2023 Panini Donruss Football Checklist

2023 Panini Donruss Football

Release Date: December 1, 2023

An annual fixture for many NFL collectors, 2023 Donruss Football packs in Rated Rookie cards, rare inserts and plenty of parallels.

See the full checklist here – 2023 Panini Donruss Football Checklist

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2023 Panini Donruss Football

  • An annual fixture for many NFL collectors, 2023 Donruss Football packs in Rated Rookie cards, rare inserts and plenty of parallels.
  • Hobby boxes should deliver one autograph and one relic.

2023 Panini Donruss Football


Highlighting current stars and top rookies, the 2023 Donruss Football checklist contains 400 base cards.



The popular Rated Rookie subset comes with limited parallels and autographs.



Featuring at least two inserts per Hobby pack, 2023 Donruss Football is filled with choices. Uncover past, present and future stars with All-Time Gridiron Kings, Gridiron Kings and Rookie Gridiron Kings. The Champions card pays tribute to the Super Bowl LVII-winning Kansas City Chiefs.



In addition, fans of the super short prints (SSP) can chase case-hit cards in Downtown and Unleashed.



The comic cover looking Gridiron Marvels is also one of the super short print chase case-hits.



The hits are also back for 2023 Donruss Football. Themed signature options include All-Time Gridiron Kings Autographs and Retro 2003 Autographs.



And don’t miss out on the Super Bowl winners in Champ is Here Autographs.






