2023 Panini Origins WNBA Basketball Checklist

2023 Panini Origins WNBA Basketball

Release Date: October 25, 2023

Origins is coming to the WNBA for the first time ever! Look for a stunning showing of Autograph, Memorabilia, Insert, and Parallel cards!


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2023 Panini Origins WNBA Basketball

2023 Panini Origins WNBA Basketball

  • Chase the SSP’d Tiger Eyes and Blank Slate inserts!
  • Find 2 Autographs and 1 memorabilia card per box, on average!
  • Pull unique inserts of the WNBA’s top duos in Roots of Greatness and Splitting Image.
  • Look for colorful Parallels throughout the product such as Rainbow, Teal, and Blue!



Look for amazing autograph and dual memorabilia/autograph cards of the biggest WNBA superstars in the game today. Find Parallels numbered to as low as 1 in Origins Autographs, Universal Autographs, and Jersey Autographs!




For the first time ever, find super-rare Blank Slate and Tiger Eyes cards of the greatest legends of the WNBA, as well as the best superstars in the game today.

BLANK SLATE                                    TIGER EYES                                          AFICIONADO GOLD
BLANK SLATE, Maya Moore TIGER EYES, Diana Taurasi AFICIONADO GOLD, Lisa Leslie




Look for many different cards and parallels of top-tier WNBA rookies, stars, and legends. Find unique memorabilia cards like Art Nouveau and Jumbo Jerseys!

Base Rainbow                           Roots of Greatness Black                  Art Nouveau Mem Blue
2023 Panini Origins WNBA Basketball - BASE RAINBOW, Aliyah Boston ROOTS OF GREATNESS BLACK, Breanna Stewart & Sabrina Lonescu ART NOUVEAU MEMORABILIA BLUE, Brittney Griner











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100 card set.
Parallels - Rainbow, Red, Blue #/75, Teal #/35, Gold #/10, Black 1/1.

1Kahleah CopperChicago Sky
2Isabelle HarrisonChicago Sky
3Michaela OnyenwerePhoenix Mercury
4Crystal DangerfieldDallas Wings
5Lexie BrownLos Angeles Sparks
6Sophie CunninghamPhoenix Mercury
7Dearica HambyLos Angeles Sparks
8Courtney VanderslootNew York Liberty
9Shakira AustinWashington Mystics
10Nneka OgwumikeLos Angeles Sparks
11Jasmine ThomasLos Angeles Sparks
12Brianna TurnerPhoenix Mercury
13Karlie SamuelsonLos Angeles Sparks
14Aerial PowersMinnesota Lynx
15Jewell LoydSeattle Storm
16Betnijah LaneyNew York Liberty
17Breanna StewartNew York Liberty
18Dana EvansChicago Sky
19Veronica BurtonDallas Wings
20Kelsey PlumLas Vegas Aces
21Kelsey MitchellIndiana Fever
22Ariel AtkinsWashington Mystics
23Tiffany MitchellMinnesota Lynx
24Napheesa CollierMinnesota Lynx
25Erica WheelerIndiana Fever
26Marine JohannesNew York Liberty
27Alanna SmithChicago Sky
28Aari McDonaldAtlanta Dream
29Kalani BrownDallas Wings
30Brittney SykesWashington Mystics
31Stefanie DolsonNew York Liberty
32A'ja WilsonLas Vegas Aces
33Natasha HowardDallas Wings
34Elizabeth WilliamsChicago Sky
35DiJonai CarringtonConnecticut Sun
36Jordin CanadaLos Angeles Sparks
37Chiney OgwumikeLos Angeles Sparks
38Diamond DeShieldsDallas Wings
39Sydney ColsonLas Vegas Aces
40Rebekah GardnerChicago Sky
41Sabrina IonescuNew York Liberty
42DeWanna BonnerConnecticut Sun
43Jackie YoungLas Vegas Aces
44Brittney GrinerPhoenix Mercury
45Satou SaballyDallas Wings
46Natasha CloudWashington Mystics
47Alysha ClarkLas Vegas Aces
48NaLyssa SmithIndiana Fever
49Jonquel JonesNew York Liberty
50Moriah JeffersonPhoenix Mercury
51Chelsea GrayLas Vegas Aces
52Kayla McBrideMinnesota Lynx
53Rhyne HowardAtlanta Dream
54Katie Lou SamuelsonLos Angeles Sparks
55Cheyenne ParkerAtlanta Dream
56Kia NurseSeattle Storm
57Ezi MagbegorSeattle Storm
58Kayla ThorntonNew York Liberty
59Diana TaurasiPhoenix Mercury
60Brionna JonesConnecticut Sun
61Alyssa ThomasConnecticut Sun
62Asia DurrAtlanta Dream
63Allisha GrayAtlanta Dream
64Rebecca AllenConnecticut Sun
65Lexie HullIndiana Fever
66Marina MabreyChicago Sky
67Courtney WilliamsChicago Sky
68Tiffany HayesConnecticut Sun
69Naz HillmonAtlanta Dream
70Candace ParkerLas Vegas Aces
71Odyssey SimsDallas Wings
72Arike OgunbowaleDallas Wings
73Kristy WallaceIndiana Fever
74Elena Delle DonneWashington Mystics
75Skylar Diggins-SmithPhoenix Mercury
76Nyara SaballyNew York Liberty
77Sylvia FowlesMinnesota Lynx
78Sue BirdSeattle Storm
79Tamika CatchingsIndiana Fever
80Becky HammonNew York Liberty
81Lauren JacksonSeattle Storm
82Sheryl SwoopesHouston Comets
83Cynthia Cooper-DykeHouston Comets
84Katie SmithMinnesota Lynx
85Maya MooreMinnesota Lynx
86Jackie StilesOther
87Lisa LeslieLos Angeles Sparks
88Aliyah BostonIndiana Fever
89Diamond MillerMinnesota Lynx
90Maddy SiegristDallas Wings
91Stephanie SoaresDallas Wings
92Lou Lopez SenechalDallas Wings
93Haley JonesAtlanta Dream
94Grace BergerIndiana Fever
95Laeticia AmihereAtlanta Dream
96Jordan HorstonSeattle Storm
97Zia CookeLos Angeles Sparks
98Abby MeyersDallas Wings
99Kadi SissokoPhoenix Mercury
100Ivana DojkicSeattle Storm
Jersey Autographs

