2023 Topps Sterling Baseball Checklist

2023 Topps Sterling Baseball

Release Date: May 24, 2023

A high-end collector’s favorite returns this season: 2023 Topps Sterling Baseball!

See the full checklist here – 2023 Topps Sterling Baseball Checklist

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2023 Topps Sterling Baseball

  • Each box delivers on-card autograph relic cards from current stars, legends, and newly emerging rookies of America’s Pastime.
  • Look for rare 1/1 relic and autograph relic cards found 1 per 4-box case, on average.

Topps Sterling Autographed Bat Knob Card, Vladimir Guerrero Jr

2023 Topps Sterling Baseball

Sterling Seasons –Celebrating memorable seasons, players are featured with on-card autographs and two relic pieces. Numbered to 25Topps Sterling Swings Autographed Relic Card, Bryce Harper

  • Blue Parallel –Featuring 3 relic pieces and numbered to 10
  • Red Parallel –Featuring 4 relic pieces and numbered to 5
  • Silver Parallel –Featuring 5 relic pieces and numbered 1/1


Sterling Strikes –Pitching greats are highlighted with on-card autographed relic cards. Numbered to 25

  • Blue Parallel –Featuring 3 relic pieces and numbered to 10
  • Red Parallel –Featuring 4 relic pieces and numbered to 5
  • Silver Parallel –Featuring 5 relic pieces and numbered 1/1


Sterling Swings –Featuring the most collectible hitters in the game on cards containing 2 relic pieces and on-card autographs. Numbered to 25Topps Sterling Seasons Autographed Relic Card –Silver Parallel, Derek Jeter

  • Blue Parallel –Featuring 3 relic pieces and numbered to 10
  • Red Parallel –Featuring 4 relic pieces and numbered to 5
  • Silver Parallel –Featuring 5 relic pieces and numbered 1/1


Sterling Debuts –The 2023 rookie class takes center stage with their first on-card autographed relic cards of the year. Numbered to 25

  • Blue Parallel –Featuring 3 relic pieces and numbered to 10
  • Red Parallel –Featuring 4 relic pieces and numbered to 5
  • Silver Parallel –Featuring 5 relic pieces and numbered 1/1

Topps Sterling Bat Nameplate Card, Willie Mays

NEW! Sterling Sets Autographed Book Cards –Featuring on-card autographs from 6 of the most collectible names of the MLB® past, present, and future. Numbered to 5.Topps Sterling Sets Dual Autographed Relic Card, Mike Trout & Shohei Ohtani

  • Red Parallel –Numbered to 3
  • Silver Parallel –Numbered 1/1


Sterling Sets Dual Autographed Relics –Players sharing a common bond are paired with on-card autographs and game-used relic pieces. Numbered to 15

  • Red Parallel –Featuring 4 relic pieces (2 per athlete) and numbered to 5
  • Silver Parallel –Featuring 6 relic pieces (3 per athlete) and numbered 1/1


Sterling Sets Triple Autographed Relics –Notable trios featured here with on-card autographs and game-used relic pieces. Numbered to 10Topps Sterling Splendor Jumbo Patch Autograph Card, Ronald Acuna Jr

  • Red Parallel –Featuring 4 relic pieces (2 per athlete) and numbered to 5
  • Silver Parallel –Featuring 6 relic pieces (3 per athlete) and numbered 1/1


Sterling Splendor Jumbo Patch Autographs -Top tier talent is showcased alongside a jumbo patch and on-card autograph. Numbered to 5

  • Red Parallel –Numbered to 3
  • Silver Parallel –Numbered 1/1


Topps Sterling Jersey Letter Patch Cards –Oversized relics of the featured player’s jersey letter patch.Legendary Relics Card, Babe Ruth

Topps Sterling Bat Knob Cards –Game-used bat knobs from MLB® greats

Topps Sterling Autographed Bat Knob Cards –Featuring on-card autographs

Topps Sterling Bat Nameplate Cards –Unique pieces containing player names emblazoned on a game-used bat

Topps Sterling Autographed Bat Nameplate Cards –Featuring on-card autographs

Topps Sterling Cut Signatures –Greats from Baseball, politics, and entertainment

Legendary Relics –Highlighting Hall of Fame members and other legendary MLB® names with 2 pieces of game-used memorabilia.

Legendary Cut Signatures Relics –Cut signature autographs alongside 2 game-used relics.



