2024 Topps Chrome UFC Breaker Delight Checklist

2024 Topps Chrome UFC Breaker Delight

Release Date: March 20, 2024

Topps Chrome UFC is back!! Featuring a wide plethora of autographs, inserts, refractors and other worldly case hit chases!

See the full checklist here – 2024 Topps Chrome UFC Breaker Delight Checklist

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2024 Topps Chrome UFC Breaker Delight

2024 Topps Chrome UFC

  • Build the entire 200-card Base Set across a rainbow of color and tech parallels!
  • Find 2 Chrome Autographs in Every Box!


200 base cards holding down a mixture of rookie talent and veteran stars!

Base Set ParallelsBase - Superfractor, Shara Magomedov

  • Refractor – 1:3 Packs
  • Prism Refractor – 1:6 Packs
  • Negative Refractor – 1:2 Packs (Hobby Exclusive)
  • Magenta Refractor – 1:3 Packs (Hobby Exclusive)
  • Purple Refractor – 1:4 Packs (Hobby Exclusive)
  • Speckle Refractor – #’d to 299
  • Aqua Refractor – #’d to 199
  • Blue Refractor – #’d to 150
  • Green Refractor – #’d to 99
  • Blue Wave Refractor – #’d to 75
  • Gold Refractor – #’d to 50
  • Orange Refractor – #’d to 25
  • Black Refractor – #’d to 10
  • Red Refractor – #’d to 5
  • SuperFractor – #’d 1-of-1



Tale of the Tape – 1:3 Packs (Hobby Exclusive)Supergiant, Conor McGregor

  • Refractor – 1:28 packs
  • Gold Refractor – #’d to 50
  • Black Refractor – #’d to 10
  • Red Refractor – #’d to 5
  • SuperFractor – #’d 1-of-1

1954 Topps – 1:3 Packs (Hobby Exclusive)

  • Refractor – 1:34 packs
  • Gold Refractor – #’d to 50
  • Black Refractor – #’d to 10
  • Red Refractor – #’d to 5
  • SuperFractor – #’d 1-of-1

AKA – 1:4 Packs (Hobby Exclusive)

  • Refractor – 1:42 packs
  • Gold Refractor – #’d to 50
  • Black Refractor – #’d to 10
  • Red Refractor – #’d to 5
  • SuperFractor – #’d 1-of-1

Supergiant– 1:5 Packs (Hobby Exclusive)

  • Refractor – 1:56 packs
  • Gold Refractor – #’d to 50
  • Black Refractor – #’d to 10
  • Red Refractor – #’d to 5
  • SuperFractor – #’d 1-of-1

International Flair – 1:7 packs (Hobby Exclusive)Youthquake, Erin Blanchfield

  • Refractor – 1:84 packs
  • Gold Refractor – #’d to 50
  • Black Refractor – #’d to 10
  • Red Refractor – #’d to 5
  • SuperFractor – #’d 1-of-1

Super Short Prints

Countdown – 1:40 packs (Hobby Exclusive)

  • SuperFractor – #’d 1-of-1

Generation Now – 1:48 packs (Hobby Exclusive)

  • SuperFractor – #’d 1-of-1

Representing – 1:60 packs (Hobby Exclusive)

  • SuperFractor – #’d 1-of-1

Fists of Fury – 1:80 packs (Hobby Exclusive)

  • SuperFractor – #’d 1-of-1

Youthquake – 1:120 packs (Hobby Exclusive)

  • SuperFractor – #’d 1-of-1

Case Hit Inserts

  • UFC Fight Night – 1:144 packs (Hobby Exclusive)
  • LET’S GO! – 1:432 packs (Hobby Exclusive)
  • Spitting Venom – 1:1440 packs (Hobby Exclusive)
  • Kings & Queens – 1:72 packs (Hobby Exclusive)
  • Energized – 1:288 packs (Hobby Exclusive)



Octagon Legends AutographsFuture Stars Autographs, Paddy Pimblett

  • Refractor – #’d to 150
  • Gold Refractor – #’d to 50
  • Orange Refractor – #’d to 25
  • Black Refractor – #’d to 10
  • Red Refractor – #’d to 5
  • SuperFractor – #’d 1-of-1

Future Stars Autographs

  • Refractor – #’d to 150
  • Gold Refractor – #’d to 50
  • Orange Refractor – #’d to 25
  • Black Refractor – #’d to 10
  • Red Refractor – #’d to 5
  • SuperFractor – #’d 1-of-1

UFC SignaturesChrome Rookie Autograph, Manel Kape

  • Refractor – #’d to 150
  • Gold Refractor – #’d to 50
  • Orange Refractor – #’d to 25
  • Black Refractor – #’d to 10
  • Red Refractor – #’d to 5
  • SuperFractor – #’d 1-of-1

