2023 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions Checklist

2023 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions

Release Date: January 4, 2024

The 100-card Goodwin base set features a contemporary design and an eclectic mix of rookies, superstar athletes and entertainment personalities from around the world.

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2023 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions

  • The 100-card Goodwin base set features a contemporary design and an eclectic mix of rookies, superstar athletes and entertainment personalities from around the world.
  • One of Upper Deck’s most anticipated rookie cards of the year will appear in Goodwin Champions® for the first time.

2023 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions


Introducing the 2023 Goodwin Champions® Exquisite Collection. This set features an impressive array of rookies, vets and legends. The iconic Goudey insert set returns including regular autographs and the ultra-rare Goudey Sport Royalty Autographs. Also look for hard-signed autographs and rare variants of the 100-card base set.

Young Guns – Druw Jones
Diamond Relic Veterans Double Diamond Regular – Will Zalatoris
Splash of Color Green Rainbow Platinum – Scoot Henderson



One of Upper Deck’s most anticipated rookie cards of the year, Young Guns, will appear in Goodwin Champions® for the first time. Collect coveted Diamond Relic Veteran & Rookie cards! Each card in this set boasts one to four diamond relics. The more accomplished the player or personality, the more diamond relics the card will feature. Collectors can find Platinum Variants of the Base Set and the Splash of Color insert set.

Goodwin Autographs – Anthony Richardson
Exquisite Collection Autograph – Jackson Holliday
Goudey Autograph – Carissa Moore



A unique insert set inspired by the classic 1997-98 Upper Deck Basketball Game Jersey design. The checklist is highlighted by some of the top athletes on the planet. This is a five-tiered collection of embroidered glow-in-the dark manufactured patch cards commemorating space constellations and some of the coolest objects in the galaxy.

UD Game Jersey – Michael Jordan
Glow-In-The-Dark Space – Manufactured Patch Tier 5 – UFO






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Base Set

75 card set.
Parallels - Printing Plates 1/1.

1Michael JordanBasketball
2Tiger WoodsGolf
3Elijah GreenBaseballPP
4Darius GarlandBasketball
5Shy OdomBasketballPP
6Will ZalatorisGolf
7Ken Griffey Jr.Baseball
8Maria SharapovaTennis W
9Jordan WalshBasketballRC
10Mia FishelSoccer WRC
11Brooks LeeBaseballPP
12Brandon MillerBasketballRC
13Sam MewisSoccer W
14Fred CouplesGolf
15Lena OberdorfSoccer WRC
16Kenny PickettFootball
17Kijani WrightBasketballPP
18Hailey Van LithBasketball WPP
19Eric Dailey Jr.BasketballPP
20Kysre GondrezickBasketball W
21Michael MayerFootballRC
22Druw JonesBaseballPP
23Jackson HollidayBaseballPP
24Noah ClowneyBasketballRC
25Daimion CollinsBasketballPP
26Brice SensabaughBasketballRC
27Nicholaus IamaleavaFootballPP
28Dereck LivelyBasketballRC
29Scoot HendersonBasketballRC
30Mikaylah WilliamsBasketball WPP
31Chris LivingstonBasketballRC
32Anthony BlackBasketballRC
33Mikey RomeroBaseballPP
34Jaden BradleyBasketballPP
35G.G. JacksonBasketballRC
36Kevin ParadaBaseballPP
37Iga SwiatekTennis WRC
38Sydney McLaughlin-LevroneTrack and FieldRC
39Dylan CrewsBaseballPP
40Bryce YoungFootballRC
41Darwin NunezSoccerRC
42Termarr JohnsonBaseballPP
43Nick Smith Jr.BasketballRC
44Caleb WilliamsFootballPP
45Brock WilkenBaseballPP
46Ernest UdehBasketballPP
47Jared McCainBasketballPP
48Cristhian VaqueroBaseballPP
49Jordan ChilesGymnastRC
50Julian PhillipsBasketballRC
51Oswald PerazaBaseballPP
52Killer MikeRapper
53Juju WatkinsBasketball WPP
54Carissa MooreSurfingRC
55Jaelin HowellSoccer WRC
56Gabriel MorenoBaseballRC
57Leanne WongGymnastPP
58Amanda AnisimovaTennis WRC
59Jace JungBaseballPP
60Mike BreenMedia
61Alyssa NakkenBaseball
62Ernie JohnsonMedia
63Tyrese ProctorBasketballPP
64Skyy ClarkBasketballPP
65Jimmy ConnorsTennis
66C.J. StroudFootballRC
67Anthony RichardsonFootballRC
69Matthew HoppeSoccerRC
70Amari AveryGolfPP
71JJ StarlingBasketballPP
72JJ TaylorBasketballPP
73Ilia TopuriaMMA
74Gradey DickBasketballRC
75Will Anderson Jr.FootballRC
Base Set - Horizontal

25 card set.
Parallels - Printing Plates 1/1.

76Michael JordanBasketball
77Tiger WoodsGolf
78Darius GarlandBasketball
79Elijah GreenBaseballPP
80Will ZalatorisGolf
81Ken Griffey Jr.Baseball
82Maria SharapovaTennis W
83C.J. StroudFootballRC
84Druw JonesBaseballPP
85Jackson HollidayBaseballPP
86Anthony RichardsonFootballRC
87Caleb WilliamsFootballPP
88Scoot HendersonBasketballRC
89Bryce YoungFootballRC
90Anthony BlackBasketballRC
91Sydney McLaughlin-LevroneTrack and FieldRC
92Iga SwiatekTennis WRC
93Jaden BradleyBasketballPP
94Nick Smith Jr.BasketballRC
95Dylan CrewsBaseballPP
96Darwin NunezSoccerRC
97Brandon MillerBasketballRC
98Kenny PickettFootball
99Termarr JohnsonBaseballPP
100G.G. JacksonBasketballRC
Base Set - Splash of Color

50 card set.
Odds - 1:4.5 Hobby.
Parallels - Printing Plates 1/1.

101Michael JordanBasketball
102Tiger WoodsGolf
103Nick Smith Jr.BasketballRC
104Darwin NunezSoccerRC
105Caleb WilliamsFootballPP
106C.J. StroudFootballRC
107Jimmy ConnorsTennis
108Jordan WalshBasketballRC
109Druw JonesBaseballPP
110Scoot HendersonBasketballRC
111Hailey Van LithBasketball WPP
112Gradey DickBasketballRC
113Dylan CrewsBaseballPP
114Anthony RichardsonFootballRC
115Ken Griffey Jr.Baseball
116Dereck LivelyBasketballRC
117Jace JungBaseballPP
118Kayshon BoutteFootballRC
119Jackson HollidayBaseballPP
120Termarr JohnsonBaseballPP
121Cristhian VaqueroBaseballPP
122Will ZalatorisGolf
123Oswald PerazaBaseballPP
124Ilia TopuriaMMA
125Will Anderson Jr.FootballRC
126Izzy AbanikandaFootballRC
127G.G. JacksonBasketballRC
128Kevin ParadaBaseballPP
129Elijah GreenBaseballPP
130Iga SwiatekTennis WRC
131Sydney McLaughlin-LevroneTrack and FieldRC
132Justin CrawfordBaseballPP
133Lena OberdorfSoccer WRC
134Brandon MillerBasketballRC
135Andrej StojakovicBasketballPP
136Jaden BradleyBasketballPP
137Tyrese ProctorBasketballPP
138Anthony BlackBasketballRC
139Amari AveryGolfPP
140Carissa MooreSurfingRC
141Brock WilkenBaseballPP
142Daimion CollinsBasketballPP
143Darius GarlandBasketball
144Nicholaus IamaleavaFootballPP
145Sam MewisSoccer W
146Amanda AnisimovaTennis WRC
147Gabriel MorenoBaseballRC
148Juju WatkinsBasketball WPP
149Bryce YoungFootballRC
150Mia FishelSoccer WRC
1990 Fleer Rookie Sensations Autographs

2 card set.
Odds - 1:5,000 Hobby.