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Arizona Diamondbacks
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
AutoRandy JohnsonSterling Sets Autographed BookSSABC-CCMGMJCy Youngs
AutoRandy JohnsonSterling SeasonsSSAR-RJ
AutoRandy JohnsonSterling StrikesSTAR-RJO
AutoTom GlavineSterling Sets Autographed BookSSABC-CCMGMJCy Youngs
Atlanta Braves
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
RelicAndruw JonesTopps Sterling Bat KnobBK-AJ
RelicChipper JonesTopps Sterling Bat KnobBK-CJ
RelicChipper JonesTopps Sterling Bat NameplateBNP-CJ
RelicChipper JonesTopps Sterling Jersey Letter PatchJLP-CJ
RelicDale MurphyTopps Sterling Bat KnobBK-DM
RelicDale MurphyTopps Sterling Bat NameplateBNP-DMU
RelicHank AaronTopps Sterling Bat KnobBK-HA
RelicHank AaronLegendary RelicLR-HA
RelicHank AaronLegendary RelicLR-HA2
RelicJohn SmoltzTopps Sterling Jersey Letter PatchJLP-SMO
RelicOzzie AlbiesTopps Sterling Bat KnobBK-OA
RelicOzzie AlbiesTopps Sterling Bat NameplateBNP-OA
RelicOzzie AlbiesTopps Sterling Jersey Letter PatchJLP-OA
RelicRonald Acuña Jr.Topps Sterling Bat KnobBK-RAJ
RelicRonald Acuña Jr.Topps Sterling Bat NameplateBNP-RA
RelicRonald Acuña Jr.Topps Sterling Jersey Letter PatchJLP-RAJ
RelicTom GlavineTopps Sterling Jersey Letter PatchJLP-TGL
AutoChipper JonesSterling Sets Dual Autograph RelicSDAR-JAJ
AutoChipper JonesSterling Sets Dual Autograph RelicSDAR-JMA
AutoChipper JonesSterling SeasonsSSAR-CJ
AutoChipper JonesSterling Splendor Jumbo Patch AutographSSJPA-CJ
AutoChipper JonesSterling Sets Triple Autograph RelicSTAR-JGS
AutoChipper JonesSterling Sets Triple Autograph RelicSTAR-MJA
AutoChipper JonesSterling SwingsSWAR-CJ
AutoDale MurphyTopps Sterling Autograph Bat KnobABK-DM
AutoDale MurphyTopps Sterling Autographed Bat NameplateABN-DM
AutoDale MurphySterling SeasonsSSAR-DM
AutoDale MurphySterling Sets Triple Autograph RelicSTAR-MJA
AutoDale MurphySterling SwingsSWAR-DMU
AutoEddie MathewsTopps Sterling Cut SignatureCS-EMA
AutoEddie MathewsLegendary Cut Signature RelicLCS-EM
AutoGreg MadduxSterling Sets Dual Autograph RelicSDAR-JMA
AutoGreg MadduxSterling Sets Autographed BookSSABC-CCMGMJCy Youngs
AutoGreg MadduxSterling Sets Autographed BookSSABC-RJCCMM3000 KS
AutoGreg MadduxSterling SeasonsSSAR-MAD
AutoGreg MadduxSterling StrikesSTAR-GM
AutoGreg MadduxSterling StrikesSTAR-GMA
AutoGreg MadduxSterling Sets Triple Autograph RelicSTAR-JGS
AutoHank AaronTopps Sterling Cut SignatureCS-HA
AutoHank AaronLegendary Cut Signature RelicLCS-HA
AutoHank AaronLegendary Cut Signature RelicLCS-HA2
AutoJohn SmoltzSterling SeasonsSSAR-JS
AutoJohn SmoltzSterling Splendor Jumbo Patch AutographSSJPA-JS
AutoJohn SmoltzSterling StrikesSTAR-JS
AutoMatt OlsonSterling SwingsSWAR-MO
AutoMichael Harris IISterling DebutsSBDB-MHRC
AutoMichael Harris IISterling DebutsSBDB-MH2RC
AutoOzzie AlbiesTopps Sterling Autograph Bat KnobABK-OA
AutoOzzie AlbiesTopps Sterling Autographed Bat NameplateABN-OA
AutoOzzie AlbiesSterling SeasonsSSAR-OZZ
AutoOzzie AlbiesSterling SwingsSWAR-OZZ
AutoRonald Acuña Jr.Topps Sterling Autograph Bat KnobABK-RAJ
AutoRonald Acuña Jr.Topps Sterling Autographed Bat NameplateABN-RAJ
AutoRonald Acuña Jr.Sterling Sets Dual Autograph RelicSDAR-CAJ
AutoRonald Acuña Jr.Sterling Sets Dual Autograph RelicSDAR-JAJ
AutoRonald Acuña Jr.Sterling Sets Dual Autograph RelicSDAR-SAJ
AutoRonald Acuña Jr.Sterling Sets Autographed BookSSABC-ASOTGFAll-Star RC Team
AutoRonald Acuña Jr.Sterling Sets Autographed BookSSABC-PTHJAORCs of the Year
AutoRonald Acuña Jr.Sterling SeasonsSSAR-RAJ1
AutoRonald Acuña Jr.Sterling SeasonsSSAR-RAJ2
AutoRonald Acuña Jr.Sterling Splendor Jumbo Patch AutographSSJPA-RAJ
AutoRonald Acuña Jr.Sterling Sets Triple Autograph RelicSTAR-MJA
AutoRonald Acuña Jr.Sterling Sets Triple Autograph RelicSTAR-SAT
AutoRonald Acuña Jr.Sterling SwingsSWAR-RAJ
AutoRonald Acuña Jr.Sterling SwingsSWAR-RAJ2
AutoTom GlavineSterling Splendor Jumbo Patch AutographSSJPA-TGL
AutoTom GlavineSterling Sets Triple Autograph RelicSTAR-JGS
AutoWarren SpahnTopps Sterling Cut SignatureCS-WS
AutoWarren SpahnLegendary Cut Signature RelicLCS-WS
Baltimore Orioles
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
RelicCal Ripken Jr.Topps Sterling Bat KnobBK-CRJ
RelicCal Ripken Jr.Topps Sterling Bat NameplateBNP-CRJ
RelicCal Ripken Jr.Topps Sterling Jersey Letter PatchJLP-CRJ
RelicCal Ripken Jr.Legendary RelicLR-CR
RelicEddie MurrayTopps Sterling Bat KnobBK-EM
RelicEddie MurrayTopps Sterling Bat NameplateBNP-EM
RelicRyan MountcastleTopps Sterling Bat NameplateBNP-MOU
AutoAdley RutschmanSterling DebutsSBDB-ARRC
AutoAdley RutschmanSterling DebutsSBDB-AR2RC
AutoCal Ripken Jr.Topps Sterling Autograph Bat KnobABK-CRJ
AutoCal Ripken Jr.Topps Sterling Autographed Bat NameplateABN-CR
AutoCal Ripken Jr.Sterling Sets Dual Autograph RelicSDAR-RMU
AutoCal Ripken Jr.Sterling SeasonsSSAR-CRJ
AutoCal Ripken Jr.Sterling SeasonsSSAR-CRJ2
AutoCal Ripken Jr.Sterling Splendor Jumbo Patch AutographSSJPA-CRJ
AutoCal Ripken Jr.Sterling SwingsSWAR-CR
AutoEddie MurrayTopps Sterling Autograph Bat KnobABK-EM
AutoEddie MurrayTopps Sterling Autographed Bat NameplateABN-EM
AutoEddie MurraySterling Sets Dual Autograph RelicSDAR-RMU
AutoRick FerrellTopps Sterling Cut SignatureCS-RF
AutoSatchel PaigeTopps Sterling Cut SignatureCS-SP
Boston Red Sox
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
RelicCarl YastrzemskiTopps Sterling Bat KnobBK-YAZ
RelicCarl YastrzemskiTopps Sterling Bat NameplateBNP-CY
RelicDavid OrtizTopps Sterling Bat KnobBK-DO
RelicDavid OrtizTopps Sterling Bat NameplateBNP-DO
RelicDavid OrtizTopps Sterling Jersey Letter PatchJLP-DO