Hall of Fame Autographs (Hobby Exclusive)

  • Refractor – #’d to 150
  • Gold Refractor – #’d to 50
  • Orange Refractor – #’d to 25
  • Black Refractor – #’d to 10
  • Red Refractor – #’d to 5
  • SuperFractor – #’d 1-of-1

Youthquake Signatures – #’d to 10 (Hobby Exclusive)

Chrome Veteran Autographs

  • Refractor – #’d to 150
  • Gold Refractor – #’d to 50
  • Orange Refractor – #’d to 25
  • Black Refractor – #’d to 10
  • Red Refractor – #’d to 5
  • SuperFractor – #’d 1-of-1

Chrome Rookie Autographs

  • Refractor – #’d to 150
  • Gold Refractor – #’d to 50
  • Orange Refractor – #’d to 25
  • Black Refractor – #’d to 10
  • Red Refractor – #’d to 5
  • SuperFractor – #’d 1-of-1

Main Event Autographs (Hobby Exclusive)

  • Refractor – #’d to 150
  • Gold Refractor – #’d to 50
  • Orange Refractor – #’d to 25
  • Black Refractor – #’d to 10
  • Red Refractor – #’d to 5
  • SuperFractor – #’d 1-of-1

Marks of Champions (Hobby Exclusive)

  • Refractor – #’d to 150
  • Gold Refractor – #’d to 50
  • Orange Refractor – #’d to 25
  • Black Refractor – #’d to 10
  • Red Refractor – #’d to 5
  • SuperFractor – #’d 1-of-1


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Base Card I

100 card set.
Parallels - Refractor (1:1 packs), Speckle #/299, Aqua #/199, Blue #/150, Green #/99, Blue Wave #/75, Gold #/50, Orange #/25, Black #/10, Red #/5, Superfractor 1/1.

1Brad KatonaBantamweight MenRC
2Adrian YanezBantamweight Men
3Brunno FerreiraMiddleweight MenRC
4Alex PereiraMiddleweight Men
5Alex PerezFlyweight Men
6Alexa GrassoFlyweight Women
7Alexander VolkanovskiFeatherweight Men
8Alexander VolkovHeavyweight Men
9Alexandr RomanovHeavyweight Men
10Alexandre PantojaFlyweight Men
11Aleksandar RakicLight Heavyweight Men
12Aljamain SterlingFeatherweight Men
13Allan NascimentoFlyweight Men
14Amanda LemosStrawweight Women
15Amanda NunesBantamweight Women
16Amir AlbaziFlyweight Men
17Anderson SilvaMiddleweight Men
18Anshul JubliLightweight Men
19Anthony SmithLight Heavyweight Men
20Arman TsarukyanLightweight Men
21Da'Mon BlackshearBantamweight MenRC
22Arnold AllenFeatherweight Men
23Azamat MurzakanovLight Heavyweight Men
24Belal MuhammadWelterweight Men
25Beneil DariushLightweight Men
26Diego LopesFeatherweight MenRC
27Bill AlgeoFeatherweight Men
28Blagoy IvanovHeavyweight Men
29Elves BrenerWelterweight MenRC
30Brandon MorenoFlyweight Men
31Brandon RoyvalFlyweight Men
32Brendan AllenMiddleweight Men
33Brian OrtegaFeatherweight Men
34Jamie PickettMiddleweight MenRC
35Fernando PadillaFeatherweight MenRC
36Bryce MitchellFeatherweight Men
37Calvin KattarFeatherweight Men
38Gabriel MirandaLightweight MenRC
39Carla EsparzaStrawweight Women
40Carlston HarrisWelterweight Men
41Chan Sung JungFeatherweight Men
42Charles OliveiraLightweight Men
43Iasmin LucindoStrawweight WomenRC
44Chris GutierrezBantamweight Men
45Jake HadleyFlyweight MenRC
46Chuck LiddellLight Heavyweight Men
47Ciryl GaneHeavyweight Men
48Colby CovingtonWelterweight Men
49Conor McGregorLightweight Men
50Cory SandhagenBantamweight Men
51Curtis BlaydesHeavyweight Men
52Damir IsmagulovLightweight Men
53Ludovit KleinLightweight Men
54Dan HookerLightweight Men
55Dan IgeFeatherweight Men
56Daniel CormierHeavyweight Men
57Deiveson FigueiredoBantamweight Men
58Cody GarbrandtBantamweight Men
59Derrick LewisHeavyweight Men
60Dominick CruzBantamweight Men
61Dominick ReyesLight Heavyweight Men
62Dricus Du PlessisMiddleweight Men
63Dusko TodorovicMiddleweight Men
64Dustin PoirierLightweight Men
65Erin BlanchfieldFlyweight Women
66Montserrat ConejoStrawweight WomenRC
67Geoff NealWelterweight Men
68Georges St-PierreMiddleweight Men
69Giga ChikadzeFeatherweight Men
70Gilbert BurnsWelterweight Men
71Grant DawsonLightweight Men
72Jonny ParsonsWelterweight MenRC
73Henry CejudoFlyweight Men
74Holly HolmBantamweight Women
75Ian Machado GarryWelterweight Men
76Josh QuinlanWelterweight MenRC
77Ilia TopuriaFeatherweight Men
78Irene AldanaBantamweight Women
79Irina AlekseevaBantamweight Women
80Islam MakhachevLightweight Men
81Israel AdesanyaMiddleweight Men
82Jack Della MaddalenaWelterweight Men
83Jack HermanssonMiddleweight Men
84Jack JenkinsFeatherweight Men
85Jacob MalkounMiddleweight Men
86Jailton AlmeidaHeavyweight Men
87Jair RozenstruikHeavyweight Men
88Jalin TurnerLightweight Men
89Jamahal HillLight Heavyweight Men
90Jamall EmmersFeatherweight Men
91Jan BłachowiczLight Heavyweight Men
92Jared CannonierMiddleweight Men
93Luana CarolinaFlyweight WomenRC
94Jessica AndradeStrawweight Women
95Jiri ProchazkaLight Heavyweight Men
96Johnny WalkerLight Heavyweight Men
97Jon JonesHeavyweight Men
98Melquizael ConceiçãoLightweight MenRC
99Joselyne EdwardsBantamweight Women
100Josh EmmettFeatherweight Men
Base Card II

