2023 Bowman Chrome Sapphire Edition Baseball Checklist

2023 Bowman Chrome Sapphire Edition Baseball

Release Date: November 29, 2023

Returning with new inserts and autographs, 2023 Bowman Chrome Sapphire Edition Baseball applies the blue chromium finish for some of the best MLB veterans, rookies and prospects.

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2023 Bowman Chrome Sapphire Edition Baseball

  • Returning with new inserts and autographs, 2023 Bowman Chrome Sapphire Edition Baseball applies the blue chromium finish for some of the best MLB veterans, rookies and prospects.

2023 Bowman Chrome Sapphire Edition Baseball


As usual, the 2023 Bowman Chrome Sapphire Edition Baseball checklist pulls from the primary 2023 Bowman Chrome Baseball release. The lineup includes exclusive blue versions of 100 Bowman Chrome veterans and rookies.



There are also 100 Bowman Chrome prospects (#BCP-151 to BCP-250).



In addition, 2023 Bowman Chrome Sapphire Edition Baseball adds new Sapphire Selections inserts. These average 1:80 packs.



Another first for BCS, look for serial-numbered Sapphire Selections Autographs (#/25; 1:470 packs) cards.






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Arizona Diamondbacks
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseCorbin CarrollBase Veterans and Rookies5RC
BaseCristofer TorinBase Bowman Chrome ProspectBCP-204
BaseDeyvison De Los SantosBase Bowman Chrome ProspectBCP-158
BaseDruw JonesBase Bowman Chrome ProspectBCP-249
BaseGabriel MorenoBase Veterans and Rookies59RC
BaseJordan LawlarBase Bowman Chrome ProspectBCP-247
InsertCorbin CarrollVeterans and Rookies Image Variation5RC
InsertDruw JonesBowman Chrome Prospects Image VariationBCP-249
InsertDruw JonesSapphire SelectionsBSS-1
AutoDruw JonesSapphire Selections AutographSSA-DJ
Atlanta Braves
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseLuis GuanipaBase Bowman Chrome ProspectBCP-200
BaseMatt OlsonBase Veterans and Rookies84
BaseMichael Harris IIBase Veterans and Rookies31RC
BaseRonald Acuña Jr.Base Veterans and Rookies93
BaseVaughn GrissomBase Veterans and Rookies37RC
InsertMichael Harris IIVeterans and Rookies Image Variation31RC
Baltimore Orioles
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseAdley RutschmanBase Veterans and Rookies17RC
BaseAnderson De Los SantosBase Bowman Chrome ProspectBCP-207
BaseCarter YoungBase Bowman Chrome ProspectBCP-183
BaseGrayson RodriguezBase Veterans and Rookies22RC
BaseGunnar HendersonBase Veterans and Rookies10RC
BaseJackson HollidayBase Bowman Chrome ProspectBCP-227
BaseJoey OrtizBase Veterans and Rookies86RC
BaseLuis AlmeydaBase Bowman Chrome ProspectBCP-194
InsertAdley RutschmanVeterans and Rookies Image Variation17RC
InsertGunnar HendersonVeterans and Rookies Image Variation10RC
InsertJackson HollidayBowman Chrome Prospects Image VariationBCP-227
InsertJackson HollidaySapphire SelectionsBSS-2
AutoJackson HollidaySapphire Selections AutographSSA-JH
Boston Red Sox
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseBlaze JordanBase Bowman Chrome ProspectBCP-167
BaseBrooks BrannonBase Bowman Chrome ProspectBCP-245
BaseEnmanuel ValdezBase Veterans and Rookies9RC