13RS-JJJalen JohnsonBasketball
13RS-MMMoses MoodyBasketball
1996-97 Skybox Autographics

5 card set.
Odds - 1:3,000 Hobby.

96SA-JJJalen JohnsonBasketball
96SA-KJKeldon JohnsonBasketball
96SA-KSKedon SlovisFootballPP
96SA-MMMoses MoodyBasketball
96SA-PWPeyton WatsonBasketballXRC
1996-97 Skybox Z-Force Autographs

2 card set.
Odds - 1:4,400 Hobby.

96ZF-DLDereck LivelyBasketballRC
96ZF-JJJalen JohnsonBasketball
1997-98 Skybox Autographics

7 card set.
Odds - 1:900 Hobby.

97SA-DGDarius GarlandBasketball
97SA-DLDereck LivelyBasketballRC
97SA-JJJalen JohnsonBasketball
97SA-KJKeldon JohnsonBasketball
97SA-KSKedon SlovisFootballPP
97SA-MMMoses MoodyBasketball
97SA-PWPeyton WatsonBasketballXRC
1999-00 SP Signature Edition Signatures

4 card set.
Odds - 1:1,600 Hobby.

99SP-DLDereck LivelyBasketballRC
99SP-JJJalen JohnsonBasketball
99SP-MMMoses MoodyBasketball
99SP-PWPeyton WatsonBasketballXRC
2022 Exquisite Collection Update

4 card set.

RA-FTFrancisco TrincaoSoccerXRC - - Rookie Auto (+Gold Spectrum/Black)
RA-JFJoao FelixSoccerXRC - - Rookie Auto (+Gold Spectrum/Black)
RAR-ARRoderick AriasBaseballPP - Rookie Auto Materials Black
RAR-JFJoao FelixSoccerXRC - - Rookie Auto Materials (+Gold Spectrum/Black)
2022 Goodwin Update

8 card set.

A-FTFrancisco TrincaoSoccerXRC - - Autographs
A-FTFrancisco TrincaoSoccerXRC - - Autographs Inscriptions - "Euro U19 Champ"
A-JFJoao FelixSoccerXRC - - Autographs
A-JFJoao FelixSoccerXRC - - Autographs Inscriptions - "Menino de Ouro"
A-MSMaria SharapovaTennis WAutographs Inscriptions - "5X Major Winner"
GA-FTFrancisco TrincaoSoccerXRC - - Goudey Autographs
GA-JFJoao FelixSoccerXRC - - Goudey Autographs
HA-FTFrancisco TrincaoSoccerXRC - - Horizontal Autographs
HA-JFJoao FelixSoccerXRC - - Horizontal Autographs
SA-JFJoao FelixSoccerXRC - - Splash Of Color Autographs

51 card set.
Odds - 1:54 Hobby.

A-AAAmanda AnisimovaTennis WRC
A-ABAnthony BlackBasketballRC
A-ANAlyssa NakkenBaseball
A-ARAnthony RichardsonFootballRC
A-ASAndrej StojakovicBasketballPP
A-AVAmari AveryGolfPP
A-BLBrooks LeeBaseballPP
A-BSBrice SensabaughBasketballRC
A-BWBrock WilkenBaseballPP
A-CMCarissa MooreSurfingRC
A-CVCristhian VaqueroBaseballPP
A-CWCaleb WilliamsFootballPP
A-DCDylan CrewsBaseballPP
A-DJDruw JonesBaseballPP
A-DLDereck LivelyBasketballRC
A-EDEric Dailey Jr.BasketballPP
A-EGElijah GreenBaseballPP
A-EJErnie JohnsonMedia
A-GJG.G. JacksonBasketballRC
A-GMGabriel MorenoBaseballRC
A-ISIga SwiatekTennis WRC
A-ITIlia TopuriaMMA
A-JBJaden BradleyBasketballPP
A-JHJackson HollidayBaseballPP
A-JJJace JungBaseballPP
A-JSJJ StarlingBasketballPP
A-JTJJ TaylorBasketballPP
A-JUJustin CrawfordBaseballPP
A-JUJudah MintzBasketballPP
A-KBKayshon BoutteFootballRC
A-KGKysre GondrezickBasketball W
A-KPKevin ParadaBaseballPP
A-KWKijani WrightBasketballPP
A-LWLeanne WongGymnastPP
A-MBMike BreenMedia
A-MFMia FishelSoccer WRC
A-MHMatthew HoppeSoccerRC
A-MRMikey RomeroBaseballPP
A-MTMike TysonBoxing
A-MTMaximo AcostaBaseballPP
A-NSNick Smith Jr.BasketballRC
A-OPOswald PerazaBaseballPP
A-RHRhyne HowardBasketball WXRC
A-SCSkyy ClarkBasketballPP
A-SJSpencer JonesBaseballPP
A-SMSydney McLaughlin-LevroneTrack and FieldRC
A-SMSam MewisSoccer W
A-SOShy OdomBasketballPP
A-THTyrese HunterBasketballPP
A-TJTermarr JohnsonBaseballPP
A-TPTyrese ProctorBasketballPP
A-WAJordan WalshBasketballRC
A-WIWill Anderson Jr.FootballRC
A-ZCZZ ClarkBasketballPP
Autographs Inscriptions

48 card set.

A-AAAmanda AnisimovaTennis WRC - "2022 Melbourne Summer Set Winner"
A-ABAnthony BlackBasketballRC - "2022 SEC All-Freshman Team"
A-ANAlyssa NakkenBaseball"1st Female Coach in Majors"
A-ASAndrej StojakovicBasketballPP - "Drej"
A-AVAmari AveryGolfPP - "2022 Windy City Collegiate"
A-BLBrooks LeeBaseballPP - "#8 Overall Draft Pick"
A-BSBrice SensabaughBasketballRC - "2023 28th Overall Pick"
A-BWBrock WilkenBaseballPP - "2021 Cape Cod MVP"
A-CMCarissa MooreSurfingRC - "5x WSL World Champion"
A-CRDylan CrewsBaseballPP - "2x SEC Player of the Year"
A-CVCristhian VaqueroBaseballPP - "The Phenomenon"
A-CWCaleb WilliamsFootballPP - "2022 Heisman Trophy Winner"
A-DCDylan CrewsBaseballPP - "2023 #2 Draft Pick"
A-DJDruw JonesBaseballPP - "2nd Overall Draft Pick"
A-DLDereck LivelyBasketballRC - "2023 ACC Champ"
A-EDEric Dailey Jr.BasketballPP - "2022 Team USA Gold Medal"
A-EGElijah GreenBaseballPP - "2022 5th Overall Pick"
A-EJErnie JohnsonMedia"E.J."
A-GJG.G. JacksonBasketballRC - "2023 SEC All-Freshman Team"
A-GMGabriel MorenoBaseballRC - "Luli"
A-ISIga SwiatekTennis WRC - "4x Major Singles Champion"
A-JBJaden BradleyBasketballPP - "Bear Down"
A-JHJackson HollidayBaseballPP - "1st Overall Draft Pick"
A-JJJace JungBaseballPP - "#12 Overall Draft Pick"
A-JSJJ StarlingBasketballPP - "#GoOrange"
A-JTJJ TaylorBasketballPP - "#GoTigers"
A-JUJustin CrawfordBaseballPP - "2022 #17 Draft Pick"
A-JUJudah MintzBasketballPP - "#Go Orange"
A-KBKayshon BoutteFootballRC - "Geaux Tigers"
A-KGKysre GondrezickBasketball W"2021 #4 Draft Pick"
A-KPKevin ParadaBaseballPP - "#11 Overall Draft Pick"
A-KWKijani WrightBasketballPP - "2019 Team USA Gold Medal"
A-MBMike BreenMedia"BANG!"
A-MFMia FishelSoccer WRC - "2022 #5 Draft Pick"
A-MHMatthew HoppeSoccerRC - "2022 USMNT"
A-MRMikey RomeroBaseballPP - "24th Overall Draft Pick"
A-MTMaximo AcostaBaseballPP - "El Mago"
A-NSNick Smith Jr.BasketballRC - "2023 Sweet 16"
A-RHRhyne HowardBasketball WXRC - - "2022 #1 Draft Pick"
A-SCSkyy ClarkBasketballPP - "Hibachi"
A-SJSpencer JonesBaseballPP - "25th Overall Draft Pick"
A-SMSam MewisSoccer W"3x NWSL Champion"
A-SOShy OdomBasketballPP - "2022 MEAC Freshman of the Year"
A-THTyrese HunterBasketballPP - "Big 12 Freshman of the Year"
A-TJTermarr JohnsonBaseballPP - "4th Overall Draft Pick"
A-TPTyrese ProctorBasketballPP - "#GoDevils"
A-WAJordan WalshBasketballRC - "2023 Sweet 16"
A-WIWill Anderson Jr.FootballRC - "2023 3rd Overall Draft Pick"
A-ZCZZ ClarkBasketballPP - "@zachiahh"
Black Diamond Gemography