21 card set.
Parallels - Red #/49, Blue #/25 or #/15, Gold #/10, Black 1/1.

1Breanna StewartNew York Liberty
2Satou SaballyDallas Wings
4Azura StevensLos Angeles SparksNo Base
5Sue BirdSeattle StormNo Base
7Arike OgunbowaleDallas Wings
8Haley JonesAtlanta Dream
9Skylar Diggins-SmithPhoenix MercuryNo Base
11Jonquel JonesNew York Liberty
12Sabrina IonescuNew York Liberty
14Brittney GrinerPhoenix MercuryNo Base
15A'ja WilsonLas Vegas Aces
16Jewell LoydSeattle Storm
17Elena Delle DonneWashington Mystics
18Rhyne HowardAtlanta DreamNo Base
19Kelsey MitchellIndiana Fever
22Chelsea GrayLas Vegas Aces
25Diana TaurasiPhoenix MercuryNo Base
27Nneka OgwumikeLos Angeles Sparks
28Diamond MillerMinnesota LynxNo Base
29Courtney VanderslootNew York Liberty
30DeWanna BonnerConnecticut Sun
Legacy Signatures

15 card set.
Parallels - Red #/49, Blue #/25 or #/15, Gold #/10, Black 1/1.

1Diana TaurasiPhoenix Mercury
2Sheryl SwoopesHouston Comets
3Maya MooreMinnesota Lynx
4Lauren JacksonSeattle Storm
5Elena Delle DonneWashington Mystics
6Tamika CatchingsIndiana Fever
7Becky HammonSan Antonio Stars
8Lisa LeslieLos Angeles Sparks
9Sue BirdSeattle Storm
10Nykesha SalesConnecticut Sun
11Cynthia Cooper-DykeHouston Comets
12Deanna NolanDetroit Shock
13Brittney GrinerPhoenix Mercury
14Tina CharlesSeattle Storm
15Sylvia FowlesMinnesota LynxNo Red
Origins Autographs

31 card set.
Parallels - Red #/49, Blue #/25 or #/15, Gold #/10, Black 1/1.

