2023 Panini Mosaic Hobby Football Checklist

2023 Panini Mosaic Hobby Football

Release Date: September 22, 2023

The colorful pageantry of the NFL’s greatest stars and hottest rookies comes to life on Optichrome technology in the mesmerizing 2023 Mosaic Football.

See the full checklist here – 2023 Panini Mosaic Hobby Football Checklist

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2023 Panini Mosaic Hobby Football

2023 Panini Mosaic Hobby Football

  • Look for a dazzling array of vibrant chases, including hobby-exclusive inserts such as Swagger, Splash, Men of Mastery, Straight Fire and more.
  • Hunt for autographs from current stars, potential-packed rookies and all-time legends.
  • Mosaic delivers a stunning parallel ensemble, including hobby-exclusive Red, Blue, Purple, White, Gold, Black and the all-new Tessellation.



Mosaic delivers a stunning parallel ensemble, including hobby-exclusive Red, Blue, Purple, White, Gold, Black and the all-new Tessellation.

BASE TESSELLATION                        NFL DEBUT RED                                      HALL OF FAME BLUE
BASE TESSELLATION, Aaron Rodgers NFL DEBUT RED, Hendon hooker HALL OF FAME BLUE, Emmitt Smith





Look for a dazzling array of vibrant chases, including hobby-exclusive inserts such as Swagger, Splash, Men of Mastery, Straight Fire and more.

SPLASH BLUE                                  SWAGGER PURPLE                                  STAINED GLASS
2023 Panini Mosaic Hobby Football - SPLASH BLUE, Jalen Hurts SWAGGER PURPLE, Justin Jefferson STAINED GLASS, Anthony Richardson





Hunt for autographs from current stars, potential-packed rookies and all-time legends.

Showtime Signatures Black     ROOKIE AUTOGRAPHS          In Focus Signatures White











  • 20 INSERTS
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Arizona Cardinals
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseBJ OjulariBase Rookies285
BaseClayton TuneBase Rookies302
BaseDeAndre HopkinsBase2
BaseGarrett WilliamsBase Rookies321
BaseKurt WarnerBase5
BaseKyler MurrayBase1
BaseMarquise BrownBase3
BaseMichael WilsonBase Rookies350
BaseParis Johnson Jr.Base Rookies354
BaseTerrell SuggsBase4
InsertDeAndre HopkinsMen of Mastery11
InsertDeAndre HopkinsElevate15
InsertKyler MurrayCarbon Copy4
InsertKyler MurrayAudible Mosaic5
InsertKyler MurraySplash Mosaic18
InsertPatrick PetersonMoments in Time19
AutoBJ OjulariRookie Autographs Mosaic285
AutoClayton TuneRookie Autographs Mosaic302
AutoGarrett WilliamsRookie Autographs Mosaic321
AutoJake PlummerAutographs Mosaic2No Blue/Red
AutoMichael WilsonRookie Scripts29
AutoMichael WilsonRookie Autographs Mosaic350
AutoParis Johnson Jr.Rookie Autographs Mosaic354
AutoTrey McBrideScripts5
Atlanta Falcons
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseA.J. TerrellBase10
BaseBijan RobinsonBase Rookies284
BaseBilly "White Shoes" JohnsonBase11
BaseClark Phillips IIIBase Rookies301
BaseCordarrelle PattersonBase7
BaseDesmond RidderBase6
BaseDrake LondonBase8
BaseKyle PittsBase9
BaseMichael VickBase12
InsertBijan RobinsonKaleidoscopic5
InsertBijan RobinsonIntroductions6
InsertBijan RobinsonMicro Mosaic6
InsertBijan RobinsonRazzle Dazzle23
InsertBijan RobinsonStained Glass25
InsertDesmond RidderAudible Mosaic7
InsertMichael VickMoments in Time16
InsertMichael VickEpic Performers18
InsertTyler AllgeierSwagger Mosaic12
InsertTyler AllgeierAudible Mosaic23
AutoBijan RobinsonRookie Scripts4
AutoBijan RobinsonIn Focus Signatures9No Base/Red
AutoBijan RobinsonShowtime Signatures15No Base/Red
AutoBijan RobinsonRookie Autographs Mosaic284
AutoClark Phillips IIIRookie Autographs Mosaic301
AutoDesmond RidderAutographs Mosaic5
AutoMichael VickShowtime Signatures2No Purple/Red
AutoYounghoe KooScripts28No Base
Baltimore Ravens
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseAnquan BoldinBase18
BaseEd ReedBase19
BaseJ.K. DobbinsBase14
BaseJonathan OgdenBase20
BaseLamar JacksonBase13
BaseLamar JacksonBase National Pride260
BaseMark AndrewsBase15
BaseRay LewisBase17
BaseRay LewisBase Hall of Fame273
BaseRoquan SmithBase16
BaseTavius RobinsonBase Rookies365
BaseTrenton SimpsonBase Rookies367
BaseZay FlowersBase Rookies380
InsertLamar JacksonMontage3
InsertLamar JacksonKaleidoscopic4
InsertLamar JacksonRazzle Dazzle4
InsertLamar JacksonStained Glass6
InsertLamar JacksonMicro Mosaic14
InsertLamar JacksonAudible Mosaic15
InsertLamar JacksonMoments in Time23
InsertOdell Beckham Jr.Elevate5
InsertOdell Beckham Jr.Splash Mosaic7
InsertRoquan SmithCarbon Copy7
InsertRoquan SmithBang!8
InsertZay FlowersIntroductions8
InsertZay FlowersMicro Mosaic9
InsertZay FlowersKaleidoscopic11
InsertZay FlowersRazzle Dazzle26
InsertZay FlowersStained Glass30
AutoJustin TuckerIn Focus Signatures30
AutoOdell Beckham Jr.Autographs Mosaic34No Purple/White
AutoTavius RobinsonRookie Autographs Mosaic365
