2023 Topps Allen and Ginter Baseball Checklist

2023 Topps Allen and Ginter Baseball

Release Date: September 22, 2023

2023 Topps Allen and Ginter Baseball returns to store shelves in August 2023.

See the full checklist here – 2023 Topps Allen and Ginter Baseball Checklist

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2023 Topps Allen and Ginter Baseball

  • A perfect blend of MLB® stars and luminaries from other sports, pop-culture, and more, collectors will be surprised by who and what they receive cards of in each pack.
  • Every pack will contain standard size trading cards and one “tobacco era” style mini card.

2023 Topps Allen and Ginter Baseball

BASE CARDS2023 Topps Allen and Ginter Baseball - Base Card, Greene

300 notable names from baseball and pop culture. Subject list includes rookies, current stars, and retired greats alongside notable names from other sports and the entertainment world.

  • ALL NEW! Foil Filigree Parallel –1 per Hobby Box
  • Silver Portrait Parallel –GINTER HOT BOX ONLY
  • Glossy Parallel –Numbered 1 of 1

Base Card Short Prints –50 additional subjects not found in the base set, numbered 301-350.

  • ALL NEW! Foil Filigree Parallel –1 per Hobby Box
  • Silver Portrait Parallel –GINTER HOT BOX ONLY
  • Glossy Parallel –Numbered 1 of 1

MINI BASE CARDSBase Card Mini -Wood Variation, Judge

Base Card Mini –1 per pack

  • Allen & Ginter Parallel –1:5 packs
  • Black Bordered –1:10 packs
  • No Number –Limited to 50
  • Brooklyn Back –Numbered to 25
  • Wood –Numbered 1 of 1 HOBBY ONLY
  • Glossy –Numbered 1 of 1

Short Printed Base Card Mini–1:13 packs

  • Allen & Ginter Parallel –1:65 packs
  • Black Bordered –1:130 packs
  • No Number –Limited to 50
  • Brooklyn Back –Numbered to 25
  • Wood –Numbered 1 of 1 HOBBY ONLY
  • Glossy –Numbered 1 of 1

Mini Metal Cards –150 subjects. Limited to 3

Mini Stained Glass Variations –150 subjects. Limited to 25

Framed Mini Printing Plates –4 printing plates from each of the 350 base cards. All numbered 1 of 1

Framed Mini Cloth Cards –150 subjects. Numbered to 10


RELIC CARDSFull Size Relic, Devers

Allen & Ginter Full-Size Relics –Two different designs, showcasing MLB players, world champion athletes, and personalities

Allen & Ginter Mini Relics –Framed mini cards highlighting the most collectible baseball stars, past, present, and future

Allen & Ginter DNA Relics –Featuring ancient fossils. Numbered to 25 or less. Hobby Exclusive

Cut Signatures –Twenty unique signatures from historical and pop culture figures. All numbered 1 of 1

Allen & Ginter Framed Originals –100 original Allen & Ginter buyback cards. All numbered 1 of 1



Allen & Ginter Framed Mini Autographs –Collectible names from baseball, entertainment, and pop culture supply on-card autographs on these framed mini cards.

  • Black Framed Parallel –Numbered to 25
  • Red Ink Parallel –Limited. Hobby Exclusive

Allen & Ginter Autographed Relic Book Cards –Featuring jumbo relic pieces and player autographs on a dual paneled book card. Sequentially numbered to 10.

Allen & Ginter Dual Autographed Relic Book Cards –Cards will contain two autographs and two relic pieces. Sequentially numbered to 10


RIP CARDS –2 per Hobby Case

Allen & Ginter Rip Cards –100 subjects. Cards will contain a mini card inside. Sequentially numbered.

Allen & Ginter Dual Rip Cards –Up to 50 pairings. Cards will contain two mini cards within. Sequentially numbered HOBBY EXCLUSIVE

Allen & Ginter BoxloaderRip Cards –Oversized rip cards containing 3 mini cards. HOBBY EXCLUSIVE

Rip cards can contain:

  • Artist Originals –Unique baseball artwork. Numbered 1 of 1
  • Mini Exclusives –Mini base cards numbered 351-400
  • Mini Metal Exclusives –Numbered to 3
  • Mini Wood Exclusives –Numbered 1 of 1
  • Mini Stained Glass Variation Exclusives –1 per BoxloaderRip Card


FULL SIZE INSERTSAllen & Ginter In Action, Rodriguez


A&G In Action Variations –select MLB® stars receive action image base card variations. Limited to 2 per case.

Spotless Spans –celebrating players who had flawless performances in single games, innings, and multiple game streaks.

TALON-ted –highlighting birds known for their large talons.

Music to Your Ears –showcasing instruments from around the world

Fun in the Sun! –chronicling various Summertime activities


MINI SIZE INSERTS2023 Topps Allen and Ginter Baseball - Save Room for Dessert 2023 Topps Allen and Ginter Baseball - Only in…


Save Room for Dessert –Got a sweet tooth? This insert will help quell your cravings.

By Any Other Name –highlighting other famous “Allen”sin the world.

Rarest of the Diamond –showcasing occurrences in baseball that are rarer than a no-hitter

Only In… -celebrating unique aspects of the 30 MLB® stadiums

World of Wonder –marvel at select UNESCO World Heritage Sites

International Delights –dig into this insert celebrating mouthwatering dishes from around the world


BOXLOADERS 1 per Hobby Box N43 Boxloader, Verlander

Allen & Ginter Boxloaders–MLB’s most collectible stars and rookies

Allen & Ginter Boxloader Autographs –Featuring on-card autographs. Numbered to 15 or less

NEW! Only In… Boxloader–Limited to 500

Allen & Ginter N43 Boxloader–The classic card design featuring modern day stars. Limited

Allen & Ginter N43 Boxloader Autographs –Featuring on-card autographs. Numbered to 15 or less

