  • Base –#’d to 36
  • Amethyst Parallel –#’d to 27
  • Emerald Parallel –#’d to 18
  • Gold Parallel –#’d to 9
  • Sapphire Parallel –#’d to 3
  • Ruby Parallel –#’d 1-of-1
  • Wood Parallel –#’d 1/1
  • Printing Plates –All 1-of-1!

Triple Threads Autograph Relic CardsTriple Threads Windows into Greatness Autograph Relic Book Card, Derek Jeter

  • Base –#’d to 27
  • Amber Parallel –#’d to 18
  • Gold Parallel –#’d to 9
  • Sapphire Parallel –#’d to 3
  • Ruby Parallel –#’d 1-of-1
  • Wood Parallel –#’d 1/1
  • Printing Plates –All 1-of-1!

Triple Threads Jumbo Plus Autograph Relic Book Cards – includes 2 relic pieces and a jumbo patch piece

  • Base –#’d to 3Triple Threads Autograph Relic Card –Wood Parallel, Pete Alonso
  • Ruby Parallel –#’d 1-of-1

Triple Threads Letter Plus Autograph Relic Book Cards – includes 2 relic pieces and a nameplate letter patch

  • Base –#’d to 3
  • Ruby Parallel –#’d 1-of-1

 Triple Threads Windows into Greatness Autograph Relic Book Card – Featuring 1 player in a 3-panel book card

  • Base –#’d to 5.
  • Gold Parallel –#’d to 3Triple Threads Common Threads Three-Player Triple Autograph Relic Card, Trout, Ohtani, Ryan
  • Ruby Parallel –#’d 1-of-1

NEW! Triple Threads Common Threads Three-Player Triple Auto Relic Cards – Featuring players who share a common bond through the history of Baseball

  • Base –#’d to 9.
  • Sapphire Parallel –#’d to 3
  • Ruby Parallel –#’d 1-of-1

Triple Threads Touch ‘Em All! Three-Player Auto Relic Cards – Connecting power hitting teammates with autographs and game-used bases.

  • Base –#’d to 18.
  • Gold –#’d to 9.
  • Sapphire Parallel –#’d to 3
  • Ruby Parallel –#’d 1-of-1

Triple Threads Autograph Deca Relic Book Cards – Includes 1 player with 10 relic pieces

  • Base –#’d to 10
  • Gold Parallel –#’d to 5
  • Ruby Parallel –#’d 1-of-1

Triple Threads Deca Autograph Relic Combo Book Cards – Featuring 10 different players and their signatures and swatches

  • Base –#’d to 10.
  • Gold Parallel –#’d to 5
  • Ruby Parallel –#’d 1-of-1

Triple Threads Cut Above Cut Signature Cards – Featuring relics and a cut signature. #’d 1-of-1.

Triple Threads Dual Cut Above Cut Signature Book Cards – Featuring 2 players and their relics and cut signatures.  #’d 1-of-1.

ROOKIE AUTOGRAPH CARDSRookie Autograph Card, Bobby Witt Jr.

  • Base –sequentially #’d
  • Amethyst Parallel –#’d to 75
  • Emerald Parallel –#’d to 50
  • Gold Parallel –#’d to 25
  • Sapphire Parallel –#’d to 10
  • Ruby Parallel –#’d 1-of-1
  • Printing Plates –All 1-of-1!

Triple Threads Touch ‘Em All! Three-Player Relic Cards

  • Base –#’d to 18
  • Gold Parallel –#’d to 9
  • Sapphire Parallel –#’d to 3
  • Ruby Parallel –#’d 1-of-1 

NEW! Triple Threads Common Threads Three-Player Triple Relic Cards

  • Base –#’d to 9
  • Sapphire Parallel –#’d to 3
  • Ruby Parallel –#’d 1-of-1

 Triple Threads Relics Legend Cards2022 Topps Triple Threads Baseball - Relic Legend Card, Roberto Clemente

  • Base –#’d to 36
  • Amethyst Parallel –#’d to 27
  • Emerald Parallel –#’d to 18
  • Gold Parallel –#’d to 9
  • Sapphire Parallel –#’d to 3
  • Ruby Parallel –#’d 1-of-1

Triple Threads Relic Cards

  • Base –#’d to 36
  • Amethyst Parallel –#’d to 27
  • Emerald Parallel –#’d to 18
  • Gold Parallel –#’d to 92022 Topps Triple Threads Baseball - Triple Threads Bat Nameplate Book Card, Ronald Acuna Jr
  • Sapphire Parallel –#’d to 3
  • Ruby Parallel –#’d 1-of-1

 Triple Threads Relic Combo Cards

  • Base –#’d to 36
  • Amethyst Parallel –#’d to 27
  • Emerald Parallel –#’d to 18
  • Gold Parallel –#’d to 9
  • Sapphire Parallel –#’d to 3
  • Ruby Parallel –#’d 1-of-1

Triple Threads Bat Nameplate Book Cards#’d 1-of-1.2022 Topps Triple Threads Baseball - Triple Threads Laundry Tag Book Card, Bryce Harper

Triple Threads Bat Knob Book Cards #’d 1-of-1.

Triple Threads Buttoned Up Cards #’d 1-of-1.

Triple Threads Laundry Tag Book Cards #’d 1-of-1.

Triple Threads Brand Logo Cards #’d 1-of-1.

Triple Threads Jumbo Patch Combo Book Cards #’d 1-of-1.

Triple Threads Jumbo Plus Relic Book Cards

  • Base –#’d to 3
  • Ruby Parallel –#’d 1-of-1

Triple Threads Letter Plus Relic Book Cards

  • Base –#’d to 3
  • Ruby Parallel –#’d 1-of-1

Triple Threads Jumbo Letter/Number/Logo Book Card #’d 1-of-1.

Triple Threads Windows into Greatness Relic Book Card

  • Base –#’d to 10
  • Gold Parallel –#’d to 5
  • Ruby Parallel –#’d 1-of-1

Triple Threads Deca Relic Combo Book Cards

  • Base –#’d to 10
  • Gold Parallel –#’d to 5
  • Ruby Parallel –#’d 1-of-1

MLB® All-Star Game® Relics Return!Triple Threads All-Star Brand Logo Patch Card, Valdimir Guerrero Jr

Triple Threads All-Star Patches

  • Base–#’dto9
  • Ruby Parallel–#’d 1-of-1

Triple Threads All-Star Jumbo ASG Patch Book Cards #’d 1-of-1.

Triple Threads All-Star Jumbo Sleeve Team Patch Book Cards #’d 1-of-1.

Triple Threads All-Star Laundry Tag Book Cards #’d 1-of-1.

Triple Threads All-Star Brand Logo Patch Cards #’d 1-of-1.

Triple Threads Single Jumbo RelicsAutograph Single Jumbo Relic –Gold Parallel, Fernando Tatis Jr

  • Base -#’d to 48
  • Amethyst Parallel –#’d to 36
  • Emerald Parallel –#’d to 27
  • Amber –#’d to 18
  • Gold Parallel –#’d to 9
  • Sapphire Parallel –#’d to 3
  • Ruby Parallel –#’d 1/1

Triple Threads Autograph Single Jumbo Relics

  • Base –#’d to 99
  • Amethyst Parallel –#’d to 75
  • Emerald Parallel –#’d to 50
  • Gold Parallel –#’d to 25
  • Sapphire Parallel –#’d to 10
  • Ruby Parallel –#’d 1-of-1
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100 card set.
Parallels - Amethyst #/299, Emerald #/259, Amber #/199, Aquamarine #/150, Tourmaline #/125, Gold #/99, Citrine #/75, Onyx #/50, Sapphire #/25, Ruby 1/1, Printing Plates 1/1.

1Bo JacksonKansas City Royals
2Ronald Acuña Jr.Atlanta Braves
3Jose AltuveHouston Astros
4Reggie JacksonOakland Athletics
5George BrettKansas City Royals
6Eloy JimenezChicago White Sox
7Clayton KershawLos Angeles Dodgers
8Hank AaronAtlanta Braves
9Bobby Witt Jr.Kansas City RoyalsRC
10Corbin BurnesMilwaukee Brewers
11Bryce HarperPhiladelphia Phillies
12Juan SotoSan Diego Padres
13Hunter GreeneCincinnati RedsRC
14Shane BazTampa Bay RaysRC
15Bo BichetteToronto Blue Jays
16Frank ThomasChicago White Sox
17Randy JohnsonArizona Diamondbacks
18Lou GehrigNew York Yankees
19Christian YelichMilwaukee Brewers
20Ozzie SmithSt Louis Cardinals
21Yadier MolinaSt Louis Cardinals
22Greg MadduxAtlanta Braves
23Roy CampanellaLos Angeles Dodgers
24Salvador PerezKansas City Royals
25Andrew McCutchenMilwaukee Brewers
26Luis RobertChicago White Sox
27Corey SeagerTexas Rangers
28Oneil CruzPittsburgh PiratesRC
29Austin RileyAtlanta Braves
30Buster PoseySan Francisco Giants
31Byron BuxtonMinnesota Twins
32Ernie BanksChicago Cubs
33Manny MachadoSan Diego Padres
34Shane BieberCleveland Guardians
35Mike TroutLos Angeles Angels
36Nolan ArenadoSt Louis Cardinals
37Nolan RyanHouston Astros
38Miguel CabreraDetroit Tigers
39Giancarlo StantonNew York Yankees
40Francisco LindorNew York Mets
41Shohei OhtaniLos Angeles Angels
42Tom SeaverNew York Mets
43Manny RamirezBoston Red Sox
44Jarred KelenicSeattle Mariners
45IchiroSeattle Mariners
46Aaron JudgeNew York Yankees
47Ryne SandbergChicago Cubs
48Seiya SuzukiChicago CubsRC
49Javier BaezDetroit Tigers
50Willie MaysSan Francisco Giants
51Robin YountMilwaukee Brewers
52Stan MusialSt Louis Cardinals
53Jarren DuranBoston Red SoxRC
54Mariano RiveraNew York Yankees
55Mel OttSan Francisco Giants
56Jackie RobinsonLos Angeles Dodgers
57Kris BryantColorado Rockies
58Spencer TorkelsonDetroit TigersRC
59Trevor StoryBoston Red Sox
60Babe RuthNew York Yankees
61Bryson StottPhiladelphia PhilliesRC
62Mookie BettsLos Angeles Dodgers
63Mark McGwireOakland Athletics
64Xander BogaertsBoston Red Sox
65Vladimir Guerrero Jr.Toronto Blue Jays
66Carlos CorreaMinnesota Twins
67Freddie FreemanLos Angeles Dodgers
68Trea TurnerLos Angeles Dodgers
69Mike SchmidtPhiladelphia Phillies
70Jacob deGromNew York Mets
71Albert PujolsSt Louis Cardinals
72Ken Griffey Jr.Seattle Mariners
73Pete AlonsoNew York Mets
74Julio RodriguezSeattle MarinersRC
75Rafael DeversBoston Red Sox
76Gerrit ColeNew York Yankees
77Ty CobbDetroit Tigers
78Rickey HendersonOakland Athletics
79Honus WagnerPittsburgh Pirates
80Cal Ripken Jr.Baltimore Orioles
81Anthony RizzoNew York Yankees
82Tony GwynnSan Diego Padres
83Barry LarkinCincinnati Reds
84Satchel PaigeBaltimore Orioles
85Jose RamirezCleveland Guardians
86Paul GoldschmidtSt Louis Cardinals
87Mike PiazzaNew York Mets
88Don MattinglyNew York Yankees
89Roberto ClementePittsburgh Pirates
90Ted WilliamsBoston Red Sox
91Max ScherzerNew York Mets
92Johnny BenchCincinnati Reds
93Vladimir GuerreroWashington Nationals
94Alex BregmanHouston Astros
95CJ AbramsWashington NationalsRC
96Chipper JonesAtlanta Braves
97Fernando Tatis Jr.San Diego Padres
98Joey VottoCincinnati Reds
99Derek JeterNew York Yankees
100Wander FrancoTampa Bay RaysRC
Autograph Single Jumbo Relic

98 card set.
Parallels - Amethyst #/75, Emerald #/50, Gold #/25, Sapphire #/10, Ruby 1/1.

ASJR-ABAndrew BenintendiKansas City Royals
ASJR-ABAAkil BaddooDetroit Tigers
ASJR-ACAroldis ChapmanNew York Yankees
ASJR-AGAdolis GarciaTexas Rangers
ASJR-AKAlex KirilloffMinnesota Twins
ASJR-AMAustin MeadowsDetroit Tigers
ASJR-AMAAlek ManoahToronto Blue Jays
ASJR-ANAaron NolaPhiladelphia Phillies
ASJR-ARAustin RileyAtlanta Braves
ASJR-BCBrandon CrawfordSan Francisco Giants
ASJR-BDBobby DalbecBoston Red Sox
ASJR-BLBrandon LoweTampa Bay Rays
ASJR-BMBrandon MarshLos Angeles AngelsRC
ASJR-BRBryan ReynoldsPittsburgh Pirates
ASJR-BSBlake SnellSan Diego Padres
ASJR-BSIBrady SingerKansas City Royals
ASJR-BWBrandon WoodruffMilwaukee Brewers
ASJR-CBCorbin BurnesMilwaukee Brewers
ASJR-CFJackson FrazierChicago Cubs
ASJR-CMCasey MizeDetroit Tigers
ASJR-CMUCedric MullinsBaltimore Orioles
ASJR-CTChris TaylorLos Angeles Dodgers
ASJR-DCDylan CarlsonSt Louis Cardinals
ASJR-DCEDylan CeaseChicago White Sox
ASJR-DSDansby SwansonAtlanta Braves
ASJR-ESEugenio SuarezSeattle Mariners
ASJR-FPFreddy PeraltaMilwaukee Brewers
ASJR-FTJFernando Tatis Jr.San Diego Padres
ASJR-GSGavin SheetsChicago White SoxRC
ASJR-HJRHyun-Jin RyuToronto Blue Jays
ASJR-IAIan AndersonAtlanta Braves
ASJR-IHIan HappChicago Cubs
ASJR-JAJo AdellLos Angeles Angels
ASJR-JBJosh BellWashington Nationals
ASJR-JBEJose BerriosToronto Blue Jays
ASJR-JBJJackie Bradley Jr.Boston Red Sox
ASJR-JCJake CronenworthSan Diego Padres
ASJR-JDJarren DuranBoston Red SoxRC
ASJR-JFJack FlahertySt Louis Cardinals
ASJR-JGJoey GalloNew York Yankees
ASJR-JHJosh HaderMilwaukee Brewers
ASJR-JIJonathan IndiaCincinnati Reds
ASJR-JKJarred KelenicSeattle Mariners
ASJR-JMJoe MusgroveSan Diego Padres
ASJR-JMEJake MeyersHouston AstrosRC
ASJR-JRJ.T. RealmutoPhiladelphia Phillies
ASJR-JRAJose RamirezCleveland Guardians
ASJR-JRYJoe RyanMinnesota TwinsRC
ASJR-JSJorge SolerMiami Marlins
ASJR-JSOJuan SotoWashington Nationals
ASJR-JWJared WalshLos Angeles Angels
ASJR-KHKe'Bryan HayesPittsburgh Pirates
ASJR-KHEKyle HendricksChicago Cubs
ASJR-KMKenta MaedaMinnesota Twins
ASJR-KRKeibert RuizWashington Nationals
ASJR-KTKyle TuckerHouston Astros
ASJR-LCLuis CastilloCincinnati Reds
ASJR-LNLars NootbaarSt Louis CardinalsRC
ASJR-LSLuis SeverinoNew York Yankees
ASJR-LVLuke VoitSan Diego Padres
ASJR-LWLogan WebbSan Francisco Giants
ASJR-MBMichael BrantleyHouston Astros
ASJR-MCMatt ChapmanToronto Blue Jays
ASJR-MKMax KeplerMinnesota Twins
ASJR-MMManny MachadoSan Diego Padres
ASJR-MOMatt OlsonAtlanta Braves
ASJR-MSMike SorokaAtlanta Braves
ASJR-MTMike TroutLos Angeles Angels
ASJR-MYMike YastrzemskiSan Francisco Giants
ASJR-NCNelson CruzWashington Nationals
ASJR-NHNico HoernerChicago Cubs
ASJR-NSNoah SyndergaardLos Angeles Angels
ASJR-OCOneil CruzPittsburgh PiratesRC
ASJR-PCPatrick CorbinWashington Nationals
ASJR-PDPaul DeJongSt Louis Cardinals
ASJR-PWPatrick WisdomChicago Cubs
ASJR-RARandy ArozarenaTampa Bay Rays
ASJR-RDReid DetmersLos Angeles AngelsRC
ASJR-RHRhys HoskinsPhiladelphia Phillies
ASJR-RMRyan MountcastleBaltimore Orioles
ASJR-SASandy AlcantaraMiami Marlins
ASJR-SGSonny GrayMinnesota Twins
ASJR-SMSean MurphyOakland Athletics
ASJR-TATim AndersonChicago White Sox
ASJR-TGTyler GlasnowTampa Bay Rays
ASJR-THTeoscar HernandezToronto Blue Jays
ASJR-TMTrey ManciniBaltimore Orioles
ASJR-TMCTriston McKenzieCleveland Guardians
ASJR-TSTarik SkubalDetroit Tigers
ASJR-VGJVladimir Guerrero Jr.Toronto Blue Jays
ASJR-WCWillson ContrerasChicago Cubs
ASJR-WMWhit MerrifieldKansas City Royals
ASJR-WSWill SmithLos Angeles Dodgers
ASJR-YGYasmani GrandalChicago White Sox
ASJR-YGUYuli GurrielHouston Astros
ASJR-YKYusei KikuchiToronto Blue Jays
ASJR-ZGZac GallenArizona Diamondbacks
ASJR-ZWZack WheelerPhiladelphia Phillies
Common Threads Three Player Triple Auto Relic

16 card set.
Parallels - Gold #/3, Ruby 1/1.

