2023 Topps Inception Baseball Checklist

2023 Topps Inception Baseball

Release Date: December 6, 2023

The young stars of MLB shine bright in 2023 Topps Inception Baseball.

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2023 Topps Inception Baseball

  • The young stars of MLB shine bright in 2023 Topps Inception Baseball.
  • Collectors can find autographs and limited base cards of the some of the game’s newest players in every pack.

2023 Topps Inception Baseball


Base Orange
Base Rookie & Emerging Stars Autographs
Inception Triple Autographs

125 card set featuring the biggest young stars and rookies in MLB
Base not numbered
• Green – Limited
• Purple – #’ to 150
• Magenta – #’d to 99
• Red – #’d to 75
• Orange – #’d to 50
• Blue – #’d to 25
• Inception – #’d 1 of 1

Base Rookie and Emerging Stars Autographs
Base version sequentially numbered.
• Green – #’d to 125
• Magenta – #’d to 99
• Red – #’d to 75
• Orange – #’d to 50
• Blue – #’d to 25
• Inception –#’d 1 of 1
Inception Silver Signings – All cards signed on-card in metallic ink. Base version signed in silver ink and sequentially numbered.
• Gold Ink – #’d to 25
• Gold Ink Inception – #’d 1 of 1
Inception Dawn of Greatness Autographs – The greatest stars of MLB® are celebrated here with cards that honor their rookie season performances. Sequentially numbered to 20.
• Orange – #’d to 10
• Blue – #’d to 5
• Inception – #’d 1 of 1
NEW! Inception Dual Autographs
Base numbered to 25 or less
• Blue – #’d to 5
• Inception – #’d 1 of 1
NEW! Inception Triple Autographs
Base numbered to 10 or less
• Blue – #’d to 5
• Inception – #’d 1 of 1
Short Print Inception Autographs – On-card autographs from the top players in the game.
Sequentially numbered to 10.


Autographed Patch Red
Autographed Team Logo Patch Book Card
Inception MLB First Milestones Autograph Logo

Inception Autograph Patch Cards – Featuring player-worn uniform patches and player autographs. Base version is sequentially numbered.
• Green – #’d to 99 or less
• Magenta – #’d to 75 or less
• Red – #’d to 25
• Orange – #’d to 10
• Blue – using uniform buttons, #’d to 6
• Inception – using manufacturer logo, #’d 1 of 1
Inception Autograph Jumbo Patch Cards – Containing jumbo patch pieces and player autographs. 1 Per Case
• Red – #’d to 50
• Orange – #’d to 25
• Blue – #’d to 10
• Inception – using team logo patch, #’d 1 of 1
Inception Autograph Team Logo Patch Book Cards – Oversized jumbo player-worn patch pieces of team logos and player autographs. Sequentially numbered to 2.
Gameday Gear Autograph Relic Book Cards – Featuring pieces of player-worn jersey patches, socks, batting gloves and ball caps, with a player autograph. Sequentially numbered to 5
• Inception Parallel – #’d 1 of 1
Inception Autograph Batting Glove Relic Cards – Featuring jumbo strips of playerworn batting gloves. Sequentially numbered to 25 or less.
• Inception Strap Parallel – #’d 1 of 1
• Inception Logo Parallel – #’d 1 of 1
Inception Autograph Jumbo Hat Patch Cards – Cards will feature 3 different jumbo patch pieces from player-worn ball caps.
• Team Logo – #’d to 5
• New Era Logo – #’d to 5
• MLB® Silhouetted Batter Logo – #’d to 5
Inception Autographed Letters Book Cards – Oversized jumbo player-worn patch pieces from jersey nameplates and player autographs. Sequentially numbered to 2.
Inception Autographed Laundry Tag Book Cards – Cards will contain player-worn jersey laundry tag and player autograph. Sequentially numbered 1 of 1.
Inception Autographed MLB® Silhouetted Batter Logo Patch Book Cards – Showcasing the MLB® logo from player-worn jersey collars. Sequentially numbered 1 of 1.
Inception Dual Autograph Relic Book Cards – Two players are celebrated together with jumbo patch pieces and player autographs. Sequentially numbered to 3.
• Inception Parallel – #’d 1 of 1
Inception Autograph Game Socks Relic Cards – Showcasing player-worn STANCE MLB® team socks and player autographs. Sequentially numbered to 3
• Inception Parallel – #’d 1 of 1
NEW! Inception MLB First Milestones Autograph Relics – Highlighting 2023 MLB rookies and pairing their autograph with a jumbo strip relic from an MLB authenticated base from the game they recorded their first hit (3/30-5/15).