RelicJ.D. MartinezTopps Sterling Bat KnobBK-JDM
RelicJ.D. MartinezTopps Sterling Bat NameplateBNP-JDM
RelicJason VaritekTopps Sterling Bat NameplateBNP-JV
RelicMookie BettsTopps Sterling Bat KnobBK-MBE
RelicRafael DeversTopps Sterling Bat KnobBK-RD
RelicRafael DeversTopps Sterling Jersey Letter PatchJLP-RD
RelicTed WilliamsLegendary RelicLR-TW
RelicTed WilliamsLegendary RelicLR-TW2
RelicTrevor StoryTopps Sterling Bat KnobBK-TS
RelicTrevor StoryTopps Sterling Bat NameplateBNP-STO
RelicWade BoggsTopps Sterling Bat KnobBK-WB
RelicWade BoggsTopps Sterling Bat NameplateBNP-WB
RelicXander BogaertsTopps Sterling Bat NameplateBNP-XB
RelicXander BogaertsTopps Sterling Jersey Letter PatchJLP-XB
AutoCarl YastrzemskiTopps Sterling Autograph Bat KnobABK-CY
AutoCarl YastrzemskiTopps Sterling Autographed Bat NameplateABN-YAZ
AutoCarl YastrzemskiSterling Sets Dual Autograph RelicSDAR-YRA
AutoCarl YastrzemskiSterling SeasonsSSAR-CY
AutoCarl YastrzemskiSterling SwingsSWAR-CYA
AutoCarlton FiskSterling SeasonsSSAR-CFI
AutoDavid OrtizSterling SeasonsSSAR-DO
AutoDavid OrtizSterling SeasonsSSAR-DOR
AutoDavid OrtizSterling Splendor Jumbo Patch AutographSSJPA-DO
AutoDavid OrtizSterling Splendor Jumbo Patch AutographSSJPA-DO2
AutoDavid OrtizSterling Sets Triple Autograph RelicSTAR-OPC
AutoDavid OrtizSterling SwingsSWAR-DO
AutoJimmie FoxxTopps Sterling Cut SignatureCS-JF
AutoPedro MartinezSterling Sets Autographed BookSSABC-CCMGMJCy Youngs
AutoRafael DeversTopps Sterling Autograph Bat KnobABK-RD
AutoRafael DeversSterling Splendor Jumbo Patch AutographSSJPA-RD
AutoRafael DeversSterling SwingsSWAR-RD
AutoRafael DeversSterling SwingsSWAR-RDE
AutoRoger ClemensSterling Sets Autographed BookSSABC-CCMGMJCy Youngs
AutoRoger ClemensSterling Sets Autographed BookSSABC-RJCCMM3000 KS
AutoRoger ClemensSterling StrikesSTAR-RCL
AutoRoger ClemensSterling Sets Triple Autograph RelicSTAR-RJC
AutoTed WilliamsTopps Sterling Cut SignatureCS-TW
AutoTed WilliamsLegendary Cut Signature RelicLCS-TW
AutoTris SpeakerTopps Sterling Cut SignatureCS-TSP
AutoTris SpeakerLegendary Cut Signature RelicLCS-TS
AutoTriston CasasSterling DebutsSBDB-TCRC
AutoTriston CasasSterling DebutsSBDB-TC2RC
AutoWade BoggsTopps Sterling Autograph Bat KnobABK-WB
AutoWade BoggsSterling Sets Dual Autograph RelicSDAR-YRA
AutoWade BoggsSterling SeasonsSSAR-WB
AutoWade BoggsSterling SwingsSWAR-WB
AutoXander BogaertsTopps Sterling Autograph Bat KnobABK-XB
AutoXander BogaertsTopps Sterling Autograph Bat KnobABK-XBO
AutoXander BogaertsTopps Sterling Autographed Bat NameplateABN-XB
AutoXander BogaertsSterling Splendor Jumbo Patch AutographSSJPA-XB
Chicago Cubs
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
RelicAndre DawsonTopps Sterling Bat KnobBK-AD
RelicAndre DawsonTopps Sterling Bat NameplateBNP-AD
RelicAndre DawsonTopps Sterling Bat NameplateBNP-DAW
RelicAnthony RizzoTopps Sterling Bat KnobBK-AR
RelicRyne SandbergTopps Sterling Bat KnobBK-RYNE
RelicRyne SandbergTopps Sterling Bat NameplateBNP-RSA
RelicWillson ContrerasTopps Sterling Bat NameplateBNP-WCO
RelicWillson ContrerasTopps Sterling Jersey Letter PatchJLP-WC
AutoAndre DawsonSterling SeasonsSSAR-AD
AutoBilly HermanTopps Sterling Cut SignatureCS-BHE
AutoChristopher MorelSterling DebutsSBDB-CMORC
AutoChristopher MorelSterling DebutsSBDB-CMO2RC
AutoGreg MadduxSterling Sets Dual Autograph RelicSDAR-SMA
AutoGreg MadduxSterling StrikesSTAR-GMA2
AutoRyne SandbergTopps Sterling Autograph Bat KnobABK-RSA
AutoRyne SandbergTopps Sterling Autographed Bat NameplateABN-RS
AutoRyne SandbergSterling Sets Dual Autograph RelicSDAR-SMA
AutoRyne SandbergSterling SeasonsSSAR-RS
AutoRyne SandbergSterling SwingsSWAR-RS
Chicago White Sox
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
RelicCarlton FiskTopps Sterling Bat KnobBK-CFI
RelicEloy JimenezTopps Sterling Bat NameplateBNP-ELO
RelicFrank ThomasTopps Sterling Bat KnobBK-FT
RelicFrank ThomasTopps Sterling Bat NameplateBNP-FT
RelicFrank ThomasTopps Sterling Jersey Letter PatchJLP-FTH
RelicJose AbreuTopps Sterling Bat NameplateBNP-JAB
RelicJose AbreuTopps Sterling Jersey Letter PatchJLP-JAB
RelicTim AndersonTopps Sterling Jersey Letter PatchJLP-TA
AutoFrank ThomasTopps Sterling Autographed Bat NameplateABN-FT
AutoFrank ThomasSterling SeasonsSSAR-FT
AutoFrank ThomasSterling SeasonsSSAR-FT2
AutoFrank ThomasSterling SwingsSWAR-FTH
AutoLuis RobertTopps Sterling Autograph Bat KnobABK-LR
AutoLuis RobertTopps Sterling Autographed Bat NameplateABN-LR
AutoLuis RobertSterling SwingsSWAR-LR
AutoLuis RobertSterling SwingsSWAR-LRO
AutoLuke ApplingTopps Sterling Cut SignatureCS-LA
Cincinnati Reds
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
RelicBarry LarkinTopps Sterling Bat KnobBK-BL
RelicBarry LarkinTopps Sterling Bat NameplateBNP-BL
RelicBarry LarkinTopps Sterling Jersey Letter PatchJLP-BL
RelicJoe MorganTopps Sterling Bat NameplateBNP-JM
RelicJoey VottoTopps Sterling Bat KnobBK-JVO
RelicJoey VottoTopps Sterling Bat NameplateBNP-JVO
RelicJoey VottoTopps Sterling Jersey Letter PatchJLP-JVO
RelicTony PérezTopps Sterling Bat NameplateBNP-TP
AutoBarry LarkinSterling Sets Dual Autograph RelicSDAR-LVO
AutoBarry LarkinSterling SeasonsSSAR-BL
AutoBarry LarkinSterling Sets Triple Autograph RelicSTAR-BLV
AutoBarry LarkinSterling SwingsSWAR-BL
AutoEppa RixeyTopps Sterling Cut SignatureCS-EPP
AutoJoe MorganTopps Sterling Cut SignatureCS-JMO
AutoJoe MorganLegendary Cut Signature RelicLCS-JM
AutoJoey VottoTopps Sterling Autograph Bat KnobABK-JV
AutoJoey VottoTopps Sterling Autographed Bat NameplateABN-JV
AutoJoey VottoSterling Sets Dual Autograph RelicSDAR-LVO
AutoJoey VottoSterling SeasonsSSAR-JV
AutoJoey VottoSterling Splendor Jumbo Patch AutographSSJPA-JV