1Breanna StewartNew York Liberty
2Diana TaurasiPhoenix Mercury
3Arike OgunbowaleDallas Wings
4Elena Delle DonneWashington Mystics
5Kelsey MitchellIndiana Fever
6Sue BirdSeattle Storm
8Deanna NolanDetroit Shock
9Diamond MillerMinnesota Lynx
10Sylvia FowlesMinnesota LynxNo Red
11Jackie YoungLas Vegas Aces
12Sheryl SwoopesHouston Comets
13A'ja WilsonLas Vegas Aces
14Tamika CatchingsIndiana Fever
15Betnijah LaneyNew York Liberty
16Nykesha SalesConnecticut Sun
18Brittney GrinerPhoenix Mercury
19Haley JonesAtlanta Dream
20Azura StevensLos Angeles SparksNo Red
21Skylar Diggins-SmithPhoenix Mercury
22Maya MooreMinnesota Lynx
23Jonquel JonesNew York Liberty
24Becky HammonSan Antonio Stars
25Courtney WilliamsChicago Sky
26Cynthia Cooper-DykeHouston Comets
28Tina CharlesSeattle Storm
30Courtney VanderslootNew York Liberty
31Rhyne HowardAtlanta Dream
32Lauren JacksonSeattle Storm
33Becky HammonLas Vegas Aces
34Lisa LeslieLos Angeles Sparks
35Brionna JonesConnecticut Sun
Universal Autographs

30 card set.
Parallels - Red #/49, Blue #/25 or #/15, Gold #/10, Black 1/1.

1Becky HammonSan Antonio Stars
2Courtney WilliamsChicago Sky
3Nykesha SalesConnecticut Sun
5Brittney GrinerPhoenix Mercury
6Jackie YoungLas Vegas Aces
7Diana TaurasiPhoenix Mercury
8Arike OgunbowaleDallas Wings
9Lauren JacksonSeattle Storm
11Lisa LeslieLos Angeles Sparks
12Brionna JonesConnecticut Sun
13Cynthia Cooper-DykeHouston Comets
14Diamond MillerMinnesota Lynx
15Tina CharlesSeattle Storm
16Skylar Diggins-SmithPhoenix Mercury
17Sheryl SwoopesHouston Comets
18Jonquel JonesNew York Liberty
19Elena Delle DonneWashington Mystics
20Kelsey MitchellIndiana Fever
21Sue BirdSeattle Storm
23Deanna NolanDetroit Shock
24Haley JonesAtlanta Dream
25Sylvia FowlesMinnesota LynxNo Red
26Rhyne HowardAtlanta Dream
27Maya MooreMinnesota Lynx
28A'ja WilsonLas Vegas Aces
29Tamika CatchingsIndiana Fever
30Betnijah LaneyNew York Liberty
31Azura StevensLos Angeles SparksNo Red
33Courtney VanderslootNew York Liberty
35Breanna StewartNew York Liberty
Art Nouveau Memorabilia

35 card set.
Parallels - Red #/49, Blue #/25, Gold #/10, Black 1/1.

1Arike OgunbowaleDallas Wings
2Napheesa CollierMinnesota Lynx
3Kelsey MitchellIndiana Fever
4Sabrina IonescuNew York Liberty
5Aliyah BostonIndiana Fever
6Chelsea GrayLas Vegas Aces
7Azura StevensLos Angeles Sparks
8Sophie CunninghamPhoenix Mercury
9Sue BirdSeattle Storm
10Haley JonesAtlanta Dream
11Elena Delle DonneWashington Mystics
12Kelsey PlumLas Vegas Aces
13Courtney VanderslootNew York Liberty
14Alyssa ThomasConnecticut Sun
15Jordin CanadaLos Angeles Sparks
16Candace ParkerLas Vegas Aces
17Brittney GrinerPhoenix Mercury
18Jewell LoydSeattle Storm
19A'ja WilsonLas Vegas Aces
20Rhyne HowardAtlanta Dream
21Nneka OgwumikeLos Angeles Sparks
22DeWanna BonnerConnecticut Sun
23Breanna StewartNew York Liberty
24NaLyssa SmithIndiana Fever
25Dearica HambyLos Angeles Sparks
26Tiffany HayesConnecticut Sun
27Shey PeddyPhoenix Mercury
28Allisha GrayAtlanta Dream
29Diana TaurasiPhoenix Mercury
30Diamond MillerMinnesota Lynx
31Skylar Diggins-SmithPhoenix Mercury
32Satou SaballyDallas Wings
33Jonquel JonesNew York Liberty
34Natasha HowardDallas Wings
35Ezi MagbegorSeattle Storm
Jumbo Jerseys

35 card set.
Parallels - Blue #/25 or less, Gold #/10 or less, Black 1/1.

