2022 Upper Deck The Falcon and The Winter Soldier Checklist

2022 Upper Deck The Falcon and The Winter Soldier

Release Date: February 15, 2023

2022 Upper Deck The Falcon and The Winter Soldier highlights the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) series starring Anthony Mackie as Sam Wilson (aka Falcon) and Sebastian Stan as Bucky Barnes (aka Winter Soldier).

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2022 Upper Deck The Falcon and The Winter Soldier

  • 2022 Upper Deck The Falcon and The Winter Soldier highlights the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) series starring Anthony Mackie as Sam Wilson (aka Falcon) and Sebastian Stan as Bucky Barnes (aka Winter Soldier).

2022 Upper Deck The Falcon and The Winter Soldier


2022 Upper Deck The Falcon and The Winter Soldier looks back at the six episodes in season one to form the 90-card base set. Parallels include Falcon Red and Winter Soldier Blue as well as a few different foilboard editions that are serial numbered. Each Hobby box should contain one numbered parallel.






In addition, 2022 Upper Deck The Falcon and The Winter Soldier features multiple inserts to collect. This includes Behind the Scenes, Character Profiles, Mission Briefing, and Who Will Wield the Shield.






From there, cast autographs add extra star power to the 2022 Upper Deck The Falcon and The Winter Soldier checklist. Marvel fans can acquire manufactured Film Cels, as well. Hand-drawn Artist Sketch Cards (1/1) are another possible box hit.








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Base Set

90 card set.
Parallels - Falcon Red, Winter Soldier Blue, Black & Red Flag Smasher #/225, Purple Zemo #/99, Patriotic #/25, Printing Plates 1/1.

1How Does It FeelH
2No Treaties ViolatedN
3This Has to be SubtleT
4Switching to Plan BS
5He's Not Gonna FollowH
6We Gotta Find Another WayW
7I See You're Gonna Make Me AskI
8It Feels Like It Belongs to Someone ElseI
9Dreams of HYDRAD
10No Longer the Winter SoldierN
11What's The Worse Thing That Could Happen?W
12I ran the numbersI
13We're Not Selling Our Family's LegacyW
14Whats Our Plan?W
15Enjoy Your Ride, BuckE
16There's Only One Way To Find OutT
17I Got a Vibranium Arm - I Can Take ThemI
18That Didn't Go As PlannedT
19Those Were All Super Soldiers, SamT
20One World. One PeopleO
21We're Gonna Go See ZemoW
22I'm Gonna Go In AloneI
23Those Days Are OverT
24Someone Recreated the Super Soldier SerumS
25We'll Have to Scale a Ladder of Low-LifesW
26All This Time, You've Been Rich?A
27We're Going To MadripoorW
28We Cannot Exactly In As OurselvesW
29There's No Margin For ErrorT
30Meet Smiling TigerM
31We Have Business with SelbyW
32Winter Soldier, Attack!W
33The Super Soldier Serum is Here in MadripoorT
34We Have A Real Problem NowW
35This Is Too PerfectT
36You Help Us Out, I Get Your Name ClearedY
37He's In ThereH
38A Secret LabratoryA
39You Created The Super Soldier SerumY
40We're Seriously Out of TimeW
41Every Bounty Hunter In Madripoor is Here!E
42Has Anyone Seen Zemo?H
43We've Got The Last Of The SerumW
44I'm Here for ZemoI
45I Have the Will to Complete This MissionI
46This Serum is How We Make ChangeT
47No More Keeping Us in the DarkN
48Is This What I Think It Is?I
49They've All Been DestroyedT
50I Like You SarahI
51Vengeance for LemarV
52The Whole World is WatchingT
53This Suit Comes With ExpectationsT
54Facing the TruthF
55We Don't Want Anyone Else to Get HurtW
56You Gotta Give Me the ShieldY
57You Don't Wanna Do ThisY
58We Could've Been a TeamW
59I Am Captain America!I
60Bucky Barnes Holds The ShieldB
61It's Over, John!I
62An International IncidentA
63Captain America, No LongerC
64He Was So Proud Of YouH
65We're Gonna Do It Our Own WayW
66Off to The RaftO
67I May Have Another Favor to Ask of YouI
68A Favor From The WakandansA
69Time to ReflectT
70The Most Welcoming People In The WorldT
71The Closest Thing I Have Left to FamilyT
72Stand Up and Keep FightingS
73I Can Give You Double This TimeI
74He's HereH
75The True Captain AmericaT
76I'm Glad You Took My CallI
77Au RevoirA
78A Risky RescueA
79Give Him Someone to RescueG
80Bucky Frees Hostages from a Burning TruckB
81Morgenthau! Let's Finish ThisM
82Karli Morgenthau, Super SoldierK
83You Of All People?Y
84Betrayed by the Power BrokerB
85I'm Not Gonna Fight YouI
86We Finally Have a Common Struggle NowW
87Nice job, CapN
88Zemo's Last LaughZ
89We're Gonna Need a U.S. AgentW
90Should be Something for EveryoneS
Autographed Film Cels