CTTARC-BBAJose AltuveHouston Astros
CTTARC-BBACraig BiggioHouston Astros
CTTARC-BBAJeff BagwellHouston Astros
CTTARC-BFPMike PiazzaNew York Mets
CTTARC-BFPCarlton FiskBoston Red Sox
CTTARC-BFPJohnny BenchCincinnati Reds
CTTARC-CSHBryce HarperPhiladelphia Phillies
CTTARC-CSHMike SchmidtPhiladelphia Phillies
CTTARC-CSHSteve CarltonPhiladelphia Phillies
CTTARC-FRBCarlton FiskBoston Red Sox
CTTARC-FRBWade BoggsBoston Red Sox
CTTARC-FRBJim RiceBoston Red Sox
CTTARC-GMSTom GlavineAtlanta Braves
CTTARC-GMSJohn SmoltzAtlanta Braves
CTTARC-GMSGreg MadduxAtlanta Braves
CTTARC-GTSMike TroutLos Angeles Angels
CTTARC-GTSJuan SotoSan Diego Padres
CTTARC-GTSKen Griffey Jr.Seattle Mariners
CTTARC-HTSMike TroutLos Angeles Angels
CTTARC-HTSJuan SotoSan Diego Padres
CTTARC-HTSBryce HarperPhiladelphia Phillies
CTTARC-IMOShohei OhtaniLos Angeles Angels
CTTARC-IMOIchiroSeattle Mariners
CTTARC-IMOHideki MatsuiNew York Yankees
CTTARC-JHMMark McGwireOakland Athletics
CTTARC-JHMRickey HendersonOakland Athletics
CTTARC-JHMReggie JacksonOakland Athletics
CTTARC-MJRDerek JeterNew York Yankees
CTTARC-MJRMariano RiveraNew York Yankees
CTTARC-MJRDon MattinglyNew York Yankees
CTTARC-MMPYadier MolinaSt Louis Cardinals
CTTARC-MMPBuster PoseySan Francisco Giants
CTTARC-MMPJoe MauerMinnesota Twins
CTTARC-PWAPete AlonsoNew York Mets
CTTARC-PWAMike PiazzaNew York Mets
CTTARC-PWADavid WrightNew York Mets
CTTARC-RODRafael DeversBoston Red Sox
CTTARC-RODDavid OrtizBoston Red Sox
CTTARC-RODManny RamirezBoston Red Sox
CTTARC-RTOMike TroutLos Angeles Angels
CTTARC-RTOShohei OhtaniLos Angeles Angels
CTTARC-RTONolan RyanLos Angeles Angels
CTTARC-RYCMiguel CabreraDetroit Tigers
CTTARC-RYCCarl YastrzemskiBoston Red Sox
CTTARC-RYCFrank RobinsonBaltimore Orioles
CTTARC-SPMYadier MolinaSt Louis Cardinals
CTTARC-SPMAlbert PujolsSt Louis Cardinals
CTTARC-SPMOzzie SmithSt Louis Cardinals
Cut Above Autograph

18 card set.

CAA-BRBabe RuthNew York Yankees
CAA-EBErnie BanksChicago Cubs
CAA-EMEddie MathewsAtlanta Braves
CAA-FRFrank RobinsonCincinnati Reds
CAA-HAHank AaronAtlanta Braves
CAA-HKHarmon KillebrewMinnesota Twins
CAA-HWHonus WagnerPittsburgh Pirates
CAA-JMJohnny MizeSt Louis Cardinals
CAA-KPKirby PuckettMinnesota Twins
CAA-MOMel OttSan Francisco Giants
CAA-RCRoberto ClementePittsburgh Pirates
CAA-RHRogers HornsbySt Louis Cardinals
CAA-RMRoger MarisNew York Yankees
CAA-TSTris SpeakerBoston Red Sox
CAA-TWTed WilliamsBoston Red Sox
CAA-WMWillie McCoveySan Francisco Giants
CAA-WSWarren SpahnAtlanta Braves
CAA-YBYogi BerraNew York Yankees
DECA Autograph Relic Book

14 card set.
Parallels - Gold #/5, Ruby 1/1.

DAR-AJAaron JudgeNew York Yankees
DAR-BHBryce HarperPhiladelphia Phillies
DAR-BPBuster PoseySan Francisco Giants
DAR-CRCal Ripken Jr.Baltimore Orioles
DAR-DJDerek JeterNew York Yankees
DAR-FTFernando Tatis Jr.San Diego Padres
DAR-JSJuan SotoSan Diego Padres
DAR-JVJoey VottoCincinnati Reds
DAR-KGKen Griffey Jr.Seattle Mariners
DAR-MCMiguel CabreraDetroit Tigers
DAR-MTMike TroutLos Angeles Angels
DAR-PAPete AlonsoNew York Mets
DAR-RARonald Acuña Jr.Atlanta Braves
DAR-VGVladimir Guerrero Jr.Toronto Blue Jays
DECA Autograph Relic Combo Book

10 card set.
Parallels - Gold #/5, Ruby 1/1.

DARCB-1Tom GlavineAtlanta Braves
DARCB-1John SmoltzAtlanta Braves
DARCB-1Greg MadduxAtlanta Braves
DARCB-1Randy JohnsonSeattle Mariners
DARCB-1Roger ClemensBoston Red Sox
DARCB-1Nolan RyanHouston Astros
DARCB-1Steve CarltonPhiladelphia Phillies
DARCB-1Pedro MartinezBoston Red Sox
DARCB-1Bert BlylevenMinnesota Twins
DARCB-1Fergie JenkinsChicago Cubs
DARCB-2Ken Griffey Jr.Seattle Mariners
DARCB-2Miguel CabreraDetroit Tigers
DARCB-2David OrtizBoston Red Sox
DARCB-2Albert PujolsSt Louis Cardinals
DARCB-2Frank ThomasChicago White Sox
DARCB-2Alex RodriguezNew York Yankees
DARCB-2Mark McGwireOakland Athletics
DARCB-2Manny RamirezBoston Red Sox
DARCB-2Reggie JacksonNew York Yankees
DARCB-2Mike SchmidtPhiladelphia Phillies
DARCB-3Ronald Acuña Jr.Atlanta Braves
DARCB-3Ozzie AlbiesAtlanta Braves
DARCB-3Freddie FreemanAtlanta Braves
DARCB-3Chipper JonesAtlanta Braves
DARCB-3Tom GlavineAtlanta Braves
DARCB-3John SmoltzAtlanta Braves
DARCB-3Greg MadduxAtlanta Braves
DARCB-3Dale MurphyAtlanta Braves
DARCB-3Deion SandersAtlanta Braves
DARCB-3Andruw JonesAtlanta Braves
DARCB-4Aaron JudgeNew York Yankees
DARCB-4Derek JeterNew York Yankees
DARCB-4Alex RodriguezNew York Yankees
DARCB-4Mariano RiveraNew York Yankees
DARCB-4Reggie JacksonNew York Yankees
DARCB-4Roger ClemensNew York Yankees
DARCB-4Andy PettitteNew York Yankees
DARCB-4Don MattinglyNew York Yankees
DARCB-4Bernie WilliamsNew York Yankees
DARCB-4Wade BoggsNew York Yankees
DARCB-5Ronald Acuña Jr.Atlanta Braves
DARCB-5Vladimir Guerrero Jr.Toronto Blue Jays
DARCB-5Mike TroutLos Angeles Angels
DARCB-5Aaron JudgeNew York Yankees
DARCB-5Pete AlonsoNew York Mets
DARCB-5Juan SotoSan Diego Padres
DARCB-5Bryce HarperPhiladelphia Phillies
DARCB-5Nolan ArenadoSt Louis Cardinals
DARCB-5Christian YelichMilwaukee Brewers
DARCB-5Shohei OhtaniLos Angeles Angels
DARCB-6David OrtizBoston Red Sox
DARCB-6Dustin PedroiaBoston Red Sox
DARCB-6Carlton FiskBoston Red Sox
DARCB-6Manny RamirezBoston Red Sox
DARCB-6Roger ClemensBoston Red Sox
DARCB-6Carl YastrzemskiBoston Red Sox
DARCB-6Wade BoggsBoston Red Sox
DARCB-6Pedro MartinezBoston Red Sox
DARCB-6Jim RiceBoston Red Sox
DARCB-6Jason VaritekBoston Red Sox
DARCB-7Ken Griffey Jr.Seattle Mariners
DARCB-7Chipper JonesAtlanta Braves
DARCB-7Cal Ripken Jr.Baltimore Orioles
DARCB-7Frank ThomasChicago White Sox
DARCB-7Mike PiazzaNew York Mets
DARCB-7Greg MadduxAtlanta Braves
DARCB-7Rickey HendersonOakland Athletics
DARCB-7Randy JohnsonArizona Diamondbacks
DARCB-7Roger ClemensBoston Red Sox
DARCB-7Ryne SandbergChicago Cubs
DARCB-8Luis RobertChicago White Sox
DARCB-8Frank ThomasChicago White Sox
DARCB-8Tim AndersonChicago White Sox
DARCB-8Jose AbreuChicago White Sox
DARCB-8Carlton FiskChicago White Sox
DARCB-8Tim RainesChicago White Sox
DARCB-8Jim ThomeChicago White Sox
DARCB-8Mark BuehrleChicago White Sox
DARCB-8Paul KonerkoChicago White Sox
DARCB-8Harold BainesChicago White Sox
DARCB-9Nolan ArenadoSt Louis Cardinals
DARCB-9Yadier MolinaSt Louis Cardinals
DARCB-9Paul GoldschmidtSt Louis Cardinals
DARCB-9Albert PujolsSt Louis Cardinals
DARCB-9Mark McGwireSt Louis Cardinals
DARCB-9Ozzie SmithSt Louis Cardinals
DARCB-9Scott RolenSt Louis Cardinals
DARCB-9Orlando CepedaSt Louis Cardinals
DARCB-9Lou BrockSt Louis Cardinals
DARCB-9Bruce SutterSt Louis Cardinals
DARCB-10Ronald Acuña Jr.Atlanta Braves
DARCB-10Vladimir Guerrero Jr.Toronto Blue Jays
DARCB-10Fernando Tatis Jr.San Diego Padres
DARCB-10Rafael DeversBoston Red Sox
DARCB-10Juan SotoSan Diego Padres
DARCB-10Bo BichetteToronto Blue Jays
DARCB-10Shohei OhtaniLos Angeles Angels
DARCB-10Luis RobertChicago White Sox
DARCB-10Kyle TuckerHouston Astros
DARCB-10Julio RodriguezSeattle Mariners
Dual Cut Above Autograph Book

5 card set.

DCA-AMHank AaronAtlanta Braves
DCA-AMWillie MaysSan Francisco Giants
DCA-AMAHank AaronAtlanta Braves
DCA-AMAEddie MathewsAtlanta Braves
DCA-BRFrank RobinsonCincinnati Reds
DCA-BRErnie BanksChicago Cubs
DCA-CSRoberto ClementePittsburgh Pirates
DCA-CSWillie StargellPittsburgh Pirates
DCA-OMWillie MaysSan Francisco Giants
DCA-OMMel OttSan Francisco Giants
Jumbo Plus Autograph Relic Book

23 card set.
Parallels - Ruby 1/1.

JPAR-ABAlex BregmanHouston Astros
JPAR-ALTJose AltuveHouston Astros
JPAR-APUAlbert PujolsLos Angeles Angels
JPAR-ARODAlex RodriguezSeattle Mariners
JPAR-BBBo BichetteToronto Blue Jays
JPAR-BHBryce HarperPhiladelphia Phillies
JPAR-BPBuster PoseySan Francisco Giants
JPAR-BUXByron BuxtonMinnesota Twins
JPAR-CCJoey VottoCincinnati Reds
JPAR-CJChipper JonesAtlanta Braves
JPAR-CRJCal Ripken Jr.Baltimore Orioles
JPAR-CYEChristian YelichMilwaukee Brewers
JPAR-DODavid OrtizBoston Red Sox
JPAR-FTJFernando Tatis Jr.San Diego Padres
JPAR-JSJuan SotoWashington Nationals
JPAR-MCMiguel CabreraDetroit Tigers
JPAR-MMManny MachadoSan Diego Padres
JPAR-MPMike PiazzaNew York Mets
JPAR-MTMike TroutLos Angeles Angels
JPAR-PAPete AlonsoNew York Mets
JPAR-RAJRonald Acuña Jr.Atlanta Braves
JPAR-RDRafael DeversBoston Red Sox
JPAR-VGJVladimir Guerrero Jr.Toronto Blue Jays
Letter Plus Autograph Relic Book

22 card set.
Parallels - Ruby 1/1.

LARCB-ABAlex BregmanHouston Astros
LARCB-APAlbert PujolsLos Angeles Angels
LARCB-ARAlex RodriguezSeattle Mariners
LARCB-BBByron BuxtonMinnesota Twins
LARCB-BBIBo BichetteToronto Blue Jays
LARCB-BHBryce HarperPhiladelphia Phillies
LARCB-BPBuster PoseySan Francisco Giants
LARCB-CJChipper JonesAtlanta Braves
LARCB-CRJCal Ripken Jr.Baltimore Orioles
LARCB-CYChristian YelichMilwaukee Brewers
LARCB-DODavid OrtizBoston Red Sox
LARCB-FTJFernando Tatis Jr.San Diego Padres
LARCB-JAJose AltuveHouston Astros
LARCB-JVJoey VottoCincinnati Reds
LARCB-MCMiguel CabreraDetroit Tigers
LARCB-MMManny MachadoSan Diego Padres
LARCB-MPMike PiazzaNew York Mets
LARCB-MTMike TroutLos Angeles Angels
LARCB-PAPete AlonsoNew York Mets
LARCB-RAJRonald Acuña Jr.Atlanta Braves
LARCB-RDRafael DeversBoston Red Sox
LARCB-VGJVladimir Guerrero Jr.Toronto Blue Jays
Rookie Autograph

27 card set.
Parallels - Amethyst #/75, Emerald #/50, Gold #/25, Sapphire #/10, Ruby 1/1, Printing Plates 1/1.

RA-AJAndre JacksonLos Angeles DodgersRC
RA-ATAlek ThomasArizona DiamondbacksRC
RA-BRAMatt BrashSeattle MarinersRC
RA-BWBobby Witt Jr.Kansas City RoyalsRC
RA-CACJ AbramsSan Diego PadresRC
RA-GKGeorge KirbySeattle MarinersRC
RA-GSGavin SheetsChicago White SoxRC
RA-HGHunter GreeneCincinnati RedsRC
RA-HRHeliot RamosSan Francisco GiantsRC
RA-JPEJeremy PenaHouston AstrosRC
RA-JRJulio RodriguezSeattle MarinersRC
RA-JRYJoe RyanMinnesota TwinsRC
RA-JYJuan YepezSt Louis CardinalsRC
RA-KWSteven KwanCleveland GuardiansRC
RA-LNLars NootbaarSt Louis CardinalsRC
RA-MGMacKenzie GoreSan Diego PadresRC
RA-MMEMJ MelendezKansas City RoyalsRC
RA-NLNick LodoloCincinnati RedsRC
RA-OCWander FrancoTampa Bay RaysRC
RA-RCRoansy ContrerasPittsburgh PiratesRC
RA-RCARodolfo CastroPittsburgh PiratesRC
RA-RDLuis GilNew York YankeesRC
RA-RDEReid DetmersLos Angeles AngelsRC
RA-RLRoyce LewisMinnesota TwinsRC
RA-RVRyan ViladeColorado RockiesRC
RA-STSpencer TorkelsonDetroit TigersRC
RA-STOTBryson StottPhiladelphia PhilliesRC
Rookies And Future Phenoms Autograph Relic

51 card set.
Parallels - Amethyst #/75, Emerald #/50, Gold #/35, Onyx #/25, Sapphire #/10, Ruby 1/1, Wood 1/1, Printing Plates 1/1.

RFPAR-AAAaron AshbyMilwaukee BrewersRC
RFPAR-ABAlec BohmPhiladelphia Phillies
RFPAR-ABAAkil BaddooDetroit Tigers
RFPAR-AJAndre JacksonLos Angeles DodgersRC
RFPAR-AKAlex KirilloffMinnesota Twins
RFPAR-ARAlfonso RivasChicago CubsRC
RFPAR-BDBobby DalbecBoston Red Sox
RFPAR-BDCBryan De La CruzMiami MarlinsRC
RFPAR-BSBrady SingerKansas City Royals
RFPAR-CRCal RaleighSeattle MarinersRC
RFPAR-CWColton WelkerColorado RockiesRC
RFPAR-DCDylan CarlsonSt Louis Cardinals
RFPAR-EREmmanuel RiveraKansas City RoyalsRC
RFPAR-GJGriffin JaxMinnesota TwinsRC
RFPAR-GSGavin SheetsChicago White SoxRC
RFPAR-IAIan AndersonAtlanta Braves
RFPAR-JBJoey BartSan Francisco Giants
RFPAR-JBUJake BurgerChicago White SoxRC
RFPAR-JCJazz Chisholm JR.Miami Marlins
RFPAR-JCOJake CousinsMilwaukee BrewersRC
RFPAR-JGJosiah GrayWashington NationalsRC
RFPAR-JIJonathan IndiaCincinnati Reds
RFPAR-JKOJackson KowarKansas City RoyalsRC
RFPAR-JLJosh LoweTampa Bay RaysRC
RFPAR-JMJake MeyersHouston AstrosRC
RFPAR-JRJoe RyanMinnesota TwinsRC
RFPAR-KHKe'Bryan HayesPittsburgh Pirates
RFPAR-KMKyle MullerAtlanta BravesRC
RFPAR-LGLuis GilNew York YankeesRC
RFPAR-LGALuis GarciaWashington Nationals
RFPAR-LNLars NootbaarSt Louis CardinalsRC
RFPAR-LPLuis PatiñoTampa Bay Rays
RFPAR-MMMatt ManningDetroit TigersRC
RFPAR-MVMatt VierlingPhiladelphia PhilliesRC
RFPAR-NFNick FortesMiami MarlinsRC
RFPAR-OCOneil CruzPittsburgh PiratesRC
RFPAR-OLOtto LopezToronto Blue JaysRC
RFPAR-RCRoansy ContrerasPittsburgh PiratesRC
RFPAR-RDReid DetmersLos Angeles AngelsRC
RFPAR-RMRyan MountcastleBaltimore Orioles
RFPAR-RVRyan ViladeColorado RockiesRC
RFPAR-SBESeth BeerArizona DiamondbacksRC
RFPAR-SLSammy LongSan Francisco GiantsRC
RFPAR-TFTJ FriedlCincinnati RedsRC
RFPAR-TMTylor MegillNew York MetsRC
RFPAR-TMCTriston McKenzieCleveland Guardians
RFPAR-TSTarik SkubalDetroit Tigers
RFPAR-TSATony SantillanCincinnati RedsRC
RFPAR-WFWander FrancoTampa Bay RaysRC
RFPAR-WF2Wander FrancoTampa Bay RaysRC
RFPAR-YPYohel PozoTexas RangersRC
Touch Em All Three Player Autograph Relic

8 card set.
Parallels - Gold #/9, Sapphire #/3, Ruby 1/1, Wood 1/1, Printing Plates 1/1.

