Pokemon Tapu Koko International Box

  • 1 S&M Base pack
  • 1 Guardians Rising pack
  • 1 Fates Collide pack
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Pokemon Tapu Koko Box (SM Base, Guardians Rising & Fates Collide)

Tapu Koko is a guardian Pokemon, with a deep connection to the land itself! With the Tapu Koko Box, you get Tapu Koko both as an oversize card and as an amazing foil promo card. Stand ready to guard the islands, with Tapu Koko!

Each Pokemon TCG: Tapu Koko International Box includes:
[1] foil promo card featuring Tapu Koko!
[3] Pokemon TCG booster packs
[1] oversize card featuring Tapu Koko-GX
[1] code card for the Pokemon Trading Card Game Online