1Sue BirdSeattle StormNo Gold
2Haley JonesAtlanta Dream
3Elena Delle DonneWashington Mystics
4Kelsey PlumLas Vegas Aces
5Courtney VanderslootNew York Liberty
6Alyssa ThomasConnecticut Sun
7Jordin CanadaLos Angeles Sparks
8Chelsea GrayLas Vegas AcesOnly Black
9Azura StevensLos Angeles Sparks
10Sophie CunninghamPhoenix Mercury
11A'ja WilsonLas Vegas AcesOnly Black/Blue
12Rhyne HowardAtlanta Dream
13Skylar Diggins-SmithPhoenix Mercury
14DeWanna BonnerConnecticut SunOnly Black/Blue
15Breanna StewartNew York Liberty
16NaLyssa SmithIndiana Fever
17Dearica HambyLos Angeles Sparks
18Candace ParkerLas Vegas Aces
19Brittney GrinerPhoenix Mercury
20Jewell LoydSeattle StormNo Gold
21Diana TaurasiPhoenix Mercury
22Diamond MillerMinnesota Lynx
23Nneka OgwumikeLos Angeles SparksNo Gold
24Satou SaballyDallas WingsNo Gold
25Jonquel JonesNew York Liberty
26Natasha HowardDallas Wings
27Ezi MagbegorSeattle Storm
28Tiffany HayesConnecticut Sun
29Shey PeddyPhoenix Mercury
30Allisha GrayAtlanta Dream
31Arike OgunbowaleDallas WingsNo Gold
32Napheesa CollierMinnesota Lynx
33Kelsey MitchellIndiana Fever
34Sabrina IonescuNew York Liberty
35Aliyah BostonIndiana Fever

20 card set.
Parallels - Gold #/10, Black 1/1.

1Nneka OgwumikeLos Angeles Sparks
2Maya MooreMinnesota Lynx
3Becky HammonSan Antonio Stars
4Diana TaurasiPhoenix Mercury
5Alyssa ThomasConnecticut Sun
6Sheryl SwoopesHouston Comets
7Cynthia Cooper-DykeHouston Comets
8Cheryl FordDetroit Shock
9Elena Delle DonneWashington Mystics
10Candace ParkerLas Vegas Aces
11Lisa LeslieLos Angeles Sparks
12Ruth RileyDetroit Shock
13Jonquel JonesNew York Liberty
14Jackie StilesOther
15Chelsea GrayLas Vegas Aces
16Tamika CatchingsIndiana Fever
17Katie SmithMinnesota Lynx
18Sue BirdSeattle Storm
19Sylvia FowlesMinnesota Lynx
20Jewell LoydSeattle Storm
Blank Slate

5 card set.

1Sabrina IonescuNew York Liberty
2Sue BirdSeattle Storm
3Maya MooreMinnesota Lynx
4Candace ParkerLas Vegas Aces
5Breanna StewartNew York Liberty

10 card set.
Parallels - Gold #/10, Black 1/1.

1Lexie BrownLos Angeles Sparks
2Kelsey PlumLas Vegas Aces
3Skylar Diggins-SmithPhoenix Mercury
4Natasha CloudWashington Mystics
5A'ja WilsonLas Vegas Aces
6Sophie CunninghamPhoenix Mercury
7Tiffany MitchellMinnesota Lynx
8Satou SaballyDallas Wings
9DiJonai CarringtonConnecticut Sun
10Isabelle HarrisonChicago Sky
Roots of Greatness

8 card set.
Parallels - Gold #/10, Black 1/1.

1A'ja WilsonLas Vegas Aces
1Candace ParkerLas Vegas Aces
2Arike OgunbowaleDallas Wings
2Maddy SiegristDallas Wings
3Diana TaurasiPhoenix Mercury
3Sophie CunninghamPhoenix Mercury
4Kelsey MitchellIndiana Fever
4Aliyah BostonIndiana Fever
5Rhyne HowardAtlanta Dream
5Cheyenne ParkerAtlanta Dream
6Breanna StewartNew York Liberty
6Sabrina IonescuNew York Liberty
7Jewell LoydSeattle Storm
7Jordan HorstonSeattle Storm
8Elena Delle DonneWashington Mystics
8Shakira AustinWashington Mystics
Splitting Image

15 card set.
Parallels - Gold #/10, Black 1/1.