16 card set.

FCA-AMAnthony Mackie as FalconA
FCA-AOAdepero Oduye as Sarah WilsonA
FCA-DCDon Cheadle as James "Rhodey" RhodesD
FCA-DRDanny Ramirez as Joaquin TorresD
FCA-EKErin Kellyman as Karli MorgenthauE
FCA-EVEmily VanCamp as Sharon CarterE
FCA-FKFlorence Kasumba as AyoF
FCA-GSGeorges St. Pierre as BatrocG
FCA-ISMiki Ishikawa as LeahM
FCA-KAFlorence Kasumba as AyoF
FCA-KEErin Kellyman as Karli MorgenthauE
FCA-MAAnthony Mackie as Captain AmericaA
FCA-MIMiki Ishikawa as LeahM
FCA-RADanny Ramirez as Joaquin TorresD
FCA-SSSebastian Stan as Bucky BarnesS
FCA-STSebastian Stan as Bucky BarnesS

18 card set.

A-AMAnthony Mackie as Sam WilsonA
A-ANAnthony Mackie as FalconA
A-AOAdepero Oduye as Sarah WilsonA
A-CAAnthony Mackie as Captain AmericaA
A-DCDon Cheadle as James "Rhodey" RhodesD
A-DRDanny Ramirez as Joaquin TorresD
A-EKErin Kellyman as Karli MorgenthauE
A-ERErin Kellyman as Karli MorgenthauE
A-EVEmily VanCamp as Sharon CarterE
A-FLFlorence Kasumba as AyoF
A-GSGeorges St. Pierre as BatrocG
A-KEErin Kellyman as Karli MorgenthauE
A-MAAnthony Mackie as FalconA
A-MIMiki Ishikawa as LeahM
A-SESebastian Stan as Bucky BarnesS
A-SSSebastian Stan as Bucky BarnesS
A-STSebastian Stan as Bucky BarnesS
A-VAEmily VanCamp as Sharon CarterE
Autographs Inscriptions Parallel

1 card set.

A-FKFlorence Kasumba as AyoF"Wakanda Forever"
Dual Autographs

4 card set.

DA-MKErin Kellyman as Karli MorgenthauE
DA-MKAnthony Mackie as FalconA
DA-SMSebastian Stan as Bucky BarnesS
DA-SMAnthony Mackie as FalconA
DA-SSSebastian Stan as Bucky BarnesS
DA-SSGeorges St. Pierre as BatrocG
DA-SVSebastian Stan as Bucky BarnesS
DA-SVEmily VanCamp as Sharon CarterE
Film Cels Dual Autos

6 card set.