BaseMarcelo MayerBase Bowman Chrome ProspectBCP-210
BaseMasataka YoshidaBase Veterans and Rookies75RC
BaseMiguel BleisBase Bowman Chrome ProspectBCP-223
BaseRafael DeversBase Veterans and Rookies83
BaseRoman AnthonyBase Bowman Chrome ProspectBCP-220
BaseTriston CasasBase Veterans and Rookies32RC
InsertMasataka YoshidaVeterans and Rookies Image Variation75RC
InsertTriston CasasVeterans and Rookies Image Variation32RC
InsertTriston CasasSapphire SelectionsBSS-18RC
AutoTriston CasasSapphire Selections AutographSSA-TCRC
Chicago Cubs
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseAdan SanchezBase Bowman Chrome ProspectBCP-219
BaseAngel CepedaBase Bowman Chrome ProspectBCP-205
BaseChristopher MorelBase Veterans and Rookies71RC
BaseDerniche ValdezBase Bowman Chrome ProspectBCP-231
BaseLudwing EspinozaBase Bowman Chrome ProspectBCP-192
BaseMatt MervisBase Veterans and Rookies65RC
BaseMiguel AmayaBase Veterans and Rookies56RC
BaseSeiya SuzukiBase Veterans and Rookies16
Chicago White Sox
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseColson MontgomeryBase Bowman Chrome ProspectBCP-165
BaseLuis Robert Jr.Base Veterans and Rookies76
BaseOscar ColásBase Veterans and Rookies20RC
Cincinnati Reds
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseAlfredo DunoBase Bowman Chrome ProspectBCP-238
BaseCam CollierBase Bowman Chrome ProspectBCP-239
BaseJoey VottoBase Veterans and Rookies50
BaseMatt McLainBase Veterans and Rookies94RC
BaseSpencer SteerBase Veterans and Rookies52RC
InsertCam CollierBowman Chrome Prospects Image VariationBCP-239
InsertCam CollierSapphire SelectionsBSS-5
InsertMatt McLainSapphire SelectionsBSS-19RC
AutoCam CollierSapphire Selections AutographSSA-CCR
Cleveland Guardians
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseBo NaylorBase Veterans and Rookies49RC
BaseBrayan RocchioBase Veterans and Rookies26RC
BaseJaison ChourioBase Bowman Chrome ProspectBCP-226
BaseJosé RamírezBase Veterans and Rookies100
BaseJuan BenjaminBase Bowman Chrome ProspectBCP-151
BaseTanner BibeeBase Veterans and Rookies88RC
BaseVictor IzturisBase Bowman Chrome ProspectBCP-175
BaseWelbyn FranciscaBase Bowman Chrome ProspectBCP-228
Colorado Rockies
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseBladimir RestituyoBase Bowman Chrome ProspectBCP-234
BaseDyan JorgeBase Bowman Chrome ProspectBCP-235
BaseEzequiel TovarBase Veterans and Rookies23RC
BaseKris BryantBase Veterans and Rookies45
BaseNolan JonesBase Veterans and Rookies4RC
Detroit Tigers
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseJace JungBase Bowman Chrome ProspectBCP-215
BaseJavier BáezBase Veterans and Rookies13
BaseMiguel CabreraBase Veterans and Rookies12
BaseRiley GreeneBase Veterans and Rookies29RC
InsertRiley GreeneVeterans and Rookies Image Variation29RC
Houston Astros
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseCamilo DiazBase Bowman Chrome ProspectBCP-186
BaseDrew GilbertBase Bowman Chrome ProspectBCP-174
BaseHunter BrownBase Veterans and Rookies69RC
BaseJacob MeltonBase Bowman Chrome ProspectBCP-196
BaseJeremy PeñaBase Veterans and Rookies61
BaseYordan AlvarezBase Veterans and Rookies25
Kansas City Royals
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseBobby Witt Jr.Base Veterans and Rookies79