Allen & Ginter BoxloaderRip Cards –30 subjects. Limited

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Arizona Diamondbacks
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseChristian WalkerBase172
BaseCorbin CarrollBase11RC
BaseDrey JamesonBase229RC
BaseGabriel MorenoBase18RC
BaseJake McCarthyBase52
BaseKetel MarteBase170
BaseRyne NelsonBase247RC
BaseTommy HenryBase59RC
InsertAlek ThomasA&G Dual RIPDRC-TM
InsertChristian WalkerBase Mini172
InsertCorbin CarrollIn Action Variation11
InsertCorbin CarrollBase Mini11RC
InsertCorbin CarrollBase Mini Metal11RC
InsertCorbin CarrollMini Stained Glass11RC
InsertCorbin CarrollBase Framed Mini Cloth11RC
InsertCorbin CarrollBase Short Print368RC
InsertCorbin CarrollBase Mini Exclusives EXT368RC
InsertCorbin CarrollA&G Boxloader RIPBRC-CC
InsertCorbin CarrollA&G Dual RIPDRC-CM
InsertCorbin CarrollMini Artist Originals SketchMAO-CC
InsertCorbin CarrollA&G RIPRC-CC
InsertDrey JamesonBase Mini229RC
InsertGabriel MorenoIn Action Variation18
InsertGabriel MorenoBase Mini18RC
InsertGabriel MorenoBase Mini Metal18RC
InsertGabriel MorenoMini Stained Glass18RC
InsertGabriel MorenoBase Framed Mini Cloth18RC
InsertGabriel MorenoA&G Dual RIPDRC-CM
InsertGabriel MorenoA&G RIPRC-GM
InsertJ.D MartinezRarest of the Diamond MiniMROD-64-Home Run Game, September 4 2017
InsertJake McCarthyBase Mini52
InsertJake McCarthyBase Mini Metal52
InsertJake McCarthyMini Stained Glass52
InsertJake McCarthyBase Framed Mini Cloth52
InsertKetel MarteBase Mini170
InsertKetel MarteA&G Dual RIPDRC-TM
InsertPoolOnly In... MiniOI-1
InsertPoolOnly In... BoxloaderOIB-1
InsertRandy JohnsonMini Artist Originals SketchMAO-RJ
InsertRandy JohnsonA&G RIPRC-RJ
InsertRandy JohnsonSpotless SpansSS-26
InsertRyne NelsonBase Mini247RC
InsertTommy HenryBase Mini59RC
InsertTommy HenryBase Mini Metal59RC
InsertTommy HenryMini Stained Glass59RC
InsertTommy HenryBase Framed Mini Cloth59RC
RelicCorbin CarrollFull-Size Relic (A)AGRA-CC
RelicEvan LongoriaFull-Size Relic (B)AGRB-EL
RelicZac GallenFull-Size Relic (A)AGRA-ZG
AutoAlek ThomasAutographed Relic BookARBC-AT
AutoAlek ThomasDual Autographed Relic BookDARBC-CT
AutoCorbin CarrollAutographed Relic BookARBC-CC
AutoCorbin CarrollA&G Boxloader AutographBA-CC
AutoCorbin CarrollDual Autographed Relic BookDARBC-CT
AutoCorbin CarrollFramed Mini Baseball AutographMA-CC
AutoGabriel MorenoFramed Mini Baseball AutographMA-GM
AutoJake McCarthyFramed Mini Baseball AutographMA-JMC
AutoRyne NelsonFramed Mini Baseball AutographMA-RNE
AutoTommy HenryFramed Mini Baseball AutographMA-TH
Atlanta Braves
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseAustin RileyBase74
BaseChipper JonesBase187
BaseDale MurphyBase200
BaseHank AaronBase83
BaseMatt OlsonBase99
BaseMax FriedBase76
BaseMichael Harris IIBase12RC
BaseOzzie AlbiesBase288
BaseRonald Acuña Jr.Base37
BaseSean MurphyBase253
BaseSpencer StriderBase4
BaseVaughn GrissomBase50RC
InsertAustin RileyIn Action Variation74
InsertAustin RileyBase Mini74
InsertAustin RileyBase Mini Metal74
InsertAustin RileyMini Stained Glass74
InsertAustin RileyBase Framed Mini Cloth74
InsertAustin RileyBase Short Print394
InsertAustin RileyBase Mini Exclusives EXT394
InsertAustin RileyA&G Boxloader RIPBRC-AR
InsertAustin RileyA&G RIPRC-ARI
InsertChipper JonesBase Mini187
InsertChipper JonesSpotless SpansSS-17
InsertChipper JonesUniform CountdownUC-10
InsertDale MurphyBase Mini200
InsertDeion SandersBase Mini Metal107
InsertDeion SandersMini Stained Glass107
InsertDeion SandersBase Framed Mini Cloth107
InsertDeion SandersA&G Boxloader RIPBRC-DS
InsertDeion SandersA&G Dual RIPDRC-AS
InsertGreg MadduxSpotless SpansSS-16
InsertHank AaronBase Mini83
InsertHank AaronBase Mini Metal83
InsertHank AaronMini Stained Glass83
InsertHank AaronBase Framed Mini Cloth83
InsertHank AaronBase Short Print367
InsertHank AaronBase Mini Exclusives EXT367
InsertHank AaronMini Artist Originals SketchMAO-HA
InsertHank AaronA&G N43 BoxloaderN43-18
InsertHank AaronA&G RIPRC-HA
InsertHank AaronSpotless SpansSS-48
InsertJohn SmoltzBase Short Print350
InsertJohn SmoltzBase Mini Short Print350
InsertMatt OlsonBase Mini99
InsertMatt OlsonBase Mini Metal99
InsertMatt OlsonMini Stained Glass99
InsertMatt OlsonBase Framed Mini Cloth99
InsertMax FriedBase Mini76
InsertMax FriedBase Mini Metal76
InsertMax FriedMini Stained Glass76
InsertMax FriedBase Framed Mini Cloth76
InsertMax FriedA&G RIPRC-MF
InsertMichael Harris IIIn Action Variation12
InsertMichael Harris IIBase Mini12RC
InsertMichael Harris IIBase Mini Metal12RC
InsertMichael Harris IIMini Stained Glass12RC
InsertMichael Harris IIBase Framed Mini Cloth12RC
InsertMichael Harris IIA&G Dual RIPDRC-HRO
InsertMichael Harris IIA&G RIPRC-MH
InsertMonument GardenOnly In... MiniOI-2
InsertMonument GardenOnly In... BoxloaderOIB-2
InsertOzzie AlbiesBase Mini288
InsertRonald AcuñaA&G Dual RIPDRC-AS
InsertRonald AcuñaA&G Dual RIPDRC-SA
InsertRonald Acuña Jr.In Action Variation37
InsertRonald Acuña Jr.Base Mini37
InsertRonald Acuña Jr.Base Mini Metal37
InsertRonald Acuña Jr.Mini Stained Glass37
InsertRonald Acuña Jr.Base Framed Mini Cloth37
InsertRonald Acuña Jr.Base Short Print360
InsertRonald Acuña Jr.Base Mini Exclusives EXT360
InsertRonald Acuña Jr.A&G BoxloaderBC-15
InsertRonald Acuña Jr.A&G Boxloader RIPBRC-RAJ
InsertRonald Acuña Jr.Mini Artist Originals SketchMAO-RAJ
InsertRonald Acuña Jr.A&G N43 BoxloaderN43-16
InsertRonald Acuña Jr.A&G RIPRC-RAJ
InsertRonald Acuña Jr.Spotless SpansSS-49
InsertSean MurphyBase Mini253
InsertSpencer StriderIn Action Variation4
InsertSpencer StriderBase Mini4
InsertSpencer StriderBase Mini Metal4
InsertSpencer StriderMini Stained Glass4
InsertSpencer StriderBase Framed Mini Cloth4
InsertSpencer StriderA&G RIPRC-SS
InsertVaughn GrissomBase Mini50RC
InsertVaughn GrissomBase Mini Metal50RC
InsertVaughn GrissomMini Stained Glass50RC
InsertVaughn GrissomBase Framed Mini Cloth50RC
InsertVaughn GrissomA&G RIPRC-VG
RelicAustin RileyFull-Size Relic (B)AGRB-AR
RelicAustin RileyMini Framed RelicMFR-ARIL
RelicChipper JonesMini Framed RelicMFR-CJ
RelicFred McGriffMini Framed RelicMFR-FM
RelicIan AndersonFull-Size Relic (B)AGRB-IA
RelicJohn SmoltzMini Framed RelicMFR-JSM
RelicKyle WrightFull-Size Relic (B)AGRB-KW
RelicMatt OlsonFull-Size Relic (A)AGRA-MO
RelicOzzie AlbiesMini Framed RelicMFR-OA
RelicRonald Acuña Jr.Mini Framed RelicMFR-RAJ
AutoAustin RileyAutographed Relic BookARBC-ARIL
AutoAustin RileyA&G Boxloader AutographBA-ARI
AutoAustin RileyFramed Mini Baseball AutographMA-AR
AutoMatt OlsonAutographed Relic BookARBC-MO
AutoMax FriedFramed Mini Baseball AutographMA-MF
AutoMichael Harris IIAutographed Relic BookARBC-MH
AutoMichael Harris IIDual Autographed Relic BookDARBC-GH
AutoMichael Harris IIFramed Mini Baseball AutographMA-MH
AutoRonald Acuña Jr.Autographed Relic BookARBC-RAJ
AutoRonald Acuña Jr.Dual Autographed Relic BookDARBC-GA
AutoTom GlavineFramed Mini Baseball AutographMA-TG
AutoVaughn GrissomAutographed Relic BookARBC-VG
AutoVaughn GrissomDual Autographed Relic BookDARBC-GH
AutoVaughn GrissomFramed Mini Baseball AutographMA-VG
Baltimore Orioles
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseAdley RutschmanBase68RC
BaseCal Ripken Jr.Base13
BaseCedric MullinsBase73
BaseDL HallBase2RC
BaseGrayson RodriguezBase275RC
BaseGunnar HendersonBase72RC
BaseJorge MateoBase282
BaseKyle StowersBase45RC
BaseRyan MountcastleBase32
InsertAdley RutschmanIn Action Variation68
InsertAdley RutschmanBase Mini68RC
InsertAdley RutschmanBase Mini Metal68RC
InsertAdley RutschmanMini Stained Glass68RC
InsertAdley RutschmanBase Framed Mini Cloth68RC
InsertAdley RutschmanBase Short Print353RC
InsertAdley RutschmanBase Mini Exclusives EXT353RC
InsertAdley RutschmanA&G Boxloader RIPBRC-ARU
InsertAdley RutschmanA&G Dual RIPDRC-HAR
InsertAdley RutschmanA&G Dual RIPDRC-RH
InsertAdley RutschmanMini Artist Originals SketchMAO-AR
InsertAdley RutschmanA&G RIPRC-AR
InsertB&O Warehouse in right fieldOnly In... MiniOI-3
InsertB&O Warehouse in right fieldOnly In... BoxloaderOIB-3
InsertCal Ripken Jr.Base Mini13
InsertCal Ripken Jr.Base Mini Metal13
InsertCal Ripken Jr.Mini Stained Glass13
InsertCal Ripken Jr.Base Framed Mini Cloth13
InsertCal Ripken Jr.Base Short Print365
InsertCal Ripken Jr.Base Mini Exclusives EXT365
InsertCal Ripken Jr.A&G Boxloader RIPBRC-CRJ
InsertCal Ripken Jr.A&G Dual RIPDRC-PR
InsertCal Ripken Jr.A&G RIPRC-CRJ
InsertCal Ripken Jr.Spotless SpansSS-4
InsertCal Ripken Jr.Uniform CountdownUC-8
InsertCedric MullinsBase Mini73
InsertCedric MullinsBase Mini Metal73
InsertCedric MullinsMini Stained Glass73
InsertCedric MullinsBase Framed Mini Cloth73
InsertDL HallBase Mini2RC
InsertDL HallBase Mini Metal2RC
InsertDL HallMini Stained Glass2RC
InsertDL HallBase Framed Mini Cloth2RC
InsertDL HallA&G Dual RIPDRC-HAR
InsertGrayson RodriguezBase Mini275RC
InsertGunnar HendersonBase Mini72RC
InsertGunnar HendersonBase Mini Metal72RC
InsertGunnar HendersonMini Stained Glass72RC
InsertGunnar HendersonBase Framed Mini Cloth72RC
InsertGunnar HendersonBase Short Print377RC
InsertGunnar HendersonBase Mini Exclusives EXT377RC
InsertGunnar HendersonA&G Boxloader RIPBRC-GH
InsertGunnar HendersonA&G Dual RIPDRC-RH
InsertGunnar HendersonMini Artist Originals SketchMAO-GH
InsertGunnar HendersonA&G RIPRC-GH
InsertJim PalmerA&G Dual RIPDRC-PR
InsertJorge MateoBase Mini282
InsertKyle StowersBase Mini45RC
InsertKyle StowersBase Mini Metal45RC
InsertKyle StowersMini Stained Glass45RC
InsertKyle StowersBase Framed Mini Cloth45RC
InsertMike MussinaA&G RIPRC-MMU
InsertRafael PalmeiroBase Short Print341
InsertRafael PalmeiroBase Mini Short Print341
InsertRyan MountcastleBase Mini32
InsertRyan MountcastleBase Mini Metal32
InsertRyan MountcastleMini Stained Glass32
InsertRyan MountcastleBase Framed Mini Cloth32
InsertRyan MountcastleIn Action Variation35
RelicAdley RutschmanFull-Size Relic (A)AGRA-ARU
RelicAustin HaysFull-Size Relic (B)AGRB-AHA
RelicCal Ripken Jr.Mini Framed RelicMFR-CRJ
RelicCedric MullinsFull-Size Relic (B)AGRB-CM
RelicGunnar HendersonFull-Size Relic (A)AGRA-GH
RelicRyan MountcastleFull-Size Relic (B)AGRB-RM
AutoAdley RutschmanAutographed Relic BookARBC-AR
AutoAdley RutschmanDual Autographed Relic BookDARBC-HR
AutoAdley RutschmanFramed Mini Baseball AutographMA-AR
AutoGrayson RodriguezFramed Mini Baseball AutographMA-GR
AutoGunnar HendersonAutographed Relic BookARBC-GH
AutoGunnar HendersonDual Autographed Relic BookDARBC-HR
AutoGunnar HendersonFramed Mini Baseball AutographMA-GH
AutoJim PalmerFramed Mini Baseball AutographMA-JPA
AutoKyle StowersFramed Mini Baseball AutographMA-KS
AutoRyan MountcastleAutographed Relic BookARBC-RM
Boston Red Sox
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseAlex VerdugoBase35
BaseBrayan BelloBase127RC
BaseDavid OrtizBase178
BaseDustin PedroiaBase188
BaseJustin TurnerBase151
BaseKenley JansenBase279
BaseMasataka YoshidaBase269RC
BaseRafael DeversBase78
BaseTed WilliamsBase38
BaseTriston CasasBase56RC
InsertAlex VerdugoBase Mini35
InsertAlex VerdugoBase Mini Metal35
InsertAlex VerdugoMini Stained Glass35
InsertAlex VerdugoBase Framed Mini Cloth35
InsertAlex VerdugoA&G RIPRC-AV
InsertBrayan BelloBase Mini127RC
InsertBrayan BelloBase Mini Metal127RC
InsertBrayan BelloMini Stained Glass127RC
InsertBrayan BelloBase Framed Mini Cloth127RC
InsertBrayan BelloA&G RIPRC-BBE
InsertCarl YastrzemskiBase Short Print330
InsertCarl YastrzemskiBase Mini Short Print330
InsertCy YoungSpotless SpansSS-6
InsertDavid OrtizBase Mini178
InsertDavid OrtizBase Short Print378
InsertDavid OrtizBase Mini Exclusives EXT378
InsertDavid OrtizA&G Dual RIPDRC-DM
InsertDavid OrtizSpotless SpansSS-46
InsertDustin PedroiaBase Mini188
InsertFred LynnBase Short Print332
InsertFred LynnBase Mini Short Print332
InsertGreen MonsterOnly In... MiniOI-4
InsertGreen MonsterOnly In... BoxloaderOIB-4
InsertJason VaritekBase Short Print311
InsertJason VaritekBase Mini Short Print311
InsertJason VaritekA&G Dual RIPDRC-MV
InsertJim RiceA&G RIPRC-JRI
InsertJustin TurnerBase Mini151
InsertKenley JansenBase Mini279
InsertManny RamirezA&G Dual RIPDRC-DM
InsertMasataka YoshidaBase Mini269RC
InsertMasataka YoshidaA&G Boxloader RIPBRC-MY
InsertPedro MartinezA&G Dual RIPDRC-MV
InsertPedro MartinezA&G RIPRC-PM
InsertRafael DeversIn Action Variation78
InsertRafael DeversBase Mini78
InsertRafael DeversBase Mini Metal78
InsertRafael DeversMini Stained Glass78
InsertRafael DeversBase Framed Mini Cloth78
InsertRafael DeversBase Short Print397
InsertRafael DeversBase Mini Exclusives EXT397
InsertRafael DeversA&G Boxloader RIPBRC-RD
InsertRafael DeversA&G Dual RIPDRC-CD
InsertRafael DeversA&G N43 BoxloaderN43-20
InsertRafael DeversA&G RIPRC-RD
InsertTed WilliamsBase Mini38
InsertTed WilliamsBase Mini Metal38
InsertTed WilliamsMini Stained Glass38
InsertTed WilliamsBase Framed Mini Cloth38
InsertTed WilliamsBase Short Print388
InsertTed WilliamsBase Mini Exclusives EXT388
InsertTed WilliamsA&G Boxloader RIPBRC-TW
InsertTed WilliamsMini Artist Originals SketchMAO-TW
InsertTed WilliamsA&G RIPRC-TW
InsertTed WilliamsSpotless SpansSS-29
InsertTed WilliamsUniform CountdownUC-9
InsertTim WakefieldBase Short Print305
InsertTim WakefieldBase Mini Short Print305
InsertTriston CasasBase Mini56RC
InsertTriston CasasBase Mini Metal56RC
InsertTriston CasasMini Stained Glass56RC
InsertTriston CasasBase Framed Mini Cloth56RC
InsertTriston CasasA&G Dual RIPDRC-CD
InsertTriston CasasA&G RIPRC-TC
RelicAlex VerdugoFull-Size Relic (A)AGRA-AV
RelicBobby DalbecFull-Size Relic (B)AGRB-BD
RelicBrayan BelloFull-Size Relic (A)AGRA-BB
RelicCarlton FiskMini Framed RelicMFR-CF
RelicDavid OrtizMini Framed RelicMFR-DO
RelicDennis EckersleyMini Framed RelicMFR-DE
RelicDustin PedroiaMini Framed RelicMFR-DP
RelicJustin TurnerFull-Size Relic (B)AGRB-JT
RelicManny RamirezMini Framed RelicMFR-MR
RelicPedro MartinezMini Framed RelicMFR-PM
RelicRafael DeversFull-Size Relic (B)AGRB-RD
RelicRafael DeversMini Framed RelicMFR-RD
AutoBrayan BelloFramed Mini Baseball AutographMA-BBE
AutoCarlton FiskFramed Mini Baseball AutographMA-CF
AutoDustin PedroiaA&G N43 Boxloader AutographN43A-DP
AutoMasataka YoshidaFramed Mini Baseball AutographMA-MY
AutoNomar GarciaparraFramed Mini Baseball AutographMA-NGA
AutoRafael DeversAutographed Relic BookARBC-RD
AutoRafael DeversDual Autographed Relic BookDARBC-CD
AutoTriston CasasAutographed Relic BookARBC-TC
AutoTriston CasasDual Autographed Relic BookDARBC-CD
AutoTriston CasasFramed Mini Baseball AutographMA-TC
Chicago Cubs
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseAndre DawsonBase184
BaseChristopher MorelBase54RC