FCDA-CMDon Cheadle as James "Rhodey" RhodesD
FCDA-CMAnthony Mackie as Sam WilsonA
FCDA-MRAnthony Mackie as FalconA
FCDA-MRDanny Ramirez as Joaquin TorresD
FCDA-MSGeorges St. Pierre as BatrocG
FCDA-MSAnthony Mackie as Captain AmericaA
FCDA-SMSebastian Stan as Bucky BarnesS
FCDA-SMAnthony Mackie as FalconA
FCDA-SVEmily VanCamp as Sharon CarterE
FCDA-SVGeorges St. Pierre as BatrocG
FCDA-VKErin Kellyman as Karli MorgenthauE
FCDA-VKEmily VanCamp as Sharon CarterE
Forged Vibranium Autographs

9 card set.

FVA-AMAnthony Mackie as FalconA
FVA-AOAdepero Oduye as Sarah WilsonA
FVA-DCDon Cheadle as James "Rhodey" RhodesD
FVA-DRDanny Ramirez as Joaquin TorresD
FVA-EKErin Kellyman as Karli MorgenthauE
FVA-EVEmily VanCamp as Sharon CarterE
FVA-FKFlorence Kasumba as AyoF
FVA-MIMiki Ishikawa as LeahM
FVA-SSSebastian Stan as Bucky BarnesS
Horizontal Autographs

10 card set.

AMAnthony Mackie as FalconA
AOAdepero Oduye as Sarah WilsonA
DRDanny Ramirez as Joaquin TorresD
EKErin Kellyman as Karli MorgenthauE
EVEmily VanCamp as Sharon CarterE
MAAnthony Mackie as Captain AmericaA
MIMiki Ishikawa as LeahM
SSSebastian Stan as Bucky BarnesS
STSebastian Stan as Bucky BarnesS
VAEmily VanCamp as Sharon CarterE
Quad Autographs

2 card set.

DA-SMKRSebastian Stan as Bucky BarnesS
DA-SMKRErin Kellyman as Karli MorgenthauE
DA-SMKRDanny Ramirez as Joaquin TorresD
DA-SMKRAnthony Mackie as Captain AmericaA
DA-SSVMSebastian Stan as Bucky BarnesS
DA-SSVMAnthony Mackie as FalconA
DA-SSVMEmily VanCamp as Sharon CarterE
DA-SSVMGeorges St. Pierre as BatrocG
Film Cels

36 card set.

FC-1Anthony Mackie as Sam WilsonA
FC-2Sebastian Stan as Bucky BarnesS
FC-3Daniel Bruhl as Baron ZemoD
FC-4Wyatt Russell as John F. WalkerW
FC-5Erin Kellyman as Karli MorgenthauE
FC-6Emily VanCamp as Sharon CarterE
FC-7Adepero Oduye as Sarah WilsonA
FC-8Florence Kasumba as AyoF
FC-9Don Cheadle as James "Rhodey" RhodesD
FC-10Julia Louise-Dreyfus as Valentina Allegra de FontaineJ
FC-11Danny Ramirez as Joaquin TorresD
FC-12Desmond Chaim as DovichD
FC-13Georges St. Pierre as BatrocG
FC-14Miki Ishikawa as LeahM
FC-15Anthony Mackie as Sam WilsonA
FC-16Sebastian Stan as Bucky BarnesS
FC-17Daniel Bruhl as Baron ZemoD
FC-18Wyatt Russell as John F. WalkerW
FC-19Erin Kellyman as Karli MorgenthauE
FC-20Emily VanCamp as Sharon CarterE
FC-21Adepero Oduye as Sarah WilsonA
FC-22Florence Kasumba as AyoF
FC-23Don Cheadle as James "Rhodey" RhodesD
FC-24Julia Louise-Dreyfus as Valentina Allegra de FontaineJ
FC-25Danny Ramirez as Joaquin TorresD
FC-26Desmond Chaim as DovichD
FC-27Georges St. Pierre as BatrocG
FC-28Miki Ishikawa as LeahM
FC-29Anthony Mackie as FalconA
FC-30Sebastian Stan as Bucky BarnesS
FC-31Daniel Bruhl as Baron ZemoD
FC-32Erin Kellyman as Karli MorgenthauE
FC-33Wyatt Russell as John F. WalkerW
FC-34Erin Kellyman as Karli MorgenthauE
FC-35Antony Mackie as Captain AmericaA
FC-36Sebastian Stan as Bucky BarnesS
Sketch Cards

1 card set.