AutoJoey VottoSterling Sets Triple Autograph RelicSTAR-BLV
AutoJoey VottoSterling SwingsSWAR-JV
AutoJohnny BenchSterling SeasonsSSAR-JBE
AutoJohnny BenchSterling Sets Triple Autograph RelicSTAR-BLV
AutoJohnny BenchSterling SwingsSWAR-JBE
Cleveland Guardians
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
RelicJose RamirezTopps Sterling Bat KnobBK-JR
RelicJose RamirezTopps Sterling Bat NameplateBNP-JRAM
AutoBob FellerTopps Sterling Cut SignatureCS-BF
AutoJose RamirezSterling SeasonsSSAR-JRA
AutoJose RamirezSterling SwingsSWAR-RAM
AutoLou BoudreauTopps Sterling Cut SignatureCS-LB
Colorado Rockies
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
RelicKris BryantTopps Sterling Bat KnobBK-KB
RelicKris BryantTopps Sterling Bat NameplateBNP-KB
RelicLarry WalkerTopps Sterling Jersey Letter PatchJLP-LW
RelicTodd HeltonTopps Sterling Bat KnobBK-TH
RelicTodd HeltonTopps Sterling Jersey Letter PatchJLP-TH
Detroit Tigers
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
RelicJavier BaezTopps Sterling Bat KnobBK-JB
RelicJavier BaezTopps Sterling Bat NameplateBNP-JB
RelicMiguel CabreraTopps Sterling Bat KnobBK-MCA
RelicMiguel CabreraTopps Sterling Bat NameplateBNP-MCA
RelicMiguel CabreraTopps Sterling Jersey Letter PatchJLP-MC
AutoAl KalineTopps Sterling Cut SignatureCS-AK
AutoAl KalineLegendary Cut Signature RelicLCS-AK
AutoCharlie GehringerTopps Sterling Cut SignatureCS-CGE
AutoMiguel CabreraTopps Sterling Autograph Bat KnobABK-MC
AutoMiguel CabreraTopps Sterling Autographed Bat NameplateABN-MC
AutoMiguel CabreraSterling Sets Dual Autograph RelicSDAR-CAJ
AutoMiguel CabreraSterling SeasonsSSAR-MC
AutoMiguel CabreraSterling Splendor Jumbo Patch AutographSSJPA-MC
AutoMiguel CabreraSterling Splendor Jumbo Patch AutographSSJPA-MC2
AutoMiguel CabreraSterling Sets Triple Autograph RelicSTAR-OPC
AutoMiguel CabreraSterling SwingsSWAR-MC
AutoMiguel CabreraSterling SwingsSWAR-MC2
AutoRiley GreeneSterling DebutsSBDB-RGRC
AutoRiley GreeneSterling DebutsSBDB-RG2RC
AutoTy CobbTopps Sterling Cut SignatureCS-TC
Houston Astros
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
RelicAlex BregmanTopps Sterling Jersey Letter PatchJLP-ABR
RelicCraig BiggioTopps Sterling Bat KnobBK-CBI
RelicCraig BiggioTopps Sterling Bat NameplateBNP-CBI
RelicCraig BiggioTopps Sterling Jersey Letter PatchJLP-CBI
RelicGeorge SpringerTopps Sterling Bat KnobBK-GSP
RelicJeff BagwellTopps Sterling Bat KnobBK-JBA
RelicJeff BagwellTopps Sterling Bat NameplateBNP-BAG
RelicJose AltuveTopps Sterling Bat KnobBK-JA
RelicJose AltuveTopps Sterling Bat NameplateBNP-JA
RelicJose AltuveTopps Sterling Jersey Letter PatchJLP-JA
RelicJustin VerlanderTopps Sterling Jersey Letter PatchJLP-JVE
RelicNolan RyanTopps Sterling Bat NameplateBNP-NR
RelicYordan AlvarezTopps Sterling Bat KnobBK-YA
RelicYordan AlvarezTopps Sterling Bat NameplateBNP-YA
RelicYordan AlvarezTopps Sterling Jersey Letter PatchJLP-YA
AutoAlex BregmanSterling SeasonsSSAR-AB
AutoAlex BregmanSterling Splendor Jumbo Patch AutographSSJPA-BRE
AutoAlex BregmanSterling SwingsSWAR-BRG
AutoCraig BiggioSterling Sets Dual Autograph RelicSDAR-BB
AutoJeff BagwellTopps Sterling Autographed Bat NameplateABN-BAG
AutoJeff BagwellSterling Sets Dual Autograph RelicSDAR-BB
AutoJeff BagwellSterling SeasonsSSAR-JB
AutoJeff BagwellSterling SwingsSWAR-JB
AutoJose AltuveTopps Sterling Autographed Bat NameplateABN-JA
AutoJose AltuveSterling SeasonsSSAR-JA
AutoJose AltuveSterling Splendor Jumbo Patch AutographSSJPA-JA
AutoJose AltuveSterling SwingsSWAR-JAL
AutoNolan RyanSterling Sets Dual Autograph RelicSDAR-RJO
AutoNolan RyanSterling Sets Autographed BookSSABC-RJCCMM3000 KS
AutoNolan RyanSterling SeasonsSSAR-NRY
AutoNolan RyanSterling Sets Triple Autograph RelicSTAR-RJC
Kansas City Royals
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
RelicBo JacksonTopps Sterling Bat KnobBK-BJA
RelicBo JacksonTopps Sterling Bat NameplateBNP-BO
RelicGeorge BrettTopps Sterling Bat KnobBK-GBR
RelicSalvador PerezTopps Sterling Bat NameplateBNP-SP
RelicSalvador PerezTopps Sterling Jersey Letter PatchJLP-SP
AutoBobby Witt Jr.Sterling SeasonsSSAR-BWJ
AutoBobby Witt Jr.Sterling SwingsSWAR-BWJ
AutoSalvador PerezTopps Sterling Autograph Bat KnobABK-SP
AutoSalvador PerezTopps Sterling Autographed Bat NameplateABN-SP
AutoSalvador PerezSterling SwingsSWAR-SP
Los Angeles Angels
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
RelicMike TroutTopps Sterling Bat KnobBK-MTR
RelicMike TroutTopps Sterling Bat NameplateBNP-MTR
RelicMike TroutTopps Sterling Jersey Letter PatchJLP-MT
RelicMike TroutLegendary RelicLR-MT
RelicReggie JacksonTopps Sterling Jersey Letter PatchJLP-RJ
RelicShohei OhtaniTopps Sterling Jersey Letter PatchJLP-SO
AutoMike TroutTopps Sterling Autograph Bat KnobABK-MT
AutoMike TroutTopps Sterling Autographed Bat NameplateABN-MT
AutoMike TroutSterling Sets Dual Autograph RelicSDAR-TO
AutoMike TroutSterling Sets Autographed BookSSABC-PTHJAORCs of the Year
AutoMike TroutSterling SeasonsSSAR-MT
AutoMike TroutSterling SeasonsSSAR-MTR
AutoMike TroutSterling Sets Triple Autograph RelicSTAR-GJT
AutoMike TroutSterling Sets Triple Autograph RelicSTAR-RCT
AutoMike TroutSterling SwingsSWAR-MT
AutoNolan RyanSterling SeasonsSSAR-NR
AutoNolan RyanSterling StrikesSTAR-NR1
AutoNolan RyanSterling Sets Triple Autograph RelicSTAR-RCT
AutoRod CarewSterling SwingsSWAR-RCA
AutoShohei OhtaniTopps Sterling Autographed Bat NameplateABN-SO
AutoShohei OhtaniSterling Sets Dual Autograph RelicSDAR-IO
AutoShohei OhtaniSterling Sets Dual Autograph RelicSDAR-TO
AutoShohei OhtaniSterling Sets Autographed BookSSABC-ASOTGFAll-Star RC Team