TEA-APMSalvador PerezKansas City Royals
TEA-APMWhit MerrifieldKansas City Royals
TEA-APMAndrew BenintendiKansas City Royals
TEA-BDMRafael DeversBoston Red Sox
TEA-BDMXander BogaertsBoston Red Sox
TEA-BDMJ.D. MartinezBoston Red Sox
TEA-CAAJose AltuveHouston Astros
TEA-CAAKyle TuckerHouston Astros
TEA-CAAYordan AlvarezHouston Astros
TEA-HHRBryce HarperPhiladelphia Phillies
TEA-HHRRhys HoskinsPhiladelphia Phillies
TEA-HHRJ.T. RealmutoPhiladelphia Phillies
TEA-JTLLuis RobertChicago White Sox
TEA-JTLTim AndersonChicago White Sox
TEA-JTLJose AbreuChicago White Sox
TEA-LJTAaron JudgeNew York Yankees
TEA-LJTGleyber TorresNew York Yankees
TEA-LJTDJ LeMahieuNew York Yankees
TEA-TMCFernando Tatis Jr.San Diego Padres
TEA-TMCManny MachadoSan Diego Padres
TEA-TMCJake CronenworthSan Diego Padres
TEA-YCLBrandon CrawfordSan Francisco Giants
TEA-YCLMike YastrzemskiSan Francisco Giants
TEA-YCLEvan LongoriaSan Francisco Giants
Triple Threads Autograph Relic

230 card set.
Parallels - Amethyst #/18, Gold #/9, Sapphire #/3, Ruby 1/1, Wood 1/1, Printing Plates 1/1.

TTAR-AB1Adrian BeltreTexas Rangers
TTAR-AB2Adrian BeltreTexas Rangers
TTAR-ABR1Alex BregmanHouston Astros
TTAR-ABR2Alex BregmanHouston Astros
TTAR-ABR3Alex BregmanHouston Astros
TTAR-ABR4Alex BregmanHouston Astros
TTAR-ABR5Alex BregmanHouston Astros
TTAR-AD1Andre DawsonChicago Cubs
TTAR-AD2Andre DawsonChicago Cubs
TTAR-AJU1Aaron JudgeNew York Yankees
TTAR-AJU2Aaron JudgeNew York Yankees
TTAR-ALR1Alex RodriguezNew York Yankees
TTAR-AP1Andy PettitteNew York Yankees
TTAR-AP2Andy PettitteNew York Yankees
TTAR-AP3Andy PettitteNew York Yankees
TTAR-AR1Anthony RizzoNew York Yankees
TTAR-AR2Anthony RizzoNew York Yankees
TTAR-BB1Byron BuxtonMinnesota Twins
TTAR-BB2Byron BuxtonMinnesota Twins
TTAR-BB3Byron BuxtonMinnesota Twins
TTAR-BB4Byron BuxtonMinnesota Twins
TTAR-BH1Bryce HarperPhiladelphia Phillies
TTAR-BH2Bryce HarperPhiladelphia Phillies
TTAR-BIG1Craig BiggioHouston Astros
TTAR-BIG2Craig BiggioHouston Astros
TTAR-BIG3Craig BiggioHouston Astros
TTAR-BO1Bo BichetteToronto Blue Jays
TTAR-BO2Bo BichetteToronto Blue Jays
TTAR-BO3Bo BichetteToronto Blue Jays
TTAR-BO4Bo BichetteToronto Blue Jays
TTAR-BPO1Buster PoseySan Francisco Giants
TTAR-BW1Bernie WilliamsNew York Yankees
TTAR-BW2Bernie WilliamsNew York Yankees
TTAR-BW3Bernie WilliamsNew York Yankees
TTAR-CB1Cody BellingerLos Angeles Dodgers
TTAR-CB2Cody BellingerLos Angeles Dodgers
TTAR-CB3Cody BellingerLos Angeles Dodgers
TTAR-CF1Carlton FiskChicago White Sox
TTAR-CF2Carlton FiskChicago White Sox
TTAR-CJ1Chipper JonesAtlanta Braves
TTAR-CJ2Chipper JonesAtlanta Braves
TTAR-CRJ1Cal Ripken Jr.Baltimore Orioles
TTAR-CRJ2Cal Ripken Jr.Baltimore Orioles
TTAR-CSA1CC SabathiaNew York Yankees
TTAR-CSA2CC SabathiaNew York Yankees
TTAR-CSA3CC SabathiaNew York Yankees
TTAR-CSE1Corey SeagerTexas Rangers
TTAR-CSE2Corey SeagerTexas Rangers
TTAR-CSE3Corey SeagerTexas Rangers
TTAR-CSE4Corey SeagerTexas Rangers
TTAR-CY1Christian YelichMilwaukee Brewers
TTAR-CY2Christian YelichMilwaukee Brewers
TTAR-CY3Christian YelichMilwaukee Brewers
TTAR-CY4Christian YelichMilwaukee Brewers
TTAR-DE1Dennis EckersleyOakland Athletics
TTAR-DE2Dennis EckersleyOakland Athletics
TTAR-DJ1Derek JeterNew York Yankees
TTAR-DM1Dale MurphyAtlanta Braves
TTAR-DM2Dale MurphyAtlanta Braves
TTAR-DMA1Don MattinglyNew York Yankees
TTAR-DMA2Don MattinglyNew York Yankees
TTAR-DMA3Don MattinglyNew York Yankees
TTAR-DO1David OrtizBoston Red Sox
TTAR-DO2David OrtizBoston Red Sox
TTAR-DPE1Dustin PedroiaBoston Red Sox
TTAR-DPE2Dustin PedroiaBoston Red Sox
TTAR-DPE3Dustin PedroiaBoston Red Sox
TTAR-DW1David WrightNew York Mets
TTAR-DW2David WrightNew York Mets
TTAR-DWI1Dave WinfieldNew York Yankees
TTAR-DWI2Dave WinfieldNew York Yankees
TTAR-EJ1Eloy JimenezChicago White Sox
TTAR-EJ2Eloy JimenezChicago White Sox
TTAR-EJ3Eloy JimenezChicago White Sox
TTAR-EJ4Eloy JimenezChicago White Sox
TTAR-EM1Edgar MartinezSeattle Mariners
TTAR-EM2Edgar MartinezSeattle Mariners
TTAR-EM3Edgar MartinezSeattle Mariners
TTAR-EM4Edgar MartinezSeattle Mariners
TTAR-FF1Freddie FreemanLos Angeles Dodgers
TTAR-FF2Freddie FreemanLos Angeles Dodgers
TTAR-FF3Freddie FreemanLos Angeles Dodgers
TTAR-FF4Freddie FreemanLos Angeles Dodgers
TTAR-FF5Freddie FreemanLos Angeles Dodgers
TTAR-FT1Frank ThomasChicago White Sox
TTAR-FT2Frank ThomasChicago White Sox
TTAR-FTJ1Fernando Tatis Jr.San Diego Padres
TTAR-FTJ2Fernando Tatis Jr.San Diego Padres
TTAR-FTJ3Fernando Tatis Jr.San Diego Padres
TTAR-FTJ4Fernando Tatis Jr.San Diego Padres
TTAR-GS1George SpringerToronto Blue Jays
TTAR-GS2George SpringerToronto Blue Jays
TTAR-GS3George SpringerToronto Blue Jays
TTAR-GT1Gleyber TorresNew York Yankees
TTAR-GT2Gleyber TorresNew York Yankees
TTAR-GT3Gleyber TorresNew York Yankees
TTAR-HJR1Hyun-Jin RyuToronto Blue Jays
TTAR-HJR2Hyun-Jin RyuToronto Blue Jays
TTAR-HJR3Hyun-Jin RyuToronto Blue Jays
TTAR-HJR4Hyun-Jin RyuToronto Blue Jays
TTAR-IIchiroSeattle Mariners
TTAR-IR1Ivan RodriguezTexas Rangers
TTAR-IR2Ivan RodriguezTexas Rangers
TTAR-JAL1Jose AltuveHouston Astros
TTAR-JAL2Jose AltuveHouston Astros
TTAR-JAL3Jose AltuveHouston Astros
TTAR-JAL4Jose AltuveHouston Astros
TTAR-JBA1Jeff BagwellHouston Astros
TTAR-JBA2Jeff BagwellHouston Astros
TTAR-JBA3Jeff BagwellHouston Astros
TTAR-JMA1Joe MauerMinnesota Twins
TTAR-JMA2Joe MauerMinnesota Twins
TTAR-JMA3Joe MauerMinnesota Twins
TTAR-JRA1Jose RamirezCleveland Guardians
TTAR-JRA2Jose RamirezCleveland Guardians
TTAR-JRA3Jose RamirezCleveland Guardians
TTAR-JRA4Jose RamirezCleveland Guardians
TTAR-JSM1John SmoltzAtlanta Braves
TTAR-JSM2John SmoltzAtlanta Braves
TTAR-JSO1Juan SotoSan Diego Padres
TTAR-JSO2Juan SotoSan Diego Padres
TTAR-JSO3Juan SotoSan Diego Padres
TTAR-JSO4Juan SotoSan Diego Padres
TTAR-JT1Jim ThomePhiladelphia Phillies
TTAR-JV1Joey VottoCincinnati Reds
TTAR-JV2Joey VottoCincinnati Reds
TTAR-KGJ1Ken Griffey Jr.Seattle Mariners
TTAR-KGJ2Ken Griffey Jr.Seattle Mariners
TTAR-LR1Luis RobertChicago White Sox
TTAR-LR2Luis RobertChicago White Sox
TTAR-LW1Larry WalkerColorado Rockies
TTAR-LW2Larry WalkerColorado Rockies
TTAR-LW3Larry WalkerColorado Rockies
TTAR-LW4Larry WalkerColorado Rockies
TTAR-MC1Miguel CabreraDetroit Tigers
TTAR-MC2Miguel CabreraDetroit Tigers
TTAR-MG1Mark GraceChicago Cubs
TTAR-MM1Manny MachadoSan Diego Padres
TTAR-MM2Manny MachadoSan Diego Padres
TTAR-MM3Manny MachadoSan Diego Padres
TTAR-MMCMark McGwireOakland Athletics
TTAR-MMU1Max MuncyLos Angeles Dodgers
TTAR-MMU2Max MuncyLos Angeles Dodgers
TTAR-MMU3Max MuncyLos Angeles Dodgers
TTAR-MMU4Max MuncyLos Angeles Dodgers
TTAR-MRA1Manny RamirezBoston Red Sox
TTAR-MRA2Manny RamirezBoston Red Sox
TTAR-MSC1Mike SchmidtPhiladelphia Phillies
TTAR-MSC2Mike SchmidtPhiladelphia Phillies
TTAR-MT1Mike TroutLos Angeles Angels
TTAR-MT2Mike TroutLos Angeles Angels
TTAR-MU1Eddie MurrayBaltimore Orioles
TTAR-MU2Eddie MurrayBaltimore Orioles
TTAR-NA1Nolan ArenadoSt Louis Cardinals
TTAR-NA2Nolan ArenadoSt Louis Cardinals
TTAR-NA3Nolan ArenadoSt Louis Cardinals
TTAR-NRYNolan RyanHouston Astros
TTAR-OS1Ozzie SmithSt Louis Cardinals
TTAR-OS2Ozzie SmithSt Louis Cardinals
TTAR-OS3Ozzie SmithSt Louis Cardinals
TTAR-PA1Pete AlonsoNew York Mets
TTAR-PA2Pete AlonsoNew York Mets
TTAR-PA3Pete AlonsoNew York Mets
TTAR-PG1Paul GoldschmidtSt Louis Cardinals
TTAR-PG2Paul GoldschmidtSt Louis Cardinals
TTAR-PG3Paul GoldschmidtSt Louis Cardinals
TTAR-PG4Paul GoldschmidtSt Louis Cardinals
TTAR-RA1Ronald Acuña Jr.Atlanta Braves
TTAR-RA2Ronald Acuña Jr.Atlanta Braves
TTAR-RA3Ronald Acuña Jr.Atlanta Braves
TTAR-RA4Ronald Acuña Jr.Atlanta Braves
TTAR-RA5Ronald Acuña Jr.Atlanta Braves
TTAR-RD1Rafael DeversBoston Red Sox
TTAR-RD2Rafael DeversBoston Red Sox
TTAR-RD3Rafael DeversBoston Red Sox
TTAR-RD4Rafael DeversBoston Red Sox
TTAR-RD5Rafael DeversBoston Red Sox
TTAR-RHERickey HendersonOakland Athletics
TTAR-RIL1Austin RileyAtlanta Braves
TTAR-RIL2Austin RileyAtlanta Braves
TTAR-RIL3Austin RileyAtlanta Braves
TTAR-RJ1Randy JohnsonArizona Diamondbacks
TTAR-RS1Ryne SandbergChicago Cubs
TTAR-RS2Ryne SandbergChicago Cubs
TTAR-RY1Robin YountMilwaukee Brewers
TTAR-RY2Robin YountMilwaukee Brewers
TTAR-RYN1Ryan HowardPhiladelphia Phillies
TTAR-RYN2Ryan HowardPhiladelphia Phillies
TTAR-RYN3Ryan HowardPhiladelphia Phillies
TTAR-SCA1Steve CarltonPhiladelphia Phillies
TTAR-SCA2Steve CarltonPhiladelphia Phillies
TTAR-SO1Shohei OhtaniLos Angeles Angels
TTAR-SO2Shohei OhtaniLos Angeles Angels
TTAR-SPE1Salvador PerezKansas City Royals
TTAR-SPE2Salvador PerezKansas City Royals
TTAR-SPE3Salvador PerezKansas City Royals
TTAR-SR1Scott RolenSt Louis Cardinals
TTAR-SR2Scott RolenSt Louis Cardinals
TTAR-SS1Sammy SosaChicago Cubs
TTAR-SS2Sammy SosaChicago Cubs
TTAR-SST1Stephen StrasburgWashington Nationals
TTAR-SST2Stephen StrasburgWashington Nationals
TTAR-SST3Stephen StrasburgWashington Nationals
TTAR-SST4Stephen StrasburgWashington Nationals
TTAR-SST5Stephen StrasburgWashington Nationals
TTAR-TG1Tom GlavineAtlanta Braves
TTAR-TG2Tom GlavineAtlanta Braves
TTAR-TG3Tom GlavineAtlanta Braves
TTAR-TH1Todd HeltonColorado Rockies
TTAR-TRA1Tim RainesChicago White Sox
TTAR-VGJ1Vladimir Guerrero Jr.Toronto Blue Jays
TTAR-VGJ2Vladimir Guerrero Jr.Toronto Blue Jays
TTAR-VGJ3Vladimir Guerrero Jr.Toronto Blue Jays
TTAR-VGJ4Vladimir Guerrero Jr.Toronto Blue Jays
TTAR-WB1Walker BuehlerLos Angeles Dodgers
TTAR-WB2Walker BuehlerLos Angeles Dodgers
TTAR-WB3Walker BuehlerLos Angeles Dodgers
TTAR-WB4Walker BuehlerLos Angeles Dodgers
TTAR-WB5Walker BuehlerLos Angeles Dodgers
TTAR-WCL1Will ClarkSan Francisco Giants
TTAR-WCL2Will ClarkSan Francisco Giants
TTAR-XB1Xander BogaertsBoston Red Sox
TTAR-XB2Xander BogaertsBoston Red Sox
TTAR-XB3Xander BogaertsBoston Red Sox
TTAR-XB4Xander BogaertsBoston Red Sox
TTAR-XB5Xander BogaertsBoston Red Sox
TTAR-YAZ1Carl YastrzemskiBoston Red Sox
TTAR-YAZ2Carl YastrzemskiBoston Red Sox
TTAR-YM1Yadier MolinaSt Louis Cardinals
TTAR-YM2Yadier MolinaSt Louis Cardinals
Triple Threads Autograph Relic Combo

30 card set.
Parallels - Amethyst #/27, Emerald #/18, Gold #/9, Sapphire #/3, Ruby 1/1, Wood 1/1, Printing Plates 1/1.

