2023 Topps Star Wars Signature Series Checklist

2023 Topps Star Wars Signature Series

Release Date: March 31, 2023

The Topps Star Wars Signature Series returns in 2023 with a premier product for the autograph-oriented collector!

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2023 Topps Star Wars Signature Series

Each Star Wars Signature Series box contains 1 slabbed autograph from a large list of signers. Be on the lookout for autograph design variations, and new for this year, the Light Side/Dark Side Quad Autograph cards!

Autograph cards featuring some of the most in-demand actors from across the Star Wars saga.

2023 Topps Star Wars Signature SeriesRed Parallel Autograph, Darth Vader

Autograph Parallels Include:

  • Blue: #’d to 50
  • Green: #’d to 25
  • Orange: #’d to 10
  • Black: #’d to 5
  • Red: #’d 1-of-1


  • Red: #’d 1-of-1

TRIPLE AUTOGRAPHS2023 Topps Star Wars Signature Series Box - Dual Autograph

  • Red: #’d 1-of-1


  • Highlighting some of the most legendary Star Wars Each side will have a unique pairing of Light Side/Dark Side of the Force characters. These extremely rare cards are all #’d 1 of 1.

2023 Topps Star Wars Signature Series Box - Quad autograph Back 2023 Topps Star Wars Signature Series Box - Quad autograph Front

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134 card set.
Parallels - Blue #/50, Green #/25, Orange #/10, Black #/5, Red 1/1.