SKTDavid HindelangD
SKTJoe RubinsteinJ
SKTJim FaustinoJ
SKTJed ThomasJ
SKTGordon WillsG
SKTGlebe TwinsG
SKTGiovanni RiccoG
SKTGerardo VertizG
SKTErwin RopaE
SKTEduardo GarciaE
SKTBenjo CamayB
SKTDave LynchD
SKTCruddie TorianC
SKTClint LangleyC
SKTBryan TillmanB
SKTBrad VothB
SKTBob PetreccaB
SKTJomar BuldaJ
SKTArley TuckerA
SKTAnthony TanA
SKTAngel S AvilesA
SKTAndre TomaA
SKTAl MilgromA
SKTJohn SlobodaJ
SKTJason CrosbyJ
SKTJose Carlos SanchezJ
SKTPatricio CarrascoP
SKTWalter RiceW
SKTVeronica O'ConnellV
SKTTim ShinnT
SKTTim FagalyT
SKTSherwin SantiagoS
SKTRodney RamosR
SKTRich HennemannR
SKTRene CordovaR
SKTKenny CalderonK
SKTPeejay CatacutanP
SKTOmar SotoO
SKTMarcia DyeM
SKTKursat CetinerK
SKTLeon BraojosL
SKTMike J. SealieM
SKTLuke WelchL
SKTMarlo AgunosM
SKTMarshal BakerM
SKTMatty DenhamM
SKTMichael Locoduck DuronM
SKTMarco CarrilloM
The Power to do Better

10 card set.

DB-1Anthony Mackie as Sam WilsonA
DB-2Sebastian Stan as Bucky BarnesS
DB-3Don Cheadle as War MachineD
DB-4Florence Kasumba as AyoF
DB-5Wyatt Russell as John WalkerW
DB-6Danny Ramirez as Joaquin TorresD
DB-7Adepero Oduye as Sarah WilsonA
DB-8Sebastian Stan as Bucky BarnesS
DB-9Anthony Mackie as FalconA
DB-10Antony Mackie as Captain AmericaA
Behind the Scenes

15 card set.
Parallels - Printing Plates 1/1.

BS-1Anthony Mackie on High Tension WiresA
BS-2Sebastian Stan and Kari SkoglandS
BS-3Kari Skogland and Danny RamirezK
BS-4Sebastian Stan and Kari Skogland on SetS
BS-5Wyatt Russell as US AgentW
BS-6Anthony Mackie, Daniel Bruhl and Sebastian StanA
BS-7Anthony Mackie and Kari SkoglandA
BS-8Zoie Nagelhaut, Sebastian Stan, Keri Skogland and Anthony MackieZ
BS-9Sebastian Stan and Kari Skogland on SetS
BS-10Wyatt Russell with Anthony Mackie on High Tension WiresW
BS-11Anthony Mackie, Keri Skogland and Adepero OduyeA
BS-12Anthony Mackie and Erin Kellyman on High Tension WiresA
BS-13Anthony Mackie and Kevin Feige on SetA
BS-14Anthony Mackie Lifting a TruckA
BS-15Anthony Mackie as Captain AmericaA
Character Profiles

10 card set.
Parallels - Printing Plates 1/1.

P-1Antony Mackie as Captain AmericaA
P-2Sebastian Stan as Winter SoldierS
P-3Daniel Bruhl as Baron ZemoD
P-4Wyatt Russell as John F. WalkerW
P-5Erin Kellyman as Karli MorgenthauE
P-6Emily VanCamp as Sharon CarterE
P-7Danny Ramirez as Joaquin TorresD
P-8Georges St. Pierre as BatrocG
P-9Adepero Oduye as Sarah WilsonA
P-10Julia Louise-Dreyfus as Valentina Allegra de FontaineJ
Forged Vibranium

16 card set.

