2023 Topps Sterling Baseball Checklist

2023 Topps Sterling Baseball

Release Date: May 24, 2023

A high-end collector’s favorite returns this season: 2023 Topps Sterling Baseball!

See the full checklist here – 2023 Topps Sterling Baseball Checklist

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2023 Topps Sterling Baseball

  • Each box delivers on-card autograph relic cards from current stars, legends, and newly emerging rookies of America’s Pastime.
  • Look for rare 1/1 relic and autograph relic cards found 1 per 4-box case, on average.

Topps Sterling Autographed Bat Knob Card, Vladimir Guerrero Jr

2023 Topps Sterling Baseball

Sterling Seasons –Celebrating memorable seasons, players are featured with on-card autographs and two relic pieces. Numbered to 25Topps Sterling Swings Autographed Relic Card, Bryce Harper

  • Blue Parallel –Featuring 3 relic pieces and numbered to 10
  • Red Parallel –Featuring 4 relic pieces and numbered to 5
  • Silver Parallel –Featuring 5 relic pieces and numbered 1/1


Sterling Strikes –Pitching greats are highlighted with on-card autographed relic cards. Numbered to 25

  • Blue Parallel –Featuring 3 relic pieces and numbered to 10
  • Red Parallel –Featuring 4 relic pieces and numbered to 5
  • Silver Parallel –Featuring 5 relic pieces and numbered 1/1


Sterling Swings –Featuring the most collectible hitters in the game on cards containing 2 relic pieces and on-card autographs. Numbered to 25Topps Sterling Seasons Autographed Relic Card –Silver Parallel, Derek Jeter

  • Blue Parallel –Featuring 3 relic pieces and numbered to 10
  • Red Parallel –Featuring 4 relic pieces and numbered to 5
  • Silver Parallel –Featuring 5 relic pieces and numbered 1/1


Sterling Debuts –The 2023 rookie class takes center stage with their first on-card autographed relic cards of the year. Numbered to 25

  • Blue Parallel –Featuring 3 relic pieces and numbered to 10
  • Red Parallel –Featuring 4 relic pieces and numbered to 5
  • Silver Parallel –Featuring 5 relic pieces and numbered 1/1

Topps Sterling Bat Nameplate Card, Willie Mays

NEW! Sterling Sets Autographed Book Cards –Featuring on-card autographs from 6 of the most collectible names of the MLB® past, present, and future. Numbered to 5.Topps Sterling Sets Dual Autographed Relic Card, Mike Trout & Shohei Ohtani

  • Red Parallel –Numbered to 3
  • Silver Parallel –Numbered 1/1


Sterling Sets Dual Autographed Relics –Players sharing a common bond are paired with on-card autographs and game-used relic pieces. Numbered to 15

  • Red Parallel –Featuring 4 relic pieces (2 per athlete) and numbered to 5
  • Silver Parallel –Featuring 6 relic pieces (3 per athlete) and numbered 1/1


Sterling Sets Triple Autographed Relics –Notable trios featured here with on-card autographs and game-used relic pieces. Numbered to 10Topps Sterling Splendor Jumbo Patch Autograph Card, Ronald Acuna Jr

  • Red Parallel –Featuring 4 relic pieces (2 per athlete) and numbered to 5
  • Silver Parallel –Featuring 6 relic pieces (3 per athlete) and numbered 1/1


Sterling Splendor Jumbo Patch Autographs -Top tier talent is showcased alongside a jumbo patch and on-card autograph. Numbered to 5

  • Red Parallel –Numbered to 3
  • Silver Parallel –Numbered 1/1


Topps Sterling Jersey Letter Patch Cards –Oversized relics of the featured player’s jersey letter patch.Legendary Relics Card, Babe Ruth

Topps Sterling Bat Knob Cards –Game-used bat knobs from MLB® greats

Topps Sterling Autographed Bat Knob Cards –Featuring on-card autographs

Topps Sterling Bat Nameplate Cards –Unique pieces containing player names emblazoned on a game-used bat

Topps Sterling Autographed Bat Nameplate Cards –Featuring on-card autographs

Topps Sterling Cut Signatures –Greats from Baseball, politics, and entertainment

Legendary Relics –Highlighting Hall of Fame members and other legendary MLB® names with 2 pieces of game-used memorabilia.

Legendary Cut Signatures Relics –Cut signature autographs alongside 2 game-used relics.



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Legendary Cut Signature Relic

21 card set.

LCS-AKAl KalineDetroit Tigers
LCS-BGBob GibsonSt Louis Cardinals
LCS-BRBabe RuthNew York Yankees
LCS-EMEddie MathewsAtlanta Braves
LCS-HAHank AaronAtlanta Braves
LCS-HA2Hank AaronAtlanta Braves
LCS-HWHonus WagnerPittsburgh Pirates
LCS-JMJoe MorganCincinnati Reds
LCS-JMIJohnny MizeSt Louis Cardinals
LCS-KPKirby PuckettMinnesota Twins
LCS-LBLou BrockSt Louis Cardinals
LCS-OTTMel OttSan Francisco Giants
LCS-RHORogers HornsbySt Louis Cardinals
LCS-RMRoger MarisNew York Yankees
LCS-TGTony GwynnSan Diego Padres
LCS-TSTris SpeakerBoston Red Sox
LCS-TSETom SeaverNew York Mets
LCS-TWTed WilliamsBoston Red Sox
LCS-WMWillie McCoveySan Francisco Giants
LCS-WSWarren SpahnAtlanta Braves
LCS-WSTWillie StargellPittsburgh Pirates
Sterling Debuts

16 card set.
Parallels - Blue #/10, Red #/5, Silver 1/1.