BaseDrew WatersBase Veterans and Rookies14RC
BaseGavin CrossBase Bowman Chrome ProspectBCP-160
BaseMaikel GarciaBase Veterans and Rookies30RC
BaseVinnie PasquantinoBase Veterans and Rookies91RC
Los Angeles Angels
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseBen JoyceBase Veterans and Rookies36RC
BaseLogan O'HoppeBase Veterans and Rookies51RC
BaseLuis TorresBase Bowman Chrome ProspectBCP-155
BaseMike TroutBase Veterans and Rookies89
BaseNelson RadaBase Bowman Chrome ProspectBCP-190
BaseShohei OhtaniBase Veterans and Rookies67
BaseZach NetoBase Veterans and Rookies64RC
Los Angeles Dodgers
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseArnaldo LantiguaBase Bowman Chrome ProspectBCP-242
BaseBobby MillerBase Veterans and Rookies7RC
BaseFreddie FreemanBase Veterans and Rookies47
BaseJames OutmanBase Veterans and Rookies68RC
BaseJesus GalizBase Bowman Chrome ProspectBCP-187
BaseJoendry VargasBase Bowman Chrome ProspectBCP-218
BaseJosue De PaulaBase Bowman Chrome ProspectBCP-172
BaseMichael BuschBase Veterans and Rookies54RC
BaseMiguel VargasBase Veterans and Rookies40RC
BaseMookie BettsBase Veterans and Rookies2
BaseOswaldo OsorioBase Bowman Chrome ProspectBCP-152
BaseSamuel MunozBase Bowman Chrome ProspectBCP-182
InsertJosue De PaulaBowman Chrome Prospects Image VariationBCP-172
InsertJosue De PaulaSapphire SelectionsBSS-6
AutoJosue De PaulaSapphire Selections AutographSSA-JD
Miami Marlins
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseEury PérezBase Veterans and Rookies90RC
BaseJacob BerryBase Bowman Chrome ProspectBCP-243
BaseJanero MillerBase Bowman Chrome ProspectBCP-184
BaseJazz Chisholm Jr.Base Veterans and Rookies53
BaseJose GerardoBase Bowman Chrome ProspectBCP-195
BaseLuis ArraezBase Veterans and Rookies87
InsertEury PérezSapphire SelectionsBSS-20RC
InsertJacob BerrySapphire SelectionsBSS-16
AutoJacob BerrySapphire Selections AutographSSA-JB
Milwaukee Brewers
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseBrice TurangBase Veterans and Rookies42RC
BaseChristian YelichBase Veterans and Rookies57
BaseGarrett MitchellBase Veterans and Rookies3RC
BaseJackson ChourioBase Bowman Chrome ProspectBCP-246
BaseJadher AreinamoBase Bowman Chrome ProspectBCP-206
BaseJoey WiemerBase Veterans and Rookies41RC
BaseKevin EreuBase Bowman Chrome ProspectBCP-229
InsertJackson ChourioBowman Chrome Prospects Image VariationBCP-246
InsertJackson ChourioSapphire SelectionsBSS-3
AutoJackson ChourioSapphire Selections AutographSSA-JC
Minnesota Twins
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseAriel CastroBase Bowman Chrome ProspectBCP-203
BaseBrooks LeeBase Bowman Chrome ProspectBCP-248
BaseBryan AcuñaBase Bowman Chrome ProspectBCP-193
BaseByron BuxtonBase Veterans and Rookies80
BaseCarlos CorreaBase Veterans and Rookies85
BaseEdouard JulienBase Veterans and Rookies1RC
BaseHendry ChivilliBase Bowman Chrome ProspectBCP-236
BaseYasser MercedesBase Bowman Chrome ProspectBCP-202
InsertBrooks LeeSapphire SelectionsBSS-14
New York Mets
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseAlex RamirezBase Bowman Chrome ProspectBCP-211
BaseBrett BatyBase Veterans and Rookies15RC
