Disney Lorcana – Rise of the Floodborn Checklist

Disney Lorcana – Rise of the Floodborn

Release Date: November 17, 2023

A sudden explosion rocks the Great Illuminary. Inside, magical ink crashes together and a flood rushes through the hallways. Glimmers of characters swept up in the chaotic flood find themselves transformed in surprising ways, while precious lore is washed out into the Inklands far below.

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Disney Lorcana – Rise of the Floodborn

  • A sudden explosion rocks the Great Illuminary. Inside, magical ink crashes together and a flood rushes through the hallways. Glimmers of characters swept up in the chaotic flood find themselves transformed in surprising ways, while precious lore is washed out into the Inklands far below.

Disney Lorcana – Rise of the Floodborn


Enchanted – Beast – Relentless – Emerald
Legendary – Donald Duck – Not Again – Ruby
Super Rare – King Louie – Jungle VIP – Amber


Rare – Winnie The Pooh – Having A Think – Sapphire
Uncommon – HeiHei – Persistent Presence – Amethyst
Common – Jafar – Royal Vizier – Steel



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72 card set.
Parallels - Foil.

7Eudora - Accomplished SeamstressAmber
10Grumpy - Bad-TemperedAmber
11Happy - Good-NaturedAmber
15Mulan - Free SpiritAmber
18Piglet - Very Small AnimalAmber
20Rapunzel - SunshineAmber
21Sleepy - Nodding OffAmber
22Sneezy - Very AllergicAmber
23Snow White - Lost in the ForestAmber
27The Queen - Regal MonarchAmber
28Hold StillAmber
30Painting the Roses RedAmber
37Chip the Teacup - Gentle SoulAmethyst
38Dr. Facilier - Savvy OpportunistAmethyst
39Elsa - Gloves OffAmethyst
42Fairy Godmother - Pure HeartAmethyst
44Jiminy Cricket - Pinocchio's ConscienceAmethyst
45Kuzco - Wanted LlamaAmethyst
50Merlin - CrabAmethyst
54Merlin - SquirrelAmethyst
59Winnie the Pooh - Hunny WizardAmethyst
63I'm Stuck!Amethyst
64Legend of the Sword in the StoneAmethyst
66Croquet MalletAmethyst
69Arthur - Trained SwordsmanEmerald
78Donald Duck - SleepwalkerEmerald
80Enchantress - Unexpected JudgeEmerald
81Flynn Rider - Confident VagabondEmerald
83Gaston - Scheming SuitorEmerald
87Panic - Underworld ImpEmerald
90Queen of Hearts - Quick-TemperedEmerald
92Ray - Easygoing FireflyEmerald
95Virana - Fang ChiefEmerald
102Ratigan's Marvelous TrapEmerald
103Baloo - Fun-Loving BearRuby
104Boun - Precocious EntrepreneurRuby
107Felicia - Always HungryRuby
108Fidget - Ratigan's HenchmanRuby
111Lady Tremaine - Overbearing MatriarchRuby
115Minnie Mouse - Zipping AroundRuby
117Mulan - Soldier in TrainingRuby
122Raya - HeadstrongRuby
127Tigger - One of a KindRuby
129Go the DistanceRuby
132What Did You Call Me?Ruby
135Peter Pan's DaggerRuby
139Basil - Of Baker StreetSapphire
140Basil - Perceptive InvestigatorSapphire
144Cruella De Vil - Fashionable CruiserSapphire
146Duke Weaselton - Small-Time CrookSapphire
150James - Role ModelSapphire
151Jasmine - Heir of AgrabahSapphire
156Owl - Logical LecturerSapphire
158Rabbit - Reluctant HostSapphire
160The Nokk - Water SpiritSapphire
165Nothing to HideSapphire
167Gumbo PotSapphire
171Beast - Forbidding RecluseSteel
174Benja - Guardian of the Dragon GemSteel
176Cinderella - Knight in TrainingSteel
178Donald Duck - Deep-Sea DiverSteel
182Hercules - Hero in TrainingSteel
184Jafar - Royal VizierSteel
188Magic Broom - Industrial ModelSteel
191Prince Naveen - Penniless RoyalSteel
197Tiana - Diligent WaitressSteel
199Let the Storm Rage OnSteel
202Last CannonSteel

12 card set.

205Cinderella - Ballroom SensationAmber
206Snow White - Well WisherAmber
207Arthur – Wizard’s ApprenticeAmethyst
208Madam Mim – Purple DragonAmethyst
209Pete – Bad GuyEmerald
210Beast – RelentlessEmerald
211Lady Tremaine – Imperious QueenRuby
212Shere Khan – Menacing PredatorRuby
213Alice – Growing GirlSapphire
214Sisu – Divine Water DragonSapphire
215Hercules – Divine HeroSteel
216Namaari – Morning MistSteel

12 card set.
Parallels - Foil.

14Mufasa - Betrayed LeaderAmber
25Snow White - Well WisherAmber
41Fairy Godmother - Mystic ArmorerAmethyst
47Madam Mim - Purple DragonAmethyst
70Beast - RelentlessEmerald
72Belle - Hidden ArcherEmerald
106Donald Duck - Not Again!Ruby
125Scar - Vicious CheaterRuby
137Alice - Growing GirlSapphire
159Sisu - Divine Water DragonSapphire
173Beast - Tragic HeroSteel
189Namaari - Morning MistSteel

47 card set.
Parallels - Foil.