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Arizona Cardinals
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseBJ OjulariRated Rookies301RC
BaseBudda BakerBase2
BaseClayton TuneRated Rookies302RC
BaseIsaiah SimmonsBase3
BaseJalen ThompsonBase8
BaseJames ConnerBase5
BaseKyler MurrayBase1
BaseMarquise BrownBase4
BaseMichael WilsonRated Rookies303RC
BaseParis Johnson Jr.Rated Rookies304RC
BaseRondale MooreBase7
BaseZach ErtzBase6
InsertBJ OjulariRookie Revolution31RC
InsertBJ OjulariOptic Rated Rookies Preview301RC
InsertClayton TuneBomb Squad6
InsertClayton TuneRated Rookies Portrait36RC
InsertClayton TuneThe Rookies36RC
InsertClayton TuneOptic Rated Rookies Preview302RC
InsertKyler MurrayBase Variations1
InsertMarco WilsonHighlights19
InsertMichael WilsonBomb Squad22
InsertMichael WilsonRated Rookies Portrait29RC
InsertMichael WilsonThe Elite Series Rookies29RC
InsertMichael WilsonThe Rookies29RC
InsertMichael WilsonOptic Rated Rookies Preview303RC
InsertParis Johnson Jr.Optic Rated Rookies Preview304RC
RelicClayton TuneRookie Holiday Sweater Dual1RC
RelicClayton TuneRookie Holiday Sweater39RC
RelicClayton TuneRookie Phenom Jerseys40RC
RelicMichael WilsonRookie Holiday Sweater Dual1RC
RelicMichael WilsonRookie Holiday Sweater32RC
AutoBJ OjulariOptic Rated Rookies Preview Autograph301RC
AutoBJ OjulariRated Rookies Autographs301RC
AutoClayton TuneBomb Squad Autographs6
AutoClayton TuneRated Rookies Portrait Autographs36RC
AutoClayton TuneThe Rookies Autographs36RC
AutoClayton TuneOptic Rated Rookies Preview Autograph302RC
AutoClayton TuneRated Rookies Autographs302RC - No Blue/Green/Orange
AutoMichael WilsonBomb Squad Autographs22
AutoMichael WilsonRated Rookies Portrait Autographs29RC
AutoMichael WilsonThe Elite Series Rookies Autographs29RC
AutoMichael WilsonThe Rookies Autographs29RC
AutoMichael WilsonOptic Rated Rookies Preview Autograph303RC
AutoMichael WilsonRated Rookies Autographs303RC
AutoParis Johnson Jr.Optic Rated Rookies Preview Autograph304RC
AutoParis Johnson Jr.Rated Rookies Autographs304RC
Atlanta Falcons
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseA.J. TerrellBase17
BaseBijan RobinsonRated Rookies305RC
BaseCaleb HuntleyBase14
BaseCordarrelle PattersonBase12
BaseDesmond RidderBase9
BaseDrake LondonBase10
BaseKyle PittsBase11
BaseLorenzo CarterBase16
BaseRichie GrantBase13
BaseYounghoe KooBase15
BaseZach HarrisonRated Rookies306RC
InsertBijan RobinsonWhite Hot Rookies2RC
InsertBijan RobinsonRated Rookies Portrait4RC
InsertBijan RobinsonRookie Gridiron Kings4RC
InsertBijan RobinsonThe Elite Series Rookies4RC
InsertBijan RobinsonThe Rookies4RC
InsertBijan RobinsonGridiron Marvels5
InsertBijan RobinsonRookie Revolution7RC
InsertBijan RobinsonDowntown!10
InsertBijan RobinsonVortex21
InsertBijan RobinsonBomb Squad25
InsertBijan RobinsonOptic Rated Rookies Preview305RC
InsertBijan RobinsonRated Rookies Premium305RC
InsertDesmond RidderPower Plus1
InsertDrake LondonThe Elite Series30
InsertZach HarrisonOptic Rated Rookies Preview306RC
RelicBijan RobinsonLeather Kings4
RelicBijan RobinsonRookie Holiday Sweater6RC
RelicBijan RobinsonRookie Phenom Jerseys7RC
AutoBijan RobinsonWhite Hot Rookies Autographs2RC
AutoBijan RobinsonLeather Kings Autographs4
AutoBijan RobinsonRated Rookies Portrait Autographs4RC
AutoBijan RobinsonRookie Gridiron Kings Autographs4RC
AutoBijan RobinsonRookie Phenom Jersey Autographs4RC
AutoBijan RobinsonThe Elite Series Rookies Autographs4RC
AutoBijan RobinsonThe Rookies Autographs4RC
AutoBijan RobinsonBomb Squad Autographs25
AutoBijan RobinsonOptic Rated Rookies Preview Autograph305RC
AutoBijan RobinsonRated Rookies Autographs305RC - Only Black/Gold
AutoCordarrelle PattersonSignature Marks30
AutoDesmond RidderPower Plus Autographs1
AutoDesmond RidderSignature Marks3
AutoMichael VickSignature Marks48
AutoZach HarrisonOptic Rated Rookies Preview Autograph306RC
AutoZach HarrisonRated Rookies Autographs306RC - No Blue/Green/Orange
Baltimore Ravens
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseDevin DuvernayBase23
BaseJ.K. DobbinsBase26
BaseJustin TuckerBase22
BaseLamar JacksonBase18
BaseMark AndrewsBase19
BaseOdell Beckham Jr.Base25
BasePatrick QueenBase24
BaseRashod BatemanBase20
BaseRoquan SmithBase21
BaseZay FlowersRated Rookies307RC
InsertJ.K. DobbinsPower Plus7
InsertLamar JacksonDominators11
InsertLamar JacksonRetro 199313
InsertLamar JacksonHighlights17
InsertLamar JacksonBase Variations18
InsertRoquan SmithAction All-Pros12
InsertRoquan SmithBase Variations21
InsertZay FlowersRed Hot Rookies5RC
InsertZay FlowersRated Rookies Portrait9RC
InsertZay FlowersRookie Gridiron Kings9RC
InsertZay FlowersThe Elite Series Rookies9RC
InsertZay FlowersThe Rookies9RC
InsertZay FlowersBomb Squad12
InsertZay FlowersRookie Revolution16RC
InsertZay FlowersDowntown!17
InsertZay FlowersOptic Rated Rookies Preview307RC
RelicJustin TuckerAll Pro Kings16
RelicLamar JacksonDonruss Threads1
RelicRoquan SmithPassing the Torch Jerseys19
RelicTerrell SuggsPassing the Torch Jerseys19
RelicZay FlowersLeather Kings9
RelicZay FlowersRookie Holiday Sweater11RC
RelicZay FlowersRookie Phenom Jerseys16RC
AutoJ.K. DobbinsSignature Marks16No Base
AutoJamal LewisSignature Marks42No Base/Blue/Green
AutoJustin TuckerAll Pro Kings Autographs16
AutoOdell Beckham Jr.Signature Marks33No Base/Blue
AutoZay FlowersRed Hot Rookies Autographs5RC
AutoZay FlowersLeather Kings Autographs9
AutoZay FlowersRated Rookies Portrait Autographs9RC
AutoZay FlowersRookie Gridiron Kings Autographs9RC
AutoZay FlowersRookie Phenom Jersey Autographs9RC
AutoZay FlowersThe Elite Series Rookies Autographs9RC
AutoZay FlowersThe Rookies Autographs9RC
AutoZay FlowersBomb Squad Autographs12
AutoZay FlowersOptic Rated Rookies Preview Autograph307RC
AutoZay FlowersRated Rookies Autographs307RC
Buffalo Bills
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseDalton KincaidRated Rookies308RC
BaseDamar HamlinBase27
BaseDawson KnoxBase28
BaseDorian WilliamsRated Rookies309RC
BaseGabriel DavisBase29
BaseJames CookBase30
BaseJordan PoyerBase31
BaseJosh AllenBase32
BaseJustin ShorterRated Rookies310RC
BaseKhalil ShakirBase33
BaseMatt MilanoBase34
BaseStefon DiggsBase35
BaseVon MillerBase36
InsertDalton KincaidWhite Hot Rookies5RC
InsertDalton KincaidRated Rookies Portrait11RC
InsertDalton KincaidRookie Gridiron Kings11RC
InsertDalton KincaidThe Elite Series Rookies11RC
InsertDalton KincaidThe Rookies11RC
InsertDalton KincaidRookie Revolution19RC
InsertDalton KincaidBomb Squad27
InsertDalton KincaidOptic Rated Rookies Preview308RC
InsertDalton KincaidRated Rookies Premium308RC
InsertDon BeebeRetro 200319
InsertDorian WilliamsOptic Rated Rookies Preview309RC
InsertJosh AllenHighlights3
InsertJosh AllenRoad to the Super Bowl Wild Card3
InsertJosh AllenCrunch Time4
InsertJosh AllenDominators4
InsertJosh AllenPower Plus4
InsertJosh AllenVortex4
InsertJosh AllenProduction Line5
InsertJosh AllenUnleashed5
InsertJosh AllenRetro 19939
InsertJosh AllenGridiron Kings11
InsertJosh AllenGridiron Marvels13
InsertJosh AllenBase Variations32
InsertJustin ShorterOptic Rated Rookies Preview310RC
InsertStefon DiggsThe Elite Series9
InsertStefon DiggsAction All-Pros11
InsertStefon DiggsUnleashed25
InsertStefon DiggsDominators29
InsertStefon DiggsBase Variations35
InsertThurman ThomasThe Legends Series19
InsertVon MillerRetro 199320
InsertVon MillerBase Variations36
RelicAndre ReedPassing the Torch Jerseys10
RelicDalton KincaidRookie Holiday Sweater13RC
RelicDalton KincaidRookie Phenom Jerseys31RC
RelicJim KellyPassing the Torch Jerseys14
RelicJosh AllenDonruss Threads2
RelicJosh AllenPassing the Torch Jerseys14
RelicJosh AllenJersey Kings16
RelicStefon DiggsDonruss Threads3
RelicStefon DiggsPassing the Torch Jerseys10
RelicStefon DiggsJersey Kings15
RelicThurman ThomasCanton Kings3
RelicVon MillerDonruss Threads4
AutoAndre ReedSignature Marks44
AutoDon BeebeRetro 2003 Autographs19
AutoJosh AllenGame Breakers3
AutoJosh AllenDominators Autographs4
AutoJosh AllenPower Plus Autographs4
AutoJosh AllenRetro 1993 Autographs9
AutoJosh AllenJersey Kings Autographs16
AutoJustin ShorterOptic Rated Rookies Preview Autograph310RC
AutoJustin ShorterRated Rookies Autographs310RC
AutoThurman ThomasCanton Kings Autographs3
AutoThurman ThomasThe Legends Series Autographs19
Carolina Panthers
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseAdam ThielenBase37
BaseAndy DaltonBase38
BaseBrian BurnsBase39
BaseBryce YoungRated Rookies311RC
BaseChuba HubbardBase40
BaseDJ Chark Jr.Base41
BaseHayden HurstBase42
BaseJaycee HornBase43
BaseJonathan MingoRated Rookies312RC
BaseMiles SandersBase44
BaseShaq ThompsonBase45
InsertBryce YoungDowntown!1
InsertBryce YoungGridiron Marvels1
InsertBryce YoungRookie Revolution1RC
InsertBryce YoungVortex16
InsertBryce YoungThe Rookies25RC
InsertBryce YoungOptic Rated Rookies Preview311RC
InsertBryce YoungRated Rookies Premium311RC
InsertChristian McCaffreyInternational Downtown!9
InsertDJ MooreHighlights16
InsertJonathan MingoWhite Hot Rookies7RC
InsertJonathan MingoRookie Gridiron Kings13RC
InsertJonathan MingoBomb Squad14
InsertJonathan MingoRated Rookies Portrait14RC
InsertJonathan MingoThe Elite Series Rookies14RC
InsertJonathan MingoThe Rookies14RC
InsertJonathan MingoRookie Revolution29RC
InsertJonathan MingoOptic Rated Rookies Preview312RC
InsertLuke KuechlyThe Legends Series7
InsertMiles SandersThe Elite Series8
InsertMiles SandersUnleashed19
InsertMiles SandersRetro 199338
InsertMiles SandersBase Variations44
InsertTerrace Marshall Jr.Highlights11
RelicBryce YoungRookie Holiday Sweater1RC
RelicBryce YoungRookie Phenom Jerseys1RC
RelicBryce YoungRookie Holiday Sweater Dual3RC
RelicJonathan MingoRookie Holiday Sweater Dual3RC
RelicJonathan MingoRookie Holiday Sweater17RC
RelicJonathan MingoRookie Phenom Jerseys18RC
AutoJonathan MingoWhite Hot Rookies Autographs7RC
AutoJonathan MingoRookie Gridiron Kings Autographs13RC
AutoJonathan MingoBomb Squad Autographs14
AutoJonathan MingoRated Rookies Portrait Autographs14RC
AutoJonathan MingoRookie Phenom Jersey Autographs14RC
AutoJonathan MingoThe Elite Series Rookies Autographs14RC
AutoJonathan MingoThe Rookies Autographs14RC
AutoJonathan MingoOptic Rated Rookies Preview Autograph312RC
AutoJonathan MingoRated Rookies Autographs312RC - No Green
AutoJonathan StewartGridiron Greats1
AutoLuke KuechlyThe Legends Series Autographs7
Chicago Bears
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseChase ClaypoolBase46
BaseCole KmetBase49
BaseDarnell MooneyBase50
BaseDarnell WrightRated Rookies313RC
BaseDJ MooreBase47
BaseEddie JacksonBase52
BaseEquanimeous St. BrownBase53
BaseJaquan BriskerBase54
BaseJustin FieldsBase48
BaseKhalil HerbertBase51
BaseRoschon JohnsonRated Rookies314RC
BaseTyler ScottRated Rookies315RC
BaseTyrique StevensonRated Rookies316RC
InsertBrian UrlacherThe Legends Series18
InsertDarnell WrightOptic Rated Rookies Preview313RC
InsertJustin FieldsHighlights1
InsertJustin FieldsThe Elite Series10
InsertJustin FieldsUnleashed21
InsertJustin FieldsDominators23
InsertJustin FieldsBase Variations48
InsertMike SingletaryAll-Time Gridiron Kings7
InsertMike TomczakRetro 200336
InsertRichard DentRetro 20032
InsertRoschon JohnsonRated Rookies Portrait31RC
InsertRoschon JohnsonThe Rookies31RC
InsertRoschon JohnsonOptic Rated Rookies Preview314RC
InsertTyler ScottBomb Squad24
InsertTyler ScottRated Rookies Portrait34RC
InsertTyler ScottThe Rookies34RC
InsertTyler ScottOptic Rated Rookies Preview315RC
InsertTyrique StevensonOptic Rated Rookies Preview316RC
InsertWilliam PerryThe Legends Series1
RelicBrian UrlacherCanton Kings11
RelicJustin FieldsDonruss Threads5
RelicJustin FieldsJersey Kings14
RelicMike DitkaCanton Kings20
RelicRichard DentCanton Kings5
RelicRoschon JohnsonRookie Holiday Sweater34RC
RelicTyler ScottRookie Holiday Sweater37RC
AutoBrian UrlacherCanton Kings Autographs11
AutoBrian UrlacherThe Legends Series Autographs18
AutoDarnell WrightOptic Rated Rookies Preview Autograph313RC
AutoDarnell WrightRated Rookies Autographs313RC - Only Black/Gold
AutoDJ MooreSignature Marks31No Base
AutoJustin FieldsJersey Kings Autographs14
AutoMike DitkaCanton Kings Autographs20
AutoMike SingletaryAll-Time Gridiron Kings Autographs7
AutoRichard DentRetro 2003 Autographs2
AutoRichard DentCanton Kings Autographs5
AutoRoschon JohnsonRated Rookies Portrait Autographs31RC
AutoRoschon JohnsonThe Rookies Autographs31RC
AutoRoschon JohnsonOptic Rated Rookies Preview Autograph314RC
AutoRoschon JohnsonRated Rookies Autographs314RC
AutoTyler ScottBomb Squad Autographs24
AutoTyler ScottRated Rookies Portrait Autographs34RC
AutoTyler ScottThe Rookies Autographs34RC