Base is numbered to 99 or less
• Red Parallel: Seq #’d to 25
• Orange Parallel: Seq #’d to 10
• Blue Parallel: Seq #’d to 5
• Inception Parallel: Seq #’d to 1/1









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Arizona Diamondbacks
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseAlek ThomasBase10
BaseCorbin CarrollBase83RC
BaseGabriel MorenoBase70RC
AutoAlek ThomasBase Rookie and Emerging Star AutographBRES-AT
AutoAlek ThomasInception Autographed PatchIAP-AT
AutoAlek ThomasInception Silver SigningsISS-AT
AutoBuddy KennedyBase Rookie and Emerging Star AutographBRES-BKRC
AutoCorbin CarrollInception Autograph Game Socks RelicAGSR-CCARC
AutoCorbin CarrollBase Rookie and Emerging Star AutographBRES-CCARC
AutoCorbin CarrollInception Autographed Jumbo Hat PatchIAJH-CCARC
AutoCorbin CarrollInception Autographed Jumbo PatchIAJP-CCARC
AutoCorbin CarrollInception Autographed PatchIAP-CCARC
AutoCorbin CarrollInception Autograph MLB Silhouetted Batter Logo Patch BookIBLBC-CCRC
AutoCorbin CarrollInception Letters BookILBC-CCRC
AutoCorbin CarrollInception Autograph Laundry Tag BookILTBC-CCRC
AutoCorbin CarrollInception Silver SigningsISS-CCRC
AutoCorbin CarrollInception Autograph Team Logo Patch BookITBC-CCARC
AutoDominic FletcherInception MLB First Milestones Autograph RelicFMAR-DFRC
AutoPaul GoldschmidtInception Dawn of Greatness AutographIDG-PG
AutoStone GarrettBase Rookie and Emerging Star AutographBRES-SGRC
Atlanta Braves
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseAustin RileyBase48
BaseMichael Harris IIBase28RC
BaseOzzie AlbiesBase84
BaseRonald Acuña Jr.Base73
BaseVaughn GrissomBase24RC
AutoAustin RileyBase Rookie and Emerging Star AutographBRES-ARI
AutoAustin RileyInception Silver SigningsISS-ARI
AutoAustin RileyInception Triple AutographITA-AAR
AutoIan AndersonBase Rookie and Emerging Star AutographBRES-IA
AutoMax FriedInception Dual AutographIDA-SF
AutoMichael Harris IIInception Autograph Game Socks RelicAGSR-MHRC
AutoMichael Harris IIBase Rookie and Emerging Star AutographBRES-MHRC
AutoMichael Harris IIInception Autographed Jumbo Hat PatchIAJH-MHRC
AutoMichael Harris IIInception Autographed Jumbo PatchIAJP-MHRC
AutoMichael Harris IIInception Autographed PatchIAP-MHRC
AutoMichael Harris IIInception Autograph MLB Silhouetted Batter Logo Patch BookIBLBC-MHRC
AutoMichael Harris IIInception Dual Autograph Relic BookIDBC-GH
AutoMichael Harris IIInception Letters BookILBC-MHRC
AutoMichael Harris IIInception Autograph Laundry Tag BookILTBC-MHRC
AutoMichael Harris IIInception Autograph Team Logo Patch BookITBC-MHRC
AutoOzzie AlbiesInception Dual AutographIDA-AA
AutoOzzie AlbiesInception Triple AutographITA-AAR
AutoRonald Acuña Jr.Base Rookie and Emerging Star AutographBRES-RA
AutoRonald Acuña Jr.Inception Autographed Jumbo Hat PatchIAJH-RA
AutoRonald Acuña Jr.Inception Autographed Jumbo PatchIAJP-RA
AutoRonald Acuña Jr.Inception Autographed PatchIAP-RA
AutoRonald Acuña Jr.Inception Autograph MLB Silhouetted Batter Logo Patch BookIBLBC-RA
AutoRonald Acuña Jr.Inception Dual AutographIDA-AA
AutoRonald Acuña Jr.Inception Letters BookILBC-RA
AutoRonald Acuña Jr.Inception Autograph Laundry Tag BookILTBC-RA
AutoRonald Acuña Jr.Inception Silver SigningsISS-RA
AutoRonald Acuña Jr.Inception Triple AutographITA-AAR
AutoRonald Acuña Jr.Inception Triple AutographITA-RAS
AutoRonald Acuña Jr.Inception Autograph Team Logo Patch BookITBC-RA
AutoSpencer StriderInception Dual AutographIDA-SF
AutoVaughn GrissomInception Autograph Game Socks RelicAGSR-VGRC
AutoVaughn GrissomBase Rookie and Emerging Star AutographBRES-VGRRC
AutoVaughn GrissomGameday Gear Autograph Relic BookGGAR-VGRC
AutoVaughn GrissomInception Autographed Jumbo Hat PatchIAJH-VGRC
AutoVaughn GrissomInception Autographed Jumbo PatchIAJP-VGRRC
AutoVaughn GrissomInception Autographed PatchIAP-VGRRC
AutoVaughn GrissomInception Autograph Batting Glove RelicIBGR-VGRC
AutoVaughn GrissomInception Dual Autograph Relic BookIDBC-GH
AutoVaughn GrissomInception Letters BookILBC-VGRRC
AutoVaughn GrissomInception Autograph Laundry Tag BookILTBC-VGRC
AutoVaughn GrissomInception Silver SigningsISS-VGRRC
AutoVaughn GrissomInception Autograph Team Logo Patch BookITBC-VGRRC
Baltimore Orioles
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseAdley RutschmanBase30RC
BaseGrayson RodriguezBase103RC
BaseGunnar HendersonBase47RC
BaseRyan MountcastleBase50
BaseShintaro FujinamiBase107RC
BaseYennier CanoBase122RC
AutoAdley RutschmanBase Rookie and Emerging Star AutographBRES-ARRC
AutoAdley RutschmanInception Autographed Jumbo Hat PatchIAJH-ARRC
AutoAdley RutschmanInception Autographed Jumbo PatchIAJP-ARURC
AutoAdley RutschmanInception Autographed PatchIAP-ARURC
AutoAdley RutschmanInception Autograph MLB Silhouetted Batter Logo Patch BookIBLBC-ARRC
AutoAdley RutschmanInception Dual AutographIDA-RM
AutoAdley RutschmanInception Dual Autograph Relic BookIDBC-AGRC
AutoAdley RutschmanInception Dual Autograph Relic BookIDBC-RG
AutoAdley RutschmanInception Letters BookILBC-ARRC