100 card set.
Parallels - Refractor (1:1 packs), Speckle #/299, Aqua #/199, Blue #/150, Green #/99, Blue Wave #/75, Gold #/50, Orange #/25, Black #/10, Red #/5, Superfractor 1/1.

101Joshua CulibaoFeatherweight Men
102Julianna PeñaBantamweight Women
103Ariane LipskiFlyweight Women
104Justin GaethjeLightweight Men
105Justin TafaHeavyweight Men
106Kai Kara-FranceFlyweight Men
107Katlyn CerminaraBantamweight Women
108Kamaru UsmanWelterweight Men
109Ottman AzaitarLightweight Men
110Kelvin GastelumWelterweight Men
111Ketlen VieiraBantamweight Women
112Khabib NurmagomedovLightweight Men
113Khalil Rountree Jr.Light Heavyweight Men
114Khamzat ChimaevMiddleweight Men
115Leon EdwardsWelterweight Men
116Inoue MizukiStrawweight WomenRC
117Mackenzie DernStrawweight Women
118Magomed AnkalaevLight Heavyweight Men
119Manel KapeFlyweight Men
120Manon FiorotFlyweight Women
121Manuel TorresLightweight Men
122Marcin TyburaHeavyweight Men
123Marcos Rogério De LimaHeavyweight Men
124Marlon VeraBantamweight Men
125Marvin VettoriMiddleweight Men
126Mateusz GamrotLightweight Men
127Mateusz RebeckiLightweight Men
128Matheus NicolauFlyweight Men
129Matt SchnellFlyweight Men
130Shogun RuaLight Heavyweight Men
131Max HollowayFeatherweight Men
132Maycee BarberFlyweight Women
133Ode OsbourneFlyweight MenRC
134Melissa GattoFlyweight Women
135Merab DvalishviliBantamweight Men
136Michael ChandlerLightweight Men
137Michael ChiesaWelterweight Men
138Michel PereiraMiddleweight Men
139Mike DavisLightweight Men
140Miles JohnsBantamweight Men
141Shara MagomedovMiddleweight MenRC
142Parker PorterHeavyweight MenRC
143Movsar EvloevFeatherweight Men
144Muhammad MokaevFlyweight Men
145Nassourdine ImavovMiddleweight Men
146Natalia Cristina da SilvaFlyweight Women
147Choi SeungWooFeatherweight MenRC
148Neil MagnyWelterweight Men
149Nicolas DalbyWelterweight Men
150Nikita KrylovLight Heavyweight Men
151Paddy PimblettLightweight Men
152Pannie KianzadBantamweight Men
153Paul CraigLight Heavyweight Men
154Paulo CostaMiddleweight Men
155Pedro MunhozBantamweight Men
156Petr YanBantamweight Men
157Rafa GarciaLightweight Men
158Rafael Dos AnjosWelterweight Men
159Rafael FizievLightweight Men
160Raquel PenningtonBantamweight Women
161Raul RosasBantamweight Men
162Renato MoicanoLightweight Men
163Ricky SimonBantamweight Men
164Rob FontBantamweight Men
165Robbie LawlerWelterweight Men
166Rodrigo NascimentoHeavyweight Men
167Roman DolidzeMiddleweight Men
168Alonzo MenifieldLight Heavyweight Men
169Rose NamajunasFlyweight Women
170Royce GracieHeavyweight Men
171Ryan SpannLight Heavyweight Men
172Sean BradyWelterweight Men
173Sean O'MalleyBantamweight Men
174Sean StricklandMiddleweight Men
175Sergei PavlovichHeavyweight Men
176Serghei SpivacHeavyweight Men
177Shavkat RakhmonovWelterweight Men
178Sodiq YusuffFeatherweight Men
179Yadong SongBantamweight Men
180Stephen ThompsonWelterweight Men
181Stipe MiocicHeavyweight Men
182Shayilan NuerdanbiekeFeatherweight MenRC
183Tai TuivasaHeavyweight Men
184Taila SantosFlyweight Women
185Tim ElliottFlyweight Men
186Tito OrtizLight Heavyweight Men
187Tom AspinallHeavyweight Men
188Themba GorimboWelterweight MenRC
189Umar NurmagomedovBantamweight Men
190Valentina ShevchenkoFlyweight Women
191Vanessa DemopoulosStrawweight Women
192Vicente LuqueWelterweight Men
193Val WoodburnMiddleweight MenRC
194Virna JandirobaStrawweight Women
195Volkan OezdemirLight Heavyweight Men
196Malcolm GordonFlyweight MenRC
197Yair RodríguezFeatherweight Men
198Yan XiaonanStrawweight Women
199William GomisFeatherweight MenRC
200Zhang WeiliStrawweight Women
Chrome Rookie Autograph