BaseCody BellingerBase102
BaseDansby SwansonBase57
BaseGreg MadduxBase160
BaseHayden WesneskiBase155RC
BaseJavier AssadBase119RC
BaseNico HoernerBase260
BasePatrick WisdomBase195
BaseSeiya SuzukiBase230
BaseTrey ManciniBase81
InsertAndre DawsonBase Mini184
InsertAndre DawsonBase Short Print370
InsertAndre DawsonBase Mini Exclusives EXT370
InsertAndre DawsonA&G Dual RIPDRC-BD
InsertChristopher MorelBase Mini54RC
InsertChristopher MorelBase Mini Metal54RC
InsertChristopher MorelMini Stained Glass54RC
InsertChristopher MorelBase Framed Mini Cloth54RC
InsertCody BellingerBase Mini102
InsertCody BellingerBase Mini Metal102
InsertCody BellingerMini Stained Glass102
InsertCody BellingerBase Framed Mini Cloth102
InsertCody BellingerA&G Dual RIPDRC-BD
InsertCody BellingerA&G Dual RIPDRC-BS
InsertCody BellingerA&G RIPRC-CBE
InsertDansby SwansonBase Mini57
InsertDansby SwansonBase Mini Metal57
InsertDansby SwansonMini Stained Glass57
InsertDansby SwansonBase Framed Mini Cloth57
InsertDansby SwansonA&G Dual RIPDRC-SS
InsertDansby SwansonA&G RIPRC-DS
InsertErnie BanksA&G Boxloader RIPBRC-EB
InsertErnie BanksA&G RIPRC-EBA
InsertGreg MadduxBase Mini160
InsertGreg MadduxBase Short Print387
InsertGreg MadduxBase Mini Exclusives EXT387
InsertGreg MadduxA&G RIPRC-GMAD
InsertHayden WesneskiBase Mini155RC
InsertIvyOnly In... MiniOI-5
InsertIvyOnly In... BoxloaderOIB-5
InsertJavier AssadBase Mini119RC
InsertJavier AssadBase Mini Metal119RC
InsertJavier AssadMini Stained Glass119RC
InsertJavier AssadBase Framed Mini Cloth119RC
InsertLee SmithA&G RIPRC-LS
InsertNico HoernerBase Mini260
InsertPatrick WisdomBase Mini195
InsertRon SantoA&G RIPRC-RS
InsertRyne SandbergA&G Dual RIPDRC-SS
InsertSammy SosaBase Short Print347
InsertSammy SosaBase Mini Short Print347
InsertSammy SosaA&G Dual RIPDRC-BS
InsertSeiya SuzukiBase Mini230
InsertTrey ManciniBase Mini81
InsertTrey ManciniBase Mini Metal81
InsertTrey ManciniMini Stained Glass81
InsertTrey ManciniBase Framed Mini Cloth81
RelicChristopher MorelFull-Size Relic (A)AGRA-CM
RelicDansby SwansonFull-Size Relic (B)AGRB-DS
RelicEric HosmerFull-Size Relic (B)AGRB-EH
RelicGreg MadduxMini Framed RelicMFR-GM
RelicIan HappFull-Size Relic (B)AGRB-IH
RelicSammy SosaMini Framed RelicMFR-SS
RelicTrey ManciniFull-Size Relic (B)AGRB-TM
AutoChristopher MorelFramed Mini Baseball AutographMA-CM
AutoHayden WesneskiFramed Mini Baseball AutographMA-EDU
AutoJavier AssadFramed Mini Baseball AutographMA-JA
AutoTrey ManciniAutographed Relic BookARBC-TM
AutoTrey ManciniFramed Mini Baseball AutographMA-TM
Chicago White Sox
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseDylan CeaseBase19
BaseEloy JiménezBase169
BaseFrank ThomasBase97
BaseLenyn SosaBase109RC
BaseLiam HendriksBase273
BaseLuis RobertBase173
BaseOscar ColásBase212RC
BaseTim AndersonBase43
InsertAndrew VaughnA&G Dual RIPDRC-VT
InsertDylan CeaseIn Action Variation19
InsertDylan CeaseBase Mini19
InsertDylan CeaseBase Mini Metal19
InsertDylan CeaseMini Stained Glass19
InsertDylan CeaseBase Framed Mini Cloth19
InsertEloy JiménezBase Mini169
InsertEloy JiménezA&G Dual RIPDRC-AJ
InsertFrank ThomasBase Mini97
InsertFrank ThomasBase Mini Metal97
InsertFrank ThomasMini Stained Glass97
InsertFrank ThomasBase Framed Mini Cloth97
InsertFrank ThomasA&G Boxloader RIPBRC-FT
InsertFrank ThomasA&G Dual RIPDRC-VT
InsertFrank ThomasA&G RIPRC-FT
InsertLenyn SosaBase Mini109RC
InsertLenyn SosaBase Mini Metal109RC
InsertLenyn SosaMini Stained Glass109RC
InsertLenyn SosaBase Framed Mini Cloth109RC
InsertLiam HendriksBase Mini273
InsertLuis AparicioBase Short Print345
InsertLuis AparicioBase Mini Short Print345
InsertLuis RobertBase Mini173
InsertMark BuehrleSpotless SpansSS-23
InsertMulticolored PinwheelsOnly In... MiniOI-6
InsertMulticolored PinwheelsOnly In... BoxloaderOIB-6
InsertOscar ColásBase Mini212RC
InsertPaul KonerkoBase Short Print309
InsertPaul KonerkoBase Mini Short Print309
InsertTim AndersonBase Mini43
InsertTim AndersonBase Mini Metal43
InsertTim AndersonMini Stained Glass43
InsertTim AndersonBase Framed Mini Cloth43
InsertTim AndersonA&G Dual RIPDRC-AJ
InsertTim AndersonA&G RIPRC-TA
RelicAndrew VaughnFull-Size Relic (A)AGRA-AVA
RelicDylan CeaseFull-Size Relic (B)AGRB-DC
RelicEloy JiménezFull-Size Relic (B)AGRB-EJ
RelicFrank ThomasMini Framed RelicMFR-FT
RelicLuis RobertFull-Size Relic (B)AGRB-LR
RelicYoán MoncadaFull-Size Relic (B)AGRB-YM
AutoEloy JiménezAutographed Relic BookARBC-EJ
AutoFrank BackmanFramed Mini Baseball AutographMA-FT
AutoFrank ThomasA&G Boxloader AutographBA-FT
AutoLenyn SosaFramed Mini Baseball AutographMA-LS
AutoLuis RobertFramed Mini Baseball AutographMA-LR
AutoMark BuehrleFramed Mini Baseball AutographMA-MB
AutoTim AndersonAutographed Relic BookARBC-TA
Cincinnati Reds
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseHunter GreeneBase182
BaseJoey VottoBase70
BaseKen Griffey Jr.Base17
BaseWil MyersBase157
BaseWill BensonBase140RC
InsertBarry LarkinBase Short Print335
InsertBarry LarkinBase Mini Short Print335
InsertBarry LarkinA&G Dual RIPDRC-IL
InsertBarry LarkinA&G RIPRC-BL
InsertHunter GreeneBase Mini182
InsertJoe MorganA&G Dual RIPDRC-VM
InsertJoey VottoBase Mini70
InsertJoey VottoBase Mini Metal70
InsertJoey VottoMini Stained Glass70
InsertJoey VottoBase Framed Mini Cloth70
InsertJoey VottoA&G Dual RIPDRC-VM
InsertJoey VottoA&G RIPRC-JVO
InsertJoey VottoSpotless SpansSS-33
InsertJonathan IndiaA&G Dual RIPDRC-IL
InsertKen Griffey Jr.In Action Variation17
InsertKen Griffey Jr.Base Mini17
InsertKen Griffey Jr.Base Mini Metal17
InsertKen Griffey Jr.Mini Stained Glass17
InsertKen Griffey Jr.Base Framed Mini Cloth17
InsertKen Griffey Jr.Base Short Print351
InsertKen Griffey Jr.Base Mini Exclusives EXT351
InsertKen Griffey Jr.A&G RIPRC-KGJ
InsertSmokestackOnly In... MiniOI-7
InsertSmokestackOnly In... BoxloaderOIB-7
InsertWil MyersBase Mini157
InsertWill BensonBase Mini140RC
InsertWill BensonBase Mini Metal140RC
InsertWill BensonMini Stained Glass140RC
InsertWill BensonBase Framed Mini Cloth140RC
RelicHunter GreeneFull-Size Relic (B)AGRB-HG
RelicJoe MorganMini Framed RelicMFR-JMO
RelicJoey VottoMini Framed RelicMFR-JV
RelicJonathan IndiaFull-Size Relic (B)AGRB-JI
RelicNick LodoloFull-Size Relic (B)AGRB-NL
RelicWil MyersFull-Size Relic (B)AGRB-WM
AutoTyler StephensonFramed Mini Baseball AutographMA-TS
AutoWill BensonFramed Mini Baseball AutographMA-WB
Cleveland Guardians
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseAndrés GiménezBase116
BaseEmmanuel ClaseBase300
BaseJosé RamírezBase82
BaseJosh BellBase198
BaseShane BieberBase294
BaseSteven KwanBase181RC
BaseTyler FreemanBase133RC
InsertAndrés GiménezBase Mini116
InsertAndrés GiménezBase Mini Metal116
InsertAndrés GiménezMini Stained Glass116
InsertAndrés GiménezBase Framed Mini Cloth116
InsertAndrés GiménezA&G RIPRC-AG
InsertEmmanuel ClaseBase Mini300
InsertGuardians StaturOnly In... MiniOI-8
InsertGuardians StaturOnly In... BoxloaderOIB-8
InsertJosé RamírezBase Mini82
InsertJosé RamírezBase Mini Metal82
InsertJosé RamírezMini Stained Glass82
InsertJosé RamírezBase Framed Mini Cloth82
InsertJosé RamírezBase Short Print366
InsertJosé RamírezBase Mini Exclusives EXT366
InsertJosé RamírezA&G RIPRC-JRA
InsertJosh BellBase Mini198
InsertShane BieberBase Mini294
InsertSteven KwanBase Mini181
InsertTyler FreemanBase Mini133RC
InsertTyler FreemanBase Mini Metal133RC
InsertTyler FreemanMini Stained Glass133RC
InsertTyler FreemanBase Framed Mini Cloth133RC
InsertTyler FreemanA&G RIPRC-TF
RelicAndrés GiménezFull-Size Relic (B)AGRB-AG
RelicAndrés GiménezMini Framed RelicMFR-AG
RelicJosé RamírezMini Framed RelicMFR-JR
RelicJosh BellFull-Size Relic (B)AGRB-JB
AutoAndrés GiménezAutographed Relic BookARBC-AG
AutoAndrés GiménezFramed Mini Baseball AutographMA-AG
AutoBo NaylorFramed Mini Baseball AutographMA-BN
AutoJosé RamírezAutographed Relic BookARBC-JRA
AutoShane BieberFramed Mini Baseball AutographMA-SB
AutoTyler FreemanFramed Mini Baseball AutographMA-TF
Colorado Rockies
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseC.J. CronBase174
BaseCharlie BlackmonBase171
BaseEzequiel TovarBase88RC
BaseKris BryantBase180
BaseMichael TogliaBase29RC
BaseNolan JonesBase61RC
InsertC.J. CronBase Mini174
InsertCharlie BlackmonBase Mini171
InsertEzequiel TovarBase Mini88RC
InsertEzequiel TovarBase Mini Metal88RC
InsertEzequiel TovarMini Stained Glass88RC
InsertEzequiel TovarBase Framed Mini Cloth88RC
InsertKris BryantBase Mini180
InsertLarry WalkerBase Short Print333
InsertLarry WalkerBase Mini Short Print333
InsertMatt HollidayBase Short Print334
InsertMatt HollidayBase Mini Short Print334
InsertMichael TogliaBase Mini29RC
InsertMichael TogliaBase Mini Metal29RC
InsertMichael TogliaMini Stained Glass29RC
InsertMichael TogliaBase Framed Mini Cloth29RC
InsertNolan JonesBase Mini61RC
InsertNolan JonesBase Mini Metal61RC
InsertNolan JonesMini Stained Glass61RC
InsertNolan JonesBase Framed Mini Cloth61RC
InsertRockipileOnly In... MiniOI-9
InsertRockipileOnly In... BoxloaderOIB-9
InsertTrevor StorySpotless SpansSS-31
RelicKris BryantFull-Size Relic (B)AGRB-KB
RelicRyan McMahonFull-Size Relic (B)AGRB-RMC
RelicTodd HeltonFull-Size Relic (B)AGRB-TH
AutoEzequiel TovarFramed Mini Baseball AutographMA-ET
AutoMichael TogliaFramed Mini Baseball AutographMA-MT
AutoNolan JonesFramed Mini Baseball AutographMA-NJ
Detroit Tigers
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseAustin MeadowsBase159
BaseJavier BaézBase166
BaseMiguel CabreraBase139
BaseRiley GreeneBase44RC
InsertAl KalineA&G Dual RIPDRC-KC
InsertAl KalineUniform CountdownUC-6
InsertAustin MeadowsBase Mini159
InsertCarlos PeñaBase Short Print328
InsertCarlos PeñaBase Mini Short Print328
InsertJack MorrisA&G RIPRC-JM
InsertJavier BaézBase Mini166
InsertJavier BaézBase Short Print369
InsertJavier BaézBase Mini Exclusives EXT369
InsertJavier BaézA&G Dual RIPDRC-BG
InsertJavier BaézA&G RIPRC-JBA
InsertJustin VerlanderSpotless SpansSS-43
InsertMagglio OrdóñezBase Short Print320
InsertMagglio OrdóñezBase Mini Short Print320
InsertMiguel CabreraIn Action Variation139
InsertMiguel CabreraBase Mini139
InsertMiguel CabreraBase Mini Metal139
InsertMiguel CabreraMini Stained Glass139
InsertMiguel CabreraBase Framed Mini Cloth139
InsertMiguel CabreraBase Short Print395
InsertMiguel CabreraBase Mini Exclusives EXT395
InsertMiguel CabreraA&G Boxloader RIPBRC-MC
InsertMiguel CabreraA&G Dual RIPDRC-TC
InsertMiguel CabreraMini Artist Originals SketchMAO-MC
InsertMiguel CabreraRarest of the Diamond MiniMROD-3Triple Crown, 2012
InsertMiguel CabreraA&G RIPRC-MCA
InsertRiley GreeneIn Action Variation44
InsertRiley GreeneBase Mini44RC
InsertRiley GreeneBase Mini Metal44RC
InsertRiley GreeneMini Stained Glass44RC
InsertRiley GreeneBase Framed Mini Cloth44RC
InsertRiley GreeneBase Short Print371RC
InsertRiley GreeneBase Mini Exclusives EXT371RC
InsertRiley GreeneA&G Boxloader RIPBRC-RG
InsertRiley GreeneA&G Dual RIPDRC-BG
InsertRiley GreeneMini Artist Originals SketchMAO-RG
InsertRiley GreeneA&G RIPRC-RG
InsertSpencer TorkelsonA&G Dual RIPDRC-TC
InsertStatues of TigersOnly In... MiniOI-10
InsertStatues of TigersOnly In... BoxloaderOIB-10
InsertTy CobbA&G Boxloader RIPBRC-TC
InsertTy CobbA&G Dual RIPDRC-KC
InsertTy CobbA&G RIPRC-TCO
RelicMatt ManningFull-Size Relic (B)AGRB-MMA
RelicMiguel CabreraFull-Size Relic (B)AGRB-MCA
RelicRiley GreeneFull-Size Relic (A)AGRA-RG
AutoMiguel CabreraDual Autographed Relic BookDARBC-GC
AutoRiley GreeneAutographed Relic BookARBC-RG
AutoRiley GreeneA&G Boxloader AutographBA-RG
AutoRiley GreeneDual Autographed Relic BookDARBC-GC
AutoRiley GreeneFramed Mini Baseball AutographMA-RG
Houston Astros
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseAlex BregmanBase36
BaseHunter BrownBase291RC
BaseJeremy PeñaBase122
BaseJosé AbreuBase245
BaseJose AltuveBase156
BaseKorey LeeBase126RC
BaseKyle TuckerBase28
BaseYordan AlvarezBase34
InsertAledmys DíazWorld Series Champions MiniWSC-10
InsertAlex BregmanBase Mini36
InsertAlex BregmanBase Mini Metal36
InsertAlex BregmanMini Stained Glass36
InsertAlex BregmanBase Framed Mini Cloth36
InsertAlex BregmanHidden GemsHG-28
InsertAlex BregmanA&G RIPRC-AB
InsertAlex BregmanWorld Series Champions MiniWSC-4
InsertBryan AbreuWorld Series Champions MiniWSC-20
InsertChas McCormickWorld Series Champions MiniWSC-7
InsertChristian VázquezWorld Series Champions MiniWSC-11
InsertCraig BiggioUniform CountdownUC-7
InsertCrawford BoxesOnly In... MiniOI-11
InsertCrawford BoxesOnly In... BoxloaderOIB-11
InsertCristian JavierWorld Series Champions MiniWSC-15
InsertFramber ValdezWorld Series Champions MiniWSC-13
InsertGeorge SpringerSpotless SpansSS-30
InsertGerrit ColeSpotless SpansSS-15
InsertHunter BrownBase Mini291RC
InsertHunter PenceBase Short Print349
InsertHunter PenceBase Mini Short Print349
InsertJeremy PeñaBase Mini122
InsertJeremy PeñaBase Mini Metal122
InsertJeremy PeñaMini Stained Glass122
InsertJeremy PeñaBase Framed Mini Cloth122
InsertJeremy PeñaA&G Dual RIPDRC-PT
InsertJeremy PeñaWorld Series Champions MiniWSC-5
InsertJosé AbreuBase Mini245
InsertJose AltuveBase Mini156
InsertJose AltuveSpotless SpansSS-35
InsertJose AltuveWorld Series Champions MiniWSC-3
InsertJosé UrquidyWorld Series Champions MiniWSC-19
InsertJustin VerlanderWorld Series Champions MiniWSC-12
InsertKorey LeeBase Mini126RC
InsertKorey LeeBase Mini Metal126RC
InsertKorey LeeMini Stained Glass126RC
InsertKorey LeeBase Framed Mini Cloth126RC
InsertKyle TuckerIn Action Variation28
InsertKyle TuckerBase Mini28
InsertKyle TuckerBase Mini Metal28
InsertKyle TuckerMini Stained Glass28
InsertKyle TuckerBase Framed Mini Cloth28
InsertKyle TuckerA&G Boxloader RIPBRC-KT
InsertKyle TuckerA&G Dual RIPDRC-PT
InsertKyle TuckerA&G RIPRC-KT
InsertKyle TuckerWorld Series Champions MiniWSC-6
InsertLance McCullers Jr.World Series Champions MiniWSC-14
InsertLuis GarciaWorld Series Champions MiniWSC-17
InsertMartín MaldonadoWorld Series Champions MiniWSC-1
InsertNolan RyanA&G RIPRC-NR
InsertNolan RyanSpotless SpansSS-24
InsertRafael MonteroWorld Series Champions MiniWSC-18
InsertRoger ClemensA&G RIPRC-RCL
InsertRyan PresslyWorld Series Champions MiniWSC-16
InsertTrey ManciniWorld Series Champions MiniWSC-9
InsertYordan AlvarezIn Action Variation34
InsertYordan AlvarezBase Mini34
InsertYordan AlvarezBase Mini Metal34
InsertYordan AlvarezMini Stained Glass34
InsertYordan AlvarezBase Framed Mini Cloth34
InsertYordan AlvarezBase Short Print356
InsertYordan AlvarezBase Mini Exclusives EXT356
InsertYordan AlvarezA&G Boxloader RIPBRC-YA
InsertYordan AlvarezA&G RIPRC-YA
InsertYordan AlvarezWorld Series Champions MiniWSC-8