ARC-ABTJose AltuveHouston Astros
ARC-ABTAlex BregmanHouston Astros
ARC-ABTKyle TuckerHouston Astros
ARC-BBMCody BellingerLos Angeles Dodgers
ARC-BBMWalker BuehlerLos Angeles Dodgers
ARC-BBMMax MuncyLos Angeles Dodgers
ARC-BGSVladimir Guerrero Jr.Toronto Blue Jays
ARC-BGSBo BichetteToronto Blue Jays
ARC-BGSGeorge SpringerToronto Blue Jays
ARC-CCLBrandon CrawfordSan Francisco Giants
ARC-CCLMike YastrzemskiSan Francisco Giants
ARC-CCLWill ClarkSan Francisco Giants
ARC-DBMRafael DeversBoston Red Sox
ARC-DBMXander BogaertsBoston Red Sox
ARC-DBMJ.D. MartinezBoston Red Sox
ARC-DSGRyne SandbergChicago Cubs
ARC-DSGAndre DawsonChicago Cubs
ARC-DSGMark GraceChicago Cubs
ARC-FTBFrank ThomasChicago White Sox
ARC-FTBCarlton FiskChicago White Sox
ARC-FTBMark BuehrleChicago White Sox
ARC-GAFNolan ArenadoSt Louis Cardinals
ARC-GAFPaul GoldschmidtSt Louis Cardinals
ARC-GAFJack FlahertySt Louis Cardinals
ARC-GBRJose RamirezCleveland Guardians
ARC-GBRShane BieberCleveland Guardians
ARC-GBRAndres GimenezCleveland Guardians
ARC-GTSVladimir Guerrero Jr.Toronto Blue Jays
ARC-GTSFernando Tatis Jr.San Diego Padres
ARC-GTSJuan SotoSan Diego Padres
ARC-GVIHunter GreeneCincinnati Reds
ARC-HMEMark McGwireOakland Athletics
ARC-HMERickey HendersonOakland Athletics
ARC-HMEDennis EckersleyOakland Athletics
ARC-JAARonald Acuña Jr.Atlanta Braves
ARC-JAAOzzie AlbiesAtlanta Braves
ARC-JAAChipper JonesAtlanta Braves
ARC-MGHKen Griffey Jr.Seattle Mariners
ARC-MGHEdgar MartinezSeattle Mariners
ARC-MGHFelix HernandezSeattle Mariners
ARC-MMBByron BuxtonMinnesota Twins
ARC-MMBJoe MauerMinnesota Twins
ARC-MMBJustin MorneauMinnesota Twins
ARC-MSGTom GlavineAtlanta Braves
ARC-MSGJohn SmoltzAtlanta Braves
ARC-MSGDale MurphyAtlanta Braves
ARC-PLVJoey VottoCincinnati Reds
ARC-PLVBarry LarkinCincinnati Reds
ARC-PLVTony PérezCincinnati Reds
ARC-RASOzzie AlbiesAtlanta Braves
ARC-RASAustin RileyAtlanta Braves
ARC-RASDansby SwansonAtlanta Braves
ARC-RDGTim RainesWashington Nationals
ARC-RDGAndre DawsonWashington Nationals
ARC-RDGVladimir GuerreroWashington Nationals
ARC-RJRLuis RobertChicago White Sox
ARC-RJREloy JimenezChicago White Sox
ARC-RJRTim RainesChicago White Sox
ARC-RRMCal Ripken Jr.Baltimore Orioles
ARC-RRMFrank RobinsonBaltimore Orioles
ARC-RRMEddie MurrayBaltimore Orioles
ARC-RVPDustin PedroiaBoston Red Sox
ARC-RVPManny RamirezBoston Red Sox
ARC-RVPJason VaritekBoston Red Sox
ARC-SAGNolan ArenadoSt Louis Cardinals
ARC-SAGPaul GoldschmidtSt Louis Cardinals
ARC-SAGOzzie SmithSt Louis Cardinals
ARC-STAFernando Tatis Jr.San Diego Padres
ARC-STAJuan SotoSan Diego Padres
ARC-STAManny MachadoSan Diego Padres
ARC-SWAPete AlonsoNew York Mets
ARC-SWADavid WrightNew York Mets
ARC-SWADarryl StrawberryNew York Mets
ARC-THRRyan HowardPhiladelphia Phillies
ARC-THRScott RolenPhiladelphia Phillies
ARC-THRJim ThomePhiladelphia Phillies
ARC-WASPete AlonsoNew York Mets
ARC-WASDavid WrightNew York Mets
ARC-WASJacob deGromNew York Mets
ARC-WPPAndy PettitteNew York Yankees
ARC-WPPBernie WilliamsNew York Yankees
ARC-WPPJorge PosadaNew York Yankees
ARC-WVIJoey VottoCincinnati Reds
ARC-WVIJonathan IndiaCincinnati Reds
ARC-YYBChristian YelichMilwaukee Brewers
ARC-YYBRobin YountMilwaukee Brewers
ARC-YYBCorbin BurnesMilwaukee Brewers
Windows Into Greatness Autographed Relic Book

10 card set.
Parallels - Gold #/3, Ruby 1/1.

WGAR-AJAaron JudgeNew York Yankees
WGAR-BHBryce HarperPhiladelphia Phillies
WGAR-DJDerek JeterNew York Yankees
WGAR-FTFernando Tatis Jr.San Diego Padres
WGAR-JSJuan SotoSan Diego Padres
WGAR-KGKen Griffey Jr.Seattle Mariners
WGAR-MOMariano RiveraNew York Yankees
WGAR-MTMike TroutLos Angeles Angels
WGAR-RAJRonald Acuña Jr.Atlanta Braves
WGAR-VGJVladimir Guerrero Jr.Toronto Blue Jays
All Star Jumbo ASG Patch Book

39 card set.

ASGPB-ACAroldis ChapmanNew York Yankees
ASGPB-AGAdolis GarciaTexas Rangers
ASGPB-AJAaron JudgeNew York Yankees
ASGPB-ARAlex ReyesSt Louis Cardinals
ASGPB-BBBo BichetteToronto Blue Jays
ASGPB-BCBrandon CrawfordSan Francisco Giants
ASGPB-BRBryan ReynoldsPittsburgh Pirates
ASGPB-CBChris BassittOakland Athletics
ASGPB-CMCedric MullinsBaltimore Orioles
ASGPB-CRCarlos RodonChicago White Sox
ASGPB-FFFreddie FreemanAtlanta Braves
ASGPB-FPFreddy PeraltaMilwaukee Brewers
ASGPB-FTJFernando Tatis Jr.San Diego Padres
ASGPB-JGJoey GalloTexas Rangers
ASGPB-JHJosh HaderMilwaukee Brewers
ASGPB-JRJose RamirezCleveland Guardians
ASGPB-JTRJ.T. RealmutoPhiladelphia Phillies
ASGPB-JWJared WalshLos Angeles Angels
ASGPB-JWEJoey WendleTampa Bay Rays
ASGPB-KBKris BryantChicago Cubs
ASGPB-KGKevin GausmanSan Francisco Giants
ASGPB-LLLance LynnChicago White Sox
ASGPB-MBMatt BarnesBoston Red Sox
ASGPB-MMUMax MuncyLos Angeles Dodgers
ASGPB-MOMatt OlsonOakland Athletics
ASGPB-MSMax ScherzerWashington Nationals
ASGPB-MSEMarcus SemienToronto Blue Jays
ASGPB-MZMike ZuninoTampa Bay Rays
ASGPB-NANolan ArenadoSt Louis Cardinals
ASGPB-NENathan EovaldiBoston Red Sox
ASGPB-OAOzzie AlbiesAtlanta Braves
ASGPB-RDRafael DeversBoston Red Sox
ASGPB-SPSalvador PerezKansas City Royals
ASGPB-TATim AndersonChicago White Sox
ASGPB-TRTaylor RogersMinnesota Twins
ASGPB-VGJVladimir Guerrero Jr.Toronto Blue Jays
ASGPB-WMWhit MerrifieldKansas City Royals
ASGPB-XBXander BogaertsBoston Red Sox
ASGPB-ZWZack WheelerPhiladelphia Phillies
All Star Jumbo Sleeve Team Patch Book

39 card set.

ASJPBC-ACAroldis ChapmanNew York Yankees
ASJPBC-AGAdolis GarciaTexas Rangers
ASJPBC-AJAaron JudgeNew York Yankees
ASJPBC-ARAlex ReyesSt Louis Cardinals
ASJPBC-BBBo BichetteToronto Blue Jays
ASJPBC-BCBrandon CrawfordSan Francisco Giants
ASJPBC-BRBryan ReynoldsPittsburgh Pirates
ASJPBC-CBChris BassittOakland Athletics
ASJPBC-CMCedric MullinsBaltimore Orioles
ASJPBC-CRCarlos RodonChicago White Sox
ASJPBC-FFFreddie FreemanAtlanta Braves
ASJPBC-FPFreddy PeraltaMilwaukee Brewers
ASJPBC-FTJFernando Tatis Jr.San Diego Padres
ASJPBC-JGJoey GalloTexas Rangers
ASJPBC-JHJosh HaderMilwaukee Brewers
ASJPBC-JRJose RamirezCleveland Guardians
ASJPBC-JTRJ.T. RealmutoPhiladelphia Phillies
ASJPBC-JWJared WalshLos Angeles Angels
ASJPBC-JWEJoey WendleTampa Bay Rays
ASJPBC-KBKris BryantChicago Cubs
ASJPBC-KGKevin GausmanSan Francisco Giants
ASJPBC-LLLance LynnChicago White Sox
ASJPBC-MBMatt BarnesBoston Red Sox
ASJPBC-MMUMax MuncyLos Angeles Dodgers
ASJPBC-MOMatt OlsonOakland Athletics
ASJPBC-MSMax ScherzerWashington Nationals
ASJPBC-MSEMarcus SemienToronto Blue Jays
ASJPBC-MZMike ZuninoTampa Bay Rays
ASJPBC-NANolan ArenadoSt Louis Cardinals
ASJPBC-NENathan EovaldiBoston Red Sox
ASJPBC-OAOzzie AlbiesAtlanta Braves
ASJPBC-RDRafael DeversBoston Red Sox
ASJPBC-SPSalvador PerezKansas City Royals
ASJPBC-TATim AndersonChicago White Sox
ASJPBC-TRTaylor RogersMinnesota Twins
ASJPBC-VGJVladimir Guerrero Jr.Toronto Blue Jays
ASJPBC-WMWhit MerrifieldKansas City Royals
ASJPBC-XBXander BogaertsBoston Red Sox
ASJPBC-ZWZack WheelerPhiladelphia Phillies
All Star Laundry Tag Book

47 card set.

ASLT-ABOzzie AlbiesAtlanta Braves
ASLT-ACAroldis ChapmanNew York Yankees
ASLT-AGAdolis GarciaTexas Rangers
ASLT-AJAaron JudgeNew York Yankees
ASLT-ARAlex ReyesSt Louis Cardinals
ASLT-BBBo BichetteToronto Blue Jays
ASLT-BCBrandon CrawfordSan Francisco Giants
ASLT-BRBryan ReynoldsPittsburgh Pirates
ASLT-CBChris BassittOakland Athletics
ASLT-CMCedric MullinsBaltimore Orioles
ASLT-CRCarlos RodonChicago White Sox
ASLT-EEEduardo EscobarArizona Diamondbacks
ASLT-FFFreddie FreemanAtlanta Braves
ASLT-FPFreddy PeraltaMilwaukee Brewers
ASLT-FTJFernando Tatis Jr.San Diego Padres
ASLT-GMGerman MarquezColorado Rockies
ASLT-JGJoey GalloTexas Rangers
ASLT-JHJosh HaderMilwaukee Brewers
ASLT-JRJose RamirezCleveland Guardians
ASLT-JTRJ.T. RealmutoPhiladelphia Phillies
ASLT-JWJared WalshLos Angeles Angels
ASLT-JWEJoey WendleTampa Bay Rays
ASLT-JWIJesse WinkerCincinnati Reds
ASLT-KBKris BryantChicago Cubs
ASLT-KGKevin GausmanSan Francisco Giants
ASLT-LLLance LynnChicago White Sox
ASLT-MBMatt BarnesBoston Red Sox
ASLT-MMMark MelanconSan Diego Padres
ASLT-MMUMax MuncyLos Angeles Dodgers
ASLT-MOMatt OlsonOakland Athletics
ASLT-MSMax ScherzerWashington Nationals
ASLT-MSEMarcus SemienToronto Blue Jays
ASLT-MZMike ZuninoTampa Bay Rays
ASLT-NANolan ArenadoSt Louis Cardinals
ASLT-NENathan EovaldiBoston Red Sox
ASLT-RDRafael DeversBoston Red Sox
ASLT-SPSalvador PerezKansas City Royals
ASLT-TMTim AndersonChicago White Sox
ASLT-TRTaylor RogersMinnesota Twins
ASLT-TROTrevor RogersMiami Marlins
ASLT-TTTrea TurnerWashington Nationals
ASLT-TWTaijuan WalkerNew York Mets
ASLT-VGJVladimir Guerrero Jr.Toronto Blue Jays
ASLT-WBWalker BuehlerLos Angeles Dodgers
ASLT-WMWhit MerrifieldKansas City Royals
ASLT-XBXander BogaertsBoston Red Sox
ASLT-ZWZack WheelerPhiladelphia Phillies
All Star Nike Logo Patch

46 card set.

ASNLP-ACAroldis ChapmanNew York Yankees
ASNLP-AGAdolis GarciaTexas Rangers
ASNLP-AJAaron JudgeNew York Yankees
ASNLP-ARAlex ReyesSt Louis Cardinals
ASNLP-BBBo BichetteToronto Blue Jays
ASNLP-BCBrandon CrawfordSan Francisco Giants
ASNLP-BRBryan ReynoldsPittsburgh Pirates
ASNLP-CBChris BassittOakland Athletics
ASNLP-CMCedric MullinsBaltimore Orioles
ASNLP-CRCarlos RodonChicago White Sox
ASNLP-EEEduardo EscobarArizona Diamondbacks
ASNLP-FFFreddie FreemanAtlanta Braves
ASNLP-FPFreddy PeraltaMilwaukee Brewers
ASNLP-FTJFernando Tatis Jr.San Diego Padres
ASNLP-GMGerman MarquezColorado Rockies
ASNLP-JGJoey GalloTexas Rangers
ASNLP-JHJosh HaderMilwaukee Brewers
ASNLP-JRJose RamirezCleveland Guardians
ASNLP-JTRJ.T. RealmutoPhiladelphia Phillies
ASNLP-JWJared WalshLos Angeles Angels
ASNLP-JWEJoey WendleTampa Bay Rays
ASNLP-JWIJesse WinkerCincinnati Reds
ASNLP-KBKris BryantChicago Cubs
ASNLP-KGKevin GausmanSan Francisco Giants
ASNLP-LLLance LynnChicago White Sox
ASNLP-MBMatt BarnesBoston Red Sox
ASNLP-MMMax MuncyLos Angeles Dodgers
ASNLP-MMEMark MelanconSan Diego Padres
ASNLP-MOMatt OlsonOakland Athletics
ASNLP-MSMax ScherzerWashington Nationals
ASNLP-MSEMarcus SemienToronto Blue Jays
ASNLP-MZMike ZuninoTampa Bay Rays
ASNLP-NANolan ArenadoSt Louis Cardinals
ASNLP-NENathan EovaldiBoston Red Sox
ASNLP-OAOzzie AlbiesAtlanta Braves
ASNLP-RDRafael DeversBoston Red Sox
ASNLP-SPSalvador PerezKansas City Royals
ASNLP-TATim AndersonChicago White Sox
ASNLP-THTeoscar HernandezToronto Blue Jays
ASNLP-TRTaylor RogersMinnesota Twins
ASNLP-TTTrea TurnerWashington Nationals
ASNLP-TWTaijuan WalkerNew York Mets
ASNLP-VGJVladimir Guerrero Jr.Toronto Blue Jays
ASNLP-WMWhit MerrifieldKansas City Royals
ASNLP-XBXander BogaertsBoston Red Sox
ASNLP-ZWZack WheelerPhiladelphia Phillies
All Star Patches

48 card set.
Parallels - Ruby 1/1.

ASP-ACAroldis ChapmanNew York Yankees
ASP-AGAdolis GarciaTexas Rangers
ASP-AJAaron JudgeNew York Yankees
ASP-ARAlex ReyesSt Louis Cardinals
ASP-BBBo BichetteToronto Blue Jays
ASP-BCBrandon CrawfordSan Francisco Giants
ASP-BRBryan ReynoldsPittsburgh Pirates
ASP-CBChris BassittOakland Athletics
ASP-CMCedric MullinsBaltimore Orioles
ASP-CRCarlos RodonChicago White Sox
ASP-EEEduardo EscobarArizona Diamondbacks
ASP-FFFreddie FreemanAtlanta Braves
ASP-FPFreddy PeraltaMilwaukee Brewers
ASP-FTJFernando Tatis Jr.San Diego Padres
ASP-GMGerman MarquezColorado Rockies
ASP-JGJoey GalloTexas Rangers
ASP-JHJosh HaderMilwaukee Brewers
ASP-JRJose RamirezCleveland Guardians
ASP-JTRJ.T. RealmutoPhiladelphia Phillies
ASP-JWJared WalshLos Angeles Angels
ASP-JWEJoey WendleTampa Bay Rays
ASP-JWIJesse WinkerCincinnati Reds
ASP-KBKris BryantChicago Cubs
ASP-KGKevin GausmanSan Francisco Giants
ASP-LLLance LynnChicago White Sox
ASP-MBMatt BarnesBoston Red Sox
ASP-MMMax MuncyLos Angeles Dodgers
ASP-MMEMark MelanconSan Diego Padres
ASP-MOMatt OlsonOakland Athletics
ASP-MSMax ScherzerWashington Nationals
ASP-MSEMarcus SemienToronto Blue Jays
ASP-MZMike ZuninoTampa Bay Rays
ASP-NANolan ArenadoSt Louis Cardinals
ASP-NENathan EovaldiBoston Red Sox
ASP-OAOzzie AlbiesAtlanta Braves
ASP-RDRafael DeversBoston Red Sox
ASP-SPSalvador PerezKansas City Royals
ASP-TATim AndersonChicago White Sox
ASP-THTeoscar HernandezToronto Blue Jays
ASP-TRTaylor RogersMinnesota Twins
ASP-TROTrevor RogersMiami Marlins
ASP-TTTrea TurnerWashington Nationals
ASP-TWTaijuan WalkerNew York Mets
ASP-VGJVladimir Guerrero Jr.Toronto Blue Jays
ASP-WBWalker BuehlerLos Angeles Dodgers
ASP-WMWhit MerrifieldKansas City Royals
ASP-XBXander BogaertsBoston Red Sox
ASP-ZWZack WheelerPhiladelphia Phillies
Bat Knob Book

30 card set.