AutoTrenton SimpsonRookie Autographs Mosaic367
AutoTyler LinderbaumScripts43
AutoZay FlowersRookie Scripts9
AutoZay FlowersRookie Autographs Mosaic380
Buffalo Bills
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseAndre ReedBase25
BaseDalton KincaidBase Rookies305
BaseDorian WilliamsBase Rookies317
BaseGabriel DavisBase23
BaseJim KellyBase26
BaseJosh AllenBase21
BaseJosh AllenBase National Pride257
BaseStefon DiggsBase22
BaseStefon DiggsBase National Pride270
BaseThurman ThomasBase27
BaseVon MillerBase24
InsertJosh AllenCarbon Copy1
InsertJosh AllenMontage2
InsertJosh AllenSplash Mosaic2
InsertJosh AllenStraight Fire Mosaic2
InsertJosh AllenEpic Performers3
InsertJosh AllenTouchdown Masters4
InsertJosh AllenRazzle Dazzle5
InsertJosh AllenStained Glass5
InsertJosh AllenElevate8
InsertStefon DiggsSwagger Mosaic1
InsertStefon DiggsStained Glass14
InsertStefon DiggsCarbon Copy15
InsertStefon DiggsElevate17
InsertStefon DiggsTouchdown Masters17
InsertStefon DiggsMontage19
InsertStefon DiggsEpic Performers20
AutoDalton KincaidRookie Scripts11Only Red Wave
AutoDalton KincaidRookie Autographs Mosaic305Only Black/White Sparkle
AutoDon BeebeAutographs Mosaic21
AutoKhalil ShakirScripts1
Carolina Panthers
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseAdam ThielenBase28
BaseBrian BurnsBase29
BaseBryce YoungBase Rookies290
BaseDJ JohnsonBase Rookies314
BaseJaycee HornBase32
BaseJonathan MingoBase Rookies336
BaseLuke KuechlyBase30
BaseShaq ThompsonBase31
InsertBryce YoungIntroductions1
InsertBryce YoungMicro Mosaic1
InsertBryce YoungKaleidoscopic13
InsertBryce YoungRazzle Dazzle15
InsertBryce YoungStained Glass21
InsertDJ MooreMoments in Time7
InsertJonathan MingoRazzle Dazzle29
InsertLuke KuechlyElevate20
AutoJaycee HornScripts7
AutoJonathan MingoRookie Scripts14Only Red Wave
AutoJonathan MingoRookie Autographs Mosaic336Only White Sparkle
AutoRaghib "Rocket" IsmailIn Focus Signatures5
Chicago Bears
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseBrian UrlacherBase36
BaseCole KmetBase35
BaseDan HamptonBase38
BaseDarnell WrightBase Rookies307
BaseDick ButkusBase37
BaseDJ MooreBase34
BaseJustin FieldsBase33
BaseRichard DentBase39
BaseRoschon JohnsonBase Rookies359
BaseTyler ScottBase Rookies371
BaseTyrique StevensonBase Rookies373
InsertJustin FieldsStraight Fire Mosaic1
InsertJustin FieldsSwagger Mosaic7
InsertJustin FieldsSplash Mosaic8
InsertJustin FieldsEpic Performers15
InsertJustin FieldsAudible Mosaic16
AutoDJ MooreAutographs Mosaic33Only Blue
AutoJim McMahonAutographs Mosaic7No Blue/Red
AutoKyler GordonScripts8
AutoRoschon JohnsonRookie Scripts31Only Red Wave
AutoRoschon JohnsonRookie Autographs Mosaic359No Black/White Sparkle
AutoTyler ScottRookie Scripts34
AutoTyler ScottRookie Autographs Mosaic371
AutoTyrique StevensonRookie Autographs Mosaic373Only Base/Black/Gold
AutoVelus Jones Jr.Scripts3
AutoWilliam PerryScripts9
AutoWillie GaultAutographs Mosaic24
Cincinnati Bengals
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseAnthony MunozBase45
BaseBoomer EsiasonBase46
BaseChad JohnsonBase47
BaseCharlie JonesBase Rookies299
BaseDJ TurnerBase Rookies315
BaseJa'Marr ChaseBase43
BaseJa'Marr ChaseBase National Pride264
BaseJoe BurrowBase40
BaseJoe BurrowBase National Pride254
BaseJoe MixonBase41
BaseJordan BattleBase Rookies338
BaseKen AndersonBase44
BaseMyles MurphyBase Rookies351
BaseTee HigginsBase42
InsertChad JohnsonElevate18
InsertJa'Marr ChaseKaleidoscopic2
InsertJa'Marr ChaseEpic Performers6
InsertJa'Marr ChaseCarbon Copy13
InsertJa'Marr ChaseStained Glass13
InsertJa'Marr ChaseMontage15
InsertJoe BurrowMontage1
InsertJoe BurrowEpic Performers2
InsertJoe BurrowTouchdown Masters2
InsertJoe BurrowCarbon Copy3
InsertJoe BurrowRazzle Dazzle3
InsertJoe BurrowStained Glass4
InsertJoe BurrowStraight Fire Mosaic5
InsertJoe BurrowMen of Mastery6
InsertJoe BurrowSwagger Mosaic6
InsertJoe BurrowElevate9
InsertJoe BurrowSplash Mosaic9
InsertJoe BurrowMicro Mosaic13
InsertJoe BurrowAudible Mosaic14
InsertJoe MixonThunder Lane14
AutoCharlie JonesRookie Autographs Mosaic299
AutoChase BrownRookie Scripts35
AutoIckey WoodsShowtime Signatures14No Red
AutoJordan BattleRookie Autographs Mosaic338
AutoMyles MurphyRookie Autographs Mosaic351No Base/Red/White
AutoTrey HendricksonScripts54No Base
Cleveland Browns
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseAmari CooperBase50
BaseCedric TillmanBase Rookies296
BaseDenzel WardBase52
BaseDeshaun WatsonBase48
BaseDorian Thompson-RobinsonBase Rookies316
BaseJoe ThomasBase53
BaseMyles GarrettBase51
BaseNick ChubbBase49
BaseOzzie NewsomeBase54
InsertDeshaun WatsonSplash Mosaic11
InsertDeshaun WatsonAudible Mosaic13
InsertDorian Thompson-RobinsonRazzle Dazzle22
InsertNick ChubbThunder Lane7
InsertNick ChubbMen of Mastery13
InsertNick ChubbTouchdown Masters13
InsertNick ChubbMontage23
AutoCedric TillmanRookie Scripts24