SBDB-ARAdley RutschmanBaltimore OriolesRC
SBDB-AR2Adley RutschmanBaltimore OriolesRC
SBDB-BBBrett BatyNew York MetsRC
SBDB-BB2Brett BatyNew York MetsRC
SBDB-CMOChristopher MorelChicago CubsRC
SBDB-CMO2Christopher MorelChicago CubsRC
SBDB-JJJosh JungTexas RangersRC
SBDB-JJ2Josh JungTexas RangersRC
SBDB-MHMichael Harris IIAtlanta BravesRC
SBDB-MH2Michael Harris IIAtlanta BravesRC
SBDB-NGNolan GormanSt Louis CardinalsRC
SBDB-NG2Nolan GormanSt Louis CardinalsRC
SBDB-RGRiley GreeneDetroit TigersRC
SBDB-RG2Riley GreeneDetroit TigersRC
SBDB-TCTriston CasasBoston Red SoxRC
SBDB-TC2Triston CasasBoston Red SoxRC
Sterling Seasons

68 card set.
Parallels - Blue #/10, Red #/5, Silver 1/1.

SSAR-ABAlex BregmanHouston Astros
SSAR-ADAndre DawsonChicago Cubs
SSAR-AJAaron JudgeNew York Yankees
SSAR-APAlbert PujolsSt Louis Cardinals
SSAR-ARAlex RodriguezNew York Yankees
SSAR-BELAdrian BeltreTexas Rangers
SSAR-BHBryce HarperPhiladelphia Phillies
SSAR-BLBarry LarkinCincinnati Reds
SSAR-BPBuster PoseySan Francisco Giants
SSAR-BWJBobby Witt Jr.Kansas City Royals
SSAR-BYByron BuxtonMinnesota Twins
SSAR-CFICarlton FiskBoston Red Sox
SSAR-CJChipper JonesAtlanta Braves
SSAR-CRJCal Ripken Jr.Baltimore Orioles
SSAR-CRJ2Cal Ripken Jr.Baltimore Orioles
SSAR-CSCC SabathiaNew York Yankees
SSAR-CYCarl YastrzemskiBoston Red Sox
SSAR-CYEChristian YelichMilwaukee Brewers
SSAR-DJDerek JeterNew York Yankees
SSAR-DMDale MurphyAtlanta Braves
SSAR-DMADon MattinglyNew York Yankees
SSAR-DMA2Don MattinglyNew York Yankees
SSAR-DODavid OrtizBoston Red Sox
SSAR-DORDavid OrtizBoston Red Sox
SSAR-DWDavid WrightNew York Mets
SSAR-FTFrank ThomasChicago White Sox
SSAR-FT2Frank ThomasChicago White Sox
SSAR-FTJFernando Tatis Jr.San Diego Padres
SSAR-HMHideki MatsuiNew York Yankees
SSAR-IIchiroSeattle Mariners
SSAR-ICIchiroSeattle Mariners
SSAR-JAJose AltuveHouston Astros
SSAR-JBJeff BagwellHouston Astros
SSAR-JBEJohnny BenchCincinnati Reds
SSAR-JRAJose RamirezCleveland Guardians
SSAR-JSJohn SmoltzAtlanta Braves
SSAR-JSOJuan SotoSan Diego Padres
SSAR-JSO2Juan SotoWashington Nationals
SSAR-JVJoey VottoCincinnati Reds
SSAR-MADGreg MadduxAtlanta Braves
SSAR-MCMiguel CabreraDetroit Tigers
SSAR-MMMark McGwireSt Louis Cardinals
SSAR-MMCMark McGwireOakland Athletics
SSAR-MPIMike PiazzaLos Angeles Dodgers
SSAR-MRMariano RiveraNew York Yankees
SSAR-MTMike TroutLos Angeles Angels
SSAR-MTRMike TroutLos Angeles Angels
SSAR-NARNolan ArenadoSt Louis Cardinals
SSAR-NRNolan RyanLos Angeles Angels
SSAR-NRYNolan RyanHouston Astros
SSAR-OZZOzzie AlbiesAtlanta Braves
SSAR-PAPete AlonsoNew York Mets
SSAR-PIAMike PiazzaNew York Mets
SSAR-RAJ1Ronald Acuña Jr.Atlanta Braves
SSAR-RAJ2Ronald Acuña Jr.Atlanta Braves
SSAR-RCARod CarewMinnesota Twins
SSAR-RIZAnthony RizzoNew York Yankees
SSAR-RJRandy JohnsonArizona Diamondbacks
SSAR-RSRyne SandbergChicago Cubs
SSAR-RYRobin YountMilwaukee Brewers
SSAR-SCSteve CarltonPhiladelphia Phillies
SSAR-SOShohei OhtaniLos Angeles Angels
SSAR-VGVladimir GuerreroWashington Nationals
SSAR-VGJVladimir Guerrero Jr.Toronto Blue Jays
SSAR-VGRVladimir Guerrero Jr.Toronto Blue Jays
SSAR-WBWade BoggsBoston Red Sox
SSAR-WCWill ClarkSan Francisco Giants
SSAR-YMOYadier MolinaSt Louis Cardinals
Sterling Sets Autographed Book

5 card set.
Parallels - Red #/3, Silver 1/1.

