2022 Bowman Sterling Baseball Hobby Box

2022 Bowman Sterling Baseball mints some of the most astonishingly clean chrome cards for the game’s top prospects and rookies once again, with another all-new release!

2022 Bowman Sterling Baseball

Arizona Diamondbacks

Card TypePlayerCard Name#Notes
BaseJordan LawlarProspectBSP-60
BaseLuis FriasRookieBSR-42RC
BaseSeth BeerRookieBSR-49RC
InsertJordan LawlarSterling TekST-JL
AutoJordan LawlarProspect AutographPA-JL
AutoJordan LawlarDual Refractor AutographDRA-ML
AutoJordan LawlarTriple Refractor AutographTRA-WML
AutoJordan LawlarSterling Tek AutographSTA-JL

Atlanta Braves

Card TypePlayerCard Name#Notes
BaseSpencer StriderRookieBSR-50RC
AutoFreddie FreemanSterling Signage AutographSSA-FF
AutoRonald Acuña Jr.Sterling Signage AutographSSA-RA
AutoRonald Acuña Jr.Triple Refractor AutographTRA-AAA

Baltimore Orioles

Card TypePlayerCard Name#Notes
BaseColton CowserProspectBSP-72
AutoColton CowserProspect AutographPA-CC

Boston Red Sox

Card TypePlayerCard Name#Notes
BaseMarcelo MayerProspectBSP-66
BaseBlaze JordanProspectBSP-73
BaseConnor WongRookieBSR-13RC
BaseKutter CrawfordRookieBSR-34RC
BaseJarren DuranRookieBSR-6RC
InsertBlaze JordanSterling TekST-BJ
InsertJarren DuranSterling TekST-JDRC
InsertMarcelo MayerSterling TekST-MM
InsertXander BogaertsSterling TekST-XB
AutoAlex BinelasProspect AutographPA-AB
AutoBlaze JordanProspect AutographPA-BJ
AutoMiguel BleisProspect AutographPA-MB
AutoMarcelo MayerProspect AutographPA-MM
AutoBlaze JordanSterling Signage AutographSSA-BJ
AutoJ.D. MartinezSterling Signage AutographSSA-JM
AutoMiguel BleisSterling Signage AutographSSA-MB
AutoMarcelo MayerSterling Signage AutographSSA-MMR
AutoBlaze JordanDual Refractor AutographDRA-MJ
AutoMarcelo MayerDual Refractor AutographDRA-MJ
AutoMarcelo MayerDual Refractor AutographDRA-ML
AutoBlaze JordanTriple Refractor AutographTRA-BMJ
AutoMarcelo MayerTriple Refractor AutographTRA-BMJ
AutoMiguel BleisTriple Refractor AutographTRA-BMJ
AutoMarcelo MayerTriple Refractor AutographTRA-WML
AutoBlaze JordanSterling Tek AutographSTA-BJ
AutoMarcelo MayerSterling Tek AutographSTA-MM
AutoXander BogaertsSterling Tek AutographSTA-XB

Chicago Cubs

Card TypePlayerCard Name#Notes
BaseGreg DeichmannRookieBSR-45RC
BaseAlfonso RivasRookieBSR-48RC
BaseNelson VelazquezProspectBSP-64
BaseReginald PreciadoProspectBSP-71
BaseCristian HernandezProspectBSP-82
AutoCristian HernandezProspect AutographPA-CH
AutoReginald PreciadoProspect AutographPA-RP
AutoCristian HernandezSterling Signage AutographSSA-CH
AutoCristian HernandezDual Refractor AutographDRA-PH
AutoReginald PreciadoDual Refractor AutographDRA-PH
AutoCristian HernandezTriple Refractor AutographTRA-DCH
AutoCristian HernandezTriple Refractor AutographTRA-PHA
AutoKevin AlcantaraTriple Refractor AutographTRA-PHA
AutoReginald PreciadoTriple Refractor AutographTRA-PHA

