Thank you for your interest in Cardsmiths Breaks! We are a private sports cards case breaking community typically meeting three to four nights a week to break the latest releases from the top manufacturers. We break a lot of Bowman and high-end baseball products. However, we also do Football, Basketball, Hockey and sometimes even Star Wars, UFC and Soccer!

Our typical breaking formats consist of the purchase of individual teams, random team slots, hit or team drafts and on occasion a several case break of a single product.  By remaining a smaller, private group the members benefit in many ways.  We have a tight-knit group and a friendly, fun chat.  We have lower costs for monthly group BGS submissions where we have a great track record of 9.5’s and 10’s! In addition, the community takes care of one another. We have a private Facebook group which allows members to feel safe in knowing exactly who they are trading and selling with online.

If being involved in a tight-knit breaking group appeals to you, please feel free to answer some questions about yourself in the questionnaire below.  At this time we are looking to add a small number of new members who we feel will fit in and add to our community. Answering the questions below as detailed as you are comfortable with will help us determine if this is the right group for you! The more information you can provide the better. None of this information will be shared with anyone or shown publicly!

If you apply with straight up “yes” and “no” answers, you will not be considered for membership. The point of the application is for me to get to know you and be able to verify who you are before adding you in our group!

New CSB Customer Request

  • To contact you. Will not be shared with anyone!
  • We only ship to the US and Canada
  • Were you referred by anyone in particular? Please put their name if so!
  • Do you break in other groups currently?
  • Social Media Profiles

    Please list below links to any of your social media profiles so we can verify who you are! You must fill out at least one!
  • Are you a member of any other trading groups? Please list any positive feedback you have on other trading, selling, buying sites.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

Thank you for taking the time to answer the above questions!  You can expect to get a response via email very soon!