1Breanna StewartNew York Liberty
1Jonquel JonesNew York Liberty
2Rhyne HowardAtlanta Dream
2Allisha GrayAtlanta Dream
3Natasha CloudWashington Mystics
3Ariel AtkinsWashington Mystics
4Courtney VanderslootNew York Liberty
4Sabrina IonescuNew York Liberty
5Arike OgunbowaleDallas Wings
5Diamond DeShieldsDallas Wings
6DeWanna BonnerConnecticut Sun
6Alyssa ThomasConnecticut Sun
7Aliyah BostonIndiana Fever
7NaLyssa SmithIndiana Fever
8Jackie YoungLas Vegas Aces
8Kelsey PlumLas Vegas Aces
9Tiffany MitchellMinnesota Lynx
9Kayla McBrideMinnesota Lynx
10Jordin CanadaLos Angeles Sparks
10Lexie BrownLos Angeles Sparks
11Nneka OgwumikeLos Angeles Sparks
11Chiney OgwumikeLos Angeles Sparks
12Marina MabreyChicago Sky
12Kahleah CopperChicago Sky
13Katie Lou SamuelsonLos Angeles Sparks
13Karlie SamuelsonLos Angeles Sparks
14Kelsey MitchellIndiana Fever
14Erica WheelerIndiana Fever
15Satou SaballyDallas Wings
15Natasha HowardDallas Wings
Team Origins

12 card set.
Parallels - Gold #/10, Black 1/1.

1Lauren JacksonSeattle Storm
2Candace ParkerLas Vegas Aces
3Becky HammonSan Antonio Stars
4Sheryl SwoopesHouston Comets
5Breanna StewartNew York Liberty
6Diana TaurasiPhoenix Mercury
7Sue BirdSeattle Storm
8Maya MooreMinnesota Lynx
9Sylvia FowlesMinnesota Lynx
10A'ja WilsonLas Vegas Aces
11Jackie StilesOther
12Elena Delle DonneWashington Mystics
Tiger Eyes

10 card set.

1Diana TaurasiPhoenix Mercury
2A'ja WilsonLas Vegas Aces
3Elena Delle DonneWashington Mystics
4Breanna StewartNew York Liberty
5Sabrina IonescuNew York Liberty
6Brittney GrinerPhoenix Mercury
7Lisa LeslieLos Angeles Sparks
8Sheryl SwoopesHouston Comets
9Becky HammonSan Antonio Stars
10Aliyah BostonIndiana Fever
Water Color

20 card set.
Parallels - Gold #/10, Black 1/1.

1Cheryl FordDetroit Shock
2Jewell LoydSeattle Storm
3Chelsea GrayLas Vegas Aces
4Sheryl SwoopesHouston Comets
5Lisa LeslieLos Angeles Sparks
6Elena Delle DonneWashington Mystics
7Becky HammonSan Antonio Stars
8Nneka OgwumikeLos Angeles Sparks
9Katie SmithMinnesota Lynx
10Diana TaurasiPhoenix Mercury
11Maya MooreMinnesota Lynx
12Ruth RileyDetroit Shock
13Sue BirdSeattle Storm
14Sylvia FowlesMinnesota Lynx
15Candace ParkerLas Vegas Aces
16Angel McCoughtryAtlanta Dream
17Arike OgunbowaleDallas Wings
18Brittney GrinerPhoenix Mercury
19Tamika CatchingsIndiana Fever
20Alyssa ThomasConnecticut Sun
Works in Progress

15 card set.
Parallels - Gold #/10, Black 1/1.

1Aliyah BostonIndiana Fever
2Diamond MillerMinnesota Lynx
3Zia CookeLos Angeles Sparks
4Rhyne HowardAtlanta Dream
5Jordan HorstonSeattle Storm
6NaLyssa SmithIndiana Fever
7Naz HillmonAtlanta Dream
8Veronica BurtonDallas Wings
9Maddy SiegristDallas Wings
10Rebekah GardnerChicago Sky
11Shakira AustinWashington Mystics
12Laeticia AmihereAtlanta Dream
13Dana EvansChicago Sky
14Lexie HullIndiana Fever
15Haley JonesAtlanta Dream