Chicago White Sox

Card TypePlayerCard Name#Notes
BaseColson MontgomeryProspectBSP-58
BaseGavin SheetsRookieBSR-1RC
BaseJake BurgerRookieBSR-44RC
BaseRomy GonzalezRookieBSR-8RC
InsertLuis RobertSterling TekST-LR
AutoColson MontgomeryProspect AutographPA-CM
AutoOscar ColasProspect AutographPA-OC
AutoEloy JimenezSterling Signage AutographSSA-EJ
AutoOscar ColasSterling Signage AutographSSA-OC
AutoOscar ColasDual Refractor AutographDRA-CC
AutoYoelqui CespedesDual Refractor AutographDRA-CC

Cincinnati Reds

Card TypePlayerCard Name#Notes
BaseAlejo LopezRookieBSR-39RC
BaseHunter GreeneRookieBSR-47RC
BaseNick LodoloRookieBSR-9RC
BaseElly De LA CruzProspectBSP-69
BaseJay AllenProspectBSP-78
AutoAlejo LopezRookie AutographRA-ALRC
AutoElly De LA CruzProspect AutographPA-ED
AutoJonathan IndiaSterling Signage AutographSSA-JI
AutoJoey VottoSterling Signage AutographSSA-JV

Cleveland Guardians

Card TypePlayerCard Name#Notes
BaseErnie ClementRookieBSR-19RC
BaseSteven KwanRookieBSR-3RC
BaseJhonkensy NoelProspectBSP-53
BaseGeorge ValeraProspectBSP-99
InsertGeorge ValeraSterling TekST-GV
AutoGeorge ValeraProspect AutographPA-GV
AutoGeorge ValeraSterling Signage AutographSSA-GV
AutoGeorge ValeraSterling Tek AutographSTA-GV

Colorado Rockies

Card TypePlayerCard Name#Notes
BaseBenny MontgomeryProspectBSP-84
BaseWarming BernabelProspectBSP-85
BaseRyan ViladeRookieBSR-16RC
BaseColton WelkerRookieBSR-24RC
AutoBenny MontgomeryProspect AutographPA-BM
AutoEzequiel TovarProspect AutographPA-ET
AutoWarming BernabelProspect AutographPA-WB
AutoBenny MontgomerySterling Signage AutographSSA-BM
AutoBenny MontgomeryTriple Refractor AutographTRA-VMT
AutoEzequiel TovarTriple Refractor AutographTRA-VMT
AutoZac VeenTriple Refractor AutographTRA-VMT

Detroit Tigers

Card TypePlayerCard Name#Notes
BaseRoberto CamposProspectBSP-52
BaseIzaac PachecoProspectBSP-93
BaseCristian SantanaProspectBSP-94
BaseMatt ManningRookieBSR-22RC
BaseSpencer TorkelsonRookieBSR-5RC
InsertMiguel CabreraSterling TekST-MC
InsertSpencer TorkelsonSterling TekST-STRC
AutoCristian SantanaProspect AutographPA-CS
AutoIzaac PachecoProspect AutographPA-IP
AutoRoberto CamposProspect AutographPA-RC
AutoCristian SantanaSterling Signage AutographSSA-CSA
AutoMiguel CabreraSterling Signage AutographSSA-MC
AutoMiguel CabreraSterling Tek AutographSTA-MC
AutoSpencer TorkelsonRookie AutographRA-STRC

Houston Astros

Card TypePlayerCard Name#Notes
BaseDauri LorenzoProspectBSP-70
BaseJose SiriRookieBSR-12RC
BaseJeremy PenaRookieBSR-17RC
BaseJake MeyersRookieBSR-29RC
InsertYordan AlvarezSterling TekST-YA
AutoDauri LorenzoProspect AutographPA-DL
AutoPedro LeonProspect AutographPA-PL
AutoJose AltuveSterling Signage AutographSSA-JA
AutoPedro LeonSterling Signage AutographSSA-PL
AutoYordan AlvarezSterling Tek AutographSTA-YA