24 card set.
Odds - 1:4 Breaker's Delight packs.
Parallels - Refractor #/150, Gold #/50, Orange #/25, Black #/10, Red #/5, Superfractor 1/1.

CRA-BKABrad KatonaBantamweight MenRC
CRA-DLODiego LopesFeatherweight MenRC
CRA-DMBDa'Mon BlackshearBantamweight MenRC
CRA-EBRElves BrenerWelterweight MenRC
CRA-FPAFernando PadillaFeatherweight MenRC
CRA-GMIGabriel MirandaLightweight MenRC
CRA-ILUIasmin LucindoStrawweight WomenRC
CRA-JHAJake HadleyFlyweight MenRC
CRA-JJEJack JenkinsFeatherweight MenRC
CRA-JPAJonny ParsonsWelterweight MenRC
CRA-JQUJosh QuinlanWelterweight MenRC
CRA-JTAJunior TafaHeavyweight MenRC
CRA-LCALuana CarolinaFlyweight WomenRC
CRA-MCOMelquizael ConceiçãoLightweight MenRC
CRA-MINInoue MizukiStrawweight WomenRC
CRA-MKAManel KapeFlyweight MenRC
CRA-NSINatalia Cristina da SilvaFlyweight WomenRC
CRA-OOSOde OsbourneFlyweight MenRC
CRA-PPOParker PorterHeavyweight MenRC
CRA-SNUShayilan NuerdanbiekeFeatherweight MenRC
CRA-SWCChoi SeungWooFeatherweight MenRC
CRA-TGOThemba GorimboWelterweight MenRC
CRA-VWOVal WoodburnMiddleweight MenRC
CRA-WGOWilliam GomisFeatherweight MenRC
Chrome Veteran Autograph

38 card set.
Odds - 1:3 Breaker's Delight packs.
Parallels - Refractor #/150, Gold #/50, Orange #/25, Black #/10, Red #/5, Superfractor 1/1.

CVA-ARAAleksandar RakicLight Heavyweight Men
CVA-AVOAlexander VolkovHeavyweight Men
CVA-BALBrendan AllenMiddleweight Men
CVA-BBABryan BattleMiddleweight Men
CVA-BDABeneil DariushLightweight Men
CVA-BORBrian OrtegaFeatherweight Men
CVA-BROBrandon RoyvalFlyweight Men
CVA-CBOCaio BorralhoMiddleweight Men
CVA-CESCarla EsparzaStrawweight Women
CVA-CSACory SandhagenBantamweight Men
CVA-CULCarlos UlbergLight Heavyweight Men
CVA-DBRDerek BrunsonLight Heavyweight Men
CVA-DREDominick ReyesLight Heavyweight Men
CVA-GNEGeoff NealWelterweight Men
CVA-IALIrene AldanaBantamweight Women
CVA-JANJessica AndradeStrawweight Women
CVA-JHIJamahal HillLight Heavyweight Men
CVA-JJEJoanna JędrzejczykStrawweight Women
CVA-JPEJulianna PeñaBantamweight Women
CVA-JPYJoe PyferMiddleweight Men
CVA-JWAJohnny WalkerLight Heavyweight Men
CVA-KCHKatlyn CerminaraBantamweight Women
CVA-MBAMaycee BarberFlyweight Women
CVA-MCHMichael ChandlerLightweight Men
CVA-MDVMerab DvalishviliBantamweight Men
CVA-MMAMike MalottWelterweight Men
CVA-MMOMichael MoralesWelterweight Men
CVA-MTYMarcin TyburaHeavyweight Men
CVA-MVEMarlon VeraBantamweight Men
CVA-NLENatan LevyLightweight Men
CVA-PYAPetr YanBantamweight Men
CVA-RDARafael Dos AnjosWelterweight Men
CVA-RFORob FontBantamweight Men
CVA-RPERaquel PenningtonBantamweight Women
CVA-RSPRyan SpannLight Heavyweight Men
CVA-SSPSerghei SpivacHeavyweight Men
CVA-VLUVicente LuqueWelterweight Men
CVA-VOEVolkan OezdemirLight Heavyweight Men
Future Stars Autograph