5 card set.
Parallels - Pure Black 1/1.

BDG-BYBryce YoungFootballRC
BDG-KGKen Griffey Jr.Baseball
BDG-MJMichael JordanBasketball
BDG-MTMike TysonBoxing
BDG-SHScoot HendersonBasketballRC
Black Diamond Pure Black Auto

8 card set.

BD-DGDarius GarlandBasketball
BD-KGKen Griffey Jr.Baseball
BD-MJMichael JordanBasketball
BD-MSMaria SharapovaTennis W
BD-MTMike TysonBoxing
BD-TWTiger WoodsGolf
BD-WGWayne GretzkyHockey
BD-WZWill ZalatorisGolf
Black Diamond Rookie Gems Pure Black Auto

17 card set.

BDRG-ARAnthony RichardsonFootballRC
BDRG-BMBrandon MillerBasketballRC
BDRG-BYBryce YoungFootballRC
BDRG-CSC.J. StroudFootballRC
BDRG-CWCaleb WilliamsFootballPP
BDRG-DCDylan CrewsBaseballPP
BDRG-DJDruw JonesBaseballPP
BDRG-EGElijah GreenBaseballPP
BDRG-GJG.G. JacksonBasketballRC
BDRG-ISIga SwiatekTennis WRC
BDRG-JHJackson HollidayBaseballPP
BDRG-KBKayshon BoutteFootballRC
BDRG-NSNick Smith Jr.BasketballRC
BDRG-SHScoot HendersonBasketballRC
BDRG-SMSydney McLaughlin-LevroneTrack and FieldRC
BDRG-TJTermarr JohnsonBaseballPP
BDRG-WAWill Anderson Jr.FootballRC
Dual Autographs

1 card set.

GDA-SBNick Smith Jr.BasketballRC
GDA-SBAnthony BlackBasketball
Exquisite Collection 2003-04 Rookie Auto

3 card set.
Parallels - Gold Spectrum #/5, Black 1/1.

03R-CWCaleb WilliamsFootballPP
03R-DJDruw JonesBaseballPP
03R-NSNick Smith Jr.BasketballRC
Exquisite Collection 2003-04 Rookie Auto Materials

13 card set.
Parallels - Gold Spectrum #/5, Black 1/1.

03E-ABAnthony BlackBasketballRC
03E-BMBrandon MillerBasketballRC
03E-CWCaleb WilliamsFootballPP
03E-DJDruw JonesBaseballPP
03E-EGElijah GreenBaseballPP
03E-ISIga SwiatekTennis WRC
03E-JHJackson HollidayBaseballPP
03E-NSNick Smith Jr.BasketballRC
03E-SMSydney McLaughlin-LevroneTrack and FieldRC
03E-TPTyrese ProctorBasketballPP
03E-WAWill Anderson Jr.FootballRC
03T-CSC.J. StroudFootballRC
03T-JFJoao FelixSoccerRC
Exquisite Collection 2009-10 Rookie Auto

24 card set.
Parallels - Gold Spectrum #/10, Black 1/1.

09T-BMBrandon MillerBasketballRC
09T-CSC.J. StroudFootballRC - Only Base
09T-CWCaleb WilliamsFootballPP - Only Base
09T-DCDylan CrewsBaseballPP - Only Base
09T-DJDruw JonesBaseballPP - Only Base
09T-EGElijah GreenBaseballPP - Only Base
09T-FTFrancisco TrincaoSoccerRC - No Base
09T-GJG.G. JacksonBasketballRC
09T-GMGabriel MorenoBaseballRC - Only Base
09T-HEScoot HendersonBasketballRC
09T-IANicholaus IamaleavaFootballPP - Only Base
09T-IAIzzy AbanikandaFootballRC
09T-ISIga SwiatekTennis WRC
09T-JCJustin CrawfordBaseballPP
09T-JFJoao FelixSoccerRC - No Base
09T-JHJackson HollidayBaseballPP - Only Base
09T-JSJJ StarlingBasketballPP
09T-JWJordan WalshBasketballRC
09T-LIDereck LivelyBasketballRC - Only Base
09T-NHNolan HickmanBasketballPP
09T-PWPeyton WatsonBasketballXRC - - No Base
09T-SMNick Smith Jr.BasketballRC - Only Base
09T-SMSydney McLaughlin-LevroneTrack and FieldRC
09T-TJTermarr JohnsonBaseballPP
09T-TPTyrese ProctorBasketballPP
09T-WAWill Anderson Jr.FootballRC
09T-WAD.J. WagnerBasketballPP - Only Base
Exquisite Collection Gold Spectrum Auto

5 card set.
Parallels - Black 1/1.

V-CMCollin MorikawaGolf
V-DGDarius GarlandBasketball
V-MJMichael JordanBasketball
V-MTMike TysonBoxing
V-TWTiger WoodsGolf
Exquisite Collection Rookie Auto

19 card set.
Parallels - Gold Spectrum #/10, Black 1/1.

RA-ABAnthony BlackBasketballRC
RA-BMBrandon MillerBasketballRC
RA-DCDylan CrewsBaseballPP - Only Base
RA-DJDruw JonesBaseballPP - Only Base
RA-DLDereck LivelyBasketballRC - Only Base
RA-EGElijah GreenBaseballPP - Only Base
RA-GJG.G. JacksonBasketballRC
RA-GMGabriel MorenoBaseballRC - Only Base
RA-IANicholaus IamaleavaFootballPP - Only Base
RA-IAIzzy AbanikandaFootballRC
RA-ISIga SwiatekTennis WRC
RA-JCJustin CrawfordBaseballPP
RA-JHJackson HollidayBaseballPP - Only Base
RA-JWJordan WalshBasketballRC
RA-KPKevin ParadaBaseballPP
RA-NSNick Smith Jr.BasketballRC - Only Base
RA-SMSydney McLaughlin-LevroneTrack and FieldRC
RA-TJTermarr JohnsonBaseballPP
RA-WAWill Anderson Jr.FootballRC
RA-WAD.J. WagnerBasketballPP - Only Base
RA-WICaleb WilliamsFootballPP - Only Base
Exquisite Collection Rookie Auto Materials

8 card set.
Parallels - Gold Spectrum #/10, Black 1/1.

RAP-BMBrandon MillerBasketballRC
RAP-CWCaleb WilliamsFootballPP
RAP-DJDruw JonesBaseballPP - No Black
RAP-DLDylan CrewsBaseballPP
RAP-ISIga SwiatekTennis WRC
RAP-JHJackson HollidayBaseballPP
RAP-NSNick Smith Jr.BasketballRC
RAP-SMSydney McLaughlin-LevroneTrack and FieldRC
Exquisite Collection Signature Kicks Horizontal

5 card set.
Planned redemption.