A-ABAhmed Best as Jar Jar BinksOther
A-ABAAndrea Bartlow as Twi'lek ServerOther
A-ACAidan Cook as Strono Cookie TuggsOther
A-ADAdam Driver as Kylo RenOther
A-AEAlden Ehrenreich as Han SoloOther
A-AECAshley Eckstein as Ahsoka TanoOther
A-AGAllan Graf as BartenderOther
A-AHAlfred Hsing as Pyke TravelerOther
A-AKAndrew Kishino as IzumaOther
A-APAlistair Petrie as General DravenOther
A-APEAngelique Perrin as Adi GalliaOther
A-ASAndy Serkis as Supreme Leader SnokeOther
A-ASEAmy Sedaris as Peli MottoOther
A-ATAlan Tudyk as K-2SOOther
A-AWAlexander Wraith as Imperial Freighter PilotOther
A-BBBernard Bullen as Father of the MandalorianOther
A-BDBen Diskin as AZI-3Other
A-BHBrian Herring as BB-8Other
A-BLBillie Lourd as Kaydel Ko ConnixOther
A-BLOBarry Lowin as GarfalaquoxOther
A-BMBen Mendelsohn as Director KrennicOther
A-BPBonnie Piesse as Beru LarsOther
A-CBChris Bartlett as ZeroOther
A-CBLCaroline Blakiston as Mon MothmaOther
A-CCCrystal Clarke as Pammich Nerro GoodeOther
A-CEChris Edgerly as Eeth KothOther
A-CHClint Howard as RalakiliOther
A-CJCarey Jones as KrrsantanOther
A-CLCharlotte Louise as MargoOther
A-CPChris Parsons as 4-LOMOther
A-CSChristopher Sean as Kazuda XionoOther
A-CWCarl Weathers as Greef KargaOther
A-CWICorey Dee Williams as KlaatuOther
A-DADavid Acord as Edrio Two TubesOther
A-DBIDmitrious Bistrevsky as Quarren TrawlerOther
A-DCDave Chapman as BB-8Other
A-DGDomhnall Gleeson as General HuxOther
A-DKDorian Kingi as Cad BaneOther
A-DLUDiego Luna as Cassian AndorOther
A-DMDominic Monaghan as Beaumont KinOther
A-DPDavid Pasquesi as Twi'lek MajordomoOther
A-DYDonnie Yen as Chirrut ÎmweOther
A-ECEmilia Clarke as Qi'raOther
A-EKErin Kellyman as Enfys NestOther
A-EMEwan McGregor as Obi-Wan KenobiOther
A-FJFelicity Jones as Jyn ErsoOther
A-FPFreddie Prinze Jr. as Kanan JarrusOther
A-GEGiancarlo Esposito as Moff GideonOther
A-GHGuy Henry as Grand Moff TarkinOther
A-GTGina Torres as Ketsu OnyoOther
A-GTAGeorge Takei as Lok DurdOther
A-HCOHermione Corfield as Tallie LintraOther
A-HDHarrison Davis as Pommet WarrickOther
A-HFHarrison Ford as Han SoloOther
A-HQHugh Quarshie as Captain PanakaOther
A-JAJosef Altin as Seftin VanikOther
A-JBJohn Boyega as FinnOther
A-JBEJoanna Bennett as Tusken WarriorOther
A-JCJim Cummings as Hondo OhnakaOther
A-JDJulie Dolan as Princess Leia OrganaOther
A-JGJulian Glover as General VeersOther
A-JKJaime King as Aurra SingOther
A-JLJohn Leguizamo as Gor KoreshOther
A-JRJohn Rosengrant as Mayor Mok ShaizOther
A-JSJason Spisak as Lux BonteriOther
A-JWJaden Waldman as T0-B1Other
A-KBKenny Baker as R2-D2Other
A-KFKaren Fukuhara as FOther
A-KGKathleen Gati as Old DakaOther
A-KKKaty Kartwheel as Rio DurantOther
A-KOKaty O'Brian as Imperial Comms OfficerOther
A-KSKiran Shah as Nambi GhimaOther
A-KTKelly Marie Tran as Rose TicoOther
A-LCLily Cole as LoveyOther
A-LDLaura Dern as Vice Admiral HoldoOther
A-LMLars Mikkelsen as Grand Admiral ThrawnOther
A-LNLupita Nyong'o as Maz KanataOther
A-LTLee Towersey as R2-D2Other
A-LWLeeanna Walsman as Zam WesellOther
A-MBMatt Berry as 8D8Other
A-MBOMichonne Bourriague as Aurra SingOther
A-MCMichaela Cottrell as Even PiellOther
A-MCUMichael Culver as Captain NeedaOther
A-MEMike Edmonds as LograyOther
A-MLMatt Lanter as Anakin SkywalkerOther
A-MMMads Mikkelsen as Galen ErsoOther
A-MMCMary Elizabeth McGlynn as Governor Arihnda PryceOther
A-MQMike Quinn as Nien NunbOther
A-MVMercedes Varnado as Koska ReevesOther
A-MWMing-Na Wen as Fennec ShandOther
A-MWOMatthew Wood as General GrievousOther
A-NANaomi Ackie as JannahOther
A-NFNika Futterman as Asajj VentressOther
A-NNNick Nolte as KuiilOther
A-NPNatalie Portman as Padmé AmidalaOther
A-OAOmid Abtahi as Dr. PershingOther
A-ODOlivia d'Abo as Luminara UnduliOther
A-ODAOliver Ford Davies as Governor Sio BibbleOther
A-PAPhilip Alexander as Imperial Security OfficerOther
A-PANPhilip Anthony-Rodriguez as Fifth BrotherOther
A-PDPaul Darnell as Night Wind AssassinOther
A-PKPaul Kasey as C'ai ThrenalliOther
A-PLEPaul Sun-Hyung Lee as Carson TevaOther
A-PREPaul Reubens as RX-24Other
A-PWPaul Warren as Hassk TripletOther
A-RARiz Ahmed as Bodhi RookOther
A-RBRalph Brown as Ric OliéOther
A-RBRRichard Brake as Valin HessOther
A-RDRosario Dawson as Ahsoka TanoOther
A-RDORobin Atkin Downes as Cham SyndullaOther
A-RGRichard E. Grant as Allegiant General PrydeOther
A-RORena Owen as Taun WeOther
A-RPRay Park as Darth MaulOther
A-RPERon Perlman as Gha NachktOther
A-RWRyan Watson as Beta TrawlerOther
A-SBSteve Blum as Zeb OrreliosOther
A-SBISkyler Bible as FixerOther
A-SCScott Capurro as BeedOther
A-SGESarah Michelle Gellar as Seventh SisterOther
A-SKSimon Kassianides as Axe WovesOther
A-SLScott Lawrence as Jarek YeagerOther
A-SSStephen Stanton as Ben KenobiOther
A-SWSam Witwer as MaulOther
A-TBTom Baker as BenduOther
A-TCTim Curry as Chancellor PalpatineOther
A-TGTaylor Gray as Ezra BridgerOther
A-TMTemuera Morrison as Boba FettOther
A-TRTim Rose as Admiral AckbarOther
A-TWTaika Waititi as IG-11Other
A-VKValene Kane as Lyra ErsoOther
A-VMVanessa Marshall as Hera SyndullaOther
A-WBW. Earl Brown as TaantiOther
A-WDWarwick Davis as Wicket W. WarrickOther
A-WHWerner Herzog as The ClientOther
Autographs B-Design

67 card set.
Parallels - Unknown.