Kansas City Royals

Card TypePlayerCard Name#Notes
BaseJackson KowarRookieBSR-10RC
BaseBobby Witt Jr.RookieBSR-37RC
AutoBobby Witt Jr.Rookie AutographRA-BWRC
AutoSalvador PerezSterling Signage AutographSSA-SPZ

Los Angeles Angels

Card TypePlayerCard Name#Notes
BaseReid DetmersRookieBSR-18RC
BaseBrandon MarshRookieBSR-26RC
BaseDenzer GuzmanProspectBSP-76
InsertMike TroutSterling TekST-MT
InsertShohei OhtaniSterling TekST-SO
AutoArol VeraProspect AutographPA-AV
AutoDenzer GuzmanProspect AutographPA-DG
AutoMike TroutSterling Signage AutographSSA-MT
AutoShohei OhtaniSterling Signage AutographSSA-SO
AutoReid DetmersRookie AutographRA-RDRC
AutoShohei OhtaniSterling Tek AutographSTA-SO

Los Angeles Dodgers

Card TypePlayerCard Name#Notes
BaseWilman DiazProspectBSP-100
BaseLuis RodriguezProspectBSP-87
BaseJose RamosProspectBSP-91
InsertLuis RodriguezSterling TekST-LRZ
AutoAlbert PujolsSterling Signage AutographSSA-AP
AutoLuis RodriguezSterling Signage AutographSSA-LRZ
AutoWilman DiazSterling Signage AutographSSA-WD
AutoJose RamosProspect AutographPA-JRS
AutoLuis RodriguezProspect AutographPA-LR
AutoWilman DiazProspect AutographPA-WD
AutoLuis RodriguezDual Refractor AutographDRA-DR
AutoWilman DiazDual Refractor AutographDRA-DR
AutoLuis RodriguezSterling Tek AutographSTA-LRZ
AutoWilman DiazTriple Refractor AutographTRA-DCH

Miami Marlins

Card TypePlayerCard Name#Notes
BaseEdward CabreraRookieBSR-23RC
BaseBryan De La CruzRookieBSR-35RC
BaseYiddi CappeProspectBSP-55
BaseIan LewisProspectBSP-63
BaseKahlil WatsonProspectBSP-92
InsertKahlil WatsonSterling TekST-KW
AutoBryan De La CruzRookie AutographRA-BDRC
AutoJordan McCantsProspect AutographPA-JM
AutoKahlil WatsonProspect AutographPA-KW
AutoYiddi CappeProspect AutographPA-YC
AutoJose SalasTriple Refractor AutographTRA-WCS
AutoKahlil WatsonTriple Refractor AutographTRA-WCS
AutoYiddi CappeTriple Refractor AutographTRA-WCS
AutoKahlil WatsonTriple Refractor AutographTRA-WML
AutoKahlil WatsonSterling Signage AutographSSA-KW
AutoKahlil WatsonSterling Tek AutographSTA-KW

Milwaukee Brewers

Card TypePlayerCard Name#Notes
BaseAaron AshbyRookieBSR-28RC
BaseSal FrelickProspectBSP-51
BaseHedbert PerezProspectBSP-54
BaseHendry MendezProspectBSP-83
AutoChristian YelichSterling Signage AutographSSA-CY
AutoHedbert PerezSterling Signage AutographSSA-HP
AutoHendry MendezProspect AutographPA-HM
AutoHedbert PerezProspect AutographPA-HP
AutoSal FrelickProspect AutographPA-SF
AutoTyler BlackProspect AutographPA-TB