SSABC-ASOTGFRonald Acuña Jr.Atlanta BravesAll-Star RC Team
SSABC-ASOTGFVladimir Guerrero Jr.Toronto Blue JaysAll-Star RC Team
SSABC-ASOTGFJuan SotoSan Diego PadresAll-Star RC Team
SSABC-ASOTGFShohei OhtaniLos Angeles AngelsAll-Star RC Team
SSABC-ASOTGFFernando Tatis Jr.San Diego PadresAll-Star RC Team
SSABC-ASOTGFJulio RodriguezSeattle MarinersAll-Star RC Team
SSABC-CCMGMJGreg MadduxAtlanta BravesCy Youngs
SSABC-CCMGMJRandy JohnsonArizona DiamondbacksCy Youngs
SSABC-CCMGMJRoger ClemensBoston Red SoxCy Youngs
SSABC-CCMGMJSteve CarltonPhiladelphia PhilliesCy Youngs
SSABC-CCMGMJTom GlavineArizona DiamondbacksCy Youngs
SSABC-CCMGMJPedro MartinezBoston Red SoxCy Youngs
SSABC-CPJRWRAlex RodriguezNew York YankeesYankee Greats
SSABC-CPJRWRDerek JeterNew York YankeesYankee Greats
SSABC-CPJRWRMariano RiveraNew York YankeesYankee Greats
SSABC-CPJRWRRoger ClemensNew York YankeesYankee Greats
SSABC-CPJRWRAndy PettitteNew York YankeesYankee Greats
SSABC-CPJRWRBernie WilliamsNew York YankeesYankee Greats
SSABC-PTHJAORonald Acuña Jr.Atlanta BravesRCs of the Year
SSABC-PTHJAOMike TroutLos Angeles AngelsRCs of the Year
SSABC-PTHJAOShohei OhtaniLos Angeles AngelsRCs of the Year
SSABC-PTHJAOBuster PoseySan Francisco GiantsRCs of the Year
SSABC-PTHJAOAaron JudgeNew York YankeesRCs of the Year
SSABC-PTHJAOBryce HarperPhiladelphia PhilliesRCs of the Year
SSABC-RJCCMMNolan RyanHouston Astros3000 KS
SSABC-RJCCMMGreg MadduxAtlanta Braves3000 KS
SSABC-RJCCMMRandy JohnsonSeattle Mariners3000 KS
SSABC-RJCCMMRoger ClemensBoston Red Sox3000 KS
SSABC-RJCCMMSteve CarltonPhiladelphia Phillies3000 KS
SSABC-RJCCMMPedro MartinezSeattle Mariners3000 KS
Sterling Sets Dual Autograph Relic

20 card set.
Parallels - Red #/5, Silver 1/1.

SDAR-BBJeff BagwellHouston Astros
SDAR-BBCraig BiggioHouston Astros
SDAR-CAJRonald Acuña Jr.Atlanta Braves
SDAR-CAJMiguel CabreraDetroit Tigers
SDAR-CPBuster PoseySan Francisco Giants
SDAR-CPWill ClarkSan Francisco Giants
SDAR-DALPete AlonsoNew York Mets
SDAR-DALDavid WrightNew York Mets
SDAR-GSOVladimir Guerrero Jr.Toronto Blue Jays
SDAR-GSOJuan SotoWashington Nationals
SDAR-IMIchiroSeattle Mariners
SDAR-IMHideki MatsuiNew York Yankees
SDAR-IOShohei OhtaniLos Angeles Angels
SDAR-IOIchiroSeattle Mariners
SDAR-JAJRonald Acuña Jr.Atlanta Braves
SDAR-JAJChipper JonesAtlanta Braves
SDAR-JMDerek JeterNew York Yankees
SDAR-JMMariano RiveraNew York Yankees
SDAR-JMAChipper JonesAtlanta Braves
SDAR-JMAGreg MadduxAtlanta Braves
SDAR-LVOJoey VottoCincinnati Reds
SDAR-LVOBarry LarkinCincinnati Reds
SDAR-MBUByron BuxtonMinnesota Twins
SDAR-MBUJoe MauerMinnesota Twins
SDAR-MCAMark McGwireSt Louis Cardinals
SDAR-MCANolan ArenadoSt Louis Cardinals
SDAR-MRAnthony RizzoNew York Yankees
SDAR-MRDon MattinglyNew York Yankees
SDAR-RJONolan RyanHouston Astros
SDAR-RJORandy JohnsonSeattle Mariners
SDAR-RMUCal Ripken Jr.Baltimore Orioles
SDAR-RMUEddie MurrayBaltimore Orioles
SDAR-SAJRonald Acuña Jr.Atlanta Braves
SDAR-SAJJuan SotoWashington Nationals
SDAR-SMAGreg MadduxChicago Cubs
SDAR-SMARyne SandbergChicago Cubs
SDAR-TOMike TroutLos Angeles Angels
SDAR-TOShohei OhtaniLos Angeles Angels
SDAR-YRACarl YastrzemskiBoston Red Sox
SDAR-YRAWade BoggsBoston Red Sox
Sterling Sets Triple Autograph Relic

11 card set.
Parallels - Red #/5, Silver 1/1.

STAR-BLVJoey VottoCincinnati Reds
STAR-BLVBarry LarkinCincinnati Reds
STAR-BLVJohnny BenchCincinnati Reds
STAR-GJTMike TroutLos Angeles Angels
STAR-GJTDerek JeterNew York Yankees
STAR-GJTKen Griffey Jr.Seattle Mariners
STAR-IMOShohei OhtaniLos Angeles Angels
STAR-IMOIchiroSeattle Mariners
STAR-IMOHideki MatsuiNew York Yankees
STAR-JGSChipper JonesAtlanta Braves
STAR-JGSGreg MadduxAtlanta Braves
STAR-JGSTom GlavineAtlanta Braves
STAR-MJARonald Acuña Jr.Atlanta Braves
STAR-MJAChipper JonesAtlanta Braves
STAR-MJADale MurphyAtlanta Braves
STAR-OPCMiguel CabreraDetroit Tigers
STAR-OPCDavid OrtizBoston Red Sox
STAR-OPCAlbert PujolsSt Louis Cardinals
STAR-RCTMike TroutLos Angeles Angels
STAR-RCTShohei OhtaniLos Angeles Angels
STAR-RCTNolan RyanLos Angeles Angels
STAR-RJCNolan RyanHouston Astros
STAR-RJCRandy JohnsonSeattle Mariners
STAR-RJCRoger ClemensBoston Red Sox
STAR-RJPAlex RodriguezNew York Yankees
STAR-RJPDerek JeterNew York Yankees
STAR-RJPMariano RiveraNew York Yankees
STAR-SATRonald Acuña Jr.Atlanta Braves
STAR-SATJuan SotoWashington Nationals
STAR-SATFernando Tatis Jr.San Diego Padres
STAR-SWAPete AlonsoNew York Mets
STAR-SWAMike PiazzaNew York Mets
STAR-SWADavid WrightNew York Mets
Sterling Splendor Jumbo Patch Autograph

25 card set.
Parallels - Red #/3, Silver 1/1.