ESK-CRDylan CrewsBaseballPP - Redemption
ESK-JODruw JonesBaseballPP - Redemption
ESK-SMNick Smith Jr.BasketballRC - Redemption
ESK-TYMike TysonBoxingRedemption
ESK-WICaleb WilliamsFootballPP - Redemption
Exquisite Collection Signature Kicks Vertical

5 card set.
Planned redemption.

ESK-CWCaleb WilliamsFootballPP - Redemption
ESK-DCDylan CrewsBaseballPP - Redemption
ESK-DJDruw JonesBaseballPP - Redemption
ESK-MTMike TysonBoxingRedemption
ESK-NSNick Smith Jr.BasketballRC - Redemption
Goudey Autographs

39 card set.
Odds - 1:195 Hobby.

GA-AAAmanda AnisimovaTennis WRC
GA-ABAnthony BlackBasketballRC
GA-ANAlyssa NakkenBaseball
GA-ASAndrej StojakovicBasketballPP
GA-AVAmari AveryGolfPP
GA-BLBrooks LeeBaseballPP
GA-BSBrice SensabaughBasketballRC
GA-BWBrock WilkenBaseballPP
GA-CMCarissa MooreSurfingRC
GA-CVCristhian VaqueroBaseballPP
GA-DCDylan CrewsBaseballPP
GA-DLDereck LivelyBasketballRC
GA-EJErnie JohnsonMedia
GA-GMGabriel MorenoBaseballRC
GA-JBJaden BradleyBasketballPP
GA-JJJace JungBaseballPP
GA-JSJJ StarlingBasketballPP
GA-JTJJ TaylorBasketballPP
GA-JUJudah MintzBasketballPP
GA-KBKayshon BoutteFootballRC
GA-KGKysre GondrezickBasketball W
GA-KPKevin ParadaBaseballPP
GA-KWKijani WrightBasketballPP
GA-LWLeanne WongGymnastPP
GA-MAMaximo AcostaBaseballPP
GA-MBMike BreenMedia
GA-MFMia FishelSoccer WRC
GA-MHMatthew HoppeSoccerRC
GA-NSNick Smith Jr.BasketballRC
GA-OPOswald PerazaBaseballPP
GA-RHRhyne HowardBasketball WXRC
GA-SCSkyy ClarkBasketballPP
GA-SJSpencer JonesBaseballPP
GA-SMSydney McLaughlin-LevroneTrack and FieldRC
GA-SOShy OdomBasketballPP
GA-THTyrese HunterBasketballPP
GA-WAJordan WalshBasketballRC
GA-WIWill Anderson Jr.FootballRC
GA-ZCZZ ClarkBasketballPP
Goudey Sport Royalty Autographs

5 card set.
Odds - 1:8,640 Hobby.

SRA-CWCaleb WilliamsFootballPP
SRA-ISIga SwiatekTennis WRC
SRA-MJMichael JordanBasketball
SRA-MTMike TysonBoxing
SRA-SMSydney McLaughlin-LevroneTrack and FieldRC
Horizontal Autographs

17 card set.
Odds - 1:576 Hobby.

HA-ABAnthony BlackBasketballRC
HA-CWCaleb WilliamsFootballPP
HA-DCDylan CrewsBaseballPP
HA-DJDruw JonesBaseballPP
HA-EGElijah GreenBaseballPP
HA-GJG.G. JacksonBasketballRC
HA-ISIga SwiatekTennis WRC
HA-ITIlia TopuriaMMA
HA-JCJustin CrawfordBaseballPP
HA-JHJackson HollidayBaseballPP
HA-MFMia FishelSoccer WRC
HA-MTMike TysonBoxing
HA-NINicholaus IamaleavaFootballPP
HA-NSNick Smith Jr.BasketballRC
HA-SMSydney McLaughlin-LevroneTrack and FieldRC
HA-TJTermarr JohnsonBaseballPP
HA-TPTyrese ProctorBasketballPP
SP Authentic 2000 Future Watch Auto

4 card set.

00-IAIzzy AbanikandaFootballRC
00-WAWill Anderson Jr.FootballRC
00T-MMMichael MayerFootballRC
00T-NINicholaus IamaleavaFootballPP
SP Authentic 2001 Future Watch Auto

12 card set.

01T-BWBrock WilkenBaseballPP
01T-DCDylan CrewsBaseballPP
01T-EBEnrique Bradfield Jr.BaseballPP
01T-GRElijah GreenBaseballPP
01T-JGJacob GonzalezBaseballPP
01T-JHJackson HollidayBaseballPP
01T-JJJace JungBaseballPP
01T-JODruw JonesBaseballPP
01T-LEBrooks LeeBaseballPP
01T-PAKevin ParadaBaseballPP
01T-PEOswald PerazaBaseballPP
01T-TJTermarr JohnsonBaseballPP
SP Authentic 2003-04 Rookie Authentics Auto

26 card set.

03-ABAnthony BlackBasketballRC
03-AHAden HollowayBasketballPP
03-ASAndrej StojakovicBasketballPP
03-BSBrice SensabaughBasketballRC
03-CWCaleb WilliamsFootballPP
03-DJDruw JonesBaseballPP
03-EDEric Dailey Jr.BasketballPP
03-ISIga SwiatekTennis WRC
03-JBJaden BradleyBasketballPP
03-JHJackson HollidayBaseballPP
03-JMJudah MintzBasketballPP
03-JSJJ StarlingBasketballPP
03-JWJuju WatkinsBasketball WPP
03-SCSkyy ClarkBasketballPP
03-SOShy OdomBasketballPP
03-SYSydney McLaughlin-LevroneTrack and FieldRC
03-THTyrese HunterBasketballPP
03-TPTyrese ProctorBasketballPP
03-ZCZZ ClarkBasketballPP
03T-DWD.J. WagnerBasketballPP
03T-FEJoao FelixSoccerRC
03T-FTFrancisco TrincaoSoccerRC
03T-GGG.G. JacksonBasketballRC
03T-JTJJ TaylorBasketballPP
03T-LIDereck LivelyBasketballRC
03T-NSNick Smith Jr.BasketballRC
Splash of Color Autographs

18 card set.
Odds - 1:8,640 Hobby.

SA-ABAnthony BlackBasketballRC
SA-ASAndrej StojakovicBasketballPP
SA-BMBrandon MillerBasketballRC
SA-BSBrice SensabaughBasketballRC
SA-CVCristhian VaqueroBaseballPP
SA-CWCaleb WilliamsFootballPP
SA-DCDylan CrewsBaseballPP
SA-DJDruw JonesBaseballPP
SA-EGElijah GreenBaseballPP
SA-ISIga SwiatekTennis WRC
SA-JBJaden BradleyBasketballPP
SA-JHJackson HollidayBaseballPP
SA-JWJuju WatkinsBasketball WPP
SA-NSNick Smith Jr.BasketballRC
SA-SMSydney McLaughlin-LevroneTrack and FieldRC
SA-THTyrese HunterBasketballPP
SA-TJTermarr JohnsonBaseballPP
SA-WAWill Anderson Jr.FootballRC
Upper Deck UD Game Jersey Autographs

5 card set.

UDGJA-CWCaleb WilliamsFootballPP
UDGJA-ISIga SwiatekTennis WRC
UDGJA-JHJackson HollidayBaseballPP
UDGJA-MJMichael JordanBasketball
UDGJA-TWTiger WoodsGolf
1923 United States Currency Relics

5 card set.
Odds - 1:1,152 Hobby.

CR-11923 Lincoln Wheat CentCurrency
CR-21923 Buffalo NickelCurrency
CR-31923 Mercury DimeCurrency
CR-41923 Washington QuarterCurrency
CR-51923 Walking Liberty Half DollarCurrency
Birth Year Coinage

49 card set.