20 card set.
Odds - 1:5 Breaker's Delight packs.
Parallels - Refractor #/150, Gold #/50, Orange #/25, Black #/10, Red #/5, Superfractor 1/1.

FSA-AALArnold AllenFeatherweight Men
FSA-APEAlex PereiraMiddleweight Men
FSA-DDPDricus Du PlessisMiddleweight Men
FSA-EBLErin BlanchfieldFlyweight Women
FSA-IGAIan Machado GarryWelterweight Men
FSA-JALJailton AlmeidaHeavyweight Men
FSA-JDMJack Della MaddalenaWelterweight Men
FSA-JSHJack ShoreFeatherweight Men
FSA-KCHKhamzat ChimaevMiddleweight Men
FSA-MANMagomed AnkalaevLight Heavyweight Men
FSA-MEVMovsar EvloevFeatherweight Men
FSA-MMOMuhammad MokaevFlyweight Men
FSA-PPIPaddy PimblettLightweight Men
FSA-RRORaul RosasBantamweight Men
FSA-SRAShavkat RakhmonovWelterweight Men
FSA-TASTom AspinallHeavyweight Men
FSA-TRITabatha RicciStrawweight Women
FSA-TSUTatiana SuarezStrawweight Women
FSA-TTATatsuro TairaFlyweight Men
FSA-UNUUmar NurmagomedovBantamweight Men
Hall of Fame Autograph

13 card set.

HFA-BRUBas RuttenHeavyweight Men
HFA-CLIChuck LiddellLight Heavyweight Men
HFA-DCEDonald CerroneLightweight Men
HFA-FGRForrest GriffinLight Heavyweight Men
HFA-KSHKen ShamrockHeavyweight Men
HFA-MBIMichael BispingMiddleweight Men
HFA-MCOMark ColemanLight Heavyweight Men
HFA-MHUMatt HughesWelterweight Men
HFA-MSEMatt SerraWelterweight Men
HFA-RFRRich FranklinMiddleweight Men
HFA-RGRRoyce GracieHeavyweight Men
HFA-TORTito OrtizLight Heavyweight Men
HFA-UFAUrijah FaberBantamweight Men
Main Event Autograph

18 card set.

MEA-AGRAlexa GrassoFlyweight Women
MEA-APAAlexandre PantojaFlyweight Men
MEA-ASTAljamain SterlingFeatherweight Men
MEA-AVOAlexander VolkanovskiFeatherweight Men
MEA-BLEBrock LesnarHeavyweight Men
MEA-CCOColby CovingtonWelterweight Men
MEA-COLCharles OliveiraLightweight Men
MEA-DPODustin PoirierLightweight Men
MEA-GBUGilbert BurnsWelterweight Men
MEA-GTEGlover TeixeiraLight Heavyweight Men
MEA-JBLJan BłachowiczLight Heavyweight Men
MEA-JGAJustin GaethjeLightweight Men
MEA-JPRJiri ProchazkaLight Heavyweight Men
MEA-MHOMax HollowayFeatherweight Men
MEA-RNARose NamajunasFlyweight Women
MEA-RWHRobert WhittakerMiddleweight Men
MEA-SOMSean O'MalleyBantamweight Men
MEA-VSHValentina ShevchenkoFlyweight Women
Marks of Champions

12 card set.

MOC-ANUAmanda NunesBantamweight Women
MOC-ASTAljamain SterlingFeatherweight Men
MOC-BMOBrandon MorenoFlyweight Men
MOC-DCODaniel CormierHeavyweight Men
MOC-GSPGeorges St-PierreMiddleweight Men
MOC-HCEHenry CejudoFlyweight Men
MOC-IADIsrael AdesanyaMiddleweight Men
MOC-IMAIslam MakhachevLightweight Men
MOC-KNUKhabib NurmagomedovLightweight Men
MOC-LEDLeon EdwardsWelterweight Men
MOC-SMIStipe MiocicHeavyweight Men
MOC-ZWEZhang WeiliStrawweight Women
Octagon Legends Autograph

17 card set.
Odds - 1:5 Breaker's Delight packs.
Parallels - Refractor (1:17 packs), Gold #/50, Orange #/25, Black #/10, Red #/5, Superfractor 1/1.