SSJPA-AJUAaron JudgeNew York Yankees
SSJPA-ARIAnthony RizzoNew York Yankees
SSJPA-BBUByron BuxtonMinnesota Twins
SSJPA-BHBryce HarperPhiladelphia Phillies
SSJPA-BPBuster PoseySan Francisco Giants
SSJPA-BREAlex BregmanHouston Astros
SSJPA-CJChipper JonesAtlanta Braves
SSJPA-CRJCal Ripken Jr.Baltimore Orioles
SSJPA-CYChristian YelichMilwaukee Brewers
SSJPA-DODavid OrtizBoston Red Sox
SSJPA-DO2David OrtizBoston Red Sox
SSJPA-FTJFernando Tatis Jr.San Diego Padres
SSJPA-GSGeorge SpringerToronto Blue Jays
SSJPA-IIchiroMiami Marlins
SSJPA-JAJose AltuveHouston Astros
SSJPA-JSJohn SmoltzAtlanta Braves
SSJPA-JVJoey VottoCincinnati Reds
SSJPA-MCMiguel CabreraDetroit Tigers
SSJPA-MC2Miguel CabreraDetroit Tigers
SSJPA-RAJRonald Acuña Jr.Atlanta Braves
SSJPA-RDRafael DeversBoston Red Sox
SSJPA-SHOShohei OhtaniLos Angeles Angels
SSJPA-TGLTom GlavineAtlanta Braves
SSJPA-VGJVladimir Guerrero Jr.Toronto Blue Jays
SSJPA-XBXander BogaertsBoston Red Sox
Sterling Strikes

19 card set.
Parallels - Blue #/10, Red #/5, Silver 1/1.

STAR-APAndy PettitteNew York Yankees
STAR-CLERoger ClemensNew York Yankees
STAR-GMGreg MadduxAtlanta Braves
STAR-GMAGreg MadduxAtlanta Braves
STAR-GMA2Greg MadduxChicago Cubs
STAR-JSJohn SmoltzAtlanta Braves
STAR-MRMariano RiveraNew York Yankees
STAR-MR2Mariano RiveraNew York Yankees
STAR-NRNolan RyanTexas Rangers
STAR-NR1Nolan RyanLos Angeles Angels
STAR-NRYNolan RyanTexas Rangers
STAR-RCLRoger ClemensBoston Red Sox
STAR-RJRandy JohnsonSeattle Mariners
STAR-RJORandy JohnsonArizona Diamondbacks
STAR-SCSteve CarltonPhiladelphia Phillies
STAR-SC2Steve CarltonSt Louis Cardinals
STAR-SHOShohei OhtaniLos Angeles Angels
STAR-WBWalker BuehlerLos Angeles Dodgers
STAR-WB2Walker BuehlerLos Angeles Dodgers
Sterling Swings

62 card set.
Parallels - Blue #/10, Red #/5, Silver 1/1.

SSAR-CB2Cody BellingerLos Angeles Dodgers
SWAR-AJAaron JudgeNew York Yankees
SWAR-ARAlex RodriguezNew York Yankees
SWAR-ARIAnthony RizzoNew York Yankees
SWAR-ARI2Anthony RizzoNew York Yankees
SWAR-BBByron BuxtonMinnesota Twins
SWAR-BHBryce HarperPhiladelphia Phillies
SWAR-BLBarry LarkinCincinnati Reds
SWAR-BPBuster PoseySan Francisco Giants
SWAR-BRGAlex BregmanHouston Astros
SWAR-BWJBobby Witt Jr.Kansas City Royals
SWAR-CBCody BellingerLos Angeles Dodgers
SWAR-CJChipper JonesAtlanta Braves
SWAR-CRCal Ripken Jr.Baltimore Orioles
SWAR-CY2Christian YelichMilwaukee Brewers
SWAR-CYACarl YastrzemskiBoston Red Sox
SWAR-DMDon MattinglyNew York Yankees
SWAR-DM2Don MattinglyNew York Yankees
SWAR-DMUDale MurphyAtlanta Braves
SWAR-DODavid OrtizBoston Red Sox
SWAR-DWRDavid WrightNew York Mets
SWAR-FTFernando Tatis Jr.San Diego Padres
SWAR-FTHFrank ThomasChicago White Sox
SWAR-FTJFernando Tatis Jr.San Diego Padres
SWAR-GSGeorge SpringerToronto Blue Jays
SWAR-HMHideki MatsuiNew York Yankees
SWAR-IIchiroSeattle Mariners
SWAR-JALJose AltuveHouston Astros
SWAR-JBJeff BagwellHouston Astros
SWAR-JBEJohnny BenchCincinnati Reds
SWAR-JSJuan SotoSan Diego Padres
SWAR-JS2Juan SotoSan Diego Padres
SWAR-JVJoey VottoCincinnati Reds
SWAR-LRLuis RobertChicago White Sox
SWAR-LROLuis RobertChicago White Sox
SWAR-MCMiguel CabreraDetroit Tigers
SWAR-MC2Miguel CabreraDetroit Tigers
SWAR-MMMark McGwireOakland Athletics
SWAR-MOMatt OlsonAtlanta Braves
SWAR-MTMike TroutLos Angeles Angels
SWAR-NANolan ArenadoSt Louis Cardinals
SWAR-OZZOzzie AlbiesAtlanta Braves
SWAR-PAPete AlonsoNew York Mets
SWAR-PA2Pete AlonsoNew York Mets
SWAR-PGPaul GoldschmidtSt Louis Cardinals
SWAR-PG2Paul GoldschmidtSt Louis Cardinals
SWAR-RAJRonald Acuña Jr.Atlanta Braves
SWAR-RAJ2Ronald Acuña Jr.Atlanta Braves
SWAR-RAMJose RamirezCleveland Guardians
SWAR-RCRod CarewMinnesota Twins
SWAR-RCARod CarewLos Angeles Angels
SWAR-RDRafael DeversBoston Red Sox
SWAR-RDERafael DeversBoston Red Sox
SWAR-RSRyne SandbergChicago Cubs
SWAR-RYRobin YountMilwaukee Brewers
SWAR-SPSalvador PerezKansas City Royals
SWAR-VGVladimir GuerreroWashington Nationals
SWAR-VGJVladimir Guerrero Jr.Toronto Blue Jays
SWAR-VGJ2Vladimir Guerrero Jr.Toronto Blue Jays
SWAR-WBWade BoggsBoston Red Sox
SWAR-WCWill ClarkSan Francisco Giants
SWAR-YADYadier MolinaSt Louis Cardinals
Topps Sterling Autograph Bat Knob