AutoCedric TillmanRookie Autographs Mosaic296
AutoClay Matthews Jr.In Focus Signatures21
AutoDorian Thompson-RobinsonIn Focus Signatures8
AutoDorian Thompson-RobinsonRookie Scripts38
AutoDorian Thompson-RobinsonRookie Autographs Mosaic316
AutoMichael Dean PerryScripts25
AutoNick ChubbIn Focus Signatures11No Blue/Purple/Red
AutoNick ChubbShowtime Signatures17No Blue/Purple/Red
Dallas Cowboys
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseCalvin HillBase61
BaseCeeDee LambBase57
BaseDak PrescottBase55
BaseDak PrescottBase National Pride259
BaseDemarvion OvershownBase Rookies308
BaseEmmitt SmithBase Hall of Fame280
BaseLuke SchoonmakerBase Rookies344
BaseMazi SmithBase Rookies347
BaseMicah ParsonsBase58
BaseMichael IrvinBase62
BaseRandy WhiteBase Hall of Fame276
BaseRoger StaubachBase63
BaseTony PollardBase56
BaseTony RomoBase64
BaseTrevon DiggsBase60
BaseViliami Fehoko Jr.Base Rookies375
BaseZack MartinBase59
InsertCeeDee LambMoments in Time2
InsertCeeDee LambMen of Mastery10
InsertCeeDee LambElevate11
InsertCeeDee LambEpic Performers11
InsertCeeDee LambRazzle Dazzle13
InsertCeeDee LambCarbon Copy15
InsertCeeDee LambStained Glass18
InsertCeeDee LambMontage21
InsertDak PrescottRazzle Dazzle1
InsertDak PrescottSplash Mosaic1
InsertDak PrescottMontage5
InsertDak PrescottAudible Mosaic6
InsertDak PrescottStained Glass7
InsertDak PrescottCarbon Copy8
InsertEzekiel ElliottThunder Lane10
InsertMicah ParsonsSwagger Mosaic2
InsertMicah ParsonsCarbon Copy7
InsertMicah ParsonsBang!14
InsertMicah ParsonsMontage29
InsertRoy WilliamsBang!12
InsertTony DorsettMoments in Time25
InsertTony PollardCarbon Copy12
InsertTony PollardTouchdown Masters14
AutoBill BatesScripts49
AutoCeeDee LambShowtime Signatures9No Blue/Purple
AutoCeeDee LambIn Focus Signatures19No Blue/Purple
AutoCooper RushIn Focus Signatures1No Blue/Red
AutoDeuce VaughnRookie Scripts32Only Red Wave
AutoDrew PearsonShowtime Signatures13Only Black/Gold/White
AutoEd "Too Tall" JonesScripts50
AutoLarry BrownIn Focus Signatures18
AutoLuke SchoonmakerRookie Scripts18
AutoLuke SchoonmakerRookie Autographs Mosaic344
AutoMichael GallupAutographs Mosaic37No Base
AutoMichael IrvinShowtime Signatures6No Blue/Purple/Red
AutoRussell MarylandScripts17
AutoThomas "Hollywood" HendersonScripts18
AutoTrevon DiggsAutographs Mosaic45No Blue
AutoViliami Fehoko Jr.Rookie Autographs Mosaic375
Denver Broncos
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseChamp BaileyBase70
BaseCourtland SuttonBase67
BaseDrew SandersBase Rookies318
BaseJavonte WilliamsBase68
BaseJerry JeudyBase66
BaseMarvin MimsBase Rookies346
BasePatrick Surtain IIBase69
BaseRiley MossBase Rookies358
BaseRussell WilsonBase65
BaseShannon SharpeBase72
BaseTerrell DavisBase73
BaseTim TebowBase71
InsertBrian DawkinsBang!11
InsertJohn ElwayMoments in Time14
InsertRussell WilsonCarbon Copy4
InsertRussell WilsonMontage9
InsertRussell WilsonAudible Mosaic10
InsertRussell WilsonKaleidoscopic14
AutoDalton RisnerScripts15
AutoDrew SandersRookie Autographs Mosaic318
AutoJavonte WilliamsAutographs Mosaic49
AutoKarl MecklenburgScripts36
AutoMarvin MimsShowtime Signatures8
AutoMarvin MimsRookie Scripts19
AutoMarvin MimsRookie Autographs Mosaic346
AutoRiley MossRookie Autographs Mosaic358Only Base/Black/Blue/Gold
AutoVance JohnsonIn Focus Signatures23
AutoVance JohnsonAutographs Mosaic27
AutoVance JohnsonScripts40Only Red Wave
Detroit Lions
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseAidan HutchinsonBase189
BaseAmon-Ra St. BrownBase186
BaseBarry SandersBase190
BaseBrian BranchBase Rookies287
BaseHendon HookerBase Rookies322
BaseHerman MooreBase191
BaseJack CampbellBase Rookies323
BaseJahmyr GibbsBase Rookies324
BaseJameson WilliamsBase187
BaseJared GoffBase185
BaseJared GoffBase National Pride258
BaseSam LaPortaBase Rookies360
InsertDavid MontgomeryThunder Lane24
InsertHendon HookerKaleidoscopic20
InsertJahmyr GibbsIntroductions5
InsertJahmyr GibbsMicro Mosaic5
InsertJahmyr GibbsKaleidoscopic15
InsertJahmyr GibbsRazzle Dazzle24
InsertJahmyr GibbsStained Glass26
InsertJared GoffCarbon Copy8
InsertJared GoffStained Glass10
InsertJared GoffAudible Mosaic17
AutoAidan HutchinsonIn Focus Signatures27
AutoAidan HutchinsonAutographs Mosaic47
AutoAmon-Ra St. BrownAutographs Mosaic35
AutoBarry SandersShowtime Signatures18
AutoBrian BranchRookie Autographs Mosaic287
AutoHendon HookerRookie Scripts20
AutoHendon HookerIn Focus Signatures26
AutoHendon HookerRookie Autographs Mosaic322
AutoHerman MooreAutographs Mosaic26
AutoJack CampbellRookie Autographs Mosaic323
AutoJahmyr GibbsRookie Scripts6
AutoJahmyr GibbsShowtime Signatures16
AutoJahmyr GibbsRookie Autographs Mosaic324
AutoSam LaPortaRookie Scripts12
AutoSam LaPortaRookie Autographs Mosaic360
Green Bay Packers
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseAaron JonesBase85
BaseAJ DillonBase84
BaseChristian WatsonBase86
BaseColby WoodenBase Rookies303