AutoTyler ScottOptic Rated Rookies Preview Autograph315RC
AutoTyler ScottRated Rookies Autographs315RC
AutoTyrique StevensonRated Rookies Autographs316RC - Only Black/Gold
AutoWilliam PerryThe Legends Series Autographs1
Cincinnati Bengals
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseCharlie JonesRated Rookies317RC
BaseChase BrownRated Rookies318RC
BaseDJ TurnerRated Rookies319RC
BaseEvan McPhersonBase55
BaseJa'Marr ChaseBase56
BaseJoe BurrowBase57
BaseJoe MixonBase58
BaseLogan WilsonBase60
BaseMyles MurphyRated Rookies320RC
BaseTee HigginsBase61
BaseTrayveon WilliamsBase59
BaseTrey HendricksonBase62
BaseTyler BoydBase63
InsertAnthony MunozRetro 20034
InsertChad JohnsonRetro 200325
InsertCharlie JonesOptic Rated Rookies Preview317RC
InsertChase BrownRated Rookies Portrait39RC
InsertChase BrownThe Rookies39RC
InsertChase BrownOptic Rated Rookies Preview318RC
InsertDJ TurnerOptic Rated Rookies Preview319RC
InsertJa'Marr ChaseDominators5
InsertJa'Marr ChaseRetro 199311
InsertJa'Marr ChaseHighlights23
InsertJa'Marr ChaseBase Variations56
InsertJoe BurrowRoad to the Super Bowl Divisional Round2
InsertJoe BurrowRoad to the Super Bowl Wild Card2
InsertJoe BurrowCrunch Time3
InsertJoe BurrowProduction Line3
InsertJoe BurrowUnleashed3
InsertJoe BurrowVortex3
InsertJoe BurrowDowntown!4
InsertJoe BurrowGridiron Kings7
InsertJoe BurrowGridiron Marvels12
InsertJoe BurrowDominators15
InsertJoe BurrowRetro 199317
InsertJoe BurrowBase Variations57
InsertMyles MurphyRookie Revolution21RC
InsertMyles MurphyRated Rookies Portrait48
InsertMyles MurphyOptic Rated Rookies Preview320RC
RelicAnthony MunozCanton Kings6
RelicChase BrownRookie Holiday Sweater42RC
RelicJa'Marr ChaseDonruss Threads6
RelicJoe BurrowDonruss Threads7
RelicJoe BurrowJersey Kings10
RelicMyles MurphyRookie Phenom Jerseys33RC
AutoAnthony MunozRetro 2003 Autographs4
AutoAnthony MunozCanton Kings Autographs6
AutoChad JohnsonRetro 2003 Autographs25
AutoCharlie JonesOptic Rated Rookies Preview Autograph317RC
AutoCharlie JonesRated Rookies Autographs317RC - Only Black/Gold
AutoChase BrownRated Rookies Portrait Autographs39RC
AutoChase BrownThe Rookies Autographs39RC
AutoChase BrownOptic Rated Rookies Preview Autograph318RC
AutoChase BrownRated Rookies Autographs318RC
AutoDJ TurnerRated Rookies Autographs319RC - Only Black/Gold
Cleveland Browns
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseAmari CooperBase64
BaseCedric TillmanRated Rookies321RC
BaseDavid NjokuBase70
BaseDeshaun WatsonBase65
BaseDorian Thompson-RobinsonRated Rookies322RC
BaseGrant DelpitBase66
BaseKareem HuntBase67
BaseMyles GarrettBase68
BaseNick ChubbBase69
BaseZa'Darius SmithBase199
InsertAmari CooperThe Elite Series28
InsertBernie KosarThe Legends Series3
InsertCedric TillmanBomb Squad20
InsertCedric TillmanRated Rookies Portrait24RC
InsertCedric TillmanThe Elite Series Rookies24RC
InsertCedric TillmanThe Rookies24RC
InsertCedric TillmanOptic Rated Rookies Preview321RC
InsertDorian Thompson-RobinsonBomb Squad7
InsertDorian Thompson-RobinsonRated Rookies Portrait37RC
InsertDorian Thompson-RobinsonThe Rookies37RC
InsertDorian Thompson-RobinsonOptic Rated Rookies Preview322RC
InsertJoe ThomasInducted2
InsertLeroy KellyRetro 20033
InsertMyles GarrettRetro 199312
InsertMyles GarrettProduction Line18
InsertMyles GarrettDominators35
InsertMyles GarrettBase Variations68
InsertNick ChubbPower Plus2
InsertNick ChubbThe Elite Series3
InsertNick ChubbGridiron Kings5
InsertNick ChubbRetro 19936
InsertNick ChubbProduction Line10
InsertNick ChubbCrunch Time11
InsertNick ChubbVortex13
InsertNick ChubbUnleashed17
InsertNick ChubbGridiron Marvels19
InsertNick ChubbAction All-Pros20
InsertNick ChubbBase Variations69
InsertOzzie NewsomeThe Legends Series16
RelicBernie KosarPassing the Torch Jerseys18
RelicCedric TillmanRookie Holiday Sweater27RC
RelicDeshaun WatsonPassing the Torch Jerseys18
RelicDorian Thompson-RobinsonRookie Holiday Sweater40RC
RelicMyles GarrettDonruss Threads8
RelicNick ChubbJersey Kings8
RelicNick ChubbDonruss Threads9
RelicNick ChubbAll Pro Kings10
AutoBernie KosarThe Legends Series Autographs3
AutoCedric TillmanBomb Squad Autographs20
AutoCedric TillmanRated Rookies Portrait Autographs24RC
AutoCedric TillmanThe Elite Series Rookies Autographs24RC
AutoCedric TillmanThe Rookies Autographs24RC
AutoCedric TillmanOptic Rated Rookies Preview Autograph321RC
AutoCedric TillmanRated Rookies Autographs321RC - No Green
AutoDorian Thompson-RobinsonBomb Squad Autographs7
AutoDorian Thompson-RobinsonRated Rookies Portrait Autographs37RC
AutoDorian Thompson-RobinsonThe Rookies Autographs37RC
AutoDorian Thompson-RobinsonOptic Rated Rookies Preview Autograph322RC
AutoDorian Thompson-RobinsonRated Rookies Autographs322RC
AutoJoe ThomasSpectra HOF Signatures Prizm1
AutoJoe ThomasInducted Autographs2
AutoLeroy KellyRetro 2003 Autographs3
AutoNick ChubbPower Plus Autographs2
AutoNick ChubbThe Elite Series Autographs3
AutoNick ChubbGridiron Kings Autographs5
AutoNick ChubbRetro 1993 Autographs6
AutoNick ChubbJersey Kings Autographs8
AutoNick ChubbAll Pro Kings Autographs10
AutoNick ChubbSignature Marks15
AutoNick ChubbAction All-Pros Autographs20
AutoOzzie NewsomeThe Legends Series Autographs16
Dallas Cowboys
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseBrandin CooksBase71
BaseCeeDee LambBase72
BaseDak PrescottBase73
BaseDeMarcus LawrenceBase74
BaseDemarvion OvershownRated Rookies323RC
BaseDeuce VaughnRated Rookies324RC
BaseJake FergusonBase75
BaseLeighton Vander EschBase76
BaseLuke SchoonmakerRated Rookies325RC
BaseMazi SmithRated Rookies326RC
BaseMicah ParsonsBase78
BaseMichael GallupBase79
BaseSam WilliamsBase80
BaseStephon GilmoreBase77
BaseTony PollardBase81
BaseTrevon DiggsBase82
BaseTyler SmithBase83
InsertCeeDee LambThe Elite Series11
InsertCeeDee LambAction All-Pros13
InsertCeeDee LambRetro 199315
InsertCeeDee LambDominators25
InsertCeeDee LambBase Variations72
InsertDak PrescottRoad to the Super Bowl Wild Card5
InsertDak PrescottCrunch Time8
InsertDak PrescottDominators10
InsertDak PrescottVortex10
InsertDak PrescottUnleashed14
InsertDak PrescottGridiron Marvels16
InsertDak PrescottBase Variations73
InsertDemarvion OvershownOptic Rated Rookies Preview323RC
InsertDeuce VaughnRated Rookies Portrait42
InsertDeuce VaughnOptic Rated Rookies Preview324RC
InsertJake FergusonHighlights13
InsertLuke SchoonmakerWhite Hot Rookies9RC
InsertLuke SchoonmakerRated Rookies Portrait18RC
InsertLuke SchoonmakerThe Elite Series Rookies18RC
InsertLuke SchoonmakerThe Rookies18RC
InsertLuke SchoonmakerRookie Revolution35RC
InsertLuke SchoonmakerOptic Rated Rookies Preview325RC
InsertMazi SmithRookie Revolution20RC
InsertMazi SmithRated Rookies Portrait47
InsertMazi SmithOptic Rated Rookies Preview326RC
InsertMicah ParsonsRetro 19934
InsertMicah ParsonsAction All-Pros8
InsertMicah ParsonsDominators37
InsertMicah ParsonsBase Variations78
InsertTony PollardHighlights6
InsertTony PollardUnleashed20
InsertTony PollardDominators21
InsertTony PollardThe Elite Series22
RelicBob LillyPassing the Torch Jerseys2
RelicCeeDee LambPassing the Torch Jerseys3
RelicCeeDee LambDonruss Threads10
RelicCeeDee LambAll Pro Kings12
RelicCeeDee LambJersey Kings18
RelicDak PrescottDonruss Threads11
RelicDeion SandersPassing the Torch Jerseys5
RelicDeion SandersCanton Kings9
RelicDeuce VaughnRookie Holiday Sweater Dual7RC
RelicLuke SchoonmakerRookie Holiday Sweater Dual7RC
RelicLuke SchoonmakerRookie Holiday Sweater21RC
RelicLuke SchoonmakerRookie Phenom Jerseys36RC
RelicMazi SmithRookie Phenom Jerseys32RC
RelicMicah ParsonsPassing the Torch Jerseys2
RelicMicah ParsonsDonruss Threads12
RelicMichael IrvinPassing the Torch Jerseys3
RelicTony DorsettCanton Kings18
RelicTony PollardJersey Kings26
RelicTrevon DiggsPassing the Torch Jerseys5
AutoBob LillySignature Marks46
AutoCalvin HillAward Winners3
AutoCeeDee LambThe Elite Series Autographs11
AutoCeeDee LambAll Pro Kings Autographs12
AutoCeeDee LambAction All-Pros Autographs13
AutoCeeDee LambRetro 1993 Autographs15
AutoCeeDee LambJersey Kings Autographs18
AutoCeeDee LambDominators Autographs25
AutoDak Prescott1999 Passing the Torch Dual Autos1
AutoDak PrescottAward Winners2
AutoDak PrescottDominators Autographs10
AutoDamone ClarkSignature Marks39
AutoDeion SandersCanton Kings Autographs9
AutoDemarvion OvershownOptic Rated Rookies Preview Autograph323RC
AutoDemarvion OvershownRated Rookies Autographs323RC - No Blue/Green/Orange
AutoDeuce VaughnRated Rookies Portrait Autographs42RC
AutoDeuce VaughnOptic Rated Rookies Preview Autograph324RC
AutoDeuce VaughnRated Rookies Autographs324RC - No Green
AutoEmmitt SmithSuper Bowl MVP Signatures1
AutoJake FergusonHighlights Autographs13
AutoLuke SchoonmakerWhite Hot Rookies Autographs9RC
AutoLuke SchoonmakerRated Rookies Portrait Autographs18RC
AutoLuke SchoonmakerRookie Phenom Jersey Autographs18RC
AutoLuke SchoonmakerThe Elite Series Rookies Autographs18RC
AutoLuke SchoonmakerThe Rookies Autographs18RC
AutoLuke SchoonmakerOptic Rated Rookies Preview Autograph325RC
AutoLuke SchoonmakerRated Rookies Autographs325RC - No Base/Green
AutoMazi SmithRated Rookies Portrait Autographs47RC
AutoMazi SmithOptic Rated Rookies Preview Autograph326RC
AutoMazi SmithRated Rookies Autographs326RC - Only Black/Gold
AutoMicah ParsonsRetro 1993 Autographs4
AutoMicah ParsonsAction All-Pros Autographs8
AutoMicah ParsonsDominators Autographs37
AutoRoger StaubachSuper Bowl Signatures Prizm10
AutoTony DorsettCanton Kings Autographs18
AutoTony Romo1999 Passing the Torch Dual Autos1
Denver Broncos
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseAlbert OkwuegbunamBase90
BaseAlex SingletonBase84
BaseCourtland SuttonBase85
BaseJavonte WilliamsBase86
BaseJerry JeudyBase87
BaseJustin SimmonsBase91
BaseMarvin MimsRated Rookies327RC
BasePatrick Surtain IIBase92
BaseRussell WilsonBase93
BaseSamaje PerineBase88
BaseTim PatrickBase89
InsertChamp BaileyThe Legends Series14
InsertJavonte WilliamsPower Plus6
InsertJerry JeudyHighlights20
InsertJustin SimmonsProduction Line20
InsertMarvin MimsRed Hot Rookies10RC
InsertMarvin MimsBomb Squad17
InsertMarvin MimsRookie Gridiron Kings17RC
InsertMarvin MimsRated Rookies Portrait19RC
InsertMarvin MimsThe Elite Series Rookies19RC
InsertMarvin MimsThe Rookies19RC
InsertMarvin MimsRookie Revolution37RC
InsertMarvin MimsOptic Rated Rookies Preview327RC
InsertPatrick Surtain IIAction All-Pros15
InsertPeyton ManningDowntown!9
InsertRod SmithThe Legends Series8
InsertRussell WilsonSeason Pass4
InsertRussell WilsonPower Plus5
InsertRussell WilsonUnleashed11
InsertRussell WilsonDominators17
InsertRussell WilsonBase Variations93
InsertTerrell DavisAll-Time Gridiron Kings3
InsertVon MillerSuper Bowl Downtown!8
RelicChamp BaileyCanton Kings13
RelicMarvin MimsRookie Phenom Jerseys21RC
RelicMarvin MimsRookie Holiday Sweater22RC
RelicPatrick Surtain IIAll Pro Kings6
RelicRussell WilsonDonruss Threads13
RelicRussell WilsonJersey Kings30
AutoChamp BaileyCanton Kings Autographs13
AutoChamp BaileyThe Legends Series Autographs14
AutoJerry JeudyHighlights Autographs20
AutoMarvin MimsRed Hot Rookies Autographs10RC
AutoMarvin MimsBomb Squad Autographs17
AutoMarvin MimsRookie Gridiron Kings Autographs17RC
AutoMarvin MimsRated Rookies Portrait Autographs19RC
AutoMarvin MimsRookie Phenom Jersey Autographs19RC
AutoMarvin MimsThe Elite Series Rookies Autographs19RC
AutoMarvin MimsThe Rookies Autographs19RC
AutoMarvin MimsOptic Rated Rookies Preview Autograph327RC
AutoMarvin MimsRated Rookies Autographs327RC - Only Black/Gold
AutoRod SmithSuper Bowl Signatures Prizm8
AutoRod SmithThe Legends Series Autographs8
AutoRussell WilsonPower Plus Autographs5
AutoRussell WilsonSignature Marks10Only Black/Red
AutoRussell WilsonJersey Kings Autographs30
AutoTerrell DavisAll-Time Gridiron Kings Autographs3
Detroit Lions
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseAidan HutchinsonBase94
BaseAlex AnzaloneBase95
BaseAmon-Ra St. BrownBase96
BaseBrian BranchRated Rookies328RC
BaseDavid MontgomeryBase97
BaseHendon HookerRated Rookies329RC
BaseJack CampbellRated Rookies330RC
BaseJahmyr GibbsRated Rookies331RC
BaseJameson WilliamsBase99
BaseJared GoffBase98
BaseJermar JeffersonBase100
BaseKerby JosephBase101
BaseMarvin Jones Jr.Base102
BasePenei SewellBase103
BaseRomeo OkwaraBase104
BaseSam LaPortaRated Rookies332RC
InsertAidan HutchinsonDominators38
InsertAmon-Ra St. BrownPower Plus12
InsertAmon-Ra St. BrownThe Elite Series19
InsertBilly SimsRetro 200329
InsertBrian BranchOptic Rated Rookies Preview328RC
InsertBrock WrightHighlights9
InsertHendon HookerBomb Squad2
InsertHendon HookerWhite Hot Rookies10RC
InsertHendon HookerRookie Gridiron Kings18RC
InsertHendon HookerRated Rookies Portrait20RC