FV-1Anthony Mackie as FalconA
FV-2Sebastian Stan as Bucky BarnesS
FV-3Julia Louise-Dreyfus as Valentina Allegra de FontaineJ
FV-4Daniel Bruhl as Baron ZemoD
FV-5Wyatt Russell as John F. WalkerW
FV-6Danny Ramirez as Joaquin TorresD
FV-7Erin Kellyman as Karli MorgenthauE
FV-8Adepero Oduye as Sarah WilsonA
FV-9Miki Ishikawa as LeahM
FV-10Florence Kasumba as AyoF
FV-11Don Cheadle as James "Rhodey" RhodesD
FV-12Georges St. Pierre as BatrocG
FV-13Antony Mackie as Captain AmericaA
FV-14Sebastian Stan as Bucky BarnesS
FV-15Wyatt Russell as John F. WalkerW
FV-16Daniel Bruhl as Baron ZemoD
Forged Vibranium Duals

8 card set.

DFV-1Sebastian Stan as Bucky BarnesS
DFV-1Anthony Mackie as Captain AmericaA
DFV-2Anthony Mackie as Sam WilsonA
DFV-2Daniel Bruhl as Baron ZemoD
DFV-3Wyatt Russell as John F. WalkerW
DFV-3Julia Louise-Dreyfus as Valentina Allegra de FontaineJ
DFV-4Don Cheadle as James "Rhodey" RhodesD
DFV-4Anthony Mackie as Sam WilsonA
DFV-5Sebastian Stan as Bucky BarnesS
DFV-5Florence Kasumba as AyoF
DFV-6Anthony Mackie as FalconA
DFV-6Wyatt Russell as John F. WalkerW
DFV-7Adepero Oduye as Sarah WilsonA
DFV-7Anthony Mackie as Sam WilsonA
DFV-8Erin Kellyman as Karli MorgenthauE
DFV-8Desmond Chaim as DovichD
Mission Briefing

6 card set.
Parallels - Printing Plates 1/1.

MB-1Rescue Captain Vasant from LAFR
MB-2Investigate the Flag SmashersI
MB-3Find Selby in MadripoorF
MB-4Tracking Down Karli MorgenthauT
MB-5Take the Shield BackT
MB-6Foil the Flag SmashersF
Villainous Measures

10 card set.

VM-1Wyatt Russell as John WalkerW
VM-2Georges St. Pierre as BatrocG
VM-3Emily VanCamp as Power BrokerE
VM-4Erin Kellyman as Karli MorgenthauE
VM-5Daniel Bruhl as Baron ZemoD
VM-6Desmond Chaim as DovichD
VM-7Julia Louise-Dreyfus as Valentina Allegra de FontaineJ
VM-8Erin Kellyman as Karli MorgenthauE
VM-9Daniel Bruhl as Baron ZemoD
VM-10Emily VanCamp as Sharon CarterE
Who Will Wield the Shield?

18 card set.
Parallels - Printing Plates 1/1.

WWW-1A Complicated LegacyA
WWW-2The Weight of ResponsibilityT
WWW-3Memorial to a LegendM
WWW-4The New Captain AmericaT
WWW-5A Bad First ImpressionA
WWW-6Stay Out of My WayS
WWW-7Dishonoring the ShieldD
WWW-8Freed From Unworthy HandsF
WWW-9Reclaiming the MantleR
WWW-10More Than a ShieldM
WWW-11Pain and SacrificeP
WWW-12Not One to Run AwayN
WWW-13Who Are You?W
WWW-14Perfectly Timed RescueP
WWW-15Trying Something DifferentT
WWW-16Where Does It End?W
WWW-17The Power to Do BetterT
WWW-18Sam Wilson - Captain AmericaS