BaseJayden ReedBase Rookies333
BaseJerry KramerBase87
BaseJordan LoveBase83
BaseJordy NelsonBase88
BaseLukas Van NessBase Rookies342
BaseLuke MusgraveBase Rookies343
BaseSean CliffordBase Rookies361
BaseTucker KraftBase Rookies368
InsertAaron JonesCarbon Copy12
InsertAaron JonesThunder Lane16
InsertAaron JonesMicro Mosaic20
InsertAaron RodgersMoments in Time20
InsertAntonio FreemanMoments in Time21
InsertChristian WatsonSplash Mosaic12
InsertJordan LoveAudible Mosaic18
AutoColby WoodenRookie Autographs Mosaic303
AutoGilbert BrownScripts26
AutoJayden ReedRookie Scripts15
AutoJayden ReedIn Focus Signatures20
AutoJayden ReedRookie Autographs Mosaic333
AutoJordan LoveShowtime Signatures3
AutoLukas Van NessRookie Autographs Mosaic342Only White Sparkle
AutoLuke MusgraveRookie Autographs Mosaic343
AutoMason CrosbyScripts21No Base
AutoRandall CobbScripts51No Base
AutoRobert BrooksAutographs Mosaic23
AutoSean CliffordRookie Scripts37
AutoSean CliffordRookie Autographs Mosaic361
AutoTony MandarichScripts39
Houston Texans
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseAndre JohnsonBase92
BaseC.J. StroudBase Rookies292
BaseDameon PierceBase90
BaseDavid CarrBase93
BaseDavis MillsBase89
BaseJohn Metchie IIIBase91
BaseTank DellBase Rookies352
BaseWill Anderson Jr.Base Rookies376
InsertC.J. StroudIntroductions2
InsertC.J. StroudMicro Mosaic2
InsertC.J. StroudKaleidoscopic9
InsertC.J. StroudRazzle Dazzle16
InsertC.J. StroudStained Glass22
InsertWill Anderson Jr.Micro Mosaic10
AutoTank DellRookie Scripts21Only Red Wave
AutoTank DellRookie Autographs Mosaic352Only Black/Gold/White Sparkle
AutoWill Anderson Jr.Rookie Scripts1Only Red Wave
AutoWill Anderson Jr.Rookie Autographs Mosaic376
Indianapolis Colts
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseAdam VinatieriBase98
BaseAlec PierceBase96
BaseAnthony RichardsonBase Rookies282
BaseDallas ClarkBase99
BaseJonathan TaylorBase94
BaseJosh DownsBase Rookies339
BaseJulius BrentsBase Rookies340
BaseMichael Pittman Jr.Base95
BasePeyton ManningBase100
BasePeyton ManningBase Hall of Fame274
BaseReggie WayneBase101
BaseShaquille LeonardBase97
InsertAnthony RichardsonIntroductions3
InsertAnthony RichardsonKaleidoscopic3
InsertAnthony RichardsonMicro Mosaic4
InsertAnthony RichardsonRazzle Dazzle17
InsertAnthony RichardsonStained Glass23
InsertJonathan TaylorThunder Lane2
InsertJonathan TaylorSwagger Mosaic14
InsertShaquille LeonardBang!15
AutoAnthony RichardsonRookie Scripts2
AutoAnthony RichardsonIn Focus Signatures3
AutoAnthony RichardsonShowtime Signatures4
AutoAnthony RichardsonRookie Autographs Mosaic282
AutoDwight FreeneyScripts29
AutoJosh DownsRookie Scripts25
AutoJosh DownsRookie Autographs Mosaic339
AutoJulius BrentsRookie Autographs Mosaic340Only Base/Black/Gold
Jacksonville Jaguars
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseAnton HarrisonBase Rookies283
BaseBrenton StrangeBase Rookies286
BaseCalvin RidleyBase104
BaseChristian KirkBase105
BaseEvan EngramBase106
BaseFred TaylorBase107
BaseMaurice Jones-DrewBase108
BaseTank BigsbyBase Rookies364
BaseTravis Etienne Jr.Base103
BaseTrevor LawrenceBase102
BaseTrevor LawrenceBase National Pride256
BaseTyler LacyBase Rookies370
BaseVentrell MillerBase Rookies374
InsertFred TaylorThunder Lane21
InsertTravis Etienne Jr.Thunder Lane1
InsertTravis Etienne Jr.Micro Mosaic19
InsertTrevor LawrenceCarbon Copy3
InsertTrevor LawrenceMen of Mastery3
InsertTrevor LawrenceEpic Performers4
InsertTrevor LawrenceStained Glass9
InsertTrevor LawrenceKaleidoscopic10
InsertTrevor LawrenceSwagger Mosaic10
InsertTrevor LawrenceAudible Mosaic11
InsertTrevor LawrenceElevate12
InsertTrevor LawrenceMontage13
InsertTrevor LawrenceSplash Mosaic20
AutoJimmy SmithScripts35
AutoMark BrunellAutographs Mosaic9
AutoTank BigsbyIn Focus Signatures28
AutoTank BigsbyRookie Scripts28
AutoTank BigsbyRookie Autographs Mosaic364
AutoTom CoughlinScripts38
AutoTyler LacyRookie Autographs Mosaic370
Kansas City Chiefs
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseChamarri ConnerBase Rookies298
BaseChris JonesBase114
BaseChristian OkoyeBase115
BaseDante HallBase116
BaseFelix Anudike-UzomahBase Rookies320
BaseIsiah PachecoBase110
BaseKadarius ToneyBase112
BaseLarry JohnsonBase117
BasePatrick Mahomes IIBase109
BasePatrick Mahomes IIBase National Pride251
BaseRashee RiceBase Rookies357
BaseSkyy MooreBase111
BaseTravis KelceBase113
InsertDante HallMoments in Time15
InsertIsiah PachecoSwagger Mosaic11
InsertPatrick Mahomes IIEpic Performers1
InsertPatrick Mahomes IIMen of Mastery1
InsertPatrick Mahomes IIStained Glass1
InsertPatrick Mahomes IITouchdown Masters1
InsertPatrick Mahomes IICarbon Copy2
InsertPatrick Mahomes IIMoments in Time4
InsertPatrick Mahomes IIMontage6
InsertPatrick Mahomes IIStraight Fire Mosaic6
InsertPatrick Mahomes IIElevate7
InsertPatrick Mahomes IIRazzle Dazzle7
