2023 Topps Heritage Baseball Checklist

2023 Topps Heritage Baseball

Release Date: May 24, 2023

A perfect blend of nostalgia and modern Baseball, 2023 Topps Heritage Baseball showcases current stars, emerging rookies, and legends on cards featuring and inspired by the 1974 design.

See the full checklist here – 2023 Topps Heritage Baseball Checklist

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2023 Topps Heritage Baseball

  • Collectors can find on-card autograph cards, relics, original 1974 Topps Baseball cards, and more.
  • Each Hobby Box contains one autograph or relic and 1 box loader.

2023 Topps Heritage Baseball

BASE CARDSBase Card –Black Bordered Parallel, Mike Trout Base Card, Bryce Harper

This 500-card set contains modern day players, League leaders, All-Stars, Postseason highlights, and rookie stars.

Short printed base cards (#401-500) are found 1:3 packs.

Base Card Parallels

  • Black Bordered –Limited to 50 HOBBY EXCLUSIVE
  • Flip Stock –Limited to 5 HOBBY EXCLUSIVE

Base Card Variations (Select subjects)

  • Mini Base –numbered to 100
  • Throwback Uniforms –ULTRA RARE
  • Image Variations –HOBBY EXCLUSIVEBase Card, Riley Greene
  • Nickname Variations –Limited
  • Look for more unannounced surprises!

Base Card Chrome Variations

100 of the most collectible cards get the CHROME treatment. Limited Parallels

  • Refractor -#’d to 574
  • Silver Parallel -#’d to 374
  • Black Bordered -#’d to 74
  • Gold Bordered -#’d to 5 HOBBY EXCLUSIVE
  • Superfractor-#’d 1 of 1



New Age Performers –Showcasing young modern stars who are poised to surpass the legends of the game

Then and Now –1974’s best players are compared to today’s standouts

Baseball Flashbacks –MLB®’s best moments from the 1974 season are highlighted

News Flashbacks –The world’s most memorable events take center stage


AUTOGRAPH CARDSReal One Auto Card, Vladimir Guerreror Jr 2023 Topps Heritage Baseball - Real One Dual Auto Card

Real One Autographs –On-card autographs of current and retired MLB® greats.

Real One Special Edition Autographs –signed in red ink and hand numbered to 74

Real One Dual Autographs –Hand numbered to 25 or less HOBBY ONLY

Real One Triple Autographs –Hand numbered to 5 HOBBY ONLY


AUTOGRAPH RELICSClubhouse Collection Autograph Relic Card, Luis Rober

Clubhouse Collection Autograph Relics –Featuring game-used relics and on-card autographs. Hand numbered to 25 or less

  • Autograph patch parallel –hand-numbered 1 of 1 HOBBY ONLY

Clubhouse Collection Dual Autograph Relics –pairings with game-used relics and on-card autographs. Hand numbered to 10 or less HOBBY ONLY

  • Autograph patch parallel –hand-numbered 1 of 1 HOBBY ONLY

Flashback Autographed Relics –celebrating moments from the 1973 season with retired greats on-cards autographs and game-used relics.

  • Autograph patch parallel –hand-numbered 1 of 1 HOBBY ONLY


RELICSClubhouse Collection Dual Auto Relic Card

Clubhouse Collection Relics –Game-used uniform and bat pieces from leading MLB® stars.

  • Gold Parallel -#’d to 99 or less
  • Patch Parallel –Hand-numbered 1 of 1 HOBBY ONLY

Clubhouse Collection Dual Relics –Hand-numbered to 74

  • Patch Parallel –Hand-numbered 1 of 1 HOBBY ONLY

Clubhouse Collection Triple Relics –Hand-numbered to 25

  • Patch Parallel –Hand-numbered 1 of 1 HOBBY ONLY

Clubhouse Collection Quad Relics –Hand-numbered to 10

  • Patch Parallel –Hand-numbered 1 of 1 HOBBY ONLYFlashback Autograph Relic Card, Steve Garvey

1974 Mint

Featuring coins minted in 1974 with stars from the MLB®. HOBBY EXCLUSIVE

  • Nickel -#’d to 15
  • Dime -#’d to 10
  • Quarter -#’d to 5
  • Half Dollar -#’d 1 of 1

1974 U.S. Postage Stamp Relics

MLB® greats from yesterday and today alongside postage stamps released in 1974. Numbered to 50.

1974 Baseball Cut Signatures –Numbered 1 of 1

1974 Celebrity Cut Signatures –Numbered 1 of 1



NEW! Oversized 1974 Topps Baseball -50 select base cards receive oversized versions. Limited to 1000 each.

  • Autographed Parallel –select subjects with on-card autographs. Limited to 25 or less

NEW! 1974 Topps Puzzles –Inspired by the puzzles released by Topps in 1974. Limited to 500 each

NEW! 1974 Deckle Edge Baseball –Printed to its original size here, cards will feature baseball stars on this vintage design. 1:2 boxes