InsertYuli GurrielWorld Series Champions MiniWSC-2
RelicCraig BiggioMini Framed RelicMFR-CB
RelicJeff BagwellMini Framed RelicMFR-JB
RelicJeremy PeñaMini Framed RelicMFR-JP
RelicJose AltuveMini Framed RelicMFR-JA
RelicKyle TuckerMini Framed RelicMFR-KT
RelicLance McCullers Jr.Full-Size Relic (B)AGRB-LM
AutoCraig BiggioFramed Mini Baseball AutographMA-CBI
AutoHunter BrownFramed Mini Baseball AutographMA-HB
AutoJeremy PeñaAutographed Relic BookARBC-JP
AutoJeremy PeñaDual Autographed Relic BookDARBC-PT
AutoJeremy PeñaFramed Mini Baseball AutographMA-JP
AutoKorey LeeFramed Mini Baseball AutographMA-KL
AutoKyle TuckerAutographed Relic BookARBC-KT
AutoKyle TuckerDual Autographed Relic BookDARBC-PT
Kansas City Royals
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseBo JacksonBase135
BaseBobby Witt Jr.Base84
BaseDrew WatersBase46RC
BaseGeorge BrettBase79
BaseNick PrattoBase63RC
BaseSalvador PerezBase24
BaseVinnie PasquantinoBase141RC
BaseZack GreinkeBase94
InsertBo JacksonBase Mini135
InsertBo JacksonBase Mini Metal135
InsertBo JacksonMini Stained Glass135
InsertBo JacksonBase Framed Mini Cloth135
InsertBo JacksonBase Short Print384
InsertBo JacksonBase Mini Exclusives EXT384
InsertBo JacksonMini Artist Originals SketchMAO-BJ
InsertBo JacksonA&G RIPRC-BJ
InsertBobby Witt Jr.In Action Variation84
InsertBobby Witt Jr.Base Mini84
InsertBobby Witt Jr.Base Mini Metal84
InsertBobby Witt Jr.Mini Stained Glass84
InsertBobby Witt Jr.Base Framed Mini Cloth84
InsertBobby Witt Jr.Base Mini Exclusives EXT354
InsertBobby Witt Jr.A&G BoxloaderBC-11
InsertBobby Witt Jr.A&G Boxloader RIPBRC-BWJ
InsertBobby Witt Jr.A&G Dual RIPDRC-WB
InsertBobby Witt Jr.Mini Artist Originals SketchMAO-BWJ
InsertBobby Witt Jr.A&G N43 BoxloaderN43-12
InsertBobby Witt Jr.A&G RIPRC-BWJ
InsertDrew WatersBase Mini46RC
InsertDrew WatersBase Mini Metal46RC
InsertDrew WatersMini Stained Glass46RC
InsertDrew WatersBase Framed Mini Cloth46RC
InsertDrew WatersA&G RIPRC-DW
InsertFountainsOnly In... MiniOI-12
InsertFountainsOnly In... BoxloaderOIB-12
InsertGeorge BrettIn Action Variation79
InsertGeorge BrettBase Mini79
InsertGeorge BrettBase Mini Metal79
InsertGeorge BrettMini Stained Glass79
InsertGeorge BrettBase Framed Mini Cloth79
InsertGeorge BrettBase Short Print373
InsertGeorge BrettBase Mini Exclusives EXT373
InsertGeorge BrettA&G Boxloader RIPBRC-GB
InsertGeorge BrettA&G Dual RIPDRC-WB
InsertGeorge BrettA&G RIPRC-GB
InsertGeorge BrettSpotless SpansSS-14
InsertNick PrattoIn Action Variation63
InsertNick PrattoBase Mini63RC
InsertNick PrattoBase Mini Metal63RC
InsertNick PrattoMini Stained Glass63RC
InsertNick PrattoBase Framed Mini Cloth63RC
InsertSalvador PerezBase Mini24
InsertSalvador PerezBase Mini Metal24
InsertSalvador PerezMini Stained Glass24
InsertSalvador PerezBase Framed Mini Cloth24
InsertSalvador PerezA&G Dual RIPDRC-GP
InsertVinnie PasquantinoBase Mini141RC
InsertVinnie PasquantinoBase Mini Metal141RC
InsertVinnie PasquantinoMini Stained Glass141RC
InsertVinnie PasquantinoBase Framed Mini Cloth141RC
InsertZack GreinkeIn Action Variation94
InsertZack GreinkeBase Mini94
InsertZack GreinkeBase Mini Metal94
InsertZack GreinkeMini Stained Glass94
InsertZack GreinkeBase Framed Mini Cloth94
InsertZack GreinkeA&G Boxloader RIPBRC-ZG
InsertZack GreinkeA&G Dual RIPDRC-GP
InsertZack GreinkeA&G RIPRC-ZG
RelicDrew WatersFull-Size Relic (A)AGRA-DW
RelicNick PrattoFull-Size Relic (A)AGRA-NP
RelicSalvador PerezMini Framed RelicMFR-SP
AutoBobby Witt Jr.Autographed Relic BookARBC-BWJ
AutoBobby Witt Jr.A&G Boxloader AutographBA-BW
AutoBobby Witt Jr.Dual Autographed Relic BookDARBC-WR
AutoBobby Witt Jr.Dual Autographed Relic BookDARBC-WW
AutoBobby Witt Jr.Framed Mini Baseball AutographMA-BWJ
AutoDrew WatersDual Autographed Relic BookDARBC-WW
AutoDrew WatersFramed Mini Baseball AutographMA-DW
AutoJose CuasFramed Mini Baseball AutographMA-JCU
AutoMJ MelendezFramed Mini Baseball AutographMA-MME
AutoSalvador PerezAutographed Relic BookARBC-SP
Los Angeles Angels
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseAnthony RendonBase163
BaseGio UrshelaBase162
BaseLogan O'HoppeBase118RC
BaseMike TroutBase53
BaseReid DetmersBase192
BaseRod CarewBase51
BaseShohei OhtaniBase96
BaseTyler AndersonBase208
BaseZach NetoBase194RC
InsertAnthony RendonBase Mini163
InsertBartolo ColónA&G Dual RIPDRC-RC
InsertFrancisco RodriguezSpotless SpansSS-12
InsertGarrett AndersonBase Short Print301
InsertGarrett AndersonBase Mini Short Print301
InsertGio UrshelaBase Mini162
InsertLogan O'HoppeBase Mini118RC
InsertLogan O'HoppeBase Mini Metal118RC
InsertLogan O'HoppeMini Stained Glass118RC
InsertLogan O'HoppeBase Framed Mini Cloth118RC
InsertMike TroutIn Action Variation53
InsertMike TroutBase Mini53
InsertMike TroutBase Mini Metal53
InsertMike TroutMini Stained Glass53
InsertMike TroutBase Framed Mini Cloth53
InsertMike TroutBase Short Print359
InsertMike TroutBase Mini Exclusives EXT359
InsertMike TroutA&G BoxloaderBC-1
InsertMike TroutA&G Dual RIPDRC-TO
InsertMike TroutMini Artist Originals SketchMAO-MT
InsertMike TroutA&G N43 BoxloaderN43-2
InsertMike TroutA&G RIPRC-MT
InsertMike TroutSpotless SpansSS-39
InsertNolan RyanA&G Boxloader RIPBRC-NR
InsertNolan RyanA&G Dual RIPDRC-OR
InsertNolan RyanA&G Dual RIPDRC-RC
InsertReid DetmersBase Mini192
InsertReid DetmersSpotless SpansSS-27
InsertRocksOnly In... MiniOI-13
InsertRocksOnly In... BoxloaderOIB-13
InsertRod CarewBase Mini51
InsertRod CarewBase Mini Metal51
InsertRod CarewMini Stained Glass51
InsertRod CarewBase Framed Mini Cloth51
InsertShohei OhtaniIn Action Variation96
InsertShohei OhtaniBase Mini96
InsertShohei OhtaniBase Mini Metal96
InsertShohei OhtaniMini Stained Glass96
InsertShohei OhtaniBase Framed Mini Cloth96
InsertShohei OhtaniBase Short Print396
InsertShohei OhtaniBase Mini Exclusives EXT396
InsertShohei OhtaniA&G BoxloaderBC-3
InsertShohei OhtaniA&G Boxloader RIPBRC-SO
InsertShohei OhtaniA&G Dual RIPDRC-OR
InsertShohei OhtaniA&G Dual RIPDRC-RO
InsertShohei OhtaniA&G Dual RIPDRC-TO
InsertShohei OhtaniMini Artist Originals SketchMAO-SO
InsertShohei OhtaniA&G N43 BoxloaderN43-4
InsertShohei OhtaniA&G RIPRC-SO
InsertShohei OhtaniSpotless SpansSS-40
InsertTyler AndersonBase Mini208
InsertZach NetoBase Mini194RC
RelicAnthony RendonMini Framed RelicMFR-ARE
RelicBert BlylevenMini Framed RelicMFR-BBL
RelicMike TroutMini Framed RelicMFR-MT
RelicShohei OhtaniMini Framed RelicMFR-SO
RelicTaylor WardFull-Size Relic (B)AGRB-TW
RelicVladimir GuerreroFull-Size Relic (B)AGRB-VG
AutoMike TroutAutographed Relic BookARBC-MT
AutoMike TroutDual Autographed Relic BookDARBC-TO
AutoMike TroutFramed Mini Baseball AutographMA-MTR
AutoShohei OhtaniAutographed Relic BookARBC-SO
AutoShohei OhtaniA&G Boxloader AutographBA-SO
AutoShohei OhtaniDual Autographed Relic BookDARBC-TO
AutoTorii HunterA&G N43 Boxloader AutographN43A-TH
Los Angeles Dodgers
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseClayton KershawBase91
BaseFreddie FreemanBase120
BaseGavin LuxBase153
BaseJackie RobinsonBase64
BaseJulio UríasBase258
BaseMiguel VargasBase136RC
BaseMookie BettsBase65
BaseTony GonsolinBase197
BaseWalker BuehlerBase152
BaseWill SmithBase231
InsertAndre EthierBase Short Print342
InsertAndre EthierBase Mini Short Print342
InsertClayton KershawIn Action Variation91
InsertClayton KershawBase Mini91
InsertClayton KershawBase Mini Metal91
InsertClayton KershawMini Stained Glass91
InsertClayton KershawBase Framed Mini Cloth91
InsertClayton KershawA&G BoxloaderBC-13
InsertClayton KershawA&G Boxloader RIPBRC-CK
InsertClayton KershawA&G Dual RIPDRC-KB
InsertClayton KershawMini Artist Originals SketchMAO-CK
InsertClayton KershawA&G N43 BoxloaderN43-14
InsertClayton KershawA&G RIPRC-CK
InsertClayton KershawSpotless SpansSS-50
InsertCorey SeagerSpotless SpansSS-44
InsertDodger DogOnly In... MiniOI-14
InsertDodger DogOnly In... BoxloaderOIB-14
InsertDon DrysdaleSpotless SpansSS-9
InsertEddie MurrayA&G Dual RIPDRC-FM
InsertEric GagneSpotless SpansSS-10
InsertFreddie FreemanIn Action Variation120
InsertFreddie FreemanBase Mini120
InsertFreddie FreemanBase Mini Metal120
InsertFreddie FreemanMini Stained Glass120
InsertFreddie FreemanBase Framed Mini Cloth120
InsertFreddie FreemanA&G Dual RIPDRC-FM
InsertFreddie FreemanA&G RIPRC-FF
InsertGavin LuxBase Mini153
InsertJackie RobinsonBase Mini64
InsertJackie RobinsonBase Mini Metal64
InsertJackie RobinsonMini Stained Glass64
InsertJackie RobinsonBase Framed Mini Cloth64
InsertJackie RobinsonBase Short Print379
InsertJackie RobinsonBase Mini Exclusives EXT379
InsertJackie RobinsonA&G Boxloader RIPBRC-JRO
InsertJackie RobinsonA&G Dual RIPDRC-CR
InsertJackie RobinsonMini Artist Originals SketchMAO-JR
InsertJackie RobinsonA&G N43 BoxloaderN43-17
InsertJackie RobinsonA&G RIPRC-JRO
InsertJulio UríasBase Mini258
InsertMiguel VargasBase Mini136RC
InsertMiguel VargasBase Mini Metal136RC
InsertMiguel VargasMini Stained Glass136RC
InsertMiguel VargasBase Framed Mini Cloth136RC
InsertMiguel VargasA&G RIPRC-MV
InsertMike TroutA&G Dual RIPDRC-TB
InsertMookie BettsIn Action Variation65
InsertMookie BettsBase Mini65
InsertMookie BettsBase Mini Metal65
InsertMookie BettsMini Stained Glass65
InsertMookie BettsBase Framed Mini Cloth65
InsertMookie BettsBase Short Print386
InsertMookie BettsBase Mini Exclusives EXT386
InsertMookie BettsA&G BoxloaderBC-5
InsertMookie BettsA&G Dual RIPDRC-KB
InsertMookie BettsA&G Dual RIPDRC-TB
InsertMookie BettsMini Artist Originals SketchMAO-MB
InsertMookie BettsA&G N43 BoxloaderN43-6
InsertMookie BettsA&G RIPRC-MB
InsertSteve GarveyBase Short Print318
InsertSteve GarveyBase Mini Short Print318
InsertTony GonsolinBase Mini197
InsertWalker BuehlerBase Mini152
InsertWill SmithBase Mini231
RelicChris TaylorFull-Size Relic (B)AGRB-CT
RelicClayton KershawMini Framed RelicMFR-CK
RelicDustin MayFull-Size Relic (B)AGRB-DM
RelicJulio UríasMini Framed RelicMFR-JU
RelicMax MuncyFull-Size Relic (B)AGRB-MM
RelicMookie BettsMini Framed RelicMFR-MB
RelicTony GonsolinFull-Size Relic (B)AGRB-TG
RelicWalker BuehlerFull-Size Relic (A)AGRA-WB
AutoEric GagneFramed Mini Baseball AutographMA-EG
AutoFreddie FreemanAutographed Relic BookARBC-FF
AutoFreddie FreemanFramed Mini Baseball AutographMA-FF
AutoMax MuncyFramed Mini Baseball AutographMA-MMUN
Miami Marlins
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseCaroline O'ConnorBase215
BaseJazz Chisholm Jr.Base23
BaseJon BertiBase227
BaseJordan GroshansBase144RC
BaseLuis ArraezBase41
BaseMax MeyerBase129RC
BaseSandy AlcantaraBase214
InsertBobblehead MuseumOnly In... MiniOI-15
InsertBobblehead MuseumOnly In... BoxloaderOIB-15
InsertDontrelle WillisBase Short Print321
InsertDontrelle WillisBase Mini Short Print321
InsertGiancarlo StantonSpotless SpansSS-36
InsertIchiroIn Action Variation95
InsertIchiroBase Mini95
InsertIchiroBase Mini Metal95
InsertIchiroMini Stained Glass95
InsertIchiroBase Framed Mini Cloth95
InsertIchiroBase Short Print398
InsertIchiroBase Mini Exclusives EXT398
InsertIchiroA&G Boxloader RIPBRC-I
InsertIchiroMini Artist Originals SketchMAO-I
InsertIchiroA&G RIPRC-I
InsertJazz Chisholm Jr.In Action Variation23
InsertJazz Chisholm Jr.Base Mini23
InsertJazz Chisholm Jr.Base Mini Metal23
InsertJazz Chisholm Jr.Mini Stained Glass23
InsertJazz Chisholm Jr.Base Framed Mini Cloth23
InsertJazz Chisholm Jr.Hidden GemsHG-29
InsertJazz Chisholm Jr.A&G RIPRC-JC
InsertJon BertiBase Mini227
InsertJordan GroshansBase Mini144RC
InsertJordan GroshansBase Mini Metal144RC
InsertJordan GroshansMini Stained Glass144RC
InsertJordan GroshansBase Framed Mini Cloth144RC
InsertJordan GroshansA&G RIPRC-JG
InsertLuis ArraezBase Mini41
InsertLuis ArraezBase Mini Metal41
InsertLuis ArraezMini Stained Glass41
InsertLuis ArraezBase Framed Mini Cloth41
InsertMax MeyerBase Mini129RC
InsertMax MeyerBase Mini Metal129RC
InsertMax MeyerMini Stained Glass129RC
InsertMax MeyerBase Framed Mini Cloth129RC
InsertMax MeyerA&G RIPRC-MM
InsertSandy AlcantaraIn Action Variation214
InsertSandy AlcantaraBase Mini214
InsertSandy AlcantaraA&G Boxloader RIPBRC-SA
InsertSandy AlcantaraA&G Dual RIPDRC-AV
InsertSandy AlcantaraA&G RIPRC-SA
RelicIchiroMini Framed RelicMFR-I
RelicLuis ArraezFull-Size Relic (B)AGRB-LA
AutoCharles LeblancFramed Mini Baseball AutographMA-CL
AutoDontrelle WillisFramed Mini Baseball AutographMA-DWIL
AutoJazz Chisholm Jr.A&G Boxloader AutographBA-JC
AutoJordan GroshansFramed Mini Baseball AutographMA-JG
AutoMax MeyerFramed Mini Baseball AutographMA-MM
AutoSandy AlcantaraFramed Mini Baseball AutographMA-SA
Milwaukee Brewers
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseBrice TurangBase292RC
BaseChristian YelichBase10
BaseCorbin BurnesBase86
BaseEthan SmallBase149
BaseGarrett MitchellBase117RC
InsertBernie Brewer's slideOnly In... MiniOI-16
InsertBernie Brewer's slideOnly In... BoxloaderOIB-16
InsertBrice TurangBase Mini292RC
InsertChristian YelichBase Mini10
InsertChristian YelichBase Mini Metal10
InsertChristian YelichMini Stained Glass10
InsertChristian YelichBase Framed Mini Cloth10
InsertCorbin BurnesIn Action Variation86
InsertCorbin BurnesBase Mini86
InsertCorbin BurnesBase Mini Metal86
InsertCorbin BurnesMini Stained Glass86
InsertCorbin BurnesBase Framed Mini Cloth86
InsertCorbin BurnesA&G RIPRC-CB
InsertEthan SmallBase Mini149RC
InsertEthan SmallBase Mini Metal149RC
InsertEthan SmallMini Stained Glass149RC
InsertEthan SmallBase Framed Mini Cloth149RC
InsertGarrett MitchellBase Mini117RC
InsertGarrett MitchellBase Mini Metal117RC
InsertGarrett MitchellMini Stained Glass117RC
InsertGarrett MitchellBase Framed Mini Cloth117RC
InsertGarrett MitchellA&G RIPRC-GMI
InsertGary SheffieldBase Short Print329
InsertGary SheffieldBase Mini Short Print329
InsertPrince FielderBase Short Print348
InsertPrince FielderBase Mini Short Print348
InsertRobin YountBase Short Print310
InsertRobin YountBase Mini Short Print310
RelicBrandon WoodruffFull-Size Relic (B)AGRB-BWO
RelicChristian YelichFull-Size Relic (B)AGRB-CY
RelicCorbin BurnesFull-Size Relic (B)AGRB-CB
RelicGary SheffieldFull-Size Relic (B)AGRB-GS
RelicPaul MolitorFull-Size Relic (A)AGRA-PM
RelicRobin YountMini Framed RelicMFR-RY
AutoChristian YelichAutographed Relic BookARBC-CY
AutoCorbin BurnesAutographed Relic BookARBC-CB
AutoCorbin BurnesFramed Mini Baseball AutographMA-CB
AutoEthan SmallFramed Mini Baseball AutographMA-ES
AutoGarrett MitchellFramed Mini Baseball AutographMA-GMI
AutoGary SheffieldFramed Mini Baseball AutographMA-GS
Minnesota Twins
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseByron BuxtonBase98
BaseCarlos CorreaBase47
InsertBert BlylevenA&G RIPRC-BBL
InsertByron BuxtonBase Mini98
InsertByron BuxtonBase Mini Metal98