BaseDaiverson GutierrezBase Bowman Chrome ProspectBCP-154
BaseDangelo SarmientoBase Bowman Chrome ProspectBCP-161
BaseFrancisco AlvarezBase Veterans and Rookies35RC
BaseFrancisco LindorBase Veterans and Rookies24
BaseJacob ReimerBase Bowman Chrome ProspectBCP-181
BaseJett WilliamsBase Bowman Chrome ProspectBCP-216
BaseKevin ParadaBase Bowman Chrome ProspectBCP-201
BaseKodai SengaBase Veterans and Rookies77RC
BaseMark VientosBase Veterans and Rookies43RC
BaseMax ScherzerBase Veterans and Rookies8
BasePete AlonsoBase Veterans and Rookies39
InsertFrancisco AlvarezVeterans and Rookies Image Variation35RC
New York Yankees
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseAaron JudgeBase Veterans and Rookies63
BaseAnthony RizzoBase Veterans and Rookies66
BaseAnthony VolpeBase Veterans and Rookies11RC
BaseBrandon MayeaBase Bowman Chrome ProspectBCP-188
BaseGerrit ColeBase Veterans and Rookies98
BaseGiancarlo StantonBase Veterans and Rookies99
BaseHans MonteroBase Bowman Chrome ProspectBCP-173
BaseJasson DomínguezBase Bowman Chrome ProspectBCP-225
BaseKeiner DelgadoBase Bowman Chrome ProspectBCP-191
BaseLuis SernaBase Bowman Chrome ProspectBCP-168
BaseOswald PerazaBase Veterans and Rookies44RC
BaseOswaldo CabreraBase Veterans and Rookies33RC
BaseRoderick AriasBase Bowman Chrome ProspectBCP-199
BaseSpencer JonesBase Bowman Chrome ProspectBCP-178
InsertAnthony VolpeVeterans and Rookies Image Variation11RC
InsertJasson DomínguezBowman Chrome Prospects Image VariationBCP-225
InsertOswald PerazaSapphire SelectionsBSS-17RC
InsertSpencer JonesBowman Chrome Prospects Image VariationBCP-178
InsertSpencer JonesSapphire SelectionsBSS-4
AutoBrandon MayeaSapphire Selections AutographSSA-BM
AutoSpencer JonesSapphire Selections AutographSSA-SJ
Oakland Athletics
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseEsteury RuizBase Veterans and Rookies46RC
BaseShea LangeliersBase Veterans and Rookies95RC
Philadelphia Phillies
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseBryce HarperBase Veterans and Rookies97
BaseJesus CabaBase Bowman Chrome ProspectBCP-164
BaseJustin CrawfordBase Bowman Chrome ProspectBCP-217
BaseRhys HoskinsBase Veterans and Rookies55
BaseWilliam BergollaBase Bowman Chrome ProspectBCP-232
InsertJustin CrawfordSapphire SelectionsBSS-8
Pittsburgh Pirates
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseAxiel PlazBase Bowman Chrome ProspectBCP-208
BaseJavier RivasBase Bowman Chrome ProspectBCP-159
BaseJun-Seok ShimBase Bowman Chrome ProspectBCP-153
BaseLiover PegueroBase Veterans and Rookies72RC
BaseOneil CruzBase Veterans and Rookies78
BaseRaymond MolaBase Bowman Chrome ProspectBCP-198
BaseTermarr JohnsonBase Bowman Chrome ProspectBCP-170
InsertTermarr JohnsonSapphire SelectionsBSS-9
San Diego Padres
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseEthan SalasBase Bowman Chrome ProspectBCP-171
BaseFernando Tatis Jr.Base Veterans and Rookies28
BaseJackson MerrillBase Bowman Chrome ProspectBCP-244
BaseJuan SotoBase Veterans and Rookies96
BaseManny MachadoBase Veterans and Rookies73
BaseSamuel ZavalaBase Bowman Chrome ProspectBCP-241
BaseXander BogaertsBase Veterans and Rookies27
InsertEthan SalasBowman Chrome Prospects Image VariationBCP-171