1974 Topps Originals –buyback cards from 1974 Topps Baseball featuring a foil stamp. 1:2 boxes

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Arizona Diamondbacks
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseAlek ThomasBase6
BaseCarson KellyBase32
BaseChristian WalkerBase165
BaseCorbin CarrollBase209RC
BaseDrey JamesonBase257RC
BaseEvan LongoriaBase142
BaseGabriel MorenoBase355RC
BaseGeraldo PerdomoBase251
BaseJosh RojasBase280
BaseKetel MarteBase369
BaseLourdes Gurriel Jr.Base277
BaseMerrill KellyBase199
BaseRyne NelsonBase181RC
BaseTommy HenryBase147RC
BaseZac GallenBase143
InsertAlek ThomasBase BW Image Variation6
InsertAlek ThomasBase Chrome Variation6
InsertAlek ThomasBase Mini Variation6
InsertCarson KellyBase BW Image Variation32
InsertChristian WalkerBase BW Image Variation165
InsertCorbin CarrollBase BW Image Variation209RC
InsertCorbin CarrollBase Chrome Variation209RC
InsertCorbin CarrollBase Mini Variation209
InsertCorbin CarrollBase Name Position Swap Variation209RC
InsertCorbin CarrollBase Image Variation209RC
InsertCorbin Carroll1974 Topps Deckle Edge Baseball BoxloaderDB-21RC
InsertCorbin CarrollNew Age PerformersNA-19RC
InsertCorbin Carroll1974 Oversized Topps Baseball BoxloaderOB-CCRC
InsertDrey JamesonBase BW Image Variation257RC
InsertEmmanuel RiveraHigh Numbered Short Print468
InsertEvan LongoriaBase BW Image Variation142
InsertGabriel MorenoBase BW Image Variation355RC
InsertGeraldo PerdomoBase BW Image Variation251
InsertJake McCarthyHigh Numbered Short Print469
InsertJosh RojasBase BW Image Variation280
InsertKetel MarteBase BW Image Variation369
InsertKetel MarteBase Chrome Variation369
InsertKetel MarteBase Mini Variation369
InsertLourdes Gurriel Jr.Base BW Image Variation277
InsertMerrill KellyBase BW Image Variation199
InsertRyne NelsonBase BW Image Variation181RC
InsertRyne NelsonBase Mini Variation181
InsertStone GarrettBase Chrome Variation210RC
InsertTommy HenryBase BW Image Variation147RC
InsertZac GallenBase BW Image Variation143
RelicCorbin Carroll1974 Mint Relic74MR-CCRC
RelicCorbin CarrollClubhouse Collection RelicCCR-CCARC
AutoCorbin Carroll1974 Topps Deckle Edge Baseball Boxloader AutographDB-21RC
AutoCorbin CarrollReal One AutographROA-CCRRC
AutoStone GarrettReal One AutographROA-SGTRC
Atlanta Braves
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseAustin RileyBase82
BaseCharlie MortonBase59
BaseJesse ChavezBase120
BaseKenley JansenBase208LL
BaseKyle WrightBase205LL
BaseMax FriedBase211
BaseMichael Harris IIBase30RC
BaseOzzie AlbiesBase25
BaseRonald Acuña Jr.Base183
BaseRonald Acuña Jr.Base336AS
BaseSean MurphyBase177
BaseSpencer StriderBase225
BaseVaughn GrissomBase97RC
InsertAustin RileyBase BW Image Variation82
InsertAustin RileyBase Chrome Variation82
InsertAustin RileyBase Mini Variation82
InsertAustin Riley1974 Topps Baseball Stamps74BS-19
InsertAustin Riley1974 Topps Deckle Edge Baseball BoxloaderDB-19
InsertBryce ElderHigh Numbered Short Print444
InsertCharlie MortonBase BW Image Variation59
InsertDansby Swanson1974 Topps Baseball Stamps74BS-20
InsertDarrell EvansThen And NowTAN-5
InsertHank Aaron1974 Topps Baseball Stamps74BS-17
InsertHank Aaron1974 Topps Puzzle Boxloader74PB-14
InsertHank AaronBaseball FlashbacksBF-2
InsertHank Aaron1974 Oversized Topps Baseball BoxloaderOB-HA
InsertJesse ChavezBase BW Image Variation120
InsertKenley JansenLeague Leaders BW Image Variation208
InsertKyle WrightLeague Leaders BW Image Variation205
InsertKyle WrightHigh Numbered Short Print425
InsertKyle WrightThen And NowTAN-8
InsertMatt OlsonHigh Numbered Short Print462
InsertMatt OlsonBase Chrome Variation462
InsertMatt OlsonBase Mini Variation462
InsertMax FriedBase BW Image Variation211
InsertMichael Harris IIBase BW Image Variation30RC
InsertMichael Harris IIBase Chrome Variation30RC
InsertMichael Harris IIBase Mini Variation30
InsertMichael Harris IIBase Error Short Print Variation30RC
InsertMichael Harris IIBase Name Position Swap Variation30RC
InsertMichael Harris IIBase Image Variation30RC
InsertMichael Harris IINew Age PerformersNA-7RC
InsertOzzie AlbiesBase BW Image Variation25
InsertOzzie AlbiesBase Chrome Variation25
InsertOzzie AlbiesBase Mini Variation25
InsertOzzie AlbiesBase Throwback Uniform Variation25
InsertRalph GarrThen And NowTAN-15
InsertRonald Acuña Jr.Base BW Image Variation183
InsertRonald Acuña Jr.Base Chrome Variation183
InsertRonald Acuña Jr.Base Mini Variation183
InsertRonald Acuña Jr.Base Name Position Swap Variation183
InsertRonald Acuña Jr.Base Throwback Uniform Variation183
InsertRonald Acuña Jr.Base Image Variation183
InsertRonald Acuña Jr.All Stars BW Image Variation336
InsertRonald Acuña Jr.1974 Topps Baseball Stamps74BS-18
InsertRonald Acuña Jr.1974 Topps Puzzle Boxloader74PB-9
InsertRonald Acuña Jr.1974 Topps Deckle Edge Baseball BoxloaderDB-13
InsertRonald Acuña Jr.1974 Oversized Topps Baseball BoxloaderOB-RA
InsertSean MurphyBase BW Image Variation177
InsertSpencer StriderBase BW Image Variation225
InsertTravis d'ArnaudHigh Numbered Short Print480
InsertVaughn GrissomBase BW Image Variation97RC
InsertVaughn GrissomBase Chrome Variation97RC
InsertVaughn GrissomBase Mini Variation97
InsertVaughn GrissomBase Name Position Swap Variation97RC
InsertVaughn GrissomBase Image Variation97RC
InsertVaughn GrissomNew Age PerformersNA-11RC
InsertVaughn Grissom1974 Oversized Topps Baseball BoxloaderOB-VGRC
RelicDusty BakerClubhouse Collection Quad RelicCCQR-AGBA
RelicHank Aaron1974 Mint Relic74MR-HA
RelicHank Aaron1974 US Postal Stamp Relic74PS-HA
RelicHank Aaron1974 Topps Baseball Stamp Relic74SR-HA
RelicHank AaronClubhouse Collection Dual RelicCCDR-AA
RelicHank AaronClubhouse Collection Quad RelicCCQR-AGBA
RelicKyle WrightClubhouse Collection RelicCCR-KW
RelicMax FriedClubhouse Collection RelicCCR-MF
RelicOzzie AlbiesClubhouse Collection RelicCCR-OA
RelicRalph GarrClubhouse Collection Quad RelicCCQR-AGBA
RelicRonald Acuña Jr.1974 Mint Relic74MR-RA
RelicRonald Acuña Jr.1974 US Postal Stamp Relic74PS-RA
RelicRonald Acuña Jr.Clubhouse Collection Dual RelicCCDR-AA
RelicRonald Acuña Jr.Clubhouse Collection Quad RelicCCQR-AGBA
RelicRonald Acuña Jr.Clubhouse Collection RelicCCR-RA
RelicVaughn Grissom1974 Mint Relic74MR-VGRC
RelicVaughn GrissomClubhouse Collection RelicCCR-VGRRC
AutoAustin Riley1974 Topps Deckle Edge Baseball Boxloader AutographDB-19
AutoAustin RileyReal One AutographROA-ARY
AutoHank Aaron1974 Cut Signature74CS-HA
AutoMatt OlsonClubhouse Collection Autograph RelicCCAR-MO
AutoMatt OlsonReal One AutographROA-MO
AutoMichael Harris IIReal One AutographROA-MHRC
AutoRonald Acuña Jr.Clubhouse Collection Autograph RelicCCAR-RA
AutoRonald Acuña Jr.1974 Topps Deckle Edge Baseball Boxloader AutographDB-13
AutoRonald Acuña Jr.Real One AutographROA-RA
AutoRonald Acuña Jr.Real One Dual AutographRODA-AS
AutoRonald Acuña Jr.Real One Triple AutographROTA-AGS
AutoVaughn GrissomReal One AutographROA-VGMRC
Baltimore Orioles
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseAdley RutschmanBase7RC
BaseAnthony SantanderBase107
BaseAustin HaysBase52
BaseCedric MullinsBase356
BaseDL HallBase189RC
BaseFélix BautistaBase40RC
BaseGunnar HendersonBase64RC
BaseJesús AguilarBase325
BaseJorge MateoBase204LL
BaseKyle BradishBase191RC
BaseRougned OdorBase226
BaseTerrin VavraBase148RC
BaseYusniel DíazBase62RC
InsertAdley RutschmanBase BW Image Variation7RC
InsertAdley RutschmanBase Chrome Variation7RC
InsertAdley RutschmanBase Mini Variation7
InsertAdley RutschmanBase Error Short Print Variation7RC
InsertAdley RutschmanBase Name Position Swap Variation7RC
InsertAdley RutschmanBase Image Variation7RC
InsertAdley RutschmanBase Nickname Variation7RC
InsertAdley Rutschman1974 Topps Baseball Stamps74BS-51RC
InsertAdley Rutschman1974 Topps Puzzle Boxloader74PB-3RC
InsertAdley Rutschman1974 Topps Deckle Edge Baseball BoxloaderDB-22RC
InsertAdley RutschmanNew Age PerformersNA-3RC
InsertAdley Rutschman1974 Oversized Topps Baseball BoxloaderOB-ARRC
InsertAnthony SantanderBase BW Image Variation107
InsertAustin HaysBase BW Image Variation52
InsertBrooks Robinson1974 Topps Baseball Stamps74BS-50
InsertCedric MullinsBase BW Image Variation356
InsertCedric MullinsBase Chrome Variation356
InsertCedric MullinsBase Mini Variation356
InsertDL HallBase BW Image Variation189RC
InsertDL HallBase Chrome Variation189RC
InsertDL HallBase Mini Variation189
InsertDL HallNew Age PerformersNA-10RC
InsertFélix BautistaBase BW Image Variation40RC
InsertGunnar HendersonBase BW Image Variation64RC
InsertGunnar HendersonBase Name Position Swap Variation64RC
InsertGunnar HendersonBase Image Variation64RC
InsertGunnar HendersonNew Age PerformersNA-15RC
InsertGunnar Henderson1974 Oversized Topps Baseball BoxloaderOB-GHRC
InsertJesús AguilarBase BW Image Variation325
InsertJim Palmer1974 Topps Baseball Stamps74BS-49
InsertJorge MateoLeague Leaders BW Image Variation204
InsertJorge MateoHigh Numbered Short Print405
InsertKeegan AkinHigh Numbered Short Print481
InsertKyle BradishBase BW Image Variation191
InsertRougned OdorBase BW Image Variation226
InsertRyan Mountcastle1974 Topps Baseball Stamps74BS-52
InsertRyan Mountcastle1974 Topps Deckle Edge Baseball BoxloaderDB-20
InsertTerrin VavraBase BW Image Variation148RC
InsertYusniel DíazBase BW Image Variation62RC
RelicAdley Rutschman1974 Mint Relic74MR-ARRC
RelicAdley Rutschman1974 US Postal Stamp Relic74PS-ARRC
RelicAdley RutschmanClubhouse Collection Dual RelicCCDR-RH
RelicAdley RutschmanClubhouse Collection RelicCCR-ARNRC
RelicBrooks Robinson1974 Mint Relic74MR-BR
RelicCedric MullinsClubhouse Collection RelicCCR-CM
RelicDL Hall1974 Mint Relic74MR-DHRC
RelicGunnar Henderson1974 Mint Relic74MR-GHRC
RelicGunnar HendersonClubhouse Collection Dual RelicCCDR-RH
RelicGunnar HendersonClubhouse Collection RelicCCR-GHRC
RelicJim Palmer1974 Topps Baseball Stamp Relic74SR-JP
RelicRyan MountcastleClubhouse Collection RelicCCR-RM
AutoAdley RutschmanClubhouse Collection Autograph RelicCCAR-ARRC
AutoAdley Rutschman1974 Topps Deckle Edge Baseball Boxloader AutographDB-22RC
AutoAdley Rutschman1974 Oversized Topps Baseball Boxloader AutographOB-ARRC
AutoAdley RutschmanReal One AutographROA-ARNRC
AutoAdley RutschmanReal One Dual AutographRODA-HR
AutoDL HallReal One AutographROA-DHLRC
AutoGrayson RodriguezReal One AutographROA-GRRC
AutoGunnar HendersonReal One AutographROA-GHRC
AutoGunnar HendersonReal One Dual AutographRODA-HRRC
AutoJim PalmerReal One AutographROA-JPR
AutoRyan Mountcastle1974 Topps Deckle Edge Baseball Boxloader AutographDB-20
AutoRyan MountcastleReal One AutographROA-RM
Boston Red Sox
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseBobby DalbecBase99
BaseBrayan BelloBase89RC
BaseConnor WongBase366
BaseCorey KluberBase221
BaseFranklin GermanBase77RC
BaseJarren DuranBase108
BaseJustin TurnerBase237
BaseKenley JansenBase41
BaseMichael WachaBase330
BaseNick PivettaBase187
BaseRafael DeversBase8
BaseRafael DeversBase334AS
InsertAlex VerdugoHigh Numbered Short Print426
InsertBobby DalbecBase BW Image Variation99
InsertBrayan BelloBase BW Image Variation89RC
InsertBrayan BelloBase Chrome Variation89RC
InsertBrayan BelloBase Mini Variation89
InsertCaleb HamiltonHigh Numbered Short Print500Topps RC Stars
InsertCarl Yastrzemski1974 Topps Baseball Stamps74BS-73
InsertCarl Yastrzemski1974 Oversized Topps Baseball BoxloaderOB-CY
InsertCarlton Fisk1974 Topps Baseball Stamps74BS-74
InsertConnor WongBase BW Image Variation366
InsertCorey KluberBase BW Image Variation221
InsertFranklin GermanBase BW Image Variation77RC
InsertJarren DuranBase BW Image Variation108
InsertJeter DownsBase BW Image Variation84RC
InsertJeter DownsBase Chrome Variation84RC
InsertJeter DownsBase Mini Variation84
InsertJeter Downs1974 Topps Baseball Stamps74BS-76RC
InsertJeter Downs1974 Oversized Topps Baseball BoxloaderOB-JDRC
InsertJustin TurnerBase BW Image Variation237
InsertKenley JansenBase BW Image Variation41
InsertLuis TiantThen And NowTAN-10
InsertMasataka YoshidaRookie Short Print Variation108RC
InsertMichael WachaBase BW Image Variation330
InsertNathan EovaldiThen And NowTAN-10
InsertNick PivettaBase BW Image Variation187
InsertRafael DeversBase BW Image Variation8
InsertRafael DeversBase Chrome Variation8
InsertRafael DeversBase Mini Variation8
InsertRafael DeversAll Stars BW Image Variation334
InsertRafael Devers1974 Topps Baseball Stamps74BS-75
InsertRafael Devers1974 Oversized Topps Baseball BoxloaderOB-RD
InsertTriston CasasNew Age PerformersNA-8RC
InsertTriston Casas1974 Oversized Topps Baseball BoxloaderOB-TCRC
RelicCarl Yastrzemski1974 Topps Baseball Stamp Relic74SR-CY
RelicRafael DeversClubhouse Collection RelicCCR-RD
AutoBrayan BelloReal One AutographROA-BBORC
AutoCarl YastrsemskiReal One Autograph74RO-CY