InsertByron BuxtonMini Stained Glass98
InsertByron BuxtonBase Framed Mini Cloth98
InsertByron BuxtonBase Short Print390
InsertByron BuxtonBase Mini Exclusives EXT390
InsertByron BuxtonA&G Boxloader RIPBRC-BB
InsertByron BuxtonA&G Dual RIPDRC-BP
InsertByron BuxtonA&G RIPRC-BBU
InsertCarlos CorreaBase Mini47
InsertCarlos CorreaBase Mini Metal47
InsertCarlos CorreaMini Stained Glass47
InsertCarlos CorreaBase Framed Mini Cloth47
InsertCarlos CorreaA&G RIPRC-CCO
InsertJoe MauerA&G Dual RIPDRC-MM
InsertJoe MauerA&G RIPRC-JMA
InsertJustin MorneauBase Short Print327
InsertJustin MorneauBase Mini Short Print327
InsertJustin MorneauA&G Dual RIPDRC-MM
InsertKirby PuckettA&G Dual RIPDRC-BP
InsertKirby PuckettA&G RIPRC-KP
InsertSign in OF of LogoOnly In... MiniOI-17
InsertSign in OF of LogoOnly In... BoxloaderOIB-17
InsertTorii HunterBase Short Print316
InsertTorii HunterBase Mini Short Print316
InsertWalter JohnsonA&G RIPRC-WJ
RelicDave WinfieldMini Framed RelicMFR-DW
RelicJoe MauerMini Framed RelicMFR-JM
AutoByron BuxtonAutographed Relic BookARBC-BBU
AutoByron BuxtonFramed Mini Baseball AutographMA-BB
AutoJim KaatFramed Mini Baseball AutographMA-JKA
New York Mets
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseBrandon NimmoBase132
BaseBrett BatyBase80RC
BaseEdwin DíazBase278
BaseFrancisco ÁlvarezBase123RC
BaseFrancisco LindorBase154
BaseJustin VerlanderBase15
BaseKodai SengaBase257RC
BaseMark VientosBase101RC
BaseMax ScherzerBase55
BasePete AlonsoBase71
BaseStarling MarteBase177
InsertAppleOnly In... MiniOI-18
InsertAppleOnly In... BoxloaderOIB-18
InsertBrandon NimmoBase Mini132
InsertBrandon NimmoBase Mini Metal132
InsertBrandon NimmoMini Stained Glass132
InsertBrandon NimmoBase Framed Mini Cloth132
InsertBrandon NimmoA&G RIPRC-BN
InsertBrett BatyIn Action Variation80
InsertBrett BatyBase Mini80RC
InsertBrett BatyBase Mini Metal80RC
InsertBrett BatyMini Stained Glass80RC
InsertBrett BatyBase Framed Mini Cloth80RC
InsertBrett BatyBase Short Print374RC
InsertBrett BatyBase Mini Exclusives EXT374RC
InsertBrett BatyA&G Boxloader RIPBRC-BBA
InsertBrett BatyA&G Dual RIPDRC-BA
InsertBrett BatyA&G RIPRC-BB
InsertDwight GoodenA&G RIPRC-DG
InsertEdwin DíazBase Mini278
InsertEndy ChavezBase Short Print338
InsertEndy ChavezBase Mini Short Print338
InsertFrancisco ÁlvarezBase Mini123RC
InsertFrancisco ÁlvarezBase Mini Metal123RC
InsertFrancisco ÁlvarezMini Stained Glass123RC
InsertFrancisco ÁlvarezBase Framed Mini Cloth123RC
InsertFrancisco ÁlvarezA&G Boxloader RIPBRC-FA
InsertFrancisco ÁlvarezA&G Dual RIPDRC-BA
InsertFrancisco ÁlvarezA&G RIPRC-FA
InsertFrancisco LindorBase Mini154
InsertFrancisco LindorBase Short Print362
InsertFrancisco LindorBase Mini Exclusives EXT362
InsertFrancisco LindorA&G RIPRC-FL
InsertGary CarterA&G Dual RIPDRC-AC
InsertGary CarterA&G RIPRC-GCA
InsertJose ReyesBase Short Print339
InsertJose ReyesBase Mini Short Print339
InsertJustin VerlanderBase Mini15
InsertJustin VerlanderBase Mini Metal15
InsertJustin VerlanderMini Stained Glass15
InsertJustin VerlanderBase Framed Mini Cloth15
InsertJustin VerlanderBase Short Print358
InsertJustin VerlanderBase Mini Exclusives EXT358
InsertJustin VerlanderA&G BoxloaderBC-7
InsertJustin VerlanderA&G Boxloader RIPBRC-JV
InsertJustin VerlanderA&G Dual RIPDRC-AV
InsertJustin VerlanderA&G Dual RIPDRC-SV
InsertJustin VerlanderA&G Dual RIPDRC-VS
InsertJustin VerlanderMini Artist Originals SketchMAO-JV
InsertJustin VerlanderA&G N43 BoxloaderN43-8
InsertJustin VerlanderA&G RIPRC-JV
InsertKodai SengaBase Mini257RC
InsertKodai SengaA&G Boxloader RIPBRC-KS
InsertKodai SengaA&G RIPRC-KSE
InsertMark VientosBase Mini101RC
InsertMark VientosBase Mini Metal101RC
InsertMark VientosMini Stained Glass101RC
InsertMark VientosBase Framed Mini Cloth101RC
InsertMax ScherzerIn Action Variation55
InsertMax ScherzerBase Mini55
InsertMax ScherzerBase Mini Metal55
InsertMax ScherzerMini Stained Glass55
InsertMax ScherzerBase Framed Mini Cloth55
InsertMax ScherzerA&G Dual RIPDRC-SV
InsertMax ScherzerA&G RIPRC-MS
InsertMo VaughnBase Short Print306
InsertMo VaughnBase Mini Short Print306
InsertPete AlonsoBase Mini71
InsertPete AlonsoBase Mini Metal71
InsertPete AlonsoMini Stained Glass71
InsertPete AlonsoBase Framed Mini Cloth71
InsertPete AlonsoBase Short Print392
InsertPete AlonsoBase Mini Exclusives EXT392
InsertPete AlonsoA&G Dual RIPDRC-AC
InsertPete AlonsoA&G RIPRC-PA
InsertPete AlonsoSpotless SpansSS-38
InsertStarling MarteBase Mini177
InsertTom GlavineA&G RIPRC-TGL
InsertTom SeaverA&G Boxloader RIPBRC-TS
InsertTom SeaverA&G Dual RIPDRC-VS
InsertTom SeaverA&G RIPRC-TS
RelicBrandon NimmoFull-Size Relic (B)AGRB-BN
RelicBrett BatyFull-Size Relic (A)AGRA-BBA
RelicDavid WrightFull-Size Relic (A)AGRA-DWR
RelicDwight GoodenFull-Size Relic (B)AGRB-DG
RelicEdwin DíazFull-Size Relic (B)AGRB-ED
RelicFrancisco ÁlvarezFull-Size Relic (A)AGRA-FA
RelicGary CarterMini Framed RelicMFR-GC
RelicJeff McNeilFull-Size Relic (B)AGRB-JM
RelicPete AlonsoFull-Size Relic (B)AGRB-PA
RelicTom SeaverMini Framed RelicMFR-TS
RelicTommy PhamFull-Size Relic (B)AGRB-TP
AutoBrett BatyAutographed Relic BookARBC-BB
AutoBrett BatyA&G Boxloader AutographBA-BB
AutoBrett BatyFramed Mini Baseball AutographMA-BB
AutoDavid WrightA&G Boxloader AutographBA-DW
AutoDavid WrightFramed Mini Baseball AutographMA-DWR
AutoFrancisco ÁlvarezFramed Mini Baseball AutographMA-FA
AutoKodai SengaFramed Mini Baseball AutographMA-KSE
AutoMark VientosFramed Mini Baseball AutographMA-MV
AutoPete AlonsoAutographed Relic BookARBC-PA
AutoPete AlonsoFramed Mini Baseball AutographMA-PA
AutoWally BackmanFramed Mini Baseball AutographMA-WBA
New York Yankees
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseAaron JudgeBase69
BaseAnthony RizzoBase142
BaseAnthony VolpeBase251RC
BaseBabe RuthBase85
BaseCarlos RodónBase111
BaseDerek JeterBase104
BaseGerrit ColeBase8
BaseGiancarlo StantonBase259
BaseGleyber TorresBase242
BaseMariano RiveraBase48
BaseNestor CortesBase274
BaseOswald PerazaBase31RC
BaseOswald PerazaBase183RC
BaseOswaldo CabreraBase146RC
InsertAaron JudgeIn Action Variation60
InsertAaron JudgeBase Mini69
InsertAaron JudgeBase Mini Metal69
InsertAaron JudgeMini Stained Glass69
InsertAaron JudgeBase Framed Mini Cloth69
InsertAaron JudgeBase Short Print381
InsertAaron JudgeBase Mini Exclusives EXT381
InsertAaron JudgeA&G BoxloaderBC-9
InsertAaron JudgeA&G Boxloader RIPBRC-AJ
InsertAaron JudgeA&G Dual RIPDRC-GJ
InsertAaron JudgeA&G Dual RIPDRC-JR
InsertAaron JudgeMini Artist Originals SketchMAO-AJ
InsertAaron JudgeA&G N43 BoxloaderN43-10
InsertAaron JudgeA&G RIPRC-AJ
InsertAaron JudgeSpotless SpansSS-1
InsertAnthony RizzoBase Mini142
InsertAnthony RizzoBase Mini Metal142
InsertAnthony RizzoMini Stained Glass142
InsertAnthony RizzoBase Framed Mini Cloth142
InsertAnthony RizzoA&G RIPRC-ARIZ
InsertAnthony VolpeBase Mini251RC
InsertBabe RuthBase Mini85
InsertBabe RuthBase Mini Metal85
InsertBabe RuthMini Stained Glass85
InsertBabe RuthBase Framed Mini Cloth85
InsertBabe RuthBase Short Print372
InsertBabe RuthBase Mini Exclusives EXT372
InsertBabe RuthA&G Dual RIPDRC-JR
InsertBabe RuthA&G Dual RIPDRC-RO
InsertBabe RuthMini Artist Originals SketchMAO-BR
InsertBabe RuthA&G RIPRC-BR
InsertBucky DentBase Short Print307
InsertBucky DentBase Mini Short Print307
InsertCarlos RodónBase Mini111
InsertCarlos RodónBase Mini Metal111
InsertCarlos RodónMini Stained Glass111
InsertCarlos RodónBase Framed Mini Cloth111
InsertCarlos RodónA&G RIPRC-CR
InsertChien-Ming WangBase Short Print303
InsertChien-Ming WangBase Mini Short Print303
InsertDavid ConeBase Short Print323
InsertDavid ConeBase Mini Short Print323
InsertDerek JeterIn Action Variation104
InsertDerek JeterBase Mini104
InsertDerek JeterBase Mini Metal104
InsertDerek JeterMini Stained Glass104
InsertDerek JeterBase Framed Mini Cloth104
InsertDerek JeterBase Short Print391
InsertDerek JeterBase Mini Exclusives EXT391
InsertDerek JeterA&G Boxloader RIPBRC-DJ
InsertDerek JeterMini Artist Originals SketchMAO-DJ
InsertDerek JeterA&G RIPRC-DJ
InsertDerek JeterSpotless SpansSS-7
InsertDerek JeterUniform CountdownUC-2
InsertDon MattinglySpotless SpansSS-8
InsertGerrit ColeBase Mini8
InsertGerrit ColeBase Mini Metal8
InsertGerrit ColeMini Stained Glass8
InsertGerrit ColeBase Framed Mini Cloth8
InsertGerrit ColeA&G Boxloader RIPBRC-GC
InsertGerrit ColeA&G RIPRC-GC
InsertGiancarlo StantonBase Mini259
InsertGleyber TorresIn Action Variation242
InsertGleyber TorresBase Mini242
InsertGoose GossageA&G RIPRC-GG
InsertHideki MatsuiA&G Dual RIPDRC-MI
InsertHiroki KurodaBase Short Print331
InsertHiroki KurodaBase Mini Short Print331
InsertJorge PosadaBase Short Print336
InsertJorge PosadaBase Mini Short Print336
InsertLou GehrigA&G RIPRC-LG
InsertMariano RiveraBase Mini48
InsertMariano RiveraBase Mini Metal48
InsertMariano RiveraMini Stained Glass48
InsertMariano RiveraBase Framed Mini Cloth48
InsertMariano RiveraA&G Dual RIPDRC-HR
InsertMariano RiveraA&G RIPRC-MR
InsertMariano RiveraSpotless SpansSS-22
InsertMike MussinaBase Short Print337
InsertMike MussinaBase Mini Short Print337
InsertMonument parkOnly In... MiniOI-19
InsertMonument parkOnly In... BoxloaderOIB-19
InsertNestor CortesBase Mini274
InsertOswald PerazaBase Mini31RC
InsertOswald PerazaBase Mini Metal31RC
InsertOswald PerazaMini Stained Glass31RC
InsertOswald PerazaBase Framed Mini Cloth31RC
InsertOswald PerazaBase Mini183RC
InsertOswald PerazaA&G Dual RIPDRC-CP
InsertOswald PerazaHidden GemsHG-26
InsertOswald PerazaA&G RIPRC-OP
InsertOswaldo CabreraIn Action Variation146
InsertOswaldo CabreraBase Mini146RC
InsertOswaldo CabreraBase Mini Metal146RC
InsertOswaldo CabreraMini Stained Glass146RC
InsertOswaldo CabreraBase Framed Mini Cloth146RC
InsertOswaldo CabreraA&G Dual RIPDRC-CP
InsertOswaldo CabreraA&G RIPRC-OC
InsertReggie JacksonSpotless SpansSS-25
InsertThurman MunsonA&G Dual RIPDRC-MB
InsertThurman MunsonA&G RIPRC-TM
InsertYogi BerraA&G Dual RIPDRC-MB
InsertYogi BerraA&G RIPRC-YB
RelicAaron JudgeMini Framed RelicMFR-AJ
RelicAlex RodriguezMini Framed RelicMFR-AR
RelicAnthony RizzoMini Framed RelicMFR-ARI
RelicBernie WilliamsFull-Size Relic (B)AGRB-BW
RelicDavid ConeMini Framed RelicMFR-DC
RelicDerek JeterMini Framed RelicMFR-DJ
RelicGerrit ColeMini Framed RelicMFR-GCO
RelicGiancarlo StantonMini Framed RelicMFR-GS
RelicGleyber TorresFull-Size Relic (B)AGRB-GT
RelicHideki MatsuiMini Framed RelicMFR-HM
RelicMike MussinaFull-Size Relic (B)AGRB-MMU
RelicNestor CortesFull-Size Relic (A)AGRA-NC
AutoAaron JudgeDual Autographed Relic BookDARBC-GJ
AutoAndy PettitteA&G Boxloader AutographBA-AP
AutoAndy PettitteFramed Mini Baseball AutographMA-AP
AutoAnthony VolpeFramed Mini Baseball AutographMA-AV
AutoBucky DentFramed Mini Baseball AutographMA-BD
AutoGreg WeissertFramed Mini Baseball AutographMA-GWE
AutoJorge PosadaA&G Boxloader AutographBA-JP
AutoJorge PosadaFramed Mini Baseball AutographMA-JPO
AutoNestor CortesFramed Mini Baseball AutographMA-NC
AutoOswald PerazaFramed Mini Baseball AutographMA-OP
AutoOswaldo CabreraFramed Mini Baseball AutographMA-OCA
AutoPhil HughesFramed Mini Baseball AutographMA-PH
Oakland Athletics
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseBarry ZitoBase143
BaseEsteury RuizBase112RC
BaseJJ BledayBase103RC
BaseMark McGwireBase67
BaseMark MulderBase106
BaseRickey HendersonBase138
BaseSeth BrownBase211
BaseShea LangeliersBase58RC
BaseShintaro FujinamiBase297RC
BaseTim HudsonBase125
InsertBarry ZitoBase Mini143
InsertBarry ZitoBase Mini Metal143
InsertBarry ZitoMini Stained Glass143
InsertBarry ZitoBase Framed Mini Cloth143
InsertEsteury RuizBase Mini112RC
InsertEsteury RuizBase Mini Metal112RC
InsertEsteury RuizMini Stained Glass112RC
InsertEsteury RuizBase Framed Mini Cloth112RC
InsertJJ BledayBase Mini103RC
InsertJJ BledayBase Mini Metal103RC
InsertJJ BledayMini Stained Glass103RC
InsertJJ BledayBase Framed Mini Cloth103RC
InsertJJ BledayA&G Dual RIPDRC-LB
InsertJJ BledayA&G RIPRC-JB
InsertMark McGwireBase Mini67
InsertMark McGwireBase Mini Metal67
InsertMark McGwireMini Stained Glass67
InsertMark McGwireBase Framed Mini Cloth67
InsertMark McGwireBase Short Print389
InsertMark McGwireBase Mini Exclusives EXT389
InsertMark McGwireA&G Dual RIPDRC-HM
InsertMark McGwireA&G RIPRC-MMC
InsertMark MulderBase Mini106
InsertMark MulderBase Mini Metal106
InsertMark MulderMini Stained Glass106
InsertMark MulderBase Framed Mini Cloth106
InsertMiguel TejadaBase Short Print340
InsertMiguel TejadaBase Mini Short Print340
InsertMost foul territory in MLBOnly In... MiniOI-20
InsertMost foul territory in MLBOnly In... BoxloaderOIB-20
InsertReggie JacksonA&G RIPRC-RJAC
InsertRickey HendersonIn Action Variation72
InsertRickey HendersonBase Mini138
InsertRickey HendersonBase Mini Metal138
InsertRickey HendersonMini Stained Glass138
InsertRickey HendersonBase Framed Mini Cloth138
InsertRickey HendersonBase Short Print352
InsertRickey HendersonBase Mini Exclusives EXT352
InsertRickey HendersonA&G Dual RIPDRC-HM
InsertRickey HendersonA&G RIPRC-RHE
InsertRickey HendersonSpotless SpansSS-28
InsertSeth BrownBase Mini211
InsertShea LangeliersBase Mini58RC
InsertShea LangeliersBase Mini Metal58RC
InsertShea LangeliersMini Stained Glass58RC
InsertShea LangeliersBase Framed Mini Cloth58RC
InsertShea LangeliersA&G Dual RIPDRC-LB
InsertShintaro FujinamiBase Mini297RC
InsertShintaro FujinamiA&G Boxloader RIPBRC-FS
InsertTim HudsonBase Mini125
InsertTim HudsonBase Mini Metal125
InsertTim HudsonMini Stained Glass125
InsertTim HudsonBase Framed Mini Cloth125
InsertVida BlueBase Short Print322
InsertVida BlueBase Mini Short Print322
RelicMark McGwireMini Framed RelicMFR-MMC
RelicMark MulderMini Framed RelicMFR-MMU
RelicRickey HendersonMini Framed RelicMFR-RH
RelicShea LangeliersFull-Size Relic (A)AGRA-SLA
AutoBarry ZitoFramed Mini Baseball AutographMA-BZ
AutoCal StevensonFramed Mini Baseball AutographMA-CSTE
AutoDennis EckersleyFramed Mini Baseball AutographMA-DE
AutoMark MulderFramed Mini Baseball AutographMA-MMU
AutoRollie FingersFramed Mini Baseball AutographMA-RF
AutoShea LangeliersFramed Mini Baseball AutographMA-SL
AutoShintaro FujinamiFramed Mini Baseball AutographMA-FS
AutoTim HudsonFramed Mini Baseball AutographMA-THU
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseAdam LefkoeBase217
BaseAdam RayBase225
BaseAndre KnottBase299
BaseAnna Leigh WatersBase295
BaseAri ChambersBase207
BaseBear MayerBase205
BaseBella RasmussenBase243
BaseBenny WassermanBase224
BaseBomani JonesBase226
BaseBryce YoungBase284
BaseBun BBase218
BaseCaptain Sandy YawnBase238
BaseCasey WebbBase209
BaseChris FowlerBase254
BaseCrystal ReedBase283