29 card set.

ABK-AJAaron JudgeNew York Yankees
ABK-APAlbert PujolsSt Louis Cardinals
ABK-ARAlex RodriguezNew York Yankees
ABK-CRJCal Ripken Jr.Baltimore Orioles
ABK-CYCarl YastrzemskiBoston Red Sox
ABK-DJDerek JeterNew York Yankees
ABK-DMDale MurphyAtlanta Braves
ABK-EMEddie MurrayBaltimore Orioles
ABK-JSJuan SotoWashington Nationals
ABK-JVJoey VottoCincinnati Reds
ABK-LRLuis RobertChicago White Sox
ABK-MCMiguel CabreraDetroit Tigers
ABK-MMCMark McGwireOakland Athletics
ABK-MPMike PiazzaNew York Mets
ABK-MTMike TroutLos Angeles Angels
ABK-NANolan ArenadoSt Louis Cardinals
ABK-OAOzzie AlbiesAtlanta Braves
ABK-PAPete AlonsoNew York Mets
ABK-RAJRonald Acuña Jr.Atlanta Braves
ABK-RDRafael DeversBoston Red Sox
ABK-RSARyne SandbergChicago Cubs
ABK-RYRobin YountMilwaukee Brewers
ABK-SPSalvador PerezKansas City Royals
ABK-SROzzie SmithSt Louis Cardinals
ABK-VGJVladimir Guerrero Jr.Toronto Blue Jays
ABK-WBWade BoggsBoston Red Sox
ABK-XBXander BogaertsBoston Red Sox
ABK-XBOXander BogaertsBoston Red Sox
ABK-YMYadier MolinaSt Louis Cardinals
Topps Sterling Autographed Bat Nameplate

35 card set.

ABN-ABEAdrian BeltreTexas Rangers
ABN-AJAaron JudgeNew York Yankees
ABN-APAlbert PujolsSt Louis Cardinals
ABN-ARAlex RodriguezNew York Yankees
ABN-BAGJeff BagwellHouston Astros
ABN-BPBuster PoseySan Francisco Giants
ABN-CRCal Ripken Jr.Baltimore Orioles
ABN-CYChristian YelichMilwaukee Brewers
ABN-DMDale MurphyAtlanta Braves
ABN-EMEddie MurrayBaltimore Orioles
ABN-FFFreddie FreemanLos Angeles Dodgers
ABN-FTFrank ThomasChicago White Sox
ABN-GSGeorge SpringerToronto Blue Jays
ABN-JAJose AltuveHouston Astros
ABN-JSJuan SotoWashington Nationals
ABN-JVJoey VottoCincinnati Reds
ABN-LRLuis RobertChicago White Sox
ABN-MCMiguel CabreraDetroit Tigers
ABN-MMCMark McGwireOakland Athletics
ABN-MPMike PiazzaNew York Mets
ABN-MTMike TroutLos Angeles Angels
ABN-NANolan ArenadoSt Louis Cardinals
ABN-OAOzzie AlbiesAtlanta Braves
ABN-OSOzzie SmithSt Louis Cardinals
ABN-PAPete AlonsoNew York Mets
ABN-PGPaul GoldschmidtSt Louis Cardinals
ABN-RAJRonald Acuña Jr.Atlanta Braves
ABN-RSRyne SandbergChicago Cubs
ABN-RYRobin YountMilwaukee Brewers
ABN-SOShohei OhtaniLos Angeles Angels
ABN-SPSalvador PerezKansas City Royals
ABN-VGVladimir Guerrero Jr.Toronto Blue Jays
ABN-XBXander BogaertsBoston Red Sox
ABN-YAZCarl YastrzemskiBoston Red Sox
ABN-YMYadier MolinaSt Louis Cardinals
Topps Sterling Cut Signature

103 card set.