AutoCarl YastrzemskiReal One Triple AutographROTA-YFE
AutoCarlton FiskFlashbacks Autograph RelicFAR-CF
AutoCarlton FiskReal One AutographROA-CF
AutoCarlton FiskReal One Triple AutographROTA-YFE
AutoDwight EvansReal One Triple AutographROTA-YFE
AutoTriston CasasReal One AutographROA-TCRC
Chicago Cubs
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseBen DeLuzioBase306RC
BaseCaleb KilianBase92RC
BaseChristopher MorelBase110RC
BaseCody BellingerBase28
BaseDansby SwansonBase37
BaseDrew SmylyBase347
BaseEric HosmerBase227
BaseHayden WesneskiBase180RC
BaseIan HappBase38
BaseJameson TaillonBase398
BaseJeremiah EstradaBase146RC
BaseJustin SteeleBase63RC
BaseKeegan ThompsonBase340
BaseMarcus StromanBase212
BaseNelson VelázquezBase371RC
BaseNico HoernerBase275
BasePatrick WisdomBase228
BaseSeiya SuzukiBase71
BaseTrey ManciniBase131
BaseWillson ContrerasBase331AS
BaseZach McKinstryBase169
InsertAnderson EspinozaHigh Numbered Short Print493Topps RC Stars
InsertBen DeLuzioBase BW Image Variation306RC
InsertBrendon LittleHigh Numbered Short Print493Topps RC Stars
InsertCaleb KilianBase BW Image Variation92RC
InsertCaleb KilianBase Chrome Variation92RC
InsertCaleb KilianBase Mini Variation92
InsertChristopher MorelBase BW Image Variation110RC
InsertChristopher MorelBase Chrome Variation110RC
InsertChristopher MorelBase Mini Variation110
InsertChristopher MorelBase Name Position Swap Variation110RC
InsertChristopher MorelBase Throwback Uniform Variation110RC
InsertChristopher MorelBase Image Variation110RC
InsertChristopher Morel1974 Topps Baseball Stamps74BS-12RC
InsertChristopher Morel1974 Topps Puzzle Boxloader74PB-10RC
InsertChristopher Morel1974 Topps Deckle Edge Baseball BoxloaderDB-18RC
InsertChristopher MorelNew Age PerformersNA-6RC
InsertChristopher Morel1974 Oversized Topps Baseball BoxloaderOB-CMRC
InsertCody BellingerBase BW Image Variation28
InsertDansby SwansonBase BW Image Variation37
InsertDrew SmylyBase BW Image Variation347
InsertEric HosmerBase BW Image Variation227
InsertErich UelmenHigh Numbered Short Print493Topps RC Stars
InsertFergie Jenkins1974 Topps Baseball Stamps74BS-10
InsertFrank SchwindelHigh Numbered Short Print483
InsertHayden WesneskiBase BW Image Variation180RC
InsertHayden WesneskiBase Mini Variation180
InsertIan HappBase BW Image Variation38
InsertJameson TaillonBase BW Image Variation274
InsertJared YoungHigh Numbered Short Print499Topps RC Stars
InsertJavier AssadHigh Numbered Short Print493Topps RC Stars
InsertJeremiah EstradaBase BW Image Variation146RC
InsertJustin SteeleBase BW Image Variation63RC
InsertKeegan ThompsonBase BW Image Variation340
InsertMarcus StromanBase BW Image Variation212
InsertNarciso CrookHigh Numbered Short Print494Topps RC Stars
InsertNelson VelázquezBase BW Image Variation371RC
InsertNelson VelázquezBase Chrome Variation371RC
InsertNelson VelázquezBase Mini Variation371
InsertNelson VelázquezBase Throwback Uniform Variation371RC
InsertNicholas PadillaHigh Numbered Short Print495Topps RC Stars
InsertNick MadrigalHigh Numbered Short Print427
InsertNico HoernerBase BW Image Variation275
InsertPatrick WisdomBase BW Image Variation228
InsertRon Santo1974 Topps Baseball Stamps74BS-9
InsertRon Santo1974 Topps Puzzle Boxloader74PB-19
InsertSeiya SuzukiBase BW Image Variation71
InsertSeiya SuzukiBase Throwback Uniform Variation71
InsertSeiya Suzuki1974 Topps Baseball Stamps74BS-11
InsertTrey ManciniBase BW Image Variation131
InsertWillson ContrerasAll Stars BW Image Variation331
InsertZach McKinstryBase BW Image Variation34
RelicChristopher Morel1974 Mint Relic74MR-CMRC
RelicChristopher MorelClubhouse Collection RelicCCR-CMLRC
RelicIan HappClubhouse Collection RelicCCR-IH
RelicNico HoernerClubhouse Collection RelicCCR-NH
RelicPatrick WisdomClubhouse Collection RelicCCR-PW
RelicRon Santo1974 Mint Relic74MR-RS
RelicRon Santo1974 Topps Baseball Stamp Relic74SR-RS
RelicSeiya SuzukiClubhouse Collection RelicCCR-SS
AutoCaleb KilianReal One AutographROA-CKRC
AutoChristopher MorelClubhouse Collection Autograph RelicCCAR-CMRC
AutoChristopher Morel1974 Topps Deckle Edge Baseball Boxloader AutographDB-18
AutoChristopher Morel1974 Oversized Topps Baseball Boxloader AutographOB-CMRC
AutoChristopher MorelReal One AutographROA-CMRC
AutoFergie JenkinsReal One Autograph74RO-FJ
AutoNarciso CrookReal One AutographROA-NCRC
AutoNelson VelázquezReal One AutographROA-NVRC
AutoRon Santo1974 Cut Signature74CS-RS
Chicago White Sox
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseAndrew BenintendiBase128
BaseAndrew VaughnBase270
BaseCarlos PérezBase351RC
BaseEloy JiménezBase70
BaseElvis AndrusBase133
BaseGavin SheetsBase295
BaseJake BurgerBase139
BaseLiam HendriksBase192
BaseLuis RobertBase9
BaseMichael KopechBase229
BaseNate FisherBase352RC
BaseTim AndersonBase335AS
BaseTim AndersonBase379
InsertAaron BummerHigh Numbered Short Print410
InsertAJ PollockHigh Numbered Short Print484
InsertAndrew BenintendiBase BW Image Variation128
InsertAndrew VaughnBase BW Image Variation270
InsertCarlos PérezBase BW Image Variation351RC
InsertDick Allen1974 Topps Baseball Stamps74BS-53
InsertDick AllenThen And NowTAN-11
InsertEloy JiménezBase BW Image Variation70
InsertEloy JiménezBase Chrome Variation70
InsertEloy JiménezBase Mini Variation70
InsertEloy Jiménez1974 Topps Baseball Stamps74BS-54
InsertEloy Jiménez1974 Topps Deckle Edge Baseball BoxloaderDB-2
InsertElvis AndrusBase BW Image Variation133
InsertGavin SheetsBase BW Image Variation295
InsertJake BurgerBase BW Image Variation139
InsertJoe KellyHigh Numbered Short Print423
InsertLiam HendriksBase BW Image Variation192
InsertLuis RobertBase BW Image Variation9
InsertLuis RobertBase Chrome Variation9
InsertLuis RobertBase Mini Variation9
InsertLuis RobertBase Name Position Swap Variation9
InsertLuis Robert1974 Topps Baseball Stamps74BS-55
InsertLuis Robert1974 Topps Puzzle Boxloader74PB-11
InsertLuis Robert1974 Oversized Topps Baseball BoxloaderOB-LR
InsertMichael KopechBase BW Image Variation229
InsertNate FisherBase BW Image Variation352RC
InsertTim AndersonAll Stars BW Image Variation335
InsertTim AndersonBase BW Image Variation379
InsertTim AndersonBase Mini Variation379
InsertYasmani GrandalHigh Numbered Short Print406
InsertYoán MoncadaHigh Numbered Short Print402
InsertYoán MoncadaBase Chrome Variation402
InsertYoán MoncadaBase Mini Variation402
InsertYoán Moncada1974 Topps Baseball Stamps74BS-56
RelicDick Allen1974 Topps Baseball Stamp Relic74SR-DA
RelicEloy JiménezClubhouse Collection RelicCCR-EJ
RelicLuis RobertClubhouse Collection RelicCCR-LR
AutoDick Allen1974 Cut Signature74CS-DA
AutoEloy Jiménez1974 Topps Deckle Edge Baseball Boxloader AutographDB-2
AutoEloy JiménezReal One AutographROA-EJ
AutoJosé AbreuReal One AutographROA-JAU
AutoLuis RobertClubhouse Collection Autograph RelicCCAR-LR
AutoLuis Robert1974 Oversized Topps Baseball Boxloader AutographOB-LR
AutoLuis RobertReal One AutographROA-LR
Cincinnati Reds
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseAlexis DíazBase55
BaseGraham AshcraftBase383RC
BaseJake FraleyBase231
BaseJonathan IndiaBase10
BaseNick LodoloBase248
BaseNick SenzelBase230
BaseNick SolakBase396
InsertAlexis DíazBase BW Image Variation55
InsertChris OkeyHigh Numbered Short Print500Topps RC Stars
InsertChuckie RobinsonHigh Numbered Short Print500Topps RC Stars
InsertDave Concepcion1974 Topps Baseball Stamps74BS-15
InsertFernando CruzHigh Numbered Short Print491Topps RC Stars
InsertGraham AshcraftBase BW Image Variation383RC
InsertGraham AshcraftBase Chrome Variation383RC
InsertGraham AshcraftBase Mini Variation383
InsertJake FraleyBase BW Image Variation231
InsertJoe Morgan1974 Topps Baseball Stamps74BS-16
InsertJoe MorganBaseball FlashbacksBF-9
InsertJoey VottoHigh Numbered Short Print421
InsertJoey VottoBase Chrome Variation421
InsertJoey VottoBase Mini Variation421
InsertJoey VottoBase Throwback Uniform Variation421
InsertJoey Votto1974 Topps Deckle Edge Baseball BoxloaderDB-3
InsertJohnny Bench1974 Topps Baseball Stamps74BS-13
InsertJohnny Bench1974 Oversized Topps Baseball BoxloaderOB-JBH
InsertJohnny BenchThen And NowTAN-2
InsertJonathan IndiaBase BW Image Variation10
InsertJonathan IndiaBase Chrome Variation10
InsertJonathan IndiaBase Mini Variation10
InsertJonathan IndiaBase Throwback Uniform Variation10
InsertJustin DunnHigh Numbered Short Print428
InsertMichael SianiHigh Numbered Short Print494Topps RC Stars
InsertMike MinorHigh Numbered Short Print485
InsertNick LodoloBase BW Image Variation248
InsertNick SenzelBase BW Image Variation230
InsertNick SolakBase BW Image Variation120
InsertSpencer SteerHigh Numbered Short Print499Topps RC Stars
InsertTony Pérez1974 Topps Baseball Stamps74BS-14
InsertTony PérezBaseball FlashbacksBF-8
RelicJoe Morgan1974 Mint Relic74MR-JMN
RelicJoe Morgan1974 US Postal Stamp Relic74PS-JM
RelicJoe MorganClubhouse Collection Quad RelicCCQR-BPMG
RelicJoey Votto1974 Mint Relic74MR-JV
RelicJoey VottoClubhouse Collection Dual RelicCCDR-BV
RelicJoey VottoClubhouse Collection RelicCCR-JV
RelicJohnny Bench1974 Mint Relic74MR-JBH
RelicJohnny Bench1974 US Postal Stamp Relic74PS-JB
RelicJohnny Bench1974 Topps Baseball Stamp Relic74SR-JB
RelicJohnny BenchClubhouse Collection Dual RelicCCDR-BV
RelicJohnny BenchClubhouse Collection Quad RelicCCQR-BPMG
RelicKen GriffeyClubhouse Collection Quad RelicCCQR-BPMG
RelicTony Pérez1974 Topps Baseball Stamp Relic74SR-TP
RelicTony PérezClubhouse Collection Quad RelicCCQR-BPMG
AutoGraham AshcraftReal One AutographROA-GARC
AutoJoe Morgan1974 Cut Signature74CS-JM
AutoJoey Votto1974 Topps Deckle Edge Baseball Boxloader AutographDB-3
AutoJoey VottoReal One AutographROA-JV
AutoJohnny BenchReal One Autograph74RO-JBH
AutoJohnny BenchFlashbacks Autograph RelicFAR-JB
AutoJohnny Bench1974 Oversized Topps Baseball Boxloader AutographOB-JBH
Cleveland Guardians
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseAmed RosarioBase111
BaseAndrés GiménezBase361
BaseBo NaylorBase172RC
BaseEmmanuel ClaseBase200
BaseEmmanuel ClaseBase208LL
BaseJosé RamírezBase11
BaseJosh BellBase399
BaseJosh NaylorBase33
BaseMyles StrawBase166
BaseÓscar GonzálezBase382RC
BaseShane BieberBase83
BaseSteven KwanBase232
BaseTriston McKenzieBase299
BaseTyler FreemanBase319RC
BaseWill BrennanBase321RC
InsertAmed RosarioBase BW Image Variation111
InsertAndrés GiménezBase BW Image Variation361
InsertAndrés GiménezBase Mini Variation361
InsertBo NaylorBase BW Image Variation172RC
InsertBo NaylorBase Chrome Variation172RC
InsertBo NaylorBase Mini Variation172
InsertBo NaylorBase Name Position Swap Variation172RC
InsertBo NaylorBase Image Variation172RC
InsertBryan ShawHigh Numbered Short Print433
InsertCal QuantrillHigh Numbered Short Print429
InsertCody MorrisHigh Numbered Short Print498Topps RC Stars
InsertEli MorganHigh Numbered Short Print456
InsertEmmanuel ClaseBase BW Image Variation200
InsertEmmanuel ClaseLeague Leaders BW Image Variation208
InsertGarylord PerryThen And NowTAN-6
InsertHunter GaddisHigh Numbered Short Print498Topps RC Stars
InsertJosé RamírezBase BW Image Variation11
InsertJosé RamírezBase Chrome Variation11
InsertJosé RamírezBase Mini Variation11
InsertJosé Ramírez1974 Topps Deckle Edge Baseball BoxloaderDB-5
InsertJosé Ramírez1974 Oversized Topps Baseball BoxloaderOB-JRZ
InsertJosh BellBase BW Image Variation268
InsertJosh NaylorBase BW Image Variation33
InsertMyles StrawBase BW Image Variation166
InsertNolan JonesBase Mini Variation26
InsertÓscar GonzálezBase BW Image Variation382RC
InsertÓscar GonzálezBase Chrome Variation382RC
InsertÓscar GonzálezBase Mini Variation382
InsertÓscar GonzálezBase Name Position Swap Variation382RC
InsertÓscar GonzálezBase Image Variation382RC
InsertÓscar GonzálezHigh Numbered Short Print439RC - Playoff Highlights
InsertPhil NiekroThen And NowTAN-8
InsertShane BieberBase BW Image Variation83
InsertShane BieberBase Chrome Variation83
InsertShane BieberBase Mini Variation83
InsertSteven KwanBase BW Image Variation232
InsertSteven KwanNew Age PerformersNA-24
InsertTriston McKenzieBase BW Image Variation299
InsertTyler FreemanBase BW Image Variation319RC
InsertTyler FreemanBase Mini Variation319
InsertWill BensonHigh Numbered Short Print494Topps RC Stars
InsertWill BrennanBase BW Image Variation321RC
InsertWill BrennanBase Mini Variation321
InsertXzavion CurryHigh Numbered Short Print495Topps RC Stars
RelicAndrés GiménezClubhouse Collection RelicCCR-AG
RelicJosé RamírezClubhouse Collection RelicCCR-JR
AutoBo NaylorReal One AutographROA-BNARC
AutoJosé RamírezClubhouse Collection Autograph RelicCCAR-JRz
AutoJosé RamírezClubhouse Collection Dual Autograph RelicCDAR-RB
AutoJosé Ramírez1974 Topps Deckle Edge Baseball Boxloader AutographDB-5