BYCR-1John F. Kennedy - 1917Politics
BYCR-2Jimmy Connors - 1952Tennis
BYCR-3Ernie Johnson - 1956Media
BYCR-4Wayne Gretzky - 1961Hockey
BYCR-5Michael Jordan - 1963Basketball
BYCR-6Mike Tyson - 1966Boxing
BYCR-7Ken Griffey Jr. - 1969Baseball
BYCR-8Will Zalatoris - 1996Golf
BYCR-9El-P - 1975Rapper
BYCR-10Killer Mike - 1975Rapper
BYCR-11Tiger Woods - 1975Golf
BYCR-12Viktor Hovland - 1997GolfRC
BYCR-13Sam Mewis - 1992Soccer W
BYCR-14Carissa Moore - 1992SurfingRC
BYCR-16Ilia Topuria - 1997MMA
BYCR-17Mikaylah Williams - 2002Basketball WPP
BYCR-18Jaelin Howell - 1999Soccer WRC
BYCR-19Anthony Richardson - 1999FootballRC
BYCR-20Sydney McLaughlin-Levrone - 1999Track and FieldRC
BYCR-21Jace Jung - 2000BaseballPP
BYCR-22Bryce Young - 2001FootballRC
BYCR-23Hailey Van Lith - 2001Basketball WPP
BYCR-24Haley Jones - 2001Basketball WRC
BYCR-25Jordan Chiles - 2001GymnastRC
BYCR-26Kevin Parada - 2001BaseballPP
BYCR-27Lena Oberdorf - 2001Soccer WRC
BYCR-28Mia Fishel - 2001Soccer WRC
BYCR-29Brandon Miller - 2002BasketballRC
BYCR-30Caleb Williams - 2002FootballPP
BYCR-31Dylan Crews - 2002BaseballPP
BYCR-32Izzy Abanikanda - 2002FootballRC
BYCR-33Iga Swiatek - 2001Tennis WRC
BYCR-34C.J. Stroud - 2001FootballRC
BYCR-35Kayshon Boutte - 2002FootballRC
BYCR-36Amari Avery - 2003GolfPP
BYCR-37Nicholaus Iamaleava - 2004FootballPP
BYCR-38Elijah Green - 2003BaseballPP
BYCR-39Druw Jones - 2003BaseballPP
BYCR-40Jackson Holliday - 2003BaseballPP
BYCR-41Leanne Wong - 2003GymnastPP
BYCR-42Justin Crawford - 2004BaseballPP
BYCR-43Anthony Black - 2004BasketballRC
BYCR-44G.G. Jackson - 2004BasketballRC
BYCR-45Jordan Walsh - 2004BasketballRC
BYCR-46Nick Smith Jr. - 2004BasketballRC
BYCR-47Scoot Henderson - 2004BasketballRC
BYCR-48Termarr Johnson - 2004BaseballPP
BYCR-49Tyrese Proctor - 2004BasketballPP
BYCR-50Juju Watkins - 2005Basketball WPP
Black Diamond Band of Color

10 card set.

BAND-CSC.J. StroudFootballRC
BAND-DCDylan CrewsBaseballPP
BAND-DJDruw JonesBaseballPP
BAND-EBCaleb WilliamsFootballPP
BAND-JHJackson HollidayBaseballPP
BAND-KGKen Griffey Jr.Baseball
BAND-MJMichael JordanBasketball
BAND-MTMike TysonBoxing
BAND-NSNick Smith Jr.BasketballRC
BAND-SHScoot HendersonBasketballRC
Black Diamond Rookie Stone Relics

29 card set.
Parallels - Pure Black 1/1.

BDRR-ABAnthony BlackBasketballRC - Triple Diamond
BDRR-ARAnthony RichardsonFootballRC - Triple Diamond
BDRR-BMBrandon MillerBasketballRC - Triple Diamond
BDRR-BYBryce YoungFootballRC - Quad Diamond
BDRR-CSC.J. StroudFootballRC - Triple Diamond
BDRR-CVCristhian VaqueroBaseballPP - Double Diamond
BDRR-CWCaleb WilliamsFootballPP - Quad Diamond
BDRR-DCDylan CrewsBaseballPP - Quad Diamond
BDRR-DJDruw JonesBaseballPP - Triple Diamond
BDRR-DLDereck LivelyBasketballRC - Double Diamond
BDRR-DNDarwin NunezSoccerRC - Double Diamond
BDRR-EGElijah GreenBaseballPP - Single Diamond
BDRR-GDGradey DickBasketballRC - Single Diamond
BDRR-GJG.G. JacksonBasketballRC - Triple Diamond
BDRR-ISIga SwiatekTennis WRC - Triple Diamond
BDRR-ITIlia TopuriaMMADouble Diamond
BDRR-JHJackson HollidayBaseballPP - Quad Diamond
BDRR-JSJJ StarlingBasketballPP - Single Diamond
BDRR-JWJordan WalshBasketballRC - Double Diamond
BDRR-KBKayshon BoutteFootballRC - Single Diamond
BDRR-MCSydney McLaughlin-LevroneTrack and FieldRC - Triple Diamond
BDRR-MWMikaylah WilliamsBasketball WPP - Single Diamond
BDRR-NSNick Smith Jr.BasketballRC - Quad Diamond
BDRR-SCSkyy ClarkBasketballPP - Single Diamond
BDRR-SHScoot HendersonBasketballRC - Quad Diamond
BDRR-TJTermarr JohnsonBaseballPP - Single Diamond
BDRR-TPTyrese ProctorBasketballPP - Single Diamond
BDRR-WAWill Anderson Jr.FootballRC - Double Diamond
BDRR-ZCZZ ClarkBasketballPP - Single Diamond
Black Diamond Stone Relics

8 card set.
Parallels - Pure Black 1/1.

BDR-DGDarius GarlandBasketballSingle Diamond
BDR-JCJimmy ConnorsTennisTriple Diamond
BDR-KGKen Griffey Jr.BaseballTriple Diamond
BDR-MJMichael JordanBasketballQuad Diamond
BDR-MSMaria SharapovaTennis WDouble Diamond
BDR-MTMike TysonBoxingTriple Diamond
BDR-TWTiger WoodsGolfQuad Diamond
BDR-WZWill ZalatorisGolfDouble Diamond
City Heroes Map Relics

9 card set.
Odds - 1:2,160 Hobby.

CH-CWCaleb WilliamsFootballPP
CH-DJDruw JonesBaseballPP
CH-EGElijah GreenBaseballPP
CH-JHJackson HollidayBaseballPP
CH-KGKen Griffey Jr.Baseball
CH-MJMichael JordanBasketball
CH-NSNick Smith Jr.BasketballRC
CH-SHScoot HendersonBasketballRC
CH-TWTiger WoodsGolf
Glow in the Dark Space Patches

100 card set.
Odds - Tier 1 1:96 Hobby, Tier 2 1:216 Hobby, Tier 3 1:288 Hobby, Tier 4 1:480 Hobby, Tier 5 1:4,200.
Parallels -

GSP-7Canis MajorSpace
GSP-13Corona BorealisSpace
GSP-38Ursa MajorSpace
GSP-39Ursa MinorSpace
GSP-43Ultima Thule (Arrokoth)Space
GSP-441 CeresSpace
GSP-4852 EuropaSpace
GSP-504 VestaSpace
GSP-51Full MoodSpace
GSP-52Waxing Gibbous MoonSpace
GSP-53Waxing Crescent MoonSpace
GSP-54Waning Gibbous MoonSpace
GSP-55Waning Crescent MoonSpace
GSP-59Solar SystemSpace
GSP-60Hale BoppSpace
GSP-61Halley's CometSpace
GSP-64Pink MoonSpace
GSP-71Blue MoonSpace
GSP-73Blood MoonSpace
GSP-80Space ShuttleSpace
GSP-81Black HoleSpace
GSP-82Andromeda GalaxySpace
GSP-83Cartwheel GalaxySpace
GSP-84Soul NebulaSpace
GSP-85Messier 63Space
GSP-86Messier 82Space
GSP-87RCW 86Space
GSP-88Eagle NebulaSpace
GSP-89Crab NebulaSpace
GSP-90Milky Way GalaxySpace
GSP-91Helix NebulaSpace
GSP-92Pinwheel GalaxySpace
GSP-93Tadpole GalaxySpace
GSP-94Triangulum GalaxySpace
GSP-95Whirlpool GalaxySpace
GSP-96Blue AlienSpace
GSP-97Flying SaucerSpace
GSP-98Green AlienSpace
GSP-99Grey AlienSpace
Goodwin Masterpieces Art of the Ages

22 card set.