BKBC-AJAaron JudgeNew York Yankees
BKBC-ARAnthony RizzoNew York Yankees
BKBC-AROAlex RodriguezNew York Yankees
BKBC-BBBo BichetteToronto Blue Jays
BKBC-BPBuster PoseySan Francisco Giants
BKBC-CBCody BellingerLos Angeles Dodgers
BKBC-CRJCal Ripken Jr.Baltimore Orioles
BKBC-DJDerek JeterNew York Yankees
BKBC-EMEddie MurrayBaltimore Orioles
BKBC-FLFrancisco LindorNew York Mets
BKBC-FTFrank ThomasChicago White Sox
BKBC-JAJose AltuveHouston Astros
BKBC-JMJ.D. MartinezBoston Red Sox
BKBC-JRJose RamirezCleveland Guardians
BKBC-JTRJ.T. RealmutoPhiladelphia Phillies
BKBC-JVJoey VottoCincinnati Reds
BKBC-KBKris BryantColorado Rockies
BKBC-KPKirby PuckettMinnesota Twins
BKBC-MCMiguel CabreraDetroit Tigers
BKBC-MTMike TroutLos Angeles Angels
BKBC-NANolan ArenadoSt Louis Cardinals
BKBC-OAOzzie AlbiesAtlanta Braves
BKBC-PAPete AlonsoNew York Mets
BKBC-RAJRonald Acuña Jr.Atlanta Braves
BKBC-RSRyne SandbergChicago Cubs
BKBC-SPSalvador PerezKansas City Royals
BKBC-VGJVladimir Guerrero Jr.Toronto Blue Jays
BKBC-WFWander FrancoTampa Bay RaysRC
BKBC-XBXander BogaertsBoston Red Sox
BKBC-YMYadier MolinaSt Louis Cardinals
Bat Nameplate Book

32 card set.

BNP-AJAaron JudgeNew York Yankees
BNP-AMAndrew McCutchenMilwaukee Brewers
BNP-APAlbert PujolsSt Louis Cardinals
BNP-ARAnthony RizzoNew York Yankees
BNP-ARODAlex RodriguezNew York Yankees
BNP-BBBo BichetteToronto Blue Jays
BNP-BPBuster PoseySan Francisco Giants
BNP-CCCarlos CorreaMinnesota Twins
BNP-DJDerek JeterNew York Yankees
BNP-EMEddie MurrayBaltimore Orioles
BNP-FLFrancisco LindorNew York Mets
BNP-FTFrank ThomasChicago White Sox
BNP-GSPGeorge SpringerToronto Blue Jays
BNP-JALJose AltuveHouston Astros
BNP-JBJavier BaezDetroit Tigers
BNP-JMIDavid WrightNew York Mets
BNP-JSOJuan SotoWashington Nationals
BNP-JVJoey VottoCincinnati Reds
BNP-KBKris BryantColorado Rockies
BNP-MPMike PiazzaNew York Mets
BNP-MSCMike SchmidtPhiladelphia Phillies
BNP-MTMike TroutLos Angeles Angels
BNP-NARNolan ArenadoSt Louis Cardinals
BNP-PAPete AlonsoNew York Mets
BNP-PGPaul GoldschmidtSt Louis Cardinals
BNP-RAJRonald Acuña Jr.Atlanta Braves
BNP-RYRobin YountMilwaukee Brewers
BNP-TSPKirby PuckettMinnesota Twins
BNP-TTTrea TurnerLos Angeles Dodgers
BNP-VGVladimir Guerrero Jr.Toronto Blue Jays
BNP-WFWander FrancoTampa Bay RaysRC
BNP-YMYadier MolinaSt Louis Cardinals
Buttoned Up

92 card set.

BUPR-ABAlex BregmanHouston Astros
BUPR-ABTAdrian BeltreTexas Rangers
BUPR-AJAaron JudgeNew York Yankees
BUPR-AM2Andrew McCutchenPittsburgh Pirates
BUPR-APAlbert PujolsSt Louis Cardinals
BUPR-APTAndy PettitteNew York Yankees
BUPR-ARAlex RodriguezNew York Yankees
BUPR-ARZAnthony RizzoNew York Yankees
BUPR-BBByron BuxtonMinnesota Twins
BUPR-BBTBo BichetteToronto Blue Jays
BUPR-BHBryce HarperPhiladelphia Phillies
BUPR-BLBarry LarkinCincinnati Reds
BUPR-BPBuster PoseySan Francisco Giants
BUPR-CBCraig BiggioHouston Astros
BUPR-CBRCody BellingerLos Angeles Dodgers
BUPR-CCCarlos CorreaMinnesota Twins
BUPR-CFCarlton FiskChicago White Sox
BUPR-CKClayton KershawLos Angeles Dodgers
BUPR-CRCal Ripken Jr.Baltimore Orioles
BUPR-CYChristian YelichMilwaukee Brewers
BUPR-DEDennis EckersleyOakland Athletics
BUPR-DGDwight GoodenNew York Mets
BUPR-DJDerek JeterNew York Yankees
BUPR-DODavid OrtizBoston Red Sox
BUPR-DPDustin PedroiaBoston Red Sox
BUPR-DSDeion SandersAtlanta Braves
BUPR-DWDavid WrightNew York Mets
BUPR-FFFreddie FreemanLos Angeles Dodgers
BUPR-FLFrancisco LindorNew York Mets
BUPR-FTFrank ThomasChicago White Sox
BUPR-FTJFernando Tatis Jr.San Diego Padres
BUPR-GBGeorge BrettKansas City Royals
BUPR-GCGerrit ColeNew York Yankees
BUPR-GMGreg MadduxAtlanta Braves
BUPR-GMAGreg MadduxChicago Cubs
BUPR-GSGeorge SpringerToronto Blue Jays
BUPR-GSTGiancarlo StantonNew York Yankees
BUPR-HAHank AaronAtlanta Braves
BUPR-HRHyun-Jin RyuToronto Blue Jays
BUPR-I1IchiroNew York Yankees
BUPR-I3IchiroMiami Marlins
BUPR-JAJose AbreuChicago White Sox
BUPR-JAVJose AltuveHouston Astros
BUPR-JBJeff BagwellHouston Astros
BUPR-JBEJose BerriosToronto Blue Jays
BUPR-JBZJavier BaezDetroit Tigers
BUPR-JDUJarren DuranBoston Red SoxRC
BUPR-JMJoe MauerMinnesota Twins
BUPR-JRJ.T. RealmutoPhiladelphia Phillies
BUPR-JSJuan SotoWashington Nationals
BUPR-JVJustin VerlanderHouston Astros
BUPR-JVTJoey VottoCincinnati Reds
BUPR-JdJacob deGromNew York Mets
BUPR-KG1Ken Griffey Jr.Cincinnati Reds
BUPR-KG2Ken Griffey Jr.Seattle Mariners
BUPR-KHSKe'Bryan HayesPittsburgh Pirates
BUPR-KPKirby PuckettMinnesota Twins
BUPR-LRLuis RobertChicago White Sox
BUPR-LWLarry WalkerColorado Rockies
BUPR-MBMookie BettsLos Angeles Dodgers
BUPR-MCMiguel CabreraDetroit Tigers
BUPR-MM1Mark McGwireOakland Athletics
BUPR-MM2Mark McGwireSt Louis Cardinals
BUPR-MMOManny MachadoSan Diego Padres
BUPR-MPMike PiazzaNew York Mets
BUPR-MRMariano RiveraNew York Yankees
BUPR-MTMike TroutLos Angeles Angels
BUPR-NRNolan RyanTexas Rangers
BUPR-OSOzzie SmithSt Louis Cardinals
BUPR-PAPete AlonsoNew York Mets
BUPR-RAJRonald Acuña Jr.Atlanta Braves
BUPR-RCRoger ClemensBoston Red Sox
BUPR-RDRafael DeversBoston Red Sox
BUPR-RHRickey HendersonOakland Athletics
BUPR-RJRandy JohnsonSeattle Mariners
BUPR-SBShane BieberCleveland Guardians
BUPR-SOShohei OhtaniLos Angeles Angels
BUPR-SPSalvador PerezKansas City Royals
BUPR-SSStephen StrasburgWashington Nationals
BUPR-TGTony GwynnSan Diego Padres
BUPR-TGVTom GlavineAtlanta Braves
BUPR-TSTrevor StoryBoston Red Sox
BUPR-TSVTom SeaverNew York Mets
BUPR-VGVladimir GuerreroWashington Nationals
BUPR-VGJVladimir Guerrero Jr.Toronto Blue Jays
BUPR-WBWalker BuehlerLos Angeles Dodgers
BUPR-WBGWade BoggsBoston Red Sox
BUPR-WFWander FrancoTampa Bay RaysRC
BUPR-WMDWhit MerrifieldKansas City Royals
BUPR-XBXander BogaertsBoston Red Sox
BUPR-YBYogi BerraNew York Yankees
BUPR-YMYadier MolinaSt Louis Cardinals
Common Threads Three Player Triple Relic

18 card set.
Parallels - Sapphire #/3, Ruby 1/1.

CTTR-AJARonald Acuña Jr.Atlanta Braves
CTTR-AJAChipper JonesAtlanta Braves
CTTR-AJAHank AaronAtlanta Braves
CTTR-CSHBryce HarperPhiladelphia Phillies
CTTR-CSHMike SchmidtPhiladelphia Phillies
CTTR-CSHSteve CarltonPhiladelphia Phillies
CTTR-GTSMike TroutLos Angeles Angels
CTTR-GTSJuan SotoWashington Nationals
CTTR-GTSKen Griffey Jr.Seattle Mariners
CTTR-IMOShohei OhtaniLos Angeles Angels
CTTR-IMOIchiroSeattle Mariners
CTTR-IMOHideki MatsuiNew York Yankees
CTTR-JGIKen Griffey Jr.Seattle Mariners
CTTR-JGIRandy JohnsonSeattle Mariners
CTTR-JGIIchiroSeattle Mariners
CTTR-JHMMark McGwireOakland Athletics
CTTR-JHMRickey HendersonOakland Athletics
CTTR-JHMReggie JacksonOakland Athletics
CTTR-JJRDerek JeterNew York Yankees
CTTR-JJRMariano RiveraNew York Yankees
CTTR-JJRReggie JacksonNew York Yankees
CTTR-MAGKen Griffey Jr.Seattle Mariners
CTTR-MAGHank AaronAtlanta Braves
CTTR-MAGWillie MaysSan Francisco Giants
CTTR-MGTMike TroutLos Angeles Angels
CTTR-MGTKen Griffey Jr.Seattle Mariners
CTTR-MGTWillie MaysSan Francisco Giants
CTTR-MJJAaron JudgeNew York Yankees
CTTR-MJJDerek JeterNew York Yankees
CTTR-MJJDon MattinglyNew York Yankees
CTTR-MMPBuster PoseySan Francisco Giants
CTTR-MMPWillie MaysSan Francisco Giants
CTTR-MMPWillie McCoveySan Francisco Giants
CTTR-PWAPete AlonsoNew York Mets
CTTR-PWAMike PiazzaNew York Mets
CTTR-PWADavid WrightNew York Mets
CTTR-RBBNolan RyanHouston Astros
CTTR-RBBCraig BiggioHouston Astros
CTTR-RBBJeff BagwellHouston Astros
CTTR-RMJGreg MadduxAtlanta Braves
CTTR-RMJRandy JohnsonSeattle Mariners
CTTR-RMJNolan RyanHouston Astros
CTTR-RTOMike TroutLos Angeles Angels
CTTR-RTOShohei OhtaniLos Angeles Angels
CTTR-RTONolan RyanLos Angeles Angels
CTTR-RYCMiguel CabreraDetroit Tigers
CTTR-RYCCarl YastrzemskiBoston Red Sox
CTTR-RYCFrank RobinsonBaltimore Orioles
CTTR-SCDJacob deGromNew York Mets
CTTR-SCDTom SeaverNew York Mets
CTTR-SCDGary CarterNew York Mets
CTTR-SPMYadier MolinaSt Louis Cardinals
CTTR-SPMAlbert PujolsSt Louis Cardinals
CTTR-SPMOzzie SmithSt Louis Cardinals
DECA Relic Combo Book

10 card set.
Parallels - Gold #/5, Ruby 1/1.

DRC-1Tom GlavineAtlanta Braves
DRC-1John SmoltzAtlanta Braves
DRC-1Greg MadduxAtlanta Braves
DRC-1Randy JohnsonSeattle Mariners
DRC-1Roger ClemensBoston Red Sox
DRC-1Nolan RyanHouston Astros
DRC-1Steve CarltonPhiladelphia Phillies
DRC-1Pedro MartinezBoston Red Sox
DRC-1Bert BlylevenMinnesota Twins
DRC-1Fergie JenkinsChicago Cubs
DRC-2Ken Griffey Jr.Seattle Mariners
DRC-2Miguel CabreraDetroit Tigers
DRC-2David OrtizBoston Red Sox
DRC-2Albert PujolsSt Louis Cardinals
DRC-2Frank ThomasChicago White Sox
DRC-2Alex RodriguezNew York Yankees
DRC-2Mark McGwireOakland Athletics
DRC-2Manny RamirezBoston Red Sox
DRC-2Reggie JacksonNew York Yankees
DRC-2Mike SchmidtPhiladelphia Phillies
DRC-3Ronald Acuña Jr.Atlanta Braves
DRC-3Ozzie AlbiesAtlanta Braves
DRC-3Freddie FreemanAtlanta Braves
DRC-3Chipper JonesAtlanta Braves
DRC-3Tom GlavineAtlanta Braves
DRC-3John SmoltzAtlanta Braves
DRC-3Greg MadduxAtlanta Braves
DRC-3Dale MurphyAtlanta Braves
DRC-3Deion SandersAtlanta Braves
DRC-3Andruw JonesAtlanta Braves
DRC-4Aaron JudgeNew York Yankees
DRC-4Derek JeterNew York Yankees
DRC-4Alex RodriguezNew York Yankees
DRC-4Mariano RiveraNew York Yankees
DRC-4Reggie JacksonNew York Yankees
DRC-4Roger ClemensNew York Yankees
DRC-4Andy PettitteNew York Yankees
DRC-4Don MattinglyNew York Yankees
DRC-4Bernie WilliamsNew York Yankees
DRC-4Wade BoggsNew York Yankees
DRC-5Luis RobertChicago White Sox
DRC-5Frank ThomasChicago White Sox
DRC-5Tim AndersonChicago White Sox
DRC-5Jose AbreuChicago White Sox
DRC-5Carlton FiskChicago White Sox
DRC-5Tim RainesChicago White Sox
DRC-5Jim ThomeChicago White Sox
DRC-5Mark BuehrleChicago White Sox
DRC-5Paul KonerkoChicago White Sox
DRC-5Harold BainesChicago White Sox
DRC-6David OrtizBoston Red Sox
DRC-6Dustin PedroiaBoston Red Sox
DRC-6Carlton FiskBoston Red Sox
DRC-6Manny RamirezBoston Red Sox
DRC-6Roger ClemensBoston Red Sox
DRC-6Carl YastrzemskiBoston Red Sox
DRC-6Wade BoggsBoston Red Sox
DRC-6Pedro MartinezBoston Red Sox
DRC-6Jim RiceBoston Red Sox
DRC-6Jason VaritekBoston Red Sox
DRC-7Ken Griffey Jr.Seattle Mariners
DRC-7Chipper JonesAtlanta Braves
DRC-7Cal Ripken Jr.Baltimore Orioles
DRC-7Frank ThomasChicago White Sox
DRC-7Mike PiazzaNew York Mets
DRC-7Greg MadduxAtlanta Braves
DRC-7Rickey HendersonOakland Athletics
DRC-7Randy JohnsonArizona Diamondbacks
DRC-7Roger ClemensBoston Red Sox
DRC-7Ryne SandbergChicago Cubs
DRC-8Ronald Acuña Jr.Atlanta Braves
DRC-8Vladimir Guerrero Jr.Toronto Blue Jays
DRC-8Mike TroutLos Angeles Angels
DRC-8Aaron JudgeNew York Yankees
DRC-8Pete AlonsoNew York Mets
DRC-8Juan SotoWashington Nationals
DRC-8Bryce HarperPhiladelphia Phillies
DRC-8Nolan ArenadoSt Louis Cardinals
DRC-8Christian YelichMilwaukee Brewers
DRC-8Shohei OhtaniLos Angeles Angels
DRC-9Ronald Acuña Jr.Atlanta Braves
DRC-9Vladimir Guerrero Jr.Toronto Blue Jays
DRC-9Fernando Tatis Jr.San Diego Padres
DRC-9Rafael DeversBoston Red Sox
DRC-9Juan SotoWashington Nationals
DRC-9Bo BichetteToronto Blue Jays
DRC-9Shohei OhtaniLos Angeles Angels
DRC-9Luis RobertChicago White Sox
DRC-9Wander FrancoTampa Bay Rays
DRC-9Julio RodriguezSeattle Mariners
DRC-10Nolan ArenadoSt Louis Cardinals
DRC-10Yadier MolinaSt Louis Cardinals
DRC-10Paul GoldschmidtSt Louis Cardinals
DRC-10Albert PujolsSt Louis Cardinals
DRC-10Mark McGwireSt Louis Cardinals
DRC-10Ozzie SmithSt Louis Cardinals
DRC-10Orlando CepedaSt Louis Cardinals
DRC-10Lou BrockSt Louis Cardinals
DRC-10Bruce SutterSt Louis Cardinals
DRC-10Jim EdmondsSt Louis Cardinals
Jumbo Letter Number Logos Book

11 card set.