AutoJosé Ramírez1974 Oversized Topps Baseball Boxloader AutographOB-JRZ
AutoNolan JonesReal One AutographROA-NJRC
AutoÓscar GonzálezReal One AutographROA-OGRC
AutoShane BieberClubhouse Collection Dual Autograph RelicCDAR-RB
AutoShane BieberReal One AutographROA-SB
AutoTyler FreemanReal One AutographROA-TFRC
Colorado Rockies
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseC.J. CronBase126
BaseCharlie BlackmonBase357
BaseEzequiel TovarBase317RC
BaseGermán MárquezBase193
BaseJosé IglesiasBase281
BaseKris BryantBase12
BaseNoah DavisBase155RC
BaseNolan JonesBase164RC
BaseRandal GrichukBase233
BaseRyan McMahonBase278
InsertBrendan RodgersHigh Numbered Short Print487
InsertBrian ServenHigh Numbered Short Print463RC
InsertC.J. CronBase BW Image Variation126
InsertCharlie BlackmonBase BW Image Variation357
InsertCharlie BlackmonBase Chrome Variation357
InsertCharlie BlackmonBase Mini Variation357
InsertDaniel BardHigh Numbered Short Print457
InsertEzequiel TovarBase BW Image Variation317RC
InsertEzequiel TovarBase Chrome Variation317RC
InsertEzequiel TovarBase Mini Variation317
InsertGermán MárquezBase BW Image Variation193
InsertJake BirdHigh Numbered Short Print495Topps RC Stars
InsertJosé IglesiasBase BW Image Variation281
InsertKris BryantBase BW Image Variation12
InsertKris BryantBase Chrome Variation12
InsertKris BryantBase Mini Variation12
InsertKris BryantBase Name Position Swap Variation12
InsertKris Bryant1974 Oversized Topps Baseball BoxloaderOB-KB
InsertKyle FreelandHigh Numbered Short Print407
InsertMichael TogliaHigh Numbered Short Print499Topps RC Stars
InsertNoah DavisBase BW Image Variation155RC
InsertNolan JonesBase BW Image Variation164RC
InsertNolan Jones1974 Oversized Topps Baseball BoxloaderOB-NJRC
InsertRandal GrichukBase BW Image Variation233
InsertRyan McMahonBase BW Image Variation278
InsertSean BouchardHigh Numbered Short Print497Topps RC Stars
InsertWynton BernardHigh Numbered Short Print494Topps RC Stars
RelicKris BryantClubhouse Collection RelicCCR-KB
Detroit Tigers
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseAndrew ChafinBase327
BaseBrendon DavisBase67RC
BaseCasey MizeBase112
BaseGarrett HillBase170RC
BaseJavier BáezBase72
BaseMatt ManningBase292
BaseMiguel CabreraBase151
BaseRiley GreeneBase48RC
BaseSpencer TorkelsonBase215
InsertAkil BaddooHigh Numbered Short Print488
InsertAl Kaline1974 Topps Baseball Stamps74BS-61
InsertAl KalineBaseball FlashbacksBF-10
InsertAndrew ChafinBase BW Image Variation327
InsertBrendon DavisBase BW Image Variation67RC
InsertBrendon DavisBase Mini Variation67
InsertCasey MizeBase BW Image Variation112
InsertEric HaaseHigh Numbered Short Print422
InsertGarrett HillBase BW Image Variation170RC
InsertJavier BáezBase BW Image Variation72
InsertJavier BáezBase Chrome Variation72
InsertJavier BáezBase Mini Variation72
InsertJavier BáezBase Name Position Swap Variation72
InsertJavier BáezBase Throwback Uniform Variation72
InsertJavier BáezBase Nickname Variation72
InsertJavier Báez1974 Topps Baseball Stamps74BS-63
InsertJavier Báez1974 Oversized Topps Baseball BoxloaderOB-JBZ
InsertLuis CastilloHigh Numbered Short Print498Topps RC Stars
InsertMatt ManningBase BW Image Variation292
InsertMatthew BoydHigh Numbered Short Print443
InsertMiguel CabreraBase BW Image Variation151
InsertRiley GreeneBase BW Image Variation48RC
InsertRiley GreeneBase Chrome Variation48RC
InsertRiley GreeneBase Mini Variation48
InsertRiley GreeneBase Error Short Print Variation48RC
InsertRiley GreeneBase Name Position Swap Variation48RC
InsertRiley GreeneBase Throwback Uniform Variation48RC
InsertRiley GreeneBase Image Variation48RC
InsertRiley Greene1974 Topps Baseball Stamps74BS-64RC
InsertRiley Greene1974 Topps Deckle Edge Baseball BoxloaderDB-17RC
InsertRiley GreeneNew Age PerformersNA-4RC
InsertRiley Greene1974 Oversized Topps Baseball BoxloaderOB-RGRC
InsertSpencer TorkelsonBase BW Image Variation215
InsertSpencer TorkelsonBase Chrome Variation215
InsertSpencer TorkelsonBase Mini Variation215
InsertSpencer Torkelson1974 Topps Baseball Stamps74BS-62
InsertSpencer TorkelsonNew Age PerformersNA-21
RelicAl Kaline1974 Mint Relic74MR-AK
RelicAl Kaline1974 Topps Baseball Stamp Relic74SR-AK
RelicAl KalineClubhouse Collection Quad RelicCCQR-KBTG
RelicAl KalineClubhouse Collection Triple RelicCCTR-KCG
RelicJavier BáezClubhouse Collection Quad RelicCCQR-KBTG
RelicJavier BáezClubhouse Collection RelicCCR-JB
RelicMiguel CabreraClubhouse Collection Triple RelicCCTR-KCG
RelicRiley Greene1974 Mint Relic74MR-RGRC
RelicRiley GreeneClubhouse Collection Quad RelicCCQR-KBTG
RelicRiley GreeneClubhouse Collection RelicCCR-RGRC
RelicRiley GreeneClubhouse Collection Triple RelicCCTR-KCG
RelicSpencer TorkelsonClubhouse Collection Quad RelicCCQR-KBTG
AutoAl Kaline1974 Cut Signature74CS-AK
AutoRiley GreeneReal One AutographROA-RGRC
AutoSpencer TorkelsonClubhouse Collection Autograph RelicCCAR-ST
AutoSpencer TorkelsonReal One AutographROA-ST
Houston Astros
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseAlex BregmanBase370
BaseDavid HensleyBase308RC
BaseFramber ValdezBase101
BaseHunter BrownBase316RC
BaseJeremy PeñaBase285
BaseJosé AltuveBase333AS
BaseJosé UrquidyBase329
BaseJustin VerlanderBase205LL
BaseJustin VerlanderBase206LL
BaseKyle TuckerBase362
BaseLance McCullers Jr.Base235
BaseMartín MaldonadoBase234
BaseYainer DíazBase262RC
BaseYordan AlvarezBase304
InsertAlex BregmanBase BW Image Variation370
InsertAlex BregmanBase Chrome Variation370
InsertAlex BregmanBase Mini Variation370
InsertAlex Bregman1974 Topps Baseball Stamps74BS-66
InsertAlex Bregman1974 Oversized Topps Baseball BoxloaderOB-AB
InsertChas McCormickHigh Numbered Short Print476WS Highlights
InsertChas McCormickHigh Numbered Short Print482
InsertChristian JavierHigh Numbered Short Print475WS Highlights
InsertCristian JavierHigh Numbered Short Print408
InsertDavid HensleyBase BW Image Variation308RC
InsertFramber ValdezBase BW Image Variation101
InsertHunter BrownBase BW Image Variation316RC
InsertHunter BrownBase Chrome Variation316RC
InsertHunter BrownBase Mini Variation316
InsertJake MeyersHigh Numbered Short Print467
InsertJeremy PeñaBase BW Image Variation285
InsertJeremy PeñaHigh Numbered Short Print437Playoff Highlights
InsertJeremy PeñaHigh Numbered Short Print479WS Highlights
InsertJosé AltuveAll Stars BW Image Variation333
InsertJosé AltuveBase Chrome Variation395
InsertJosé AltuveHigh Numbered Short Print461
InsertJosé AltuveBase Mini Variation461
InsertJosé AltuveHigh Numbered Short Print473WS Highlights
InsertJosé Altuve1974 Topps Baseball Stamps74BS-65
InsertJosé Altuve1974 Topps Puzzle Boxloader74PB-13
InsertJosé Altuve1974 Topps Deckle Edge Baseball BoxloaderDB-8
InsertJosé UrquidyBase BW Image Variation329
InsertJustin VerlanderLeague Leaders BW Image Variation205
InsertJustin VerlanderLeague Leaders BW Image Variation206
InsertJustin VerlanderThen And NowTAN-6
InsertJustin VerlanderThen And NowTAN-14
InsertKyle TuckerBase BW Image Variation362
InsertKyle TuckerBase Mini Variation362
InsertKyle TuckerHigh Numbered Short Print478WS Highlights
InsertKyle Tucker1974 Topps Baseball Stamps74BS-68
InsertLance McCullers Jr.Base BW Image Variation235
InsertMartín MaldonadoBase BW Image Variation234
InsertYainer DíazBase BW Image Variation262RC
InsertYordan AlvarezBase BW Image Variation304
InsertYordan AlvarezBase Chrome Variation304
InsertYordan AlvarezBase Mini Variation304
InsertYordan AlvarezHigh Numbered Short Print434Playoff Highlights
InsertYordan AlvarezHigh Numbered Short Print477WS Highlights
InsertYordan Alvarez1974 Topps Baseball Stamps74BS-67
InsertYordan Alvarez1974 Topps Deckle Edge Baseball BoxloaderDB-4
InsertYordan Alvarez1974 Oversized Topps Baseball BoxloaderOB-YA
InsertYuli GurrielHigh Numbered Short Print489
RelicAlex Bregman1974 Mint Relic74MR-AB
RelicAlex BregmanClubhouse Collection Quad RelicCCQR-ABPA
RelicAlex BregmanClubhouse Collection RelicCCR-AB
RelicJeremy PeñaClubhouse Collection Quad RelicCCQR-ABPA
RelicJeremy PeñaClubhouse Collection RelicCCR-JPA
RelicJosé AltuveClubhouse Collection Quad RelicCCQR-ABPA
RelicJosé AltuveClubhouse Collection RelicCCR-JA
RelicKyle TuckerClubhouse Collection RelicCCR-KT
RelicYordan AlvarezClubhouse Collection Quad RelicCCQR-ABPA
RelicYordan AlvarezClubhouse Collection RelicCCR-YA
AutoHunter BrownReal One AutographROA-HBRC
AutoJosé AltuveClubhouse Collection Autograph RelicCCAR-JA
AutoJosé Altuve1974 Topps Deckle Edge Baseball Boxloader AutographDB-8
Kansas City Royals
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseBobby Witt Jr.Base85
BaseBrady SingerBase162
BaseDaniel LynchBase159
BaseDrew WatersBase96RC
BaseHunter DozierBase113
BaseJordan LylesBase160
BaseMaikel GarcíaBase311RC
BaseMJ MelendezBase214
BaseNick PrattoBase94RC
BaseNicky LopezBase236
BaseSalvador PérezBase13
BaseVinnie PasquantinoBase150RC
InsertAmos Otis1974 Topps Baseball Stamps74BS-57
InsertBobby Witt Jr.Base BW Image Variation85
InsertBobby Witt Jr.Base Chrome Variation85
InsertBobby Witt Jr.Base Mini Variation85
InsertBobby Witt Jr.Base Throwback Uniform Variation85RC
InsertBobby Witt Jr.1974 Topps Baseball Stamps74BS-59
InsertBobby Witt Jr.New Age PerformersNA-16
InsertBobby Witt Jr.1974 Oversized Topps Baseball BoxloaderOB-BW
InsertBrady SingerBase BW Image Variation162
InsertDaniel LynchBase BW Image Variation159
InsertDrew WatersBase BW Image Variation96RC
InsertDrew WatersBase Chrome Variation96RC
InsertDrew WatersBase Mini Variation96
InsertDrew WatersBase Name Position Swap Variation96RC
InsertDrew WatersBase Image Variation96RC
InsertDrew Waters1974 Topps Baseball Stamps74BS-60RC
InsertDrew WatersNew Age PerformersNA-18RC
InsertHunter DozierBase BW Image Variation113
InsertJohn Mayberry1974 Topps Baseball Stamps74BS-58
InsertJordan LylesBase BW Image Variation160
InsertMaikel GarcíaBase BW Image Variation311RC
InsertMichael A. TaylorHigh Numbered Short Print490
InsertMJ MelendezBase BW Image Variation214
InsertNick PrattoBase BW Image Variation94RC
InsertNick PrattoBase Chrome Variation94RC
InsertNick PrattoBase Mini Variation94
InsertNicky LopezBase BW Image Variation236
InsertSalvador PérezBase BW Image Variation13
InsertSalvador PérezBase Chrome Variation13
InsertSalvador PérezBase Mini Variation13
InsertSalvador Pérez1974 Oversized Topps Baseball BoxloaderOB-SP
InsertVinnie PasquantinoBase BW Image Variation150RC
InsertVinnie PasquantinoBase Chrome Variation150RC
InsertVinnie PasquantinoBase Mini Variation150
RelicBobby Witt Jr.Clubhouse Collection RelicCCR-BW
RelicDrew Waters1974 Mint Relic74MR-DWSRC
RelicSalvador PérezClubhouse Collection RelicCCR-SP
AutoBobby Witt Jr.Clubhouse Collection Autograph RelicCCAR-BW
AutoBobby Witt Jr.1974 Oversized Topps Baseball Boxloader AutographOB-BW
AutoDrew WatersReal One AutographROA-DWRC
AutoLou PiniellaReal One AutographROA-LPA
AutoNick PrattoReal One AutographROA-NPRC
AutoVinnie PasquantinoReal One AutographROA-VPRC
Los Angeles Angels
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseDavid FletcherBase98
BaseGio UrshelaBase397
BaseHunter RenfroeBase269
BaseJared WalshBase368
BaseLogan O'HoppeBase318RC
BaseLuis RengifoBase223
BaseMax StassiBase115
BaseMike TroutBase5
BasePatrick SandovalBase198
BaseRyan AguilarBase309RC
BaseShohei OhtaniBase20
BaseTaylor WardBase271
BaseTyler AndersonBase394
InsertBrandon DruryHigh Numbered Short Print416
InsertDavid FletcherBase BW Image Variation98
InsertFrank Robinson1974 Topps Baseball Stamps74BS-2
InsertGio UrshelaBase BW Image Variation115
InsertHunter RenfroeBase BW Image Variation269
InsertJared WalshBase BW Image Variation368
InsertJared WalshBase Chrome Variation368
InsertJared WalshBase Mini Variation368
InsertLogan O'HoppeBase BW Image Variation318RC
InsertLogan O'HoppeBase Mini Variation318
InsertLuis RengifoBase BW Image Variation223
InsertMatt DuffyHigh Numbered Short Print424
InsertMatt ThaissHigh Numbered Short Print431
InsertMax StassiBase BW Image Variation115
InsertMichael StefanicHigh Numbered Short Print466RC
InsertMike TroutBase BW Image Variation5
InsertMike TroutBase Chrome Variation5
InsertMike TroutBase Mini Variation5
InsertMike TroutBase Error Short Print Variation5
InsertMike TroutBase Name Position Swap Variation5
InsertMike TroutBase Image Variation5
InsertMike TroutBase Nickname Variation5
InsertMike Trout1974 Topps Baseball Stamps74BS-3
InsertMike Trout1974 Topps Puzzle Boxloader74PB-1
InsertMike Trout1974 Topps Deckle Edge Baseball BoxloaderDB-9
InsertMike Trout1974 Oversized Topps Baseball BoxloaderOB-MT
InsertNolan Ryan1974 Topps Baseball Stamps74BS-1
InsertNolan Ryan1974 Topps Puzzle Boxloader74PB-15
InsertNolan RyanBaseball FlashbacksBF-4
InsertNolan Ryan1974 Oversized Topps Baseball BoxloaderOB-NR
InsertNolan RyanThen And NowTAN-7