InsertHendon HookerThe Elite Series Rookies20RC
InsertHendon HookerThe Rookies20RC
InsertHendon HookerRookie Revolution38RC
InsertHendon HookerOptic Rated Rookies Preview329RC
InsertJack CampbellRated Rookies Portrait49
InsertJack CampbellOptic Rated Rookies Preview330RC
InsertJahmyr GibbsRed Hot Rookies3RC
InsertJahmyr GibbsRated Rookies Portrait6RC
InsertJahmyr GibbsRookie Gridiron Kings6RC
InsertJahmyr GibbsThe Elite Series Rookies6RC
InsertJahmyr GibbsThe Rookies6RC
InsertJahmyr GibbsRookie Revolution9RC
InsertJahmyr GibbsDowntown!11
InsertJahmyr GibbsVortex23
InsertJahmyr GibbsBomb Squad26
InsertJahmyr GibbsOptic Rated Rookies Preview331RC
InsertJahmyr GibbsRated Rookies Premium331RC
InsertJared GoffUnleashed4
InsertJared GoffProduction Line6
InsertJared GoffGridiron Kings10
InsertJared GoffDominators24
InsertJared GoffBase Variations98
InsertMatthew StaffordInternational Downtown!8
InsertSam LaPortaWhite Hot Rookies6RC
InsertSam LaPortaRated Rookies Portrait12RC
InsertSam LaPortaRookie Gridiron Kings12RC
InsertSam LaPortaThe Elite Series Rookies12RC
InsertSam LaPortaThe Rookies12RC
InsertSam LaPortaRookie Revolution26RC
InsertSam LaPortaBomb Squad28
InsertSam LaPortaOptic Rated Rookies Preview332RC
InsertSam LaPortaRated Rookies Premium332RC
RelicHendon HookerRookie Phenom Jerseys5RC
RelicHendon HookerRookie Holiday Sweater23RC
RelicJahmyr GibbsLeather Kings6
RelicJahmyr GibbsRookie Holiday Sweater8RC
RelicJahmyr GibbsRookie Phenom Jerseys8RC
RelicJared GoffJersey Kings13
RelicJared GoffDonruss Threads14
RelicSam LaPortaRookie Holiday Sweater15RC
AutoAmon-Ra St. BrownSignature Marks25No Base
AutoBilly SimsRetro 2003 Autographs29
AutoBrian BranchOptic Rated Rookies Preview Autograph328RC
AutoBrian BranchRated Rookies Autographs328RC - Only Black/Gold
AutoHendon HookerBomb Squad Autographs2
AutoHendon HookerWhite Hot Rookies Autographs10RC
AutoHendon HookerRookie Gridiron Kings Autographs18RC
AutoHendon HookerRated Rookies Portrait Autographs20RC
AutoHendon HookerRookie Phenom Jersey Autographs20RC
AutoHendon HookerThe Elite Series Rookies Autographs20RC
AutoHendon HookerThe Rookies Autographs20RC
AutoHendon HookerOptic Rated Rookies Preview Autograph329RC
AutoHendon HookerRated Rookies Autographs329RC - No Green
AutoJack CampbellRated Rookies Portrait Autographs49RC
AutoJack CampbellOptic Rated Rookies Preview Autograph330RC
AutoJack CampbellRated Rookies Autographs330RC - No Blue/Orange
AutoJahmyr GibbsRed Hot Rookies Autographs3RC
AutoJahmyr GibbsLeather Kings Autographs6
AutoJahmyr GibbsRated Rookies Portrait Autographs6RC
AutoJahmyr GibbsRookie Gridiron Kings Autographs6RC
AutoJahmyr GibbsRookie Phenom Jersey Autographs6RC
AutoJahmyr GibbsThe Elite Series Rookies Autographs6RC
AutoJahmyr GibbsThe Rookies Autographs6RC
AutoJahmyr GibbsBomb Squad Autographs26
AutoJahmyr GibbsOptic Rated Rookies Preview Autograph331RC
AutoJahmyr GibbsRated Rookies Autographs331RC - No Base
AutoJared GoffGridiron Kings Autographs10
AutoJared GoffJersey Kings Autographs13
AutoJared GoffDominators Autographs24
AutoSam LaPortaWhite Hot Rookies Autographs6RC
AutoSam LaPortaRated Rookies Portrait Autographs12RC
AutoSam LaPortaRookie Gridiron Kings Autographs12RC
AutoSam LaPortaRookie Phenom Jersey Autographs12RC
AutoSam LaPortaThe Elite Series Rookies Autographs12RC
AutoSam LaPortaThe Rookies Autographs12RC
AutoSam LaPortaBomb Squad Autographs28
AutoSam LaPortaOptic Rated Rookies Preview Autograph332RC
AutoSam LaPortaRated Rookies Autographs332RC
Green Bay Packers
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseAaron JonesBase105
BaseAJ DillonBase106
BaseChristian WatsonBase107
BaseDavid BakhtiariBase108
BaseDontayvion WicksRated Rookies333RC
BaseJaire AlexanderBase109
BaseJayden ReedRated Rookies334RC
BaseJordan LoveBase110
BaseLew Nichols IIIRated Rookies335RC
BaseLukas Van NessRated Rookies336RC
BaseLuke MusgraveRated Rookies337RC
BasePreston SmithBase111
BaseQuay WalkerBase112
BaseRashan GaryBase113
BaseRomeo DoubsBase114
BaseSean CliffordRated Rookies338RC
InsertAaron JonesPower Plus14
InsertAaron JonesThe Elite Series15
InsertAaron JonesBase Variations105
InsertAaron RodgersInternational Downtown!4
InsertDave RobinsonRetro 20036
InsertDontayvion WicksOptic Rated Rookies Preview333RC
InsertJayden ReedRed Hot Rookies8RC
InsertJayden ReedRookie Gridiron Kings14RC
InsertJayden ReedBomb Squad15
InsertJayden ReedRated Rookies Portrait15RC
InsertJayden ReedThe Elite Series Rookies15RC
InsertJayden ReedThe Rookies15RC
InsertJayden ReedRookie Revolution33RC
InsertJayden ReedOptic Rated Rookies Preview334RC
InsertJerry KramerRetro 20031
InsertJerry KramerAll-Time Gridiron Kings15
InsertLew Nichols IIIOptic Rated Rookies Preview335RC
InsertLukas Van NessRookie Revolution10RC
InsertLukas Van NessRated Rookies Portrait45
InsertLukas Van NessOptic Rated Rookies Preview336RC
InsertLuke MusgraveRookie Revolution32RC
InsertLuke MusgraveOptic Rated Rookies Preview337RC
InsertRobert BrooksRetro 200322
InsertSean CliffordBomb Squad8
InsertSean CliffordRated Rookies Portrait38RC
InsertSean CliffordThe Rookies38RC
InsertSean CliffordOptic Rated Rookies Preview338RC
InsertTony MandarichRetro 200335
RelicAaron JonesDonruss Threads15
RelicAaron JonesJersey Kings23
RelicJayden ReedRookie Holiday Sweater18RC
RelicJayden ReedRookie Phenom Jerseys19RC
RelicLukas Van NessRookie Phenom Jerseys26RC
RelicSean CliffordRookie Holiday Sweater41RC
AutoAaron JonesPower Plus Autographs14
AutoAaron JonesThe Elite Series Autographs15
AutoAaron JonesJersey Kings Autographs23
AutoAaron RodgersAward Winners1
AutoAaron Rodgers1999 Passing the Torch Auto2
AutoBrett FavreGame Breakers2
AutoDave RobinsonRetro 2003 Autographs6
AutoJayden ReedRed Hot Rookies Autographs8RC
AutoJayden ReedRookie Gridiron Kings Autographs14RC
AutoJayden ReedBomb Squad Autographs15
AutoJayden ReedRated Rookies Portrait Autographs15RC
AutoJayden ReedRookie Phenom Jersey Autographs15RC
AutoJayden ReedThe Elite Series Rookies Autographs15RC
AutoJayden ReedThe Rookies Autographs15RC
AutoJayden ReedOptic Rated Rookies Preview Autograph334RC
AutoJayden ReedRated Rookies Autographs334RC
AutoJerry KramerRetro 2003 Autographs1
AutoJerry KramerAll-Time Gridiron Kings Autographs15
AutoLuke MusgraveOptic Rated Rookies Preview Autograph337RC
AutoLuke MusgraveRated Rookies Autographs337RC - No Base/Black/Gold
AutoRobert BrooksRetro 2003 Autographs22
AutoSean CliffordBomb Squad Autographs8
AutoSean CliffordRated Rookies Portrait Autographs38RC
AutoSean CliffordThe Rookies Autographs38RC
AutoSean CliffordOptic Rated Rookies Preview Autograph338RC
AutoSean CliffordRated Rookies Autographs338RC
AutoTony MandarichRetro 2003 Autographs35
Houston Texans
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseC.J. StroudRated Rookies339RC
BaseDalton SchultzBase115
BaseDameon PierceBase116
BaseDavis MillsBase117
BaseDesmond KingBase118
BaseDevin SingletaryBase119
BaseDylan HortonRated Rookies340RC
BaseJalen PitreBase120
BaseJerry HughesBase121
BaseLaremy TunsilBase122
BaseRobert WoodsBase123
BaseTank DellRated Rookies341RC
BaseWill Anderson Jr.Rated Rookies342RC
InsertC.J. StroudDowntown!2
InsertC.J. StroudGridiron Marvels2
InsertC.J. StroudRookie Revolution2RC
InsertC.J. StroudVortex17
InsertC.J. StroudThe Rookies21RC
InsertC.J. StroudOptic Rated Rookies Preview339RC
InsertC.J. StroudRated Rookies Premium339RC
InsertDameon PierceThe Elite Series27
InsertDylan HortonOptic Rated Rookies Preview340RC
InsertTank DellBomb Squad18
InsertTank DellRookie Gridiron Kings19RC
InsertTank DellRated Rookies Portrait21RC
InsertTank DellThe Elite Series Rookies21RC
InsertTank DellRookie Revolution39RC
InsertTank DellOptic Rated Rookies Preview341RC
InsertWill Anderson Jr.Rated Rookies Portrait1RC
InsertWill Anderson Jr.Red Hot Rookies1RC
InsertWill Anderson Jr.Rookie Gridiron Kings1RC
InsertWill Anderson Jr.The Elite Series Rookies1RC
InsertWill Anderson Jr.The Rookies1RC
InsertWill Anderson Jr.Rookie Revolution3RC
InsertWill Anderson Jr.Gridiron Marvels4
InsertWill Anderson Jr.Vortex18
InsertWill Anderson Jr.Optic Rated Rookies Preview342RC
InsertWill Anderson Jr.Rated Rookies Premium342RC
RelicC.J. StroudRookie Holiday Sweater Dual2RC
RelicC.J. StroudRookie Holiday Sweater2RC
RelicC.J. StroudRookie Phenom Jerseys2RC
RelicTank DellRookie Holiday Sweater24RC
RelicWill Anderson Jr.Leather Kings1
RelicWill Anderson Jr.Rookie Holiday Sweater Dual2RC
RelicWill Anderson Jr.Rookie Holiday Sweater3RC
RelicWill Anderson Jr.Rookie Phenom Jerseys22RC
AutoTank DellBomb Squad Autographs18
AutoTank DellRookie Gridiron Kings Autographs19RC
AutoTank DellRated Rookies Portrait Autographs21RC
AutoTank DellThe Elite Series Rookies Autographs21RC
AutoTank DellOptic Rated Rookies Preview Autograph341RC
AutoTank DellRated Rookies Autographs341RC - No Base/Blue
AutoWill Anderson Jr.Leather Kings Autographs1
AutoWill Anderson Jr.Rated Rookies Portrait Autographs1RC
AutoWill Anderson Jr.Red Hot Rookies Autographs1RC
AutoWill Anderson Jr.Rookie Gridiron Kings Autographs1RC
AutoWill Anderson Jr.Rookie Phenom Jersey Autographs1RC
AutoWill Anderson Jr.The Elite Series Rookies Autographs1RC
AutoWill Anderson Jr.The Rookies Autographs1RC
AutoWill Anderson Jr.Optic Rated Rookies Preview Autograph342RC
AutoWill Anderson Jr.Rated Rookies Autographs342RC
Indianapolis Colts
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseAnthony RichardsonRated Rookies343RC
BaseDeForest BucknerBase125
BaseEvan HullRated Rookies344RC
BaseGardner Minshew IIBase126
BaseJonathan TaylorBase127
BaseJosh DownsRated Rookies345RC
BaseJulius BrentsRated Rookies346RC
BaseKylen GransonBase128
BaseMichael Pittman Jr.Base129
BaseRodney Thomas IIBase130
BaseShaquille LeonardBase131
BaseZaire FranklinBase132
InsertAnthony RichardsonBomb Squad1
InsertAnthony RichardsonWhite Hot Rookies1RC
InsertAnthony RichardsonRated Rookies Portrait2RC
InsertAnthony RichardsonRookie Gridiron Kings2RC
InsertAnthony RichardsonThe Elite Series Rookies2RC
InsertAnthony RichardsonThe Rookies2RC
InsertAnthony RichardsonDowntown!3
InsertAnthony RichardsonGridiron Marvels3
InsertAnthony RichardsonRookie Revolution4RC
InsertAnthony RichardsonVortex19
InsertAnthony RichardsonOptic Rated Rookies Preview343RC
InsertAnthony RichardsonRated Rookies Premium343RC
InsertEvan HullOptic Rated Rookies Preview344RC
InsertJosh DownsBomb Squad21
InsertJosh DownsRated Rookies Portrait25RC
InsertJosh DownsThe Elite Series Rookies25RC
InsertJosh DownsOptic Rated Rookies Preview345RC
InsertJulius BrentsOptic Rated Rookies Preview346RC
InsertReggie WayneSuper Bowl Downtown!10
RelicAnthony RichardsonLeather Kings2
RelicAnthony RichardsonRookie Phenom Jerseys3RC
RelicAnthony RichardsonRookie Holiday Sweater Dual4RC
RelicAnthony RichardsonRookie Holiday Sweater4RC
RelicAnthony RichardsonPassing the Torch Jerseys16
RelicJosh DownsRookie Holiday Sweater Dual4RC
RelicJosh DownsRookie Holiday Sweater28RC
RelicPeyton ManningPassing the Torch Jerseys16
AutoAnthony RichardsonBomb Squad Autographs1
AutoAnthony RichardsonWhite Hot Rookies Autographs1RC
AutoAnthony RichardsonLeather Kings Autographs2
AutoAnthony RichardsonRated Rookies Portrait Autographs2RC
AutoAnthony RichardsonRookie Gridiron Kings Autographs2RC
AutoAnthony RichardsonRookie Phenom Jersey Autographs2RC
AutoAnthony RichardsonThe Elite Series Rookies Autographs2RC
AutoAnthony RichardsonThe Rookies Autographs2RC
AutoAnthony RichardsonOptic Rated Rookies Preview Autograph343RC
AutoAnthony RichardsonRated Rookies Autographs343RC
AutoEvan HullOptic Rated Rookies Preview Autograph344RC
AutoEvan HullRated Rookies Autographs344RC - No Blue/Orange
AutoJeff SaturdayTeam Tandems Autos3
AutoJosh DownsBomb Squad Autographs21
AutoJosh DownsRated Rookies Portrait Autographs25RC
AutoJosh DownsThe Elite Series Rookies Autographs25RC
AutoJosh DownsOptic Rated Rookies Preview Autograph345RC
AutoJosh DownsRated Rookies Autographs345RC
AutoPeyton ManningSuper Bowl Signatures1
AutoPeyton ManningNFL 100 Signatures2
AutoPeyton ManningTeam Tandems Autos3
Jacksonville Jaguars
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseAnton HarrisonRated Rookies347RC
BaseCalvin RidleyBase133
BaseChristian KirkBase134
BaseEvan EngramBase135
BaseFoye OluokunBase136
BaseJosh AllenBase137
BaseTank BigsbyRated Rookies348RC
BaseTravis Etienne Jr.Base138
BaseTrevor LawrenceBase139
BaseTyson CampbellBase140
BaseZay JonesBase141
InsertAnton HarrisonOptic Rated Rookies Preview347RC
InsertFoye OluokunProduction Line19
InsertFoye OluokunBase Variations136
InsertJimmy SmithRetro 200316
InsertTank BigsbyRated Rookies Portrait28RC
InsertTank BigsbyThe Elite Series Rookies28RC