Minnesota Twins

Card TypePlayerCard Name#Notes
BaseJoe RyanRookieBSR-38RC
BaseMisael UrbinaProspectBSP-89
AutoBryan AcuñaProspect AutographPA-BA
AutoMisael UrbinaProspect AutographPA-MU
AutoBryan AcuñaSterling Signage AutographSSA-BA
AutoJosh DonaldsonSterling Signage AutographSSA-JDN
AutoBryan AcuñaDual Refractor AutographDRA-AA
AutoBryan AcuñaTriple Refractor AutographTRA-AAA

New York Mets

Card TypePlayerCard Name#Notes
BaseFrancisco AlvarezProspectBSP-95
InsertPete AlonsoSterling TekST-PA
AutoPete AlonsoSterling Tek AutographSTA-PA

New York Yankees

Card TypePlayerCard Name#Notes
BaseTrey SweeneyProspectBSP-59
BaseAnthony VolpeProspectBSP-61
BaseJasson DominguezProspectBSP-79
BaseLuis GilRookieBSR-2RC
InsertJasson DominguezSterling TekST-JDZ
AutoLuis GilRookie AutographRA-LGRC
AutoTrey SweeneyProspect AutographPA-TS

Oakland Athletics

Card TypePlayerCard Name#Notes
BasePedro PinedaProspectBSP-77
BaseEuribiel AngelesProspectBSP-88
AutoPedro PinedaProspect AutographPA-PP
AutoPedro PinedaSterling Signage AutographSSA-PP

Philadelphia Phillies

Card TypePlayerCard Name#Notes
BaseMatt VierlingRookieBSR-27RC
BaseBryson StottRookieBSR-46RC
BaseYhoswar GarciaProspectBSP-68
InsertBryce HarperSterling TekST-BH
AutoBryce HarperSterling Signage AutographSSA-BH
AutoBryce HarperSterling Tek AutographSTA-BH
AutoJordan ViarsProspect AutographPA-JVI
AutoYhoswar GarciaProspect AutographPA-YG

Pittsburgh Pirates

Card TypePlayerCard Name#Notes
BaseLiover PegueroProspectBSP-74
BaseHenry DavisProspectBSP-96
BaseLonnie White Jr.ProspectBSP-98
BaseRodolfo CastroRookieBSR-14RC
BaseOneil CruzRookieBSR-21RC
BaseRoansy ContrerasRookieBSR-33RC
BaseHoy ParkRookieBSR-43RC
InsertHenry DavisSterling TekST-HD
InsertOneil CruzSterling TekST-OCRC
AutoAlexander MojicaProspect AutographPA-AM
AutoHenry DavisProspect AutographPA-HD
AutoLiover PegueroProspect AutographPA-LP
AutoLonnie White Jr.Prospect AutographPA-LW
AutoShalin PolancoProspect AutographPA-SP
AutoHenry DavisSterling Signage AutographSSA-HD
AutoKe'Bryan HayesSterling Signage AutographSSA-KH
AutoLiover PegueroSterling Signage AutographSSA-LP
AutoShalin PolancoSterling Signage AutographSSA-SP
AutoHenry DavisDual Refractor AutographDRA-DP
AutoLiover PegueroDual Refractor AutographDRA-DP
AutoHenry DavisTriple Refractor AutographTRA-GDP
AutoLonnie White Jr.Triple Refractor AutographTRA-GDP
AutoNick GonzalesTriple Refractor AutographTRA-GDP
AutoHenry DavisSterling Tek AutographSTA-HD
AutoOneil CruzRookie AutographRA-OCRC

San Diego Padres

Card TypePlayerCard Name#Notes
BaseMacKenzie GoreRookieBSR-30RC
BaseCJ AbramsRookieBSR-36RC
BaseJames WoodProspectBSP-57
BaseVictor AcostaProspectBSP-80
AutoCJ AbramsRookie AutographRA-CARC
AutoEuribiel AngelesProspect AutographPA-EA
AutoJames WoodProspect AutographPA-JW
AutoVictor AcostaProspect AutographPA-VA
AutoJames WoodTriple Refractor AutographTRA-HWA
AutoRobert HassellTriple Refractor AutographTRA-HWA
AutoVictor AcostaTriple Refractor AutographTRA-HWA
AutoManny MachadoSterling Signage AutographSSA-MM