OLA-AARAndrei ArlovskiHeavyweight Men
OLA-ARNAntonio Rodrigo NogueiraHeavyweight Men
OLA-BRUBas RuttenHeavyweight Men
OLA-CSOChael SonnenLight Heavyweight Men
OLA-CWEChris WeidmanMiddleweight Men
OLA-DCRDominick CruzBantamweight Men
OLA-DHEDan HendersonMiddleweight Men
OLA-FEDFrankie EdgarBantamweight Men
OLA-FMIFrank MirHeavyweight Men
OLA-FSHFrank ShamrockMiddleweight Men
OLA-JDSJunior dos SantosHeavyweight Men
OLA-JPUJens PulverBantamweight Men
OLA-LMALyoto MachidaMiddleweight Men
OLA-REVRashad EvansLight Heavyweight Men
OLA-RLARobbie LawlerWelterweight Men
OLA-TFETony FergusonLightweight Men
OLA-TWOTyron WoodleyWelterweight Men
UFC Signature

29 card set.
Odds - 1:3 Breaker's Delight packs.
Parallels - Refractor (1:12 packs), Gold #/50, Orange #/25, Black #/10, Red #/5, Superfractor 1/1.

FNA-AALAmir AlbaziFlyweight Men
FNA-ASMAnthony SmithLight Heavyweight Men
FNA-BMUBelal MuhammadWelterweight Men
FNA-CBLCurtis BlaydesHeavyweight Men
FNA-CGACiryl GaneHeavyweight Men
FNA-CKACalvin KattarFeatherweight Men
FNA-CSJChan Sung JungFeatherweight Men
FNA-DHODan HookerLightweight Men
FNA-DIGDan IgeFeatherweight Men
FNA-GCHGiga ChikadzeFeatherweight Men
FNA-HHOHolly HolmBantamweight Women
FNA-JEMJosh EmmettFeatherweight Men
FNA-JTUJalin TurnerLightweight Men
FNA-KHOKevin HollandWelterweight Men
FNA-KKFKai Kara-FranceFlyweight Men
FNA-MDEMackenzie DernStrawweight Women
FNA-MGAMateusz GamrotLightweight Men
FNA-MMCMolly McCannFlyweight Women
FNA-MNIMatheus NicolauFlyweight Men
FNA-MVEMarvin VettoriMiddleweight Men
FNA-NMANeil MagnyWelterweight Men
FNA-PMUPedro MunhozBantamweight Men
FNA-RFIRafael FizievLightweight Men
FNA-STHStephen ThompsonWelterweight Men
FNA-SYAYadong SongBantamweight Men
FNA-TSATaila SantosFlyweight Women
FNA-TTUTai TuivasaHeavyweight Men
FNA-YROYair RodríguezFeatherweight Men
FNA-YXIYan XiaonanStrawweight Women
1954 Topps

25 card set.
Odds - 1:11 Breaker's Delight packs.
Parallels - Refractor (1:17 packs), Gold #/50, Black #/10, Red #/5, Superfractor 1/1.

FFT-1Georges St-PierreMiddleweight Men
FFT-2Royce GracieHeavyweight Men
FFT-3Valentina ShevchenkoFlyweight Women
FFT-4Donald CerroneLightweight Men
FFT-5Tito OrtizLight Heavyweight Men
FFT-6Don FryeHeavyweight Men
FFT-7Stipe MiocicHeavyweight Men
FFT-8Islam MakhachevLightweight Men
FFT-9Max HollowayFeatherweight Men
FFT-10Forrest GriffinLight Heavyweight Men
FFT-11Tony FergusonLightweight Men
FFT-12Lyoto MachidaMiddleweight Men
FFT-13Michael BispingMiddleweight Men
FFT-14Dominick CruzBantamweight Men
FFT-15Chael SonnenLight Heavyweight Men
FFT-16Robbie LawlerWelterweight Men
FFT-17Rich FranklinMiddleweight Men
FFT-18Dan HendersonMiddleweight Men
FFT-19Angela HillStrawweight Women
FFT-20Amanda NunesBantamweight Women
FFT-21Khabib NurmagomedovLightweight Men
FFT-22Rashad EvansLight Heavyweight Men
FFT-23Charles OliveiraLightweight Men
FFT-24Joanna JędrzejczykStrawweight Women
FFT-25Henry CejudoFlyweight Men

20 card set.
Odds - 1:13 Breaker's Delight packs.
Parallels - Gold #/50, Black #/10, Red #/5, Superfractor 1/1.