InsertTank BigsbyThe Rookies28RC
InsertTank BigsbyOptic Rated Rookies Preview348RC
InsertTony BoselliRetro 200310
InsertTravis Etienne Jr.The Elite Series14
InsertTravis Etienne Jr.Vortex15
InsertTravis Etienne Jr.Retro 199318
InsertTravis Etienne Jr.Base Variations138
InsertTrevor LawrenceRoad to the Super Bowl Wild Card1
InsertTrevor LawrenceCrunch Time5
InsertTrevor LawrenceVortex5
InsertTrevor LawrenceInternational Downtown!6
InsertTrevor LawrenceDominators7
InsertTrevor LawrenceUnleashed7
InsertTrevor LawrenceGridiron Kings12
InsertTrevor LawrenceGridiron Marvels14
InsertTrevor LawrenceRetro 199325
InsertTrevor LawrenceBase Variations139
RelicFoye OluokunDonruss Threads16
RelicMark BrunellPassing the Torch Jerseys8
RelicTank BigsbyRookie Phenom Jerseys13RC
RelicTank BigsbyRookie Holiday Sweater31RC
RelicTravis Etienne Jr.Donruss Threads17
RelicTravis Etienne Jr.Jersey Kings20
RelicTrevor LawrencePassing the Torch Jerseys8
RelicTrevor LawrenceDonruss Threads18
RelicTrevor LawrenceJersey Kings22
AutoJimmy SmithRetro 2003 Autographs16
AutoTank BigsbyRated Rookies Portrait Autographs28RC
AutoTank BigsbyThe Elite Series Rookies Autographs28RC
AutoTank BigsbyThe Rookies Autographs28RC
AutoTank BigsbyOptic Rated Rookies Preview Autograph348RC
AutoTank BigsbyRated Rookies Autographs348RC
AutoTony BoselliRetro 2003 Autographs10
AutoTravis Etienne Jr.Retro 1993 Autographs18
AutoTravis Etienne Jr.Jersey Kings Autographs20
AutoTrevor LawrenceDominators Autographs7
AutoTrevor LawrenceGridiron Kings Autographs12
AutoTrevor LawrenceJersey Kings Autographs22
AutoTrevor LawrenceRetro 1993 Autographs25
Kansas City Chiefs
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseChris JonesBase142
BaseDrue TranquillBase156
BaseFelix Anudike-UzomahRated Rookies349RC
BaseGeorge KarlaftisBase143
BaseIsiah PachecoBase144
BaseKadarius ToneyBase145
BaseL'Jarius SneedBase146
BaseMarquez Valdes-ScantlingBase147
BaseNick BoltonBase148
BasePatrick Mahomes IIBase149
BaseRashee RiceRated Rookies350RC
BaseSkyy MooreBase150
BaseTravis KelceBase151
InsertChris JonesAction All-Pros9
InsertChris JonesChamp is Here16
InsertFelix Anudike-UzomahRookie Revolution23RC
InsertFelix Anudike-UzomahOptic Rated Rookies Preview349RC
InsertGeorge KarlaftisChamp is Here14
InsertHarrison ButkerChamp is Here9
InsertIsiah PachecoChamp is Here2
InsertIsiah PachecoThe Elite Series24
InsertIsiah PachecoRetro 199330
InsertJan StenerudThe Legends Series10
InsertJerick McKinnonChamp is Here5
InsertJoshua WilliamsChamp is Here20
InsertJuan ThornhillChamp is Here10
InsertJuJu Smith-SchusterChamp is Here6
InsertJustin ReidChamp is Here13
InsertJustin WatsonChamp is Here19
InsertKadarius ToneyChamp is Here8
InsertKansas City ChiefsChampions1
InsertLarry JohnsonSeason Pass2
InsertLeo ChenalChamp is Here17
InsertL'Jarius SneedChamp is Here18
InsertNick BoltonChamp is Here7
InsertPatrick Mahomes IIAction All-Pros1
InsertPatrick Mahomes IIChamp is Here1
InsertPatrick Mahomes IICrunch Time1
InsertPatrick Mahomes IIDominators1
InsertPatrick Mahomes IIGridiron Kings1
InsertPatrick Mahomes IIProduction Line1
InsertPatrick Mahomes IIRoad to the Super Bowl Conference Championship1
InsertPatrick Mahomes IIRoad to the Super Bowl Divisional Round1
InsertPatrick Mahomes IISuper Bowl Downtown!1
InsertPatrick Mahomes IISuper Bowl MVP1
InsertPatrick Mahomes IIUnleashed1
InsertPatrick Mahomes IIVortex1
InsertPatrick Mahomes IIRetro 19935
InsertPatrick Mahomes IIDowntown!6
InsertPatrick Mahomes IIGridiron Marvels9
InsertPatrick Mahomes IIHighlights22
InsertPatrick Mahomes IIBase Variations149
InsertRashee RiceRed Hot Rookies9RC
InsertRashee RiceBomb Squad16
InsertRashee RiceRookie Gridiron Kings16RC
InsertRashee RiceRated Rookies Portrait17RC
InsertRashee RiceThe Elite Series Rookies17RC
InsertRashee RiceThe Rookies17RC
InsertRashee RiceRookie Revolution36RC
InsertRashee RiceOptic Rated Rookies Preview350RC
InsertSkyy MooreChamp is Here3
InsertTommy TownsendChamp is Here15
InsertTravis KelceRoad to the Super Bowl Championship1
InsertTravis KelceAction All-Pros3
InsertTravis KelceChamp is Here4
InsertTravis KelceInternational Downtown!7
InsertTravis KelceCrunch Time15
InsertTravis KelceThe Elite Series16
InsertTravis KelceDominators20
InsertTravis KelceUnleashed24
InsertTravis KelceRetro 199327
InsertTravis KelceBase Variations245
InsertTrent McDuffieChamp is Here11
InsertWill ShieldsRetro 200321
InsertWillie Gay Jr.Champ is Here12
RelicDante HallNumbers Game3
RelicIsiah PachecoPassing the Torch Jerseys6
RelicJamaal CharlesPassing the Torch Jerseys6
RelicKadarius ToneyNumbers Game8
RelicPatrick Mahomes IIJersey Kings1
RelicPatrick Mahomes IIDonruss Threads19
RelicPatrick Mahomes IIAll Pro Kings20
RelicRashee RiceRookie Holiday Sweater20RC
RelicRashee RiceRookie Phenom Jerseys20RC
RelicTravis KelceJersey Kings24
RelicTravis KelceDonruss Threads37
AutoGeorge KarlaftisChamp is Here Autographs14
AutoHarrison ButkerChamp is Here Autographs9
AutoJan StenerudThe Legends Series Autographs10
AutoJerick McKinnonChamp is Here Autographs5
AutoJuan ThornhillChamp is Here Autographs10
AutoJustin WatsonChamp is Here Autographs19
AutoKadarius ToneyChamp is Here Autographs8
AutoLeo ChenalChamp is Here Autographs17
AutoNick BoltonChamp is Here Autographs7
AutoRashee RiceRed Hot Rookies Autographs9RC
AutoRashee RiceBomb Squad Autographs16
AutoRashee RiceRookie Gridiron Kings Autographs16RC
AutoRashee RiceRated Rookies Portrait Autographs17RC
AutoRashee RiceRookie Phenom Jersey Autographs17RC
AutoRashee RiceThe Elite Series Rookies Autographs17RC
AutoRashee RiceThe Rookies Autographs17RC
AutoRashee RiceOptic Rated Rookies Preview Autograph350RC
AutoRashee RiceRated Rookies Autographs350RC
AutoSkyy MooreChamp is Here Autographs3
AutoTrent McDuffieChamp is Here Autographs11
AutoTyreek HillSuper Bowl Signatures4
AutoWill ShieldsRetro 2003 Autographs21
Las Vegas Raiders
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseAidan O'ConnellRated Rookies360RC
BaseAustin HooperBase172
BaseChandler JonesBase180
BaseDaniel CarlsonBase173
BaseDavante AdamsBase174
BaseHunter RenfrowBase175
BaseJakobi MeyersBase177
BaseJimmy GaroppoloBase176
BaseJosh JacobsBase178
BaseMaxx CrosbyBase179
BaseMichael MayerRated Rookies361RC
BaseTre TuckerRated Rookies362RC
BaseTyree WilsonRated Rookies363RC
InsertAidan O'ConnellBomb Squad5
InsertAidan O'ConnellRated Rookies Portrait35RC
InsertAidan O'ConnellThe Rookies35RC
InsertAidan O'ConnellOptic Rated Rookies Preview360RC
InsertChandler JonesHighlights8
InsertDaniel CarlsonAction All-Pros18
InsertDavante AdamsThe Elite Series5
InsertDavante AdamsAction All-Pros6
InsertDavante AdamsGridiron Kings9
InsertDavante AdamsPower Plus11
InsertDavante AdamsDowntown!19
InsertDavante AdamsRetro 199319
InsertDavante AdamsDominators31
InsertDavante AdamsBase Variations174
InsertDerek CarrInternational Downtown!3
InsertHowie LongRetro 20035
InsertHunter RenfrowPower Plus13
InsertJosh JacobsThe Elite Series1
InsertJosh JacobsAction All-Pros2
InsertJosh JacobsGridiron Kings2
InsertJosh JacobsPower Plus3
InsertJosh JacobsHighlights4
InsertJosh JacobsProduction Line8
InsertJosh JacobsCrunch Time9
InsertJosh JacobsRetro 199310
InsertJosh JacobsVortex11
InsertJosh JacobsDowntown!12
InsertJosh JacobsUnleashed15
InsertJosh JacobsGridiron Marvels18
InsertJosh JacobsBase Variations178
InsertMarcus AllenSuper Bowl Downtown!2
InsertMarcus AllenAll-Time Gridiron Kings4
InsertMaxx CrosbyRetro 199316
InsertMaxx CrosbyBase Variations179
InsertMichael MayerRed Hot Rookies7RC
InsertMichael MayerRated Rookies Portrait13RC
InsertMichael MayerThe Elite Series Rookies13RC
InsertMichael MayerThe Rookies13RC
InsertMichael MayerRookie Revolution27RC
InsertMichael MayerBomb Squad29
InsertMichael MayerOptic Rated Rookies Preview361RC
InsertMichael MayerRated Rookies Premium361RC
InsertRay GuyAll-Time Gridiron Kings13
InsertTim BrownRetro 200312
InsertTre TuckerBomb Squad23
InsertTre TuckerRated Rookies Portrait30RC
InsertTre TuckerThe Elite Series Rookies30RC
InsertTre TuckerThe Rookies30RC
InsertTre TuckerOptic Rated Rookies Preview362RC
InsertTyree WilsonRed Hot Rookies2RC
InsertTyree WilsonRated Rookies Portrait3RC
InsertTyree WilsonRookie Gridiron Kings3RC
InsertTyree WilsonThe Elite Series Rookies3RC
InsertTyree WilsonThe Rookies3RC
InsertTyree WilsonRookie Revolution6RC
InsertTyree WilsonVortex20
InsertTyree WilsonOptic Rated Rookies Preview363RC
InsertTyree WilsonRated Rookies Premium363RC
InsertWillie GaultThe Legends Series6
RelicAidan O'ConnellRookie Holiday Sweater38RC
RelicAidan O'ConnellRookie Phenom Jerseys39RC
RelicDaniel CarlsonAll Pro Kings8
RelicDavante AdamsAll Pro Kings3
RelicDavante AdamsJersey Kings9
RelicDavante AdamsDonruss Threads23
RelicHowie LongCanton Kings7
RelicHunter RenfrowNumbers Game7
RelicJosh JacobsAll Pro Kings1
RelicJosh JacobsJersey Kings2
RelicJosh JacobsDonruss Threads24
RelicMarcus AllenCanton Kings10
RelicMaxx CrosbyDonruss Threads25
RelicMichael MayerRookie Holiday Sweater Dual5RC
RelicMichael MayerRookie Holiday Sweater16RC
RelicTim BrownCanton Kings15
RelicTre TuckerRookie Holiday Sweater33RC
RelicTyree WilsonLeather Kings3
RelicTyree WilsonRookie Holiday Sweater Dual5RC
RelicTyree WilsonRookie Holiday Sweater5RC
RelicTyree WilsonRookie Phenom Jerseys24RC
AutoAidan O'ConnellBomb Squad Autographs5
AutoAidan O'ConnellRated Rookies Portrait Autographs35RC
AutoAidan O'ConnellThe Rookies Autographs35RC
AutoAidan O'ConnellOptic Rated Rookies Preview Autograph360RC
AutoAidan O'ConnellRated Rookies Autographs360RC - No Green
AutoDaniel CarlsonAll Pro Kings Autographs8
AutoDaniel CarlsonAction All-Pros Autographs18
AutoDavante AdamsAll Pro Kings Autographs3
AutoDavante AdamsThe Elite Series Autographs5
AutoDavante AdamsAction All-Pros Autographs6
AutoDavante AdamsGridiron Kings Autographs9
AutoDavante AdamsJersey Kings Autographs9
AutoDavante AdamsPower Plus Autographs11
AutoDavante AdamsRetro 1993 Autographs19
AutoDavante AdamsDominators Autographs31
AutoHowie LongRetro 2003 Autographs5
AutoHowie LongCanton Kings Autographs7
AutoHunter RenfrowPower Plus Autographs13
AutoHunter RenfrowSignature Marks32
AutoJosh JacobsAll Pro Kings Autographs1
AutoJosh JacobsAction All-Pros Autographs2
AutoJosh JacobsJersey Kings Autographs2
AutoJosh JacobsPower Plus Autographs3
AutoJosh JacobsRetro 1993 Autographs10
AutoJosh JacobsSignature Marks14No Base
AutoMarcus AllenAll-Time Gridiron Kings Autographs4
AutoMarcus AllenCanton Kings Autographs10
AutoMichael MayerRookie Phenom Jersey Autographs13RC - No Base
AutoMichael MayerBomb Squad Autographs29
AutoMichael MayerOptic Rated Rookies Preview Autograph361RC
AutoMichael MayerRated Rookies Autographs361RC - Only Black/Orange
AutoTim BrownRetro 2003 Autographs12
AutoTim BrownCanton Kings Autographs15
AutoTre TuckerBomb Squad Autographs23
AutoTre TuckerRated Rookies Portrait Autographs30RC
AutoTre TuckerThe Elite Series Rookies Autographs30RC
AutoTre TuckerThe Rookies Autographs30RC
AutoTre TuckerOptic Rated Rookies Preview Autograph362RC
AutoTre TuckerRated Rookies Autographs362RC
AutoWillie GaultThe Legends Series Autographs6
Los Angeles Chargers
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseAsante Samuel Jr.Base152
BaseAustin EkelerBase153
BaseCameron DickerBase154
BaseDerius DavisRated Rookies351RC
BaseDerwin James Jr.Base155
BaseJoey BosaBase157
BaseJustin HerbertBase158
BaseKeenan AllenBase159
BaseKhalil MackBase160
BaseMax DugganRated Rookies352RC
BaseMike WilliamsBase161
BaseQuentin JohnstonRated Rookies353RC
BaseTuli TuipulotuRated Rookies354RC
InsertAsante Samuel Jr.Retro 199332
InsertAustin EkelerProduction Line15
InsertAustin EkelerRetro 199326
InsertAustin EkelerThe Elite Series26
InsertAustin EkelerBase Variations153
InsertCharlie JoinerAll-Time Gridiron Kings11
InsertDerius DavisOptic Rated Rookies Preview351RC
InsertJoey BosaRetro 19938
InsertJustin HerbertCrunch Time2
InsertJustin HerbertProduction Line2
InsertJustin HerbertUnleashed2
InsertJustin HerbertVortex2
InsertJustin HerbertGridiron Kings4
InsertJustin HerbertDominators9
InsertJustin HerbertGridiron Marvels11
InsertJustin HerbertRetro 199321
InsertJustin HerbertBase Variations158
InsertKellen WinslowAll-Time Gridiron Kings5
InsertLaDainian TomlinsonAll-Time Gridiron Kings6
InsertLorenzo NealRetro 200327
InsertMax DugganOptic Rated Rookies Preview352RC
InsertMike WilliamsHighlights10
InsertQuentin JohnstonWhite Hot Rookies4RC
InsertQuentin JohnstonRated Rookies Portrait8RC
InsertQuentin JohnstonRookie Gridiron Kings8RC
InsertQuentin JohnstonThe Elite Series Rookies8RC
InsertQuentin JohnstonThe Rookies8RC
InsertQuentin JohnstonBomb Squad11
InsertQuentin JohnstonRookie Revolution15RC