AutoAdley RutschmanInception Autograph Laundry Tag BookILTBC-ARRC
AutoAdley RutschmanInception Silver SigningsISS-ARRC
AutoAdley RutschmanInception Triple AutographITA-GGRRC
AutoAdley RutschmanInception Autograph Team Logo Patch BookITBC-ARRC
AutoCal Ripken Jr.Inception Dawn of Greatness AutographIDG-CR
AutoDL HallInception Autograph Game Socks RelicAGSR-DHRC
AutoDL HallInception Autographed Jumbo Hat PatchIAJH-DHARC
AutoDL HallInception Autographed Jumbo PatchIAJP-DHARC
AutoDL HallInception Autographed PatchIAP-DHLRC
AutoDL HallInception Silver SigningsISS-DHRC
AutoGunnar HendersonInception Autographed Jumbo Hat PatchIAJH-GHRC
AutoGunnar HendersonInception Autographed Jumbo PatchIAJP-GHRC
AutoGunnar HendersonInception Autographed PatchIAP-GHRC
AutoGunnar HendersonInception Autograph MLB Silhouetted Batter Logo Patch BookIBLBC-GHRC
AutoGunnar HendersonInception Dual Autograph Relic BookIDBC-AGRC
AutoGunnar HendersonInception Silver SigningsISS-GHRC
AutoGunnar HendersonInception Autograph Team Logo Patch BookITBC-GHRC
AutoJoey OrtizInception MLB First Milestones Autograph RelicFMAR-JORC
AutoKyle StowersBase Rookie and Emerging Star AutographBRES-KSRC
AutoManny MachadoInception Dawn of Greatness AutographIDG-MM
AutoNick VespiBase Rookie and Emerging Star AutographBRES-NVERC
AutoRyan MountcastleInception Dual AutographIDA-RM
Boston Red Sox
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseBrayan BelloBase56RC
BaseEnmanuel ValdezBase124RC
BaseJeter DownsBase37RC
BaseMasataka YoshidaBase109RC
BaseRafael DeversBase76
BaseTrevor StoryBase62
BaseTriston CasasBase31RC
AutoEnmanuel ValdezInception MLB First Milestones Autograph RelicFMAR-EVRC
AutoJeter DownsInception Autograph Game Socks RelicAGSR-JDRC
AutoJeter DownsBase Rookie and Emerging Star AutographBRES-JDRC
AutoJeter DownsInception Autographed Jumbo Hat PatchIAJH-JDRC
AutoJeter DownsInception Autographed Jumbo PatchIAJP-JDRC
AutoJeter DownsInception Autographed PatchIAP-JDORC
AutoJeter DownsInception Letters BookILBC-JDRC
AutoJeter DownsInception Silver SigningsISS-JDRC
AutoJeter DownsInception Autograph Team Logo Patch BookITBC-JD
AutoJosh WinckowskiBase Rookie and Emerging Star AutographBRES-JWRC
AutoMasataka YoshidaBase Rookie and Emerging Star AutographBRES-MYRC
AutoMasataka YoshidaInception MLB First Milestones Autograph RelicFMAR-MYRC
AutoMasataka YoshidaInception Autographed PatchIAP-MYRC
AutoNomar GarciaparraInception Dawn of Greatness AutographIDG-NG
AutoRafael DeversInception Silver SigningsISS-RD
AutoTriston CasasInception Autographed Jumbo PatchIAJP-TCRC
AutoTriston CasasInception Autographed PatchIAP-TCRC
AutoTriston CasasInception Silver SigningsISS-TCRC
AutoXander BogaertsShort Print Inception AutographSP-XB
Chicago Cubs
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseChristopher MorelBase5RC
BaseJustin SteeleBase123RC
BaseMatt MervisBase115RC
BaseMiguel AmayaBase114RC
BaseNelson VelázquezBase75RC
BaseSeiya SuzukiBase17
AutoCaleb KilianBase Rookie and Emerging Star AutographBRES-CKRC
AutoCaleb KilianInception Autographed Jumbo PatchIAJP-CKRC
AutoCaleb KilianInception Autographed PatchIAP-CKRC
AutoCaleb KilianInception Silver SigningsISS-CKRC
AutoCaleb KilianInception Triple AutographITA-MVKRC
AutoChristopher MorelInception Autograph Game Socks RelicAGSR-CMRC
AutoChristopher MorelGameday Gear Autograph Relic BookGGAR-CMRC
AutoChristopher MorelInception Autographed Jumbo Hat PatchIAJH-CMRC
AutoChristopher MorelInception Autographed Jumbo PatchIAJP-CMRC
AutoChristopher MorelInception Autographed PatchIAP-CMRC
AutoChristopher MorelInception Autograph Batting Glove RelicIBGR-CMRC
AutoChristopher MorelInception Autograph MLB Silhouetted Batter Logo Patch BookIBLBC-CMRC
AutoChristopher MorelInception Dual AutographIDA-MV
AutoChristopher MorelInception Letters BookILBC-CMORC
AutoChristopher MorelInception Autograph Laundry Tag BookILTBC-CMORC
AutoChristopher MorelInception Silver SigningsISS-CMRC
AutoChristopher MorelInception Triple AutographITA-MVKRC
AutoChristopher MorelInception Autograph Team Logo Patch BookITBC-CMO
AutoJustin SteeleBase Rookie and Emerging Star AutographBRES-JSRC
AutoMatt MervisInception MLB First Milestones Autograph RelicFMAR-MMRC
AutoMatt SwarmerBase Rookie and Emerging Star AutographBRES-MSWRC
AutoMiguel AmayaInception MLB First Milestones Autograph RelicFMAR-MARC
AutoNelson VelázquezBase Rookie and Emerging Star AutographBRES-NVRC
AutoNelson VelázquezInception Dual AutographIDA-MV
AutoNelson VelázquezInception Triple AutographITA-MVKRC
AutoNico HoernerBase Rookie and Emerging Star AutographBRES-NH
Chicago White Sox
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseEloy JiménezBase51
BaseLuis RobertBase40
BaseOscar ColásBase120RC
AutoAndrew VaughnBase Rookie and Emerging Star AutographBRES-AVA
AutoDavis MartinBase Rookie and Emerging Star AutographBRES-DMRC
AutoDavis MartinInception Silver SigningsISS-DMRC
AutoDylan CeaseBase Rookie and Emerging Star AutographBRES-DCE
AutoDylan CeaseInception Silver SigningsISS-DC
AutoEloy JiménezBase Rookie and Emerging Star AutographBRES-EJ