InsertPatrick Mahomes IIAudible Mosaic9
InsertPatrick Mahomes IIMicro Mosaic11
InsertPatrick Mahomes IISplash Mosaic15
InsertTravis KelceCarbon Copy5
InsertTravis KelceEpic Performers14
InsertTravis KelceMen of Mastery15
InsertTravis KelceTouchdown Masters16
InsertTravis KelceMontage27
AutoDante HallAutographs Mosaic28No Red
AutoFelix Anudike-UzomahRookie Autographs Mosaic320
AutoRashee RiceRookie Scripts17
AutoRashee RiceRookie Autographs Mosaic357
AutoWill ShieldsScripts42
Las Vegas Raiders
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseAidan O'ConnellBase Rookies281
BaseChandler JonesBase122
BaseCharles WoodsonBase126
BaseDavante AdamsBase120
BaseDavante AdamsBase National Pride266
BaseHunter RenfrowBase121
BaseJakorian BennettBase Rookies327
BaseJimmy GaroppoloBase118
BaseJosh JacobsBase119
BaseMarcus AllenBase124
BaseMaxx CrosbyBase123
BaseMichael MayerBase Rookies349
BaseTim BrownBase125
BaseTre TuckerBase Rookies366
BaseTyree WilsonBase Rookies372
InsertAidan O'ConnellRazzle Dazzle21
InsertChandler JonesMoments in Time6
InsertDavante AdamsElevate6
InsertDavante AdamsTouchdown Masters6
InsertDavante AdamsKaleidoscopic18
InsertDavante AdamsMontage18
InsertJimmy GaroppoloMontage10
InsertJosh JacobsMoments in Time8
InsertJosh JacobsCarbon Copy9
InsertJosh JacobsRazzle Dazzle9
InsertJosh JacobsMen of Mastery12
InsertJosh JacobsStained Glass12
InsertJosh JacobsTouchdown Masters15
InsertJosh JacobsKaleidoscopic16
InsertJosh JacobsSplash Mosaic16
InsertJosh JacobsMicro Mosaic18
InsertJosh JacobsAudible Mosaic24
InsertJosh JacobsThunder Lane25
InsertJosh JacobsMontage26
AutoAidan O'ConnellIn Focus Signatures4
AutoAidan O'ConnellRookie Autographs Mosaic281
AutoDavante AdamsIn Focus Signatures22No Purple/White
AutoJosh JacobsIn Focus Signatures12
AutoJosh JacobsAutographs Mosaic50
AutoMichael MayerRookie Scripts13Only Red Wave
AutoMichael MayerRookie Autographs Mosaic349
AutoTre TuckerRookie Scripts30
AutoTre TuckerRookie Autographs Mosaic366
AutoTyree WilsonRookie Scripts3Only Red Wave
AutoTyree WilsonRookie Autographs Mosaic372
AutoZamir WhiteScripts2
Los Angeles Chargers
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseAntonio GatesBase135
BaseAustin EkelerBase128
BaseDaiyan HenleyBase Rookies304
BaseDerius DavisBase Rookies311
BaseDerwin James Jr.Base133
BaseJoey BosaBase131
BaseJustin HerbertBase127
BaseJustin HerbertBase National Pride255
BaseKeenan AllenBase130
BaseKhalil MackBase132
BaseLaDainian TomlinsonBase134
BaseMike WilliamsBase129
BaseQuentin JohnstonBase Rookies356
InsertAustin EkelerKaleidoscopic6
InsertAustin EkelerThunder Lane9
InsertAustin EkelerAudible Mosaic22
InsertDarren SprolesThunder Lane18
InsertDerwin James Jr.Bang!4
InsertJustin HerbertCarbon Copy1
InsertJustin HerbertRazzle Dazzle2
InsertJustin HerbertTouchdown Masters3
InsertJustin HerbertStraight Fire Mosaic4
InsertJustin HerbertMen of Mastery5
InsertJustin HerbertAudible Mosaic8
InsertJustin HerbertMontage8
InsertJustin HerbertStained Glass8
InsertJustin HerbertEpic Performers9
InsertJustin HerbertMicro Mosaic12
InsertJustin HerbertSwagger Mosaic13
InsertJustin HerbertSplash Mosaic19
InsertKeenan AllenElevate14
InsertMike WilliamsElevate10
InsertQuentin JohnstonKaleidoscopic7
InsertQuentin JohnstonMicro Mosaic8
InsertQuentin JohnstonIntroductions10
InsertQuentin JohnstonStained Glass29
InsertQuentin JohnstonRazzle Dazzle30
AutoAustin EkelerAutographs Mosaic18No Base/Blue
AutoCharlie JoinerScripts32
AutoDaiyan HenleyRookie Autographs Mosaic304
AutoDerius DavisRookie Autographs Mosaic311Only White Sparkle
AutoQuentin JohnstonRookie Scripts8No Base/Gold
AutoQuentin JohnstonRookie Autographs Mosaic356
Los Angeles Rams
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseAaron DonaldBase139
BaseByron Young (LB)Base Rookies291
BaseCam AkersBase138
BaseCooper KuppBase137
BaseCooper KuppBase National Pride267
BaseEric DickersonBase140
BaseHenry EllardBase141
BaseJack YoungbloodBase142
BaseMatthew StaffordBase136
BaseStetson Bennett IVBase Rookies362
InsertAaron DonaldBang!6
InsertBaker MayfieldMoments in Time10
InsertBobby WagnerBang!2
InsertCam AkersThunder Lane13
InsertCooper KuppStained Glass17
InsertEric DickersonThunder Lane19
InsertMatthew StaffordAudible Mosaic4
InsertMatthew StaffordMen of Mastery7
InsertStetson Bennett IVRazzle Dazzle20
AutoByron Young (LB)Rookie Autographs Mosaic291
AutoCooper KuppShowtime Signatures10No Blue/Purple/Red
AutoStetson Bennett IVShowtime Signatures5No Blue
AutoStetson Bennett IVRookie Scripts40Only Red Wave
AutoStetson Bennett IVRookie Autographs Mosaic362
AutoTorry HoltAutographs Mosaic30No Base
Miami Dolphins
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseCam SmithBase Rookies294
BaseDan MarinoBase147
BaseDan MarinoBase Hall of Fame277
BaseDe'Von AchaneBase Rookies312
BaseDwight StephensonBase148
BaseJalen RamseyBase146
BaseJason TaylorBase149