BaseDaniel Van KirkBase221
BaseDawn StaleyBase289
BaseDenard Shoelace RobinsonBase202
BaseDJ SkeeBase204
BaseEric StonestreetBase203
BaseFred KerleyBase220
BaseGorilla NemsBase237
BaseHoodie AllenBase298
BaseIan RapoportBase241
BaseJ BalvinBase222
BaseJefferson WhiteBase268
BaseJim BintliffBase267
BaseJohn DiMaggioBase236
BaseJonathan ValenaBase276
BaseKevin HartBase232
BaseKyle GordonBase244
BaseKyle SchultzBase216
BaseLIL BabyBase233
BaseMandy BellBase235
BaseMeek MillBase277
BaseMoisés LópezBase261
BaseMyles MontplaisirBase270
BaseNathan Doggface ApodacaBase287
BaseNina O'BrienBase266
BaseOld Time HawkeyBase256
BaseOlivia PichardoBase213
BaseOllie PalmerBase272
BaseRafael NadalBase249
BaseRobert De NiroBase280
BaseSarah LangsBase281
BaseSarah NatochennyBase296
BaseScoot HendersonBase265
BaseShams CharaniaBase234
BaseThomas Ian NicholasBase285
BaseTimmy TrumpetBase255
BaseTom SandovalBase239
BaseTom SchwartzBase201
BaseTommy CoughlinBase252
BaseTyson McGuffinBase286
BaseVictor WembanyamaBase271
BaseWill LevisBase290
BaseZion ClarkBase262
InsertAachen Cathedral, GermanyWorld of Wonder MiniWOW-37
InsertAcropolis of Athens, GreeceWorld of Wonder MiniWOW-8
InsertAdam LefkoeBase Mini217
InsertAdam RayBase Mini225
InsertAlan-a-DaleBy Any Other Name MiniBAN-15
InsertÅland IslandsBy Any Other Name MiniBAN-12
InsertAllan, SaskatchewanBy Any Other Name MiniBAN-8
InsertAllen Cay BahamasBy Any Other Name MiniBAN-10
InsertAllen StreetBy Any Other Name MiniBAN-3
InsertAllen Telescope ArrayBy Any Other Name MiniBAN-1
InsertAllen TestBy Any Other Name MiniBAN-11
InsertAllen WrenchBy Any Other Name MiniBAN-2
InsertAllen's HummingbirdBy Any Other Name MiniBAN-14
InsertAllen's Swamp Monkey Swamp MonkeyBy Any Other Name MiniBAN-4
InsertAllentown, PennsylvaniaBy Any Other Name MiniBAN-6
InsertAndean CondorTALON-tedTT-2
InsertAndre KnottBase Mini299
InsertAngkor Wat, CambodiaWorld of Wonder MiniWOW-5
InsertAnna Leigh WatersBase Mini295
InsertAnthony RichardsonBase Mini107
InsertApple PieSave Room for Dessert MiniSRFD-4
InsertAri ChambersBase Mini207
InsertArroz con GandulesInternational Delights MiniID-5
InsertBagan, MyanmarWorld of Wonder MiniWOW-4
InsertBald EagleTALON-tedTT-5
InsertBandeja PaisaInternational Delights MiniID-9
InsertBandoneonMusic to Your EarsMTYE-5
InsertBarn OwlTALON-tedTT-16
InsertBeach SoccerFun in the SunFITS-8
InsertBeach VolleyballFun in the SunFITS-3
InsertBear MayerBase Mini205
InsertBeef Noodle SoupInternational Delights MiniID-12
InsertBella RasmussenBase Mini243
InsertBenny WassermanBase Mini224
InsertBodhránMusic to Your EarsMTYE-10
InsertBodyboardingFun in the SunFITS-12
InsertBomani JonesBase Mini226
InsertBorobudur, IndonesiaWorld of Wonder MiniWOW-10
InsertBrowniesSave Room for Dessert MiniSRFD-5
InsertBryce YoungBase Mini284
InsertBuilding a SandcastleFun in the SunFITS-11
InsertBun BBase Mini218
InsertCalifornia CondorTALON-tedTT-17
InsertCappadocia, TurkeyWorld of Wonder MiniWOW-14
InsertCaptain Sandy YawnBase Mini238
InsertCarlsbad Caverns National Park, USAWorld of Wonder MiniWOW-47
InsertCaroline O'ConnorBase Mini215
InsertCarrot CakeSave Room for Dessert MiniSRFD-14
InsertCasey WebbBase Mini209
InsertCatedral de Sevilla, SpainWorld of Wonder MiniWOW-31
InsertČeský Krumlov, Czech RepublicWorld of Wonder MiniWOW-29
InsertCheesecakeSave Room for Dessert MiniSRFD-1
InsertChichén Itzá, MexicoWorld of Wonder MiniWOW-23
InsertChocolate MousseSave Room for Dessert MiniSRFD-8
InsertChris FowlerBase Mini254
InsertChrist the Redeemer, BrazilWorld of Wonder MiniWOW-16
InsertCity of Bath, EnglandWorld of Wonder MiniWOW-21
InsertCity of Quito, EcuadorWorld of Wonder MiniWOW-41
InsertClavesMusic to Your EarsMTYE-14
InsertCookiesSave Room for Dessert MiniSRFD-6
InsertCrème BrûléeSave Room for Dessert MiniSRFD-9
InsertCrystal ReedBase Mini283
InsertCupcakesSave Room for Dessert MiniSRFD-12
InsertDaniel Van KirkBase Mini221
InsertDawn StaleyBase Mini289
InsertDenard Shoelace RobinsonBase Mini202
InsertDJ SkeeBase Mini204
InsertDMCBase Mini223
InsertEaster Island, ChileWorld of Wonder MiniWOW-26
InsertEdgar Allan PoeBy Any Other Name MiniBAN-7
InsertEnjoying a Piña ColadaFun in the SunFITS-15
InsertEric StonestreetBase Mini203
InsertErmsyBase Mini246
InsertEverglades National Park, USAWorld of Wonder MiniWOW-46
InsertFalafelInternational Delights MiniID-17
InsertFish and ChipsInternational Delights MiniID-19
InsertFishingFun in the SunFITS-5
InsertFlanSave Room for Dessert MiniSRFD-10
InsertFred KerleyBase Mini220
InsertFudgeSave Room for Dessert MiniSRFD-13
InsertGalápagos Islands, EcuadorWorld of Wonder MiniWOW-20
InsertGallo PintoInternational Delights MiniID-10
InsertGolden EagleTALON-tedTT-9
InsertGorilla NemsBase Mini237
InsertGreat Barrier Reef, AustraliaWorld of Wonder MiniWOW-1
InsertGreat Horned OwlTALON-tedTT-7
InsertGreat Wall of ChinaWorld of Wonder MiniWOW-6
InsertGummy BearsSave Room for Dessert MiniSRFD-2
InsertHamburgerInternational Delights MiniID-6
InsertHarpMusic to Your EarsMTYE-4
InsertHen HarrierTALON-tedTT-12
InsertHistoric Centre of Córdoba, SpainWorld of Wonder MiniWOW-27
InsertHistorical Areas of Istanbul, TurkeyWorld of Wonder MiniWOW-28
InsertHoodie AllenBase Mini298
InsertHoodie AllenBy Any Other Name MiniBAN-5
InsertIan RapoportBase Mini241
InsertIce Cream SundaeSave Room for Dessert MiniSRFD-7
InsertIndependence Hall, USAWorld of Wonder MiniWOW-43
InsertIsland of Gorée, SenegalWorld of Wonder MiniWOW-39
InsertJ BalvinBase Mini222
InsertJefferson WhiteBase Mini268
InsertJet-SkiingFun in the SunFITS-10
InsertJim BintliffBase Mini267
InsertJohn DiMaggioBase Mini236
InsertJonathan ValenaBase Mini276
InsertKen AllenBy Any Other Name MiniBAN-9
InsertKevin HartBase Mini232
InsertKimchiInternational Delights MiniID-14
InsertKiteboardingFun in the SunFITS-9
InsertKotoMusic to Your EarsMTYE-15
InsertKraków Old Town, PolandWorld of Wonder MiniWOW-38
InsertKronborg Castle, DenmarkWorld of Wonder MiniWOW-19
InsertKyle GordonBase Mini244
InsertKyle SchultzBase Mini216
InsertLa BanderaInternational Delights MiniID-3
InsertL'Anse aux Meadows National Historic Park, CanadaWorld of Wonder MiniWOW-34
InsertLeshan Giant Buddha, ChinaWorld of Wonder MiniWOW-25
InsertLIL BabyBase Mini233
InsertLuteMusic to Your EarsMTYE-11
InsertLyreMusic to Your EarsMTYE-7
InsertMachu Picchu, PeruWorld of Wonder MiniWOW-2
InsertMammoth Cave National Park, USAWorld of Wonder MiniWOW-50
InsertMandolinMTYE-9 BongosMusic to Your EarsMTYE-8
InsertMandy BellBase Mini235
InsertMarimbaMusic to Your EarsMTYE-6
InsertMax ScherzerRarest of the Diamond MiniMROD-120 Strikeout Game, May 11 2006
InsertMayan Ruins of Tikal, GuatemalaWorld of Wonder MiniWOW-12
InsertMeek MillBase Mini277
InsertMesa Verde National Park, USAWorld of Wonder MiniWOW-11
InsertMilkshakeSave Room for Dessert MiniSRFD-15
InsertMoisés LópezBase Mini261
InsertMole PoblanoInternational Delights MiniID-4
InsertMyles MontplaisirBase Mini270
InsertNahanni National Park Reserve, CanadaWorld of Wonder MiniWOW-40
InsertNathan Doggface ApodacaBase Mini287
InsertNestor CortesRarest of the Diamond MiniMROD-8The Immaculate Inning, April 17 2022
InsertNina O'BrienBase Mini266
InsertOld Havana and its Fortification System, CubaWorld of Wonder MiniWOW-48
InsertOld Time HawkeyBase Mini256
InsertOlivia PichardoBase Mini213
InsertOllie PalmerBase Mini272
InsertPabellón CriolloInternational Delights MiniID-7
InsertPaddle-BoardingFun in the SunFITS-7
InsertPapahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument, USAWorld of Wonder MiniWOW-45
InsertParasailingFun in the SunFITS-14
InsertPeking DuckInternational Delights MiniID-11
InsertPeregrine FalconTALON-tedTT-3
InsertPetra, JordanWorld of Wonder MiniWOW-24
InsertPianoMusic to Your EarsMTYE-2
InsertPipaMusic to Your EarsMTYE-12
InsertPoutineInternational Delights MiniID-1
InsertPyramids of Giza, EgyptWorld of Wonder MiniWOW-3
InsertPyrénées - Mont Perdu, FranceWorld of Wonder MiniWOW-22
InsertRafael NadalBase Mini249
InsertRagu alla BologneseInternational Delights MiniID-15
InsertRed KiteTALON-tedTT-14
InsertRed-tailed HawkTALON-tedTT-20
InsertRila Monastery, BulgariaWorld of Wonder MiniWOW-33
InsertRoast LambInternational Delights MiniID-20
InsertRobert De NiroBase Mini280
InsertRock-Hewn Churches, EthiopiaWorld of Wonder MiniWOW-36
InsertRoman Colosseum, ItalyWorld of Wonder MiniWOW-7
InsertRoot Beer FloatSave Room for Dessert MiniSRFD-3
InsertRopa ViejaInternational Delights MiniID-2
InsertRoyal Salt Mines, PolandWorld of Wonder MiniWOW-42
InsertSancochoInternational Delights MiniID-8
InsertSarah LangsBase Mini281
InsertSarah NatochennyBase Mini296
InsertScoot HendersonBase Mini265
InsertShams CharaniaBase Mini234
InsertShortstop Doesn't Touch BallRarest of the Diamond MiniMROD-7
InsertSimien National Park, EthiopiaWorld of Wonder MiniWOW-35
InsertS'moresSave Room for Dessert MiniSRFD-11
InsertSnorkelingFun in the SunFITS-4
InsertSnowy OwlTALON-tedTT-8
InsertSpikeballFun in the SunFITS-1
InsertSt. Kilda, ScotlandWorld of Wonder MiniWOW-32
InsertStamppotInternational Delights MiniID-16
InsertStatue of Liberty, USAWorld of Wonder MiniWOW-44
InsertStealing Second, Third and Home in One AppearanceRarest of the Diamond MiniMROD-5
InsertStonehenge, EnglandWorld of Wonder MiniWOW-9
InsertSurfingFun in the SunFITS-6
InsertSushiInternational Delights MiniID-13
InsertSwiss Alps Jungfrau-Aletsch, SwitzerlandWorld of Wonder MiniWOW-18
InsertTanningFun in the SunFITS-13
InsertTed WilliamsRarest of the Diamond MiniMROD-10Batting .400, 1941
InsertTemple BlocksMusic to Your EarsMTYE-13
InsertThe Lascaux Cave, FranceWorld of Wonder MiniWOW-13
InsertThe Taj Mahal, IndiaWorld of Wonder MiniWOW-15
InsertThomas Ian NicholasBase Mini285
InsertTimmy TrumpetBase Mini255
InsertTom SandovalBase Mini239
InsertTom SchwartzBase Mini201
InsertTommy CoughlinBase Mini252
InsertTyson McGuffinBase Mini286
InsertUkuleleMusic to Your EarsMTYE-1
InsertUnassisted Triple Play Triple PlayRarest of the Diamond MiniMROD-2
InsertVan Allen ProbesBy Any Other Name MiniBAN-13
InsertVenice, ItalyWorld of Wonder MiniWOW-30
InsertVepřo-knedlo-zeloInternational Delights MiniID-18
InsertVictor WembanyamaBase Mini271
InsertViolinMusic to Your EarsMTYE-3
InsertWakeboardingFun in the SunFITS-2
InsertWill LevisBase Mini290
InsertYellowstone National Park, USAWorld of Wonder MiniWOW-17
InsertYosemite National Park, USAWorld of Wonder MiniWOW-49
InsertZhuBase Mini228
InsertZion ClarkBase Mini262
RelicAdam LefkoeFull-Size Relic (A)AGRA-AL
RelicAdam RayFull-Size Relic (A)AGRA-AR
RelicAllosaurusMini DNA RelicDNAR-A
RelicAndre KnottFull-Size Relic (A)AGRA-AK
RelicAnn Leigh WatersFull-Size Relic (A)AGRA-ALW
RelicAri ChambersFull-Size Relic (A)AGRA-AC
RelicBasiliskFramed Mini Relics of LegendFROL-B
RelicBella RasmussenFull-Size Relic (A)AGRA-BR
RelicBenny WassermanFull-Size Relic (A)AGRA-BW
RelicBlackbeardFramed Mini Relics of LegendFROL-BL
RelicBodhránMusic to Your Ears RelicMTYER-BOD
RelicBomani JonesFull-Size Relic (A)AGRA-BOJ
RelicBongosMusic to Your Ears RelicMTYER-BO
RelicCaptain Sandy YawnFull-Size Relic (A)AGRA-CSY
RelicCasey WebbFull-Size Relic (A)AGRA-CW
RelicChris FowlerFull-Size Relic (A)AGRA-CF
RelicClavesMusic to Your Ears RelicMTYER-C
RelicCoproliteMini DNA RelicDNAR-C
RelicCount DraculaFramed Mini Relics of LegendFROL-CD
RelicDawn StaleyFull-Size Relic (A)AGRA-DST
RelicDenard Shoelace RobinsonFull-Size Relic (A)AGRA-DR
RelicDimetrodonMini DNA RelicDNAR-D
RelicDire WolfMini DNA RelicDNAR-DW
RelicDJ SkeeFull-Size Relic (A)AGRA-DS
RelicEric StonestreetFull-Size Relic (A)AGRA-ES
RelicErmsyFull-Size Relic (A)AGRA-E
RelicGorilla NemsFull-Size Relic (A)AGRA-GN
RelicGriffinFramed Mini Relics of LegendFROL-G
RelicHoodie AllenFull-Size Relic (A)AGRA-HA
RelicIan RapoportFull-Size Relic (A)AGRA-IR
RelicIguanodonMini DNA RelicDNAR-I
RelicJim BintliffFull-Size Relic (A)AGRA-JB
RelicJim ThomeMini Framed RelicMFR-JT
RelicJohn DiMaggioFull-Size Relic (A)AGRA-JDI
RelicKotoMusic to Your Ears RelicMTYER-K
RelicKyle GordonFull-Size Relic (A)AGRA-KG
RelicLeprechaunFramed Mini Relics of LegendFROL-LG
RelicLoch Ness MonsterFramed Mini Relics of LegendFROL-TLM
RelicLuteMusic to Your Ears RelicMTYER-LU
RelicLyreMusic to Your Ears RelicMTYER-L
RelicMandolinMusic to Your Ears RelicMTYER-MA
RelicMandy BellFull-Size Relic (A)AGRA-MB
RelicMarimbaMusic to Your Ears RelicMTYER-M
RelicMinotaurFramed Mini Relics of LegendFROL-M
RelicMyles MontplaisirFull-Size Relic (A)AGRA-MM
RelicNathan ApodacaFull-Size Relic (A)AGRA-NA
RelicNina O'BrienFull-Size Relic (A)AGRA-NO
RelicOld Time HawkeyFull-Size Relic (A)AGRA-OTH
RelicOlivia PichardoFull-Size Relic (A)AGRA-OPI
RelicOllie PalmerFull-Size Relic (A)AGRA-OP
RelicPachycephalosaurusMini DNA RelicDNAR-P
RelicPianoMusic to Your Ears RelicMTYER-P
RelicPipaMusic to Your Ears RelicMTYER-PI
RelicSaber-toothed TigerMini DNA RelicDNAR-ST
RelicSarah LangsFull-Size Relic (A)AGRA-SL
RelicStegosaurusMini DNA RelicDNAR-S
RelicTemple BlocksMusic to Your Ears RelicMTYER-TB
RelicThomas Ian NicholsFull-Size Relic (A)AGRA-TIN
RelicTom SandovalFull-Size Relic (A)AGRA-TS
RelicTyrannosaurusMini DNA RelicDNAR-T
RelicUkuleleMusic to Your Ears RelicMTYER-U
RelicViolinMusic to Your Ears RelicMTYER-V
RelicZhuFull-Size Relic (A)AGRA-Z
AutoAdam LefkoeFramed Mini Non-Baseball AutographMA-ALE
AutoAdam RayFramed Mini Non-Baseball AutographMA-AR
AutoAndre KnottFramed Mini Non-Baseball AutographMA-AK
AutoAndy WarholCut SignaturesCS-AW
AutoAnna Leigh WatersFull Size Dual AutographDA-WM
AutoAnna Leigh WatersFramed Mini Non-Baseball AutographMA-ALW
AutoAnthony RichardsonFramed Mini Non-Baseball AutographMA-ARI
AutoAri ChambersFramed Mini Non-Baseball AutographMA-AC
AutoBear MayerFramed Mini Non-Baseball AutographMA-BM
AutoBella RasmussenFramed Mini Non-Baseball AutographMA-BR
AutoBenny WassermanFramed Mini Non-Baseball AutographMA-BW
AutoBomani JonesFramed Mini Non-Baseball AutographMA-BOJ
AutoBryce YoungFramed Mini Non-Baseball AutographMA-BY
AutoBuffalo BillCut SignaturesCS-BB
AutoBun BFramed Mini Non-Baseball AutographMA-BB
AutoCaptain Sandy YawnFramed Mini Non-Baseball AutographMA-CSY
AutoCaroline O'ConnorFull Size Dual AutographDA-NO
AutoCaroline O'ConnorFramed Mini Non-Baseball AutographMA-CO
AutoCasey WebbFramed Mini Non-Baseball AutographMA-CW
AutoChadwick BosemanCut SignaturesCS-CB
AutoCharlie ChaplinCut SignaturesCS-CC
AutoChris FowlerFramed Mini Non-Baseball AutographMA-CF
AutoCJ StroudFramed Mini Non-Baseball AutographMA-CJS
AutoCrystal ReedFramed Mini Non-Baseball AutographMA-CRE
AutoDawn StaleyFramed Mini Non-Baseball AutographMA-DS