CS-AFRAretha FranklinOther
CS-AKAl KalineDetroit Tigers
CS-APArnold PalmerOther
CS-BCLBill ClintonOther
CS-BDABette DavisOther
CS-BFBob FellerCleveland Guardians
CS-BGBob GibsonSt Louis Cardinals
CS-BHEBilly HermanChicago Cubs
CS-BHOBen HoganOther
CS-BLBuck LeonardOther
CS-BRBurt ReynoldsOther
CS-CASHJohnny CashOther
CS-CCCalvin CoolidgeOther
CS-CGCary GrantOther
CS-CGECharlie GehringerDetroit Tigers
CS-CHCarl HubbellSan Francisco Giants
CS-CSTCasey StengelNew York Yankees
CS-DMDouglas MacArthurOther
CS-DRDebbie ReynoldsOther
CS-DSDean SmithOther
CS-DSNDuke SniderLos Angeles Dodgers
CS-DUKDuke EllingtonOther
CS-EASTClint EastwoodOther
CS-EHSIR Edmund HillaryOther
CS-EMAEddie MathewsAtlanta Braves
CS-EPPEppa RixeyCincinnati Reds
CS-EREleanor RooseveltOther
CS-FAFred AstaireOther
CS-FDOFats DominoOther
CS-FHFlorence HendersonOther
CS-FRFranklin D. RooseveltOther
CS-GBGeorge W. BushOther
CS-GBUGeorge BurnsOther
CS-GFGerald FordOther
CS-GHOGordie HoweOther
CS-GHPGeorge "High Pockets" KellySan Francisco Giants
CS-GILGil HodgesLos Angeles Dodgers
CS-GKGrace KellyOther
CS-HAHank AaronAtlanta Braves
CS-HFHenry FordOther
CS-HKHarmon KillebrewMinnesota Twins
CS-HOOVHerbert HooverOther
CS-HWAHonus WagnerPittsburgh Pirates
CS-IBIngrid BergmanOther
CS-JACJacques CousteauOther
CS-JCAJimmy CarterOther
CS-JCHJim "Catfish" HunterOakland Athletics
CS-JDIJoe DiMaggioNew York Yankees
CS-JDOJimmy DoolittleOther
CS-JFJimmie FoxxBoston Red Sox
CS-JFRJoe FrazierOther
CS-JGOJoe GordonNew York Yankees
CS-JLAJake LaMottaOther
CS-JMJohnny MizeSt Louis Cardinals
CS-JMOJoe MorganCincinnati Reds
CS-JOHJohnny CarsonOther
CS-JROJackie RobinsonLos Angeles Dodgers
CS-JSJimmy StewartOther
CS-JWJohn WoodenOther
CS-KHKatharine HepburnOther
CS-LALuke ApplingChicago White Sox
CS-LBLou BoudreauCleveland Guardians
CS-LBJLyndon B. JohnsonOther
CS-LBRLou BrockSt Louis Cardinals
CS-LNLeonard NimoyOther
CS-LOULouis ArmstrongOther
CS-MGMarvin GayeOther
CS-MIMonte IrvinSan Francisco Giants
CS-MOMel OttSan Francisco Giants
CS-MTMargaret ThatcherOther
CS-MWMae WestOther
CS-NRNorman RockwellOther
CS-NRENancy ReaganOther
CS-PRPhil RizzutoNew York Yankees
CS-PWRPee Wee ReeseLos Angeles Dodgers
CS-RARichie AshburnPhiladelphia Phillies
CS-RCARoy CampanellaLos Angeles Dodgers
CS-REARonald ReaganOther
CS-RFRick FerrellBaltimore Orioles
CS-RKIRalph KinerPittsburgh Pirates
CS-RMARoger MarisNew York Yankees
CS-RNRichard NixonOther
CS-RORoy OrbisonOther
CS-RRORobin RobertsPhiladelphia Phillies
CS-RSRed SchoendienstSt Louis Cardinals
CS-RWIRobin WilliamsOther
CS-SDSammy Davis Jr.Other
CS-SHWarren HardingOther
CS-SMStan MusialSt Louis Cardinals
CS-SPSatchel PaigeBaltimore Orioles
CS-SRSugar Ray RobinsonOther
CS-TCTy CobbDetroit Tigers
CS-TGTony GwynnSan Diego Padres
CS-TSETom SeaverNew York Mets
CS-TSPTris SpeakerBoston Red Sox
CS-TWTed WilliamsBoston Red Sox
CS-ULYUlysses S. GrantOther
CS-WARAndy WarholOther
CS-WFWhitey FordNew York Yankees
CS-WHWaite HoytNew York Yankees
CS-WMWillie McCoveySan Francisco Giants
CS-WSWarren SpahnAtlanta Braves
CS-WSTWillie StargellPittsburgh Pirates
Legendary Relic

19 card set.

LR-BFYogi BerraNew York Yankees
LR-BRBabe RuthNew York Yankees
LR-BR2Babe RuthNew York Yankees
LR-CRCal Ripken Jr.Baltimore Orioles
LR-DJDerek JeterNew York Yankees
LR-HAHank AaronAtlanta Braves
LR-HA2Hank AaronAtlanta Braves
LR-HWHonus WagnerPittsburgh Pirates
LR-HW2Honus WagnerPittsburgh Pirates
LR-IIchiroSeattle Mariners
LR-KGKen Griffey Jr.Seattle Mariners
LR-MTMike TroutLos Angeles Angels
LR-RCRoberto ClementePittsburgh Pirates
LR-RJReggie JacksonOakland Athletics
LR-TGTony GwynnSan Diego Padres
LR-TWTed WilliamsBoston Red Sox
LR-TW2Ted WilliamsBoston Red Sox
LR-WMWillie MaysSan Francisco Giants
LR-WM2Willie MaysSan Francisco Giants
Topps Sterling Bat Knob

75 card set.