GMAA-ADAlbrecht DurerArtSt. Jerome in the Wilderness
GMAA-CEPaul CezanneArtThe Bay of Marseilles, seen from L'Estaque
GMAA-COGustave CourbetArtThe Wave
GMAA-CPCamille PissarroArtVegetable Garden at Pontoise
GMAA-EGEl GrecoArtThe Assumption of the Virgin
GMAA-EJEastman JohnsonArtA Ride for Liberty
GMAA-ELEmanuel LeutzeArtWashington Crossing the Deleware
GMAA-ESEgon SchieleArtThe Family
GMAA-FGFrancisco de GoyaArtThe Milkmaid Of Bordeaux
GMAA-FMFranz MarcArtStables
GMAA-GAPaul GauguinArtDay of The God
GMAA-GCGustave CourbetArtSnow Effect
GMAA-GOFrancisco de GoyaArtYard with Lunatics
GMAA-HARembrandt Harmenszoon van RijnArtAristotle with a Bust of Homer
GMAA-MAEdouard ManetArtLuncheon in the Studio
GMAA-MIJean-Francois MilletArtThe Gust of Wind
GMAA-NWN.C. WyethArtThe Unwrit Dogma
GMAA-PCPaul CezanneArtLe Chateau Noir
GMAA-RDRobert DelaunayArtSt. Severin
GMAA-REPierre-Auguste RenoirArtThe Promenade
GMAA-RUPeter Paul RubensArtBattle of the Amazons
GMAA-WTWilliam TurnerArtCalais Pier
Goodwin Masterpieces Founding Fathers

7 card set.

GMFF-AHAlexander HamiltonPolitics
GMFF-BFBenjamin FranklinPolitics
GMFF-GWGeorge WashingtonPolitics
GMFF-JAJohn AdamsPolitics
GMFF-JJJohn JayPolitics
GMFF-JMJames MadisonPolitics
GMFF-TJThomas JeffersonPolitics
Museum Collection Lady Luck Relics

20 card set.

MCL-1Shenendoah Hotel $1Gambling
MCL-2Shenendoah Hotel $5Gambling
MCL-3Shenendoah Hotel $25Gambling
MCL-4Shenendoah Hotel $100Gambling
MCL-5Six Card Charlie's Gambling Hall $1Gambling
MCL-6Six Card Charlie's Gambling Hall $5Gambling
MCL-7Six Card Charlie's Gambling Hall $25Gambling
MCL-8Holiday International Casino $1Gambling
MCL-9Holiday International Casino $5Gambling
MCL-10Nevada Club $1Gambling
MCL-11Nevada Club $5Gambling
MCL-12Dunes Casino Las Vegas $0.25Gambling
MCL-13Dunes Casino Las Vegas $0.50Gambling
MCL-14Dunes Casino Las Vegas $500Gambling
MCL-15Dunes Casino Las Vegas $1,000Gambling
MCL-16Dunes Casino Las Vegas $5,000Gambling
MCL-17Dunes Casino Las Vegas $25,000Gambling
MCL-18Silver Bird Casino $1Gambling
MCL-19Silver Bird Casino $5Gambling
MCL-20Silver Bird Casino $25Gambling
National Monuments Map Relics

50 card set.
Odds - 1:360 Hobby.

MMR-1Cabrillo National MonumentMonument
MMR-2Yellowstone National ParkMonument
MMR-3Mount RushmoreMonument
MMR-4Mount RainierMonument
MMR-5The AlamoMonument
MMR-6Bunker HillMonument
MMR-7Yosemite National ParkMonument
MMR-8Crater LakeMonument
MMR-9Devil's TowerMonument
MMR-10Dinosaur National MonumentMonument
MMR-11Fort McHenryMonument
MMR-12Fort SumterMonument
MMR-13Grand CanyonMonument
MMR-14Ironwood ForestMonument
MMR-15Liberty BellMonument
MMR-16Lincoln MemorialMonument
MMR-17Ribault MonumentMonument
MMR-18Cliff Palace Mesa VerdeMonument
MMR-19Zion National ParkMonument
MMR-20John MuirMonument
MMR-21Great Smoky Mountains-Cades CoveMonument
MMR-22Florida EvergladesMonument
MMR-23Mount MicKinleyMonument
MMR-24Arches National ParkMonument
MMR-25Hoover DamMonument
MMR-26Castle Clinton MonumentMonument
MMR-27National MallMonument
MMR-28Death ValleyMonument
MMR-29Montezuma Castle National MonumentMonument
MMR-30Golden Gate BridgeMonument
MMR-31Washington MonumentMonument
MMR-32World War II Valor in the Pacifc National MonumentMonument
MMR-33Cedar BreaksMonument
MMR-34Castillo de San MarcosMonument
MMR-35Wright Brothers MemorialMonument
MMR-36Gateway National Recreation AreaMonument
MMR-37Gateway ArchMonument
MMR-38Franklin Delano Roosevelt MemorialMonument
MMR-39Thomas Jefferson MemorialMonument
MMR-40Joshua TreeMonument
MMR-41World War II MemorialMonument
MMR-42Lake MeadMonument
MMR-43Vermillion CliffsMonument
MMR-44Sonoran DesertMonument
MMR-45Rainbow Bridge National MonumnetMonument
MMR-46Sequoia National MonumentMonument
MMR-47Canyon de ChellyMonument
MMR-48Acadia National ParkMonument
MMR-49White Sands National MonumentMonument
MMR-50Bandelier National MonumentMonument
National Monuments Stamp Relics

25 card set.

MSR-1Yellowstone National ParkStamps
MSR-2Mount RushmoreStamps
MSR-3Mount RainierStamps
MSR-4The AlamoStamps
MSR-5Bunker HillStamps
MSR-6Great Smoky Mountains-Cades CoveStamps
MSR-7Florida EvergladesStamps
MSR-8Yosemite National ParkStamps
MSR-9Crater LakeStamps
MSR-10Mount MicKinleyStamps
MSR-11Devil's TowerStamps
MSR-12Dinosaur National MonumentStamps
MSR-13Fort McHenryStamps
MSR-14Fort SumterStamps
MSR-15Arches National ParkStamps
MSR-16Grand CanyonStamps
MSR-17Ironwood ForestStamps
MSR-18John MuirStamps
MSR-19Liberty BellStamps
MSR-20Lincoln MemorialStamps
MSR-21Ribault MonumentStamps
MSR-22Jefferson MemorialStamps
MSR-23Cliff Palace Mesa VerdeStamps
MSR-24Hoover DamStamps
MSR-25Zion National ParkStamps
Sports Towns Map Relics

20 card set.
Odds - 1:480 Hobby.

STMR-1Los AngelesSports Towns
STMR-2ChicagoSports Towns
STMR-3New YorkSports Towns
STMR-4BostonSports Towns
STMR-5TorontoSports Towns
STMR-6HoustonSports Towns
STMR-7TokyoSports Towns
STMR-8PhiladelphiaSports Towns
STMR-9MiamiSports Towns
STMR-10San FranciscoSports Towns
STMR-11ManchesterSports Towns
STMR-12Kansas CitySports Towns
STMR-13SydneySports Towns
STMR-14LondonSports Towns
STMR-15Sao PauloSports Towns
STMR-16Buenos AiresSports Towns
STMR-17MadridSports Towns
STMR-18ParisSports Towns
STMR-19RomeSports Towns
STMR-20BarcelonaSports Towns
Upper Deck UD Game Jersey

10 card set.
Odds - 1:2,304 Hobby.

