2022 Topps Allen & Ginter Baseball

Release Date: November 30, 2022

Now in its 16th year, 2022 Topps Allen & Ginter Baseball returns with notable stars from MLB, sharing the stage with greats from outside the Baseball diamond. Base cards, special inserts, relics, and autograph cards celebrate some of the world’s most interesting subjects.

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2022 Topps Allen & Ginter Baseball


2022 Topps Allen & Ginter Baseball

BASE CARDSBase Card, Guerrero Jr.

Base Cards –300 notable names from Baseball and pop culture. Subject list includes rookies, current stars, and retired greats, alongside notable names from other sports and the entertainment world.

  • Silver Portrait Parallel –GINTER HOT BOX ONLY
  • Glossy Parallel –Numbered 1 of 1

Base Card Short Prints –50 additional subjects not found in the base set

  • Glossy Parallel –Numbered 1 of 1

MINI BASE CARDSBase Card Mini - Wood Variation, Acuna Jr.Base Card Mini, Robinson

Base Card Mini –1 per pack

  • Allen & Ginter Parallel –1:5 packs
  • Black Bordered –1:10 packs
  • No Number –Limited to 50
  • Brooklyn Back –Numbered to 25
  • Wood –Numbered 1 of 1 HOBBY ONLY
  • Glossy –Numbered 1 of 1

Short Printed Base Card Mini –1:13 packs

  • Allen & Ginter Parallel –1:65 packs

    Base Card Mini Metal Variation, Trout

  • Black Bordered –1:130 packs
  • No Number –Limited to 50
  • Brooklyn Back –Numbered to 25
  • Wood –Numbered 1 of 1 HOBBY ONLY
  • Glossy –Numbered 1 of 1

Mini Metal Variations –150 subjects. Limited to 3

Mini Stained-Glass Variations –150 subjects. Limited to 25

Framed Mini Printing Plates –4 printing plates from each of the 350 base cards. All numbered 1 of 1

Framed Mini Cloth Cards –150 subjects. Numbered to 10 HOBBY ONLY



Allen & Ginter Full-Size Relics –Two different designs, showcasing MLB®players, world champion athletes, and personalitiesMini Autograph Card, Franco

Allen & Ginter Mini Relics –Framed mini cards highlighting the most collectible Baseball stars, past, present, and future

Allen & Ginter DNA Relics –Featuring ancient fossils. Numbered to 25 or less. Hobby Exclusive

Pitching a Gem Relic –The elite pitchers of MLB®past and present linked with a genuine gemstone of their birth month.

Cut Signatures –Twenty unique signatures from historical and pop-culture figures. All numbered 1 of 1

Allen & Ginter Framed Originals –100 original Allen & Ginter buyback cards. All numbered 1 of 1


AUTOGRAPH AND AUTOGRAPH RELIC CARDSDual Autograph Relic Book Card, Tatis Jr. & Machado

Allen & Ginter Framed Mini Autographs

Collectible names from Baseball, entertainment, and pop culture supply on-card autographs on these framed mini cards.

  • Black Framed Parallel –Numbered to 25
  • Red Ink Parallel –Limited. Hobby Exclusive

Allen & Ginter Autograph Relic Book Cards – Featuring jumbo relic pieces and player autographs on a dual-paneled book card. Sequentially numbered to 10.

Allen & Ginter Dual Autograph Relic Book Cards – Cards will contain two autographs and two relic pieces. Sequentially numbered to 10



2 per Hobby Case

Allen & Ginter Rip Cards –100 subjects. Cards will contain a mini card inside. Sequentially numbered.

Allen & Ginter Dual Rip Cards –Up to 50 pairings. Cards will contain two mini cards within. Sequentially numbered Hobby Exclusive

Allen & Ginter Boxloader Rip Cards –Oversized rip cards containing 3 mini cards. Hobby Exclusive

Rip cards can contain:

  • Artist Originals –Unique Baseball artwork. Numbered 1 of 1
  • Mini Exclusives –Mini base card numbers 351-400
  • Mini Metal Exclusives –Numbered to 3
  • Mini Wood Exclusives –Numbered 1 of 1
  • Mini Stained Glass Variation Exclusives –1 per BoxloaderRip Card

FULL-SIZED INSERTSGet That Bread! Insert Pitching a Gem Insert, Otani


Pitching a Gem –The elite pitchers of MLB®past and present are linked with the gemstone of their birth month.

Banner Seasons –Celebrating award-and championship-winning players.

Famous Rivals –Well-known adversaries featured on a dual subject card.

What’s Cookin’? –Each card contains one ingredient on the card front. Collect the whole set for the full recipe.

It’s Your Special Day! –Celebrating notable “Days”.

Get That Bread! –Highlighting sandwiches and bread/meat combos.

MINI-SIZED INSERTSDucks Mini Insert Card


Ducks –A showcase of different kinds of ducks, and maybe a goose.

Baseball Lexicon –“Real life” versions of MLB®sayings/terminology.

What a Steal! –Crazy items that people have tried to steal throughout history.Inside the Park Mini Insert Card

Time Out! –Odd times MLB®games were paused or cancelled.

Inside the Park –Celebrating U.S. National Parks

Bearing Fruit –Exotic fruits from around the globe

BOXLOADERSAllen & Ginter Boxloader Rip Card

1 per Hobby Box

Allen & Ginter Boxloaders–The game’s most collectible stars and rookies

Allen & Ginter BoxloaderAutographs–Featuring on-card autographs. Numbered to 15 or less

NEW! Inside the Park Boxloader–Limited to 500

Allen & Ginter N43 Boxloader–The classic card design featuring modern-day stars

Allen & Ginter N43 BoxloaderAutographs –Featuring on-card autographs. Numbered to 15 or less

Allen & Ginter BoxloaderRip Cards–30 subjects