AutoEloy JiménezInception Dual AutographIDA-JR
AutoEloy JiménezInception Dual Autograph Relic BookIDBC-RJ
AutoEloy JiménezInception Silver SigningsISS-EJ
AutoLuis RobertBase Rookie and Emerging Star AutographBRES-LR
AutoLuis RobertInception Dual AutographIDA-JR
AutoLuis RobertInception Dual Autograph Relic BookIDBC-RJ
AutoLuis RobertInception Silver SigningsISS-LR
AutoOscar ColásInception MLB First Milestones Autograph RelicFMAR-OCRC
AutoSammy SosaInception Dawn of Greatness AutographIDG-SS
Cincinnati Reds
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseJoey VottoBase93
BaseJonathan IndiaBase78
BaseMatt McLainBase116RC
BaseSpencer SteerBase119RC
AutoGraham AshcraftInception Autograph Game Socks RelicAGSR-GARC
AutoGraham AshcraftBase Rookie and Emerging Star AutographBRES-GARC
AutoGraham AshcraftInception Autographed Jumbo Hat PatchIAJH-GA
AutoGraham AshcraftInception Autographed Jumbo PatchIAJP-GARC
AutoGraham AshcraftInception Autographed PatchIAP-GASRC
AutoGraham AshcraftInception Triple AutographITA-GIARC
AutoHunter GreeneInception Autographed Jumbo PatchIAJP-HG
AutoHunter GreeneInception Autographed PatchIAP-HG
AutoHunter GreeneInception Letters BookILBC-HGRC
AutoHunter GreeneInception Silver SigningsISS-HG
AutoHunter GreeneInception Triple AutographITA-GIARC
AutoJonathan IndiaInception Triple AutographITA-GIARC
AutoMatt McLainBase Rookie and Emerging Star AutographBRES-MMRC
AutoMatt McLainInception MLB First Milestones Autograph RelicFMAR-MMCRC
AutoNick LodoloBase Rookie and Emerging Star AutographBRES-NL
AutoNick LodoloInception Autographed PatchIAP-NL
AutoNick LodoloInception Silver SigningsISS-NL
AutoSpencer SteerBase Rookie and Emerging Star AutographBRES-SSRC
AutoSpencer SteerInception Autographed PatchIAP-SSRC
Cleveland Guardians
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseBo NaylorBase90RC
BaseJosé RamírezBase29
BaseShane BieberBase59
BaseTanner BibeeBase113RC
AutoAndrés GiménezInception Autographed PatchIAP-AG
AutoBo NaylorBase Rookie and Emerging Star AutographBRES-BNARC
AutoBo NaylorInception Autographed Jumbo PatchIAJP-BNRC
AutoBo NaylorInception Autographed PatchIAP-BNARC
AutoBo NaylorInception Autograph Batting Glove RelicIBGR-BNARC
AutoBrayan RocchioInception MLB First Milestones Autograph RelicFMAR-BRRC
AutoGabriel AriasInception Autographed PatchIAP-GA
AutoJosé RamírezShort Print Inception AutographSP-JR
AutoNolan JonesInception Autograph Game Socks RelicAGSR-NJRC
AutoNolan JonesInception Autographed Jumbo PatchIAJP-NJRC
AutoNolan JonesInception Autographed PatchIAP-NJRC
AutoNolan JonesInception Dual AutographIDA-JG
AutoNolan JonesInception Silver SigningsISS-NJRC
AutoOscar GonzalezInception Autograph Game Socks RelicAGSR-OGRC
AutoOscar GonzalezBase Rookie and Emerging Star AutographBRES-OGRC
AutoOscar GonzalezInception Autographed Jumbo PatchIAJP-OGRC
AutoOscar GonzalezInception Autographed PatchIAP-OGRC
AutoOscar GonzalezInception Dual AutographIDA-JG
AutoOscar GonzalezInception Silver SigningsISS-OGRC
AutoTyler FreemanBase Rookie and Emerging Star AutographBRES-TFRC
Colorado Rockies
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseKris BryantBase49
BaseNolan JonesBase32RC
AutoBrenton DoyleInception MLB First Milestones Autograph RelicFMAR-BDRC
AutoBrian ServenBase Rookie and Emerging Star AutographBRES-BSRC
AutoKris BryantShort Print Inception AutographSP-KB
Detroit Tigers
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseJavier BáezBase92
BaseRiley GreeneBase97RC
BaseSpencer TorkelsonBase74
AutoGarrett HillBase Rookie and Emerging Star AutographBRES-GTRC
AutoJermaine PalaciosBase Rookie and Emerging Star AutographBRES-JPRC
AutoKody ClemensBase Rookie and Emerging Star AutographBRES-KCRC
AutoMatt ManningInception Triple AutographITA-GMTRC
AutoRiley GreeneInception Autograph Game Socks RelicAGSR-RGRC
AutoRiley GreeneBase Rookie and Emerging Star AutographBRES-RGRC
AutoRiley GreeneInception Autographed Jumbo PatchIAJP-RGRC
AutoRiley GreeneInception Autographed PatchIAP-RGRC
AutoRiley GreeneInception Autograph MLB Silhouetted Batter Logo Patch BookIBLBC-RGRC
AutoRiley GreeneInception Dual AutographIDA-GTO
AutoRiley GreeneInception Letters BookILBC-RGRC
AutoRiley GreeneInception Autograph Laundry Tag BookILTBC-RGRC
AutoRiley GreeneInception Silver SigningsISS-RGRC
AutoRiley GreeneInception Triple AutographITA-GGRRC
AutoRiley GreeneInception Triple AutographITA-GMTRC
AutoSpencer TorkelsonInception Dual AutographIDA-GTO
AutoSpencer TorkelsonInception Dual Autograph Relic BookIDBC-TR
AutoSpencer TorkelsonInception Triple AutographITA-GMTRC
AutoTarik SkubalInception Autographed Jumbo Hat PatchIAJH-TS
Houston Astros
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseAlex BregmanBase22
BaseHunter BrownBase125RC
BaseJose AltuveBase86
BaseYordan AlvarezBase89
AutoAlex BregmanShort Print Inception AutographSP-AB
AutoHunter BrownInception Autographed Jumbo PatchIAJP-HBRC
AutoHunter BrownInception Autographed PatchIAP-HBRC
AutoJeremy PenaBase Rookie and Emerging Star AutographBRES-JPE