AKA-1Deiveson FigueiredoBantamweight Men"Deus da Guerra"
AKA-2Chuck LiddellLight Heavyweight Men"The Iceman"
AKA-3Lyoto MachidaMiddleweight Men"The Dragon"
AKA-4Shogun RuaLight Heavyweight Men"Shogun"
AKA-5Rose NamajunasFlyweight Women"Thug"
AKA-6Israel AdesanyaMiddleweight Men"The Last Stylebender"
AKA-7Robert WhittakerMiddleweight Men"The Reaper"
AKA-8Conor McGregorLightweight Men"The Notorious"
AKA-9Robbie LawlerWelterweight Men"Ruthless"
AKA-10Kamaru UsmanWelterweight Men"Nigerian Nightmare"
AKA-11Jon JonesHeavyweight Men"Bones"
AKA-12Stephen ThompsonWelterweight Men"Wonderboy"
AKA-13Chan Sung JungFeatherweight Men"The Korean Zombie"
AKA-14Donald CerroneLightweight Men"Cowboy"
AKA-15Alexander VolkanovskiFeatherweight Men"The Great"
AKA-16Paddy PimblettLightweight Men"The Baddy"
AKA-17Valentina ShevchenkoFlyweight Women"Bullet"
AKA-18Tai TuivasaHeavyweight Men"Bam Bam"
AKA-19Anderson SilvaMiddleweight Men"The Spider"
AKA-20Urijah FaberBantamweight Men"The California Kid"

15 card set.
Odds - 1:24 Breaker's Delight packs.

TME-1Aljamain SterlingFeatherweight Men
TME-2Raul RosasBantamweight Men
TME-3Da'Mon BlackshearBantamweight MenRC
TME-4Erin BlanchfieldFlyweight Women
TME-5Alexandre PantojaFlyweight Men
TME-6Raquel PenningtonBantamweight Women
TME-7Max HollowayFeatherweight Men
TME-8Tatsuro TairaFlyweight Men
TME-9Jamahal HillLight Heavyweight Men
TME-10Michael MoralesWelterweight Men
TME-11Bo NickalMiddleweight Men
TME-12Maycee BarberFlyweight Women
TME-13Muhammad MokaevFlyweight Men
TME-14Dricus Du PlessisMiddleweight Men
TME-15Roman DolidzeMiddleweight Men
Hidden Gems

5 card set.
Odds - 1:123 Breaker's Delight packs.

HG-1Conor McGregorLightweight Men
HG-2Jon JonesHeavyweight Men
HG-3Sean O'MalleyBantamweight Men
HG-4Georges St-PierreMiddleweight Men
HG-5Khabib NurmagomedovLightweight Men
International Flair

10 card set.
Odds - 1:26 Breaker's Delight packs.
Parallels - Refractor (1:42 packs), Gold #/50, Black #/10, Red #/5, Superfractor 1/1.

IFL-1Amir AlbaziFlyweight Men
IFL-2Umar NurmagomedovBantamweight Men
IFL-3Movsar EvloevFeatherweight Men
IFL-4Rafael FizievLightweight Men
IFL-5Shavkat RakhmonovWelterweight Men
IFL-6Marvin VettoriMiddleweight Men
IFL-7Jan BłachowiczLight Heavyweight Men
IFL-8Tom AspinallHeavyweight Men
IFL-9Yan XiaonanStrawweight Women
IFL-10Manon FiorotFlyweight Women
Kings and Queens

15 card set.
Odds - 1:7 Breaker's Delight packs.

KAQ-1Amanda NunesBantamweight Women
KAQ-2Conor McGregorLightweight Men
KAQ-3Khabib NurmagomedovLightweight Men
KAQ-4Israel AdesanyaMiddleweight Men
KAQ-5Alexa GrassoFlyweight Women
KAQ-6Georges St-PierreMiddleweight Men
KAQ-7Miesha TateBantamweight Women
KAQ-8Jon JonesHeavyweight Men
KAQ-9Chuck LiddellLight Heavyweight Men
KAQ-10Zhang WeiliStrawweight Women
KAQ-11Alexander VolkanovskiFeatherweight Men
KAQ-12Holly HolmBantamweight Women
KAQ-13Islam MakhachevLightweight Men
KAQ-14Royce GracieHeavyweight Men
KAQ-15Valentina ShevchenkoFlyweight Women
Lets Go

15 card set.
Odds - 1:37 Breaker's Delight packs.