San Francisco Giants

Card TypePlayerCard Name#Notes
BaseAeverson ArteagaProspectBSP-56
BaseJairo PomaresProspectBSP-65
BaseMarco LucianoProspectBSP-81
BaseHeliot RamosRookieBSR-25RC
AutoAeverson ArteagaProspect AutographPA-AA
AutoJairo PomaresProspect AutographPA-JP
AutoAeverson ArteagaTriple Refractor AutographTRA-LAP
AutoJairo PomaresTriple Refractor AutographTRA-LAP
AutoMarco LucianoTriple Refractor AutographTRA-LAP
AutoMarco LucianoDual Refractor AutographDRA-RL

Seattle Mariners

Card TypePlayerCard Name#Notes
BaseJulio RodriguezRookieBSR-32RC
BaseCal RaleighRookieBSR-4RC
BaseStuart FairchildRookieBSR-40RC
BaseNoelvi MarteProspectBSP-62
BaseHarry FordProspectBSP-67
BaseJonatan ClaseProspectBSP-86
InsertJulio RodriguezSterling TekST-JRRC
AutoCal RaleighRookie AutographRA-CRRC
AutoJulio RodriguezRookie AutographRA-JRORC
AutoHarry FordProspect AutographPA-HF
AutoJonatan ClaseProspect AutographPA-JCE
AutoMilkar PerezProspect AutographPA-MP
AutoStarlin AguilarProspect AutographPA-SA
AutoJulio RodriguezDual Refractor AutographDRA-RL
AutoJulio RodriguezDual Refractor AutographDRA-RM
AutoNoelvi MarteDual Refractor AutographDRA-RM

St Louis Cardinals

Card TypePlayerCard Name#Notes
BaseLars NootbaarRookieBSR-20RC
BaseJuan YepezRookieBSR-7RC
InsertAlbert PujolsSterling TekST-AP
InsertNolan ArenadoSterling TekST-NA

Tampa Bay Rays

Card TypePlayerCard Name#Notes
BaseCurtis MeadProspectBSP-75
BaseJosh LoweRookieBSR-11RC
BaseVidal BrujanRookieBSR-15RC
BaseWander FrancoRookieBSR-31RC
BaseShane BazRookieBSR-41RC
InsertWander FrancoSterling TekST-WFRC
AutoCarlos ColmenarezProspect AutographPA-CCZ
AutoCooper KinneyProspect AutographPA-CK
AutoCurtis MeadProspect AutographPA-CMD
AutoCarson WilliamsProspect AutographPA-CW
AutoKyle ManzardoProspect AutographPA-KMA
AutoCarlos ColmenarezSterling Signage AutographSSA-CC
AutoCarlos ColmenarezDual Refractor AutographDRA-CF
AutoWander FrancoDual Refractor AutographDRA-CF
AutoCarlos ColmenarezTriple Refractor AutographTRA-DCH
AutoWander FrancoRookie AutographRA-WFRC

Texas Rangers

Card TypePlayerCard Name#Notes
BaseLuisangel AcuñaProspectBSP-97
AutoCorey SeagerSterling Signage AutographSSA-CS
AutoMaximo AcostaSterling Signage AutographSSA-MA
AutoDustin HarrisProspect AutographPA-DH
AutoLuisangel AcuñaProspect AutographPA-LA
AutoMaximo AcostaProspect AutographPA-MA
AutoLuisangel AcuñaDual Refractor AutographDRA-AA
AutoLuisangel AcuñaTriple Refractor AutographTRA-AAA

Toronto Blue Jays

Card TypePlayerCard Name#Notes
InsertVladimir Guerrero Jr.Sterling TekST-VG
AutoVladimir Guerrero Jr.Sterling Tek AutographSTA-VG