AutoJeremy PenaInception Silver SigningsISS-JP
AutoJeremy PenaInception Triple AutographITA-ATP
AutoKorey LeeBase Rookie and Emerging Star AutographBRES-KLRC
AutoKorey LeeInception Autographed PatchIAP-KLRC
AutoKyle TuckerInception Triple AutographITA-ATP
AutoYordan AlvarezInception Silver SigningsISS-YARC
AutoYordan AlvarezInception Triple AutographITA-ATP
Kansas City Royals
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseBobby Witt Jr.Base7
BaseCole RagansBase111RC
BaseDrew WatersBase71RC
BaseNick PrattoBase41RC
BaseSalvador PerezBase79
BaseVinnie PasquantinoBase21RC
AutoBobby Witt Jr.Inception Autograph Game Socks RelicAGSR-BW
AutoBobby Witt Jr.Base Rookie and Emerging Star AutographBRES-BW
AutoBobby Witt Jr.Inception Autographed Jumbo Hat PatchIAJH-BW
AutoBobby Witt Jr.Inception Autographed Jumbo PatchIAJP-BW
AutoBobby Witt Jr.Inception Autographed PatchIAP-BW
AutoBobby Witt Jr.Inception Dual AutographIDA-WP
AutoBobby Witt Jr.Inception Dual Autograph Relic BookIDBC-MW
AutoBobby Witt Jr.Inception Silver SigningsISS-BW
AutoBobby Witt Jr.Inception Triple AutographITA-WPPRC
AutoBobby Witt Jr.Inception Autograph Team Logo Patch BookITBC-BW
AutoDrew WatersBase Rookie and Emerging Star AutographBRES-DWRC
AutoDrew WatersInception Dual Autograph Relic BookIDBC-WP
AutoJose CuasBase Rookie and Emerging Star AutographBRES-JCURC
AutoMax CastilloBase Rookie and Emerging Star AutographBRES-MCRC
AutoMJ MelendezInception Dual Autograph Relic BookIDBC-MW
AutoNick PrattoInception Autograph Game Socks RelicAGSR-NPRC
AutoNick PrattoBase Rookie and Emerging Star AutographBRES-NPRC
AutoNick PrattoInception Autographed Jumbo Hat PatchIAJH-NPRC
AutoNick PrattoInception Autographed Jumbo PatchIAJP-NPRC
AutoNick PrattoInception Autographed PatchIAP-NPRC
AutoNick PrattoInception Dual AutographIDA-WP
AutoNick PrattoInception Silver SigningsISS-NPRC
AutoNick PrattoInception Triple AutographITA-WPPRC
AutoSalvador PerezShort Print Inception AutographSP-SP
AutoVinnie PasquantinoBase Rookie and Emerging Star AutographBRES-VPRC
AutoVinnie PasquantinoInception Autographed Jumbo PatchIAJP-VPRC
AutoVinnie PasquantinoInception Autographed PatchIAP-VPRC
AutoVinnie PasquantinoInception Dual Autograph Relic BookIDBC-WP
AutoVinnie PasquantinoInception Triple AutographITA-WPPRC
Los Angeles Angels
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseAnthony RendonBase39
BaseJared WalshBase95
BaseMike TroutBase27
BaseShohei OhtaniBase69
BaseZach NetoBase101RC
AutoLiván SotoBase Rookie and Emerging Star AutographBRES-LSRC
AutoLiván SotoInception Autographed PatchIAP-LSRC
AutoMichael StefanicBase Rookie and Emerging Star AutographBRES-MSRC
AutoMichael StefanicInception Autographed PatchIAP-MSRC
AutoMike TroutInception Autograph MLB Silhouetted Batter Logo Patch BookIBLBC-MT
AutoMike TroutInception Dual Autograph Relic BookIDBC-TO
AutoMike TroutInception Dawn of Greatness AutographIDG-MT
AutoMike TroutInception Letters BookILBC-MT
AutoMike TroutInception Autograph Laundry Tag BookILTBC-MT
AutoMike TroutInception Autograph Team Logo Patch BookITBC-MT
AutoMike TroutShort Print Inception AutographSP-MT
AutoShohei OhtaniInception Autographed PatchIAP-SO
AutoShohei OhtaniInception Autograph MLB Silhouetted Batter Logo Patch BookIBLBC-SO1
AutoShohei OhtaniInception Dual Autograph Relic BookIDBC-TO
AutoShohei OhtaniInception Letters BookILBC-SO1
AutoShohei OhtaniInception Autograph Laundry Tag BookILTBC-SOH
AutoShohei OhtaniInception Autograph Team Logo Patch BookITBC-SO1
AutoZach NetoInception MLB First Milestones Autograph RelicFMAR-ZNRC
Los Angeles Dodgers
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseClayton KershawBase80
BaseFreddie FreemanBase61
BaseJames OutmanBase121RC
BaseMookie BettsBase38
BaseWalker BuehlerBase42
AutoCorey SeagerInception Dawn of Greatness AutographIDG-CS
AutoJames OutmanInception Autographed PatchIAP-JORC
AutoMichael BuschInception MLB First Milestones Autograph RelicFMAR-MBRC
AutoMiguel VargasBase Rookie and Emerging Star AutographBRES-MVRC
AutoMiguel VargasInception Silver SigningsISS-MVRC
AutoPedro MartinezInception Dawn of Greatness AutographIDG-PM
AutoTony GonsolinBase Rookie and Emerging Star AutographBRES-TG
AutoTony GonsolinInception Silver SigningsISS-TG
Miami Marlins
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseEury PérezBase117RC
BaseJazz Chisholm Jr.Base82
BaseJerar EncarnacionBase54RC
BaseJJ BledayBase8RC
BaseMax MeyerBase87RC
BaseSandy AlcantaraBase77
AutoBryan De La CruzBase Rookie and Emerging Star AutographBRES-BD
AutoJazz Chisholm Jr.Inception Silver SigningsISS-JCRC
AutoJazz Chisholm Jr.Inception Triple AutographITA-CBMRC
AutoJazz Chisholm Jr.Inception Triple AutographITA-FTC
AutoJerar EncarnacionBase Rookie and Emerging Star AutographBRES-JERC
AutoJerar EncarnacionInception Autographed Jumbo PatchIAJP-JERC
AutoJerar EncarnacionInception Autographed PatchIAP-JERC
AutoJerar EncarnacionInception Silver SigningsISS-JERC
AutoJJ BledayBase Rookie and Emerging Star AutographBRES-JBLRC