2Christopher Robin - AdventurerAmber
3Cinderella - Ballroom SensationAmber
4Cobra Bubbles - Just a Social WorkerAmber
9Grand Duke - Advisor to the KingAmber
16Mulan - ReflectingAmber
31World's Greatest Criminal MindAmber
33Dragon GemAmber
34Sleepy's FluteAmber
46Madam Mim - FoxAmethyst
48Madam Mim - Rival of MerlinAmethyst
52Merlin - RabbitAmethyst
53Merlin - ShapeshifterAmethyst
56Pinocchio - Star AttractionAmethyst
62Gruesome and GrimAmethyst
67Perplexing SignpostsAmethyst
68The Sorcerer's SpellbookAmethyst
82Flynn Rider - His Own Biggest FanEmerald
84Little John - Loyal FriendEmerald
85Lucifer - Cunning CatEmerald
88Pete - Bad GuyEmerald
89Prince John - Greediest of AllEmerald
96Bibbidi Bobbidi BooEmerald
100Pack TacticsEmerald
109Honest John - Not That HonestRuby
112Lumiere - Hotheaded CandelabraRuby
114Minnie Mouse - Wide-Eyed DiverRuby
121Ratigan - Very Large MouseRuby
126Shere Khan - Menacing PredatorRuby
128Tuk Tuk - Wrecking BallRuby
130Teeth and AmbitionsRuby
134Dinner BellRuby
147Gaston - Intellectual PowerhouseSapphire
149Hiram Flaversham - ToymakerSapphire
153Mrs. Judson - HousekeeperSapphire
155Noi - Orphaned ThiefSapphire
157Prince Charming - Heir to the ThroneSapphire
161Winnie the Pooh - Having a ThinkSapphire
162Falling Down the Rabbit HoleSapphire
168Maurice's WorkshopSapphire
175Chief Bogo - Respected OfficerSteel
180Goofy - Knight for a DaySteel
181Hercules - Divine HeroSteel
185Kronk - Junior ChipmunkSteel
192Queen of Hearts - Capricious MonarchSteel
194The Huntsman - Reluctant EnforcerSteel
201Strength of a Raging FireSteel
204Weight SetSteel
Super Rare

19 card set.
Parallels - Foil.

12King Louie - Jungle VIPAmber
13Mickey Mouse - Friendly FaceAmber
26The Queen - Commanding PresenceAmber
35Arthur - Wizard's ApprenticeAmethyst
55Peter Pan's Shadow - Not Sewn OnAmethyst
60Yzma - Scary Beyond All ReasonAmethyst
75Cheshire Cat - From the ShadowsEmerald
79Dr. Facilier - Fortune TellerEmerald
91Ratigan - Criminal MastermindEmerald
93The Queen - Disguised PeddlerEmerald
110Lady Tremaine - Imperious QueenRuby
118Namaari - NemesisRuby
123Raya - Leader of HeartRuby
138Basil - Great Mouse DetectiveSapphire
142Cogsworth - Grandfather ClockSapphire
148Grand Pabbie - Oldest and WisestSapphire
172Beast - Selfless ProtectorSteel
177Cinderella - StoutheartedSteel
196Tiana - Celebrating PrincessSteel

54 card set.
Parallels - Foil.

1Bashful - Hopeless RomanticAmber
5Doc - Leader of the Seven DwarfsAmber
6Dopey - Always PlayfulAmber
8Gaston - Baritone BullyAmber
17Nana - Darling Family PetAmber
19Rapunzel - Gifted ArtistAmber
24Snow White - Unexpected HouseguestAmber
29Last StandAmber
32Zero to HeroAmber
36Blue Fairy - Rewarding Good DeedsAmethyst
40Fairy Godmother - Here to HelpAmethyst
43HeiHei - Persistent PresenceAmethyst
49Madam Mim - SnakeAmethyst
51Merlin - GoatAmethyst
57Pinocchio - On the RunAmethyst
58Pinocchio - Talkative PuppetAmethyst
61Yzma - Without Beauty SleepAmethyst
65Binding ContractAmethyst
71Belle - BookwormEmerald
73Bucky - Squirrel Squeak TutorEmerald
74Cheshire Cat - Always GrinningEmerald
76Daisy Duck - Secret AgentEmerald
77Donald Duck - Perfect GentlemanEmerald
86Pain - Underworld ImpEmerald
94Tiana - True PrincessEmerald
101Ring the BellEmerald
105Card Soldiers - Full DeckRuby
113Minnie Mouse - Stylish SurferRuby
116Mother Gothel - Withered and WickedRuby
119Queen of Hearts - Impulsive RulerRuby
120Queen of Hearts - Sensing WeaknessRuby
124Raya - Warrior of KumandraRuby
131The Most Diabolical SchemeRuby
133You Can Fly!Ruby
136Sword in the StoneRuby
141Caterpillar - Calm and CollectedSapphire
143Cogsworth - Talking ClockSapphire
145Cruella De Vil - Perfectly WretchedSapphire
152Judy Hopps - Optimistic OfficerSapphire
154Nick Wilde - Wily FoxSapphire
163Four Dozen EggsSapphire
166Fang CrossbowSapphire
170Sardine CanSapphire
179Eli La Bouff - Big DaddySteel
183Jafar - DreadnoughtSteel
186Lawrence - Jealous ManservantSteel
187Li Shang - Archery InstructorSteel
190Pacha - Village LeaderSteel
193Robin Hood - Capable FighterSteel
195The Prince - Never Gives UpSteel
200Pick a FightSteel
203Mouse ArmorSteel