InsertQuentin JohnstonDowntown!16
InsertQuentin JohnstonVortex25
InsertQuentin JohnstonOptic Rated Rookies Preview353RC
InsertQuentin JohnstonRated Rookies Premium353RC
InsertTuli TuipulotuOptic Rated Rookies Preview354RC
RelicAustin EkelerDonruss Threads20
RelicDerwin James Jr.All Pro Kings14
RelicJustin HerbertJersey Kings4
RelicJustin HerbertDonruss Threads21
RelicMax DugganRookie Phenom Jerseys37RC
RelicQuentin JohnstonLeather Kings8
RelicQuentin JohnstonRookie Holiday Sweater10RC
RelicQuentin JohnstonRookie Phenom Jerseys15RC
AutoAntonio GatesSignature Marks41
AutoAustin EkelerSignature Marks11Only Black
AutoAustin EkelerRetro 1993 Autographs26
AutoCharlie JoinerAll-Time Gridiron Kings Autographs11
AutoDerius DavisOptic Rated Rookies Preview Autograph351RC
AutoDerius DavisRated Rookies Autographs351RC
AutoJustin Herbert1999 Passing the Torch Dual Autos2
AutoJustin HerbertGridiron Kings Autographs4
AutoJustin HerbertJersey Kings Autographs4
AutoJustin HerbertDominators Autographs9
AutoJustin HerbertRetro 1993 Autographs21
AutoKellen WinslowAll-Time Gridiron Kings Autographs5
AutoLaDainian TomlinsonAll-Time Gridiron Kings Autographs6
AutoLorenzo NealRetro 2003 Autographs27
AutoMax DugganOptic Rated Rookies Preview Autograph352RC
AutoMax DugganRated Rookies Autographs352RC - No Blue/Orange
AutoMike WilliamsHighlights Autographs10
AutoTuli TuipulotuOptic Rated Rookies Preview Autograph354RC
AutoTuli TuipulotuRated Rookies Autographs354RC - Only Black/Gold
Los Angeles Rams
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseAaron DonaldBase162
BaseBen SkowronekBase163
BaseByron Young (LB)Rated Rookies355RC
BaseCam AkersBase164
BaseCooper KuppBase165
BaseDesjuan JohnsonRated Rookies356RC
BaseErnest JonesBase168
BaseJordan FullerBase166
BaseKyren WilliamsBase167
BaseMatthew StaffordBase169
BasePuka NacuaRated Rookies357RC
BaseStetson Bennett IVRated Rookies358RC
BaseTyler HigbeeBase170
BaseVan JeffersonBase171
BaseZach EvansRated Rookies359RC
InsertAaron DonaldDominators36
InsertAaron DonaldRetro 199340
InsertAaron DonaldBase Variations162
InsertByron Young (LB)Optic Rated Rookies Preview355RC
InsertCam AkersRetro 199334
InsertCooper KuppSuper Bowl Downtown!4
InsertCooper KuppPower Plus16
InsertCooper KuppDominators19
InsertCooper KuppRetro 199331
InsertDesjuan JohnsonOptic Rated Rookies Preview356RC
InsertEric DickersonAll-Time Gridiron Kings9
InsertJim EverettRetro 200328
InsertMarshall FaulkSuper Bowl Downtown!6
InsertMatthew StaffordDominators34
InsertPuka NacuaOptic Rated Rookies Preview357RC
InsertStetson Bennett IVBomb Squad4
InsertStetson Bennett IVRated Rookies Portrait33RC
InsertStetson Bennett IVThe Rookies33RC
InsertStetson Bennett IVOptic Rated Rookies Preview358RC
InsertVan JeffersonHighlights15
InsertZach EvansOptic Rated Rookies Preview359RC
RelicAaron DonaldDonruss Threads22
RelicIsaac BruceCanton Kings8
RelicStetson Bennett IVRookie Phenom Jerseys6RC
RelicStetson Bennett IVRookie Holiday Sweater36RC
AutoByron Young (LB)Rated Rookies Autographs355RC - Only Blue/Orange
AutoCam AkersSignature Marks12No Base
AutoCam AkersRetro 1993 Autographs34
AutoCooper KuppPower Plus Autographs16
AutoCooper KuppDominators Autographs19
AutoCooper KuppSignature Marks27Only Green/Red
AutoCooper KuppRetro 1993 Autographs31
AutoEric DickersonAll-Time Gridiron Kings Autographs9
AutoIsaac BruceCanton Kings Autographs8
AutoIsaac BruceSignature Marks45No Base
AutoJim EverettRetro 2003 Autographs28
AutoKurt WarnerVaunted Greats1
AutoPuka NacuaOptic Rated Rookies Preview Autograph357RC
AutoPuka NacuaRated Rookies Autographs357RC - No Base/Green/Orange
AutoStetson Bennett IVBomb Squad Autographs4
AutoStetson Bennett IVRated Rookies Portrait Autographs33RC
AutoStetson Bennett IVThe Rookies Autographs33RC
AutoStetson Bennett IVOptic Rated Rookies Preview Autograph358RC
AutoStetson Bennett IVRated Rookies Autographs358RC - Only Black/Gold
AutoVan JeffersonHighlights Autographs15
AutoZach EvansOptic Rated Rookies Preview Autograph359RC
AutoZach EvansRated Rookies Autographs359RC - Only Black/Gold
Miami Dolphins
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseBradley ChubbBase186
BaseCam SmithRated Rookies364RC
BaseCedrick Wilson Jr.Base181
BaseChristian WilkinsBase182
BaseDe'Von AchaneRated Rookies365RC
BaseJaelan PhillipsBase183
BaseJalen RamseyBase184
BaseJaylen WaddleBase185
BaseJevon HollandBase188
BaseRaheem MostertBase189
BaseTua TagovailoaBase190
BaseTyreek HillBase187
InsertCam SmithOptic Rated Rookies Preview364RC
InsertDan MarinoDowntown!8
InsertDe'Von AchaneRated Rookies Portrait27RC
InsertDe'Von AchaneThe Elite Series Rookies27RC
InsertDe'Von AchaneThe Rookies27RC
InsertDe'Von AchaneOptic Rated Rookies Preview365RC
InsertJaylen WaddleThe Elite Series12
InsertJaylen WaddleBase Variations185
InsertRaheem MostertBase Variations189
InsertTua TagovailoaVortex7
InsertTua TagovailoaUnleashed10
InsertTua TagovailoaDominators13
InsertTua TagovailoaGridiron Kings15
InsertTua TagovailoaGridiron Marvels15
InsertTua TagovailoaRetro 199333
InsertTua TagovailoaBase Variations190
InsertTyreek HillThe Elite Series4
InsertTyreek HillAction All-Pros5
InsertTyreek HillGridiron Kings6
InsertTyreek HillProduction Line13
InsertTyreek HillCrunch Time14
InsertTyreek HillHighlights14
InsertTyreek HillRetro 199323
InsertTyreek HillUnleashed23
InsertTyreek HillDominators30
InsertTyreek HillBase Variations187
InsertZach ThomasInducted3
InsertZach ThomasThe Legends Series11
RelicDan MarinoPassing the Torch Jerseys4
RelicDe'Von AchaneRookie Phenom Jerseys12RC
RelicDe'Von AchaneRookie Holiday Sweater30RC
RelicJaylen WaddlePassing the Torch Jerseys11
RelicJaylen WaddleJersey Kings21
RelicJaylen WaddleDonruss Threads26
RelicMark DuperPassing the Torch Jerseys11
RelicTua TagovailoaPassing the Torch Jerseys4
RelicTua TagovailoaDonruss Threads28
RelicTua TagovailoaJersey Kings29
RelicTyreek HillAll Pro Kings2
RelicTyreek HillJersey Kings6
RelicTyreek HillDonruss Threads27
AutoDan MarinoFranchise Numbers1
AutoDe'Von AchaneRated Rookies Portrait Autographs27RC
AutoDe'Von AchaneThe Elite Series Rookies Autographs27RC
AutoDe'Von AchaneThe Rookies Autographs27RC
AutoDe'Von AchaneOptic Rated Rookies Preview Autograph365RC
AutoDe'Von AchaneRated Rookies Autographs365RC - Only Black/Gold
AutoJaylen WaddleThe Elite Series Autographs12
AutoJaylen WaddleJersey Kings Autographs21
AutoTua TagovailoaDominators Autographs13
AutoTua TagovailoaGridiron Kings Autographs15
AutoTua TagovailoaJersey Kings Autographs29
AutoTua TagovailoaRetro 1993 Autographs33
AutoTyreek HillAll Pro Kings Autographs2
AutoTyreek HillThe Elite Series Autographs4
AutoTyreek HillAction All-Pros Autographs5
AutoTyreek HillGridiron Kings Autographs6
AutoTyreek HillJersey Kings Autographs6
AutoTyreek HillHighlights Autographs14
AutoTyreek HillRetro 1993 Autographs23
AutoTyreek HillDominators Autographs30
AutoZach ThomasInducted Autographs3
AutoZach ThomasThe Legends Series Autographs11
Minnesota Vikings
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseDanielle HunterBase192
BaseDeWayne McBrideRated Rookies366RC
BaseHarrison SmithBase193
BaseJalen ReagorBase194
BaseJaren HallRated Rookies367RC
BaseJordan AddisonRated Rookies368RC
BaseJustin JeffersonBase196
BaseK.J. OsbornBase195
BaseKirk CousinsBase197
BaseT.J. HockensonBase198
InsertCris CarterRetro 200320
InsertDalvin CookVortex14
InsertDalvin CookBase Variations191
InsertDaunte CulpepperThe Legends Series5
InsertDeWayne McBrideOptic Rated Rookies Preview366RC
InsertFran TarkentonRetro 200317
InsertJaren HallBomb Squad9
InsertJaren HallRated Rookies Portrait40RC
InsertJaren HallThe Rookies40RC
InsertJaren HallOptic Rated Rookies Preview367RC
InsertJordan AddisonRed Hot Rookies6RC
InsertJordan AddisonRated Rookies Portrait10RC
InsertJordan AddisonRookie Gridiron Kings10RC
InsertJordan AddisonThe Elite Series Rookies10RC
InsertJordan AddisonThe Rookies10RC
InsertJordan AddisonBomb Squad13
InsertJordan AddisonRookie Revolution17RC
InsertJordan AddisonDowntown!18
InsertJordan AddisonOptic Rated Rookies Preview368RC
InsertJordan AddisonRated Rookies Premium368RC
InsertJustin JeffersonThe Elite Series2
InsertJustin JeffersonGridiron Kings3
InsertJustin JeffersonRetro 19933
InsertJustin JeffersonAction All-Pros4
InsertJustin JeffersonHighlights7
InsertJustin JeffersonProduction Line12
InsertJustin JeffersonCrunch Time13
InsertJustin JeffersonPower Plus17
InsertJustin JeffersonGridiron Marvels20
InsertJustin JeffersonUnleashed22
InsertJustin JeffersonBase Variations196
InsertKirk CousinsHighlights2
InsertKirk CousinsProduction Line4
InsertKirk CousinsDominators6
InsertKirk CousinsPower Plus20
InsertKirk CousinsRetro 199337
InsertKirk CousinsBase Variations197
InsertRandy MossAll-Time Gridiron Kings10
InsertT.J. HockensonPower Plus9
RelicAdrian PetersonNumbers Game1
RelicDalvin CookDonruss Threads29
RelicJaren HallRookie Phenom Jerseys38RC
RelicJordan AddisonLeather Kings10
RelicJordan AddisonRookie Holiday Sweater12RC
RelicJordan AddisonRookie Phenom Jerseys17RC
RelicJustin JeffersonJersey Kings3
RelicJustin JeffersonPassing the Torch Jerseys13
RelicJustin JeffersonAll Pro Kings19
RelicJustin JeffersonDonruss Threads30
RelicKirk CousinsJersey Kings7
RelicRandy MossPassing the Torch Jerseys13
RelicWarren MoonCanton Kings14
AutoAlan PageNFL 100 Signatures1
AutoCris CarterRetro 2003 Autographs20
AutoDaunte CulpepperThe Legends Series Autographs5
AutoFran TarkentonRetro 2003 Autographs17
AutoJaren HallBomb Squad Autographs9
AutoJaren HallRated Rookies Portrait Autographs40RC
AutoJaren HallThe Rookies Autographs40RC
AutoJaren HallOptic Rated Rookies Preview Autograph367RC
AutoJaren HallRated Rookies Autographs367RC
AutoJordan AddisonRed Hot Rookies Autographs6RC
AutoJordan AddisonLeather Kings Autographs10
AutoJordan AddisonRated Rookies Portrait Autographs10RC
AutoJordan AddisonRookie Gridiron Kings Autographs10RC
AutoJordan AddisonRookie Phenom Jersey Autographs10RC
AutoJordan AddisonThe Elite Series Rookies Autographs10RC
AutoJordan AddisonThe Rookies Autographs10RC
AutoJordan AddisonBomb Squad Autographs13
AutoJordan AddisonOptic Rated Rookies Preview Autograph368RC
AutoJordan AddisonRated Rookies Autographs368RC
AutoJustin JeffersonThe Elite Series Autographs2
AutoJustin JeffersonGridiron Kings Autographs3
AutoJustin JeffersonJersey Kings Autographs3
AutoJustin JeffersonRetro 1993 Autographs3
AutoJustin JeffersonAction All-Pros Autographs4
AutoJustin JeffersonHighlights Autographs7
AutoJustin JeffersonPower Plus Autographs17
AutoJustin JeffersonAll Pro Kings Autographs19
AutoKirk CousinsHighlights Autographs2
AutoKirk CousinsDominators Autographs6
AutoKirk CousinsJersey Kings Autographs7
AutoKirk CousinsPower Plus Autographs20
AutoKirk CousinsRetro 1993 Autographs37
AutoRandy MossGame Breakers4
AutoRandy MossAll-Time Gridiron Kings Autographs10
AutoT.J. HockensonPower Plus Autographs9
AutoT.J. HockensonSignature Marks22No Base/Blue/Green
AutoWarren MoonCanton Kings Autographs14
New England Patriots
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseBailey ZappeBase200
BaseChristian GonzalezRated Rookies369RC
BaseEzekiel ElliottBase201
BaseJa'whaun BentleyBase202
BaseJonathan JonesBase203
BaseJuJu Smith-SchusterBase204
BaseKayshon BoutteRated Rookies370RC
BaseKeion WhiteRated Rookies371RC
BaseKyle DuggerBase205
BaseMac JonesBase206
BaseMatt JudonBase207
BaseNick FolkBase208
BaseRhamondre StevensonBase209
InsertAndre TippettRetro 200314
InsertChristian GonzalezRookie Revolution13RC
InsertChristian GonzalezRated Rookies Portrait46
InsertChristian GonzalezOptic Rated Rookies Preview369RC
InsertDeion BranchRetro 200323
InsertDoug FlutieRetro 200330
InsertIrving FryarThe Legends Series4
InsertKayshon BoutteRated Rookies Portrait41RC
InsertKayshon BoutteOptic Rated Rookies Preview370RC
InsertKeion WhiteOptic Rated Rookies Preview371RC
InsertLeGarrette BlountRetro 200339
InsertMac JonesSeason Pass3
InsertMac JonesUnleashed13
InsertMac JonesRetro 199329
InsertMac JonesDominators33
InsertMatt JudonRetro 199336
InsertMatt JudonBase Variations207
InsertRob GronkowskiInternational Downtown!2
InsertTy LawAll-Time Gridiron Kings1
RelicChristian GonzalezRookie Phenom Jerseys29RC
RelicMac JonesNumbers Game9
RelicMatt JudonPassing the Torch Jerseys17
RelicMatt JudonDonruss Threads31
RelicTedy BruschiPassing the Torch Jerseys17
RelicTy LawCanton Kings4
AutoAndre TippettRetro 2003 Autographs14
AutoChristian GonzalezRated Rookies Portrait Autographs46RC
AutoChristian GonzalezRated Rookies Autographs369RC - No Blue/Green/Orange
AutoDeion BranchRetro 2003 Autographs23
AutoDevin McCourtySuper Bowl Signatures Prizm1
AutoDoug FlutieRetro 2003 Autographs30