AutoDenard Shoelace RobinsonFramed Mini Non-Baseball AutographMA-DR
AutoDJ SkeeFramed Mini Non-Baseball AutographMA-DJS
AutoDMCFramed Mini Non-Baseball AutographMA-DMA
AutoDuke EllingtonCut SignaturesCS-DEL
AutoDwight EisenhowerCut SignaturesCS-DE
AutoEleanor RooseveltCut SignaturesCS-ER
AutoEric StonestreetFramed Mini Non-Baseball AutographMA-ES
AutoErmsyFramed Mini Non-Baseball AutographMA-ERM
AutoFred KerleyFramed Mini Non-Baseball AutographMA-FK
AutoFred RogersCut SignaturesCS-FR
AutoGorilla NemsFramed Mini Non-Baseball AutographMA-GNE
AutoHarry HoudiniCut SignaturesCS-HH
AutoHelen KellerCut SignaturesCS-HKE
AutoHenry KissingerCut SignaturesCS-HK
AutoHoodie AllenFramed Mini Non-Baseball AutographMA-HA
AutoIan RapoportFramed Mini Non-Baseball AutographMA-IR
AutoJ BalvinFramed Mini Non-Baseball AutographMA-JBA
AutoJames MadisonCut SignaturesCS-JM
AutoJefferson WhiteFramed Mini Non-Baseball AutographMA-JWH
AutoJim BintliffFramed Mini Non-Baseball AutographMA-JB
AutoJohn DiMaggioFramed Mini Non-Baseball AutographMA-JDI
AutoJohn F. KennedyCut SignaturesCS-JFK
AutoJohn TylerCut SignaturesCS-JT
AutoJonathan ValenaFramed Mini Non-Baseball AutographMA-JV
AutoKevin HartFull-Size Non-Baseball AutographFA-KH
AutoKim NgFull Size Dual AutographDA-NO
AutoKyle GordonFramed Mini Non-Baseball AutographMA-KGO
AutoKyle SchultzFramed Mini Non-Baseball AutographMA-KS
AutoLIL BabyFramed Mini Non-Baseball AutographMA-LBA
AutoMandy BellFramed Mini Non-Baseball AutographMA-MBE
AutoMark TwainCut SignaturesCS-MT
AutoMarlon BrandoCut SignaturesCS-MB
AutoMeek MillFramed Mini Non-Baseball AutographMA-MMI
AutoMoisés LópezFramed Mini Non-Baseball AutographMA-ML
AutoMyles MontplaisirFramed Mini Non-Baseball AutographMA-MMO
AutoNathan Doggface ApodacaFramed Mini Non-Baseball AutographMA-NA
AutoNelson MandelaCut SignaturesCS-NM
AutoNina O'BrienFramed Mini Non-Baseball AutographMA-NOB
AutoNorman RockwellCut SignaturesCS-NR
AutoOld Time HawkeyFramed Mini Non-Baseball AutographMA-OTH
AutoOlivia PichardoFramed Mini Non-Baseball AutographMA-OPI
AutoOllie PalmerFramed Mini Non-Baseball AutographMA-OP
AutoPaul McCartneyCut SignaturesCS-PM
AutoRafael NadalFramed Mini Non-Baseball AutographMA-RN
AutoRobert De NiroFull-Size Non-Baseball AutographFA-RDN
AutoRobert KraftFramed Mini Non-Baseball AutographMA-RKR
AutoRosa ParksCut SignaturesCS-RP
AutoSarah LangsFramed Mini Non-Baseball AutographMA-SL
AutoSarah NatochennyFramed Mini Non-Baseball AutographMA-SN
AutoScoot HendersonFramed Mini Non-Baseball AutographMA-SH
AutoShams CharaniaFramed Mini Non-Baseball AutographMA-SC
AutoThomas Ian NicholasFramed Mini Non-Baseball AutographMA-TIN
AutoTimmy TrumpetFramed Mini Non-Baseball AutographMA-TT
AutoTom SandovalFramed Mini Non-Baseball AutographMA-TSA
AutoTom SchwartzFramed Mini Non-Baseball AutographMA-TSC
AutoTommy CoughlinFramed Mini Non-Baseball AutographMA-TC
AutoTyson McGuffinFull Size Dual AutographDA-WM
AutoTyson McGuffinFramed Mini Non-Baseball AutographMA-TM
AutoVictor WembanyamaFramed Mini Non-Baseball AutographMA-VW
AutoWill LevisFramed Mini Non-Baseball AutographMA-WL
AutoZhuFramed Mini Non-Baseball AutographMA-Z
AutoZion ClarkFramed Mini Non-Baseball AutographMA-ZC
Philadelphia Phillies
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseAaron NolaBase263
BaseAlec BohmBase158
BaseBrandon MarshBase191
BaseBryce HarperBase60
BaseJ.T. RealmutoBase193
BaseJimmy RollinsBase134
BaseKyle SchwarberBase22
BaseKyle SchwarberBase167
BaseNick CastellanosBase189
BaseRhys HoskinsBase148
BaseRyan HowardBase131
BaseTrea TurnerBase66
BaseZack WheelerBase165
InsertAaron NolaBase Mini263
InsertAlec BohmBase Mini158
InsertBrandon MarshBase Mini191
InsertBryce HarperBase Mini60
InsertBryce HarperBase Mini Metal60
InsertBryce HarperMini Stained Glass60
InsertBryce HarperBase Framed Mini Cloth60
InsertBryce HarperIn Action Variation69
InsertBryce HarperBase Short Print364
InsertBryce HarperBase Mini Exclusives EXT364
InsertBryce HarperA&G BoxloaderBC-2
InsertBryce HarperA&G Dual RIPDRC-HH
InsertBryce HarperMini Artist Originals SketchMAO-BH
InsertBryce HarperA&G N43 BoxloaderN43-3
InsertBryce HarperA&G RIPRC-BH
InsertBryce HarperSpotless SpansSS-34
InsertJ.T. RealmutoBase Mini193
InsertJayson WerthBase Short Print325
InsertJayson WerthBase Mini Short Print325
InsertJim ThomeBase Short Print317
InsertJim ThomeBase Mini Short Print317
InsertJimmy RollinsBase Mini134
InsertJimmy RollinsBase Mini Metal134
InsertJimmy RollinsMini Stained Glass134
InsertJimmy RollinsBase Framed Mini Cloth134
InsertJimmy RollinsSpotless SpansSS-19
InsertJohn KrukBase Short Print326
InsertJohn KrukBase Mini Short Print326
InsertKyle SchwarberBase Mini22
InsertKyle SchwarberBase Mini Metal22
InsertKyle SchwarberMini Stained Glass22
InsertKyle SchwarberBase Framed Mini Cloth22
InsertKyle SchwarberBase Mini167
InsertKyle SchwarberA&G RIPRC-KS
InsertLiberty BellOnly In... MiniOI-21
InsertLiberty BellOnly In... BoxloaderOIB-21
InsertNick CastellanosBase Mini189
InsertRhys HoskinsIn Action Variation148
InsertRhys HoskinsBase Mini148
InsertRhys HoskinsBase Mini Metal148
InsertRhys HoskinsMini Stained Glass148
InsertRhys HoskinsBase Framed Mini Cloth148
InsertRhys HoskinsA&G Dual RIPDRC-HH
InsertRhys HoskinsA&G RIPRC-RH
InsertRyan HowardBase Mini131
InsertRyan HowardBase Mini Metal131
InsertRyan HowardMini Stained Glass131
InsertRyan HowardBase Framed Mini Cloth131
InsertSteve CarltonA&G Boxloader RIPBRC-SC
InsertSteve CarltonA&G RIPRC-SC
InsertTrea TurnerBase Mini66
InsertTrea TurnerBase Mini Metal66
InsertTrea TurnerMini Stained Glass66
InsertTrea TurnerBase Framed Mini Cloth66
InsertTrea TurnerBase Short Print382
InsertTrea TurnerBase Mini Exclusives EXT382
InsertTrea TurnerA&G Boxloader RIPBRC-TT
InsertTrea TurnerA&G RIPRC-TT
InsertZack WheelerBase Mini165
RelicAlec BohmFull-Size Relic (B)AGRB-AB
RelicBryce HarperMini Framed RelicMFR-BH
RelicChase UtleyMini Framed RelicMFR-CU
RelicJimmy RollinsFull-Size Relic (A)AGRA-JR
RelicKyle SchwarberFull-Size Relic (B)AGRB-KS
RelicMike SchmidtMini Framed RelicMFR-MS
RelicRhys HoskinsFull-Size Relic (B)AGRB-RH
RelicRhys HoskinsMini Framed RelicMFR-RHO
RelicScott RolenMini Framed RelicMFR-SR
RelicZack WheelerFull-Size Relic (B)AGRB-ZW
AutoBryson StottFramed Mini Baseball AutographMA-BST
AutoDarick HallFramed Mini Baseball AutographMA-DHA
AutoJayson WerthFramed Mini Baseball AutographMA-JWE
AutoJimmy RollinsFramed Mini Baseball AutographMA-JRO
AutoJohn KrukFramed Mini Baseball AutographMA-JK
AutoRhys HoskinsAutographed Relic BookARBC-RH
AutoRyan HowardFramed Mini Baseball AutographMA-RHO
AutoTrea TurnerFramed Mini Baseball AutographMA-TT
Pittsburgh Pirates
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseBryan ReynoldsBase206
BaseKe'Bryan HayesBase164
BaseLiover PegueroBase121RC
BaseLuis OrtizBase145RC
BaseOneil CruzBase62
BaseRoberto ClementeBase27
InsertAndrew McCutchenA&G Dual RIPDRC-MC
InsertAndrew McCutchenA&G Dual RIPDRC-SM
InsertBryan ReynoldsBase Mini206
InsertJason KendallBase Short Print313
InsertJason KendallBase Mini Short Print313
InsertKe'Bryan HayesBase Mini164
InsertLiover PegueroBase Mini121RC
InsertLiover PegueroBase Mini Metal121RC
InsertLiover PegueroMini Stained Glass121RC
InsertLiover PegueroBase Framed Mini Cloth121RC
InsertLuis OrtizBase Mini145RC
InsertLuis OrtizBase Mini Metal145RC
InsertLuis OrtizMini Stained Glass145RC
InsertLuis OrtizBase Framed Mini Cloth145RC
InsertOneil CruzIn Action Variation62
InsertOneil CruzBase Mini62
InsertOneil CruzBase Mini Metal62
InsertOneil CruzMini Stained Glass62
InsertOneil CruzBase Framed Mini Cloth62
InsertOneil CruzA&G Dual RIPDRC-MC
InsertOneil CruzA&G RIPRC-OCR
InsertRoberto ClementeBase Mini27
InsertRoberto ClementeBase Mini Metal27
InsertRoberto ClementeMini Stained Glass27
InsertRoberto ClementeBase Framed Mini Cloth27
InsertRoberto ClementeBase Short Print363
InsertRoberto ClementeBase Mini Exclusives EXT363
InsertRoberto ClementeA&G Dual RIPDRC-CR
InsertRoberto ClementeA&G RIPRC-RC
InsertRoberto Clemente BridgeOnly In... MiniOI-22
InsertRoberto Clemente BridgeOnly In... BoxloaderOIB-22
InsertWillie StargellA&G Dual RIPDRC-SM
InsertWillie StargellA&G RIPRC-WS
InsertWillie StargellSpotless SpansSS-47
AutoJi Hwan BaeFramed Mini Baseball AutographMA-JHB
AutoKe'Bryan HayesAutographed Relic BookARBC-KH
AutoLiover PegueroFramed Mini Baseball AutographMA-LP
AutoOneil CruzAutographed Relic BookARBC-OC
AutoOneil CruzA&G Boxloader AutographBA-OC
AutoOneil CruzFramed Mini Baseball AutographMA-OC
San Diego Padres
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseBlake SnellBase219
BaseFernando Tatis Jr.Base293
BaseJosh HaderBase186
BaseJuan SotoBase39
BaseManny MachadoBase49
BaseTony GwynnBase100
BaseXander BogaertsBase6
BaseYu DarvishBase114
InsertBlake SnellBase Mini219
InsertDave WinfieldBase Short Print312
InsertDave WinfieldBase Mini Short Print312
InsertFernando Tatis Jr.In Action Variation293
InsertFernando Tatis Jr.Base Mini293
InsertFernando Tatis Jr.A&G Dual RIPDRC-TS
InsertFernando Tatis Jr.A&G RIPRC-FTJ
InsertGallagher SquareOnly In... MiniOI-23
InsertGallagher SquareOnly In... BoxloaderOIB-23
InsertJosh HaderBase Mini186
InsertJuan SotoIn Action Variation39
InsertJuan SotoBase Mini39
InsertJuan SotoBase Mini Metal39
InsertJuan SotoMini Stained Glass39
InsertJuan SotoBase Framed Mini Cloth39
InsertJuan SotoBase Short Print361
InsertJuan SotoBase Mini Exclusives EXT361
InsertJuan SotoA&G BoxloaderBC-6
InsertJuan SotoA&G Boxloader RIPBRC-JS
InsertJuan SotoA&G Dual RIPDRC-SA
InsertJuan SotoA&G Dual RIPDRC-TS
InsertJuan SotoMini Artist Originals SketchMAO-JS
InsertJuan SotoA&G N43 BoxloaderN43-7
InsertJuan SotoA&G RIPRC-JS
InsertManny MachadoBase Mini49
InsertManny MachadoBase Mini Metal49
InsertManny MachadoMini Stained Glass49
InsertManny MachadoBase Framed Mini Cloth49
InsertManny MachadoA&G Dual RIPDRC-BM
InsertManny MachadoA&G RIPRC-MMA
InsertTony GwynnBase Mini100
InsertTony GwynnBase Mini Metal100
InsertTony GwynnMini Stained Glass100
InsertTony GwynnBase Framed Mini Cloth100
InsertTony GwynnA&G RIPRC-TG
InsertTrevor HoffmanA&G Dual RIPDRC-HR
InsertXander BogaertsBase Mini6
InsertXander BogaertsBase Mini Metal6
InsertXander BogaertsMini Stained Glass6
InsertXander BogaertsBase Framed Mini Cloth6
InsertXander BogaertsA&G Boxloader RIPBRC-XB
InsertXander BogaertsA&G Dual RIPDRC-BM
InsertXander BogaertsA&G N43 BoxloaderN43-1
InsertXander BogaertsA&G RIPRC-XB
InsertYu DarvishBase Mini114
InsertYu DarvishBase Mini Metal114
InsertYu DarvishMini Stained Glass114
InsertYu DarvishBase Framed Mini Cloth114
InsertYu DarvishA&G RIPRC-YD
RelicBlake SnellFull-Size Relic (B)AGRB-BSN
RelicFernando Tatis Jr.Mini Framed RelicMFR-FTJ
RelicJuan SotoMini Framed RelicMFR-JS
RelicManny MachadoMini Framed RelicMFR-MM
RelicNelson CruzMini Framed RelicMFR-NC
RelicTony GwynnMini Framed RelicMFR-TG
RelicYu DarvishMini Framed RelicMFR-YD
AutoFernando Tatis Jr.Autographed Relic BookARBC-FTJ
AutoFernando Tatis Jr.Dual Autographed Relic BookDARBC-FT
AutoJuan SotoAutographed Relic BookARBC-JS
AutoJuan SotoA&G Boxloader AutographBA-JS
AutoJuan SotoDual Autographed Relic BookDARBC-BS
AutoTrevor HoffmanFramed Mini Baseball AutographMA-THO
AutoXander BogaertsDual Autographed Relic BookDARBC-BS
San Francisco Giants
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseBuster PoseyBase150
BaseWill ClarkBase168
BaseWillie MaysBase1
InsertBrian WilsonBase Short Print344
InsertBrian WilsonBase Mini Short Print344
InsertBuster PoseyBase Mini150
InsertBuster PoseyBase Mini Metal150
InsertBuster PoseyMini Stained Glass150
InsertBuster PoseyBase Framed Mini Cloth150
InsertBuster PoseyBase Short Print357
InsertBuster PoseyBase Mini Exclusives EXT357
InsertBuster PoseyA&G Dual RIPDRC-PM
InsertChristy MathewsonA&G RIPRC-CM
InsertChristy MathewsonSpotless SpansSS-5
InsertMcCovey CoveOnly In... MiniOI-24
InsertMcCovey CoveOnly In... BoxloaderOIB-24
InsertWill ClarkBase Mini168
InsertWillie MaysBase Mini1
InsertWillie MaysBase Mini Metal1
InsertWillie MaysMini Stained Glass1
InsertWillie MaysBase Framed Mini Cloth1
InsertWillie MaysA&G Boxloader RIPBRC-WM
InsertWillie MaysA&G Dual RIPDRC-PM
InsertWillie MaysSpotless SpansSS-32
RelicBuster PoseyMini Framed RelicMFR-BP
RelicRandy JohnsonMini Framed RelicMFR-RJ
AutoBuster PoseyA&G Boxloader AutographBA-BP
AutoHunter PenceFramed Mini Baseball AutographMA-HP
Seattle Mariners
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseGeorge KirbyBase21
BaseJulio RodríguezBase3
BaseLuis CastilloBase248
InsertAlex RodriguezRarest of the Diamond MiniMROD-940/40 Season, 1998
InsertCricketsOnly In... MiniOI-25
InsertCricketsOnly In... BoxloaderOIB-25
InsertEdgar MartinezBase Short Print302
InsertEdgar MartinezBase Mini Short Print302
InsertFélix HernándezBase Short Print343
InsertFélix HernándezBase Mini Short Print343
InsertFélix HernándezSpotless SpansSS-11
InsertGeorge KirbyIn Action Variation21
InsertGeorge KirbyBase Mini21
InsertGeorge KirbyBase Mini Metal21
InsertGeorge KirbyMini Stained Glass21
InsertGeorge KirbyBase Framed Mini Cloth21
InsertGeorge KirbyA&G RIPRC-GK
InsertGeorge KirbySpotless SpansSS-13
InsertIchiroA&G Dual RIPDRC-GI
InsertIchiroA&G Dual RIPDRC-MI
InsertIchiroSpotless SpansSS-18
InsertJulio RodríguezIn Action Variation3
InsertJulio RodríguezBase Mini3
InsertJulio RodríguezBase Mini Metal3
InsertJulio RodríguezMini Stained Glass3
InsertJulio RodríguezBase Framed Mini Cloth3
InsertJulio RodríguezBase Short Print355
InsertJulio RodríguezBase Mini Exclusives EXT355
InsertJulio RodríguezA&G BoxloaderBC-14
InsertJulio RodríguezA&G Boxloader RIPBRC-JR
InsertJulio RodríguezA&G Dual RIPDRC-HRO
InsertJulio RodríguezA&G Dual RIPDRC-RG
InsertJulio RodríguezMini Artist Originals SketchMAO-JRO
InsertJulio RodríguezA&G N43 BoxloaderN43-15
InsertJulio RodríguezA&G RIPRC-JR
InsertKen Griffey Jr.A&G Boxloader RIPBRC-KGJ
InsertKen Griffey Jr.A&G Dual RIPDRC-GI
InsertKen Griffey Jr.A&G Dual RIPDRC-RG
InsertKen Griffey Jr.Mini Artist Originals SketchMAO-KGJ
InsertKen Griffey Jr.Spotless SpansSS-20
InsertLuis CastilloBase Mini248
InsertRandy JohnsonA&G Boxloader RIPBRC-RJ
RelicCal RaleighFull-Size Relic (B)AGRB-CR
RelicKen Griffey Jr.Mini Framed RelicMFR-KGJ
AutoCal RaleighFramed Mini Baseball AutographMA-CRA
AutoGeorge KirbyAutographed Relic BookARBC-GK
AutoGeorge KirbyFramed Mini Baseball AutographMA-GK
AutoJulio RodríguezAutographed Relic BookARBC-JR
AutoJulio RodríguezA&G Boxloader AutographBA-JR
AutoJulio RodríguezDual Autographed Relic BookDARBC-FR
AutoJulio RodríguezDual Autographed Relic BookDARBC-WR
AutoJulio RodríguezFramed Mini Baseball AutographMA-JR