AutoShohei OhtaniSterling Sets Autographed BookSSABC-PTHJAORCs of the Year
AutoShohei OhtaniSterling SeasonsSSAR-SO
AutoShohei OhtaniSterling Splendor Jumbo Patch AutographSSJPA-SHO
AutoShohei OhtaniSterling Sets Triple Autograph RelicSTAR-IMO
AutoShohei OhtaniSterling Sets Triple Autograph RelicSTAR-RCT
AutoShohei OhtaniSterling StrikesSTAR-SHO
Los Angeles Dodgers
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
RelicClayton KershawTopps Sterling Jersey Letter PatchJLP-CK
RelicCody BellingerTopps Sterling Bat KnobBK-CBE
RelicCody BellingerTopps Sterling Bat NameplateBNP-CBE
RelicCody BellingerTopps Sterling Jersey Letter PatchJLP-CB
RelicCorey SeagerTopps Sterling Bat KnobBK-CSE
RelicFreddie FreemanTopps Sterling Bat KnobBK-FRE
RelicFreddie FreemanTopps Sterling Bat NameplateBNP-FRE
RelicJulio UriasTopps Sterling Jersey Letter PatchJLP-JU
RelicMax MuncyTopps Sterling Jersey Letter PatchJLP-WM
RelicMookie BettsTopps Sterling Jersey Letter PatchJLP-MB
RelicTrea TurnerTopps Sterling Bat NameplateBNP-TTU
RelicWalker BuehlerTopps Sterling Jersey Letter PatchJLP-WB
AutoCody BellingerSterling SwingsSSAR-CB2
AutoCody BellingerSterling SwingsSWAR-CB
AutoDuke SniderTopps Sterling Cut SignatureCS-DSN
AutoFreddie FreemanTopps Sterling Autographed Bat NameplateABN-FF
AutoGil HodgesTopps Sterling Cut SignatureCS-GIL
AutoJackie RobinsonTopps Sterling Cut SignatureCS-JRO
AutoMike PiazzaSterling SeasonsSSAR-MPI
AutoPee Wee ReeseTopps Sterling Cut SignatureCS-PWR
AutoRoy CampanellaTopps Sterling Cut SignatureCS-RCA
AutoWalker BuehlerSterling StrikesSTAR-WB
AutoWalker BuehlerSterling StrikesSTAR-WB2
Miami Marlins
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
RelicIchiroTopps Sterling Jersey Letter PatchJLP-I
AutoIchiroSterling Splendor Jumbo Patch AutographSSJPA-I
Milwaukee Brewers
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
RelicAndrew McCutchenTopps Sterling Bat KnobBK-AMC
RelicAndrew McCutchenTopps Sterling Bat NameplateBNP-AM
RelicChristian YelichTopps Sterling Bat KnobBK-CY
RelicChristian YelichTopps Sterling Bat NameplateBNP-CYE
RelicChristian YelichTopps Sterling Jersey Letter PatchJLP-CY
RelicCorbin BurnesTopps Sterling Jersey Letter PatchJLP-CBU
AutoChristian YelichTopps Sterling Autographed Bat NameplateABN-CY
AutoChristian YelichSterling SeasonsSSAR-CYE
AutoChristian YelichSterling Splendor Jumbo Patch AutographSSJPA-CY
AutoChristian YelichSterling SwingsSWAR-CY2
AutoRobin YountTopps Sterling Autograph Bat KnobABK-RY
AutoRobin YountTopps Sterling Autographed Bat NameplateABN-RY
AutoRobin YountSterling SeasonsSSAR-RY
AutoRobin YountSterling SwingsSWAR-RY
Minnesota Twins
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
RelicByron BuxtonTopps Sterling Bat NameplateBNP-BB
RelicByron BuxtonTopps Sterling Jersey Letter PatchJLP-BB
RelicCarlos CorreaTopps Sterling Bat KnobBK-CC
RelicCarlos CorreaTopps Sterling Bat NameplateBNP-CC
RelicKirby PuckettTopps Sterling Bat KnobBK-KP
RelicKirby PuckettTopps Sterling Bat NameplateBNP-KP
AutoByron BuxtonSterling Sets Dual Autograph RelicSDAR-MBU
AutoByron BuxtonSterling SeasonsSSAR-BY
AutoByron BuxtonSterling Splendor Jumbo Patch AutographSSJPA-BBU
AutoByron BuxtonSterling SwingsSWAR-BB
AutoHarmon KillebrewTopps Sterling Cut SignatureCS-HK
AutoJoe MauerSterling Sets Dual Autograph RelicSDAR-MBU
AutoKirby PuckettLegendary Cut Signature RelicLCS-KP
AutoRod CarewSterling SeasonsSSAR-RCA
AutoRod CarewSterling SwingsSWAR-RC
New York Mets
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
RelicDarryl StrawberryTopps Sterling Bat NameplateBNP-STR
RelicDavid WrightTopps Sterling Bat KnobBK-DWR
RelicDavid WrightTopps Sterling Bat NameplateBNP-DW
RelicFrancisco LindorTopps Sterling Bat KnobBK-FL
RelicFrancisco LindorTopps Sterling Bat NameplateBNP-FL
RelicFrancisco LindorTopps Sterling Jersey Letter PatchJLP-FL
RelicGary CarterTopps Sterling Bat KnobBK-GC
RelicGary CarterTopps Sterling Bat NameplateBNP-GCA
RelicJacob deGromTopps Sterling Jersey Letter PatchJLP-JDG
RelicMike PiazzaTopps Sterling Bat KnobBK-MP
RelicMike PiazzaTopps Sterling Bat NameplateBNP-MP
RelicMike PiazzaTopps Sterling Jersey Letter PatchJLP-MP
RelicPedro MartinezTopps Sterling Jersey Letter PatchJLP-PM
RelicPete AlonsoTopps Sterling Bat KnobBK-PA
RelicPete AlonsoTopps Sterling Bat NameplateBNP-PAL
RelicPete AlonsoTopps Sterling Jersey Letter PatchJLP-PA
AutoBrett BatySterling DebutsSBDB-BBRC
AutoBrett BatySterling DebutsSBDB-BB2RC
AutoDavid WrightSterling Sets Dual Autograph RelicSDAR-DAL
AutoDavid WrightSterling SeasonsSSAR-DW
AutoDavid WrightSterling Sets Triple Autograph RelicSTAR-SWA
AutoDavid WrightSterling SwingsSWAR-DWR
AutoMike PiazzaTopps Sterling Autograph Bat KnobABK-MP
AutoMike PiazzaTopps Sterling Autographed Bat NameplateABN-MP
AutoMike PiazzaSterling SeasonsSSAR-PIA
AutoMike PiazzaSterling Sets Triple Autograph RelicSTAR-SWA
AutoPete AlonsoTopps Sterling Autograph Bat KnobABK-PA
AutoPete AlonsoTopps Sterling Autographed Bat NameplateABN-PA
AutoPete AlonsoSterling Sets Dual Autograph RelicSDAR-DAL
AutoPete AlonsoSterling SeasonsSSAR-PA
AutoPete AlonsoSterling Sets Triple Autograph RelicSTAR-SWA
AutoPete AlonsoSterling SwingsSWAR-PA
AutoPete AlonsoSterling SwingsSWAR-PA2
AutoTom SeaverTopps Sterling Cut SignatureCS-TSE
AutoTom SeaverLegendary Cut Signature RelicLCS-TSE
New York Yankees
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
RelicAaron JudgeTopps Sterling Bat KnobBK-JUD
RelicAlex RodriguezTopps Sterling Bat KnobBK-AROD
RelicAlex RodriguezTopps Sterling Bat NameplateBNP-TH
RelicAnthony RizzoTopps Sterling Bat NameplateBNP-KL
RelicBabe RuthLegendary RelicLR-BR
RelicBabe RuthLegendary RelicLR-BR2