UDGJ-CWCaleb WilliamsFootballPP
UDGJ-DCDylan CrewsBaseballPP
UDGJ-DJDruw JonesBaseballPP
UDGJ-ISIga SwiatekTennis WRC
UDGJ-JHJackson HollidayBaseballPP
UDGJ-MJMichael JordanBasketball
UDGJ-NSNick Smith Jr.BasketballRC
UDGJ-SHScoot HendersonBasketballRC
UDGJ-SMSydney McLaughlin-LevroneTrack and FieldRC
UDGJ-TWTiger WoodsGolf
World Traveler City Destinations Map Relics

20 card set.
Odds - 1:720 Hobby.
Continuation insert.

WTC-16New YorkWorld City
WTC-17Rio de JaneiroWorld City
WTC-18OsakaWorld City
WTC-19ParisWorld City
WTC-20LondonWorld City
WTC-21Milan/ ItalyWorld City
WTC-22BerlinWorld City
WTC-23ChicagoWorld City
WTC-24TorontoWorld City
WTC-25DublinWorld City
WTC-26OrlandoWorld City
WTC-27MadridWorld City
WTC-28JaipurWorld City
WTC-29VeniceWorld City
WTC-30ViennaWorld City
WTC-31BarcelonaWorld City
WTC-32AgraWorld City
WTC-33AmsterdamWorld City
WTC-34PragueWorld City
WTC-35RomeWorld City
Black Diamond

9 card set.
Parallels - Red Light FX #/100, Green Light FX #/10.

BD-DGDarius GarlandBasketball
BD-JCJimmy ConnorsTennis
BD-KGKen Griffey Jr.Baseball
BD-MJMichael JordanBasketball
BD-MSMaria SharapovaTennis W
BD-MTMike TysonBoxing
BD-TWTiger WoodsGolf
BD-WGWayne GretzkyHockey
BD-WZWill ZalatorisGolf
Black Diamond Rookie Gems

21 card set.
Parallels - Red Light FX #/100, Green Light FX #/10.

BDRG-ARAnthony RichardsonFootballRC
BDRG-ATAmen ThompsonBasketballRC
BDRG-BMBrandon MillerBasketballRC
BDRG-BYBryce YoungFootballRC
BDRG-CSC.J. StroudFootballRC
BDRG-CWCaleb WilliamsFootballPP
BDRG-DCDylan CrewsBaseballPP
BDRG-DJDruw JonesBaseballPP
BDRG-DNDarwin NunezSoccerRC
BDRG-EGElijah GreenBaseballPP
BDRG-GJG.G. JacksonBasketballRC
BDRG-ISIga SwiatekTennis WRC
BDRG-JHJackson HollidayBaseballPP
BDRG-KBKayshon BoutteFootballRC
BDRG-NINicholaus IamaleavaFootballPP
BDRG-NSNick Smith Jr.BasketballRC
BDRG-SHScoot HendersonBasketballRC
BDRG-SMSydney McLaughlin-LevroneTrack and FieldRC
BDRG-THAusar ThompsonBasketballRC
BDRG-TJTermarr JohnsonBaseballPP
BDRG-WAWill Anderson Jr.FootballRC
Exquisite Collection

10 card set.

V-BYBryce YoungFootballRC
V-CMCollin MorikawaGolf
V-CSC.J. StroudFootballRC
V-DGDarius GarlandBasketball
V-KGKen Griffey Jr.Baseball
V-MJMichael JordanBasketball
V-MSMaria SharapovaTennis W
V-MTMike TysonBoxing
V-TWTiger WoodsGolf
V-WZWill ZalatorisGolf
Exquisite Collection Rookies

25 card set.
Parallels - Gold Spectrum #/10, Black 1/1.

R-ABAnthony BlackBasketballRC
R-BAEmoni BatesBasketballRC
R-BMBrandon MillerBasketballRC
R-CRDylan CrewsBaseballPP
R-CWCaleb WilliamsFootballPP
R-DJDruw JonesBaseballPP
R-DNDarwin NunezSoccerRC
R-DWD.J. WagnerBasketballPP
R-EGElijah GreenBaseballPP
R-GJG.G. JacksonBasketballRC
R-IABrice SensabaughBasketballRC
R-ISIga SwiatekTennis WRC
R-JCJustin CrawfordBaseballPP
R-JHJackson HollidayBaseballPP
R-JMAmen ThompsonBasketballRC
R-JSAusar ThompsonBasketballRC
R-JWJuju WatkinsBasketball WPP
R-KBKayshon BoutteFootballRC
R-MMMichael MayerFootballRC
R-NINicholaus IamaleavaFootballPP
R-NSNick Smith Jr.BasketballRC
R-SMSydney McLaughlin-LevroneTrack and FieldRC
R-TJTermarr JohnsonBaseballPP
R-TPTyrese ProctorBasketballPP
R-WAWill Anderson Jr.FootballRC

50 card set.
Odds - 1:5.5 Hobby.
Parallels - Rainbow (1:20 Hobby), Red Rainbow (1:40 Hobby), Blue Rainbow (1:60 Hobby), Green Rainbow (1:120 Hobby), Orange Prism #/499, Pink Traxx #/299, Cosmic #/199, Tortoise Shell #/149, Sky #/99, Aquamarine #/75, Chameleon #/49, Purple Pulsar #/23, Green Wave #/10, Golden Treasures 1/1.

P1Michael JordanBasketball
P2Tiger WoodsGolf
P3Will Anderson Jr.FootballRC
P4Darius GarlandBasketball
P5Shy OdomBasketballPP
P6Will ZalatorisGolf
P7Ken Griffey Jr.Baseball
P8Maria SharapovaTennis W
P9Jordan WalshBasketballRC
P10Mia FishelSoccer WRC
P11Brandon MillerBasketballRC
P12Sam MewisSoccer W
P13Fred CouplesGolf
P14Lena OberdorfSoccer WRC
P15Anthony BlackBasketballRC
P16Kijani WrightBasketballPP
P17Eric Dailey Jr.BasketballPP
P18Noah ClowneyBasketballRC
P19Druw JonesBaseballPP
P20Jackson HollidayBaseballPP
P21Anthony RichardsonFootballRC
P22Daimion CollinsBasketballPP
P23Michael MayerFootballRC
P24Nicholaus IamaleavaFootballPP
P25Dereck LivelyBasketballRC
P26Scoot HendersonBasketballRC
P27Mikaylah WilliamsBasketball WPP
P28Bryce YoungFootballRC
P29C.J. StroudFootballRC
P30Spencer JonesBaseballPP
P31Izzy AbanikandaFootballRC
P32G.G. JacksonBasketballRC
P33Kevin ParadaBaseballPP
P34Iga SwiatekTennis WRC
P35Sydney McLaughlin-LevroneTrack and FieldRC
P36Dylan CrewsBaseballPP
P37Mikey RomeroBaseballPP
P38Termarr JohnsonBaseballPP
P39Nick Smith Jr.BasketballRC
P40Caleb WilliamsFootballPP
P41Hailey Van LithBasketball WPP
P42Cristhian VaqueroBaseballPP
P43Julian PhillipsBasketballRC
P44Oswald PerazaBaseballPP
P45Juju WatkinsBasketball WPP
P46Gabriel MorenoBaseballRC
P47Matthew HoppeSoccerRC
P48JJ StarlingBasketballPP
P49Ilia TopuriaMMA
P50Gradey DickBasketballRC
Platinum - Horizontal

25 card set.
Odds - 1:5.5 Hobby.
Parallels - Rainbow (1:20 Hobby), Red Rainbow (1:40 Hobby), Blue Rainbow (1:60 Hobby), Green Rainbow (1:120 Hobby), Orange Prism #/499, Pink Traxx #/299, Cosmic #/199, Tortoise Shell #/149, Sky #/99, Aquamarine #/75, Chameleon #/49, Purple Pulsar #/23, Green Wave #/10, Golden Treasures 1/1.