InsertNolan RyanThen And NowTAN-9
InsertPatrick SandovalBase BW Image Variation198
InsertReid DetmersHigh Numbered Short Print404
InsertRyan AguilarBase BW Image Variation309RC
InsertShohei OhtaniBase BW Image Variation20
InsertShohei OhtaniBase Chrome Variation20
InsertShohei OhtaniBase Mini Variation20
InsertShohei OhtaniBase Error Short Print Variation20
InsertShohei OhtaniBase Name Position Swap Variation20
InsertShohei OhtaniBase Image Variation20
InsertShohei OhtaniBase Nickname Variation20
InsertShohei Ohtani1974 Topps Baseball Stamps74BS-4
InsertShohei Ohtani1974 Topps Deckle Edge Baseball BoxloaderDB-10
InsertShohei Ohtani1974 Oversized Topps Baseball BoxloaderOB-SO
InsertTaylor WardBase BW Image Variation271
InsertTyler AndersonBase BW Image Variation41
RelicFrank Robinson1974 Mint Relic74MR-FR
RelicFrank Robinson1974 US Postal Stamp Relic74PS-FR
RelicFrank Robinson1974 Topps Baseball Stamp Relic74SR-FR
RelicFrank RobinsonClubhouse Collection Triple RelicCCTR-RRT
RelicJared WalshClubhouse Collection RelicCCR-JW
RelicMike Trout1974 Mint Relic74MR-MT
RelicMike Trout1974 US Postal Stamp Relic74PS-MT
RelicMike TroutClubhouse Collection Dual RelicCCDR-OT
RelicMike TroutClubhouse Collection RelicCCR-MT
RelicMike TroutClubhouse Collection Triple RelicCCTR-RRT
RelicMike TroutClubhouse Collection Triple RelicCCTR-THJ
RelicNolan Ryan1974 Mint Relic74MR-NR
RelicNolan Ryan1974 US Postal Stamp Relic74PS-NR
RelicNolan Ryan1974 Topps Baseball Stamp Relic74SR-NR
RelicNolan RyanClubhouse Collection Triple RelicCCTR-RRT
RelicShohei Ohtani1974 Mint Relic74MR-SO
RelicShohei Ohtani1974 US Postal Stamp Relic74PS-SO
RelicShohei OhtaniClubhouse Collection Dual RelicCCDR-OT
RelicShohei OhtaniClubhouse Collection RelicCCR-SO
AutoFrank Robinson1974 Cut Signature74CS-FR
AutoMike TroutClubhouse Collection Dual Autograph RelicCDAR-TO
AutoMike TroutReal One AutographROA-MT
AutoMike TroutReal One Triple AutographROTA-THJ
AutoNolan RyanReal One Autograph74RO-NR
AutoShohei OhtaniClubhouse Collection Dual Autograph RelicCDAR-TO
Los Angeles Dodgers
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseClayton KershawBase339AS
BaseFreddie FreemanBase377
BaseJames OutmanBase93RC
BaseJulio UríasBase56
BaseJulio UríasBase206LL
BaseMax MuncyBase194
BaseMookie BettsBase315
BaseMookie BettsBase338AS
BaseTrayce ThompsonBase186
BaseTrea TurnerBase335AS
BaseWill SmithBase267
InsertClayton KershawAll Stars BW Image Variation339
InsertClayton Kershaw1974 Topps Baseball Stamps74BS-43
InsertCody BellingerBase Mini Variation28
InsertDustin MayHigh Numbered Short Print445
InsertFreddie FreemanBase BW Image Variation377
InsertFreddie FreemanBase Chrome Variation377
InsertFreddie FreemanBase Mini Variation377
InsertFreddie FreemanBase Name Position Swap Variation377
InsertJames OutmanBase BW Image Variation93RC
InsertJames OutmanBase Chrome Variation93RC
InsertJames OutmanBase Mini Variation93
InsertJulio UríasBase BW Image Variation56
InsertJulio UríasLeague Leaders BW Image Variation206
InsertMax MuncyBase BW Image Variation194
InsertMax MuncyBase Throwback Uniform Variation194
InsertMookie BettsBase BW Image Variation315
InsertMookie BettsBase Chrome Variation315
InsertMookie BettsBase Mini Variation315
InsertMookie BettsBase Name Position Swap Variation315
InsertMookie BettsBase Throwback Uniform Variation315
InsertMookie BettsBase Image Variation315
InsertMookie BettsAll Stars BW Image Variation338
InsertMookie Betts1974 Topps Baseball Stamps74BS-42
InsertMookie Betts1974 Topps Puzzle Boxloader74PB-5
InsertMookie Betts1974 Oversized Topps Baseball BoxloaderOB-MB
InsertSteve Garvey1974 Topps Baseball Stamps74BS-41
InsertSteve GarveyBaseball FlashbacksBF-7
InsertTrayce ThompsonBase BW Image Variation186
InsertTrea TurnerAll Stars BW Image Variation335
InsertWalker BuehlerBase Chrome Variation348
InsertWalker BuehlerHigh Numbered Short Print432
InsertWalker BuehlerBase Mini Variation432
InsertWalker Buehler1974 Topps Baseball Stamps74BS-44
InsertWill SmithBase BW Image Variation267
InsertWill SmithBase Throwback Uniform Variation267
RelicClayton KershawClubhouse Collection RelicCCR-CK
RelicDavey LopesClubhouse Collection Triple RelicCCTR-SLG
RelicDon Sutton1974 Topps Baseball Stamp Relic74SR-DS
RelicDon SuttonClubhouse Collection Triple RelicCCTR-SLG
RelicFreddie Freeman1974 Mint Relic74MR-FF
RelicFreddie FreemanClubhouse Collection RelicCCR-FF
RelicMiguel Vargas1974 Mint Relic74MR-MVRC
RelicMookie Betts1974 Mint Relic74MR-MB
RelicMookie Betts1974 US Postal Stamp Relic74PS-MB
RelicMookie BettsClubhouse Collection RelicCCR-MB
RelicSteve GarveyClubhouse Collection Triple RelicCCTR-SLG
RelicWalker BuehlerClubhouse Collection RelicCCR-WB
AutoFreddie FreemanReal One AutographROA-FF
AutoSteve GarveyFlashbacks Autograph RelicFAR-SG
AutoSteve GarveyReal One AutographROA-SG
AutoSteve GarveyReal One Dual AutographRODA-BG
Miami Marlins
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseBryan De La CruzBase185
BaseGarrett CooperBase216
BaseJazz Chisholm Jr.Base14
BaseJazz Chisholm Jr.Base333AS
BaseJerar EncarnacionBase381RC
BaseJesús LuzardoBase114
BaseJJ BledayBase385RC
BaseJoey WendleBase238
BaseJohnny CuetoBase109
BaseJon BertiBase53
BaseJon BertiBase204LL
BaseJordan GroshansBase123RC
BaseJorge SolerBase141
BaseMax MeyerBase367RC
BasePablo LópezBase341
BasePeyton BurdickBase322RC
BaseSandy AlcantaraBase358
InsertA.J. LadwigHigh Numbered Short Print492Topps RC Stars
InsertBryan De La CruzBase BW Image Variation185
InsertBryan HoeingHigh Numbered Short Print492Topps RC Stars
InsertGarrett CooperBase BW Image Variation216
InsertHuascar BrazobanHigh Numbered Short Print492Topps RC Stars
InsertJake FishmanHigh Numbered Short Print492Topps RC Stars
InsertJazz Chisholm Jr.Base BW Image Variation14
InsertJazz Chisholm Jr.Base Chrome Variation14
InsertJazz Chisholm Jr.Base Mini Variation14
InsertJazz Chisholm Jr.Base Name Position Swap Variation14
InsertJazz Chisholm Jr.All Stars BW Image Variation333
InsertJazz Chisholm Jr.1974 Topps Baseball Stamps74BS-79
InsertJazz Chisholm Jr.1974 Oversized Topps Baseball BoxloaderOB-JC
InsertJean SeguraHigh Numbered Short Print452
InsertJerar EncarnacionBase BW Image Variation381RC
InsertJerar EncarnacionBase Chrome Variation381RC
InsertJerar EncarnacionBase Mini Variation381
InsertJesús LuzardoBase BW Image Variation114
InsertJesús SánchezHigh Numbered Short Print446
InsertJJ BledayBase BW Image Variation385RC
InsertJJ BledayBase Chrome Variation385RC
InsertJJ BledayBase Mini Variation385
InsertJJ BledayBase Name Position Swap Variation385RC
InsertJJ Bleday1974 Topps Baseball Stamps74BS-78RC
InsertJJ BledayNew Age PerformersNA-14RC
InsertJJ Bleday1974 Oversized Topps Baseball BoxloaderOB-JBRC
InsertJoey WendleBase BW Image Variation238
InsertJohnny CuetoBase BW Image Variation109
InsertJon BertiBase BW Image Variation53
InsertJon BertiLeague Leaders BW Image Variation204
InsertJon BertiThen And NowTAN-4
InsertJordan GroshansBase BW Image Variation123RC
InsertJorge SolerBase BW Image Variation141
InsertMax MeyerBase BW Image Variation367RC
InsertMax MeyerBase Chrome Variation367RC
InsertMax MeyerBase Mini Variation367
InsertMax Meyer1974 Topps Baseball Stamps74BS-77RC
InsertPablo LópezBase BW Image Variation341
InsertPablo LópezHigh Numbered Short Print411
InsertPeyton BurdickBase BW Image Variation322RC
InsertSandy AlcantaraBase BW Image Variation358
InsertSandy AlcantaraBase Chrome Variation358
InsertSandy AlcantaraBase Mini Variation358
InsertSandy Alcantara1974 Topps Baseball Stamps74BS-80
InsertSandy AlcantaraNew Age PerformersNA-25
InsertSandy AlcantaraThen And NowTAN-9
RelicJJ Bleday1974 Mint Relic74MR-JBRC
AutoJerar EncarnacionReal One AutographROA-JERC
AutoJJ BledayReal One AutographROA-JBYRC
AutoJordan GroshansReal One AutographROA-JGRRC
AutoMax MeyerReal One AutographROA-MMRRC
AutoSandy AlcantaraReal One AutographROA-SA
Milwaukee Brewers
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseAndrew McCutchenBase283
BaseChristian YelichBase218
BaseCorbin BurnesBase207LL
BaseCorbin BurnesBase261
BaseEric LauerBase301
BaseGarrett MitchellBase95RC
BaseJesse WinkerBase389
BaseKeston HiuraBase239
BaseLorenzo CainBase392
BaseRowdy TellezBase27
BaseTyrone TaylorBase291
BaseWilliam ContrerasBase289
InsertAndrew McCutchenBase BW Image Variation283
InsertBrandon WoodruffHigh Numbered Short Print447
InsertChristian YelichBase BW Image Variation218
InsertChristian YelichBase Chrome Variation218
InsertChristian YelichBase Mini Variation218
InsertChristian YelichBase Name Position Swap Variation218
InsertChristian Yelich1974 Oversized Topps Baseball BoxloaderOB-CYH
InsertCorbin BurnesLeague Leaders BW Image Variation207
InsertCorbin BurnesBase BW Image Variation261
InsertCorbin BurnesBase Chrome Variation261
InsertCorbin BurnesBase Mini Variation261
InsertCorbin BurnesThen And NowTAN-13
InsertEric LauerBase BW Image Variation301
InsertGarrett MitchellBase BW Image Variation95RC
InsertGarrett MitchellBase Chrome Variation95RC
InsertGarrett MitchellBase Mini Variation95
InsertGarrett MitchellBase Name Position Swap Variation95RC
InsertGarrett MitchellBase Image Variation95RC
InsertJesse WinkerBase BW Image Variation389
InsertKeston HiuraBase BW Image Variation239
InsertLorenzo CainBase BW Image Variation34
InsertRowdy TellezBase BW Image Variation27
InsertTyrone TaylorBase BW Image Variation291
InsertWilliam ContrerasBase BW Image Variation289
InsertWilly AdamesHigh Numbered Short Print412
RelicAndrew McCutchenClubhouse Collection RelicCCR-AMN
RelicChristian Yelich1974 Mint Relic74MR-CY
RelicChristian YelichClubhouse Collection RelicCCR-CY
RelicGarrett Mitchell1974 Mint Relic74MR-GMRC
AutoChristian YelichClubhouse Collection Autograph RelicCCAR-CY
AutoChristian YelichReal One AutographROA-CY
AutoCorbin BurnesReal One AutographROA-CB
Minnesota Twins
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseByron BuxtonBase15
BaseByron BuxtonBase338AS
BaseDylan BundyBase74
BaseGary SánchezBase122
BaseJermaine PalaciosBase390RC
BaseJhoan DuránBase294
BaseJoe RyanBase29
BaseJoey GalloBase345
BaseJorge LópezBase240
BaseJorge PolancoBase276
BaseJosé MirandaBase54
BaseLouie VarlandBase46RC
BaseLuis ArraezBase201LL
BaseLuis ArraezBase359
BaseMatt WallnerBase156RC
BaseMax KeplerBase217
BaseNick GordonBase158
BaseSimeon Woods RichardsonBase65RC
BaseSonny GrayBase149
InsertAlex KirilloffHigh Numbered Short Print448
InsertBert BlylevenBaseball FlashbacksBF-5
InsertByron BuxtonBase BW Image Variation15
InsertByron BuxtonBase Chrome Variation15
InsertByron BuxtonBase Mini Variation15
InsertByron BuxtonBase Name Position Swap Variation15
InsertByron BuxtonAll Stars BW Image Variation338
InsertByron Buxton1974 Topps Baseball Stamps74BS-8
InsertByron Buxton1974 Topps Deckle Edge Baseball BoxloaderDB-14
InsertByron Buxton1974 Oversized Topps Baseball BoxloaderOB-BBN
InsertCarlos Correa1974 Topps Baseball Stamps74BS-7
InsertDylan BundyBase BW Image Variation74
InsertEmilio PagánHigh Numbered Short Print415
InsertGary SánchezBase BW Image Variation122
InsertHarmon Killebrew1974 Topps Baseball Stamps74BS-5
InsertHarmon Killebrew1974 Topps Puzzle Boxloader74PB-18
InsertHarmon Killebrew1974 Oversized Topps Baseball BoxloaderOB-HK
InsertJermaine PalaciosBase BW Image Variation390RC
InsertJhoan DuránBase BW Image Variation294
InsertJoe RyanBase BW Image Variation29
InsertJoe RyanBase Mini Variation29
InsertJoey GalloBase BW Image Variation345
InsertJorge LópezBase BW Image Variation240
InsertJorge PolancoBase BW Image Variation276
InsertJosé MirandaBase BW Image Variation54
InsertKyle FarmerHigh Numbered Short Print442
InsertLouie VarlandBase BW Image Variation46RC
InsertLuis ArraezLeague Leaders BW Image Variation201
InsertLuis ArraezBase BW Image Variation359
InsertLuis ArraezBase Chrome Variation359
InsertLuis ArraezBase Mini Variation359
InsertLuis ArraezNew Age PerformersNA-20
InsertLuis ArraezThen And NowTAN-3
InsertMatt WallnerBase BW Image Variation156RC
InsertMatt WallnerBase Mini Variation156
InsertMax KeplerBase BW Image Variation217
InsertNick GordonBase BW Image Variation158
InsertNick GordonBase Mini Variation158
InsertRod Carew1974 Topps Baseball Stamps74BS-6
InsertRod Carew1974 Topps Puzzle Boxloader74PB-16
InsertRod CarewThen And NowTAN-3
InsertSimeon Woods RichardsonBase BW Image Variation65RC
InsertSimeon Woods RichardsonBase Chrome Variation65RC
InsertSimeon Woods RichardsonBase Mini Variation65
InsertSimeon Woods RichardsonBase Name Position Swap Variation65RC
InsertSonny GrayBase BW Image Variation149
InsertTyler MahleHigh Numbered Short Print449
RelicBert BlylevenClubhouse Collection Quad RelicCCQR-KCOB
RelicByron BuxtonClubhouse Collection RelicCCR-BBN
RelicHarmon Killebrew1974 Mint Relic74MR-HK