RelicBernie WilliamsTopps Sterling Bat NameplateBNP-BW
RelicDerek JeterTopps Sterling Bat KnobBK-DJ
RelicDerek JeterTopps Sterling Bat NameplateBNP-DJ
RelicDerek JeterLegendary RelicLR-DJ
RelicDon MattinglyTopps Sterling Bat KnobBK-DMA
RelicDon MattinglyTopps Sterling Bat NameplateBNP-DMA
RelicGary SheffieldTopps Sterling Bat NameplateBNP-SHF
RelicGiancarlo StantonTopps Sterling Bat KnobBK-GST
RelicReggie JacksonTopps Sterling Bat NameplateBNP-REG
RelicRoger MarisTopps Sterling Bat KnobBK-RMA
RelicYogi BerraLegendary RelicLR-BF
AutoAaron JudgeTopps Sterling Autograph Bat KnobABK-AJ
AutoAaron JudgeTopps Sterling Autographed Bat NameplateABN-AJ
AutoAaron JudgeSterling Sets Autographed BookSSABC-PTHJAORCs of the Year
AutoAaron JudgeSterling SeasonsSSAR-AJ
AutoAaron JudgeSterling Splendor Jumbo Patch AutographSSJPA-AJU
AutoAaron JudgeSterling SwingsSWAR-AJ
AutoAlex RodriguezTopps Sterling Autograph Bat KnobABK-AR
AutoAlex RodriguezTopps Sterling Autographed Bat NameplateABN-AR
AutoAlex RodriguezSterling Sets Autographed BookSSABC-CPJRWRYankee Greats
AutoAlex RodriguezSterling SeasonsSSAR-AR
AutoAlex RodriguezSterling Sets Triple Autograph RelicSTAR-RJP
AutoAlex RodriguezSterling SwingsSWAR-AR
AutoAndy PettitteSterling Sets Autographed BookSSABC-CPJRWRYankee Greats
AutoAndy PettitteSterling StrikesSTAR-AP
AutoAnthony RizzoSterling Sets Dual Autograph RelicSDAR-MR
AutoAnthony RizzoSterling SeasonsSSAR-RIZ
AutoAnthony RizzoSterling Splendor Jumbo Patch AutographSSJPA-ARI
AutoAnthony RizzoSterling SwingsSWAR-ARI
AutoAnthony RizzoSterling SwingsSWAR-ARI2
AutoBabe RuthLegendary Cut Signature RelicLCS-BR
AutoBernie WilliamsSterling Sets Autographed BookSSABC-CPJRWRYankee Greats
AutoCasey StengelTopps Sterling Cut SignatureCS-CST
AutoCC SabathiaSterling SeasonsSSAR-CS
AutoDerek JeterTopps Sterling Autograph Bat KnobABK-DJ
AutoDerek JeterSterling Sets Dual Autograph RelicSDAR-JM
AutoDerek JeterSterling Sets Autographed BookSSABC-CPJRWRYankee Greats
AutoDerek JeterSterling SeasonsSSAR-DJ
AutoDerek JeterSterling Sets Triple Autograph RelicSTAR-GJT
AutoDerek JeterSterling Sets Triple Autograph RelicSTAR-RJP
AutoDon MattinglySterling Sets Dual Autograph RelicSDAR-MR
AutoDon MattinglySterling SeasonsSSAR-DMA
AutoDon MattinglySterling SeasonsSSAR-DMA2
AutoDon MattinglySterling SwingsSWAR-DM
AutoDon MattinglySterling SwingsSWAR-DM2
AutoHideki MatsuiSterling Sets Dual Autograph RelicSDAR-IM
AutoHideki MatsuiSterling SeasonsSSAR-HM
AutoHideki MatsuiSterling Sets Triple Autograph RelicSTAR-IMO
AutoHideki MatsuiSterling SwingsSWAR-HM
AutoJoe DiMaggioTopps Sterling Cut SignatureCS-JDI
AutoJoe GordonTopps Sterling Cut SignatureCS-JGO
AutoMariano RiveraSterling Sets Dual Autograph RelicSDAR-JM
AutoMariano RiveraSterling Sets Autographed BookSSABC-CPJRWRYankee Greats
AutoMariano RiveraSterling SeasonsSSAR-MR
AutoMariano RiveraSterling StrikesSTAR-MR
AutoMariano RiveraSterling StrikesSTAR-MR2
AutoMariano RiveraSterling Sets Triple Autograph RelicSTAR-RJP
AutoPhil RizzutoTopps Sterling Cut SignatureCS-PR
AutoRoger ClemensSterling Sets Autographed BookSSABC-CPJRWRYankee Greats
AutoRoger ClemensSterling StrikesSTAR-CLE
AutoRoger MarisTopps Sterling Cut SignatureCS-RMA
AutoRoger MarisLegendary Cut Signature RelicLCS-RM
AutoWaite HoytTopps Sterling Cut SignatureCS-WH
AutoWhitey FordTopps Sterling Cut SignatureCS-WF
Oakland Athletics
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
RelicJose CansecoTopps Sterling Bat KnobBK-JC
RelicMark McGwireTopps Sterling Bat KnobBK-MAC
RelicReggie JacksonLegendary RelicLR-RJ
RelicRickey HendersonTopps Sterling Bat KnobBK-RH
RelicRickey HendersonTopps Sterling Jersey Letter PatchJLP-RHE
AutoJim "Catfish" HunterTopps Sterling Cut SignatureCS-JCH
AutoMark McGwireTopps Sterling Autograph Bat KnobABK-MMC
AutoMark McGwireTopps Sterling Autographed Bat NameplateABN-MMC
AutoMark McGwireSterling SeasonsSSAR-MMC
AutoMark McGwireSterling SwingsSWAR-MM
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
AutoAndy WarholTopps Sterling Cut SignatureCS-WAR
AutoAretha FranklinTopps Sterling Cut SignatureCS-AFR
AutoArnold PalmerTopps Sterling Cut SignatureCS-AP
AutoBen HoganTopps Sterling Cut SignatureCS-BHO
AutoBette DavisTopps Sterling Cut SignatureCS-BDA
AutoBill ClintonTopps Sterling Cut SignatureCS-BCL
AutoBuck LeonardTopps Sterling Cut SignatureCS-BL
AutoBurt ReynoldsTopps Sterling Cut SignatureCS-BR
AutoCalvin CoolidgeTopps Sterling Cut SignatureCS-CC
AutoCary GrantTopps Sterling Cut SignatureCS-CG
AutoClint EastwoodTopps Sterling Cut SignatureCS-EAST
AutoDean SmithTopps Sterling Cut SignatureCS-DS
AutoDebbie ReynoldsTopps Sterling Cut SignatureCS-DR
AutoDouglas MacArthurTopps Sterling Cut SignatureCS-DM
AutoDuke EllingtonTopps Sterling Cut SignatureCS-DUK
AutoEleanor RooseveltTopps Sterling Cut SignatureCS-ER
AutoFats DominoTopps Sterling Cut SignatureCS-FDO
AutoFlorence HendersonTopps Sterling Cut SignatureCS-FH
AutoFranklin D. RooseveltTopps Sterling Cut SignatureCS-FR
AutoFred AstaireTopps Sterling Cut SignatureCS-FA
AutoGeorge BurnsTopps Sterling Cut SignatureCS-GBU
AutoGeorge W. BushTopps Sterling Cut SignatureCS-GB
AutoGerald FordTopps Sterling Cut SignatureCS-GF
AutoGordie HoweTopps Sterling Cut SignatureCS-GHO
AutoGrace KellyTopps Sterling Cut SignatureCS-GK
AutoHenry FordTopps Sterling Cut SignatureCS-HF
AutoHerbert HooverTopps Sterling Cut SignatureCS-HOOV
AutoIngrid BergmanTopps Sterling Cut SignatureCS-IB
AutoJacques CousteauTopps Sterling Cut SignatureCS-JAC
AutoJake LaMottaTopps Sterling Cut SignatureCS-JLA
AutoJimmy CarterTopps Sterling Cut SignatureCS-JCA
AutoJimmy DoolittleTopps Sterling Cut SignatureCS-JDO