BaseJaylen WaddleBase145
BaseJaylen WaddleBase National Pride269
BaseTua TagovailoaBase143
BaseTyreek HillBase144
BaseTyreek HillBase National Pride268
InsertDan MarinoMoments in Time24
InsertJalen RamseyCarbon Copy10
InsertJalen RamseyMontage30
InsertJaylen WaddleSwagger Mosaic3
InsertJaylen WaddleRazzle Dazzle12
InsertJaylen WaddleMontage16
InsertJaylen WaddleStained Glass20
InsertKenyan DrakeMoments in Time3
InsertTua TagovailoaStraight Fire Mosaic8
InsertTua TagovailoaMontage11
InsertTua TagovailoaTouchdown Masters18
InsertTyreek HillSplash Mosaic3
InsertTyreek HillMen of Mastery9
InsertTyreek HillRazzle Dazzle11
InsertTyreek HillEpic Performers13
InsertTyreek HillMicro Mosaic15
InsertTyreek HillStained Glass16
InsertTyreek HillMontage17
InsertTyreek HillTouchdown Masters20
AutoCam SmithRookie Autographs Mosaic294
AutoDe'Von AchaneIn Focus Signatures13
AutoDe'Von AchaneRookie Scripts27Only Red Wave
AutoDe'Von AchaneRookie Autographs Mosaic312
AutoMark DuperShowtime Signatures12No Blue/Red
AutoMark DuperAutographs Mosaic29No Blue/Red
AutoPatrick SurtainScripts59
AutoRicky WilliamsIn Focus Signatures15
Minnesota Vikings
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseAlan PageBase156
BaseCris CarterBase157
BaseDalvin CookBase151
BaseDalvin CookBase National Pride263
BaseFran TarkentonBase159
BaseJay WardBase Rookies332
BaseJohn RandleBase158
BaseJordan AddisonBase Rookies337
BaseJustin JeffersonBase152
BaseJustin JeffersonBase National Pride265
BaseKirk CousinsBase150
BaseMekhi BlackmonBase Rookies348
BasePaul KrauseBase154
BaseRandy MossBase155
BaseRandy MossBase Hall of Fame278
BaseT.J. HockensonBase153
InsertAdrian PetersonMen of Mastery18
InsertCris CarterElevate1
InsertDalvin CookThunder Lane4
InsertDalvin CookCarbon Copy11
InsertDalvin CookAudible Mosaic20
InsertJordan AddisonKaleidoscopic1
InsertJordan AddisonIntroductions9
InsertJordan AddisonRazzle Dazzle28
InsertJustin JeffersonMoments in Time1
InsertJustin JeffersonEpic Performers5
InsertJustin JeffersonMen of Mastery8
InsertJustin JeffersonSwagger Mosaic8
InsertJustin JeffersonRazzle Dazzle10
InsertJustin JeffersonCarbon Copy13
InsertJustin JeffersonSplash Mosaic14
InsertJustin JeffersonStained Glass15
InsertJustin JeffersonMicro Mosaic16
InsertJustin JeffersonMontage20
InsertKirk CousinsAudible Mosaic19
InsertKirk CousinsTouchdown Masters19
InsertRandy MossMen of Mastery16
InsertStefon DiggsMoments in Time12
AutoAhmad RashadIn Focus Signatures24
AutoAhmad RashadScripts30
AutoDaunte CulpepperAutographs Mosaic1
AutoDaunte CulpepperScripts56No Base
AutoJaren HallRookie Scripts36
AutoJay WardRookie Autographs Mosaic332Only White Sparkle
AutoJordan AddisonRookie Scripts10Only Red Wave
AutoJordan AddisonRookie Autographs Mosaic337
AutoLewis CineScripts10
AutoMekhi BlackmonRookie Autographs Mosaic348Only White Sparkle
AutoT.J. HockensonAutographs Mosaic46Only Black/Gold
New England Patriots
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseChad RylandBase Rookies297
BaseChristian GonzalezBase Rookies300
BaseDoug FlutieBase165
BaseJuJu Smith-SchusterBase162
BaseMac JonesBase160
BaseMac JonesBase National Pride261
BaseMarte MapuBase Rookies345
BaseRhamondre StevensonBase161
BaseRob GronkowskiBase164
BaseTedy BruschiBase166
BaseTy LawBase167
BaseWes WelkerBase163
InsertMac JonesSplash Mosaic5
InsertMac JonesCarbon Copy6
InsertMarcus JonesMoments in Time9
InsertRandy MossMoments in Time17
InsertRhamondre StevensonEpic Performers16
InsertTedy BruschiBang!13
AutoBailey ZappeAutographs Mosaic3
AutoChad RylandRookie Autographs Mosaic297Only Black/Red
AutoChristian GonzalezRookie Autographs Mosaic300
AutoIrving FryarScripts45
AutoJames WhiteAutographs Mosaic12
AutoKayshon BoutteRookie Scripts33No Base
AutoMac JonesAutographs Mosaic4Only Base/Black/Gold
AutoMarte MapuRookie Autographs Mosaic345Only White Sparkle
New Orleans Saints
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseAlvin KamaraBase169
BaseArchie ManningBase173
BaseBryan BreseeBase Rookies289
BaseCameron JordanBase172
BaseChris OlaveBase170
BaseDerek CarrBase168
BaseDrew BreesBase174
BaseJake HaenerBase Rookies325
BaseMichael ThomasBase171
BaseTaysom HillBase175
InsertAlvin KamaraThunder Lane6
InsertDrew BreesMen of Mastery17
InsertDrew BreesElevate19
InsertJake HaenerRazzle Dazzle19
AutoBryan BreseeRookie Autographs Mosaic289
AutoJake HaenerIn Focus Signatures7
AutoJake HaenerRookie Scripts39
AutoJake HaenerRookie Autographs Mosaic325
AutoJamaal WilliamsAutographs Mosaic20
AutoJamaal WilliamsScripts53No Base
AutoKendre MillerIn Focus Signatures14
AutoKendre MillerRookie Scripts22Only Red Wave
AutoPat SwillingScripts23
AutoTre'Quan SmithScripts48Only Red Wave
AutoWil LutzScripts11
New York Giants
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseDaniel JonesBase176
BaseDarren WallerBase184
BaseDeonte BanksBase Rookies309
BaseDexter LawrenceBase178