BK-ABEAdrian BeltreTexas Rangers
BK-ADAndre DawsonChicago Cubs
BK-AJAndruw JonesAtlanta Braves
BK-AMCAndrew McCutchenMilwaukee Brewers
BK-APAlbert PujolsSt Louis Cardinals
BK-ARAnthony RizzoChicago Cubs
BK-ARODAlex RodriguezNew York Yankees
BK-BHBryce HarperWashington Nationals
BK-BJABo JacksonKansas City Royals
BK-BLBarry LarkinCincinnati Reds
BK-BOBo BichetteToronto Blue Jays
BK-BPOBuster PoseySan Francisco Giants
BK-CBECody BellingerLos Angeles Dodgers
BK-CBICraig BiggioHouston Astros
BK-CCCarlos CorreaMinnesota Twins
BK-CFICarlton FiskChicago White Sox
BK-CJChipper JonesAtlanta Braves
BK-CRJCal Ripken Jr.Baltimore Orioles
BK-CSECorey SeagerLos Angeles Dodgers
BK-CYChristian YelichMilwaukee Brewers
BK-DJDerek JeterNew York Yankees
BK-DMDale MurphyAtlanta Braves
BK-DMADon MattinglyNew York Yankees
BK-DODavid OrtizBoston Red Sox
BK-DWRDavid WrightNew York Mets
BK-EMEddie MurrayBaltimore Orioles
BK-FLFrancisco LindorNew York Mets
BK-FREFreddie FreemanLos Angeles Dodgers
BK-FTFrank ThomasChicago White Sox
BK-GBRGeorge BrettKansas City Royals
BK-GCGary CarterNew York Mets
BK-GSPGeorge SpringerHouston Astros
BK-GSTGiancarlo StantonNew York Yankees
BK-HAHank AaronAtlanta Braves
BK-IIchiroSeattle Mariners
BK-JAJose AltuveHouston Astros
BK-JBJavier BaezDetroit Tigers
BK-JBAJeff BagwellHouston Astros
BK-JCJose CansecoOakland Athletics
BK-JDMJ.D. MartinezBoston Red Sox
BK-JRJose RamirezCleveland Guardians
BK-JUDAaron JudgeNew York Yankees
BK-JVOJoey VottoCincinnati Reds
BK-KBKris BryantColorado Rockies
BK-KPKirby PuckettMinnesota Twins
BK-MACMark McGwireOakland Athletics
BK-MAYSWillie MaysSan Francisco Giants
BK-MBEMookie BettsBoston Red Sox
BK-MCAMiguel CabreraDetroit Tigers
BK-MMAManny MachadoSan Diego Padres
BK-MPMike PiazzaNew York Mets
BK-MSMike SchmidtPhiladelphia Phillies
BK-MTRMike TroutLos Angeles Angels
BK-NANolan ArenadoSt Louis Cardinals
BK-OAOzzie AlbiesAtlanta Braves
BK-OZZOzzie SmithSt Louis Cardinals
BK-PAPete AlonsoNew York Mets
BK-PGPaul GoldschmidtSt Louis Cardinals
BK-RAJRonald Acuña Jr.Atlanta Braves
BK-RDRafael DeversBoston Red Sox
BK-RHRickey HendersonOakland Athletics
BK-RMARoger MarisNew York Yankees
BK-RYNERyne SandbergChicago Cubs
BK-THTodd HeltonColorado Rockies
BK-TSTrevor StoryBoston Red Sox
BK-TTTrea TurnerWashington Nationals
BK-VGVladimir GuerreroWashington Nationals
BK-VGJVladimir Guerrero Jr.Toronto Blue Jays
BK-WBWade BoggsBoston Red Sox
BK-WCLWill ClarkSan Francisco Giants
BK-WFRWander FrancoTampa Bay Rays
BK-WMWillie McCoveySan Francisco Giants
BK-YAYordan AlvarezHouston Astros
BK-YAZCarl YastrzemskiBoston Red Sox
BK-YMYadier MolinaSt Louis Cardinals
Topps Sterling Bat Nameplate

75 card set.