RelicHarmon Killebrew1974 Topps Baseball Stamp Relic74SR-HK
RelicHarmon KillebrewClubhouse Collection Quad RelicCCQR-KCOB
RelicJorge PolancoClubhouse Collection RelicCCR-JP
RelicRod Carew1974 Mint Relic74MR-RC
RelicRod CarewClubhouse Collection Quad RelicCCQR-KCOB
RelicTony OlivaClubhouse Collection Quad RelicCCQR-KCOB
AutoBert BlylevenReal One Autograph74RO-BB
AutoBert BlylevenReal One Dual AutographRODA-BK
AutoBobby DarwinReal One AutographROA-BDN
AutoByron BuxtonClubhouse Collection Autograph RelicCCAR-BB
AutoByron BuxtonClubhouse Collection Dual Autograph RelicCDAR-BA
AutoByron Buxton1974 Topps Deckle Edge Baseball Boxloader AutographDB-14
AutoByron Buxton1974 Oversized Topps Baseball Boxloader AutographOB-BBN
AutoByron BuxtonReal One AutographROA-BB
AutoHarmon Killebrew1974 Cut Signature74CS-HK
AutoJim KaatReal One Dual AutographRODA-BK
AutoLuis ArraezClubhouse Collection Dual Autograph RelicCDAR-BA
AutoLuis ArraezClubhouse Collection Dual Autograph RelicCDAR-CA
AutoLuis ArraezReal One AutographROA-LA
AutoRod CarewClubhouse Collection Dual Autograph RelicCDAR-CA
AutoSimeon Woods RichardsonReal One AutographROA-SWRRC
AutoTony OlivaReal One Autograph74RO-TO
AutoTony OlivaFlashbacks Autograph RelicFAR-TO
New York Mets
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseBrandon NimmoBase241
BaseBrett BatyBase265RC
BaseCarlos CarrascoBase145
BaseDaniel VogelbachBase290
BaseEdwin DíazBase36
BaseFrancisco ÁlvarezBase388RC
BaseJeff McNeilBase201LL
BaseJeff McNeilBase263
BaseJosé ButtoBase310RC
BaseLuis GuillormeBase16
BaseMark CanhaBase127
BaseMark VientosBase124RC
BaseMax ScherzerBase80
BasePete AlonsoBase203LL
BasePete AlonsoBase380
BaseStarling MarteBase266
InsertBrandon NimmoBase BW Image Variation241
InsertBrett BatyBase BW Image Variation265RC
InsertBrett BatyBase Chrome Variation265RC
InsertBrett BatyBase Mini Variation265
InsertBrett BatyBase Name Position Swap Variation265RC
InsertBrett BatyBase Image Variation265RC
InsertBrett BatyNew Age PerformersNA-12RC
InsertBrett Baty1974 Oversized Topps Baseball BoxloaderOB-BBRC
InsertBryce Montes de OcaHigh Numbered Short Print403RC
InsertCarlos CarrascoBase BW Image Variation145
InsertDaniel VogelbachBase BW Image Variation290
InsertEdwin DíazBase BW Image Variation36
InsertFrancisco ÁlvarezBase BW Image Variation388RC
InsertFrancisco ÁlvarezBase Chrome Variation388RC
InsertFrancisco ÁlvarezBase Error Short Print Variation388RC
InsertFrancisco ÁlvarezBase Name Position Swap Variation388RC
InsertFrancisco ÁlvarezBase Image Variation388RC
InsertFrancisco LindorBase Chrome Variation401
InsertFrancisco Lindor1974 Topps Baseball Stamps74BS-71
InsertFrancisco Lindor1974 Oversized Topps Baseball BoxloaderOB-FL
InsertFransicso LindorHigh Numbered Short Print401
InsertFransicso LindorBase Mini Variation401
InsertFransicso LindorBase Name Position Swap Variation401
InsertJeff McNeilLeague Leaders BW Image Variation201
InsertJeff McNeilBase BW Image Variation263
InsertJeff McNeilThen And NowTAN-15
InsertJosé ButtoBase BW Image Variation310RC
InsertJosé QuintanaHigh Numbered Short Print470
InsertKodai SengaRookie Short Print Variation80RC
InsertLuis GuillormeBase BW Image Variation16
InsertMark CanhaBase BW Image Variation127
InsertMark VientosBase BW Image Variation124RC
InsertMax ScherzerBase BW Image Variation80
InsertMax ScherzerBase Chrome Variation80
InsertMax ScherzerBase Mini Variation80
InsertMax Scherzer1974 Topps Baseball Stamps74BS-70
InsertMax Scherzer1974 Oversized Topps Baseball BoxloaderOB-MSR
InsertPete AlonsoLeague Leaders BW Image Variation203
InsertPete AlonsoBase BW Image Variation380
InsertPete AlonsoBase Chrome Variation380
InsertPete AlonsoBase Mini Variation380
InsertPete AlonsoBase Name Position Swap Variation380
InsertPete AlonsoBase Nickname Variation380
InsertPete Alonso1974 Topps Baseball Stamps74BS-72
InsertPete Alonso1974 Topps Puzzle Boxloader74PB-7
InsertPete Alonso1974 Topps Deckle Edge Baseball BoxloaderDB-7
InsertPete Alonso1974 Oversized Topps Baseball BoxloaderOB-PA
InsertPete AlonsoThen And NowTAN-2
InsertStarling MarteBase BW Image Variation266
InsertTom Seaver1974 Topps Baseball Stamps74BS-69
InsertTom SeaverBaseball FlashbacksBF-1
InsertTomás NidoHigh Numbered Short Print417
RelicBrett Baty1974 Mint Relic74MR-BBRC
RelicFrancisco Álvarez1974 Mint Relic74MR-FARC
RelicJacob deGrom1974 Mint Relic74MR-Jd
RelicPete Alonso1974 Mint Relic74MR-PA
RelicPete AlonsoClubhouse Collection RelicCCR-PA
RelicStarling MarteClubhouse Collection RelicCCR-SM
RelicTom Seaver1974 Mint Relic74MR-TS
RelicTom Seaver1974 US Postal Stamp Relic74PS-TS
RelicWillie Mays1974 Mint Relic74MR-WM
RelicWillie Mays1974 US Postal Stamp Relic74PS-WM
AutoBrett Baty1974 Oversized Topps Baseball Boxloader AutographOB-BBRC
AutoBrett BatyReal One AutographROA-BBYRC
AutoFrancisco ÁlvarezReal One AutographROA-FARC
AutoMark VientosReal One AutographROA-MVIRC
AutoPete AlonsoClubhouse Collection Autograph RelicCCAR-PA
AutoPete Alonso1974 Topps Deckle Edge Baseball Boxloader AutographDB-7
AutoPete Alonso1974 Oversized Topps Baseball Boxloader AutographOB-PA
AutoPete AlonsoReal One AutographROA-PA
AutoTom Seaver1974 Cut Signature74CS-TS
New York Yankees
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseAaron HicksBase75
BaseAaron JudgeBase1Tribute
BaseAaron JudgeBase2Tribute
BaseAaron JudgeBase3Tribute
BaseAaron JudgeBase4Tribute
BaseAaron JudgeBase152
BaseAaron JudgeBase202LL
BaseAaron JudgeBase203LL
BaseAaron JudgeBase336AS
BaseCarlos RodónBase274
BaseClay HolmesBase116
BaseDJ LeMahieuBase51
BaseGerrit ColeBase207LL
BaseGerrit ColeBase324
BaseGiancarlo StantonBase81
BaseGiancarlo StantonBase337AS
BaseGleyber TorresBase282
BaseHarrison BaderBase34
BaseIsiah Kiner-FalefaBase136
BaseJosé TrevinoBase242
BaseJosh DonaldsonBase102
BaseLuis SeverinoBase343
BaseNestor CortesBase302
BaseOswaldo CabreraBase135RC
BaseRafael OrtegaBase167
InsertAaron HicksBase BW Image Variation75
InsertAaron JudgeAaron Judge Tribute BW Image Variation1
InsertAaron JudgeAaron Judge Tribute BW Image Variation2
InsertAaron JudgeAaron Judge Tribute BW Image Variation3
InsertAaron JudgeAaron Judge Tribute BW Image Variation4
InsertAaron JudgeBase BW Image Variation152
InsertAaron JudgeBase Chrome Variation152
InsertAaron JudgeBase Mini Variation152
InsertAaron JudgeBase Name Position Swap Variation152
InsertAaron JudgeBase Image Variation152
InsertAaron JudgeBase Nickname Variation152
InsertAaron JudgeLeague Leaders BW Image Variation202
InsertAaron JudgeLeague Leaders BW Image Variation203
InsertAaron JudgeAll Stars BW Image Variation336
InsertAaron JudgeHigh Numbered Short Print441Playoff Highlights
InsertAaron Judge1974 Topps Baseball Stamps74BS-38
InsertAaron Judge1974 Topps Puzzle Boxloader74PB-12
InsertAaron JudgeThen And NowTAN-11
InsertAaron JudgeThen And NowTAN-12
InsertAnthony RizzoBase Chrome Variation117
InsertAnthony RizzoHigh Numbered Short Print420
InsertAnthony RizzoBase Mini Variation420
InsertAnthony Rizzo1974 Topps Deckle Edge Baseball BoxloaderDB-15
InsertAnthony VolpeRookie Short Print Variation282RC
InsertCarlos RodónBase BW Image Variation274
InsertClay HolmesBase BW Image Variation116
InsertDJ LeMahieuBase BW Image Variation51
InsertGerrit ColeLeague Leaders BW Image Variation207
InsertGerrit ColeBase BW Image Variation324
InsertGerrit ColeBase Chrome Variation324
InsertGerrit ColeBase Mini Variation324
InsertGerrit Cole1974 Topps Baseball Stamps74BS-40
InsertGerrit Cole1974 Oversized Topps Baseball BoxloaderOB-GC
InsertGerrit ColeThen And NowTAN-7
InsertGiancarlo StantonBase BW Image Variation81
InsertGiancarlo StantonBase Chrome Variation81
InsertGiancarlo StantonBase Mini Variation81
InsertGiancarlo StantonAll Stars BW Image Variation337
InsertGiancarlo Stanton1974 Topps Baseball Stamps74BS-39
InsertGleyber TorresBase BW Image Variation282
InsertHarrison BaderBase Mini Variation34
InsertHarrison BaderBase BW Image Variation169
InsertIsiah Kiner-FalefaBase BW Image Variation136
InsertJosé TrevinoBase BW Image Variation242
InsertJosh DonaldsonBase BW Image Variation102
InsertLuis SeverinoBase BW Image Variation343
InsertMarwin GonzalezHigh Numbered Short Print450
InsertNestor CortesBase BW Image Variation302
InsertOswald PerazaNew Age PerformersNA-22RC
InsertOswaldo CabreraBase BW Image Variation135RC
InsertOswaldo CabreraBase Chrome Variation135RC
InsertOswaldo CabreraBase Mini Variation135
InsertOswaldo CabreraBase Name Position Swap Variation135RC
InsertOswaldo CabreraBase Image Variation135RC
InsertOswaldo CabreraNew Age PerformersNA-9RC
InsertOswaldo Cabrera1974 Oversized Topps Baseball BoxloaderOB-OCRC
InsertRafael OrtegaBase BW Image Variation167
InsertThurman Munson1974 Topps Baseball Stamps74BS-37
InsertThurman Munson1974 Oversized Topps Baseball BoxloaderOB-TM
RelicAaron Judge1974 Mint Relic74MR-AJ
RelicAaron Judge1974 US Postal Stamp Relic74PS-AJ
RelicAaron JudgeClubhouse Collection Dual RelicCCDR-JS
RelicAaron JudgeClubhouse Collection RelicCCR-AJ
RelicAaron JudgeClubhouse Collection Triple RelicCCTR-THJ
RelicAnthony RizzoClubhouse Collection RelicCCR-AR
RelicDJ LeMahieuClubhouse Collection RelicCCR-DL
RelicGerrit ColeClubhouse Collection RelicCCR-GC
RelicGiancarlo StantonClubhouse Collection Dual RelicCCDR-JS
RelicGiancarlo StantonClubhouse Collection RelicCCR-GSN
RelicGleyber TorresClubhouse Collection RelicCCR-GT
RelicNestor CortesClubhouse Collection RelicCCR-NC
RelicOswaldo Cabrera1974 Mint Relic74MR-OCRC
RelicThurman Munson1974 Topps Baseball Stamp Relic74SR-TM
AutoAaron JudgeReal One Triple AutographROTA-THJ
AutoAnthony RizzoClubhouse Collection Autograph RelicCCAR-Aro
AutoAnthony Rizzo1974 Topps Deckle Edge Baseball Boxloader AutographDB-15
AutoAnthony RizzoReal One AutographROA-AR
AutoOswald PerazaReal One AutographROA-OPERC
AutoOswaldo Cabrera1974 Oversized Topps Baseball Boxloader AutographOB-OCRC
AutoOswaldo CabreraReal One AutographROA-OCRC
Oakland Athletics
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseCal StevensonBase176RC
BaseCole IrvinBase57
BaseCristian PacheBase264
BaseJordan DíazBase153RC
BaseKen WaldichukBase68RC
BaseRamon LaureanoBase195
BaseSeth BrownBase279
BaseShea LangeliersBase190RC
BaseTony KempBase130
InsertA.J. PukHigh Numbered Short Print451
InsertCal StevensonBase BW Image Variation176RC
InsertCal StevensonBase Mini Variation176
InsertCatfish HunterThen And NowTAN-14
InsertCody ThomasHigh Numbered Short Print497Topps RC Stars
InsertCole IrvinBase BW Image Variation57
InsertCristian PacheBase BW Image Variation264
InsertDavid MacKinnonHigh Numbered Short Print499Topps RC Stars
InsertJordan DíazBase BW Image Variation153RC
InsertJordan DíazBase Chrome Variation153RC
InsertJordan DíazBase Mini Variation153
InsertKen WaldichukBase BW Image Variation68RC
InsertKen WaldichukBase Mini Variation68
InsertNick AllenHigh Numbered Short Print414
InsertNorge RuizHigh Numbered Short Print491Topps RC Stars
InsertRamon LaureanoBase BW Image Variation195
InsertReggie Jackson1974 Oversized Topps Baseball BoxloaderOB-RJ
InsertSean MurphyBase Mini Variation16
InsertSeth BrownBase BW Image Variation279
InsertShea LangeliersBase BW Image Variation190RC
InsertShea LangeliersBase Chrome Variation190RC
InsertShea LangeliersBase Mini Variation190
InsertShea LangeliersNew Age PerformersNA-13RC
InsertShea Langeliers1974 Oversized Topps Baseball BoxloaderOB-SLRC
InsertShintaro FujinamiRookie Short Print Variation57RC
InsertTony KempBase BW Image Variation130
InsertTyler CyrHigh Numbered Short Print491Topps RC Stars
RelicGene TenaceClubhouse Collection Dual RelicCCDR-JT
RelicReggie Jackson1974 Mint Relic74MR-RJ
RelicReggie Jackson1974 US Postal Stamp Relic74PS-RJ
RelicReggie Jackson1974 Topps Baseball Stamp Relic74SR-RJ
RelicReggie JacksonClubhouse Collection Dual RelicCCDR-JT
RelicShea Langeliers1974 Mint Relic74MR-SLRC
AutoConner CapelReal One AutographROA-CCLRC
AutoGene TenaceFlashbacks Autograph RelicFAR-GT
AutoJordan DíazReal One AutographROA-JDZRC
AutoReggie JacksonReal One Autograph74RO-RJ
AutoShea LangeliersReal One AutographROA-SLRC
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
InsertCharles de Gaulle AirportNews FlashbacksNF-5
InsertDaylight Savings TimeNews FlashbacksNF-3
InsertDow JonesNews FlashbacksNF-6
InsertFreedom of Information ActNews FlashbacksNF-9
InsertGerald FordNews FlashbacksNF-8
InsertNelson RockefellerNews FlashbacksNF-10
InsertRay Kroc Buys PadresNews FlashbacksNF-4
InsertRichard NixonNews FlashbacksNF-7
InsertSears TowerNews FlashbacksNF-1
InsertWorld PopulationNews FlashbacksNF-2
AutoBurt Reynolds1974 Celebrity Cut Signature74CCS-BR
AutoElvis Presley1974 Celebrity Cut Signature74CCS-EP
AutoGerald Ford1974 Celebrity Cut Signature74CCS-GF
