2022 CSB NFL Playoff Bonanza

The 1st Annual CSB NFL Playoff Bonanza!


Make your entry and view the results here:  https://cardsmithsbreaks.com/my-account/points-pool/

14 different players, one from each team in the playoffs! Most total points scored after the Super Bowl wins!

Purchase price will go towards the website development costs to build the scoring and tracking system!

150 will be the maximum amount of entries!

Top 8 places guaranteed CSB point prizes  $500 to 1st, $350 to 2nd, $250 to 3rd, $150 to 4th, $100 to 5th, $75 to 6th, $50 to 7th and $25 to 8th!

Read the rules below!

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2022 CSB Football Postseason Bonanza

Here’s how the 2022 CSB Football Postseason Bonanza works:

All funds raised are going to the development of the scoring and standings!

Each spot will gain you 1 entry! Maximum of one entry per person!

You’ll draft actual NFL players and score points based on their performance!

We will use the Draftkings scoring system! Scores and standings will be updated after each game/weekend is finished and player scores are finalized!

You must take 1 player from each of the 14 NFL teams in the playoffs!  You cannot take 2 players from the same team!

Your team of 14 will consist of 2 QBs, 3 RBs, 3 WRs, 2 TEs, 2 K and 2 Defenses!

You are NOT matched up with a weekly opponent. Instead, your goal is to score the “most total points” over the entire four-week course of the postseason.

This makes the quality of the team equally, if not more, important than that of the actual players for obvious reasons: the more games played, the more chances to rack up points. One-and-done players become roster dead weight!

Entries must be in before lock of the first game of the playoffs:  Saturday, January 15th at 1:30pm pacific time!

No changes can be made to your entry after the first lock!  There is no adding and dropping of players once the playoffs start!

DraftKings Scoring:

Passing TD +4 Pts
25 Passing Yards +1 Pt (+0.04 Pts/ Yards)
300+ Yard Passing Game +3 Pts
Interception -1 Pt
Rushing TD +6 Pts
10 Rushing Yards +1 Pt (+0.1 Pts/Yard)
100+ Yard Rushing Game +3 Pts
Receiving TD +6 Pts
10 Receiving Yards +1 Pt (+0.1 Pts/Yard)
100+ Receiving Yard Game +3 Pts
Reception +1 Pt
Punt/Kickoff/FG Return for TD +6 Pts
Fumble Lost -1 Pt
2 Pt Conversion (Pass, Run, or Catch) +2 Pts
Offensive Fumble Recovery TD +6 Pts
Sack +1 Pt
Interception +2 Pts
Fumble Recovery +2 Pts
Punt/Kickoff/FG Return for TD +6 Pts
Interception Return TD +6 Pts
Fumble Recovery TD +6 Pts
Blocked Punt or FG Return TD +6 Pts
Safety +2 Pts
Blocked Kick +2 Pts
2 Pt Conversion/Extra Point Return +2 Pts
0 Points Allowed +10 Pts
1 – 6 Points Allowed +7 Pts
7 – 13 Points Allowed +4 Pts
14 – 20 Points Allowed +1 Pt
21 – 27 Points Allowed +0 Pts
28 – 34 Points Allowed -1 Pt
35+ Points Allowed -4 Pts
Kicker Categories
Statistic Fantasy Points
Extra Point +1 Pt
0-39 Yard FG +3 Pts
40-49 Yard FG +4 Pts
50+ Yard FG +5 Pts
Scoring Notes
Points Allowed (PA) only includes points surrendered while DST is on the field – doesn’t include points given up by team’s offense (e.g. points off offensive turnovers).
The following scoring plays will result in Points Allowed by your Defense/Special Teams:
Rushing TDs, Passing TDs, Offensive Fumble Recovery TDs, Punt Return TDs, Kick Return TDs, FG Return TDs, Blocked FG TDs, Blocked Punt TDs
2pt conversions
2 Point Conversion/Extra-point Returns
A fumble recovery will be awarded to a Defense/Special Teams if the team’s offense recovers a fumble by the opposing defense (e.g. after an offensive turnover).