P51Michael JordanBasketball
P52Tiger WoodsGolf
P53Darius GarlandBasketball
P54Will Anderson Jr.FootballRC
P55Will ZalatorisGolf
P56Ken Griffey Jr.Baseball
P57Maria SharapovaTennis W
P58Mikaylah WilliamsBasketball WPP
P59Druw JonesBaseballPP
P60Jackson HollidayBaseballPP
P61D.J. WagnerBasketballPP
P62Caleb WilliamsFootballPP
P63Scoot HendersonBasketballRC
P64Bryce YoungFootballRC
P65C.J. StroudFootballRC
P66Sydney McLaughlin-LevroneTrack and FieldRC
P67Iga SwiatekTennis WRC
P68Jaden BradleyBasketballPP
P69Nick Smith Jr.BasketballRC
P70Dylan CrewsBaseballPP
P71Darwin NunezSoccerRC
P72Brandon MillerBasketballRC
P73Anthony BlackBasketballRC
P74Termarr JohnsonBaseballPP
P75G.G. JacksonBasketballRC
Platinum - Splash of Color

25 card set.
Odds - 1:5.5 Hobby.
Parallels - Rainbow (1:20 Hobby), Red Rainbow (1:40 Hobby), Blue Rainbow (1:60 Hobby), Green Rainbow (1:120 Hobby), Orange Prism #/499, Pink Traxx #/299, Cosmic #/199, Tortoise Shell #/149, Sky #/99, Aquamarine #/75, Chameleon #/49, Purple Pulsar #/23, Green Wave #/10, Golden Treasures 1/1.

SCP-76Michael JordanBasketball
SCP-77Tiger WoodsGolf
SCP-78Nick Smith Jr.BasketballRC
SCP-79Caleb WilliamsFootballPP
SCP-80Will Anderson Jr.FootballRC
SCP-81Scoot HendersonBasketballRC
SCP-82Bryce YoungFootballRC
SCP-83C.J. StroudFootballRC
SCP-84Dylan CrewsBaseballPP
SCP-85Ken Griffey Jr.Baseball
SCP-86Kayshon BoutteFootballRC
SCP-87Druw JonesBaseballPP
SCP-88Will ZalatorisGolf
SCP-89Ilia TopuriaMMA
SCP-90Izzy AbanikandaFootballRC
SCP-91G.G. JacksonBasketballRC
SCP-92Hailey Van LithBasketball WPP
SCP-93Jackson HollidayBaseballPP
SCP-94Sydney McLaughlin-LevroneTrack and FieldRC
SCP-95Anthony RichardsonFootballRC
SCP-96Tyrese ProctorBasketballPP
SCP-97Anthony BlackBasketballRC
SCP-98Darius GarlandBasketball
SCP-99Nicholaus IamaleavaFootballPP
SCP-100Brandon MillerBasketballRC
Splash of Color 3-D Lenticular

34 card set.
Odds - Tier 1 1:36 Hobby, Tier 2 1:160 Hobby, Tier 3 1:1,438 Hobby.

SCL-AAAmari AveryGolfPP
SCL-ABAnthony BlackBasketballRC
SCL-ARAnthony RichardsonFootballRC
SCL-ATAmen ThompsonBasketballRC
SCL-BMBrandon MillerBasketballRC
SCL-BYBryce YoungFootballRC
SCL-CMCarissa MooreSurfingRC
SCL-CRJustin CrawfordBaseballPP
SCL-CWCaleb WilliamsFootballPP
SCL-DCDylan CrewsBaseballPP
SCL-DGDarius GarlandBasketball
SCL-DJDruw JonesBaseballPP
SCL-DLDereck LivelyBasketballRC
SCL-DNDarwin NunezSoccerRC
SCL-EGMike TysonBoxing
SCL-GDGradey DickBasketballRC
SCL-GJG.G. JacksonBasketballRC
SCL-ISIga SwiatekTennis WRC
SCL-ITIlia TopuriaMMA
SCL-JCJimmy ConnorsTennis
SCL-JGC.J. StroudFootballRC
SCL-JHJackson HollidayBaseballPP
SCL-JHJaelin HowellSoccer WRC
SCL-KBKayshon BoutteFootballRC
SCL-LOLena OberdorfSoccer WRC
SCL-MJMichael JordanBasketball
SCL-NINicholaus IamaleavaFootballPP
SCL-NSNick Smith Jr.BasketballRC
SCL-SHScoot HendersonBasketballRC
SCL-SMSydney McLaughlin-LevroneTrack and FieldRC
SCL-THAusar ThompsonBasketballRC
SCL-TJTermarr JohnsonBaseballPP
SCL-TPTyrese ProctorBasketballPP
SCL-TWTiger WoodsGolf
SCL-WZWill ZalatorisGolf
Upper Deck

35 card set.
Odds - 1:3.75 Hobby.
Parallels - Clear Cut (1:100), Exclusives #/100, High Gloss #/10, Printing Plates 1/1.

1Michael JordanBasketball
2Tiger WoodsGolf
4Darius GarlandBasketball
5Shy OdomBasketballPP
6Will ZalatorisGolf
7Ken Griffey Jr.Baseball
8Maria SharapovaTennis W
10Mia FishelSoccer WRC
11Brooks LeeBaseballPP
13Sam MewisSoccer W
14Fred CouplesGolf
15Lena OberdorfSoccer WRC
17Kijani WrightBasketballPP
18Hailey Van LithBasketball WPP
20Kysre GondrezickBasketball W
30Mikaylah WilliamsBasketball WPP
34Kevin ParadaBaseballPP
36Mikey RomeroBaseballPP
45Brock WilkenBaseballPP
49Jordan ChilesGymnastRC
50Julian PhillipsBasketballRC
53Juju WatkinsBasketball WPP
54Carissa MooreSurfingRC
55Jaelin HowellSoccer WRC
56Gabriel MorenoBaseballRC
57Leanne WongGymnastPP
58Amanda AnisimovaTennis WRC
59Jace JungBaseballPP
64Skyy ClarkBasketballPP
65Jimmy ConnorsTennis
66Haley JonesBasketball WRC
69Matthew HoppeSoccerRC
70Amari AveryGolfPP
71JJ StarlingBasketballPP
72JJ TaylorBasketballPP
Upper Deck Young Guns

25 card set.
Odds - 1:15 Hobby.
Parallels - Clear Cut (1:400), Exclusives #/100, High Gloss #/10, Printing Plates 1/1.

YG-1Scoot HendersonBasketballRC
YG-2Caleb WilliamsFootballPP
YG-3Dylan CrewsBaseballPP
YG-4Nick Smith Jr.BasketballRC
YG-5Dereck LivelyBasketballRC
YG-6Jackson HollidayBaseballPP
YG-7Sydney McLaughlin-LevroneTrack and FieldRC
YG-8Iga SwiatekTennis WRC
YG-9Termarr JohnsonBaseballPP
YG-10Noah ClowneyBasketballRC
YG-11Will Anderson Jr.FootballRC
YG-12Brandon MillerBasketballRC
YG-13Darwin NunezSoccerRC
YG-14Druw JonesBaseballPP
YG-15Jordan WalshBasketballRC
YG-16Anthony RichardsonFootballRC
YG-17Oswald PerazaBaseballPP
YG-18Kayshon BoutteFootballRC
YG-19C.J. StroudFootballRC
YG-20G.G. JacksonBasketballRC
YG-21Nicholaus IamaleavaFootballPP
YG-22Elijah GreenBaseballPP
YG-23Anthony BlackBasketballRC
YG-24Gradey DickBasketballRC
YG-25Bryce YoungFootballRC