AB-ABAhmed Best as Jar Jar BinksOther
AB-ADAdam Driver as Kylo RenOther
AB-AEAshley Eckstein as Ahsoka TanoOther
AB-AGAllan Graf as BartenderOther
AB-AHAlfred Hsing as Pyke TravelerOther
AB-ASAndy Serkis as Supreme Leader SnokeOther
AB-BHBrian Herring as BB-8Other
AB-BLBillie Lourd as Kaydel Ko ConnixOther
AB-BMBen Mendelsohn as Director KrennicOther
AB-BPBonnie Piesse as Beru LarsOther
AB-CHClint Howard as RalakiliOther
AB-CWCarl Weathers as Greef KargaOther
AB-DADavid Acord as Edrio Two TubesOther
AB-DGDomhnall Gleeson as General HuxOther
AB-DLDaniel Logan as Boba FettOther
AB-DYDonnie Yen as Chirrut ÎmweOther
AB-ECEmilia Clarke as Qi'raOther
AB-EKErin Kellyman as Enfys NestOther
AB-EMEwan McGregor as Obi-Wan KenobiOther
AB-ESEmily Swallow as The ArmorerOther
AB-FJFelicity Jones as Jyn ErsoOther
AB-GHGuy Henry as Grand Moff TarkinOther
AB-GTGina Torres as Ketsu OnyoOther
AB-HCHayden Christensen as Darth VaderOther
AB-HDHarrison Davis as Pommet WarrickOther
AB-HEHermione Corfield as Tallie LintraOther
AB-HFHarrison Ford as Han SoloOther
AB-JAJosef Altin as Seftin VanikOther
AB-JBJohn Boyega as FinnOther
AB-JCJim Cummings as Hondo OhnakaOther
AB-JSJason Spisak as Lux BonteriOther
AB-KBKenny Baker as R2-D2Other
AB-KFKaren Fukuhara as FOther
AB-KKKaty Kartwheel as Rio DurantOther
AB-KSKiran Shah as Nambi GhimaOther
AB-KTKelly Marie Tran as Rose TicoOther
AB-LCLily Cole as LoveyOther
AB-LDLaura Dern as Vice Admiral HoldoOther
AB-LNLupita Nyong'o as Maz KanataOther
AB-MAMatthew Wood as General GrievousOther
AB-MBMatt Berry as 8D8Other
AB-MLMatt Lanter as Anakin SkywalkerOther
AB-MMMads Mikkelsen as Galen ErsoOther
AB-MVMercedes Varnado as Koska ReevesOther
AB-MWMing-Na Wen as Fennec ShandOther
AB-NFNika Futterman as Asajj VentressOther
AB-NNNick Nolte as KuiilOther
AB-NPNatalie Portman as Padmé AmidalaOther
AB-PAPhilip Alexander as Imperial Security OfficerOther
AB-PDPaul Darnell as Night Wind AssassinOther
AB-PWPaul Warren as Hassk TripletOther
AB-RARiz Ahmed as Bodhi RookOther
AB-RBRichard Brake as Valin HessOther
AB-RDRosario Dawson as Ahsoka TanoOther
AB-RDORobin Atkin Downes as Cham SyndullaOther
AB-RORon Perlman as Gha NachktOther
AB-SCScott Capurro as BeedOther
AB-SGSarah Michelle Gellar as Seventh SisterOther
AB-SWSam Witwer as MaulOther
AB-TBTom Baker as BenduOther
AB-TCTim Curry as Chancellor PalpatineOther
AB-TMTemuera Morrison as Boba FettOther
AB-TRTim Rose as Admiral AckbarOther
AB-TWTaika Waititi as IG-11Other
AB-VKValene Kane as Lyra ErsoOther
AB-VMVanessa Marshall as Hera SyndullaOther
AB-WDWarwick Davis as Wicket W. WarrickOther
Dual Autographs

3 card set.
Parallels - Red 1/1.

DA-JWMing-Na Wen as Fennec ShandOther
DA-JWCarey Jones as KrrsantanOther
DA-MWMing-Na Wen as Fennec ShandOther
DA-MWTemuera Morrison as Boba FettOther
DA-RDAdam Driver as Kylo RenOther
DA-RDDaisy Ridley as ReyOther
Triple Autographs

3 card set.
Parallels - Red 1/1.

TA-JWMMing-Na Wen as Fennec ShandOther
TA-JWMTemuera Morrison as Boba FettOther
TA-JWMCarey Jones as KrrsantanOther
TA-PWMEwan McGregor as Obi-Wan KenobiOther
TA-PWMRay Park as Darth MaulOther
TA-PWMIan McDiarmid as Darth SidiousOther
TA-RDBAdam Driver as Kylo RenOther
TA-RDBDaisy Ridley as ReyOther
TA-RDBJohn Boyega as FinnOther
Light Side/Dark Side

2 card set.
Parallels - Red 1/1.

LDA-PMWMEwan McGregor as Obi-Wan KenobiOther
LDA-PMWMMatthew Wood as General GrievousOther
LDA-PMWMNatalie Portman as Padmé AmidalaOther
LDA-PMWMIan McDiarmid as Darth SidiousOther
LDA-RFDSAdam Driver as Kylo RenOther
LDA-RFDSDaisy Ridley as ReyOther
LDA-RFDSHarrison Ford as Han SoloOther
LDA-RFDSAndy Serkis as Supreme Leader SnokeOther