AutoJJ BledayInception Autographed Jumbo Hat PatchIAJH-JBRC
AutoJJ BledayInception Autographed Jumbo PatchIAJP-JBRC
AutoJJ BledayInception Autographed PatchIAP-JBRC
AutoJJ BledayInception Dual AutographIDA-MB
AutoJJ BledayInception Dual Autograph Relic BookIDBC-MB
AutoJJ BledayInception Silver SigningsISS-JJBRC
AutoJJ BledayInception Triple AutographITA-CBMRC
AutoJordan GroshansBase Rookie and Emerging Star AutographBRES-JGRRC
AutoJordan GroshansInception Autographed PatchIAP-JGRC
AutoMax MeyerInception Autograph Game Socks RelicAGSR-MMRC
AutoMax MeyerBase Rookie and Emerging Star AutographBRES-MMRC
AutoMax MeyerInception Autographed Jumbo PatchIAJP-MMRC
AutoMax MeyerInception Autographed PatchIAP-MMERC
AutoMax MeyerInception Dual AutographIDA-MB
AutoMax MeyerInception Dual Autograph Relic BookIDBC-MB
AutoMax MeyerInception Silver SigningsISS-MMERC
AutoMax MeyerInception Triple AutographITA-CBMRC
AutoMiguel CabreraInception Dawn of Greatness AutographIDG-MC
Milwaukee Brewers
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseAndrew McCutchenBase94
BaseBrice TurangBase106RC
BaseChristian YelichBase72
BaseCorbin BurnesBase57
BaseGarrett MitchellBase15RC
BaseJoey WiemerBase112RC
AutoBrice TurangInception MLB First Milestones Autograph RelicFMAR-BTRC
AutoEsteury RuizBase Rookie and Emerging Star AutographBRES-ERRC
AutoGarrett MitchellInception Autograph Game Socks RelicAGSR-GMRC
AutoGarrett MitchellGameday Gear Autograph Relic BookGGAR-GMIRC
AutoGarrett MitchellInception Autographed Jumbo Hat PatchIAJH-GMRC
AutoGarrett MitchellInception Autographed Jumbo PatchIAJP-GMRC
AutoGarrett MitchellInception Autographed PatchIAP-GMRC
AutoGarrett MitchellInception Silver SigningsISS-GMIRC
AutoJason AlexanderBase Rookie and Emerging Star AutographBRES-JARC
AutoJoey WiemerInception MLB First Milestones Autograph RelicFMAR-JWIRC
Minnesota Twins
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseByron BuxtonBase33
BaseEdouard JulienBase102RC
BaseLuis ArraezBase44
BaseSimeon Woods RichardsonBase67RC
AutoByron BuxtonShort Print Inception AutographSP-BB
AutoDavid OrtizInception Dawn of Greatness AutographIDG-DO
AutoJoe RyanBase Rookie and Emerging Star AutographBRES-JRY
AutoJoe RyanInception Silver SigningsISS-JRY
AutoJorge PolancoBase Rookie and Emerging Star AutographBRES-JPO
AutoJorge PolancoInception Silver SigningsISS-JPO
AutoLuis ArraezBase Rookie and Emerging Star AutographBRES-LA
AutoLuis ArraezInception Autographed PatchIAP-LA
AutoLuis ArraezInception Silver SigningsISS-LA
AutoSimeon Woods RichardsonBase Rookie and Emerging Star AutographBRES-SWRRC
AutoSimeon Woods RichardsonInception Autographed PatchIAP-SWRRC
AutoTrevor LarnachInception Silver SigningsISS-TL
New York Mets
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseBrett BatyBase13RC
BaseFrancisco ÁlvarezBase63RC
BaseFrancisco LindorBase85
BaseJustin VerlanderBase96
BaseKodai SengaBase108RC
BaseMax ScherzerBase14
BasePete AlonsoBase11
AutoBrett BatyInception Autograph Game Socks RelicAGSR-BBRC
AutoBrett BatyGameday Gear Autograph Relic BookGGAR-BBRC
AutoBrett BatyInception Autographed Jumbo Hat PatchIAJH-BBRC
AutoBrett BatyInception Autographed Jumbo PatchIAJP-BBRC
AutoBrett BatyInception Autographed PatchIAP-BBRC
AutoBrett BatyInception Autograph Batting Glove RelicIBGR-BBRC
AutoBrett BatyInception Autograph MLB Silhouetted Batter Logo Patch BookIBLBC-BBRC
AutoBrett BatyInception Dual AutographIDA-BARC
AutoBrett BatyInception Letters BookILBC-BBRC
AutoBrett BatyInception Autograph Laundry Tag BookILTBC-BBRC
AutoBrett BatyInception Autograph Team Logo Patch BookITBC-BBRC
AutoFrancisco ÁlvarezBase Rookie and Emerging Star AutographBRES-FARC
AutoFrancisco ÁlvarezGameday Gear Autograph Relic BookGGAR-FALRC
AutoFrancisco ÁlvarezInception Autographed Jumbo Hat PatchIAJH-FARC
AutoFrancisco ÁlvarezInception Autographed Jumbo PatchIAJP-FARC
AutoFrancisco ÁlvarezInception Autographed PatchIAP-FALRC
AutoFrancisco ÁlvarezInception Dual AutographIDA-BARC
AutoFrancisco ÁlvarezInception Silver SigningsISS-FARC
AutoKodai SengaBase Rookie and Emerging Star AutographBRES-KSERC
AutoKodai SengaInception Autographed PatchIAP-KSRC
AutoMark VientosBase Rookie and Emerging Star AutographBRES-MVIRC
AutoPete AlonsoInception Letters BookILBC-PA
AutoPete AlonsoInception Autograph Team Logo Patch BookITBC-PA
New York Yankees
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseAaron JudgeBase99
BaseAnthony RizzoBase4
BaseAnthony VolpeBase105RC
BaseGerrit ColeBase12
BaseGiancarlo StantonBase58
BaseOswald PerazaBase98RC
BaseOswaldo CabreraBase81RC
AutoAnthony RizzoShort Print Inception AutographSP-AR
AutoAnthony VolpeBase Rookie and Emerging Star AutographBRES-AVRC
AutoAnthony VolpeInception Autographed PatchIAP-AVRC
AutoDerek JeterInception Dawn of Greatness AutographIDG-DJ
AutoOswald PerazaBase Rookie and Emerging Star AutographBRES-OPRC
AutoOswald PerazaInception Autographed PatchIAP-OPRC
AutoOswald PerazaInception Silver SigningsISS-OPRC
Oakland Athletics
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseConner CapelBase25RC