BaseEli ManningBase179
BaseJalin HyattBase Rookies329
BaseLawrence TaylorBase181
BaseLawrence TaylorBase Hall of Fame275
BaseMichael StrahanBase182
BasePhil SimmsBase183
BaseSaquon BarkleyBase177
BaseTiki BarberBase180
InsertDaniel JonesAudible Mosaic1
InsertDaniel JonesStraight Fire Mosaic10
InsertDarren WallerSplash Mosaic4
InsertLandon CollinsBang!3
InsertLawrence TaylorMen of Mastery20
InsertOdell Beckham Jr.Moments in Time11
InsertSaquon BarkleyThunder Lane12
InsertSaquon BarkleyTouchdown Masters12
InsertSaquon BarkleyAudible Mosaic25
InsertTiki BarberThunder Lane23
AutoAmani ToomerScripts12
AutoBrandon JacobsAutographs Mosaic16
AutoBrandon JacobsScripts55No Base
AutoBrian DabollScripts58
AutoDarius SlaytonScripts27
AutoDeonte BanksRookie Autographs Mosaic309
AutoJalin HyattRookie Scripts23Only Red Wave
AutoJalin HyattRookie Autographs Mosaic329
AutoJeremy ShockeyAutographs Mosaic41No Blue
AutoKayvon ThibodeauxScripts4
AutoMark BavaroAutographs Mosaic40Only Blue
AutoOsi UmenyioraScripts24
AutoOttis AndersonAutographs Mosaic13
AutoOttis AndersonScripts60
AutoTiki BarberAutographs Mosaic15
New York Jets
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseAaron RodgersBase82
BaseAaron RodgersBase National Pride253
BaseAhmad "Sauce" GardnerBase78
BaseAllen LazardBase76
BaseBreece HallBase74
BaseDarrelle RevisBase80
BaseGarrett WilsonBase75
BaseJoe NamathBase79
BaseJoe NamathBase Hall of Fame272
BaseKeyshawn JohnsonBase81
BaseQuinnen WilliamsBase77
BaseWill McDonald IVBase Rookies378
InsertAaron RodgersStained Glass2
InsertAaron RodgersMen of Mastery4
InsertAaron RodgersRazzle Dazzle6
InsertAaron RodgersEpic Performers7
InsertAaron RodgersMontage7
InsertAhmad "Sauce" GardnerSwagger Mosaic4
InsertAhmad "Sauce" GardnerEpic Performers8
InsertAhmad "Sauce" GardnerBang!10
InsertAhmad "Sauce" GardnerCarbon Copy10
InsertBreece HallThunder Lane17
InsertC.J. MosleyBang!5
InsertGarrett WilsonKaleidoscopic8
AutoAhmad "Sauce" GardnerShowtime Signatures20No Blue/Red
AutoAhmad "Sauce" GardnerIn Focus Signatures29No Blue/Red
AutoAhmad "Sauce" GardnerAutographs Mosaic43No Blue/Red
AutoC.J. UzomahScripts14
AutoQuinnen WilliamsScripts13No Base
AutoRex RyanScripts22
AutoWayne ChrebetScripts41
AutoWill McDonald IVRookie Autographs Mosaic378No Blue
Philadelphia Eagles
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseA.J. BrownBase193
BaseDallas GoedertBase195
BaseD'Andre SwiftBase188
BaseDarius Slay Jr.Base198
BaseDeVonta SmithBase194
BaseFletcher CoxBase197
BaseJalen CarterBase Rookies328
BaseJalen HurtsBase192
BaseJalen HurtsBase National Pride252
BaseJason KelceBase196
BaseKelee RingoBase Rookies341
BaseMike QuickBase200
BaseNolan SmithBase Rookies353
BaseRandall CunninghamBase199
BaseSydney BrownBase Rookies363
InsertA.J. BrownTouchdown Masters7
InsertA.J. BrownEpic Performers10
InsertA.J. BrownKaleidoscopic12
InsertA.J. BrownCarbon Copy14
InsertA.J. BrownRazzle Dazzle14
InsertD'Andre SwiftSplash Mosaic10
InsertD'Andre SwiftThunder Lane11
InsertDeSean JacksonMoments in Time18
InsertDeVonta SmithElevate13
InsertJalen HurtsCarbon Copy2
InsertJalen HurtsMen of Mastery2
InsertJalen HurtsStained Glass3
InsertJalen HurtsStraight Fire Mosaic3
InsertJalen HurtsSwagger Mosaic5
InsertJalen HurtsTouchdown Masters5
InsertJalen HurtsSplash Mosaic6
InsertJalen HurtsMontage12
InsertJalen HurtsEpic Performers19
InsertNick FolesMoments in Time13
AutoJalen CarterRookie Scripts5
AutoJalen CarterRookie Autographs Mosaic328
AutoKeith ByarsScripts37
AutoKelee RingoRookie Autographs Mosaic341Only White Sparkle
AutoKenneth GainwellScripts20No Base
AutoMark BavaroScripts16
AutoMike QuickAutographs Mosaic25
AutoNakobe DeanScripts6
AutoRandall CunninghamIn Focus Signatures6
AutoRashaad PennyAutographs Mosaic19No Base
AutoRon JaworskiAutographs Mosaic6No Base
Pittsburgh Steelers
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseBen RoethlisbergerBase207
BaseBroderick JonesBase Rookies288
BaseDarnell WashingtonBase Rookies306
BaseDiontae JohnsonBase204
BaseGeorge PickensBase203
BaseHines WardBase208
BaseJerome BettisBase209
BaseJerome BettisBase Hall of Fame279
BaseJoe GreeneBase210
BaseJoey Porter Jr.Base Rookies335
BaseKenny PickettBase201
BaseMinkah FitzpatrickBase206
BaseNajee HarrisBase202
BaseT.J. WattBase205
InsertGeorge PickensMoments in Time5
InsertHines WardElevate2
InsertHines WardEpic Performers17
InsertKenny PickettCarbon Copy6
InsertKenny PickettStraight Fire Mosaic9
InsertKenny PickettSwagger Mosaic9
InsertKenny PickettAudible Mosaic12
InsertKenny PickettSplash Mosaic13
InsertKenny PickettMontage14
InsertNajee HarrisThunder Lane15
AutoDarnell WashingtonRookie Autographs Mosaic306Only White Sparkle
AutoDermontti DawsonIn Focus Signatures10
AutoGreg LloydScripts33No Base
AutoJoey Porter Jr.Rookie Autographs Mosaic335Only White Sparkle
AutoKordell StewartAutographs Mosaic8