St Louis Cardinals
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseAlbert PujolsBase128
BaseBob GibsonBase176
BaseIván HerreraBase130RC
BaseJordan WalkerBase240RC
BaseLou BrockBase89
BaseMatthew LiberatoreBase92RC
BaseNolan ArenadoBase264
BaseNolan GormanBase16RC
BaseOzzie SmithBase110
BasePaul GoldschmidtBase20
BaseStan MusialBase25
BaseTommy EdmanBase113
BaseWillson ContrerasBase161
BaseYadier MolinaBase75
BaseZack ThompsonBase137RC
InsertAdam WainwrightA&G Dual RIPDRC-WM
InsertAlbert PujolsBase Mini128
InsertAlbert PujolsBase Mini Metal128
InsertAlbert PujolsMini Stained Glass128
InsertAlbert PujolsBase Framed Mini Cloth128
InsertAlbert PujolsBase Short Print385
InsertAlbert PujolsBase Mini Exclusives EXT385
InsertAlbert PujolsHidden GemsHG-27
InsertAlbert PujolsMini Artist Originals SketchMAO-AP
InsertAlbert PujolsA&G RIPRC-AP
InsertAlbert PujolsSpotless SpansSS-41
InsertAlbert PujolsUniform CountdownUC-5
InsertBob GibsonBase Mini176
InsertBob GibsonBase Short Print354
InsertBob GibsonA&G Boxloader RIPBRC-BG
InsertBob GibsonMini Artist Originals SketchMAO-BG
InsertBob GibsonA&G N43 BoxloaderN43-19
InsertBob GibsonA&G RIPRC-BG
InsertBob GibsonSpotless SpansSS-3
InsertBuster PoseyA&G Dual RIPDRC-MP
InsertDavid EcksteinBase Short Print314
InsertDavid EcksteinBase Mini Short Print314
InsertIván HerreraBase Mini130RC
InsertIván HerreraBase Mini Metal130RC
InsertIván HerreraMini Stained Glass130RC
InsertIván HerreraBase Framed Mini Cloth130RC
InsertJim EdmondsBase Short Print304
InsertJim EdmondsBase Mini Short Print304
InsertJordan WalkerBase Mini240RC
InsertLou BrockBase Mini89
InsertLou BrockBase Mini Metal89
InsertLou BrockMini Stained Glass89
InsertLou BrockBase Framed Mini Cloth89
InsertLou BrockA&G RIPRC-LB
InsertLou BrockSpotless SpansSS-21
InsertMark McGwireA&G Dual RIPDRC-GM
InsertMatthew LiberatoreBase Mini92RC
InsertMatthew LiberatoreBase Mini Metal92RC
InsertMatthew LiberatoreMini Stained Glass92RC
InsertMatthew LiberatoreBase Framed Mini Cloth92RC
InsertNolan ArenadoBase Mini264
InsertNolan ArenadoRarest of the Diamond MiniMROD-4Hitting for the Cycle. July 1 2022
InsertNolan GormanIn Action Variation16
InsertNolan GormanBase Mini16RC
InsertNolan GormanBase Mini Metal16RC
InsertNolan GormanMini Stained Glass16RC
InsertNolan GormanBase Framed Mini Cloth16RC
InsertNolan GormanA&G Boxloader RIPBRC-NG
InsertNolan GormanA&G RIPRC-NG
InsertOzzie SmithBase Mini110
InsertOzzie SmithBase Mini Metal110
InsertOzzie SmithMini Stained Glass110
InsertOzzie SmithBase Framed Mini Cloth110
InsertOzzie SmithUniform CountdownUC-1
InsertPaul GoldschmidtIn Action Variation20
InsertPaul GoldschmidtBase Mini20
InsertPaul GoldschmidtBase Mini Metal20
InsertPaul GoldschmidtMini Stained Glass20
InsertPaul GoldschmidtBase Framed Mini Cloth20
InsertPaul GoldschmidtBase Short Print383
InsertPaul GoldschmidtBase Mini Exclusives EXT383
InsertPaul GoldschmidtA&G BoxloaderBC-10
InsertPaul GoldschmidtA&G Boxloader RIPBRC-PG
InsertPaul GoldschmidtA&G Dual RIPDRC-GJ
InsertPaul GoldschmidtA&G Dual RIPDRC-GM
InsertPaul GoldschmidtA&G N43 BoxloaderN43-11
InsertPaul GoldschmidtA&G RIPRC-PG
InsertScott RolenBase Short Print324
InsertScott RolenBase Mini Short Print324
InsertStan MusialBase Mini25
InsertStan MusialBase Mini Metal25
InsertStan MusialMini Stained Glass25
InsertStan MusialBase Framed Mini Cloth25
InsertStan MusialA&G Boxloader RIPBRC-SM
InsertStan MusialA&G RIPRC-SMU
InsertTommy EdmanBase Mini113
InsertTommy EdmanBase Mini Metal113
InsertTommy EdmanMini Stained Glass113
InsertTommy EdmanBase Framed Mini Cloth113
InsertViews of the Gateway ArchOnly In... MiniOI-26
InsertViews of the Gateway ArchOnly In... BoxloaderOIB-26
InsertWillson ContrerasBase Mini161
InsertYadier MolinaBase Mini75
InsertYadier MolinaBase Mini Metal75
InsertYadier MolinaMini Stained Glass75
InsertYadier MolinaBase Framed Mini Cloth75
InsertYadier MolinaA&G Dual RIPDRC-MP
InsertYadier MolinaA&G Dual RIPDRC-WM
InsertYadier MolinaUniform CountdownUC-4
InsertZack ThompsonBase Mini137RC
InsertZack ThompsonBase Mini Metal137RC
InsertZack ThompsonMini Stained Glass137RC
InsertZack ThompsonBase Framed Mini Cloth137RC
RelicAdam WainwrightMini Framed RelicMFR-AW
RelicAlbert PujolsMini Framed RelicMFR-AP
RelicMark McGwireFull-Size Relic (B)AGRB-MMC
RelicMatthew LiberatoreFull-Size Relic (A)AGRA-MLI
RelicNolan ArenadoMini Framed RelicMFR-NA
RelicPaul DeJongFull-Size Relic (B)AGRB-PD
RelicPaul GoldschmidtMini Framed RelicMFR-PG
RelicTommy EdmanFull-Size Relic (B)AGRB-TE
RelicYadier MolinaMini Framed RelicMFR-YM
AutoAlbert PujolsA&G N43 Boxloader AutographN43A-AP
AutoDavid EcksteinFramed Mini Baseball AutographMA-DEC
AutoJim EdmondsFramed Mini Baseball AutographMA-JED
AutoJordan WalkerFramed Mini Baseball AutographMA-JW
AutoLars NootbaarFramed Mini Baseball AutographMA-LN
AutoMatthew LiberatoreFramed Mini Baseball AutographMA-ML
AutoOzzie SmithFramed Mini Baseball AutographMA-OS
AutoPaul GoldschmidtAutographed Relic BookARBC-PG
AutoPaul GoldschmidtDual Autographed Relic BookDARBC-GJ
AutoPaul GoldschmidtFramed Mini Baseball AutographMA-PG
AutoZack ThompsonFramed Mini Baseball AutographMA-ZT
Tampa Bay Rays
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseShane McClanahanBase196
BaseTaj BradleyBase199RC
BaseTyler GlasnowBase190
BaseVidal BrujanBase175
BaseWade BoggsBase30
BaseWander FrancoBase5
BaseYandy DíazBase210
InsertFred McGriffA&G Boxloader RIPBRC-FM
InsertShane McClanahanBase Mini196
InsertShane McClanahanA&G RIPRC-SM
InsertTaj BradleyBase Mini199RC
InsertTouchtank in the outfieldOnly In... MiniOI-27
InsertTouchtank in the outfieldOnly In... BoxloaderOIB-27
InsertTyler GlasnowBase Mini190
InsertVidal BrujanBase Mini175
InsertWade BoggsIn Action Variation30
InsertWade BoggsBase Mini30
InsertWade BoggsBase Mini Metal30
InsertWade BoggsMini Stained Glass30
InsertWade BoggsBase Framed Mini Cloth30
InsertWade BoggsA&G Dual RIPDRC-FB
InsertWander FrancoIn Action Variation5
InsertWander FrancoBase Mini5
InsertWander FrancoBase Mini Metal5
InsertWander FrancoMini Stained Glass5
InsertWander FrancoBase Framed Mini Cloth5
InsertWander FrancoBase Short Print375
InsertWander FrancoBase Mini Exclusives EXT375
InsertWander FrancoA&G BoxloaderBC-12
InsertWander FrancoA&G Boxloader RIPBRC-WF
InsertWander FrancoA&G Dual RIPDRC-FB
InsertWander FrancoHidden GemsHG-30
InsertWander FrancoMini Artist Originals SketchMAO-WF
InsertWander FrancoA&G N43 BoxloaderN43-13
InsertWander FrancoA&G RIPRC-WF
InsertYandy DíazBase Mini210
RelicRandy ArozarenaFull-Size Relic (B)AGRB-RA
RelicShane McClanahanMini Framed RelicMFR-SM
RelicWade BoggsMini Framed RelicMFR-WB
AutoRandy ArozarenaFramed Mini Baseball AutographMA-RA
AutoVidal BrujanFramed Mini Baseball AutographMA-VB
AutoWander FrancoAutographed Relic BookARBC-WF
AutoWander FrancoDual Autographed Relic BookDARBC-FR
AutoWander FrancoDual Autographed Relic BookDARBC-FT
Texas Rangers
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseAlex RodriguezBase7
BaseCole RagansBase14RC
BaseCorey SeagerBase87
BaseEzequiel DuránBase105RC
BaseJacob deGromBase42
BaseJosh JungBase90RC
InsertAdrián BeltréA&G Dual RIPDRC-SB
InsertAlex RodriguezBase Mini7
InsertAlex RodriguezBase Mini Metal7
InsertAlex RodriguezMini Stained Glass7
InsertAlex RodriguezBase Framed Mini Cloth7
InsertAlex RodriguezBase Short Print393
InsertAlex RodriguezBase Mini Exclusives EXT393
InsertAlex RodriguezA&G Boxloader RIPBRC-ARO
InsertAlex RodriguezA&G RIPRC-ARO
InsertAlex RodriguezUniform CountdownUC-3
InsertCole RagansBase Mini14RC
InsertCole RagansBase Mini Metal14RC
InsertCole RagansMini Stained Glass14RC
InsertCole RagansBase Framed Mini Cloth14RC
InsertCorey SeagerIn Action Variation87
InsertCorey SeagerBase Mini87
InsertCorey SeagerBase Mini Metal87
InsertCorey SeagerMini Stained Glass87
InsertCorey SeagerBase Framed Mini Cloth87
InsertCorey SeagerA&G Dual RIPDRC-SB
InsertCorey SeagerA&G RIPRC-CS
InsertEzequiel DuránBase Mini105RC
InsertEzequiel DuránBase Mini Metal105RC
InsertEzequiel DuránMini Stained Glass105RC
InsertEzequiel DuránBase Framed Mini Cloth105RC
InsertEzequiel DuránA&G RIPRC-ED
InsertIvan Rodriguez StatueOnly In... MiniOI-28
InsertIvan Rodriguez StatueOnly In... BoxloaderOIB-28
InsertJacob deGromBase Mini42
InsertJacob deGromBase Mini Metal42
InsertJacob deGromMini Stained Glass42
InsertJacob deGromBase Framed Mini Cloth42
InsertJacob deGromBase Short Print380
InsertJacob deGromBase Mini Exclusives EXT380
InsertJacob deGromA&G BoxloaderBC-8
InsertJacob deGromA&G Boxloader RIPBRC-JD
InsertJacob deGromA&G Dual RIPDRC-DR
InsertJacob deGromMini Artist Originals SketchMAO-JD
InsertJacob deGromA&G N43 BoxloaderN43-9
InsertJacob deGromA&G RIPRC-JD
InsertJosh JungBase Mini90RC
InsertJosh JungBase Mini Metal90RC
InsertJosh JungMini Stained Glass90RC
InsertJosh JungBase Framed Mini Cloth90RC
InsertJosh JungA&G RIPRC-JJ
InsertKenny LoftonBase Short Print346
InsertKenny LoftonBase Mini Short Print346
InsertMark TeixeiraBase Short Print315
InsertMark TeixeiraBase Mini Short Print315
InsertNolan RyanA&G Dual RIPDRC-DR
RelicAdrián BeltréMini Framed RelicMFR-AB
RelicAlex RodriguezMini Framed RelicMFR-ARO
RelicCorey SeagerFull-Size Relic (B)AGRB-CS
RelicIván RodríguezMini Framed RelicMFR-IR
RelicJosh JungFull-Size Relic (A)AGRA-JJ
RelicKenny LoftonFull-Size Relic (B)AGRB-KL
AutoCole RagansFramed Mini Baseball AutographMA-CR
AutoCorey SeagerDual Autographed Relic BookDARBC-JS
AutoEzequiel DuránFramed Mini Baseball AutographMA-ED
AutoIván RodríguezFramed Mini Baseball AutographMA-IR
AutoJosh JungAutographed Relic BookARBC-JJ
AutoJosh JungA&G Boxloader AutographBA-JJ
AutoJosh JungDual Autographed Relic BookDARBC-JS
AutoJosh JungFramed Mini Baseball AutographMA-JJ
AutoKenny LoftonFramed Mini Baseball AutographMA-KLO
Toronto Blue Jays
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseAlejandro KirkBase250
BaseAlek ManoahBase108
BaseBo BichetteBase147
BaseGeorge SpringerBase40
BaseJosé BerríosBase179
BaseMatt ChapmanBase93
BaseVladimir Guerrero Jr.Base33
InsertAlejandro KirkBase Mini250
InsertAlejandro KirkA&G RIPRC-AK
InsertAlek ManoahBase Mini108
InsertAlek ManoahBase Mini Metal108
InsertAlek ManoahMini Stained Glass108
InsertAlek ManoahBase Framed Mini Cloth108
InsertBo BichetteIn Action Variation147
InsertBo BichetteBase Mini147
InsertBo BichetteBase Mini Metal147
InsertBo BichetteMini Stained Glass147
InsertBo BichetteBase Framed Mini Cloth147
InsertBo BichetteBase Short Print376
InsertBo BichetteBase Mini Exclusives EXT376
InsertBo BichetteA&G Dual RIPDRC-BC
InsertBo BichetteA&G RIPRC-BBI
InsertBo BichetteSpotless SpansSS-2
InsertCN TowerOnly In... MiniOI-29
InsertCN TowerOnly In... BoxloaderOIB-29
InsertGeorge SpringerBase Mini40
InsertGeorge SpringerBase Mini Metal40
InsertGeorge SpringerMini Stained Glass40
InsertGeorge SpringerBase Framed Mini Cloth40
InsertJosé BerríosBase Mini179
InsertMatt ChapmanBase Mini93
InsertMatt ChapmanBase Mini Metal93
InsertMatt ChapmanMini Stained Glass93
InsertMatt ChapmanBase Framed Mini Cloth93
InsertMatt ChapmanA&G Dual RIPDRC-BC
InsertMatt ChapmanA&G RIPRC-MC
InsertVladimir Guerrero Jr.In Action Variation33
InsertVladimir Guerrero Jr.Base Mini33
InsertVladimir Guerrero Jr.Base Mini Metal33
InsertVladimir Guerrero Jr.Mini Stained Glass33
InsertVladimir Guerrero Jr.Base Framed Mini Cloth33
InsertVladimir Guerrero Jr.Base Short Print400
InsertVladimir Guerrero Jr.Base Mini Exclusives EXT400
InsertVladimir Guerrero Jr.A&G BoxloaderBC-4
InsertVladimir Guerrero Jr.A&G Dual RIPDRC-GG
InsertVladimir Guerrero Jr.Mini Artist Originals SketchMAO-VGJ
InsertVladimir Guerrero Jr.A&G N43 BoxloaderN43-5
InsertVladimir Guerrero Jr.A&G RIPRC-VGJ
RelicAlejandro KirkFull-Size Relic (B)AGRB-AK
RelicBo BichetteMini Framed RelicMFR-BB
RelicCavan BiggioFull-Size Relic (B)AGRB-CBI
RelicHyun-jin RyuFull-Size Relic (B)AGRB-HJR
RelicMatt ChapmanFull-Size Relic (B)AGRB-MC
RelicVladimir Guerrero Jr.Full-Size Relic (B)AGRB-VGJ
RelicVladimir Guerrero Jr.Mini Framed RelicMFR-VGJ
RelicWhit MerrifieldFull-Size Relic (B)AGRB-WME
AutoAlek ManoahFramed Mini Baseball AutographMA-AMA
AutoMatt ChapmanAutographed Relic BookARBC-MC
AutoMatt ChapmanDual Autographed Relic BookDARBC-VM
AutoMatt ChapmanFramed Mini Baseball AutographMA-MC
AutoVladimir Guerrero Jr.Autographed Relic BookARBC-VGJ
AutoVladimir Guerrero Jr.Autographed Relic BookARBC-VGJ2
AutoVladimir Guerrero Jr.Dual Autographed Relic BookDARBC-GA
AutoVladimir Guerrero Jr.Dual Autographed Relic BookDARBC-VM
AutoVladimir Guerrero Jr.Framed Mini Baseball AutographMA-VGJ
Washington Nationals
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseCade CavalliBase124RC
BaseCJ AbramsBase77
BaseJeter DownsBase115RC
BaseJoey MenesesBase9RC
BaseRandy JohnsonBase26
BaseStephen StrasburgBase185
InsertCade CavalliBase Mini124RC
InsertCade CavalliBase Mini Metal124RC
InsertCade CavalliMini Stained Glass124RC
InsertCade CavalliBase Framed Mini Cloth124RC
InsertCJ AbramsBase Mini77
InsertCJ AbramsBase Mini Metal77
InsertCJ AbramsMini Stained Glass77
InsertCJ AbramsBase Framed Mini Cloth77
InsertCJ AbramsA&G Dual RIPDRC-AM
InsertJeter DownsBase Mini115RC
InsertJeter DownsBase Mini Metal115RC
InsertJeter DownsMini Stained Glass115RC
InsertJeter DownsBase Framed Mini Cloth115RC
InsertJoey MenesesBase Mini9RC
InsertJoey MenesesBase Mini Metal9RC
InsertJoey MenesesMini Stained Glass9RC
InsertJoey MenesesBase Framed Mini Cloth9RC
InsertJoey MenesesA&G Dual RIPDRC-AM
InsertMax ScherzerSpotless SpansSS-37
InsertPedro MartinezA&G Dual RIPDRC-MJ
InsertRandy JohnsonIn Action Variation26
InsertRandy JohnsonBase Mini26
InsertRandy JohnsonBase Mini Metal26
InsertRandy JohnsonMini Stained Glass26
InsertRandy JohnsonBase Framed Mini Cloth26
InsertRandy JohnsonBase Short Print399
InsertRandy JohnsonBase Mini Exclusives EXT399
InsertRandy JohnsonA&G Dual RIPDRC-MJ
InsertStephen StrasburgBase Mini185
InsertStephen StrasburgSpotless SpansSS-45
InsertThe Presidents raceOnly In... MiniOI-30
InsertThe Presidents raceOnly In... BoxloaderOIB-30
InsertTim RainesBase Short Print319
InsertTim RainesBase Mini Short Print319
InsertVladimir GuerreroBase Short Print308
InsertVladimir GuerreroBase Mini Short Print308
InsertVladimir GuerreroA&G Dual RIPDRC-GG
InsertVladimir GuerreroA&G RIPRC-VGU
InsertVladimir GuerreroSpotless SpansSS-42
RelicVictor RoblesFull-Size Relic (B)AGRB-VR
AutoCJ AbramsAutographed Relic BookARBC-CA
AutoJeter DownsFramed Mini Baseball AutographMA-JD
AutoJoey MenesesFramed Mini Baseball AutographMA-JM
AutoRandy JohnsonFramed Mini Baseball AutographMA-RJ
AutoRandy JohnsonA&G N43 Boxloader AutographN43A-RJ