AutoJohn Denver1974 Celebrity Cut Signature74CCS-JD
AutoJohn Havlicek1974 Celebrity Cut Signature74CCS-JH
AutoJohn Lennon1974 Celebrity Cut Signature74CCS-JL
AutoLucille Ball1974 Celebrity Cut Signature74CCS-LB
AutoOlivia Newton-John1974 Celebrity Cut Signature74CCS-ON
AutoRay Liotta1974 Celebrity Cut Signature74CCS-RL
AutoRichard Nixon1974 Celebrity Cut Signature74CCS-RN
Philadelphia Phillies
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseAaron NolaBase300
BaseAlec BohmBase328
BaseBailey FalterBase314RC
BaseBryce HarperBase17
BaseBryson StottBase243
BaseDalton GuthrieBase305RC
BaseDarick HallBase140RC
BaseJ.T. RealmutoBase117
BaseKyle SchwarberBase174
BaseKyle SchwarberBase202LL
BaseMatt StrahmBase373
BaseNick CastellanosBase134
BaseRanger SuárezBase219
BaseZack WheelerBase303
InsertAaron NolaBase BW Image Variation300
InsertAlec BohmBase BW Image Variation328
InsertBailey FalterBase BW Image Variation314RC
InsertBryce HarperBase BW Image Variation17
InsertBryce HarperBase Chrome Variation17
InsertBryce HarperBase Mini Variation17
InsertBryce HarperBase Error Short Print Variation17
InsertBryce HarperBase Name Position Swap Variation17
InsertBryce HarperBase Image Variation17
InsertBryce HarperBase Nickname Variation17
InsertBryce HarperHigh Numbered Short Print435Playoff Highlights
InsertBryce HarperHigh Numbered Short Print474WS Highlights
InsertBryce Harper1974 Topps Baseball Stamps74BS-31
InsertBryce Harper1974 Topps Puzzle Boxloader74PB-6
InsertBryce Harper1974 Topps Deckle Edge Baseball BoxloaderDB-6
InsertBryce Harper1974 Oversized Topps Baseball BoxloaderOB-BH
InsertBryson StottBase BW Image Variation243
InsertBubby RossmanHigh Numbered Short Print496Topps RC Stars
InsertDalton GuthrieBase BW Image Variation305RC
InsertDarick HallBase BW Image Variation140RC
InsertDonny SandsHigh Numbered Short Print465RC
InsertEdmundo SosaHigh Numbered Short Print486
InsertJ.T. RealmutoBase BW Image Variation117
InsertJT RealmutoHigh Numbered Short Print472WS Highlights
InsertKyle SchwarberBase BW Image Variation174
InsertKyle SchwarberBase Chrome Variation174
InsertKyle SchwarberBase Mini Variation174
InsertKyle SchwarberLeague Leaders BW Image Variation202
InsertKyle SchwarberThen And NowTAN-1
InsertMark AppelHigh Numbered Short Print496Topps RC Stars
InsertMatt StrahmBase BW Image Variation373
InsertMichael PlassmeyerHigh Numbered Short Print496Topps RC Stars
InsertMike Schmidt1974 Topps Baseball Stamps74BS-29
InsertMike Schmidt1974 Topps Puzzle Boxloader74PB-20
InsertMike SchmidtBaseball FlashbacksBF-3
InsertMike Schmidt1974 Oversized Topps Baseball BoxloaderOB-MS
InsertMike SchmidtThen And NowTAN-1
InsertNick CastellanosBase BW Image Variation134
InsertNick DuronHigh Numbered Short Print496Topps RC Stars
InsertRanger SuárezBase BW Image Variation219
InsertRhys HoskinsHigh Numbered Short Print409
InsertRhys HoskinsBase Chrome Variation409
InsertRhys HoskinsBase Mini Variation409
InsertRhys HoskinsHigh Numbered Short Print436Playoff Highlights
InsertRhys Hoskins1974 Topps Baseball Stamps74BS-32
InsertSteve Carlton1974 Topps Baseball Stamps74BS-30
InsertSteve Carlton1974 Oversized Topps Baseball BoxloaderOB-SC
InsertSteve CarltonThen And NowTAN-13
InsertTaijuan WalkerHigh Numbered Short Print471
InsertZack WheelerBase BW Image Variation303
RelicAaron NolaClubhouse Collection RelicCCR-AN
RelicBryce HarperClubhouse Collection Dual RelicCCDR-SHR
RelicBryce HarperClubhouse Collection RelicCCR-BH
RelicBryce HarperClubhouse Collection Triple RelicCCTR-THJ
RelicJ.T. RealmutoClubhouse Collection RelicCCR-JRO
RelicKyle SchwarberClubhouse Collection RelicCCR-KS
RelicMike SchmidtClubhouse Collection Dual RelicCCDR-SHR
RelicNick CastellanosClubhouse Collection RelicCCR-NCS
RelicZack WheelerClubhouse Collection RelicCCR-ZW
AutoBryce HarperReal One Triple AutographROTA-THJ
AutoDave CashReal One AutographROA-DC
AutoJ.T. RealmutoReal One AutographROA-JRO
AutoKyle SchwarberReal One AutographROA-KS
AutoMike SchmidtReal One Autograph74RO-MS
AutoSteve CarltonReal One Autograph74RO-SC
AutoSteve Carlton1974 Oversized Topps Baseball Boxloader AutographOB-SC
Pittsburgh Pirates
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseBryan ReynoldsBase49
BaseCal MitchellBase66RC
BaseCanaan Smith-NjigbaBase312RC
BaseCarlos SantanaBase400
BaseConnor JoeBase39
BaseJack SuwinskiBase138RC
BaseJi Hwan BaeBase179RC
BaseJi-Man ChoiBase395
BaseKe'Bryan HayesBase372
BaseLiover PegueroBase363RC
BaseLuis OrtizBase344RC
BaseMIchael ChavisBase43
BaseMiguel AndújarBase91
BaseMitch KellerBase220
BaseOneil CruzBase252
BaseRich HillBase374
BaseRoansy ContrerasBase244
InsertBligh MadrisHigh Numbered Short Print497Topps RC Stars
InsertBryan ReynoldsBase BW Image Variation49
InsertCal MitchellBase BW Image Variation66RC
InsertCal MitchellBase Mini Variation66
InsertCam VieauxHigh Numbered Short Print498Topps RC Stars
InsertCanaan Smith-NjigbaBase BW Image Variation312RC
InsertCarlos SantanaBase BW Image Variation400
InsertConnor JoeBase BW Image Variation39
InsertDave Parker1974 Topps Baseball Stamps74BS-33
InsertJack SuwinskiBase BW Image Variation138RC
InsertJason DelayHigh Numbered Short Print500Topps RC Stars
InsertJi Hwan BaeBase BW Image Variation179RC
InsertJi Hwan BaeBase Mini Variation179
InsertJi-Man ChoiBase BW Image Variation251
InsertJT BrubakerHigh Numbered Short Print454
InsertKe'Bryan HayesBase BW Image Variation372
InsertKe'Bryan HayesBase Chrome Variation372
InsertKe'Bryan HayesBase Mini Variation372
InsertKe'Bryan Hayes1974 Topps Baseball Stamps74BS-35
InsertLiover PegueroBase BW Image Variation363RC
InsertLiover PegueroBase Chrome Variation363RC
InsertLiover PegueroBase Mini Variation363
InsertLuis OrtizBase BW Image Variation344RC
InsertMIchael ChavisBase BW Image Variation43
InsertMiguel AndújarBase BW Image Variation91
InsertMitch KellerBase BW Image Variation220
InsertOneil CruzBase BW Image Variation252
InsertOneil CruzBase Chrome Variation252
InsertOneil CruzBase Mini Variation252
InsertOneil Cruz1974 Topps Baseball Stamps74BS-36
InsertRich HillBase BW Image Variation374
InsertRoansy ContrerasBase BW Image Variation244
InsertRodolfo CastroHigh Numbered Short Print453
InsertWillie Stargell1974 Topps Baseball Stamps74BS-34
InsertWillie Stargell1974 Topps Puzzle Boxloader74PB-17
RelicKe'Bryan HayesClubhouse Collection Dual RelicCCDR-SH
RelicWillie Stargell1974 Mint Relic74MR-WS
RelicWillie Stargell1974 US Postal Stamp Relic74PS-WS
RelicWillie Stargell1974 Topps Baseball Stamp Relic74SR-WS
RelicWillie StargellClubhouse Collection Dual RelicCCDR-SH
AutoAl OliverReal One Autograph74RO-AO
AutoCal MitchellReal One AutographROA-CMLRC
AutoDave ParkerReal One Autograph74RO-DP
AutoLiover PegueroReal One AutographROA-LPRC
AutoLuis OrtizReal One AutographROA-LORRC
San Diego Padres
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseAdrian MorejonBase163
BaseBlake SnellBase342
BaseEguy RosarioBase61RC
BaseFernando Tatis Jr.Base24
BaseHa-Seong KimBase346
BaseJake CronenworthBase246
BaseJoe MusgroveBase173
BaseJuan SotoBase364
BaseJurickson ProfarBase103
BaseLuis LiberatoBase168RC
BaseManny MachadoBase250
BaseManny MachadoBase334AS
BaseMatthew BattenBase154RC
BaseNelson CruzBase76
BaseTrent GrishamBase137
BaseYu DarvishBase245
InsertAdrian MorejonBase BW Image Variation163
InsertBlake SnellBase BW Image Variation342
InsertBlake Snell1974 Topps Baseball Stamps74BS-28
InsertEguy RosarioBase BW Image Variation61RC
InsertFernando Tatis Jr.Base BW Image Variation24
InsertFernando Tatis Jr.Base Chrome Variation24
InsertFernando Tatis Jr.Base Mini Variation24
InsertFernando Tatis Jr.1974 Topps Deckle Edge Baseball BoxloaderDB-12
InsertFernando Tatis Jr.1974 Oversized Topps Baseball BoxloaderOB-FT
InsertHa-Seong KimBase BW Image Variation346
InsertJake CronenworthBase BW Image Variation246
InsertJoe MusgroveBase BW Image Variation173
InsertJoe MusgroveBase Chrome Variation173
InsertJoe MusgroveBase Mini Variation173
InsertJoe Musgrove1974 Topps Baseball Stamps74BS-27
InsertJuan SotoBase BW Image Variation364
InsertJuan SotoBase Chrome Variation364
InsertJuan SotoBase Mini Variation364
InsertJuan SotoBase Error Short Print Variation364
InsertJuan SotoBase Name Position Swap Variation364
InsertJuan SotoBase Image Variation364
InsertJuan SotoBase Nickname Variation364
InsertJuan SotoHigh Numbered Short Print440Playoff Highlights
InsertJuan Soto1974 Topps Baseball Stamps74BS-25
InsertJuan Soto1974 Topps Puzzle Boxloader74PB-2
InsertJuan Soto1974 Topps Deckle Edge Baseball BoxloaderDB-11
InsertJuan Soto1974 Oversized Topps Baseball BoxloaderOB-JS
InsertJuan SotoThen And NowTAN-5
InsertJurickson ProfarBase BW Image Variation103
InsertLuis LiberatoBase BW Image Variation168RC
InsertManny MachadoBase BW Image Variation250
InsertManny MachadoBase Chrome Variation250
InsertManny MachadoBase Mini Variation250
InsertManny MachadoAll Stars BW Image Variation334
InsertManny Machado1974 Topps Baseball Stamps74BS-26
InsertMatthew BattenBase BW Image Variation154RC
InsertMatthew BattenBase Mini Variation154
InsertNelson CruzBase BW Image Variation76
InsertSean ManaeaHigh Numbered Short Print455
InsertTrent GrishamBase BW Image Variation137
InsertYu DarvishBase BW Image Variation245
RelicBlake SnellClubhouse Collection RelicCCR-BS
RelicBlake SnellClubhouse Collection Triple RelicCCTR-MSD
RelicDave Winfield1974 Mint Relic74MR-DW
RelicDave WinfieldClubhouse Collection Quad RelicCCQR-MWTS
RelicFernando Tatis Jr.Clubhouse Collection Quad RelicCCQR-MWTS
RelicFernando Tatis Jr.Clubhouse Collection RelicCCR-FT
RelicFernando Tatis Jr.Clubhouse Collection Triple RelicCCTR-TMS
RelicJoe MusgroveClubhouse Collection Triple RelicCCTR-MSD
RelicJuan Soto1974 Mint Relic74MR-JS
RelicJuan Soto1974 US Postal Stamp Relic74PS-JS
RelicJuan SotoClubhouse Collection Dual RelicCCDR-MS
RelicJuan SotoClubhouse Collection Quad RelicCCQR-MWTS
RelicJuan SotoClubhouse Collection RelicCCR-JS
RelicJuan SotoClubhouse Collection Triple RelicCCTR-TMS
RelicManny MachadoClubhouse Collection Dual RelicCCDR-MS
RelicManny MachadoClubhouse Collection RelicCCR-MM
RelicManny MachadoClubhouse Collection Triple RelicCCTR-TMS
RelicWillie McCovey1974 Mint Relic74MR-WMY
RelicWillie McCovey1974 US Postal Stamp Relic74PS-WMY
RelicWillie McCovey1974 Topps Baseball Stamp Relic74SR-WM
RelicWillie McCoveyClubhouse Collection Quad RelicCCQR-MWTS
RelicYu DarvishClubhouse Collection Triple RelicCCTR-MSD
AutoBlake SnellReal One AutographROA-BS
AutoDave WinfieldFlashbacks Autograph RelicFAR-DW
AutoEguy RosarioReal One AutographROA-ERORC
AutoJoe MusgroveReal One AutographROA-JM
AutoJuan SotoReal One Dual AutographRODA-AS
AutoJuan SotoReal One Triple AutographROTA-AGS
AutoWillie McCovey1974 Cut Signature74CS-WM
San Francisco Giants
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseBryce JohnsonBase353RC
BaseCole WaitesBase258RC
BaseDavid VillarBase129RC
BaseJakob JunisBase268
BaseJoc PedersonBase337AS
BaseJoc PedersonBase348
BaseJoey BartBase118
BaseLaMonte WadeBase222
BaseLogan WebbBase387
BaseMike YastrzemskiBase287
BaseThairo EstradaBase288
BaseWilmer FloresBase87
InsertBrandon CrawfordHigh Numbered Short Print419
InsertBrandon CrawfordBase Chrome Variation419
InsertBrandon CrawfordBase Mini Variation419
InsertBryce JohnsonBase BW Image Variation353RC
InsertCole WaitesBase BW Image Variation258RC
InsertDavid VillarBase BW Image Variation129RC
InsertJakob JunisBase BW Image Variation268
InsertJoc PedersonAll Stars BW Image Variation337
InsertJoc PedersonBase BW Image Variation348
InsertJoey BartBase BW Image Variation118
InsertLaMonte WadeBase BW Image Variation222
InsertLogan WebbBase BW Image Variation387
InsertMike YastrzemskiBase BW Image Variation287
InsertThairo EstradaBase BW Image Variation288
InsertWilmer FloresBase BW Image Variation87
InsertWilmer FloresBase Mini Variation87
RelicBrandon CrawfordClubhouse Collection RelicCCR-BC
RelicMike YastrzemskiClubhouse Collection RelicCCR-MY
Seattle Mariners
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseCal RaleighBase350
BaseEaston McGeeBase178RC
BaseEugenio SuárezBase196
BaseGeorge KirbyBase119
BaseJ.P. CrawfordBase286
BaseJulio RodríguezBase18
BaseKolten WongBase100
BaseLogan GilbertBase247
BaseMarco GonzalesBase144
BaseMarcus WilsonBase79RC
BaseMatt BrashBase26
BaseRobbie RayBase58
BaseTeoscar HernándezBase272
BaseTy FranceBase273
InsertCal RaleighBase BW Image Variation350
InsertEaston McGeeBase BW Image Variation178RC
InsertEugenio SuárezBase BW Image Variation196
InsertGeorge KirbyBase BW Image Variation119
InsertGeorge KirbyNew Age PerformersNA-1
InsertJ.P. CrawfordBase BW Image Variation286
InsertJack LarsenHigh Numbered Short Print497Topps RC Stars
InsertJP CrawfordHigh Numbered Short Print438Playoff Highlights