AutoJimmy StewartTopps Sterling Cut SignatureCS-JS
AutoJoe FrazierTopps Sterling Cut SignatureCS-JFR
AutoJohn WoodenTopps Sterling Cut SignatureCS-JW
AutoJohnny CarsonTopps Sterling Cut SignatureCS-JOH
AutoJohnny CashTopps Sterling Cut SignatureCS-CASH
AutoKatharine HepburnTopps Sterling Cut SignatureCS-KH
AutoLeonard NimoyTopps Sterling Cut SignatureCS-LN
AutoLouis ArmstrongTopps Sterling Cut SignatureCS-LOU
AutoLyndon B. JohnsonTopps Sterling Cut SignatureCS-LBJ
AutoMae WestTopps Sterling Cut SignatureCS-MW
AutoMargaret ThatcherTopps Sterling Cut SignatureCS-MT
AutoMarvin GayeTopps Sterling Cut SignatureCS-MG
AutoNancy ReaganTopps Sterling Cut SignatureCS-NRE
AutoNorman RockwellTopps Sterling Cut SignatureCS-NR
AutoRichard NixonTopps Sterling Cut SignatureCS-RN
AutoRobin WilliamsTopps Sterling Cut SignatureCS-RWI
AutoRonald ReaganTopps Sterling Cut SignatureCS-REA
AutoRoy OrbisonTopps Sterling Cut SignatureCS-RO
AutoSammy Davis Jr.Topps Sterling Cut SignatureCS-SD
AutoSIR Edmund HillaryTopps Sterling Cut SignatureCS-EH
AutoSugar Ray RobinsonTopps Sterling Cut SignatureCS-SR
AutoUlysses S. GrantTopps Sterling Cut SignatureCS-ULY
AutoWarren HardingTopps Sterling Cut SignatureCS-SH
Philadelphia Phillies
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
RelicAaron NolaTopps Sterling Jersey Letter PatchJLP-AN
RelicBryce HarperTopps Sterling Jersey Letter PatchJLP-BRY
RelicJ.T. RealmutoTopps Sterling Jersey Letter PatchJLP-JTR
RelicMike SchmidtTopps Sterling Bat KnobBK-MS
RelicMike SchmidtTopps Sterling Bat NameplateBNP-SCH
AutoBryce HarperSterling Sets Autographed BookSSABC-PTHJAORCs of the Year
AutoBryce HarperSterling SeasonsSSAR-BH
AutoBryce HarperSterling Splendor Jumbo Patch AutographSSJPA-BH
AutoBryce HarperSterling SwingsSWAR-BH
AutoRichie AshburnTopps Sterling Cut SignatureCS-RA
AutoRobin RobertsTopps Sterling Cut SignatureCS-RRO
AutoSteve CarltonSterling Sets Autographed BookSSABC-CCMGMJCy Youngs
AutoSteve CarltonSterling Sets Autographed BookSSABC-RJCCMM3000 KS
AutoSteve CarltonSterling SeasonsSSAR-SC
AutoSteve CarltonSterling StrikesSTAR-SC
Pittsburgh Pirates
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
RelicAndrew McCutchenTopps Sterling Jersey Letter PatchJLP-AMC
RelicHonus WagnerLegendary RelicLR-HW
RelicHonus WagnerLegendary RelicLR-HW2
RelicRoberto ClementeLegendary RelicLR-RC
AutoHonus WagnerTopps Sterling Cut SignatureCS-HWA
AutoHonus WagnerLegendary Cut Signature RelicLCS-HW
AutoRalph KinerTopps Sterling Cut SignatureCS-RKI
AutoWillie StargellTopps Sterling Cut SignatureCS-WST
AutoWillie StargellLegendary Cut Signature RelicLCS-WST
San Diego Padres
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
RelicFernando Tatis Jr.Topps Sterling Jersey Letter PatchJLP-FT
RelicManny MachadoTopps Sterling Bat KnobBK-MMA
RelicManny MachadoTopps Sterling Bat NameplateBNP-MM
RelicManny MachadoTopps Sterling Jersey Letter PatchJLP-MM
RelicTony GwynnTopps Sterling Jersey Letter PatchJLP-TG
RelicTony GwynnLegendary RelicLR-TG
AutoFernando Tatis Jr.Sterling Sets Autographed BookSSABC-ASOTGFAll-Star RC Team
AutoFernando Tatis Jr.Sterling SeasonsSSAR-FTJ
AutoFernando Tatis Jr.Sterling Splendor Jumbo Patch AutographSSJPA-FTJ
AutoFernando Tatis Jr.Sterling Sets Triple Autograph RelicSTAR-SAT
AutoFernando Tatis Jr.Sterling SwingsSWAR-FT
AutoFernando Tatis Jr.Sterling SwingsSWAR-FTJ
AutoJuan SotoSterling Sets Autographed BookSSABC-ASOTGFAll-Star RC Team
AutoJuan SotoSterling SeasonsSSAR-JSO
AutoJuan SotoSterling SwingsSWAR-JS
AutoJuan SotoSterling SwingsSWAR-JS2
AutoTony GwynnTopps Sterling Cut SignatureCS-TG
AutoTony GwynnLegendary Cut Signature RelicLCS-TG
San Francisco Giants
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
RelicBuster PoseyTopps Sterling Bat KnobBK-BPO
RelicBuster PoseyTopps Sterling Bat NameplateBNP-BPO
RelicBuster PoseyTopps Sterling Jersey Letter PatchJLP-BP
RelicWill ClarkTopps Sterling Bat KnobBK-WCL
RelicWill ClarkTopps Sterling Bat NameplateBNP-WC
RelicWillie MaysTopps Sterling Bat KnobBK-MAYS
RelicWillie MaysTopps Sterling Bat NameplateBNP-WMA
RelicWillie MaysLegendary RelicLR-WM
RelicWillie MaysLegendary RelicLR-WM2
RelicWillie McCoveyTopps Sterling Bat KnobBK-WM
RelicWillie McCoveyTopps Sterling Bat NameplateBNP-WMC
AutoBuster PoseyTopps Sterling Autographed Bat NameplateABN-BP
AutoBuster PoseySterling Sets Dual Autograph RelicSDAR-CP
AutoBuster PoseySterling Sets Autographed BookSSABC-PTHJAORCs of the Year
AutoBuster PoseySterling SeasonsSSAR-BP
AutoBuster PoseySterling Splendor Jumbo Patch AutographSSJPA-BP
AutoBuster PoseySterling SwingsSWAR-BP
AutoCarl HubbellTopps Sterling Cut SignatureCS-CH
AutoGeorge "High Pockets" KellyTopps Sterling Cut SignatureCS-GHP
AutoMel OttTopps Sterling Cut SignatureCS-MO
AutoMel OttLegendary Cut Signature RelicLCS-OTT
AutoMonte IrvinTopps Sterling Cut SignatureCS-MI
AutoWill ClarkSterling Sets Dual Autograph RelicSDAR-CP
AutoWill ClarkSterling SeasonsSSAR-WC
AutoWill ClarkSterling SwingsSWAR-WC
AutoWillie McCoveyTopps Sterling Cut SignatureCS-WM
AutoWillie McCoveyLegendary Cut Signature RelicLCS-WM
Seattle Mariners
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
RelicAlex RodriguezTopps Sterling Jersey Letter PatchJLP-AR
RelicIchiroTopps Sterling Bat KnobBK-I
RelicIchiroLegendary RelicLR-I
RelicKen Griffey Jr.Topps Sterling Jersey Letter PatchJLP-KGJ
RelicKen Griffey Jr.Legendary RelicLR-KG
AutoIchiroSterling Sets Dual Autograph RelicSDAR-IM
AutoIchiroSterling Sets Dual Autograph RelicSDAR-IO
AutoIchiroSterling SeasonsSSAR-I
AutoIchiroSterling SeasonsSSAR-IC
AutoIchiroSterling Sets Triple Autograph RelicSTAR-IMO
AutoIchiroSterling SwingsSWAR-I
