2022 Zerocool Jackass Checklist

2022 Zerocool Jackass

Release Date: May 18, 2022

2022 Zerocool Jackass

See the checklist here: 2022 Zero Cool Jackass Checklist

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2022 Zerocool Jackass


BASE SET: There are 2,880 of each base card. Base types include (number of unique cards): Cast (7), Rookies (5), Legends (7), Group (5), Cameos (14), Movie Posters (10), Stunts (70), and Behind the Lens (30) cards.

CARD PARALLELS: All parallels are holographic optichrome, and all, except for silver, are numbered.

Silver, 250
Holo, #’d/100
Blue, #’d/50
Red, #’d/25
Gold, #’d/10
Player*, #’d/5
Black Ice, #’d/1
Card Zero**, #’d/0

*Five autographed Player parallels were given exclusively to participating movie talent. The only way to get them is convincing them to give up some of their cards!
**Card Zero parallels are #’d/0 on base cards and #’d/1 on autograph cards.

SIGNATURES: There are 32 autograph cards in each parallel type except for Silver.

Johnny Knoxville
Chris Pontius
Weeman (Jason Acuna)
Preston Lacy
Ehren McGhehey
Dave England
Sean “Poopies” McInerney
Jasper Dolphin (Davon Wilson)
Zach Holmes
Rachel Wolfson
Eric Manaka
Jeff Tremaine
Spike Jonze
Rick Kosick
Dimitry Elyashkevich
Lance Bangs
Sean Cliver
Danielle O’Toole
PK Subban
Francis Ngannou
Tory Belleci
DJ Paul (Paul Beauregard)
Tony Hawk
Mat Hoffman
Eric Andre
Dark Shark (Compston Wilson)
Butterbean (Eric Esch)
Rob Dyrdek
Loomis Fall

CAST ALT IMAGES: There are seven alternative main cast images and five alternative rookie cast images. These are only available in the Silver and Card Zero parallels.

BOX PARALLELS: For the first time ever, the boxes themselves have hits. With the Jackass logo foil stamped in different colors, collectors will receive these variations at random. No boxes are serial numbered, but the following quantities of each color were produced.

Silver, 4,979 boxes
Red, 2,480 boxes
Green, 1,490 boxes
Purple, 890 boxes
Rainbow*, 50 boxes
Black, 50 boxes
Blue, 50 boxes
Gold, 10 boxes
Cracked Ice, 1 box

*For cast, crew, and select promotional purposes only.

Configuration: 10 packs per box, 5 cards per pack

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50 card set.

1Johnny KnoxvilleJ
2Johnny KnoxvilleJSP
5Chris PontiusC
6Chris PontiusCSP
7Dave EnglandD
8Dave EnglandDSP
9Danger EhrenD
10Danger EhrenDSP
11Wee ManW
12Wee ManWSP
13Preston LacyP
14Preston LacyPSP
15Eric ManakaE
16Eric ManakaESP
21Rachel WolfsonR
22Rachel WolfsonRSP
23Zach HolmesZ
24Zach HolmesZSP
25Sean CliverS
26Dimitry ElyashkevichD
27Rick KosickR
28Lance BangsL
29Loomis FallL
30Spike JonzeS
31Jeff TremaineJ
33Danielle O’TooleD
34Dark SharkD
35DJ PaulD
36Eric AndreE
37Jalen RamseyJ
38Mat HoffmanM
39Machine Gun KellyM
40Francis NgannouF
41P.K. SubbanP
42Rob DyrdekR
43Tony HawkT
44Tory BelleciT
45Tyler the CreatorT
46Full Cast - BeachF
47Full Cast - Beach PyramidF
48Jackass Forever Group OpeningJ
49Jackass OG CastJ
50Jackass Rookie CastJ
Behind the Lens

30 card set.

BTL-1Bayou ObstacleB
BTL-2Beehive TetherballB
BTL-3Clipper CamC
BTL-4Cup PogoC
BTL-5Dave ToiletD
BTL-6Johnny DildoJ
BTL-7Dildo ExplosionD
BTL-11Jasper and Dark SharkJ
BTL-12The Lube SlideT
BTL-14The LongjumpT
BTL-15Open RainbowO
BTL-16Pedal PowerP
BTL-17Pontiusaurus 1P
BTL-18Pontiusaurus 2P
BTL-19Pontiusaurus 3P
BTL-20Puppet ShowP
BTL-23Spike and TonyS
BTL-24Steve-O OpeningS
BTL-26Jeff and IrvingJ
BTL-27Jeff and PrestonJ
BTL-29Weeman OpeningW
Movie Posters

10 card set.

MP-1Jackass Forever: BullfighterJ
MP-2Jackass Forever: Kite FlightJ
MP-3Jackass Forever: Cannon ShotJ
MP-4Jackass Forever: Toilet ExplosionJ
MP-5Jackass Number Two: RocketJ
MP-6Jackass 3D: Jet SkiJ
MP-7Jackass 3D: Dog BiteJ
MP-8Jackass Number Two: Finnish PosterJ
MP-9Jackass Number Two: Japanese PosterJ
MP-10Jackass 3D: Russian PosterJ

70 card set.

S-1The Baby AlligatorT
S-2The Bottle RocketT
S-3The Butt X-RayT
S-4Department Store BoxingD
S-5Golf Course Air HornG
S-6The Anaconda Ball PitT
S-7The Butt ChugT
S-8The Fart MaskT
S-9The Fire Hose RodeoT
S-10The Fish HookT
S-11Irving And GloriaI
S-12The Mini LoopT
S-13The Puppet ShowT
S-14The Big Red RocketT
S-15Party BoyP
S-16The Tiny ToiletT
S-17The Toro TotterT
S-18Men In UnderpantsM
S-19The Yak ChargeT
S-20Beauty And The BeastB
S-21The Bed Of NailsT
S-22The PoofT
S-23The Field GoalT
S-24The HelicockterT
S-25The High FiveT
S-26The Invisible ManT
S-27The Exploding RoomT
S-28The Jet SkiT
S-29Pin The Tail On The DonkeyP
S-30The PoocanoT
S-31The Poo Cocktail SupremeT
S-32The Sweatsuit CocktailT
S-34Wee LacyW
S-35European VacationE
S-36The WoodpeckerT
S-37The BackdropT
S-38The BoarkakeT
S-39The Bull MagicianT
S-40The Bush Of BeesT
S-41The Coffee Truck PrankT
S-42The Cup Test: PogoT
S-43The Cup Test: HockeyT
S-44The Cup Test: MmaT
S-45The Cup Test: SoftballT
S-46The Dum Dum GameT
S-47The Electric Tap DanceT
S-48The Human RampT
S-49The Hurricane SlideT
S-50The Flight Of IcarusT
S-51Tackled By Jalen RamseyT
S-52The Marquee ExplosionT
S-53Slimed By The PontiusaurusS
S-55Scorpion Lip InjectionsS
S-56The MilkshakeT
S-57The MushT
S-58Musical ChairbagsM
S-60The Quiet Game: PoopiesT
S-61The Quiet Game: RachelT
S-62The Quiet Game: Steve-OT
S-63The Speed BallbagT
S-64The Tarantula HelmetT
S-65The Toilet GeyserT
S-66The Triple WedgieT
S-67Underwater Fire FartsU
S-68The VultureT
S-69Down The ClownD
S-70The Bathing BeautyT