BaseEsteury RuizBase110RC
BaseShea LangeliersBase64RC
AutoCal StevensonBase Rookie and Emerging Star AutographBRES-CSTRC
AutoCal StevensonInception Silver SigningsISS-CSRC
AutoJonah BrideBase Rookie and Emerging Star AutographBRES-JBRC
AutoJonah BrideInception Autographed PatchIAP-JBRRC
AutoJordan DiazBase Rookie and Emerging Star AutographBRES-JDIRC
AutoShea LangeliersInception Autograph Game Socks RelicAGSR-SLRC
AutoShea LangeliersBase Rookie and Emerging Star AutographBRES-SLRC
AutoShea LangeliersGameday Gear Autograph Relic BookGGAR-SLRC
AutoShea LangeliersInception Autographed Jumbo Hat PatchIAJH-SLRC
AutoShea LangeliersInception Autographed Jumbo PatchIAJP-SLRC
AutoShea LangeliersInception Autographed PatchIAP-SLRC
AutoShea LangeliersInception Autograph Batting Glove RelicIBGR-SLRC
AutoShea LangeliersInception Letters BookILBC-SLRC
AutoShea LangeliersInception Autograph Team Logo Patch BookITBC-SLRC
Philadelphia Phillies
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseAaron NolaBase52
BaseBryce HarperBase6
BaseRhys HoskinsBase19
BaseTrea TurnerBase68
AutoBryce HarperShort Print Inception AutographSP-BH
AutoBryson StottBase Rookie and Emerging Star AutographBRES-BST
AutoBryson StottInception Silver SigningsISS-BS
AutoDalton GuthrieBase Rookie and Emerging Star AutographBRES-DGRC
AutoDarick HallInception Autographed PatchIAP-DHARC
AutoFergie JenkinsInception Dawn of Greatness AutographIDG-FJ
AutoMark AppelBase Rookie and Emerging Star AutographBRES-MARC
AutoRyne SandbergInception Dawn of Greatness AutographIDG-RS
Pittsburgh Pirates
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseKe'Bryan HayesBase100
BaseLiover PegueroBase66RC
BaseOneil CruzBase34
AutoBligh MadrisInception Autographed PatchIAP-BMRC
AutoCal MitchellBase Rookie and Emerging Star AutographBRES-CMRC
AutoCal MitchellInception Silver SigningsISS-CMIRC
AutoCanaan Smith-NjigbaBase Rookie and Emerging Star AutographBRES-CSRC
AutoCanaan Smith-NjigbaInception Autographed PatchIAP-CSRC
AutoKe'Bryan HayesInception Dual AutographIDA-CH
AutoLiover PegueroBase Rookie and Emerging Star AutographBRES-LPRC
AutoLiover PegueroInception Autographed PatchIAP-LPRC
AutoOneil CruzBase Rookie and Emerging Star AutographBRES-OC
AutoOneil CruzInception Autographed Jumbo Hat PatchIAJH-OCR
AutoOneil CruzInception Autographed PatchIAP-OCR
AutoOneil CruzInception Dual AutographIDA-CH
AutoTravis SwaggertyBase Rookie and Emerging Star AutographBRES-TSRC
AutoTravis SwaggertyInception Autographed PatchIAP-TSWRC
AutoYerry De Los SantosBase Rookie and Emerging Star AutographBRES-YDRC
San Diego Padres
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseFernando Tatis Jr.Base53
BaseJuan SotoBase45
BaseManny MachadoBase23
AutoAnthony RizzoInception Dawn of Greatness AutographIDG-ARI
AutoDave WinfieldInception Dawn of Greatness AutographIDG-DW
AutoFernando Tatis Jr.Base Rookie and Emerging Star AutographBRES-FT
AutoFernando Tatis Jr.Inception Autographed Jumbo Hat PatchIAJH-FT
AutoFernando Tatis Jr.Inception Autographed Jumbo PatchIAJP-FT
AutoFernando Tatis Jr.Inception Autographed PatchIAP-FT
AutoFernando Tatis Jr.Inception Dual AutographIDA-GT
AutoFernando Tatis Jr.Inception Dual AutographIDA-TS
AutoFernando Tatis Jr.Inception Letters BookILBC-FT
AutoFernando Tatis Jr.Inception Silver SigningsISS-FT
AutoFernando Tatis Jr.Inception Triple AutographITA-FTC
AutoFernando Tatis Jr.Inception Autograph Team Logo Patch BookITBC-FT
AutoJuan SotoInception Dual AutographIDA-TS
AutoJuan SotoInception Triple AutographITA-RAS
AutoManny MachadoShort Print Inception AutographSP-MM
AutoOzzie SmithInception Dawn of Greatness AutographIDG-OS
San Francisco Giants
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseBrandon CrawfordBase18
BasePatrick BaileyBase118RC
AutoDavid VillarBase Rookie and Emerging Star AutographBRES-DVRC
AutoDavid VillarInception Autographed PatchIAP-DVRC
AutoDavid VillarInception Silver SigningsISS-DVRC
AutoHeliot RamosInception Autographed PatchIAP-HR
AutoPatrick BaileyBase Rookie and Emerging Star AutographBRES-PBRC
AutoSteele WalkerBase Rookie and Emerging Star AutographBRES-SWRC
Seattle Mariners
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseJulio RodríguezBase1
AutoAlex RodriguezInception Dawn of Greatness AutographIDG-AR
AutoGeorge KirbyBase Rookie and Emerging Star AutographBRES-GK
AutoGeorge KirbyInception Autographed PatchIAP-GK
AutoGeorge KirbyInception Silver SigningsISS-GK
AutoIchiroInception Dawn of Greatness AutographIDG-I
AutoJulio RodríguezBase Rookie and Emerging Star AutographBRES-JR
AutoJulio RodríguezInception Autographed Jumbo Hat PatchIAJH-JR
AutoJulio RodríguezInception Autographed PatchIAP-JRO
AutoJulio RodríguezInception Autograph MLB Silhouetted Batter Logo Patch BookIBLBC-JRRC
AutoJulio RodríguezInception Dual Autograph Relic BookIDBC-TR
AutoJulio RodríguezInception Letters BookILBC-JRRC
AutoJulio RodríguezInception Autograph Laundry Tag BookILTBC-JR
AutoJulio RodríguezInception Silver SigningsISS-JR