InsertEthan SalasSapphire SelectionsBSS-7
AutoEthan SalasSapphire Selections AutographSSA-ES
San Francisco Giants
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseCasey SchmittBase Veterans and Rookies38RC
BaseMarco LucianoBase Bowman Chrome ProspectBCP-176
BasePatrick BaileyBase Veterans and Rookies60RC
BaseRayner AriasBase Bowman Chrome ProspectBCP-222
AutoKyle HarrisonSapphire Selections AutographSSA-KH
Seattle Mariners
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseBryce MillerBase Veterans and Rookies92RC
BaseEdryn RodriguezBase Bowman Chrome ProspectBCP-185
BaseFelnin CelestenBase Bowman Chrome ProspectBCP-156
BaseGabriel GonzalezBase Bowman Chrome ProspectBCP-213
BaseJulio RodríguezBase Veterans and Rookies81
BaseLázaro MontesBase Bowman Chrome ProspectBCP-233
BaseMichael ArroyoBase Bowman Chrome ProspectBCP-180
InsertFelnin CelestenBowman Chrome Prospects Image VariationBCP-156
InsertFelnin CelestenSapphire SelectionsBSS-13
InsertGabriel GonzalezSapphire SelectionsBSS-12
InsertLázaro MontesSapphire SelectionsBSS-15
AutoCole YoungSapphire Selections AutographSSA-CY
St Louis Cardinals
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseJonathan MejiaBase Bowman Chrome ProspectBCP-197
BaseJordan WalkerBase Veterans and Rookies18RC
BaseNolan ArenadoBase Veterans and Rookies62
BaseNolan GormanBase Veterans and Rookies48RC
BasePaul GoldschmidtBase Veterans and Rookies34
InsertJordan WalkerVeterans and Rookies Image Variation18RC
Tampa Bay Rays
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseBrailer GuerreroBase Bowman Chrome ProspectBCP-240
BaseJunior CamineroBase Bowman Chrome ProspectBCP-162
BaseMiguel TamaresBase Bowman Chrome ProspectBCP-179
BaseTaj BradleyBase Veterans and Rookies82RC
BaseWander FrancoBase Veterans and Rookies70
BaseXavier IsaacBase Bowman Chrome ProspectBCP-157
InsertJunior CamineroSapphire SelectionsBSS-10
Texas Rangers
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseAnthony GutierrezBase Bowman Chrome ProspectBCP-166
BaseCorey SeagerBase Veterans and Rookies58
BaseJosh JungBase Veterans and Rookies21RC
BaseLuisangel AcuñaBase Bowman Chrome ProspectBCP-230
BaseSebastian WalcottBase Bowman Chrome ProspectBCP-189
BaseYosy GalanBase Bowman Chrome ProspectBCP-221
Toronto Blue Jays
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseAdrian PintoBase Bowman Chrome ProspectBCP-250
BaseBo BichetteBase Veterans and Rookies6
BaseEnmanuel BonillaBase Bowman Chrome ProspectBCP-163
BaseVladimir Guerrero Jr.Base Veterans and Rookies19
Washington Nationals
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseAndy AcevedoBase Bowman Chrome ProspectBCP-237
BaseBrady HouseBase Bowman Chrome ProspectBCP-212
BaseCJ AbramsBase Veterans and Rookies74
BaseCristhian VaqueroBase Bowman Chrome ProspectBCP-209
BaseEdwin SolanoBase Bowman Chrome ProspectBCP-169
BaseElian SotoBase Bowman Chrome ProspectBCP-177
BaseElijah GreenBase Bowman Chrome ProspectBCP-214
BaseJames WoodBase Bowman Chrome ProspectBCP-224
InsertElijah GreenSapphire SelectionsBSS-11
InsertJames WoodBowman Chrome Prospects Image VariationBCP-224
AutoBrady HouseSapphire Selections AutographSSA-BH
AutoElijah GreenSapphire Selections AutographSSA-EG