JLNL-ABRAlex BregmanHouston Astros
JLNL-BHBryce HarperPhiladelphia Phillies
JLNL-CKClayton KershawLos Angeles Dodgers
JLNL-CYChristian YelichMilwaukee Brewers
JLNL-FTJFernando Tatis Jr.San Diego Padres
JLNL-MBEMookie BettsLos Angeles Dodgers
JLNL-MCAMiguel CabreraDetroit Tigers
JLNL-MTMike TroutLos Angeles Angels
JLNL-RAJRonald Acuña Jr.Atlanta Braves
JLNL-VGJVladimir Guerrero Jr.Toronto Blue Jays
JLNL-YMYadier MolinaSt Louis Cardinals
Jumbo Patch Combo Book

12 card set.

JPAR-ABTJose AltuveHouston Astros
JPAR-ABTAlex BregmanHouston Astros
JPAR-ABTKyle TuckerHouston Astros
JPAR-AMGNolan ArenadoSt Louis Cardinals
JPAR-AMGYadier MolinaSt Louis Cardinals
JPAR-AMGPaul GoldschmidtSt Louis Cardinals
JPAR-BGSVladimir Guerrero Jr.Toronto Blue Jays
JPAR-BGSBo BichetteToronto Blue Jays
JPAR-BGSGeorge SpringerToronto Blue Jays
JPAR-BKBMookie BettsLos Angeles Dodgers
JPAR-BKBCody BellingerLos Angeles Dodgers
JPAR-BKBClayton KershawLos Angeles Dodgers
JPAR-BTJMike TroutLos Angeles Angels
JPAR-BTJAaron JudgeNew York Yankees
JPAR-BTJMookie BettsLos Angeles Dodgers
JPAR-DALPete AlonsoNew York Mets
JPAR-DALDavid WrightNew York Mets
JPAR-DALFrancisco LindorNew York Mets
JPAR-GJSChipper JonesAtlanta Braves
JPAR-GJSTom GlavineAtlanta Braves
JPAR-GJSJohn SmoltzAtlanta Braves
JPAR-GTMFernando Tatis Jr.San Diego Padres
JPAR-GTMManny MachadoSan Diego Padres
JPAR-GTMTony GwynnSan Diego Padres
JPAR-RAARonald Acuña Jr.Atlanta Braves
JPAR-RAAOzzie AlbiesAtlanta Braves
JPAR-RAAAustin RileyAtlanta Braves
JPAR-RODRafael DeversBoston Red Sox
JPAR-RODXander BogaertsBoston Red Sox
JPAR-RODDavid OrtizBoston Red Sox
JPAR-SJCAaron JudgeNew York Yankees
JPAR-SJCGiancarlo StantonNew York Yankees
JPAR-SJCGerrit ColeNew York Yankees
JPAR-STARonald Acuña Jr.Atlanta Braves
JPAR-STAFernando Tatis Jr.San Diego Padres
JPAR-STAJuan SotoWashington Nationals
Jumbo Plus Relic Book

25 card set.

JPR-ABRAlex BregmanHouston Astros
JPR-BPBuster PoseySan Francisco Giants
JPR-BUXByron BuxtonMinnesota Twins
JPR-CBCody BellingerLos Angeles Dodgers
JPR-CJChpper JonesAtlanta Braves
JPR-CKClayton KershawLos Angeles Dodgers
JPR-CYEChristian YelichMilwaukee Brewers
JPR-FFFreddie FreemanAtlanta Braves
JPR-FLFrancisco LindorNew York Mets
JPR-GSAGiancarlo StantonNew York Yankees
JPR-JAJose AltuveHouston Astros
JPR-JVJustin VerlanderHouston Astros
JPR-JVOJoey VottoCincinnati Reds
JPR-LWLarry WalkerColorado Rockies
JPR-MBEMookie BettsLos Angeles Dodgers
JPR-MCCAndrew McCutchenPhiladelphia Phillies
JPR-MMManny MachadoSan Diego Padres
JPR-OAOzzie AlbiesAtlanta Braves
JPR-PAPete AlonsoNew York Mets
JPR-RAJRonald Acuña Jr.Atlanta Braves
JPR-SPESalvador PerezKansas City Royals
JPR-SSTStephen StrasburgWashington Nationals
JPR-TGTony GwynnSan Diego Padres
JPR-VGJVladimir Guerrero Jr.Toronto Blue Jays
JPR-XBOXander BogaertsBoston Red Sox
Laundry Tag Book

65 card set.

LT-ABAlex BregmanHouston Astros
LT-AJAaron JudgeNew York Yankees
LT-AMAndrew McCutchenPhiladelphia Phillies
LT-APAlbert PujolsLos Angeles Angels
LT-APJAlbert PujolsSt Louis Cardinals
LT-ARAnthony RizzoNew York Yankees
LT-ARODAlex RodriguezNew York Yankees
LT-BBByron BuxtonMinnesota Twins
LT-BBIBo BichetteToronto Blue Jays
LT-BHBryce HarperPhiladelphia Phillies
LT-BLBarry LarkinCincinnati Reds
LT-BPBuster PoseySan Francisco Giants
LT-CBCody BellingerLos Angeles Dodgers
LT-CBICraig BiggioHouston Astros
LT-CBUCorbin BurnesMilwaukee Brewers
LT-CCCarlos CorreaHouston Astros
LT-CCSCC SabathiaNew York Yankees
LT-CJOChipper JonesAtlanta Braves
LT-CKClayton KershawLos Angeles Dodgers
LT-CRJCal Ripken Jr.Baltimore Orioles
LT-CYChristian YelichMilwaukee Brewers
LT-DADavid OrtizBoston Red Sox
LT-DJDerek JeterNew York Yankees
LT-DPEDustin PedroiaBoston Red Sox
LT-DWDavid WrightNew York Mets
LT-FFFreddie FreemanAtlanta Braves
LT-FTFrank ThomasChicago White Sox
LT-FTJFernando Tatis Jr.San Diego Padres
LT-GCOGerrit ColeNew York Yankees
LT-GSGiancarlo StantonNew York Yankees
LT-GTGleyber TorresNew York Yankees
LT-JAJose AbreuChicago White Sox
LT-JAVJose AltuveHouston Astros
LT-JDJacob deGromNew York Mets
LT-JMJoe MauerMinnesota Twins
LT-JSJohn SmoltzAtlanta Braves
LT-JSOJuan SotoWashington Nationals
LT-JVJoey VottoCincinnati Reds
LT-JVEJustin VerlanderHouston Astros
LT-KBKris BryantSan Francisco Giants
LT-KGKen Griffey Jr.Seattle Mariners
LT-LWLarry WalkerColorado Rockies
LT-MACMark McGwireOakland Athletics
LT-MBMookie BettsLos Angeles Dodgers
LT-MCMiguel CabreraDetroit Tigers
LT-MMManny MachadoSan Diego Padres
LT-MPMike PiazzaNew York Mets
LT-MRMariano RiveraNew York Yankees
LT-MTMike TroutLos Angeles Angels
LT-OZZOzzie AlbiesAtlanta Braves
LT-PAPete AlonsoNew York Mets
LT-PGOPaul GoldschmidtSt Louis Cardinals
LT-RARonald Acuña Jr.Atlanta Braves
LT-RCRod CarewLos Angeles Angels
LT-RDRafael DeversBoston Red Sox
LT-RHRickey HendersonOakland Athletics
LT-RHSRhys HoskinsPhiladelphia Phillies
LT-RJRandy JohnsonArizona Diamondbacks
LT-RYRobin YountMilwaukee Brewers
LT-SSGStephen StrasburgWashington Nationals
LT-TGTom GlavineAtlanta Braves
LT-TGWTony GwynnSan Diego Padres
LT-VGVladimir Guerrero Jr.Toronto Blue Jays
LT-XBXander BogaertsBoston Red Sox
LT-YMYadier MolinaSt Louis Cardinals
Letter Plus Relic Book

25 card set.
Parallels - Ruby 1/1.

LPR-ABRAlex BregmanHouston Astros
LPR-BPBuster PoseySan Francisco Giants
LPR-BUXByron BuxtonMinnesota Twins
LPR-CBCody BellingerLos Angeles Dodgers
LPR-CJChpper JonesAtlanta Braves
LPR-CKClayton KershawLos Angeles Dodgers
LPR-CYEChristian YelichMilwaukee Brewers
LPR-FFFreddie FreemanAtlanta Braves
LPR-FLFrancisco LindorNew York Mets
LPR-GSAGiancarlo StantonNew York Yankees
LPR-JAJose AltuveHouston Astros
LPR-JVJustin VerlanderHouston Astros
LPR-JVOJoey VottoCincinnati Reds
LPR-LWLarry WalkerColorado Rockies
LPR-MBEMookie BettsLos Angeles Dodgers
LPR-MCCAndrew McCutchenPhiladelphia Phillies
LPR-MMManny MachadoSan Diego Padres
LPR-OAOzzie AlbiesAtlanta Braves
LPR-PAPete AlonsoNew York Mets
LPR-RAJRonald Acuña Jr.Atlanta Braves
LPR-SPESalvador PerezKansas City Royals
LPR-SSTStephen StrasburgWashington Nationals
LPR-TGTony GwynnSan Diego Padres
LPR-VGJVladimir Guerrero Jr.Toronto Blue Jays
LPR-XBOXander BogaertsBoston Red Sox
Manufacturer Logo

52 card set.

MFL-ABAlex BregmanHouston Astros
MFL-AMAaron JudgeNew York Yankees
MFL-AMNAndrew McCutchenPhiladelphia Phillies
MFL-APSAlbert PujolsLos Angeles Angels
MFL-ARAnthony RizzoNew York Yankees
MFL-BBByron BuxtonMinnesota Twins
MFL-BBIBo BichetteToronto Blue Jays
MFL-BPBuster PoseySan Francisco Giants
MFL-CBCody BellingerLos Angeles Dodgers
MFL-CBUCorbin BurnesMilwaukee Brewers
MFL-CCCarlos CorreaHouston Astros
MFL-CKClayton KershawLos Angeles Dodgers
MFL-CRJCal Ripken Jr.Baltimore Orioles
MFL-CSCC SabathiaNew York Yankees
MFL-CSRNolan ArenadoSt Louis Cardinals
MFL-CYChristian YelichMilwaukee Brewers
MFL-DODavid OrtizBoston Red Sox
MFL-FFFreddie FreemanAtlanta Braves
MFL-FLFrancisco LindorNew York Mets
MFL-FTFernando Tatis Jr.San Diego Padres
MFL-GSGiancarlo StantonNew York Yankees
MFL-GTGleyber TorresNew York Yankees
MFL-IIchiroMiami Marlins
MFL-JAJose AltuveHouston Astros
MFL-JAUJose AbreuChicago White Sox
MFL-JBBrandon CrawfordSan Francisco Giants
MFL-JRBryce HarperPhiladelphia Phillies
MFL-JSZJohn SmoltzAtlanta Braves
MFL-JVJoey VottoCincinnati Reds
MFL-KBKris BryantSan Francisco Giants
MFL-LWLarry WalkerColorado Rockies
MFL-MBMookie BettsLos Angeles Dodgers
MFL-MCMatt ChapmanOakland Athletics
MFL-MCAMiguel CabreraDetroit Tigers
MFL-MMManny MachadoSan Diego Padres
MFL-MPMike PiazzaNew York Mets
MFL-MTMike TroutLos Angeles Angels
MFL-PAPete AlonsoNew York Mets
MFL-PGOPaul GoldschmidtSt Louis Cardinals
MFL-RAJRonald Acuña Jr.Atlanta Braves
MFL-RDRafael DeversBoston Red Sox
MFL-RHRhys HoskinsPhiladelphia Phillies
MFL-RHNRickey HendersonOakland Athletics
MFL-SOShohei OhtaniLos Angeles Angels
MFL-SSGStephen StrasburgWashington Nationals
MFL-TGTony GwynnSan Diego Padres
MFL-TGVTom GlavineAtlanta Braves
MFL-TSChipper JonesAtlanta Braves
MFL-TTTrea TurnerLos Angeles Dodgers
MFL-VGVladimir Guerrero Jr.Toronto Blue Jays
MFL-XBXander BogaertsBoston Red Sox
MFL-YMYadier MolinaSt Louis Cardinals
Single Jumbo Relic

223 card set.
Parallels - Amethyst #/36, Emerald #/27, Amber #/18, Gold #/9, Sapphire #/3, Ruby 1/1.