BNP-ABEAdrian BeltreTexas Rangers
BNP-ADAndre DawsonChicago Cubs
BNP-AMAndrew McCutchenMilwaukee Brewers
BNP-APAlbert PujolsSt Louis Cardinals
BNP-BAGJeff BagwellHouston Astros
BNP-BBByron BuxtonMinnesota Twins
BNP-BBIBo BichetteToronto Blue Jays
BNP-BLBarry LarkinCincinnati Reds
BNP-BOBo JacksonKansas City Royals
BNP-BPOBuster PoseySan Francisco Giants
BNP-BWBernie WilliamsNew York Yankees
BNP-CBECody BellingerLos Angeles Dodgers
BNP-CBICraig BiggioHouston Astros
BNP-CCCarlos CorreaMinnesota Twins
BNP-CJChipper JonesAtlanta Braves
BNP-CRJCal Ripken Jr.Baltimore Orioles
BNP-CYCarl YastrzemskiBoston Red Sox
BNP-CYEChristian YelichMilwaukee Brewers
BNP-DAWAndre DawsonChicago Cubs
BNP-DJDerek JeterNew York Yankees
BNP-DMADon MattinglyNew York Yankees
BNP-DMUDale MurphyAtlanta Braves
BNP-DODavid OrtizBoston Red Sox
BNP-DWDavid WrightNew York Mets
BNP-ELOEloy JimenezChicago White Sox
BNP-EMEddie MurrayBaltimore Orioles
BNP-FLFrancisco LindorNew York Mets
BNP-FREFreddie FreemanLos Angeles Dodgers
BNP-FTFrank ThomasChicago White Sox
BNP-GCAGary CarterNew York Mets
BNP-JAJose AltuveHouston Astros
BNP-JABJose AbreuChicago White Sox
BNP-JBJavier BaezDetroit Tigers
BNP-JDMJ.D. MartinezBoston Red Sox
BNP-JMJoe MorganCincinnati Reds
BNP-JRAMJose RamirezCleveland Guardians
BNP-JSOJuan SotoWashington Nationals
BNP-JVJason VaritekBoston Red Sox
BNP-JVOJoey VottoCincinnati Reds
BNP-KBKris BryantColorado Rockies
BNP-KLAnthony RizzoNew York Yankees
BNP-KPKirby PuckettMinnesota Twins
BNP-MCAMiguel CabreraDetroit Tigers
BNP-MMManny MachadoSan Diego Padres
BNP-MOLPaul MolitorToronto Blue Jays
BNP-MOURyan MountcastleBaltimore Orioles
BNP-MPMike PiazzaNew York Mets
BNP-MTRMike TroutLos Angeles Angels
BNP-NANolan ArenadoSt Louis Cardinals
BNP-NRNolan RyanHouston Astros
BNP-OAOzzie AlbiesAtlanta Braves
BNP-PALPete AlonsoNew York Mets
BNP-RARonald Acuña Jr.Atlanta Braves
BNP-REGReggie JacksonNew York Yankees
BNP-RSARyne SandbergChicago Cubs
BNP-SCHMike SchmidtPhiladelphia Phillies
BNP-SGCorey SeagerTexas Rangers
BNP-SHFGary SheffieldNew York Yankees
BNP-SPSalvador PerezKansas City Royals
BNP-STOTrevor StoryBoston Red Sox
BNP-STRDarryl StrawberryNew York Mets
BNP-THAlex RodriguezNew York Yankees
BNP-TPTony PérezCincinnati Reds
BNP-TTUTrea TurnerLos Angeles Dodgers
BNP-VGVladimir GuerreroWashington Nationals
BNP-VGJVladimir Guerrero Jr.Toronto Blue Jays
BNP-WBWade BoggsBoston Red Sox
BNP-WCWill ClarkSan Francisco Giants
BNP-WCOWillson ContrerasChicago Cubs
BNP-WFRWander FrancoTampa Bay Rays
BNP-WMAWillie MaysSan Francisco Giants
BNP-WMCWillie McCoveySan Francisco Giants
BNP-XBXander BogaertsBoston Red Sox
BNP-YAYordan AlvarezHouston Astros
BNP-YMOYadier MolinaSt Louis Cardinals
Topps Sterling Jersey Letter Patch

63 card set.

JLP-AB2Adrian BeltreTexas Rangers
JLP-ABRAlex BregmanHouston Astros
JLP-AMCAndrew McCutchenPittsburgh Pirates
JLP-ANAaron NolaPhiladelphia Phillies
JLP-APAlbert PujolsSt Louis Cardinals
JLP-ARAlex RodriguezSeattle Mariners
JLP-BBByron BuxtonMinnesota Twins
JLP-BBOBo BichetteToronto Blue Jays
JLP-BLBarry LarkinCincinnati Reds
JLP-BPBuster PoseySan Francisco Giants
JLP-BRYBryce HarperPhiladelphia Phillies
JLP-CBCody BellingerLos Angeles Dodgers
JLP-CBICraig BiggioHouston Astros
JLP-CBUCorbin BurnesMilwaukee Brewers
JLP-CJChipper JonesAtlanta Braves
JLP-CKClayton KershawLos Angeles Dodgers
JLP-CRJCal Ripken Jr.Baltimore Orioles
JLP-CYChristian YelichMilwaukee Brewers
JLP-DODavid OrtizBoston Red Sox
JLP-FLFrancisco LindorNew York Mets
JLP-FTFernando Tatis Jr.San Diego Padres
JLP-FTHFrank ThomasChicago White Sox
JLP-GSPGeorge SpringerToronto Blue Jays
JLP-IIchiroMiami Marlins
JLP-IRODIvan RodriguezTexas Rangers
JLP-JAJose AltuveHouston Astros
JLP-JABJose AbreuChicago White Sox
JLP-JDGJacob deGromNew York Mets
JLP-JTRJ.T. RealmutoPhiladelphia Phillies
JLP-JUJulio UriasLos Angeles Dodgers
JLP-JVEJustin VerlanderHouston Astros
JLP-JVOJoey VottoCincinnati Reds
JLP-KGJKen Griffey Jr.Seattle Mariners
JLP-LWLarry WalkerColorado Rockies
JLP-MAXMax ScherzerWashington Nationals
JLP-MBMookie BettsLos Angeles Dodgers
JLP-MCMiguel CabreraDetroit Tigers
JLP-MMManny MachadoSan Diego Padres
JLP-MPMike PiazzaNew York Mets
JLP-MTMike TroutLos Angeles Angels
JLP-OAOzzie AlbiesAtlanta Braves
JLP-PAPete AlonsoNew York Mets
JLP-PGPaul GoldschmidtSt Louis Cardinals
JLP-PMPedro MartinezNew York Mets
JLP-RAJRonald Acuña Jr.Atlanta Braves
JLP-RDRafael DeversBoston Red Sox
JLP-RHERickey HendersonOakland Athletics
JLP-RJReggie JacksonLos Angeles Angels
JLP-SMOJohn SmoltzAtlanta Braves
JLP-SOShohei OhtaniLos Angeles Angels
JLP-SPSalvador PerezKansas City Royals
JLP-SSStephen StrasburgWashington Nationals
JLP-TATim AndersonChicago White Sox
JLP-TGTony GwynnSan Diego Padres
JLP-TGLTom GlavineAtlanta Braves
JLP-THTodd HeltonColorado Rockies
JLP-VGVladimir Guerrero Jr.Toronto Blue Jays
JLP-WBWalker BuehlerLos Angeles Dodgers
JLP-WCWillson ContrerasChicago Cubs
JLP-WMMax MuncyLos Angeles Dodgers
JLP-XBXander BogaertsBoston Red Sox
JLP-YAYordan AlvarezHouston Astros
JLP-YMOYadier MolinaSt Louis Cardinals