LGO-1Jon JonesHeavyweight Men
LGO-2Yair RodríguezFeatherweight Men
LGO-3Mayra BuenoBantamweight Women
LGO-4Dricus Du PlessisMiddleweight Men
LGO-5Israel AdesanyaMiddleweight Men
LGO-6Conor McGregorLightweight Men
LGO-7Brandon MorenoFlyweight Men
LGO-8Michael ChandlerLightweight Men
LGO-9Khamzat ChimaevMiddleweight Men
LGO-10Sean StricklandMiddleweight Men
LGO-11Robert WhittakerMiddleweight Men
LGO-12Jiri ProchazkaLight Heavyweight Men
LGO-13Valentina ShevchenkoFlyweight Women
LGO-14Ilia TopuriaFeatherweight Men
LGO-15Tai TuivasaHeavyweight Men
Spitting Venom

10 card set.
Odds - 1:121 Breaker's Delight packs.

SPV-1Sean O'MalleyBantamweight Men
SPV-2Israel AdesanyaMiddleweight Men
SPV-3Colby CovingtonWelterweight Men
SPV-4Sean StricklandMiddleweight Men
SPV-5Kevin HollandWelterweight Men
SPV-6Conor McGregorLightweight Men
SPV-7Paddy PimblettLightweight Men
SPV-8Khamzat ChimaevMiddleweight Men
SPV-9Jon JonesHeavyweight Men
SPV-10Alex PereiraMiddleweight Men

15 card set.
Odds - 1:17 Breaker's Delight packs.
Parallels - Refractor (1:28 packs), Gold #/50, Black #/10, Red #/5, Superfractor 1/1.

SUG-1Jon JonesHeavyweight Men
SUG-2Israel AdesanyaMiddleweight Men
SUG-3Georges St-PierreMiddleweight Men
SUG-4Khabib NurmagomedovLightweight Men
SUG-5Alexander VolkanovskiFeatherweight Men
SUG-6Amanda NunesBantamweight Women
SUG-7Khamzat ChimaevMiddleweight Men
SUG-8Conor McGregorLightweight Men
SUG-9Chuck LiddellLight Heavyweight Men
SUG-10Valentina ShevchenkoFlyweight Women
SUG-11Jiri ProchazkaLight Heavyweight Men
SUG-12Sean O'MalleyBantamweight Men
SUG-13Anderson SilvaMiddleweight Men
SUG-14Kamaru UsmanWelterweight Men
SUG-15Zhang WeiliStrawweight Women
Tale of the Tape

30 card set.
Odds - 1:9 Breaker's Delight packs.
Parallels - Refractor (1:14 packs), Gold #/50, Black #/10, Red #/5, Superfractor 1/1.

TFT-1Brandon MorenoFlyweight Men
TFT-2Deiveson FigueiredoBantamweight Men
TFT-3Kai Kara-FranceFlyweight Men
TFT-4Merab DvalishviliBantamweight Men
TFT-5Sean O'MalleyBantamweight Men
TFT-6Henry CejudoFlyweight Men
TFT-7Alexander VolkanovskiFeatherweight Men
TFT-8Brian OrtegaFeatherweight Men
TFT-9Yair RodríguezFeatherweight Men
TFT-10Islam MakhachevLightweight Men
TFT-11Beneil DariushLightweight Men
TFT-12Michael ChandlerLightweight Men
TFT-13Kamaru UsmanWelterweight Men
TFT-14Gilbert BurnsWelterweight Men
TFT-15Belal MuhammadWelterweight Men
TFT-16Khamzat ChimaevMiddleweight Men
TFT-17Conor McGregorLightweight Men
TFT-18Israel AdesanyaMiddleweight Men
TFT-19Jared CannonierMiddleweight Men
TFT-20Jiri ProchazkaLight Heavyweight Men
TFT-21Magomed AnkalaevLight Heavyweight Men
TFT-22Johnny WalkerLight Heavyweight Men
TFT-23Jon JonesHeavyweight Men
TFT-24Stipe MiocicHeavyweight Men
TFT-25Tai TuivasaHeavyweight Men
TFT-26Carla EsparzaStrawweight Women
TFT-27Jessica AndradeStrawweight Women
TFT-28Angela HillStrawweight Women
TFT-29Valentina ShevchenkoFlyweight Women
TFT-30Holly HolmBantamweight Women
UFC Fight Night

15 card set.
Odds - 1:13 Breaker's Delight packs.

UFN-1Tom AspinallHeavyweight Men
UFN-2Jack Della MaddalenaWelterweight Men
UFN-3Sean StricklandMiddleweight Men
UFN-4Ilia TopuriaFeatherweight Men
UFN-5Jailton AlmeidaHeavyweight Men
UFN-6Ian Machado GarryWelterweight Men
UFN-7Carlos UlbergLight Heavyweight Men
UFN-8Sergei PavlovichHeavyweight Men
UFN-9Max HollowayFeatherweight Men
UFN-10Islam MakhachevLightweight Men
UFN-11Merab DvalishviliBantamweight Men
UFN-12Mike MalottWelterweight Men
UFN-13Tatiana SuarezStrawweight Women
UFN-14Erin BlanchfieldFlyweight Women
UFN-15Umar NurmagomedovBantamweight Men