AutoIrving FryarThe Legends Series Autographs4
AutoKayshon BoutteRated Rookies Portrait Autographs41RC
AutoKayshon BoutteOptic Rated Rookies Preview Autograph370RC
AutoKayshon BoutteRated Rookies Autographs370RC - No Blue/Green/Orange
AutoKeion WhiteOptic Rated Rookies Preview Autograph371RC
AutoKeion WhiteRated Rookies Autographs371RC - No Green
AutoLeGarrette BlountRetro 2003 Autographs39
AutoMac JonesSignature Marks7
AutoMac JonesRetro 1993 Autographs29
AutoMac JonesDominators Autographs33
AutoRichard SeymourSuper Bowl Signatures2
AutoRob GronkowskiSuper Bowl Signatures3
AutoRob GronkowskiSuper Bowl Signatures5
AutoTy LawAll-Time Gridiron Kings Autographs1
AutoTy LawCanton Kings Autographs4
New Orleans Saints
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseAlvin KamaraBase210
BaseBryan BreseeRated Rookies372RC
BaseCameron JordanBase211
BaseChris OlaveBase212
BaseDerek CarrBase213
BaseIsaiah FoskeyRated Rookies373RC
BaseJake HaenerRated Rookies374RC
BaseJameis WinstonBase214
BaseJuwan JohnsonBase215
BaseKendre MillerRated Rookies375RC
BaseMichael ThomasBase216
BaseTaysom HillBase217
BaseTyrann MathieuBase218
InsertAlvin KamaraRetro 199314
InsertBryan BreseeOptic Rated Rookies Preview372RC
InsertChris OlaveRetro 19937
InsertChris OlaveDominators26
InsertChris OlaveBase Variations212
InsertDerek CarrVortex9
InsertDerek CarrUnleashed12
InsertDerek CarrDominators32
InsertDerek CarrBase Variations213
InsertDrew BreesSuper Bowl Downtown!5
InsertIsaiah FoskeyRookie Revolution30RC
InsertIsaiah FoskeyOptic Rated Rookies Preview373RC
InsertJake HaenerBomb Squad3
InsertJake HaenerRated Rookies Portrait32RC
InsertJake HaenerThe Rookies32RC
InsertJake HaenerOptic Rated Rookies Preview374RC
InsertJamaal WilliamsThe Elite Series20
InsertKendre MillerRookie Gridiron Kings20RC
InsertKendre MillerRated Rookies Portrait22RC
InsertKendre MillerThe Elite Series Rookies22RC
InsertKendre MillerThe Rookies22RC
InsertKendre MillerRookie Revolution40RC
InsertKendre MillerOptic Rated Rookies Preview375RC
RelicBobby HebertPassing the Torch Jerseys15
RelicChris OlaveDonruss Threads32
RelicDerek CarrPassing the Torch Jerseys15
RelicDerek CarrDonruss Threads33
RelicJake HaenerRookie Holiday Sweater35RC
RelicKendre MillerRookie Phenom Jerseys10RC
RelicKendre MillerRookie Holiday Sweater25RC
AutoBryan BreseeOptic Rated Rookies Preview Autograph372RC
AutoBryan BreseeRated Rookies Autographs372RC - Only Black/Gold
AutoDerek CarrSignature Marks2
AutoDerek CarrDominators Autographs32
AutoDrew Brees1999 Passing the Torch Dual Autos2
AutoDrew BreesTeam Tandems Autos2
AutoIsaiah FoskeyOptic Rated Rookies Preview Autograph373RC
AutoIsaiah FoskeyRated Rookies Autographs373RC - Only Black/Gold
AutoJake HaenerBomb Squad Autographs3
AutoJake HaenerRated Rookies Portrait Autographs32RC
AutoJake HaenerThe Rookies Autographs32RC
AutoJake HaenerOptic Rated Rookies Preview Autograph374RC
AutoJake HaenerRated Rookies Autographs374RC
AutoJamaal WilliamsThe Elite Series Autographs20
AutoKendre MillerRated Rookies Portrait Autographs22RC
AutoKendre MillerThe Elite Series Rookies Autographs22RC
AutoKendre MillerThe Rookies Autographs22RC
AutoKendre MillerOptic Rated Rookies Preview Autograph375RC
AutoKendre MillerRated Rookies Autographs375RC - No Green
AutoMarques ColstonTeam Tandems Autos2
New York Giants
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseBobby OkerekeBase124
BaseDaniel JonesBase219
BaseDarius SlaytonBase220
BaseDarren WallerBase221
BaseDeonte BanksRated Rookies376RC
BaseDexter LawrenceBase222
BaseEric GrayRated Rookies377RC
BaseIsaiah HodginsBase223
BaseJalin HyattRated Rookies378RC
BaseKayvon ThibodeauxBase224
BaseSaquon BarkleyBase225
BaseXavier McKinneyBase226
InsertBrandon JacobsRetro 200334
InsertDaniel JonesRoad to the Super Bowl Wild Card4
InsertDaniel JonesDominators12
InsertDeonte BanksRookie Revolution18RC
InsertDeonte BanksRated Rookies Portrait50
InsertDeonte BanksOptic Rated Rookies Preview376RC
InsertEli ManningInternational Downtown!1
InsertEric GrayOptic Rated Rookies Preview377RC
InsertJalin HyattBomb Squad19
InsertJalin HyattRated Rookies Portrait23RC
InsertJalin HyattThe Elite Series Rookies23RC
InsertJalin HyattThe Rookies23RC
InsertJalin HyattOptic Rated Rookies Preview378RC
InsertJason SehornRetro 200337
InsertLawrence TaylorAll-Time Gridiron Kings2
InsertMark BavaroRetro 200324
InsertOsi UmenyioraRetro 200326
InsertOttis AndersonThe Legends Series2
InsertSaquon BarkleyThe Elite Series6
InsertSaquon BarkleyGridiron Kings8
InsertSaquon BarkleyDowntown!13
InsertSaquon BarkleyProduction Line14
InsertSaquon BarkleyUnleashed18
InsertSaquon BarkleyDominators22
InsertSaquon BarkleyBase Variations225
InsertTiki BarberRetro 200332
RelicDeonte BanksRookie Phenom Jerseys30RC
RelicDexter LawrencePassing the Torch Jerseys20
RelicJalin HyattRookie Holiday Sweater26RC
RelicLawrence TaylorPassing the Torch Jerseys20
RelicMichael StrahanCanton Kings17
RelicSaquon BarkleyJersey Kings11
RelicSaquon BarkleyDonruss Threads34
RelicSaquon NarkleyPassing the Torch Jerseys9
RelicTiki BarberPassing the Torch Jerseys9
AutoBrandon JacobsRetro 2003 Autographs34
AutoDaniel JonesDominators Autographs12
AutoDeonte BanksRated Rookies Portrait Autographs50RC
AutoDeonte BanksOptic Rated Rookies Preview Autograph376RC
AutoDeonte BanksRated Rookies Autographs376RC - No Blue/Green/Orange
AutoEli ManningSuper Bowl Signatures Prizm2
AutoEli ManningSuper Bowl Signatures Prizm3
AutoEric GrayOptic Rated Rookies Preview Autograph377RC
AutoEric GrayRated Rookies Autographs377RC
AutoJalin HyattBomb Squad Autographs19
AutoJalin HyattRated Rookies Portrait Autographs23RC
AutoJalin HyattThe Elite Series Rookies Autographs23RC
AutoJalin HyattThe Rookies Autographs23RC
AutoJalin HyattOptic Rated Rookies Preview Autograph378RC
AutoJalin HyattRated Rookies Autographs378RC
AutoJason SehornRetro 2003 Autographs37
AutoLawrence TaylorAll-Time Gridiron Kings Autographs2
AutoMark BavaroRetro 2003 Autographs24
AutoMark BavaroSignature Marks43
AutoMichael StrahanFranchise Numbers2
AutoMichael StrahanCanton Kings Autographs17
AutoOsi UmenyioraRetro 2003 Autographs26
AutoOttis AndersonThe Legends Series Autographs2
AutoPhil SimmsSuper Bowl Signatures Prizm7
AutoTiki BarberRetro 2003 Autographs32
AutoTiki BarberSignature Marks49
New York Jets
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseAaron RodgersBase227
BaseAhmad "Sauce" GardnerBase228
BaseAllen LazardBase229
BaseC.J. MosleyBase230
BaseCarl LawsonBase231
BaseDalvin CookBase191
BaseDenzel MimsBase232
BaseGarrett WilsonBase233
BaseIsrael AbanikandaRated Rookies379RC
BaseQuinnen WilliamsBase234
BaseWill McDonald IVRated Rookies380RC
BaseZach WilsonBase235
InsertAaron RodgersRetro 19931
InsertAaron RodgersCrunch Time7
InsertAaron RodgersVortex8
InsertAaron RodgersUnleashed9
InsertAaron RodgersGridiron Marvels10
InsertAaron RodgersGridiron Kings13
InsertAaron RodgersDominators18
InsertAaron RodgersBase Variations227
InsertAhmad "Sauce" GardnerAction All-Pros14
InsertAhmad "Sauce" GardnerRetro 199328
InsertAhmad "Sauce" GardnerDominators40
InsertDalvin CookCrunch Time12
InsertDalvin CookThe Elite Series23
InsertDarrelle RevisInducted1
InsertDarrelle RevisThe Legends Series17
InsertElijah MooreSeason Pass1
InsertIsrael AbanikandaOptic Rated Rookies Preview379RC
InsertJoe KleckoThe Legends Series9
InsertJoe NamathSuper Bowl Downtown!7
InsertRich EisenFans of the Game6
InsertWayne ChrebetRetro 20037
InsertWill McDonald IVRookie Revolution11RC
InsertWill McDonald IVOptic Rated Rookies Preview380RC
InsertZach WilsonSeason Pass5
RelicAaron RodgersPassing the Torch Jerseys1
RelicAaron RodgersJersey Kings28
RelicAaron RodgersDonruss Threads38
RelicAhmad "Sauce" GardnerAll Pro Kings5
RelicJoe NamathPassing the Torch Jerseys1
RelicQuinnen WilliamsAll Pro Kings4
RelicWill McDonald IVRookie Phenom Jerseys27RC
AutoAaron RodgersRetro 1993 Autographs1
AutoAaron RodgersGridiron Kings Autographs13
AutoAaron RodgersDominators Autographs18
AutoAaron RodgersJersey Kings Autographs28
AutoAhmad "Sauce" GardnerAll Pro Kings Autographs5
AutoAhmad "Sauce" GardnerAction All-Pros Autographs14
AutoAhmad "Sauce" GardnerRetro 1993 Autographs28
AutoAhmad "Sauce" GardnerSignature Marks35No Base
AutoAhmad "Sauce" GardnerDominators Autographs40
AutoAllen LazardSignature Marks28
AutoBreece HallSignature Marks17No Base
AutoDarrelle RevisInducted Autographs1
AutoDarrelle RevisThe Legends Series Autographs17
AutoIsrael AbanikandaRated Rookies Autographs379RC - Only Green/Orange
AutoJoe KleckoThe Legends Series Autographs9
AutoRich EisenFans of the Game Autographs7
AutoWayne ChrebetRetro 2003 Autographs7
AutoWill McDonald IVOptic Rated Rookies Preview Autograph380RC
AutoWill McDonald IVRated Rookies Autographs380RC - No Base/Green/Orange
Philadelphia Eagles
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseA.J. BrownBase236
BaseDallas GoedertBase238
BaseD'Andre SwiftBase237
BaseDarius Slay Jr.Base239
BaseDeVonta SmithBase240
BaseFletcher CoxBase241
BaseHaason ReddickBase243
BaseJalen CarterRated Rookies381RC
BaseJalen HurtsBase244
BaseJason KelceBase245
BaseNolan SmithRated Rookies382RC
BaseQuez WatkinsBase246
BaseRashaad PennyBase242
BaseTanner McKeeRated Rookies383RC
BaseTyler SteenRated Rookies384RC
InsertA.J. BrownThe Elite Series7
InsertA.J. BrownAction All-Pros10
InsertA.J. BrownBase Variations236
InsertBrian DawkinsRetro 200313
InsertDeVonta SmithThe Elite Series17
InsertDeVonta SmithHighlights18
InsertDeVonta SmithPower Plus19
InsertDeVonta SmithBase Variations240
InsertHaason ReddickProduction Line17
InsertHaason ReddickHighlights24
InsertHaason ReddickBase Variations243
InsertJalen CarterWhite Hot Rookies3RC
InsertJalen CarterRated Rookies Portrait5RC
InsertJalen CarterRookie Gridiron Kings5RC
InsertJalen CarterThe Elite Series Rookies5RC
InsertJalen CarterThe Rookies5RC
InsertJalen CarterGridiron Marvels6
InsertJalen CarterRookie Revolution8RC
InsertJalen CarterVortex22
InsertJalen CarterOptic Rated Rookies Preview381RC
InsertJalen CarterRated Rookies Premium381RC
InsertJalen HurtsDominators2
InsertJalen HurtsRoad to the Super Bowl Conference Championship2
InsertJalen HurtsRoad to the Super Bowl Divisional Round4
InsertJalen HurtsDowntown!5
InsertJalen HurtsCrunch Time6
InsertJalen HurtsVortex6
InsertJalen HurtsUnleashed8
InsertJalen HurtsGridiron Kings14
InsertJalen HurtsGridiron Marvels17
InsertJalen HurtsAction All-Pros19
InsertJalen HurtsHighlights21
InsertJalen HurtsBase Variations244
InsertNolan SmithRookie Revolution22RC
InsertNolan SmithOptic Rated Rookies Preview382RC
InsertTanner McKeeOptic Rated Rookies Preview383RC
InsertTyler SteenOptic Rated Rookies Preview384RC
RelicA.J. BrownAll Pro Kings11
RelicA.J. BrownJersey Kings12
RelicBrian DawkinsNumbers Game2
RelicDeVonta SmithJersey Kings27
RelicHaason ReddickDonruss Threads36
RelicJalen CarterLeather Kings5
RelicJalen CarterRookie Holiday Sweater7RC
RelicJalen CarterRookie Phenom Jerseys25RC
RelicJalen HurtsAll Pro Kings9
RelicJalen HurtsJersey Kings25
RelicJalen HurtsDonruss Threads35
RelicLane JohnsonAll Pro Kings17
RelicNolan SmithRookie Phenom Jerseys34RC
AutoA.J. BrownThe Elite Series Autographs7
AutoA.J. BrownAction All-Pros Autographs10
AutoA.J. BrownAll Pro Kings Autographs11
AutoA.J. BrownJersey Kings Autographs12
AutoA.J. BrownSignature Marks23No Red
AutoBrian DawkinsRetro 2003 Autographs13
AutoDallas GoedertSignature Marks18No Base
AutoD'Andre SwiftSignature Marks13No Base
AutoDeVonta SmithPower Plus Autographs19
AutoDeVonta SmithJersey Kings Autographs27
AutoDonovan McNabbSignature Marks50No Base
AutoJalen CarterWhite Hot Rookies Autographs3RC
AutoJalen CarterLeather Kings Autographs5
AutoJalen CarterRated Rookies Portrait Autographs5RC
AutoJalen CarterRookie Gridiron Kings Autographs5RC
AutoJalen CarterRookie Phenom Jersey Autographs5RC
AutoJalen CarterThe Elite Series Rookies Autographs5RC
AutoJalen CarterThe Rookies Autographs5RC
AutoJalen CarterOptic Rated Rookies Preview Autograph381RC
AutoJalen CarterRated Rookies Autographs381RC - No Green
AutoJalen Hurts1999 Passing the Torch Auto1
AutoJalen HurtsDominators Autographs2
AutoJalen HurtsSignature Marks4No Base/Blue
AutoJalen HurtsAll Pro Kings Autographs9
AutoJalen HurtsGridiron Kings Autographs14
AutoJalen HurtsAction All-Pros Autographs19
AutoJalen HurtsHighlights Autographs21
AutoJalen HurtsJersey Kings Autographs25
AutoLane JohnsonAll Pro Kings Autographs17
AutoTanner McKeeOptic Rated Rookies Preview Autograph383RC
AutoTanner McKeeRated Rookies Autographs383RC
Pittsburgh Steelers
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseAlex HighsmithBase255
BaseBroderick JonesRated Rookies385RC
