New Member Guide


Thank you for becoming a member of the Cardsmiths Breaks community!  Please take a minute to read the following guide so you understand how everything works here!

Cardmiths Breaks Moble App!

Download the CSB Mobile app for Apple or Andriod and receive notifications when breaks are posted! You can also receive notifications for the teams you get in randoms, when your break(s) are starting and auction related information!

Cardmiths Breaks Community

CSB has a private group on Facebook where we like to talk about anything sports related! Important information like giveaways, when new breaks will be posted, and quick updates are shared here!  If you’d like to be a member, Please request and invite here!

We also have a private trading group for those who are looking for trade partners, or want to buy something off of someone who hit something in a break the night before!  Please request an invite here!

If you’d like to be added to the email list (We usually only send out an email on days we’re breaking to let you know what is breaking) you can sign up for that here:

Live Video Feed, Chat, Randoms, Current Breaks and Breaks filling:

We are now using for our video and chat.  You can also watch on the Live Video Feed page on the website. If you want to chat with us, you need to register for a free account with and log in!

When logged in to the site, the “Live Video Feed” page also contains helpful widgets that show you what teams or slots you have purchased in each break, which breaks for that night are closest to filling, and what break we are currently doing. It all updates in real time!

For random style breaks, we also perform the randoms on the Live Video Feed page.  The random widget shows the random happening in real-time, with your spots and teams on the left side and everyone else’s to the right. Teams or slots are randomed 8 times for every random break.  Results of the random are read before each break, but they can also be found in your My Account area immediately after the break if you missed it.

I missed the break, can I see what was pulled?

Past breaks can be viewed instantly on the Completed Break Videos page and on my YouTube Channel.

When does my break happen?

Check the Calendar, all breaks are shown here with times shown in PST.  Breaks  start at 5:00pm PST and last into the night.  We break 3-4 days a week, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Sundays!

When do I get my cards?

After a Group Break is completed, the cards will be sleeved, toploaded and sorted promptly.  Right now all orders for the week ship out on Tuesday!  We try to ship as many orders as possible via USPS Priority, so they will get to you very quickly!

What cards do you ship?

We always ship any and all autographs, memorabilia and numbered parallels and rookies from the breaks. For new release multi-box or case breaks we generally ship all cards including base.  For single box breaks and breaks of products that have been out a while, we like to donate the base.