InsertJulio RodríguezBase BW Image Variation18
InsertJulio RodríguezBase Chrome Variation18
InsertJulio RodríguezBase Mini Variation18
InsertJulio RodríguezBase Error Short Print Variation18
InsertJulio RodríguezBase Name Position Swap Variation18
InsertJulio RodríguezBase Throwback Uniform Variation18
InsertJulio RodríguezBase Image Variation18
InsertJulio RodríguezBase Nickname Variation18
InsertJulio Rodríguez1974 Topps Puzzle Boxloader74PB-4
InsertJulio RodríguezNew Age PerformersNA-5
InsertJulio Rodríguez1974 Oversized Topps Baseball BoxloaderOB-JR
InsertKolten WongBase BW Image Variation100
InsertLogan GilbertBase BW Image Variation247
InsertMarco GonzalesBase BW Image Variation144
InsertMarcus WilsonBase BW Image Variation79RC
InsertMatt BrashBase BW Image Variation26
InsertPaul SewaldHigh Numbered Short Print430
InsertRobbie RayBase BW Image Variation58
InsertTeoscar HernándezBase BW Image Variation272
InsertTy FranceBase BW Image Variation273
RelicJesse WinkerClubhouse Collection RelicCCR-JWR
RelicJulio Rodríguez1974 Mint Relic74MR-JR
RelicJulio Rodríguez1974 US Postal Stamp Relic74PS-JR
RelicJulio RodríguezClubhouse Collection RelicCCR-JRZ
AutoJulio RodríguezClubhouse Collection Autograph RelicCCAR-JR
AutoJulio Rodríguez1974 Oversized Topps Baseball Boxloader AutographOB-JR
AutoJulio RodríguezReal One AutographROA-JRZ
St Louis Cardinals
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseAdam WainwrightBase175
BaseAlec BurlesonBase171RC
BaseBrendan DonovanBase293
BaseIván HerreraBase260RC
BaseJordan MontgomeryBase249
BaseLars NootbaarBase35
BaseMatthew LiberatoreBase365RC
BaseMiles MikolasBase393
BaseNolan GormanBase19RC
BasePaul GoldschmidtBase307
BasePaul GoldschmidtBase332AS
BaseRyan HelsleyBase73
BaseTommy EdmanBase132
BaseTyler O'NeillBase44
BaseZack ThompsonBase313RC
InsertAdam WainwrightBase BW Image Variation175
InsertAdam WainwrightBase Mini Variation175
InsertAlec BurlesonBase BW Image Variation171RC
InsertAlec BurlesonBase Chrome Variation171RC
InsertAlec BurlesonBase Mini Variation171
InsertBob GibsonBaseball FlashbacksBF-6
InsertBrendan DonovanBase BW Image Variation293
InsertIván HerreraBase BW Image Variation260RC
InsertIván HerreraBase Chrome Variation260RC
InsertIván HerreraBase Mini Variation260
InsertJordan MontgomeryBase BW Image Variation249
InsertJordan WalkerRookie Short Print Variation35RC
InsertLars NootbaarBase BW Image Variation35
InsertLou BrockThen And NowTAN-4
InsertMatthew LiberatoreBase BW Image Variation365RC
InsertMatthew LiberatoreBase Chrome Variation365RC
InsertMatthew LiberatoreBase Mini Variation365
InsertMiles MikolasBase BW Image Variation393
InsertNolan Arenado1974 Topps Baseball Stamps74BS-46
InsertNolan GormanBase BW Image Variation19RC
InsertNolan GormanBase Chrome Variation19RC
InsertNolan GormanBase Mini Variation19
InsertNolan GormanBase Error Short Print Variation19RC
InsertNolan GormanBase Name Position Swap Variation19RC
InsertNolan GormanBase Image Variation19RC
InsertNolan Gorman1974 Topps Baseball Stamps74BS-47RC
InsertNolan GormanNew Age PerformersNA-2RC
InsertNolan Gorman1974 Oversized Topps Baseball BoxloaderOB-NGRC
InsertPaul DeJongHigh Numbered Short Print418
InsertPaul GoldschmidtBase BW Image Variation307
InsertPaul GoldschmidtBase Chrome Variation307
InsertPaul GoldschmidtBase Mini Variation307
InsertPaul GoldschmidtBase Name Position Swap Variation307
InsertPaul GoldschmidtBase Image Variation307
InsertPaul GoldschmidtAll Stars BW Image Variation332
InsertPaul Goldschmidt1974 Topps Baseball Stamps74BS-45
InsertPaul Goldschmidt1974 Topps Deckle Edge Baseball BoxloaderDB-16
InsertPaul Goldschmidt1974 Oversized Topps Baseball BoxloaderOB-PG
InsertRyan HelsleyBase BW Image Variation73
InsertTommy EdmanBase BW Image Variation132
InsertTommy Edman1974 Topps Baseball Stamps74BS-48
InsertTyler O'NeillBase BW Image Variation44
InsertZack ThompsonBase BW Image Variation313RC
RelicBob Gibson1974 Mint Relic74MR-BG
RelicBob Gibson1974 Topps Baseball Stamp Relic74SR-BG
RelicJoe Torre1974 Topps Baseball Stamp Relic74SR-JT
RelicLou Brock1974 Mint Relic74MR-LB
RelicLou Brock1974 Topps Baseball Stamp Relic74SR-LB
RelicLou BrockClubhouse Collection Triple RelicCCTR-BGA
RelicNolan ArenadoClubhouse Collection Triple RelicCCTR-BGA
RelicPaul Goldschmidt1974 Mint Relic74MR-PG
RelicPaul Goldschmidt1974 US Postal Stamp Relic74PS-PG
RelicPaul GoldschmidtClubhouse Collection RelicCCR-PG
RelicPaul GoldschmidtClubhouse Collection Triple RelicCCTR-BGA
AutoBob Gibson1974 Cut Signature74CS-BG
AutoMatthew LiberatoreReal One AutographROA-MLERC
AutoNolan GormanReal One AutographROA-NGRC
AutoPaul GoldschmidtClubhouse Collection Autograph RelicCCAR-PG
AutoPaul Goldschmidt1974 Topps Deckle Edge Baseball Boxloader AutographDB-16
AutoPaul GoldschmidtReal One AutographROA-PG
AutoTed SimmonsFlashbacks Autograph RelicFAR-TS
AutoTed SimmonsReal One AutographROA-TSS
Tampa Bay Rays
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseBrandon LoweBase253
BaseDavid PeraltaBase297
BaseLuis PatiñoBase184
BaseRandy ArozarenaBase375
BaseShane McClanahanBase339AS
BaseWander FrancoBase21
BaseYandy DíazBase125
InsertBrandon LoweBase BW Image Variation253
InsertCooper CriswellHigh Numbered Short Print491Topps RC Stars
InsertDavid PeraltaBase BW Image Variation297
InsertIsaac ParedesHigh Numbered Short Print458
InsertJeffrey SpringsHigh Numbered Short Print459
InsertJosh LoweHigh Numbered Short Print464
InsertKevin HergetHigh Numbered Short Print495Topps RC Stars
InsertLuis PatiñoBase BW Image Variation184
InsertRandy ArozarenaBase BW Image Variation375
InsertRandy ArozarenaBase Mini Variation375
InsertShane McClanahanAll Stars BW Image Variation339
InsertWander FrancoBase BW Image Variation21
InsertWander FrancoBase Chrome Variation21
InsertWander FrancoBase Mini Variation21
InsertWander FrancoNew Age PerformersNA-23
InsertYandy DíazBase BW Image Variation125
RelicWander Franco1974 Mint Relic74MR-WF
RelicWander FrancoClubhouse Collection RelicCCR-WF
Texas Rangers
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseAdolis GarcíaBase50
BaseBubba ThompsonBase157RC
BaseCorey SeagerBase22
BaseElier HernándezBase78RC
BaseEzequiel DuranBase31RC
BaseGlenn OttoBase210
BaseJonah HeimBase326
BaseJosh SmithBase384RC
BaseKohei AriharaBase254
BaseKole CalhounBase213
BaseLeody TaverasBase323
BaseMarcus SemienBase88
BaseMartín PérezBase298
BaseNathaniel LoweBase104
BaseYerry RodríguezBase320RC
InsertAdolis GarcíaBase BW Image Variation50
InsertBubba ThompsonBase BW Image Variation157RC
InsertCorey SeagerBase BW Image Variation22
InsertCorey SeagerBase Chrome Variation22
InsertCorey SeagerBase Mini Variation22
InsertCorey SeagerBase Throwback Uniform Variation22
InsertDane DunningHigh Numbered Short Print413
InsertEiler HernandezBase BW Image Variation78RC
InsertEzequiel DuranBase BW Image Variation31RC
InsertEzequiel DuranBase Chrome Variation31RC
InsertEzequiel DuranBase Mini Variation31
InsertGlenn OttoBase BW Image Variation210
InsertJeff BurroughsThen And NowTAN-12
InsertJonah HeimBase BW Image Variation326
InsertJosh JungNew Age PerformersNA-17RC
InsertJosh SmithBase BW Image Variation384RC
InsertJosh SmithBase Chrome Variation384RC
InsertJosh SmithBase Mini Variation384
InsertKohei AriharaBase BW Image Variation254
InsertKole CalhounBase BW Image Variation213
InsertLeody TaveresBase BW Image Variation323
InsertMarcus SemienBase BW Image Variation88
InsertMarcus SemienBase Mini Variation88
InsertMartín PérezBase BW Image Variation298
InsertNathaniel LoweBase BW Image Variation104
InsertYerry RodríguezBase BW Image Variation320RC
InsertYerry RodríguezBase Mini Variation320
RelicCorey Seager1974 Mint Relic74MR-CS
AutoCorey SeagerReal One AutographROA-CSR
AutoEzequiel DuranReal One AutographROA-EDRC
AutoJeff BurroughsReal One Autograph74RO-JBH
AutoJeff BurroughsReal One Dual AutographRODA-BG
AutoJosh JungReal One AutographROA-JJRC
Toronto Blue Jays
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseAdam CimberBase161
BaseAlejandro KirkBase47
BaseAlejandro KirkBase331AS
BaseAlek ManoahBase121
BaseBo BichetteBase360
BaseCavan BiggioBase349
BaseChris BassittBase106
BaseDanny JansenBase296
BaseDaulton VarshoBase224
BaseGeorge SpringerBase90
BaseHyun-Jin RyuBase105
BaseJosé BerríosBase60
BaseKevin GausmanBase255
BaseMatt ChapmanBase378
BaseSantiago EspinalBase284
BaseVladimir Guerrero Jr.Base332AS
BaseYusei KikuchiBase86
InsertAdam CimberBase BW Image Variation161
InsertAlejandro KirkBase BW Image Variation47
InsertAlejandro KirkAll Stars BW Image Variation331
InsertAlek ManoahBase BW Image Variation121
InsertBo BichetteBase BW Image Variation360
InsertBo BichetteBase Mini Variation360
InsertBo Bichette1974 Topps Baseball Stamps74BS-22
InsertCavan BiggioBase BW Image Variation349
InsertChris BassittBase BW Image Variation106
InsertDanny JansenBase BW Image Variation296
InsertDaulton VarshoBase BW Image Variation224
InsertGabriel MorenoBase Chrome Variation355RC
InsertGabriel MorenoBase Mini Variation355
InsertGabriel Moreno1974 Oversized Topps Baseball BoxloaderOB-GMRC
InsertGeorge SpringerBase BW Image Variation90
InsertGeorge SpringerBase Mini Variation90
InsertHyun-Jin RyuBase BW Image Variation105
InsertHyun-Jin Ryu1974 Topps Baseball Stamps74BS-23
InsertJosé BerríosBase BW Image Variation60
InsertJosé Berríos1974 Topps Baseball Stamps74BS-24
InsertKevin GausmanBase BW Image Variation255
InsertMatt ChapmanBase BW Image Variation378
InsertMatt ChapmanBase Chrome Variation378
InsertMatt ChapmanBase Mini Variation378
InsertSantiago EspinalBase BW Image Variation284
InsertVladimir Guerrero Jr.All Stars BW Image Variation332
InsertVladimir Guerrero Jr.High Numbered Short Print460
InsertVladimir Guerrero Jr.Base Chrome Variation460
InsertVladimir Guerrero Jr.Base Mini Variation460
InsertVladimir Guerrero Jr.Base Name Position Swap Variation460
InsertVladimir Guerrero Jr.Base Image Variation460
InsertVladimir Guerrero Jr.Base Nickname Variation460
InsertVladimir Guerrero Jr.1974 Topps Baseball Stamps74BS-21
InsertVladimir Guerrero Jr.1974 Topps Puzzle Boxloader74PB-8
InsertVladimir Guerrero Jr.1974 Topps Deckle Edge Baseball BoxloaderDB-1
InsertVladimir Guerrero Jr.1974 Oversized Topps Baseball BoxloaderOB-VGJ
InsertYusei KikuchiBase BW Image Variation86
RelicAlek ManoahClubhouse Collection RelicCCR-AMH
RelicBo BichetteClubhouse Collection RelicCCR-BB
RelicBo BichetteClubhouse Collection Triple RelicCCTR-GBC
RelicGeorge SpringerClubhouse Collection RelicCCR-GS
RelicMatt ChapmanClubhouse Collection Triple RelicCCTR-GBC
RelicTeoscar HernándezClubhouse Collection RelicCCR-TH
RelicVladimir Guerrero Jr.1974 Mint Relic74MR-VGJ
RelicVladimir Guerrero Jr.1974 US Postal Stamp Relic74PS-VG
RelicVladimir Guerrero Jr.Clubhouse Collection RelicCCR-VG
RelicVladimir Guerrero Jr.Clubhouse Collection Triple RelicCCTR-GBC
AutoGabriel Moreno1974 Oversized Topps Baseball Boxloader AutographOB-GMRC
AutoGabriel MorenoReal One AutographROA-GMRC
AutoGeorge SpringerClubhouse Collection Dual Autograph RelicCDAR-GS
AutoJosé BerríosReal One AutographROA-JB
AutoMatt ChapmanReal One AutographROA-MCN
AutoVladimir Guerrero Jr.Clubhouse Collection Autograph RelicCCAR-VG
AutoVladimir Guerrero Jr.Clubhouse Collection Dual Autograph RelicCDAR-GS
AutoVladimir Guerrero Jr.1974 Topps Deckle Edge Baseball Boxloader AutographDB-1
AutoVladimir Guerrero Jr.Real One AutographROA-VG
AutoVladimir Guerrero Jr.Real One Triple AutographROTA-AGS
Washington Nationals
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseAlex CallBase354RC
BaseCade CavalliBase188RC
BaseCésar HernándezBase45
BaseCJ AbramsBase197
BaseDominic SmithBase42
BaseIsrael PinedaBase259RC
BaseJeimer CandelarioBase391
BaseJeter DownsBase84RC
BaseJoey MenesesBase182RC
BaseJosiah GrayBase376
BaseLane ThomasBase69
BaseLuke VoitBase256
BaseMacKenzie GoreBase23
BasePatrick CorbinBase386
InsertAlex CallBase BW Image Variation354RC
InsertCade CavalliBase BW Image Variation188RC
InsertCade CavalliBase Chrome Variation188RC
InsertCade CavalliBase Mini Variation188
InsertCade CavalliBase Name Position Swap Variation188RC
InsertCésar HernándezBase BW Image Variation45
InsertCJ AbramsBase BW Image Variation197
InsertDominic SmithBase BW Image Variation42
InsertIsrael PinedaBase BW Image Variation259RC
InsertJeimer CandelarioBase BW Image Variation213
InsertJoey MenesesBase BW Image Variation182RC
InsertJosiah GrayBase BW Image Variation376
InsertJosiah GrayBase Mini Variation376
InsertLane ThomasBase BW Image Variation69
InsertLuke VoitBase BW Image Variation256
InsertMacKenzie GoreBase BW Image Variation23
InsertMacKenzie GoreBase Chrome Variation23
InsertMacKenzie GoreBase Mini Variation23
InsertPatrick CorbinBase BW Image Variation386