SJR1-ABAkil BaddooDetroit Tigers
SJR1-AB1Alex BregmanHouston Astros
SJR1-AB2Alex BregmanHouston Astros
SJR1-ABE1Andrew BenintendiKansas City Royals
SJR1-ABE2Andrew BenintendiKansas City Royals
SJR1-AR1Anthony RendonLos Angeles Angels
SJR1-AR2Anthony RendonLos Angeles Angels
SJR1-ARI1Austin RileyAtlanta Braves
SJR1-ARI2Austin RileyAtlanta Braves
SJR1-AV1Alex VerdugoBoston Red Sox
SJR1-AV2Alex VerdugoBoston Red Sox
SJR1-BD1Bobby DalbecBoston Red Sox
SJR1-BD2Bobby DalbecBoston Red Sox
SJR1-CC1Carlos CorreaMinnesota Twins
SJR1-CC2Carlos CorreaMinnesota Twins
SJR1-CMCasey MizeDetroit Tigers
SJR1-CM1Cedric MullinsBaltimore Orioles
SJR1-CM2Cedric MullinsBaltimore Orioles
SJR1-CS1Chris SaleBoston Red Sox
SJR1-CS2Chris SaleBoston Red Sox
SJR1-DP1Dustin PedroiaBoston Red Sox
SJR1-DP2Dustin PedroiaBoston Red Sox
SJR1-DS1Dansby SwansonAtlanta Braves
SJR1-DS2Dansby SwansonAtlanta Braves
SJR1-EJ1Eloy JimenezChicago White Sox
SJR1-EJ2Eloy JimenezChicago White Sox
SJR1-FF1Freddie FreemanLos Angeles Dodgers
SJR1-JAJo AdellLos Angeles Angels
SJR1-JA1Jose AltuveHouston Astros
SJR1-JA2Jose AltuveHouston Astros
SJR1-JB1Javier BaezDetroit Tigers
SJR1-JB2Javier BaezDetroit Tigers
SJR1-JI1Jonathan IndiaCincinnati Reds
SJR1-JI2Jonathan IndiaCincinnati Reds
SJR1-JM1J.D. MartinezBoston Red Sox
SJR1-JM2J.D. MartinezBoston Red Sox
SJR1-JSJorge SolerMiami Marlins
SJR1-JV1Justin VerlanderHouston Astros
SJR1-JV2Justin VerlanderHouston Astros
SJR1-JVO1Joey VottoCincinnati Reds
SJR1-JVO2Joey VottoCincinnati Reds
SJR1-KT1Kyle TuckerHouston Astros
SJR1-KT2Kyle TuckerHouston Astros
SJR1-LC1Luis CastilloCincinnati Reds
SJR1-LC2Luis CastilloCincinnati Reds
SJR1-LR1Luis RobertChicago White Sox
SJR1-LR2Luis RobertChicago White Sox
SJR1-MC1Miguel CabreraDetroit Tigers
SJR1-MC2Miguel CabreraDetroit Tigers
SJR1-MT1Mike TroutLos Angeles Angels
SJR1-MT2Mike TroutLos Angeles Angels
SJR1-NHNico HoernerChicago Cubs
SJR1-NS1Noah SyndergaardLos Angeles Angels
SJR1-NS2Noah SyndergaardLos Angeles Angels
SJR1-OA1Ozzie AlbiesAtlanta Braves
SJR1-OA2Ozzie AlbiesAtlanta Braves
SJR1-RAJ1Ronald Acuña Jr.Atlanta Braves
SJR1-RAJ2Ronald Acuña Jr.Atlanta Braves
SJR1-RD1Rafael DeversBoston Red Sox
SJR1-RD2Rafael DeversBoston Red Sox
SJR1-RM1Ryan MountcastleBaltimore Orioles
SJR1-RM2Ryan MountcastleBaltimore Orioles
SJR1-SG1Sonny GrayMinnesota Twins
SJR1-SG2Sonny GrayMinnesota Twins
SJR1-SO1Shohei OhtaniLos Angeles Angels
SJR1-SO2Shohei OhtaniLos Angeles Angels
SJR1-SP1Salvador PerezKansas City Royals
SJR1-SP2Salvador PerezKansas City Royals
SJR1-TA1Ian AndersonAtlanta Braves
SJR1-TA2Tim AndersonChicago White Sox
SJR1-TA3Tim AndersonChicago White Sox
SJR1-TMTriston McKenzieCleveland Guardians
SJR1-TM1Trey ManciniBaltimore Orioles
SJR1-TM2Trey ManciniBaltimore Orioles
SJR1-TSTarik SkubalDetroit Tigers
SJR1-TSTTyler StephensonCincinnati Reds
SJR1-WC1Willson ContrerasChicago Cubs
SJR1-WC2Willson ContrerasChicago Cubs
SJR1-WMWhit MerrifieldKansas City Royals
SJR1-XB1Xander BogaertsBoston Red Sox
SJR1-XB2Xander BogaertsBoston Red Sox
SJR1-YA1Yordan AlvarezHouston Astros
SJR1-YA2Yordan AlvarezHouston Astros
SJR1-YM1Yoan MoncadaChicago White Sox
SJR1-YM2Yoan MoncadaChicago White Sox
SJR2-AC1Aroldis ChapmanNew York Yankees
SJR2-AC2Aroldis ChapmanNew York Yankees
SJR2-AJ1Aaron JudgeNew York Yankees
SJR2-AJ2Aaron JudgeNew York Yankees
SJR2-AKAlex KirilloffMinnesota Twins
SJR2-AM1Andrew McCutchenMilwaukee Brewers
SJR2-AM2Andrew McCutchenMilwaukee Brewers
SJR2-AN1Aaron NolaPhiladelphia Phillies
SJR2-AN2Aaron NolaPhiladelphia Phillies
SJR2-AR1Anthony RizzoNew York Yankees
SJR2-AR2Anthony RizzoNew York Yankees
SJR2-BBByron BuxtonMinnesota Twins
SJR2-BBEBrandon BeltSan Francisco Giants
SJR2-BC1Brandon CrawfordSan Francisco Giants
SJR2-BC2Brandon CrawfordSan Francisco Giants
SJR2-BH1Bryce HarperPhiladelphia Phillies
SJR2-BH2Bryce HarperPhiladelphia Phillies
SJR2-BP1Buster PoseySan Francisco Giants
SJR2-BP2Buster PoseySan Francisco Giants
SJR2-BRBryan ReynoldsPittsburgh Pirates
SJR2-BS1Blake SnellSan Diego Padres
SJR2-BS2Blake SnellSan Diego Padres
SJR2-CBCody BellingerLos Angeles Dodgers
SJR2-CK1Clayton KershawLos Angeles Dodgers
SJR2-CK2Clayton KershawLos Angeles Dodgers
SJR2-CY1Christian YelichMilwaukee Brewers
SJR2-CY2Christian YelichMilwaukee Brewers
SJR2-DL1DJ LeMahieuNew York Yankees
SJR2-DL2DJ LeMahieuNew York Yankees
SJR2-FL1Francisco LindorNew York Mets
SJR2-FL2Francisco LindorNew York Mets
SJR2-FTJ1Fernando Tatis Jr.San Diego Padres
SJR2-FTJ2Fernando Tatis Jr.San Diego Padres
SJR2-GC1Gerrit ColeNew York Yankees
SJR2-GC2Gerrit ColeNew York Yankees
SJR2-GLGavin LuxLos Angeles Dodgers
SJR2-GS1Giancarlo StantonNew York Yankees
SJR2-GS2Giancarlo StantonNew York Yankees
SJR2-GSA1Gary SanchezMinnesota Twins
SJR2-GT1Gleyber TorresNew York Yankees
SJR2-GT2Gleyber TorresNew York Yankees
SJR2-GUGio UrshelaMinnesota Twins
SJR2-JBJoey BartSan Francisco Giants
SJR2-JCJake CronenworthSan Diego Padres
SJR2-JCJ1Jazz Chisholm JR.Miami Marlins
SJR2-JCJ2Jazz Chisholm JR.Miami Marlins
SJR2-JD1Jacob deGromNew York Mets
SJR2-JDO1Josh DonaldsonNew York Yankees
SJR2-JG1Joey GalloNew York Yankees
SJR2-JG2Joey GalloNew York Yankees
SJR2-JRJ.T. RealmutoPhiladelphia Phillies
SJR2-JU1Julio UriasLos Angeles Dodgers
SJR2-JU2Julio UriasLos Angeles Dodgers
SJR2-KH1Ke'Bryan HayesPittsburgh Pirates
SJR2-KH2Ke'Bryan HayesPittsburgh Pirates
SJR2-LS1Luis SeverinoNew York Yankees
SJR2-LS2Luis SeverinoNew York Yankees
SJR2-MB1Mookie BettsLos Angeles Dodgers
SJR2-MB2Mookie BettsLos Angeles Dodgers
SJR2-MK1Max KeplerMinnesota Twins
SJR2-MK2Max KeplerMinnesota Twins
SJR2-MM1Manny MachadoSan Diego Padres
SJR2-MM2Manny MachadoSan Diego Padres
SJR2-PA1Pete AlonsoNew York Mets
SJR2-PA2Pete AlonsoNew York Mets
SJR2-RH1Rhys HoskinsPhiladelphia Phillies
SJR2-RH2Rhys HoskinsPhiladelphia Phillies
SJR2-TT1Trea TurnerLos Angeles Dodgers
SJR2-TT2Trea TurnerLos Angeles Dodgers
SJR2-WAWilly AdamesMilwaukee Brewers
SJR2-WB1Walker BuehlerLos Angeles Dodgers
SJR2-WB2Walker BuehlerLos Angeles Dodgers
SJR2-WMWhit MerrifieldKansas City Royals
SJR2-WS1Will SmithLos Angeles Dodgers
SJR2-WS2Will SmithLos Angeles Dodgers
SJR3-AG1Adolis GarciaTexas Rangers
SJR3-AG2Adolis GarciaTexas Rangers
SJR3-AM1Austin MeadowsDetroit Tigers
SJR3-AMA1Alek ManoahToronto Blue Jays
SJR3-BB1Bo BichetteToronto Blue Jays
SJR3-BB2Bo BichetteToronto Blue Jays
SJR3-BL1Brandon LoweTampa Bay Rays
SJR3-BM1Brandon MarshLos Angeles AngelsRC
SJR3-BM2Brandon MarshLos Angeles AngelsRC
SJR3-CB1Cavan BiggioToronto Blue Jays
SJR3-CB2Cavan BiggioToronto Blue Jays
SJR3-CS1Corey SeagerTexas Rangers
SJR3-CS2Corey SeagerTexas Rangers
SJR3-DC1Dylan CarlsonSt Louis Cardinals
SJR3-DC2Dylan CarlsonSt Louis Cardinals
SJR3-GS1Gavin SheetsChicago White SoxRC
SJR3-GSP1George SpringerToronto Blue Jays
SJR3-GSP2George SpringerToronto Blue Jays
SJR3-JB1Josh BellWashington Nationals
SJR3-JBE1Jose BerriosToronto Blue Jays
SJR3-JD1Jarren DuranBoston Red SoxRC
SJR3-JD2Jarren DuranBoston Red SoxRC
SJR3-JK1Jarred KelenicSeattle Mariners
SJR3-JK2Jarred KelenicSeattle Mariners
SJR3-JL1Josh LoweTampa Bay RaysRC
SJR3-JL2Josh LoweTampa Bay RaysRC
SJR3-JR1Joe RyanMinnesota TwinsRC
SJR3-JS1Juan SotoWashington Nationals
SJR3-JS2Juan SotoWashington Nationals
SJR3-KB1Kris BryantColorado Rockies
SJR3-KB2Kris BryantColorado Rockies
SJR3-KL1Kyle LewisSeattle Mariners
SJR3-KL2Kyle LewisSeattle Mariners
SJR3-LG1Luis GilNew York YankeesRC
SJR3-LGJ1Lourdes Gurriel Jr.Toronto Blue Jays
SJR3-LN1Lars NootbaarSt Louis CardinalsRC
SJR3-MH1Mitch HanigerSeattle Mariners
SJR3-MH2Mitch HanigerSeattle Mariners
SJR3-MY1Mike YastrzemskiSan Francisco Giants
SJR3-MY2Mike YastrzemskiSan Francisco Giants
SJR3-NA1Nolan ArenadoSt Louis Cardinals
SJR3-NA2Nolan ArenadoSt Louis Cardinals
SJR3-OC1Oneil CruzPittsburgh PiratesRC
SJR3-OC2Oneil CruzPittsburgh PiratesRC
SJR3-PG1Paul GoldschmidtSt Louis Cardinals
SJR3-PG2Paul GoldschmidtSt Louis Cardinals
SJR3-RA1Randy ArozarenaTampa Bay Rays
SJR3-RA2Randy ArozarenaTampa Bay Rays
SJR3-RD1Reid DetmersLos Angeles AngelsRC
SJR3-RD2Reid DetmersLos Angeles AngelsRC
SJR3-SB1Shane BazTampa Bay RaysRC
SJR3-SM1Shane McClanahanTampa Bay Rays
SJR3-SS1Stephen StrasburgWashington Nationals
SJR3-SS2Stephen StrasburgWashington Nationals
SJR3-TG1Tyler GlasnowTampa Bay Rays
SJR3-VB1Vidal BrujanTampa Bay RaysRC
SJR3-VB2Vidal BrujanTampa Bay RaysRC
SJR3-VGJ1Vladimir Guerrero Jr.Toronto Blue Jays
SJR3-VGJ2Vladimir Guerrero Jr.Toronto Blue Jays
SJR3-WF1Wander FrancoTampa Bay RaysRC
SJR3-WF2Wander FrancoTampa Bay RaysRC
SJR3-YM1Yadier MolinaSt Louis Cardinals
SJR3-YM2Yadier MolinaSt Louis Cardinals
Touch Em All Three Player Relic

8 card set.
Parallels - Gold #/9, Sapphire #/3, Ruby 1/1.

TEARC-AARLuis RobertChicago White Sox
TEARC-AARTim AndersonChicago White Sox
TEARC-AARJose AbreuChicago White Sox
TEARC-BDMRafael DeversBoston Red Sox
TEARC-BDMXander BogaertsBoston Red Sox
TEARC-BDMJ.D. MartinezBoston Red Sox
TEARC-BRMSalvador PerezKansas City Royals
TEARC-BRMWhit MerrifieldKansas City Royals
TEARC-BRMAndrew BenintendiKansas City Royals
TEARC-HHRBryce HarperPhiladelphia Phillies
TEARC-HHRRhys HoskinsPhiladelphia Phillies
TEARC-HHRJ.T. RealmutoPhiladelphia Phillies
TEARC-SJTAaron JudgeNew York Yankees
TEARC-SJTGiancarlo StantonNew York Yankees
TEARC-SJTGleyber TorresNew York Yankees
TEARC-TAAJose AltuveHouston Astros
TEARC-TAAKyle TuckerHouston Astros
TEARC-TAAYordan AlvarezHouston Astros
TEARC-TMCFernando Tatis Jr.San Diego Padres
TEARC-TMCManny MachadoSan Diego Padres
TEARC-TMCJake CronenworthSan Diego Padres
TEARC-YCLBrandon CrawfordSan Francisco Giants
TEARC-YCLMike YastrzemskiSan Francisco Giants
TEARC-YCLEvan LongoriaSan Francisco Giants
Triple Threads Relic

245 card set.
Parallels - Amethyst #/27, Emerald #/18, Gold #/9, Sapphire #/3, Ruby 1/1.

TTR-ABRAlex BregmanHouston Astros
TTR-ABR2Alex BregmanHouston Astros
TTR-ABR3Alex BregmanHouston Astros
TTR-ABR4Alex BregmanHouston Astros
TTR-ABR5Alex BregmanHouston Astros
TTR-AJAaron JudgeNew York Yankees
TTR-AJ2Aaron JudgeNew York Yankees
TTR-AJ3Aaron JudgeNew York Yankees
TTR-AJ4Aaron JudgeNew York Yankees
TTR-AJ5Aaron JudgeNew York Yankees
TTR-ARI1Austin RileyAtlanta Braves
TTR-ARI2Austin RileyAtlanta Braves
TTR-ARI3Austin RileyAtlanta Braves
TTR-ARI4Austin RileyAtlanta Braves
TTR-ARI5Austin RileyAtlanta Braves
TTR-BB1Bo BichetteToronto Blue Jays
TTR-BB2Bo BichetteToronto Blue Jays
TTR-BB3Bo BichetteToronto Blue Jays
TTR-BB4Bo BichetteToronto Blue Jays
TTR-BBUByron BuxtonMinnesota Twins
TTR-BH1Bryce HarperPhiladelphia Phillies
TTR-BH2Bryce HarperPhiladelphia Phillies
TTR-BH3Bryce HarperPhiladelphia Phillies
TTR-BH4Bryce HarperPhiladelphia Phillies
TTR-BH5Bryce HarperPhiladelphia Phillies
TTR-BMA1Brandon MarshLos Angeles AngelsRC
TTR-BMA2Brandon MarshLos Angeles AngelsRC
TTR-BMA3Brandon MarshLos Angeles AngelsRC
TTR-BMA4Brandon MarshLos Angeles AngelsRC
TTR-BPBuster PoseySan Francisco Giants
TTR-BP2Buster PoseySan Francisco Giants
TTR-BP3Buster PoseySan Francisco Giants
TTR-BP4Buster PoseySan Francisco Giants
TTR-BP5Buster PoseySan Francisco Giants
TTR-CBCody BellingerLos Angeles Dodgers
TTR-CB2Cody BellingerLos Angeles Dodgers
TTR-CB3Cody BellingerLos Angeles Dodgers
TTR-CB4Cody BellingerLos Angeles Dodgers
TTR-CCCarlos CorreaMinnesota Twins
TTR-CC2Carlos CorreaMinnesota Twins
TTR-CC3Carlos CorreaMinnesota Twins
TTR-CC4Carlos CorreaMinnesota Twins
TTR-CC5Carlos CorreaMinnesota Twins
TTR-CK1Clayton KershawLos Angeles Dodgers
TTR-CK2Clayton KershawLos Angeles Dodgers
TTR-CK3Clayton KershawLos Angeles Dodgers
TTR-CR1Brandon CrawfordSan Francisco Giants
TTR-CR2Brandon CrawfordSan Francisco Giants
TTR-CR3Brandon CrawfordSan Francisco Giants
TTR-CR4Brandon CrawfordSan Francisco Giants
TTR-CSECorey SeagerTexas Rangers
TTR-CSE2Corey SeagerTexas Rangers
TTR-CYChristian YelichMilwaukee Brewers
TTR-CY2Christian YelichMilwaukee Brewers
TTR-CY3Christian YelichMilwaukee Brewers
TTR-CY4Christian YelichMilwaukee Brewers
TTR-CY5Christian YelichMilwaukee Brewers
TTR-EJ1Eloy JimenezChicago White Sox
TTR-EJ2Eloy JimenezChicago White Sox
TTR-EJ3Eloy JimenezChicago White Sox
TTR-EJ4Eloy JimenezChicago White Sox
TTR-FLFrancisco LindorNew York Mets
TTR-FTJFernando Tatis Jr.San Diego Padres
TTR-FTJ2Fernando Tatis Jr.San Diego Padres
TTR-GC1Gerrit ColeNew York Yankees
TTR-GC2Gerrit ColeNew York Yankees
TTR-GC3Gerrit ColeNew York Yankees
TTR-GC4Gerrit ColeNew York Yankees
TTR-GSGeorge SpringerToronto Blue Jays
TTR-GS2George SpringerToronto Blue Jays
TTR-GS3George SpringerToronto Blue Jays
TTR-GS4George SpringerToronto Blue Jays
TTR-GSTGiancarlo StantonNew York Yankees
TTR-GST2Giancarlo StantonNew York Yankees
TTR-GST3Giancarlo StantonNew York Yankees
TTR-GST4Giancarlo StantonNew York Yankees
TTR-GT1Gleyber TorresNew York Yankees
TTR-GT2Gleyber TorresNew York Yankees
TTR-GT3Gleyber TorresNew York Yankees
TTR-GT4Gleyber TorresNew York Yankees
TTR-JAJose AbreuChicago White Sox
TTR-JA2Jose AbreuChicago White Sox
TTR-JA3Jose AbreuChicago White Sox
TTR-JA4Jose AbreuChicago White Sox
TTR-JB1Javier BaezDetroit Tigers
TTR-JB2Javier BaezDetroit Tigers
TTR-JB3Javier BaezDetroit Tigers
TTR-JB4Javier BaezDetroit Tigers
TTR-JB5Javier BaezDetroit Tigers
TTR-JDO1Josh DonaldsonNew York Yankees
TTR-JDO2Josh DonaldsonNew York Yankees
TTR-JDO3Josh DonaldsonNew York Yankees
TTR-JDO4Josh DonaldsonNew York Yankees
TTR-JDU1Jarren DuranBoston Red SoxRC
TTR-JDU2Jarren DuranBoston Red SoxRC
TTR-JDU3Jarren DuranBoston Red SoxRC
TTR-JDU4Jarren DuranBoston Red SoxRC
TTR-JOAJose AltuveHouston Astros
TTR-JOA2Jose AltuveHouston Astros
TTR-JOA3Jose AltuveHouston Astros
TTR-JOA4Jose AltuveHouston Astros
TTR-JRA1Jose RamirezCleveland Guardians
TTR-JRA2Jose RamirezCleveland Guardians
TTR-JRA3Jose RamirezCleveland Guardians
TTR-JRA4Jose RamirezCleveland Guardians
TTR-JU1Julio UriasLos Angeles Dodgers
TTR-JU2Julio UriasLos Angeles Dodgers
TTR-JU3Julio UriasLos Angeles Dodgers
TTR-JV1Joey VottoCincinnati Reds
TTR-JV2Joey VottoCincinnati Reds
TTR-JV3Joey VottoCincinnati Reds
TTR-JV4Joey VottoCincinnati Reds
TTR-JV5Joey VottoCincinnati Reds
TTR-JVE1Justin VerlanderHouston Astros
TTR-JVE2Justin VerlanderHouston Astros
TTR-JVE3Justin VerlanderHouston Astros
TTR-JVE4Justin VerlanderHouston Astros
TTR-KB1Kris BryantColorado Rockies
TTR-KB2Kris BryantColorado Rockies
TTR-KB3Kris BryantColorado Rockies
TTR-KB4Kris BryantColorado Rockies
TTR-KT1Kyle TuckerHouston Astros
TTR-KT2Kyle TuckerHouston Astros
TTR-KT3Kyle TuckerHouston Astros
TTR-LR1Luis RobertChicago White Sox
TTR-LR2Luis RobertChicago White Sox
TTR-LR3Luis RobertChicago White Sox
TTR-MBMookie BettsLos Angeles Dodgers
TTR-MB2Mookie BettsLos Angeles Dodgers
TTR-MB3Mookie BettsLos Angeles Dodgers
TTR-MB4Mookie BettsLos Angeles Dodgers
TTR-MB5Mookie BettsLos Angeles Dodgers
TTR-MCMiguel CabreraDetroit Tigers
TTR-MC2Miguel CabreraDetroit Tigers
TTR-MC3Miguel CabreraDetroit Tigers
TTR-MC4Miguel CabreraDetroit Tigers
TTR-MCC1Andrew McCutchenMilwaukee Brewers
TTR-MCC2Andrew McCutchenMilwaukee Brewers
TTR-MCC3Andrew McCutchenMilwaukee Brewers
TTR-MCC4Andrew McCutchenMilwaukee Brewers
TTR-MCC5Andrew McCutchenMilwaukee Brewers
TTR-MCH1Matt ChapmanToronto Blue Jays
TTR-MCH2Matt ChapmanToronto Blue Jays
TTR-MCH3Matt ChapmanToronto Blue Jays
TTR-MCH4Matt ChapmanToronto Blue Jays
TTR-MCO1Jonathan IndiaCincinnati Reds
TTR-MCO2Jonathan IndiaCincinnati Reds
TTR-MCO3Jonathan IndiaCincinnati Reds
TTR-MCO4Jonathan IndiaCincinnati Reds
TTR-MM1Manny MachadoSan Diego Padres
TTR-MM2Manny MachadoSan Diego Padres
TTR-MM3Manny MachadoSan Diego Padres
TTR-MM4Manny MachadoSan Diego Padres
TTR-MM5Manny MachadoSan Diego Padres
TTR-MOMatt OlsonAtlanta Braves
TTR-MO2Matt OlsonAtlanta Braves
TTR-MO3Matt OlsonAtlanta Braves
TTR-MTMike TroutLos Angeles Angels
TTR-MT2Mike TroutLos Angeles Angels
TTR-MT3Mike TroutLos Angeles Angels
TTR-MT4Mike TroutLos Angeles Angels
TTR-MT5Mike TroutLos Angeles Angels
TTR-NANolan ArenadoSt Louis Cardinals
TTR-NA2Nolan ArenadoSt Louis Cardinals
TTR-NA3Nolan ArenadoSt Louis Cardinals
TTR-NA4Nolan ArenadoSt Louis Cardinals
TTR-NA5Nolan ArenadoSt Louis Cardinals
TTR-OAOzzie AlbiesAtlanta Braves
TTR-OA2Ozzie AlbiesAtlanta Braves
TTR-OA3Ozzie AlbiesAtlanta Braves
TTR-OA4Ozzie AlbiesAtlanta Braves
TTR-OA5Ozzie AlbiesAtlanta Braves
TTR-PA1Pete AlonsoNew York Mets
TTR-PA2Pete AlonsoNew York Mets
TTR-PA3Pete AlonsoNew York Mets
TTR-PA4Pete AlonsoNew York Mets
TTR-PA5Pete AlonsoNew York Mets
TTR-PG1Paul GoldschmidtSt Louis Cardinals
TTR-PG2Paul GoldschmidtSt Louis Cardinals
TTR-PG3Paul GoldschmidtSt Louis Cardinals
TTR-PG4Paul GoldschmidtSt Louis Cardinals
TTR-RAJRonald Acuña Jr.Atlanta Braves
TTR-RAJ2Ronald Acuña Jr.Atlanta Braves
TTR-RAJ3Ronald Acuña Jr.Atlanta Braves
TTR-RAJ4Ronald Acuña Jr.Atlanta Braves
TTR-RAJ5Ronald Acuña Jr.Atlanta Braves
TTR-RDRafael DeversBoston Red Sox
TTR-RD2Rafael DeversBoston Red Sox
TTR-RD3Rafael DeversBoston Red Sox
TTR-RD4Rafael DeversBoston Red Sox
TTR-RD5Rafael DeversBoston Red Sox
TTR-RHRhys HoskinsPhiladelphia Phillies
TTR-RH2Rhys HoskinsPhiladelphia Phillies
TTR-RH3Rhys HoskinsPhiladelphia Phillies
TTR-RH4Rhys HoskinsPhiladelphia Phillies
TTR-RIZ1Anthony RizzoNew York Yankees
TTR-RIZ2Anthony RizzoNew York Yankees
TTR-RIZ3Anthony RizzoNew York Yankees
TTR-RIZ4Anthony RizzoNew York Yankees
TTR-RIZ5Anthony RizzoNew York Yankees
TTR-SHO1Shohei OhtaniLos Angeles Angels
TTR-SHO2Shohei OhtaniLos Angeles Angels
TTR-SHO3Shohei OhtaniLos Angeles Angels
TTR-SHO4Shohei OhtaniLos Angeles Angels
TTR-SPE1Salvador PerezKansas City Royals
TTR-SPE2Salvador PerezKansas City Royals
TTR-SPE3Salvador PerezKansas City Royals
TTR-TS1Trevor StoryBoston Red Sox
TTR-TS2Trevor StoryBoston Red Sox
TTR-TS3Trevor StoryBoston Red Sox
TTR-TS4Trevor StoryBoston Red Sox
TTR-TT1Trea TurnerLos Angeles Dodgers
TTR-TT2Trea TurnerLos Angeles Dodgers
TTR-TT3Trea TurnerLos Angeles Dodgers
TTR-TT4Trea TurnerLos Angeles Dodgers
TTR-VGJVladimir Guerrero Jr.Toronto Blue Jays
TTR-VGJ2Vladimir Guerrero Jr.Toronto Blue Jays
TTR-VGJ3Vladimir Guerrero Jr.Toronto Blue Jays
TTR-VGJ4Vladimir Guerrero Jr.Toronto Blue Jays
TTR-VGJ5Vladimir Guerrero Jr.Toronto Blue Jays
TTR-WBWalker BuehlerLos Angeles Dodgers
TTR-WB2Walker BuehlerLos Angeles Dodgers
TTR-WB3Walker BuehlerLos Angeles Dodgers
TTR-WB4Walker BuehlerLos Angeles Dodgers
TTR-WCWillson ContrerasChicago Cubs
TTR-WC2Willson ContrerasChicago Cubs
TTR-WC3Willson ContrerasChicago Cubs
TTR-WC4Willson ContrerasChicago Cubs
TTR-WFWander FrancoTampa Bay RaysRC
TTR-WF2Wander FrancoTampa Bay RaysRC
TTR-WF3Wander FrancoTampa Bay RaysRC
TTR-WF4Wander FrancoTampa Bay RaysRC
TTR-XBXander BogaertsBoston Red Sox
TTR-XB2Xander BogaertsBoston Red Sox
TTR-XB3Xander BogaertsBoston Red Sox
TTR-XB4Xander BogaertsBoston Red Sox
TTR-XB5Xander BogaertsBoston Red Sox
TTR-YA1Yordan AlvarezHouston Astros
TTR-YA2Yordan AlvarezHouston Astros
TTR-YA3Yordan AlvarezHouston Astros
TTR-YA4Yordan AlvarezHouston Astros
TTR-YM1Yadier MolinaSt Louis Cardinals
TTR-YM2Yadier MolinaSt Louis Cardinals
TTR-YM3Yadier MolinaSt Louis Cardinals
TTR-YM4Yadier MolinaSt Louis Cardinals
Triple Threads Relic Combo