AutoJulio RodriguezSterling Sets Autographed BookSSABC-ASOTGFAll-Star RC Team
AutoKen Griffey Jr.Sterling Sets Triple Autograph RelicSTAR-GJT
AutoPedro MartinezSterling Sets Autographed BookSSABC-RJCCMM3000 KS
AutoRandy JohnsonSterling Sets Dual Autograph RelicSDAR-RJO
AutoRandy JohnsonSterling Sets Autographed BookSSABC-RJCCMM3000 KS
AutoRandy JohnsonSterling StrikesSTAR-RJ
AutoRandy JohnsonSterling Sets Triple Autograph RelicSTAR-RJC
St Louis Cardinals
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
RelicAlbert PujolsTopps Sterling Bat KnobBK-AP
RelicAlbert PujolsTopps Sterling Bat NameplateBNP-AP
RelicAlbert PujolsTopps Sterling Jersey Letter PatchJLP-AP
RelicNolan ArenadoTopps Sterling Bat KnobBK-NA
RelicNolan ArenadoTopps Sterling Bat NameplateBNP-NA
RelicOzzie SmithTopps Sterling Bat KnobBK-OZZ
RelicPaul GoldschmidtTopps Sterling Bat KnobBK-PG
RelicPaul GoldschmidtTopps Sterling Jersey Letter PatchJLP-PG
RelicYadier MolinaTopps Sterling Bat KnobBK-YM
RelicYadier MolinaTopps Sterling Bat NameplateBNP-YMO
RelicYadier MolinaTopps Sterling Jersey Letter PatchJLP-YMO
AutoAlbert PujolsTopps Sterling Autograph Bat KnobABK-AP
AutoAlbert PujolsTopps Sterling Autographed Bat NameplateABN-AP
AutoAlbert PujolsSterling SeasonsSSAR-AP
AutoAlbert PujolsSterling Sets Triple Autograph RelicSTAR-OPC
AutoBob GibsonTopps Sterling Cut SignatureCS-BG
AutoBob GibsonLegendary Cut Signature RelicLCS-BG
AutoJohnny MizeTopps Sterling Cut SignatureCS-JM
AutoJohnny MizeLegendary Cut Signature RelicLCS-JMI
AutoLou BrockTopps Sterling Cut SignatureCS-LBR
AutoLou BrockLegendary Cut Signature RelicLCS-LB
AutoMark McGwireSterling Sets Dual Autograph RelicSDAR-MCA
AutoMark McGwireSterling SeasonsSSAR-MM
AutoNolan ArenadoTopps Sterling Autograph Bat KnobABK-NA
AutoNolan ArenadoTopps Sterling Autographed Bat NameplateABN-NA
AutoNolan ArenadoSterling Sets Dual Autograph RelicSDAR-MCA
AutoNolan ArenadoSterling SeasonsSSAR-NAR
AutoNolan ArenadoSterling SwingsSWAR-NA
AutoNolan GormanSterling DebutsSBDB-NGRC
AutoNolan GormanSterling DebutsSBDB-NG2RC
AutoOzzie SmithTopps Sterling Autograph Bat KnobABK-SR
AutoOzzie SmithTopps Sterling Autographed Bat NameplateABN-OS
AutoPaul GoldschmidtTopps Sterling Autographed Bat NameplateABN-PG
AutoPaul GoldschmidtSterling SwingsSWAR-PG
AutoPaul GoldschmidtSterling SwingsSWAR-PG2
AutoRed SchoendienstTopps Sterling Cut SignatureCS-RS
AutoRogers HornsbyLegendary Cut Signature RelicLCS-RHO
AutoStan MusialTopps Sterling Cut SignatureCS-SM
AutoSteve CarltonSterling StrikesSTAR-SC2
AutoYadier MolinaTopps Sterling Autograph Bat KnobABK-YM
AutoYadier MolinaTopps Sterling Autographed Bat NameplateABN-YM
AutoYadier MolinaSterling SeasonsSSAR-YMO
AutoYadier MolinaSterling SwingsSWAR-YAD
Tampa Bay Rays
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
RelicWander FrancoTopps Sterling Bat KnobBK-WFR
RelicWander FrancoTopps Sterling Bat NameplateBNP-WFR
Texas Rangers
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
RelicAdrian BeltreTopps Sterling Bat KnobBK-ABE
RelicAdrian BeltreTopps Sterling Bat NameplateBNP-ABE
RelicAdrian BeltreTopps Sterling Jersey Letter PatchJLP-AB2
RelicCorey SeagerTopps Sterling Bat NameplateBNP-SG
RelicIvan RodriguezTopps Sterling Jersey Letter PatchJLP-IROD
AutoAdrian BeltreTopps Sterling Autographed Bat NameplateABN-ABE
AutoAdrian BeltreSterling SeasonsSSAR-BEL
AutoJosh JungSterling DebutsSBDB-JJRC
AutoJosh JungSterling DebutsSBDB-JJ2RC
AutoNolan RyanSterling StrikesSTAR-NR
AutoNolan RyanSterling StrikesSTAR-NRY
Toronto Blue Jays
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
RelicBo BichetteTopps Sterling Bat KnobBK-BO
RelicBo BichetteTopps Sterling Bat NameplateBNP-BBI
RelicBo BichetteTopps Sterling Jersey Letter PatchJLP-BBO
RelicGeorge SpringerTopps Sterling Jersey Letter PatchJLP-GSP
RelicPaul MolitorTopps Sterling Bat NameplateBNP-MOL
RelicVladimir Guerrero Jr.Topps Sterling Bat KnobBK-VGJ
RelicVladimir Guerrero Jr.Topps Sterling Bat NameplateBNP-VGJ
RelicVladimir Guerrero Jr.Topps Sterling Jersey Letter PatchJLP-VG
AutoGeorge SpringerTopps Sterling Autographed Bat NameplateABN-GS
AutoGeorge SpringerSterling Splendor Jumbo Patch AutographSSJPA-GS
AutoGeorge SpringerSterling SwingsSWAR-GS
AutoVladimir Guerrero Jr.Topps Sterling Autograph Bat KnobABK-VGJ
AutoVladimir Guerrero Jr.Topps Sterling Autographed Bat NameplateABN-VG
AutoVladimir Guerrero Jr.Sterling Sets Dual Autograph RelicSDAR-GSO
AutoVladimir Guerrero Jr.Sterling Sets Autographed BookSSABC-ASOTGFAll-Star RC Team
AutoVladimir Guerrero Jr.Sterling SeasonsSSAR-VGJ
AutoVladimir Guerrero Jr.Sterling SeasonsSSAR-VGR
AutoVladimir Guerrero Jr.Sterling Splendor Jumbo Patch AutographSSJPA-VGJ
AutoVladimir Guerrero Jr.Sterling SwingsSWAR-VGJ
AutoVladimir Guerrero Jr.Sterling SwingsSWAR-VGJ2
Washington Nationals
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
RelicBryce HarperTopps Sterling Bat KnobBK-BH
RelicJuan SotoTopps Sterling Bat NameplateBNP-JSO
RelicMax ScherzerTopps Sterling Jersey Letter PatchJLP-MAX
RelicStephen StrasburgTopps Sterling Jersey Letter PatchJLP-SS
RelicTrea TurnerTopps Sterling Bat KnobBK-TT
RelicVladimir GuerreroTopps Sterling Bat KnobBK-VG
RelicVladimir GuerreroTopps Sterling Bat NameplateBNP-VG
AutoJuan SotoTopps Sterling Autograph Bat KnobABK-JS
AutoJuan SotoTopps Sterling Autographed Bat NameplateABN-JS
AutoJuan SotoSterling Sets Dual Autograph RelicSDAR-GSO
AutoJuan SotoSterling Sets Dual Autograph RelicSDAR-SAJ
AutoJuan SotoSterling SeasonsSSAR-JSO2
AutoJuan SotoSterling Sets Triple Autograph RelicSTAR-SAT
AutoVladimir GuerreroSterling SeasonsSSAR-VG
AutoVladimir GuerreroSterling SwingsSWAR-VG