Washington Nationals

Card TypePlayerCard Name#Notes
BaseRoismar QuintanaProspectBSP-90
InsertJuan SotoSterling TekST-JS
AutoArmando CruzProspect AutographPA-AC
AutoRoismar QuintanaProspect AutographPA-RQ
AutoArmando CruzSterling Signage AutographSSA-AC
AutoJuan SotoSterling Signage AutographSSA-JS
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2022 Bowman Sterling Baseball

  • Collect the entire 50-cardProspectand 50-cardRookiesets, as well the all-new Sterling Tekinsert!
  • Find 5 Chrome Autographs per Hobby Box!

2022 Bowman Sterling Baseball

BASE CARDS & INSERTSBase Rookie, Wander Franco

Base Set Parallels

  • Refractor –#’d to 199
  • Mini-Diamond Refractor -#’d to 150 NEW!
  • Speckle Refractor -#’d to 99
  • Magenta Refractor -#’d to 75
  • Gold Refractor -#’d to 50
  • Blue Refractor -#’d to 25
  • Black Atomic Refractor -#’d to 10
  • Red Refractor -#’d to 5
  • SuperFractor-#’d 1-of-1
  • Printing Plates -#’d 1-of-1

Sterling Tek -#’d to 99 NEW!Sterling Tek, Aaron Judge

  • Gold Parallel -#’d to 50
  • Blue Parallel -#’d to 25
  • Rose Gold Parallel -#’d to 15
  • Aqua Parallel -#’d to 10
  • Red Parallel -#’d to 5
  • Black Parallel -#’d 1-of-1


Prospect & Rookie Autographs

  • Refractor Parallel -#’d to 150

    Rose Gold Refractor Parallel, Luis Rodriguez

  • Wave Refractor Parallel -#’d to 125
  • Speckle Parallel -#’d to 99
  • Orange Refractor Parallel -#’d to 75
  • Gold Refractor Parallel -#’d to 50
  • Blue Parallel -#’d to 25
  • Rose Gold Refractor Parallel -#’d to 15 NEW!
  • Black Atomic Refractor Parallel -#’d to 10
  • Red Refractor Parallel -#’d to 5
  • SuperFractorParallel -#’d 1-of-1

Sterling Signage Autographs –Varied #’ing NEW!

The top superstars, rookies, and prospects get their name in lights with this all-new insert autograph set, destined to be a marquee piece in any collection!

  • Black Atomic Refractor Parallel -#’d to 50
  • Rose Gold Parallel -#’d to 5Sterling Signage Autograph, Shohei Ohtani
  • Canary Diamond Refractor Parallel -#’d to 3
  • Red Refractor Parallel -#’d 1-of-1
  • SuperFractorParallel -#’d 1-of-1

Dual Refractor Autographs -#’d to 25

  • Black Atomic Refractor Parallel -#’d to 50
  • Rose Gold Atomic Refractor Parallel -#’d to 5 NEW!
  • Canary Diamond Refractor Parallel -#’d to 3
  • Red Refractor Parallel -#’d 1-of-1
  • SuperFractorParallel -#’d 1-of-1

Triple Refractor Autographs -#’d to 25

  • Black Atomic Refractor Parallel -#’d to 50
  • Rose Gold Atomic Refractor Parallel -#’d to 5 NEW!Triple Refractor Autograph, Kahlil Watson, Marcelo Mayer, Jordan Lawlar
  • Canary Diamond Refractor Parallel -#’d to 3
  • Red Refractor Parallel -#’d 1-of-1
  • SuperFractorParallel -#’d 1-of-1

Sterling Tek Autographs –Varied #’ing

  • Blue Parallel -#’d to 25
  • Rose Gold Parallel -#’d to 15 NEW!
  • Aqua Parallel -#’d to 10
  • Red Parallel -#’d to 5
  • Black Parallel -#’d 1-of-1