49 card set.
Parallels - Amethyst #/27, Emerald #/18, Gold #/9, Sapphire #/3, Ruby 1/1.

RCC-AARLuis RobertChicago White Sox
RCC-AARTim AndersonChicago White Sox
RCC-AARJose AbreuChicago White Sox
RCC-AAVJose AltuveHouston Astros
RCC-AAVJustin VerlanderHouston Astros
RCC-AAVYordan AlvarezHouston Astros
RCC-AMLPete AlonsoNew York Mets
RCC-AMLFrancisco LindorNew York Mets
RCC-AMLStarling MarteNew York Mets
RCC-BCKByron BuxtonMinnesota Twins
RCC-BCKCarlos CorreaMinnesota Twins
RCC-BCKAlex KirilloffMinnesota Twins
RCC-BCTMiguel CabreraDetroit Tigers
RCC-BCTJavier BaezDetroit Tigers
RCC-BCTSpencer TorkelsonDetroit TigersRC
RCC-BKBMookie BettsLos Angeles Dodgers
RCC-BKBCody BellingerLos Angeles Dodgers
RCC-BKBClayton KershawLos Angeles Dodgers
RCC-BTAJose AltuveHouston Astros
RCC-BTAAlex BregmanHouston Astros
RCC-BTAKyle TuckerHouston Astros
RCC-BTMMookie BettsLos Angeles Dodgers
RCC-BTMMax MuncyLos Angeles Dodgers
RCC-BTMTrea TurnerLos Angeles Dodgers
RCC-BYWChristian YelichMilwaukee Brewers
RCC-BYWCorbin BurnesMilwaukee Brewers
RCC-BYWBrandon WoodruffMilwaukee Brewers
RCC-CFODylan CarlsonSt Louis Cardinals
RCC-CFOJack FlahertySt Louis Cardinals
RCC-CFOTyler O'NeillSt Louis Cardinals
RCC-CJSAaron JudgeNew York Yankees
RCC-CJSGiancarlo StantonNew York Yankees
RCC-CJSGerrit ColeNew York Yankees
RCC-CMBByron BuxtonMinnesota Twins
RCC-CMBJoe MauerMinnesota Twins
RCC-CMBRod CarewMinnesota Twins
RCC-CPAPete AlonsoNew York Mets
RCC-CPAMike PiazzaNew York Mets
RCC-CPAGary CarterNew York Mets
RCC-CTOMike TroutLos Angeles Angels
RCC-CTOShohei OhtaniLos Angeles Angels
RCC-CTORod CarewLos Angeles Angels
RCC-DBMRafael DeversBoston Red Sox
RCC-DBMXander BogaertsBoston Red Sox
RCC-DBMJ.D. MartinezBoston Red Sox
RCC-GBBVladimir Guerrero Jr.Toronto Blue Jays
RCC-GBBBo BichetteToronto Blue Jays
RCC-GBBGeorge SpringerToronto Blue Jays
RCC-GMSTom GlavineAtlanta Braves
RCC-GMSJohn SmoltzAtlanta Braves
RCC-GMSGreg MadduxAtlanta Braves
RCC-GRIKen Griffey Jr.Seattle Mariners
RCC-GRIAlex RodriguezSeattle Mariners
RCC-GRIIchiroSeattle Mariners
RCC-GTMFernando Tatis Jr.San Diego Padres
RCC-GTMManny MachadoSan Diego Padres
RCC-GTMTony GwynnSan Diego Padres
RCC-GVIJoey VottoCincinnati Reds
RCC-GVIJonathan IndiaCincinnati Reds
RCC-GVIHunter GreeneCincinnati RedsRC
RCC-GWSOzzie SmithSan Diego Padres
RCC-GWSTony GwynnSan Diego Padres
RCC-GWSDave WinfieldSan Diego Padres
RCC-HHSBryce HarperPhiladelphia Phillies
RCC-HHSRhys HoskinsPhiladelphia Phillies
RCC-HHSKyle SchwarberPhiladelphia Phillies
RCC-HUHBryce HarperPhiladelphia Phillies
RCC-HUHRyan HowardPhiladelphia Phillies
RCC-HUHChase UtleyPhiladelphia Phillies
RCC-JFARonald Acuña Jr.Atlanta Braves
RCC-JFAFreddie FreemanAtlanta Braves
RCC-JFAChipper JonesAtlanta Braves
RCC-JJJAaron JudgeNew York Yankees
RCC-JJJDerek JeterNew York Yankees
RCC-JJJReggie JacksonNew York Yankees
RCC-JSTAaron JudgeNew York Yankees
RCC-JSTGiancarlo StantonNew York Yankees
RCC-JSTGleyber TorresNew York Yankees
RCC-KBUWalker BuehlerLos Angeles Dodgers
RCC-KBUClayton KershawLos Angeles Dodgers
RCC-KBUJulio UriasLos Angeles Dodgers
RCC-LGVJoey VottoCincinnati Reds
RCC-LGVKen Griffey Jr.Cincinnati Reds
RCC-LGVBarry LarkinCincinnati Reds
RCC-LVIJoey VottoCincinnati Reds
RCC-LVIJonathan IndiaCincinnati Reds
RCC-LVIBarry LarkinCincinnati Reds
RCC-MGTMike TroutLos Angeles Angels
RCC-MGTKen Griffey Jr.Seattle Mariners
RCC-MGTWillie MaysSan Francisco Giants
RCC-MHCAndrew McCutchenPittsburgh Pirates
RCC-MHCKe'Bryan HayesPittsburgh Pirates
RCC-MHCWillie StargellPittsburgh Pirates
RCC-MMMCedric MullinsBaltimore Orioles
RCC-MMMRyan MountcastleBaltimore Orioles
RCC-MMMTrey ManciniBaltimore Orioles
RCC-MOPDavid OrtizBoston Red Sox
RCC-MOPDustin PedroiaBoston Red Sox
RCC-MOPManny RamirezBoston Red Sox
RCC-OPCMiguel CabreraDetroit Tigers
RCC-OPCDavid OrtizBoston Red Sox
RCC-OPCAlbert PujolsSt Louis Cardinals
RCC-ORARonald Acuña Jr.Atlanta Braves
RCC-ORAOzzie AlbiesAtlanta Braves
RCC-ORAAustin RileyAtlanta Braves
RCC-PCYBuster PoseySan Francisco Giants
RCC-PCYBrandon CrawfordSan Francisco Giants
RCC-PCYMike YastrzemskiSan Francisco Giants
RCC-RGJKen Griffey Jr.Seattle Mariners
RCC-RGJDerek JeterNew York Yankees
RCC-RGJCal Ripken Jr.Baltimore Orioles
RCC-RJPDerek JeterNew York Yankees
RCC-RJPMariano RiveraNew York Yankees
RCC-RJPAndy PettitteNew York Yankees
RCC-RKLJulio RodriguezSeattle MarinersRC
RCC-RKLJarred KelenicSeattle Mariners
RCC-RKLKyle LewisSeattle Mariners
RCC-SDSRafael DeversBoston Red Sox
RCC-SDSTrevor StoryBoston Red Sox
RCC-SDSChris SaleBoston Red Sox
RCC-SSGCorey SeagerTexas Rangers
RCC-SSGAdolis GarciaTexas Rangers
RCC-SSGMarcus SemienTexas Rangers
RCC-SSSRonald Acuña Jr.Atlanta Braves
RCC-SSSVladimir Guerrero Jr.Toronto Blue Jays
RCC-SSSJuan SotoWashington Nationals
RCC-TASRonald Acuña Jr.Atlanta Braves
RCC-TASMike TroutLos Angeles Angels
RCC-TASJuan SotoSan Diego Padres
RCC-TOAMike TroutLos Angeles Angels
RCC-TOAShohei OhtaniLos Angeles Angels
RCC-TOAJo AdellLos Angeles Angels
RCC-TSARonald Acuña Jr.Atlanta Braves
RCC-TSAFernando Tatis Jr.San Diego Padres
RCC-TSAJuan SotoWashington Nationals
RCC-WABWander FrancoTampa Bay RaysRC
RCC-WABRandy ArozarenaTampa Bay Rays
RCC-WABVidal BrujanTampa Bay RaysRC
RCC-WMFYadier MolinaSt Louis Cardinals
RCC-WMFJack FlahertySt Louis Cardinals
RCC-WMFAdam WainwrightSt Louis Cardinals
RCC-WPBSalvador PerezKansas City Royals
RCC-WPBGeorge BrettKansas City Royals
RCC-WPBBobby Witt Jr.Kansas City RoyalsRC
RCC-YNPNolan ArenadoSt Louis Cardinals
RCC-YNPYadier MolinaSt Louis Cardinals
RCC-YNPPaul GoldschmidtSt Louis Cardinals
Triple Threads Relic Legend

24 card set.
Parallels - Amethyst #/27, Emerald #/18, Gold #/9, Sapphire #/3, Ruby 1/1.

RL-ARAlex RodriguezNew York Yankees
RL-BLBarry LarkinCincinnati Reds
RL-CJChipper JonesAtlanta Braves
RL-CRCal Ripken Jr.Baltimore Orioles
RL-DJDerek JeterNew York Yankees
RL-GBGeorge BrettKansas City Royals
RL-GMGreg MadduxAtlanta Braves
RL-HAHank AaronAtlanta Braves
RL-IIchiroSeattle Mariners
RL-JBJohnny BenchCincinnati Reds
RL-KGKen Griffey Jr.Seattle Mariners
RL-MMMark McGwireOakland Athletics
RL-MOMariano RiveraNew York Yankees
RL-MPMike PiazzaNew York Mets
RL-MSMike SchmidtPhiladelphia Phillies
RL-NRNolan RyanHouston Astros
RL-RCERoberto ClementePittsburgh Pirates
RL-RHRickey HendersonOakland Athletics
RL-RJHBabe RuthNew York Yankees
RL-RJNReggie JacksonNew York Yankees
RL-TGTony GwynnSan Diego Padres
RL-TWTed WilliamsBoston Red Sox
RL-WMWillie MaysSan Francisco Giants
RL-YBYogi BerraNew York Yankees
Windows Into Greatness Relic Book

12 card set.
Parallels - Gold #/5, Ruby 1/1.

WGR-AJJuan SotoWashington Nationals
WGR-CJChipper JonesAtlanta Braves
WGR-CRJCal Ripken Jr.Baltimore Orioles
WGR-DJDerek JeterNew York Yankees
WGR-KGKen Griffey Jr.Seattle Mariners
WGR-KPKirby PuckettMinnesota Twins
WGR-MBMookie BettsLos Angeles Dodgers
WGR-MTMike TroutLos Angeles Angels
WGR-RARonald Acuña Jr.Atlanta Braves
WGR-RHRickey HendersonOakland Athletics
WGR-TGTony GwynnSan Diego Padres
WGR-VGJVladimir Guerrero Jr.Toronto Blue Jays