AutoJulio RodríguezInception Triple AutographITA-RAS
AutoJulio RodríguezInception Autograph Team Logo Patch BookITBC-JR
St Louis Cardinals
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseJordan WalkerBase104RC
BaseNolan ArenadoBase16
BaseNolan GormanBase91RC
BasePaul GoldschmidtBase36
AutoAlec BurlesonGameday Gear Autograph Relic BookGGAR-ABRC
AutoAlec BurlesonInception Autographed Jumbo PatchIAJP-ABRC
AutoAlec BurlesonInception Autographed PatchIAP-ABRC
AutoAlec BurlesonInception Autograph Batting Glove RelicIBGR-ABRC
AutoDylan CarlsonBase Rookie and Emerging Star AutographBRES-DC
AutoDylan CarlsonInception Dual AutographIDA-GC
AutoIvan HerreraBase Rookie and Emerging Star AutographBRES-IHRC
AutoIvan HerreraInception Triple AutographITA-GLHRC
AutoJordan WalkerBase Rookie and Emerging Star AutographBRES-JWRC
AutoJordan WalkerInception MLB First Milestones Autograph RelicFMAR-JWRC
AutoJordan WalkerInception Autographed PatchIAP-JWRC
AutoMatthew LiberatoreInception Autograph Game Socks RelicAGSR-MLRC
AutoMatthew LiberatoreBase Rookie and Emerging Star AutographBRES-MLIRC
AutoMatthew LiberatoreInception Autographed Jumbo Hat PatchIAJH-MLRC
AutoMatthew LiberatoreInception Autographed Jumbo PatchIAJP-MLRC
AutoMatthew LiberatoreInception Autographed PatchIAP-MLRC
AutoMatthew LiberatoreInception Silver SigningsISS-MLRC
AutoMatthew LiberatoreInception Triple AutographITA-GLHRC
AutoNolan GormanBase Rookie and Emerging Star AutographBRES-NGORC
AutoNolan GormanInception Autographed Jumbo PatchIAJP-NGRC
AutoNolan GormanInception Autographed PatchIAP-NGRC
AutoNolan GormanInception Autograph MLB Silhouetted Batter Logo Patch BookIBLBC-NGRC
AutoNolan GormanInception Dual AutographIDA-GC
AutoNolan GormanInception Dual Autograph Relic BookIDBC-RG
AutoNolan GormanInception Letters BookILBC-NGRC
AutoNolan GormanInception Autograph Laundry Tag BookILTBC-NG
AutoNolan GormanInception Silver SigningsISS-NGRC
AutoNolan GormanInception Triple AutographITA-GGRRC
AutoNolan GormanInception Triple AutographITA-GLHRC
AutoPaul GoldschmidtShort Print Inception AutographSP-PG
AutoZack ThompsonBase Rookie and Emerging Star AutographBRES-ZTRC
Tampa Bay Rays
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseRandy ArozarenaBase55
BaseWander FrancoBase9
AutoBligh MadrisBase Rookie and Emerging Star AutographBRES-BMRC
AutoJosh LoweBase Rookie and Emerging Star AutographBRES-JL
AutoShane BazInception Autographed PatchIAP-SB
AutoWander FrancoInception Triple AutographITA-FTC
Texas Rangers
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseCorey SeagerBase46
BaseEzequiel DuranBase65RC
AutoCole RagansBase Rookie and Emerging Star AutographBRES-CRRC
AutoCorey SeagerShort Print Inception AutographSP-CS
AutoEzequiel DuranBase Rookie and Emerging Star AutographBRES-EDRC
AutoEzequiel DuranInception Autographed Jumbo PatchIAJP-EDRC
AutoEzequiel DuranInception Autographed PatchIAP-EDRC
AutoEzequiel DuranInception Letters BookILBC-EDRC
AutoEzequiel DuranInception Silver SigningsISS-EDRC
AutoEzequiel DuranInception Autograph Team Logo Patch BookITBC-EDRC
AutoIvan RodriguezInception Dawn of Greatness AutographIDG-IR
AutoJosh JungInception Autographed Jumbo PatchIAJP-JJRC
AutoJosh JungInception Autographed PatchIAP-JJRC
AutoJosh JungInception Autograph MLB Silhouetted Batter Logo Patch BookIBLBC-JJRC
AutoJosh JungInception Letters BookILBC-JJRC
AutoJosh JungInception Autograph Laundry Tag BookILTBC-JJRC
AutoJosh JungInception Autograph Team Logo Patch BookITBC-JJRC
AutoJosh SmithBase Rookie and Emerging Star AutographBRES-JSMRC
AutoJosh SmithInception Autographed PatchIAP-JSMRC
Toronto Blue Jays
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseAlek ManoahBase20
BaseBo BichetteBase26
BaseVladimir Guerrero Jr.Base3
AutoAlek ManoahBase Rookie and Emerging Star AutographBRES-AM
AutoAlek ManoahInception Autographed PatchIAP-AM
AutoGabriel MorenoBase Rookie and Emerging Star AutographBRES-GMRC
AutoGabriel MorenoInception Silver SigningsISS-GMRC
AutoVladimir Guerrero Jr.Base Rookie and Emerging Star AutographBRES-VG
AutoVladimir Guerrero Jr.Inception Autographed Jumbo Hat PatchIAJH-VGR
AutoVladimir Guerrero Jr.Inception Autographed PatchIAP-VG
AutoVladimir Guerrero Jr.Inception Dual AutographIDA-GT
AutoVladimir Guerrero Jr.Inception Letters BookILBC-VG
AutoVladimir Guerrero Jr.Inception Silver SigningsISS-VG
Washington Nationals
Card TypePlayerCard#Notes
BaseCade CavalliBase43RC
BaseCJ AbramsBase60
BaseStephen StrasburgBase88
BaseStone GarrettBase35RC
BaseVictor RoblesBase2
AutoBryce HarperInception Dawn of Greatness AutographIDG-BH
AutoCJ AbramsInception Dual AutographIDA-GA
AutoEvan LeeBase Rookie and Emerging Star AutographBRES-ELRC
AutoLarry WalkerInception Dawn of Greatness AutographIDG-LW
AutoMacKenzie GoreBase Rookie and Emerging Star AutographBRES-MG
AutoMacKenzie GoreInception Dual AutographIDA-GA
AutoMacKenzie GoreInception Silver SigningsISS-MG
AutoRandy JohnsonInception Dawn of Greatness AutographIDG-RJ
AutoVladimir GuerreroInception Dawn of Greatness AutographIDG-VG