BaseDiontae JohnsonBase247
BaseGeorge PickensBase248
BaseJoey Porter Jr.Rated Rookies386RC
BaseKeeanu BentonRated Rookies387RC
BaseKenny PickettBase249
BaseMinkah FitzpatrickBase250
BaseMitchell TrubiskyBase251
BaseNajee HarrisBase252
BasePatrick PetersonBase253
BaseT.J. WattBase254
InsertAlan FanecaRetro 20039
InsertAlex HighsmithBase Variations255
InsertBen RoethlisbergerSuper Bowl Downtown!9
InsertBroderick JonesOptic Rated Rookies Preview385RC
InsertJack HamAll-Time Gridiron Kings14
InsertJoey Porter Jr.Rookie Revolution24RC
InsertJoey Porter Jr.Optic Rated Rookies Preview386RC
InsertKeeanu BentonOptic Rated Rookies Preview387RC
InsertKenny PickettPower Plus18
InsertKordell StewartRetro 200331
InsertMinkah FitzpatrickAction All-Pros16
InsertNajee HarrisThe Elite Series21
RelicJoey Porter Jr.Rookie Phenom Jerseys35RC
RelicKenny PickettPassing the Torch Jerseys12
RelicKordell StewartPassing the Torch Jerseys12
RelicMinkah FitzpatrickAll Pro Kings7
AutoAlan FanecaRetro 2003 Autographs9
AutoBen RoethlisbergerGame Breakers1
AutoBroderick JonesRated Rookies Autographs385RC - Only Green
AutoJack HamAll-Time Gridiron Kings Autographs14
AutoJack Lambert1999 Passing the Torch Dual Autos3
AutoKeeanu BentonOptic Rated Rookies Preview Autograph387RC
AutoKeeanu BentonRated Rookies Autographs387RC - No Base/Blue/Orange
AutoKenny PickettPower Plus Autographs18
AutoKordell StewartRetro 2003 Autographs31
AutoT.J. Watt1999 Passing the Torch Dual Autos3
AutoT.J. WattSignature Marks38No Base
AutoTerry BradshawSuper Bowl Signatures Prizm11
San Francisco 49ers
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseBrandon AiyukBase265
BaseBrock PurdyBase266
BaseChristian McCaffreyBase267
BaseDeebo SamuelBase268
BaseDre GreenlawBase269
BaseFred WarnerBase270
BaseGeorge KittleBase271
BaseNick BosaBase272
BaseTashaun GipsonBase273
BaseTrey LanceBase274
InsertBrock PurdyDominators3
InsertBrock PurdyRoad to the Super Bowl Wild Card6
InsertBryant YoungThe Legends Series20
InsertChristian McCaffreyRetro 19932
InsertChristian McCaffreyProduction Line11
InsertChristian McCaffreyThe Elite Series13
InsertChristian McCaffreyBase Variations267
InsertDeebo SamuelHighlights5
InsertDeebo SamuelDominators27
InsertDeebo SamuelRetro 199339
InsertFrank GoreThe Legends Series13
InsertGeorge KittleRoad to the Super Bowl Divisional Round3
InsertGeorge KittleDominators16
InsertGeorge KittleAction All-Pros17
InsertJerry RiceDowntown!20
InsertJoe MontanaDowntown!7
InsertJohn TaylorRetro 200338
InsertNick BosaAction All-Pros7
InsertNick BosaProduction Line16
InsertNick BosaRetro 199324
InsertNick BosaDominators39
InsertNick BosaBase Variations272
InsertRonnie LottRetro 200315
InsertSteve YoungSuper Bowl Downtown!3
InsertSteve YoungThe Legends Series15
InsertVernon DavisRetro 200333
RelicBryant YoungCanton Kings1
RelicChristian McCaffreyJersey Kings17
RelicDeebo SamuelNumbers Game4
RelicDeebo SamuelPassing the Torch Jerseys7
RelicGeorge KittleNumbers Game6
RelicJerry RicePassing the Torch Jerseys7
RelicJerry RiceCanton Kings16
AutoBrandon AiyukSignature Marks29No Base
AutoBryant YoungCanton Kings Autographs1
AutoBryant YoungThe Legends Series Autographs20
AutoDeebo Samuel1999 Passing the Torch Dual Autos4
AutoDeebo SamuelHighlights Autographs5
AutoDeebo SamuelDominators Autographs27
AutoDeebo SamuelRetro 1993 Autographs39
AutoFrank GoreThe Legends Series Autographs13
AutoGeorge KittleSignature Marks20No Base
AutoJerry RiceTeam Tandems Autos1
AutoJerry Rice1999 Passing the Torch Dual Autos4
AutoJerry RiceSuper Bowl Signatures Prizm4
AutoJerry RiceCanton Kings Autographs16
AutoJoe MontanaTeam Tandems Autos1
AutoJoe MontanaSuper Bowl Signatures Prizm9
AutoJohn TaylorRetro 2003 Autographs38
AutoNick BosaAction All-Pros Autographs7
AutoNick BosaRetro 1993 Autographs24
AutoNick BosaSignature Marks37No Base
AutoNick BosaDominators Autographs39
AutoRonnie LottRetro 2003 Autographs15
AutoSteve YoungThe Legends Series Autographs15
Seattle Seahawks
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseBobby WagnerBase256
BaseDerick HallRated Rookies388RC
BaseDevon WitherspoonRated Rookies389RC
BaseDK MetcalfBase257
BaseGeno SmithBase258
BaseJamal AdamsBase259
BaseJaxon Smith-NjigbaRated Rookies390RC
BaseJordyn BrooksBase260
BaseKenneth Walker IIIBase261
BaseKenny McIntoshRated Rookies391RC
BaseNoah FantBase262
BaseTariq WoolenBase263
BaseTyler LockettBase264
BaseZach CharbonnetRated Rookies392RC
InsertDerick HallRookie Revolution28RC
InsertDerick HallOptic Rated Rookies Preview388RC
InsertDevon WitherspoonRookie Revolution5RC
InsertDevon WitherspoonRated Rookies Portrait43
InsertDevon WitherspoonOptic Rated Rookies Preview389RC
InsertDK MetcalfInternational Downtown!5
InsertDK MetcalfDominators28
InsertFred JacksonRetro 200318
InsertGeno SmithUnleashed6
InsertGeno SmithProduction Line7
InsertGeno SmithDominators14
InsertGeno SmithBase Variations258
InsertJaxon Smith-NjigbaRed Hot Rookies4RC
InsertJaxon Smith-NjigbaGridiron Marvels7
InsertJaxon Smith-NjigbaRated Rookies Portrait7RC
InsertJaxon Smith-NjigbaRookie Gridiron Kings7RC
InsertJaxon Smith-NjigbaThe Elite Series Rookies7RC
InsertJaxon Smith-NjigbaThe Rookies7RC
InsertJaxon Smith-NjigbaBomb Squad10
InsertJaxon Smith-NjigbaRookie Revolution14RC
InsertJaxon Smith-NjigbaDowntown!15
InsertJaxon Smith-NjigbaVortex24
InsertJaxon Smith-NjigbaOptic Rated Rookies Preview390RC
InsertJaxon Smith-NjigbaRated Rookies Premium390RC
InsertKenneth Walker IIIPower Plus15
InsertKenny McIntoshOptic Rated Rookies Preview391RC
InsertTyler LockettThe Elite Series29
InsertZach CharbonnetWhite Hot Rookies8RC
InsertZach CharbonnetRookie Gridiron Kings15RC
InsertZach CharbonnetRated Rookies Portrait16RC
InsertZach CharbonnetThe Elite Series Rookies16RC
InsertZach CharbonnetThe Rookies16RC
InsertZach CharbonnetBomb Squad30
InsertZach CharbonnetRookie Revolution34RC
InsertZach CharbonnetOptic Rated Rookies Preview392RC
RelicBobby WagnerAll Pro Kings13
RelicDevon WitherspoonRookie Phenom Jerseys23RC
RelicDoug BaldwinNumbers Game5
RelicGeno SmithJersey Kings19
RelicGeno SmithDonruss Threads39
RelicJaxon Smith-NjigbaRookie Holiday Sweater Dual6RC
RelicJaxon Smith-NjigbaLeather Kings7
RelicJaxon Smith-NjigbaRookie Holiday Sweater9RC
RelicJaxon Smith-NjigbaRookie Phenom Jerseys14RC
RelicZach CharbonnetRookie Holiday Sweater Dual6RC
RelicZach CharbonnetRookie Phenom Jerseys9RC
RelicZach CharbonnetRookie Holiday Sweater19RC
AutoBobby WagnerAll Pro Kings Autographs13
AutoBobby WagnerSignature Marks40
AutoDerick HallOptic Rated Rookies Preview Autograph388RC
AutoDerick HallRated Rookies Autographs388RC - No Base/Green
AutoFred JacksonRetro 2003 Autographs18
AutoJaxon Smith-NjigbaRed Hot Rookies Autographs4RC
AutoJaxon Smith-NjigbaLeather Kings Autographs7
AutoJaxon Smith-NjigbaRated Rookies Portrait Autographs7RC
AutoJaxon Smith-NjigbaRookie Gridiron Kings Autographs7RC
AutoJaxon Smith-NjigbaRookie Phenom Jersey Autographs7RC
AutoJaxon Smith-NjigbaThe Elite Series Rookies Autographs7RC
AutoJaxon Smith-NjigbaThe Rookies Autographs7RC
AutoJaxon Smith-NjigbaBomb Squad Autographs10
AutoJaxon Smith-NjigbaOptic Rated Rookies Preview Autograph390RC
AutoJaxon Smith-NjigbaRated Rookies Autographs390RC
AutoKenneth Walker IIIPower Plus Autographs15
AutoKenny McIntoshOptic Rated Rookies Preview Autograph391RC
AutoKenny McIntoshRated Rookies Autographs391RC
AutoNoah FantSignature Marks21No Base
AutoTyler LockettThe Elite Series Autographs29
AutoZach CharbonnetWhite Hot Rookies Autographs8RC
AutoZach CharbonnetRookie Gridiron Kings Autographs15RC
AutoZach CharbonnetRated Rookies Portrait Autographs16RC
AutoZach CharbonnetRookie Phenom Jersey Autographs16RC
AutoZach CharbonnetThe Elite Series Rookies Autographs16RC
AutoZach CharbonnetThe Rookies Autographs16RC
AutoZach CharbonnetBomb Squad Autographs30
AutoZach CharbonnetOptic Rated Rookies Preview Autograph392RC
AutoZach CharbonnetRated Rookies Autographs392RC - No Green
Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseAntoine Winfield Jr.Base275
BaseBaker MayfieldBase276
BaseCalijah KanceyRated Rookies393RC
BaseChris GodwinBase277
BaseKyle TraskBase278
BaseMike EvansBase279
BaseRussell GageBase280
BaseShaquil BarrettBase281
BaseVita VeaBase282
BaseYaYa DiabyRated Rookies394RC
InsertCalijah KanceyOptic Rated Rookies Preview393RC
InsertDexter JacksonRetro 200340
InsertMike AlstottThe Legends Series12
InsertMike EvansDominators8
InsertMike EvansHighlights12
InsertMike EvansThe Elite Series25
InsertMike EvansRetro 199335
InsertWarren SappAll-Time Gridiron Kings8
InsertYaYa DiabyOptic Rated Rookies Preview394RC
RelicTristan WirfsAll Pro Kings18
RelicWarren SappCanton Kings19
AutoCalijah KanceyOptic Rated Rookies Preview Autograph393RC
AutoCalijah KanceyRated Rookies Autographs393RC - No Blue/Green/Orange
AutoChris GodwinSignature Highlights1
AutoDexter JacksonRetro 2003 Autographs40
AutoKeyshawn JohnsonSuper Bowl Signatures Prizm5
AutoLeonard FournetteSuper Bowl Signatures Prizm6
AutoMike AlstottThe Legends Series Autographs12
AutoMike EvansDominators Autographs8
AutoTristan WirfsAll Pro Kings Autographs18
AutoWarren SappAll-Time Gridiron Kings Autographs8
AutoWarren SappCanton Kings Autographs19
AutoYaYa DiabyOptic Rated Rookies Preview Autograph394RC
AutoYaYa DiabyRated Rookies Autographs394RC
Tennessee Titans
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseChigoziem OkonkwoBase288
BaseDenico AutryBase283
BaseDerrick HenryBase284
BaseHassan HaskinsBase285
BaseJeffery SimmonsBase286
BaseKevin ByardBase287
BaseMalik WillisBase289
BasePeter SkoronskiRated Rookies395RC
BaseRyan TannehillBase290
BaseTreylon BurksBase291
BaseTyjae SpearsRated Rookies396RC
BaseWill LevisRated Rookies397RC
InsertDerrick HenryPower Plus8
InsertDerrick HenryProduction Line9
InsertDerrick HenryCrunch Time10
InsertDerrick HenryInternational Downtown!10
InsertDerrick HenryVortex12
InsertDerrick HenryUnleashed16
InsertDerrick HenryRetro 199322
InsertDerrick HenryBase Variations284
InsertPeter SkoronskiOptic Rated Rookies Preview395RC
InsertTyjae SpearsRated Rookies Portrait26RC
InsertTyjae SpearsThe Elite Series Rookies26RC
InsertTyjae SpearsOptic Rated Rookies Preview396RC
InsertWarren MoonAll-Time Gridiron Kings12
InsertWill LevisGridiron Marvels8
InsertWill LevisDowntown!14
InsertWill LevisRookie Revolution25RC
InsertWill LevisThe Rookies26RC
InsertWill LevisOptic Rated Rookies Preview397RC
InsertWill LevisRated Rookies Premium397RC
RelicDerrick HenryJersey Kings5
RelicDerrick HenryDonruss Threads40
RelicJeffery SimmonsAll Pro Kings15
RelicTyjae SpearsRookie Holiday Sweater Dual8RC
RelicTyjae SpearsRookie Phenom Jerseys11RC
RelicTyjae SpearsRookie Holiday Sweater29RC
RelicWill LevisRookie Phenom Jerseys4RC
RelicWill LevisRookie Holiday Sweater Dual8RC
RelicWill LevisRookie Holiday Sweater14RC
AutoDerrick HenryJersey Kings Autographs5
AutoPeter SkoronskiOptic Rated Rookies Preview Autograph395RC
AutoPeter SkoronskiRated Rookies Autographs395RC - No Blue/Orange
AutoRyan TannehillSignature Marks9
AutoTyjae SpearsRated Rookies Portrait Autographs26RC
AutoTyjae SpearsThe Elite Series Rookies Autographs26RC
AutoTyjae SpearsOptic Rated Rookies Preview Autograph396RC
AutoTyjae SpearsRated Rookies Autographs396RC
AutoWarren MoonAll-Time Gridiron Kings Autographs12
Washington Commanders
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseBrian Robinson Jr.Base292
BaseChase YoungBase293
BaseChris Rodriguez Jr.Rated Rookies398RC
BaseCurtis SamuelBase294
BaseDaron PayneBase295
BaseDarrick Forrest Jr.Base296
BaseEmmanuel ForbesRated Rookies399RC
BaseJacoby BrissettBase297
BaseJonathan AllenBase298
BaseK.J. HenryRated Rookies400RC
BaseMontez SweatBase299
BaseTerry McLaurinBase300
InsertArt MonkRetro 20038
InsertChris Rodriguez Jr.Optic Rated Rookies Preview398RC
InsertDarrell GreenRetro 200311
InsertEmmanuel ForbesRookie Revolution12RC
InsertEmmanuel ForbesRated Rookies Portrait44
InsertEmmanuel ForbesOptic Rated Rookies Preview399RC
InsertJahan DotsonPower Plus10
InsertK.J. HenryOptic Rated Rookies Preview400RC
InsertTerry McLaurinThe Elite Series18
RelicArt MonkCanton Kings12
RelicDarrell GreenCanton Kings2
RelicEmmanuel ForbesRookie Phenom Jerseys28RC
AutoArt MonkRetro 2003 Autographs8
AutoArt MonkCanton Kings Autographs12
AutoChris Rodriguez Jr.Optic Rated Rookies Preview Autograph398RC
AutoChris Rodriguez Jr.Rated Rookies Autographs398RC - No Blue/Orange
AutoDarrell GreenCanton Kings Autographs2
AutoDarrell GreenRetro 2003 Autographs11
AutoDoug WilliamsSignature Marks47
AutoJahan DotsonPower Plus Autographs10
AutoK.J. HenryOptic Rated Rookies Preview Autograph400RC
AutoK.J. HenryRated Rookies Autographs400RC - No Black/Gold/Orange