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2017 NFL Draft Breaks

Thank you to Omni and Rasmus and Buffalo Blue for helping me create this spreadsheet.

Here are all the hits from our 3 mixers we did on the 2017 NFL Draft night along with what team drafted them, or where they signed as undrafted free agents as of 4/29/17!

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2015 Bowman Draft 5 Jumbo Case Break #1 Prospect Autos Bids and Information



Wednesday night, 12-9-15 we are doing a 5-case 2015 Bowman Draft Jumbo Case break!  We should get at least 120 autos along with chrome and color! I will take bids for the 60 auto prospects!

To bid, please leave a reply comment with the amount of your bid! Unless you are the first bidder for a minimum bid, the amount must be at least 5 dollars more than a previous bid.

Bid deadline is Monday at 4pm pacific/7pm eastern!

Here’s a link to the checklist and information:

The auto spots below will get you every base auto and parallel of that base auto including: Refractor, Purple Refractor #’d, Green Refractor #’d, Gold Refractor #’d,  Red Refractor #/5, SuperFractor 1/1, Printing Plates 1/1

These spots DO NOT include non-auto chrome, non-auto color or rare autographs such as 2015 SiriusXM All-Star Futures Game Relics, Bowman Black Autographs, Bowman Scouts Fantasy Impacts Autographs, Draft Dividends Autographs, Prime Pairings Autographs, Under Armour All-American Game Autographs, Top of the Class Orange Wave Autographs!


Below are the FINAL 60 prospect auto slots and bids as of 04:00 PST on 12/7/15:

Player Team Current Bid High Bidder
Andrew Benintendi Boston Red Sox® $170  Schwendy
Ashe Russell Kansas City Royals® $53
Austin Riley Atlanta Braves™ $53  kylecardsfan
Austin Smith San Diego Padres™ $27
Andrew Suarez San Francisco Giants® $36  Kwok-a-Holic
Alex Young Arizona Diamondbacks® $36
Beau Burrows Detroit Tigers® $44  Markj68
Brett Lilek Miami Marlins® $27
Brendan Rodgers Colorado Rockies™ $222  Stoney A
Chris Betts Tampa Bay Rays™ $53
Conor Biggio Houston Astros® $27  John
Carson Fulmer Chicago White Sox® $160
Cam Gibson Detroit Tigers® $27  markj68
Cody Ponce Milwaukee Brewers™ $36
Chris Shaw San Francisco Giants® $53  Kwok-a-Holic
Christin Stewart Detroit Tigers® $53
Donnie Dewees Chicago Cubs® $44  UncleLeo
Drew Finley New York Yankees® $27
Desmond Lindsay New York Mets® $44  mrogovin99
Dansby Swanson Arizona Diamondbacks® $222
D.J. Stewart Baltimore Orioles® $53
Dillon Tate Texas Rangers® $160
Eric Jenkins Texas Rangers® $44  Trey
Garrett Whitley Tampa Bay Rays™ $59  T Wizzle
Ian Happ Chicago Cubs® $170  Schwendy
Jeff Degano New York Yankees® $36
Juan Hillman Cleveland Indians® $36
James Kaprielian New York Yankees® $53  mrogovin99
Josh Naylor Miami Marlins® $62
Jacob Nix San Diego Padres™ $27
Jake Woodford St. Louis Cardinals® $36  WongBall
Kolby Allard Atlanta Braves™ $75  Aaron
Kyle Holder New York Yankees® $44
Ke’Bryan Hayes Pittsburgh Pirates® $44  ebeast33
Kevin Newman Pittsburgh Pirates® $53
Kyle Tucker Houston Astros® $178
Lucas Herbert Atlanta Braves™ $36  Bowlinghippie
Michael Matuella Texas Rangers® $40  Trey
Mariano Rivera Washington Nationals® $36  TimH
Michael Soroka Atlanta Braves™ $53
Mike Nikorak Colorado Rockies™ $44  UncleLeo
Max Wotell New York Mets® $27
Nathan Kirby Milwaukee Brewers™ $44
Nick Neidert Seattle Mariners™ $36  cyri06
Nick Plummer St. Louis Cardinals® $59  WongBall
Nolan Watson Kansas City Royals® $36
Phil Bickford San Francisco Giants® $53 Harmony Beef Report
Peter Lambert Colorado Rockies™ $36
Richie Martin Oakland Athletics™ $44
Ryan Mountcastle Baltimore Orioles® $44
Scott Kingery Philadelphia Phillies® $36
Trent Clark Milwaukee Brewers™ $63  UncleLeo
Thomas Eshelman Houston Astros® $36  John
Tyler Jay Minnesota Twins® $178
Tate Matheny Boston Red Sox® $27  Parker Schnabel
Tyler Nevin Colorado Rockies™ $36  Schwendy
Tanner Rainey Cincinnati Reds® $27  Schwendy
Tyler Stephenson Cincinnati Reds® $160
Taylor Ward Los Angeles Angels® $44 briven1967
Walker Buehler Los Angeles Dodgers® $49 Eric
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2014 Bowman Draft 5 Jumbo Case Break Information

Let’s do a 5 Jumbo Case Break of 2014 Bowman Draft before the price jumps this spring!

This break will be broken up into 3 parts:  Random Prospect Auto with 70 slots, random Top Prospects with 130 spots and teams.  Here’s the breakdown of what is in each part!

Please see the checklist here to follow along:

The Kyle Schwarber auto spot will be randomed among every slot purchased in this break! Every random auto slot gets 4 entries and all others get 1 entry!

Part 1: 70 random autograph prospect slots  Each slot gets you one random auto subject and you’ll get every base and parallel autograph of that subject!  (Kyle Schwaber not included).

Part 2: 130 Draft Picks  This is all the Chrome, Chrome Color and paper color of the 130 2014 Draft Picks! Cards DP1 to DP 132!  NO autographs are included with theses spots!

Part 3: Teams  Each team will have the Top Prospects chrome color and paper color plus inserts and rare autos like Bowman Black,  Futures Game Relics, Bowman Scouts Breakout Autos, Draft Night Autos, Dual Draftees autos, Future of the Franchise minis and AFLACs!