AutoLouis LippsAutographs Mosaic31No Blue
AutoMike TomczakScripts19
San Francisco 49ers
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseBrock PurdyBase211
BaseCameron LatuBase Rookies295
BaseChristian McCaffreyBase213
BaseDeebo SamuelBase215
BaseGeorge KittleBase214
BaseJake MoodyBase Rookies326
BaseJerry RiceBase219
BaseJerry RiceBase Hall of Fame271
BaseJi'Ayir BrownBase Rookies334
BaseJoe MontanaBase217
BaseNick BosaBase216
BaseSteve YoungBase218
BaseTrey LanceBase212
InsertBrock PurdyAudible Mosaic3
InsertBrock PurdyMontage4
InsertBrock PurdySplash Mosaic17
InsertChristian McCaffreyThunder Lane5
InsertChristian McCaffreyCarbon Copy11
InsertChristian McCaffreyMicro Mosaic17
InsertChristian McCaffreyMontage25
InsertDeebo SamuelEpic Performers12
InsertDeebo SamuelStained Glass19
InsertFrank GoreThunder Lane20
InsertFred WarnerBang!9
InsertGeorge KittleCarbon Copy5
InsertGeorge KittleTouchdown Masters8
InsertGeorge KittleSwagger Mosaic15
InsertGeorge KittleMontage28
InsertJerry RiceElevate16
InsertJoe MontanaMen of Mastery19
InsertNick BosaMen of Mastery14
InsertTrey LanceStraight Fire Mosaic7
AutoCameron LatuRookie Autographs Mosaic295
AutoDeebo SamuelAutographs Mosaic36
AutoGarrison HearstAutographs Mosaic14
AutoGarrison HearstScripts57
AutoJake MoodyRookie Autographs Mosaic326Only White Sparkle
AutoNavorro BowmanScripts47
AutoVernon DavisScripts52
Seattle Seahawks
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseDerick HallBase Rookies310
BaseDevon WitherspoonBase Rookies313
BaseDK MetcalfBase222
BaseGeno SmithBase220
BaseJaxon Smith-NjigbaBase Rookies331
BaseKenneth Walker IIIBase221
BaseRichard ShermanBase225
BaseShaun AlexanderBase226
BaseTariq WoolenBase223
BaseTyler LockettBase224
BaseZach CharbonnetBase Rookies379
InsertDK MetcalfElevate4
InsertDK MetcalfCarbon Copy14
InsertDK MetcalfMontage22
InsertGeno SmithAudible Mosaic2
InsertGeno SmithTouchdown Masters10
InsertJamal AdamsBang!1
InsertJaxon Smith-NjigbaIntroductions7
InsertJaxon Smith-NjigbaMicro Mosaic7
InsertJaxon Smith-NjigbaKaleidoscopic17
InsertJaxon Smith-NjigbaRazzle Dazzle27
InsertJaxon Smith-NjigbaStained Glass28
InsertZach CharbonnetRazzle Dazzle25
InsertZach CharbonnetStained Glass27
AutoDerick HallRookie Autographs Mosaic310
AutoJason MyersScripts34
AutoJaxon Smith-NjigbaRookie Scripts7Only Red Wave
AutoJaxon Smith-NjigbaShowtime Signatures7
AutoJaxon Smith-NjigbaIn Focus Signatures25
AutoJaxon Smith-NjigbaRookie Autographs Mosaic331
AutoZach CharbonnetRookie Scripts16Only Red Wave
AutoZach CharbonnetRookie Autographs Mosaic379
Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseCalijah KanceyBase Rookies293
BaseChris GodwinBase228
BaseDevin WhiteBase231
BaseJohn LynchBase234
BaseJulio JonesBase229
BaseMike AlstottBase233
BaseMike EvansBase227
BaseVita VeaBase230
BaseWarren SappBase232
InsertLavonte DavidBang!7
InsertLeGarrette BlountMoments in Time22
InsertLeonard FournetteThunder Lane8
InsertMike AlstottThunder Lane22
InsertMike EvansElevate3
InsertMike EvansTouchdown Masters9
AutoCalijah KanceyRookie Autographs Mosaic293
AutoChase EdmondsAutographs Mosaic48
AutoChris GodwinAutographs Mosaic38No Purple/White
AutoLeGarrette BlountAutographs Mosaic17
AutoTristan WirfsAutographs Mosaic44No Base/Red
Tennessee Titans
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseChris JohnsonBase242
BaseDerrick HenryBase238
BaseDerrick HenryBase National Pride262
BaseEddie GeorgeBase239
BaseJevon KearseBase240
BaseMalik WillisBase235
BasePeter SkoronskiBase Rookies355
BaseRyan TannehillBase236
BaseTreylon BurksBase237
BaseTyjae SpearsBase Rookies369
BaseVince YoungBase241
BaseWill LevisBase Rookies377
InsertDerrick HenryThunder Lane3
InsertDerrick HenryRazzle Dazzle8
InsertDerrick HenryCarbon Copy9
InsertDerrick HenryStained Glass11
InsertDerrick HenryTouchdown Masters11
InsertDerrick HenryAudible Mosaic21
InsertDerrick HenryMontage24
InsertWill LevisMicro Mosaic3
InsertWill LevisIntroductions4
InsertWill LevisRazzle Dazzle18
InsertWill LevisKaleidoscopic19
InsertWill LevisStained Glass24
AutoBilly "White Shoes" JohnsonShowtime Signatures11
AutoBilly "White Shoes" JohnsonScripts31No Base
AutoJevon KearseScripts44
AutoRyan TannehillIn Focus Signatures2No Blue/Purple
AutoTyjae SpearsRookie Scripts26
AutoTyjae SpearsRookie Autographs Mosaic369
Washington Commanders
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseArt MonkBase248
BaseBrian Robinson Jr.Base244
BaseClinton PortisBase249
BaseDaron PayneBase247
BaseEmmanuel ForbesBase Rookies319
BaseJahan DotsonBase245
BaseJartavius MartinBase Rookies330
BaseJoe TheismannBase250
BaseSam HowellBase243
BaseTerry McLaurinBase246
AutoAntonio GibsonAutographs Mosaic10
AutoAntwaan Randle ElScripts46No Base
AutoChamp BaileyShowtime Signatures19
AutoJartavius MartinRookie Autographs Mosaic330Only White Sparkle
AutoTerry McLaurinAutographs Mosaic39No Base/Blue/Red